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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 3, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news known. >> now at 9, 1%, fighting for their life tonight after an early morning shooting outside a san francisco nightclub. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. this
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happened just before 2 o'clock in the morning outside the grand nightclub in the south of market neighborhood. >> kron four's amanda hari talk to the owner about what may have led up to the shooting. amanda joins us now in the newsroom with more. amanda. >> good evening. the owner didn't want to appear on camera. she says she's praying for the victims and this incident brings up a bigger issue. she says hot dog vendors setting up outside of bars and nightclubs leads to loitering which sometimes leads to safety issues. >> i don't want any customers to come out and, you know, enjoy themselves in a night come out and then the shot next to a hot dog cart like that that is insane to early saturday morning, a fight broke out in front of the grand nightclub on fort street near bryant street in san francisco. >> police say 23 year-old was shot and is suffering from a life-threatening injuries. 3 people were also pistol whipped. a club owner, lee nguyen was stunned by the news. very scary. >> you know, any time that there is a gun involved turned gun violence involved.
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>> but business, it's just very scary. police say they know at least 6 victims. nguyen says it all happened just before 02:00am as the bar was closing and people were going home. the incident that happened happened right next to dog carts, courage. >> loitering. so, you know, at the end of the night when we're getting our patrons to leave or talk to their car or to get into the these hot dog vendors make it incredibly difficult and they encourage people to congregate, you know, order hot dogs and lawyer in front of the venue. and that's the issues. happened. you know, that's when dispute happened. that's when fights break out. that's, you know, and unfortunately, you know, we saw like the worst of what can happen. nguyen says she's taking precautions to keep both customers and staff safe. >> we are adams, additional security guards to all of our future events. these. that's
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in cards are going to be tasked with. moving hot dog vendors out of the area to mitigate any lawyer outside of our venue. >> 2 people from south san francisco were arrested. police say they did recover a gun. they're asking anyone with more information to contact sfpd in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. san francisco police are also investigating a different shooting that happened about an hour before this one. >> on ellis street, police say an unknown group of suspects shot at several cars in this area. no one was hurt. a developing story we're following out of danville tonight. a police chase ending in a fiery car crash. several people had to be rushed to the you're looking at. >> video of the aftermath there. as you can see the board, a business, burnt up shrubs out some pieces of the vehicle. the chase started around. 1 o'clock this morning after an officer tried pulling over a car on diablo road in
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el cerro boulevard after running a red light. >> that's when police say the car drove off, ran a second light at camino tassajara road and blackhawk road and then hit another car. officers say the car then rolled over onto the roof and caught fire. >> 5 people were rescued and then rushed to the hospital. the driver of the car suffering major injuries. 2 people in the other car were not hurt. we're of course, following the story closely and we will updated on air and online as we learn more information. a woman is arrested tonight in connection with a early morning stabbing in oakland. this happened around 7.30, on martin luther king junior way near the emmanuel missionary baptist church. police say the victim is expected to survive. oakland police is still investigating. >> oakland police are also looking for this man. they say he's a suspect in the shooting of a 4 year-old 19 year-old le marais and griffin is wanted in connection to the wednesday night shooting. that happened on 68th avenue. officers say the child is expected to
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survive. no word on what led up to the shooting. but in the meantime, police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case, it is gun violence awareness weekend today, alameda county district attorney pamela price visited an exhibition at warehouse for 16 in oakland called vision quilt. the exhibit includes expressions from local 8th graders about creating solutions to prevent gun violence. students from light house and load start. middle schools participated. >> another big story we're following tonight. alexis gabe is finally being laid to rest more than a year after her disappearance. her family says officials have wrapped up the autopsy and forensic tests. the public is invited to on. joining in on memorial service in honor of alexis on june, 17th, the funeral procession will follow on june. 19th for the public is also welcome. only the gabe family will be allowed inside the crematorium for their last good-bye. gabe
