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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 21, 2023 4:00am-4:31am PST

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area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news. >> today is tuesday, february, 21st. alright, rb can't believe the month of february is moving so fast. feels like we just got here. well, we have to start our morning with a check of weather this morning. we actually have gayle ong joining us this morning. gayle. hopefully it's going to be a pretty nice day out there yeah, well, we're actually seeing a change in the weather pattern. and good morning, everyone. it's nice to be here with you. >> this morning. so here's a live picture of golden gate.
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you do see that cloud cover already moving in the region. but as i said it, you know, we have those spring-like temperatures over the past couple of days. we saw 60's even 70's. but temperatures right now we're seeing widespread 40's low to upper 40's across the bay area. 51 in san francisco right now. 45 in nevado. so temperatures are going to stay this way throughout the week because we have a cold front moving in the stormtracker 4, really not showing much activity but you just see those clouds moving in to the area. but today story will be the winds that we have a high wind advisory that will go in effect 01:00pm today until 01:00pm wednesday for the entire bay area. so we're expecting wind gusts. 25 to 35 miles per hour and gusts up to 50 miles per hour in the higher elevations. so i will check back in with you guys in a little bit in my full forecast all right. thank you for that, gayle king. let's go and get a look at traffic this morning traveling into the city about 7 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. how
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about our san mateo bridge? 12 minutes. a 80 to 101. >> our richmond center fell bridge about 8 minutes there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls senate taking about 19 minutes on this tuesday morning. well, an update to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. a massive fire destroyed the first african methodist church in oakland. that's the oldest church in the east bay. and it's now red tag. so that means it's unsafe for anybody to go. now kron 4 sarah stinson spoke with the senior pastor there to learn how much this is going to affect our community. >> i spoke with the senior pastor at same. he says it's been a devastating time, but he's confident they're going to be able to rebuild, especially with all of oakland rallying behind them. we're going to make a plan to. >> and rise again out of the ashes. reverend doctor rodney smith is keeping the faith that the first african methodist episcopal church or
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fame. we'll be able to reopen. he was in a state of shock on sunday night when he arrived at the church after went up in flames around 11:30am, at a loss for. more than 60 firefighters rush to fame on the corner of 37th and telegraph avenue try and stop it from burning down. but the nearly 200 year-old building was destroyed, literally see right through the roof. >> the destruction of what was left was pretty difficult for our members of community. because spain has been such a pillar in our community for so long that didn't stop the fame community for more shipping. >> monday morning they gathered at a nearby church for prayer during this difficult time. we are here too. >> so this community that we all work together, miracles really do happen. and so the first step is really just assessing the damage. >> we don't know what that is at this point.
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>> the church says it feeds 300 plus people a week. pastor smith says he's working to figure out how they can continue to serve those people. >> that's going to be difficult because we don't have the physical building to do that. but there are community leaders who reached out who are, you know, asking us and partner with u.s. team has been there for the community since it first opened in 18, 58 and now the community showing up for the can has just really showed up. >> what i see happening this community >> is exactly the love that they're giving to us is the love that we hope and pray that we've given back to this community. i spoke with council member carol fife. she said she's working to figure out there's a city-owned building they could use for the church so that they can continue to feed the hundreds of people that they do each week. >> if she's working to see if they can get the church local, state and federal financial
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support. >> i'm sara stinson reporting in the newsroom. back to you. >> now also reacting to the church fire with a statement that reads in part, i have the honor of visiting fame, oakland earlier on sunday and i immediately felt a strong sense of community that has been a hallmark throughout their history. this is absolutely heartbreaking. let's switch gears. another big story we're following. this is out of oakland. some are unhappy with mayor. shouldn't house decision to fire lebron armstrong as the city's police chief. however, you have some community groups that are supporting the mayor as various violent acts were reported over the weekend. groups like the anti police terror project, the the foreign as quote, bold and courageous move. kron four's rob nesbitt has that story for us. oakland police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened friday. police firing their weapons our motorcyclist who had attempted a carjacking. >> according ron armstrong's wraps, no african-american men were shot by police during his time as chief armstrong's
