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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 24, 2023 4:00am-4:31am PST

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from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning and thank you for waking up with us bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. >> this morning we're talking wet conditions. snow, slick roads, road closures and all of the above. john tribal meteorologist been tracking that storm for us. john. >> it's here. yeah, absolutely. and we are looking at a rough morning for travel into the bay area all across the bay area. we have make sure that snow at high elevations, rain and then even some sleet, some really slick conditions out there, elevations that you would not expect to see at 1, o one's corridor is rough. the rim and
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sonoma counties. as for 80 as you pass through fairfield and vacaville, a little rain, snow mix up there. so we got a lot going on this morning. san francisco saw some sleet and hail itself last night that really piled up on the roadways mid evening. right now. it's just really slick and wet out there. this is where we're at right now. heavy snow in the sierra across the north coast and right here in the bay area. we've got some of that snow as well. i'm going zoom in on a few spots that we're really looking at some pretty heavy showers coming down right and a focus on 80 for a second rain and snow for that matter is really increased up here right now between the late show in fairfield. we do have rain snow mix on 80. that transition zone continues right through fairfield. and look at this as you head up towards vacaville and eventually up towards winters north on 505, is solid snowfall right there. not a route that you usually see snowfall on. but that is exactly what you're seeing
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right now. vacaville itself also looking at some. pretty intense rain to snow mix coming on right now. we are seeing rainfall across napa valley, but you don't have to head up to high before you start seeing that transitioning into snowfall. a little bit of good news on 1, is it's calm down right there. it was rough this morning as we saw some heavy rain, some hail and some coming down that actually piled up on the roads, made some things really slick out there for marine and sonoma counties. up further north, you are running into a lot of snowfall. cloverdale reports of cars being stuck on roadways, their trees down as you transition up in the mendocino county along 101. so definitely a whole lot going on this morning. as for the core of the bay area, we're mostly looking at widespread rainfall out there. it's moderate to heavy showers and san francisco down through fremont and milpitas and san jose. and as you get down towards morgan hill, some pretty heavy rain as well along highway 101 there. we do have reports of some accidents
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on highway 17. that rina will keep you updated on. it's been a rain-snow mix up there, but snowfall accumulating overnight, just a whole lot going on across the region and zooming back out. you can see a mixture of a whole lot out there between the hail, the strong winds, the snow and of course, the heavy rain at times. now we are seeing winter storm warnings above 1000 feet in elevation. this is a combination of wind and snow fall in these areas. this is for the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and the south bay mountains as well. these continue up until 11:00am today. also freeze warnings and frost advisory still in effect throughout the course of the morning. we are going to be seeing temperatures remaining in the 40's for a lot of us all day long today. and many of us falling into the 30's right now, san mateo at 35 redwood city hayward, alameda at 39 degrees. santa rosa, you're at 37 cloverdale where you got that snow sitting at 32 degrees. the up to fairfield in the upper 30's right now as
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well. winds definitely a factor, not as breezy as we had been, but around 15 to 20 miles per hour gust overall, just a very wet morning ahead of us will see sunshine peeking through this afternoon, which will be a very welcome sight. high temperatures reaching the upper 40's to just barely the low 50's rated. all right, john, thank you for that. will you talked about the accident on 17? this is. >> southbound south of drone drive in los gatos. all lanes are blocked there on the northbound side. there are some accidents along 17 as well. but it looks like you can still get through on that side. but the southbound side that's completely shut down there. also highway 29. so north of tubs lane in calistoga, all lanes are closed there. some highways impacted by this weather that i was coming into the city this morning. really, really intense high winds across the bay ridge. we have high wind advisories for all of our bridges. please drive slow. 8 minutes mace to that fremont street exit your san mateo bridge about 12 minutes. a 80 to 101. your richmond center
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fell bridge going to take you 8 minutes there. and that golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes. i know our director lori was mentioning that the roads are very slick in marin county coming down, even black ice on the road. so that means drive slow today. leave your house earlier. all this cold storm is bringing that snow to the bay area mountaintops. and it looks like more than just that. east bay people are also making the traveled to mount diablo to see it. but as kron four's, dan thorn tells us these conditions also bring potential dangers. >> it's a rare sight in the bay area. snow covering the ground and the tops of trees on mount diablo. a real treat for east bay enthusiasts. some seeing and touching something they never have before. it's beautiful. i love it. looks amazing for snow. so it's a