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went missing last year on january, 26th after visiting her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones in antioch police later ty jones to her death. but he was shot and killed by police. gabe's family believes that jones helped cover up her death and hid her body. a search in amador county found her remains in november. and in january. some new details tonight on an on-campus stabbing that was interrupted and was what was supposed to be the first day of summer school at a san mateo county high school. >> officials say while officers responded to high and attack nearby led them on a chase through san mateo where they found a gun. authorities then responded to the knife, altercation at the high school around 09:00am one boy did suffer a concussion and a knife wound. we now know 2 students involved were taken to juvenile detention on suspicion of possession of a weapon and on school grounds and conspiracy. a 13 was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon during the investigation at the school, a
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large group began to attack someone. >> at the campus bus loop, that group took off and they were picked up by a car nearby. officers say that they chased that car eventually catching up to 6 people ran from that vehicle. officers found a gun in a bag that had been tossed out of the car. >> 4 people eventually stopped and were detained. one of the other 2 that continued running was eventually caught and arrested. a driver was rescued after their car fell down 100 feet into a ravine. that crash happened friday. calaveras road just east of fremont. a chp helicopter responded found that vehicle on its roof with the driver trapped inside. first responders rescued the driver, hoisted them out of the ravine. they were flown to the even medical center in castro valley to be treated for their injuries. no word tonight on what led to that crash on the peninsula. the san mateo county fire
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department responded to a rollover car accident. >> this happened early this morning on highway one south of half moon bay cal fire says fortunately there were no injuries. no word tonight on what caused this accident. people in sonoma county may have been awakened by a earthquake this morning. the 4.5 magnitude quake hit around 5 in the morning, just 13 miles northeast of healdsburg. usgs says says the dep measured about 2.2 miles. no injuries have been reported, but there have been at least 4 other aftershocks in the area. all between a magnitude of 2.5 2.9. >> let's get a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight taking a live look at that strawberry moon. it is a full moon tonight. look at the was everything nice and bright. this isn't a great she going absolutely beautiful teaching us all that it strawberry moon because strawberries are in season in june. yeah. it's
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also known as the honeymoon as well. so a lot of names for the full moon of june, but i'm just so glad that june gloom is in around and giving us is gorgeous view. thanks to that clear night sky out there in the bay area. so head out and enjoy it. hope you got to enjoy today's warm temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees above average downtown san francisco. warming up to 67 degrees with oakland. exactly where you should be for this time of year in the low 70's hot temperatures as you made your way inland, especially in the east livermore and conquered both flirting with the 90's about 10 degrees above average, especially livermore warming up to 80 degrees when you should be in the upper 70's this time of year. but temperatures out there right now, quite the spread along the coast, widespread mid 50's for bay area coastline. thanks to that shallow marine layer and cool sea breeze influence. but as you make your way inland, almost a 25 degree difference between pacifica and brett would still flirting with 80's at this 9 o'clock
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hour. 78 degrees easily. the mildest you warmed up into the nineties today. so you're finally starting to notice more pleasant temperatures still mild, even for those of you in pittsburgh. a nice turn contra costa county with temperatures there in the mid 70's. but let's take a look at when tracker we are getting a slight seabreeze influence but calmer conditions out there right now shall a marine layer sunday morning giving way to plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures by sunday afternoon before the threat of thunderstorms arrives on tuesday. believe it or not. so june, good gloom going to be replaced with june pop-up thunderstorms more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to dana. well. >> but recent thank pride month coverage continues tonight. this year's theme is looking back and moving forward and there is, of course, a lot of rich history here bay area. >> one of the oldest continuously operating lgbtq bars in the country can be found in oakland. >> the white horse and on telegraph avenue just celebrated its 90th anniversary last month. the
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bar opened back in 1933. in continues to be a safe haven for the lgbtq plus community. the new owner patty dingell says the white horse will continue to set the standard. >> people still are not comfortable holding their partner's hand in public. people are still not comfortable even coming out to their families. and i want people to recognize that. everybody is on their own journey. right. and i think we need to respect that and meet people where they are. and if people come here and this that one time where they can come and be free. they're going to be able to feel valued and loved when they walk through these doors. >> dingell acquired the bar back in december. she always knew that she wanted to own a bar. and when the white horse became available, she jumped on the opportunity to continue the lake city. >> coming up next companies at 9, a bay area family bringing attention to a serious public health mayor london breed is stepping in to support. plus, a family in the east bay still
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in shocked after a violent wake-up call left their home in total disorder. but first, we're taking a look into the reality of the multi-billion dollar budget deficit and why spending levels aren't exactly what was expected.