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accomplishments were celebrated outside city hall monday. his work. was not a job. >> it was a mission this man has created the new violent crime operation center. he designed to focus on violent crime reduction, citywide using and intelligence lead approach as many call for armstrong to be reinstated. others are trying to move forward with mayor sheng thao's decision. the department continued its sideshow detail over the weekend to decrease the illegal activity. >> acting chief darren allison announced last week that more walking officers will be on patrol. 15 will be sworn in during the next 3 years for business districts in several neighborhoods, including west oakland, the anti police terror project works to eradicate police, terror and communities of color and immediately came out in support of armstrong's firing executive director kat brooks saying in part, quote, this was a bold and courageous move. this is an important first step in decades of little to 0 accountability for this department. her organization claims that armstrong lied about the department being to funded and
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about officers using excessive force, including tear gassing brooks and others in oakland are calling for mayor tao to focus less on increased policing and more in securing affordable housing, jobs and education. >> as kron four's rob nesbitt reporting for us this morning. now other groups have actually come out in support of the firing along armstrong, including the oakland education association, an east bay action. meantime, we have community members, clergy and city leaders that came together for a rally outside oakland city hall to call on mayor sheng. tell too reverse her decision. the fire oakland police chief leronne armstrong. we are voters. our fight is strong. >> and our fight is long and we won't stop. we can't stop until >> across 4, we reached out to oakland mayor shane talbot. we have not heard back in. now. the police are searching for driver responsible for hitting and killing 100 year-old man. police say that collision
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happened just after 7 sunday morning right near the intersection of 19th and harrison street near snow parking late merit. police say the vehicle involved is a tanner white mini cooper. anyone with any information you're asked to contact opd. and over in the north bay, a tesla crashed into the walls of a parking garage downtown napa yesterday. police say they believe that driver stepped on the wrong pedal and then over corrected. no one was injured. now happening now, crews are making progress on the remaining close portions of highway one along the big sur coast. another stretch of the highway on monterey counties. now back open after ongoing mud and a will because of last month's storm, an 11 mile stretch of paul slide near lucy is still close. caltrans says residents in that area can expect partial access in the next 7 to 10 days. attempts to reduce work in a residential neighborhood in san francisco as anger the firefighters
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union, eu leaders say concrete barriers and salt too discourage bumper to bumper, cruising limit access for fire engines and ultimately unsafe kron four's. dan kerman has that story. >> in recent months, the trade in john's cruising in their cars down cap street has returned to this residential neighborhood in san francisco's mission district to bring some peace and quiet to the area. city crews place barriers at the south end of each block of cap street between 18th and 22nd making each block a dead end. i've never gotten so many. thank you. emails in my box. >> you know, we we were sent a video of kids riding their bikes in the street and families playing street. >> that last week was filled pimps and workers and and people cruising around. you know, we measure that is it's a success. but the flimsy barriers were knocked down and some were destroyed the first weekend. so this past weekend,
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they were replaced with the concrete barriers you see on the freeway. >> none were destroyed. but the barrier sent the firefighters union into a tweetstorm saying the barriers pose a fire safety issue tweeting selfish decisions that put others at risk can have dire consequences and we have to stop allowing people who don't understand public safety make an informed in critical decisions. we completely don't want to do anything to disrupt public safety or or response times of our. >> emergency workers, the firefighters union didn't respond to our request for an interview. so it remains unclear why they took their complaints public as opposed to taking them to the fire. chief supervisor hillary ronen or staff spoke to the chief this weekend. their concern was just basically a mobility and access to move around a large regs if they needed to approach from both sides of the street. some of the those are some of the examples that
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were given now supervisor ronen's office will meet with members of the fire department, the police department, the mayor's office and the mta. >> the tuesday meeting is designed to come up with solutions that all parties will be satisfied with. i would envision some kind of rearrangement of the so you know, that we can accommodate fires, request. >> but that there for now that we're we're not taking them away with that's the question right now. we know where we're going to figure out a solution. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news you have in many cities lost population during the pandemic. but one bay area city has been dealing with the exact opposite. how dublin became the fastest growing city in california. and after a nice weekend, aides about to get real cold health officials and the south. they are working to key people who are unhoused warm as the number of unsheltered death continues to go up. president biden is in europe to rally global support for