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great for you for straightening and i'm from ohio. so excited to snow use from the peak took braving temperatures that dropped into the 30's on thursday. >> with winter weather conditions expected to continue. chp wants people to be safe on the roads. we understand a lot of people, especially for the snow may be may be excited ane maybe trying to drive just some of these, you know, higher elevations where the snow is but our our first word of advice is going to be, you know, please, first of all, watch your speed and slowdown. chp officer andrew barclay says while the white fluffy stuff may be beautiful and fun. >> when it melts, it creates slick road conditions. if you know that that the temperatures are lower or or freezing. the you know, cautious of of icy conditions out there. chp is not planning on doing anything different when it comes to their response to the winter weather. but they will be monitoring it. mount diablo visitors tell us they hope to see more snowfall and i'm loving it something like this
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in hayward. that's for sure. and even this east coast or got in on the fun york point reams about california and days. >> reporting at mount diablo, dan thorn kron. 4 news. oh, my goodness will join us online as we track the storm, including. >> all those road closures as power outages, you can even do that by scanning this qr code on your screen. let's switch gears because former oakland police chief leronne armstrong is now filing an appeal to dispute his firing by mayor sheng tao, according to his representative armstrong's attorney sent a letter to the city this shading that appeal process. this means the city will direct a hearing officer too review on strong case along with evidence and then make a recommendation to the city about whether to uphold his firing or not. if the city rejects appeal, armstrong can go to court file a lawsuit against the city. city is up to 6 months to respond to that letter. the man accused of firing blanks inside of a synagogue in san francisco could be barred from owning guns. san francisco city
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attorneys ask for a firearm restraining order against 51 year-old dimitri mission. it would ban him from owning or buying a gun up to 5 years. he was arrested february 1st after he was seen on video right here entering the sharing center balboa street and firing blank. look at that rounds inside of ability. city attorneys urging people to always contact police if they know anyone might pose a potential danger. >> take this opportunity to encourage the public who may be in contact with someone who has firearms and he's a danger to themselves or others. 2 to reach out to us to report the behavior to the san francisco police department who we are working closely to move forward on roads. >> well, court documents say that before the incident mission had been arrested for several other crimes. for example, he was accused of bringing a 22 caliber rifle and ammunition into a public
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park. a hearing on the restraining order is set for next month. in the north, a sonoma county is experiencing freezing cold temperatures and that's often when the need for shelter for the unhoused becomes dire k shelter in petaluma caught caught is providing tiny homes to get people into permanent housing. they want to keep them safe. kron 4 sarah stinson tells us about the work that's being done up there. >> on a rainy and freezing night cots, mary isaac center tries to make extra room for people in need of a warm shelter when it rains that it's problematic. so we do have the ability close half of our dining room off and anywhere from 3 to a dozen people. >> you know, it's helpful, but it's it's not enough. cots is always running. and max capacity providing shelter to more than 150 unhoused people at any given time. there are
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25 tiny homes on the property called the people's village. the shelter also provides 70,000 hot meals a year caught has an annual budget of 8 million dollars. >> the money comes from the city, sonoma county, foundations and donors. the people who stay here have often been on house for many years and outside in tents, 8 to 20 years, living outside they seek was stony manages the people's village. she says the key to getting people off the streets is providing resources. we do case management. we have social supports. we have social ports person. we have an art teacher. a legal aid is here. job link is here. all things that will these folks be successful. the tiny homes open last march course, tony says they have learned it takes time to get people back on their feet. they need more than 6 months. they need a long amount of time to just sometimes learn how to shower, learn how to clean their rooms, causes a low barrier shelter, meaning people don't have to be sober to live there. but there are addiction
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services and the people getting sober and decreasing in take are the ones getting. house cots also has recuperated care unit. we have 6 beds available to people that aren't when they're coming out of the hospital. they're being discharged home, but they don't have a home to go to. the unit is often full. so the program is expanding to 20 beds this year. been a blessing and a >> i mean, right back on the street, helping people like buck smith, who's diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> it's overwhelming appointment organize my, know, my medicines that could come up or me giving rides to and from the doctors. and they're very, very supportive. >> it's the feeling of being supported and cared for. that makes a difference between someone wanting to get off the streets permanently, which will be smith soon. grateful we are. i'm glad you could be here. >> and rage in this town and i'm proud of this place. we're here to recognize them as human beings, give them dignity and lead them to housing.