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>> the newsom administration is responding after an independent analysis found the state's projected multi billion dollar budget deficit is actually larger than
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previously thought. but that's not all. our capitol correspondent eytan wallace tells us what else this report says about the budget spending levels. >> well, the report concludes over the long term, the governor's budget most likely spends more than the state can a ford. but the newsom administration maintains this budget is fiscally responsible. it was just a few weeks ago the governor presented his updated budget known as a revision, a 306 and a half a billion dollar budget. he said prioritizes california's most pressing matters from homelessness to education. >> to flood control. but the governor also noted the budget comes with an anticipated 31 and a half billion dollar deficit. this was not an easy budget, but i. >> i hope you see we try to do our best to hold the line. take care of the most vulnerable, most needy but still maintain prudence. but now this report from the legislative analyst's office also known as the brings a possible budget issues. the non-partisan office whose job
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is to provide fiscal and policy analysis and advice to the legislature. >> estimates the deficit will actually be closer to 34 billion dollars just how they came to that conclusion. analyst gabe penick who worked on the report says in part it comes down to how much tax money is projected to come in. >> we do have certain good information coming in now like that, the taxes that taxpayers pay and their wage withholding from their paychecks is giving us a good indication. those are down 5% year over year based on revenue and spending estimates. the report concludes, quote, there is a less than a one in 6 chance the state for them. a revision spending level across the next 5 years. this means that if the legislature adopts the governor's may revision proposals, the state very likely will face more budget problems over the next few years to help solve this. the report suggests the legislature cut one time spending projects by about 6 billion dollars. so we do disagree with the legislative analysts that they're going to
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be problems that we're going to have to confront future years. california department of finance deputy director hd palmer worked closely on the budget and spoke to us behalf of the newsom administration. he says the administration has taken steps to ensure this year's budget is fiscally responsible. we don't want to exacerbate the risks that are out there. >> the doing the things like higher ongoing like raising taxes like tapping into the reserves. we may need them down the road. it's a message echoed by democratic assembly budget chair phil ting. you might recall the last time we had a recession, california couldn't pay its bills. we couldn't be further from that. but on the republican side, members say they are concerned the state spending beyond its means. but we have people in this body that are addicted to spending. and that's that's becoming an american problem. and we did not get off because eventually people have to pay. >> and the constitutional deadline to pass a balanced budget is 2 weeks from today. june 15th reporting at the
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state capitol eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> nevada's governor has vetoed one of several major budget bills in that state. and that could delay a decision on the a's moving to las vegas. some lawmakers have reportedly said that they won't take up the a's measure until the budget bills are finalized. and this video delays the process. if britain, if approved as written, the a's measure could have state and county officials pony up nearly 400 million bucks in public funds to help the a's build a 1.5 billion dollar 30,000 seat stadium with a retractable roof. these are renderings of the proposed ballpark. the current legislative session ends on june 5th, which on monday. but the governor has the power to call legislators back in 2 a special session. >> meantime, angels 3rd baseman anthony rendon will not face criminal charges stemming from a confrontation with a fan on opening day. rendon grabbed a fan's shirt in oakland, cursing at him as
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he walked back to the clubhouse. oakland police have closed the investigation because the victim did not come forward to press charges. major league baseball suspended rendon for 4 games following that incident. rendon says he talked to the fan afterwards and the to apologize to one another. >> all right. let's get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look at what you know? we would normally call the golden gate fogged up golden gate bridge. yes, a little hazy out there curious if the fog will clear before morning and will have like a full day of sunshine memory. so what's going on? we are going to notice a little bit of a shallow marine layer sunday morning, but that's not going to stop the mercury from rising because tomorrow is going to be. >> the warmest day of the next 7. so hope you get to head out and enjoy it for the 2nd half of your weekend. let's take a look ahead, though. monday into tuesday because things going to get a lot more active and then seasonable for this time of year in the bay area, especially by june standards. we're tracking pop-up thunderstorms on tuesday that could bring us anywhere from