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ukraine will bring you the details of that trip. >> i'm hannah brandt in washington. i'll have that story coming up.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. the topic now 04:14am, on a tuesday yesterday was really quiet. lot of folks out and about enjoying the sunshine. our very own gayle ong. joining us this morning, gayle, i'm wondering, you
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know, if i'm going out what's the forecast looking like? >> good morning we saw those spring-like temperatures which is really nice in the 60's 70's. but we do have a change in the weather pattern. so you're going to need your jacket and layer up. we're seeing temperatures widespread 40's 50's across the bay area. here's a live picture of golden gate. you can already see that cloud rolling into the area. we want to give you a live picture of stormtracker 4, really not showing much activity, but that is going to change because we have a cold front moving in over to the region. we do have some high winds to talk about. we have a high wind advisory that goes into effect. some strong winds starting 01:00pm and that goes into effect until wednesday, 01:00pm. so it's in effect for the entire bay area. wind gusts 25 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour and gusts up to 55 miles per hour in the higher elevation future cast for showing not much activity for today. we're just going to
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notice a drop in the temperatures. we do have rain in the forecast as well. so timing that out for you. we really do see light showers come moving in tuesday night to our north. but then we're really looking out for wednesday. so early morning wednesday, you can see green cells here and even some snow on the high mountain tops. so wednesday is going to be a wet pattern. and that's going really go into thursday and possibly even some snow on the mount ops and maybe some snowflakes down on the lower elevations. so wednesday into thursday. those are days you want to watch for those active weather pattern and the temperatures are going to be cold. so you want to keep in your pet jacket, your winter . - coats. as for today in the bay area, today's highs we're seeing upper 40's in san francisco, daly city. 46, same as along the peninsula. we have mid to upper 40's and it over to a san mateo. 46 and
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foster city and san carlos over to the south bay 50's and santa clara. 51 in san jose to alameda county, 15 hayward. 46 for you in union city. 48 in fremont and you go up to contra costa county. we're seeing widespread made that 40's to low 50's. so you're really notice that drop in the temperature across the region. we saw 60's and 70's over the last couple of days. we will talk about more of that wet pattern in my full forecast later on in the show. reyna. okay. let's go and get a look at those bridges. if you're traveling into the city this morning, going to take about 7 minute. >> may's to that fremont street exit now about or san matteo bridge. 12 minutes 80 to 101, richmond center fell bridge about 8 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes. well, another powerful earthquake has struck near the turkey-syria border, causing more buildings to collapse. the 6.3 magnitude quake comes
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just 2 weeks after a 7.8 killed, some 45 1000 people. officials say at least 3 people are dead from this recent quake and more than 200 people have been injured in turkey. yesterday's quake hit in one of the areas hardest hit earlier this month. turkish authorities have recorded more than 6,000 aftershocks since that first deadly quake. president biden made a surprise and historic visit to warn torn ukraine yesterday as a show of support. any pledged more aid. it's the first time in modern history that a u.s. president enter the war zone. weather is not an active milrtary presence yesterday. kron 4 spoke with congressman john garamendi who represents california's 8th district, which includes contra costa county and solano. we asked garamendi about the significance of biden's visit. here's what he had to say. >> i didn't know it was going to happen. i listen to the news or in good for you, mister president. you're showing exactly what we need to do and that is to continue
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to support ukraine. the words he used freedom, freedom isn't cheap and freedom is worth fighting for. and that's exactly what the ukrainians are doing with our help. and also with almost the entire european community. >> we also talked with a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, steven pifer, who's now with the center of international security and cooperation at stanford university. he talked to kron 4 about how much support ukraine has gotten now february of last year. >> west, his united now a year into this war in a way that few were not might not predicted back in february of 2022. and there is strong support for ukraine. now, having said that, it seems to me that there's no advantage for ukraine in the long conflict is going see more tragedy for ukraine and ukrainians and the longer this drags on, it need become it may become more difficult for the west to public support. so