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>> i'm sara stinson reporting in petaluma kron. 4 news. still to come on the kron 4 morning news. it's been one year since the war in ukraine started. biden says the u.s. will keep supporting the war torn nation. john. >> and we are looking at rain, snow or awful across the bay area mix of all of it. right now we're seeing some snow along. i-80 up there in solano county issue had northeast of the late help. mostly rain, though, for those well traversed areas and that is making for some slick conditions. you're venturing
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>> lots of people saw snow on thursday, including in the santa cruz mountains wednesday morning. it turned highway 17 into a winter wonderland, although it was more fun to look at to drive in some people make that trip to the summit for chance to play in the snow. >> i mean, i could better right now, but i was reading that is that in saying there's no i have leaving isn't a good month. and for the years, so is it first and then i would say is now this is absolutely beautiful. this doesn't happen often here in the bay area. it's real so real. i'm just real. happy to be here. >> never been covered in snow in my life. >> my son has never seen the snow before. so we decided to come out here give him a little exposure to it. we think snow. >> it's pretty cool. >> haha, i love that. hey, john. okay. so i'm one of those, you know. >> bay area natives at. >> to not seen snow like this
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before. i want to go as soon as i get off work. mount diablo or highway 17. i mean, am i going to be a catch? some snow? yeah, it depends on elevation for to. but we are getting snow up there on mount diablo. so if you want to get up there sooner, the better for sure, because we are going to be seeing snow line shifting a whole lot through the day today. right now it is snowfall across mount diablo, a little bit of mix of rain, snow right there. >> along highway 24 between lafayette and berkeley into oakland. you can see that transition zone there in the east bay hills. i'm also looking really closely at i-80 once you get north east of la home on a pass, fairfield and vacaville as you drive through the hills there. little spot of snowfall that you're going to be traversing through right there on i-80, as well as up 505 north of vacaville through winters on up towards highway 5. 101 has been really rough this morning. it's a mixture of rain. we had some sleet up there as well, which has resulted in really slick conditions of both marin and sonoma counties. you go north
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of santa rosa, north of healdsburg. that's where you're seeing snowpack conditions on 1, cloverdale reports of people being stuck in the snow up there during overnight hours because of just how heavy that snow really was coming down there. as for most of the bay area, it's rainfall right now. this is really inundated. most of our bridges, the richmond center fell bridge as well as the bay bridge is. you can see in the midst of some of those heavier showers right now, including san francisco, the peninsula on up into the east bay and san pablo bay further south from here. and we're also looking at some pockets of heavy rainfall across the south bay and across the river. bridges there, the dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge, a brief break from the rain. but it's going to search for you. also some snowfall there in the santa cruz mountains. that is a mix of rain and snow that is making conditions really slick for people getting up highway 17 this morning. just very slick conditions that mixture of rain and snow up there. we're seeing the most snowfall this morning easily mount hamilton,
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where a cheating well over a foot of snowfall pop falling up there in the diablo is right above the east bay and san jose. just a whole lot going on across the bay area right now and definitely a wet evening. a cold evening and a more wintry evening than most of us are used to seeing around these parts. now we are seeing snow in the sierra as well. that's going to continue today on up north of red bluff as you head up towards reading. you're also looking at it and are right across the western end of the central valley. some of it. we've got some lightning strikes in the santa cruz mountains during overnight hours as well as in the even san francisco. you heard the roars of thunder last night. now we are seeing winter storm warnings remaining through 11:00am for elevations above 1000 feet in the north bay, east bay and south bay wind advisories and some will freeze warnings and frost advisories across the region. temperatures dropping as low as well below freezing into the upper 20's for some areas. upper 30's to low 40's
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right now, dublin to fremont at 37 san mateo. 36 in a rose at 37 degrees and cloverdale in calistoga right above freezing. sitting at 33 currently winds are definitely a factor again today, 20 miles per hour gusts in some cases and you can see sfo, right? there is definitely wet after seeing having seen some showers during our overnight hours. forecast highs today. what we are going to be looking at a day that does bring upper 40's to low 50's mill valley at 48 degrees. hayward fremont san francisco at 50 degrees. looking ahead of our next 7 days. temperatures remained pretty steady on that same note tomorrow is going to be a dry one. definitely take advantage of it because sunday, monday and tuesday getting wet again. chance of showers on wednesday and drying out by next thursday. rain right on eve of that, we talk about the highways impacted highway 17 south of the drone drive. >> in los gatos, all lanes are closed. there. the northbound side, we also have a few delays, but it looks like you can still get through and also
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highway 29 southbound north of tubs lane in calistoga. it closes lanes because of dangerous conditions. but we're just sweat across the bay area. we also have those high winds. so that means drive slow in case you encounter some black ice 8 minutes into the city. 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula about 8 minutes via the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate bridge. 20 minute drive on this friday morning. today is the one-year anniversary of the russian army launching its invasion of ukraine. president biden was on the ground this week in ukraine and poland. washington correspondent anna wiernicki joining us live with the very latest. good morning, anna. good morning. well, today president biden says he wants to make the message very clear. he says the u.s. will stand with ukraine and support ukraine as long as it is needed. >> it's been one year since russia launched an invasion into ukraine. is that ukrainian president zelensky says the invasion marks a quote year of pain, sorrow,
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faith and unity. one year ago. >> racing for the fall of well, i've just come from a visit key. i'd report gave stand strong. president joe biden making a surprise visit to the country this week. >> telling ukraine that the u.s. stands with them. people. >> a vastly underestimated the ukrainian ability to fight the skillfully and bravely. the white house says the president will meet with g 7 leaders on friday to discuss how they can continue supporting ukraine. >> and put increasing pressure on russian president vladimir putin. the vast majority of the international community has condemned mister putin has gun united states will implement sweeping sanctions against key sectors that generate revenue for puting go after more russian banks. russia's defense technology, industry and actors in 3rd party countries. the pentagon says the u.s. is continuing to ramp up support to ukraine
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militarily. this authorization included more ammunition for us provided himars howitzers. >> that ukraine is using to defend their country. and the white house says that support will continue as long as it is needed. the united states will continue to stand with ukraine for as long as it takes. the white house announced this morning that the u.s. will hold russia accountable. >> through sanctions, export controls and tariffs for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. and thanks for that update. still to come on the kron 4 morning news, we're talking about a new deal. design it. >> phase now, tobacco. we're going break it all down for you after the break. we'll be right back. and we're keeping an top of that storm. we're taking a live look at the radar currently you can see we are experiencing high wind conditions. a lot of slickness out there and even snow in some areas. all of that in the
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>> there's a new bill that's aimed at phasing out tobacco products in california. it would actually ban retailers selling them to anyone who was born on or after january. first, 2007. >> this is a literally the leading cause of preventable in america. and certainly our state and community so this directly addresses that particularly as it pertains to smoking, we want to be able to prevent the next generation
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from going down that road. >> the union of american physicians and dennis are sponsoring that bill. secretary of strands haitian pete buttigieg visited the state of the ohio train derailment on thursday. investigators are saying that the accident was actually 100% preventable. they say that the train was traveling under the speed limit and that the crew got 3 different warnings about an overheated part. the epa is now ordering the company which manages the train norfolk southern to pay for that cleanup. still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news. you spoke out and guess what, mark? they listen. we're going to hear how they are increasing security after riders said they were worried about their safety. and the top story before you head to break. we're tracking the weather so live. look at radar. look at that map. that green just. >> heavy rain. you got that blue, which is the snow. john travels been tracking th
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>> all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. the top story this morning. the storm is here. so you should leave your house a lot early this morning or work from home. if you can. john troubles been tracking that. where do we sit right now? john storm most comfortable morning to be spending a lot of time outside. that's for sure where we're sitting this morning. reyna is with a little bit of that. rainfall still falling in san francisco. i should say a little bit. it's coming down pretty good. pretty consistently for areas like san francisco.
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>> right down peninsula into the south bay. you're driving that arrive amid consistently rainy conditions. 101 has been rough this morning. we had some sleet and graupel in marine county that making one-on-one travel. really, really rough. and as you head north into sonoma county, it's a mix of rain and then snow fall. that has won a one snow-packed. once you get north of santa rosa specially up towards the mendocino county line. we're also looking at snow falling along portions of i-80 as you get past fairfield up towards vacaville 505, as you're heading up north you're getting into the central valley. also a mix of rain and snow that direction east bay hills, santa cruz mountains, then especially mount hamilton in the midst of some snow falling up in all these areas. and look at the big picture set up right here. we've got snow across the north coast, the sierra nevada, central coast as well. just a very active morning. not one for a whole lot of travel limit that as much as possible. do that necessary travel and


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