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i would argue that is a reason why the west should be now providing more to ukraine and hopefully the ukraine military change the situation on the battlefield that before shorten the war. that seems to be in the queen. and it just but also in the midst of the west, as you try to help ukraine get this work to a place. we're either they drive the russians out of ukraine or can change the battlefield situations such that moscow is prepared to negotiate a settlement on terms that ukraine can accept. >> all the president pledged more military aid to ukraine but warned war is far from over. the president reportedly travel 10 hours by train to and from key. fresh off of that unexpected visit to ukraine. president biden is in poland to rally global allies. he's set to meet with other world leaders to talk about support for ukraine. hannah brandt is live in dc with the latest. good morning. >> reyna, good morning. that's right. president biden will be spending the next couple of days in europe as he meets with those key allies who've
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also been active in 18 ukraine and will be sitting down to discuss next steps as this war enters into its second year. president biden traveled by train to poland from kiev. >> were his surprise visit was punctuated by air raid sirens. >> but we're a sharp reminder of why he made the trip to ukraine. i'm here assure on wavering support for nation's independence. now in warsaw to meet with the polish president and other nato leaders, president biden is hoping to solidify western support for ukraine as the country marks one year since russia invaded fought ukraine was weak. >> and the west was divided and he's counting on us. not sticking together. >> ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky credits president biden for leading the global aid effort and says that ongoing unity is critical success. and these were. >> a crane more and how to win
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this year. >> and the u.s. is continuing to roll out assistance announcing a new half billion dollar package including missiles and tanks with much of congress saying they're still in favor of doing whatever it takes to help ukraine there fighting for our i'm happy to be on their side. and president biden promises support from the u.s. will remain strong. >> free is priceless. it's worth fighting for. long as that. >> and tomorrow, president biden is scheduled to meet with leaders of what's known as the bucharest. 9, which are members of nato live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> well, hannah u.s. officials say they're increasiagly worried about china's increased involvement in this. why? >> well, rain of the biden administration says they have new intelligence that suggests that china is considering sending lethal aid to russia, which they say could be a
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serious problem, though, u.s. officials also say they've directly warned china there will be consequences if that happens. >> all right, anne, thanks for that update. still to come on the kron 4 morning news, we're talking about new details about a the suspect accused of killing a prominent bishop in los angeles county. his alleged connection to a housekeeper. we'll talk more in
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california, one person is now in custody for the shooting death. >> catholic bishop who was no for his work to end gun violence. bishop david o'connell was found dead in his home suburb of los angeles on saturday. la county sheriff says carlos medina, the husband of the bishops, housekeeper, now in custody for his death. police say medina drives a vehicle similar to the one caught on surveillance video at the bishop's home and was heard saying the bishop owes him money. charges have yet to be filed. but o connell was born in ireland. now we serve the los angeles archdiocese for 45 years. >> an effort is underway to overturn a law that requires oil wells to be at least 3,200 feet away from places like schools, parks and capitol correspondent speak to supporters and opponents.
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>> will welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. the time is now for 29 were going on for 30 and we actually have very excited gayle ong us this morning. gail o, we've been really talking about just how the weather's going to be this week. you're telling us is going to be a little chilly. >> good morning. john tribal has the day off. and yes, i hope you guys enjoyed those
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spring-like temperatures. the last couple of days we saw 60's and even 70's. but we have a cold front moving in the region. so temperatures are going to notice a drop in the temperatures here live picture of golden gate. you can already see some cloud cover rolling in the area. and we also have the winds. that's the other story today. strong winds will begin this afternoon. there is a high wind advisory that goes into effect at 01:00pm today until 01:00pm tomorrow. so we're talking about winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts at 55 miles per hour in the higher elevations. so you want to wear a jacket dress in layers today. temperatures right now we're seeing widespread upper 40's up some 50's around alameda and san francisco. you're going to notice it's going to be the 40's throughout the week. storm tracker 4 quiet right now, but that is expected to change futurecast for really not much going on tuesday. but watch what happens on wednesday. we're going to notice some rain moving in the area and we'll


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