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about a 10th. >> tough words of a 3rd of an inch of rain. if any thunderstorms do form bringing the threat of thunder and lightning greater chances for that thunderstorm threat in this year of you have been noticing them the last couple of afternoons and tuesday, it's going to be more active starting as early as tuesday morning through tuesday night. so let's take a look at radar for. we are seeing a little bit of marine layer influence along the immediate bay area coastline. but this storm to our north is going to tap into some tropical moisture out in the pacific. that's what's going to bring us a lot of instability for your bay area forecast. we're going to start out, though, with light scattered showers on monday. very hit or miss in nature by monday afternoon, mainly just south of the north bay. but then it's going to become more widespread with light rain by monday night. that is going to continue on tuesday morning. word shower. chances are really going to increase for the bay area. and then we're going to see that very active atmosphere, unstable core with
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that storm. tapping into that subtropical moisture bring us the threat of pop-up thunderstorms. those showers could be even continue. very light hit and miss in nature through wednesday morning. so we're all expecting at least about a 10th of an inch of rain. but from now, until then, i hope you're enjoying our little bit of a break that we're getting from the june gloom because we're tracking very unseasonably warm temperatures. certainly not a record breaking but 5 to 10 degrees above average live look outside city hall lit up in orange this evening and temperatures out there along the coast low to mid 50's starting to get that cool. sea breeze influence downtown san francisco out of the 60's and 58 degrees. but temperatures low to mid 70's for warmest inland valleys in the east conquered 74 degrees in dublin in the low 70's. so we're really starting to cool down there. temperatures overnight low to mid 50's, but we're going to be flirting with 70's for downtown san francisco at 68 degrees. low 70's for oakland, mid 80's for san jose and santa rosa, concord and livermore. flirting with the
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90's. warming up to 89 degrees in our east earned contra costa county cities. you know where you are, pittsburgh and even brett would expect to be in the 90's. so hot temperatures, stay cool and stay hydrated. so with some folks from martinez earlier today and they were like, you know, we can deal with the 80's. it's when they get to 95. triple-digit situations. so hope you have a pool. yeah. haha. find some place to chill today recess. >> well, of course, is whether made it a pretty easy to get our area, of course, has offer - many, of course, taking in the sunshine at the san mateo county kron four's tiffany justice was among them. today's the first day, the mateo county fear. >> and they have such a wide variety of fun events and activities theme this year is where tradition meets innovation from carnival rides to great, fair food and a concert series. organizers say there's something for everyone. there also have one of the crowd favorites, the
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pig races where the piglets race to see who's the fast says and something new this year, a new exhibit that supposed to transport you into a world of fantasy are dragging exhibit. that's the newest thing we have this year. we also have our farm worker heroes appreciation event. and dolores court does going make an appearance on june 11th, which is huge because she was a huge part. >> of the movement with cesar chavez in the 60's. tickets are 20 bucks for adults. children are 15, but if you're 5 years or under, you get in for free, reporting to be justice kron. 4 news. >> coming up here at 9 o'clock, the bay area is national women's soccer league has officially launched and we've got a look inside their first community event.
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>> welcome back. the bay area's newest professional sports team celebrating in san francisco today. the bay fc is the first national women's soccer league club to call the bay area home kron four's gayle ong. was there. >> soccer fans gathered at presidio main post won in san francisco saturday afternoon to celebrate the bay area's new national women's soccer league team. they football club. our bay fc for short, i think just great to see billy graham. no to see a great turnout
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>> boys and girls homs where, you know her from soccer games on the lawn to people lining up for t-shirts and hats and everyone >> make most not likely. osborne is a founding partner of the team along with fellow former u.s. team players, brandi chastain, daniel slay an alley the year ago. asked to here. >> glad really is any team in the bay area? the event is inspiration for soccer player collapsed was spurred who brought her parents to come together and really like. with the score. a lot really excited to within soccer. amazing watch >> special level support person for the first time time out and much more to comment. happy to right.
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>> as for what's next, the team ceo and president will be in the next few followed by. in 2024. >> coming up, president biden putting pen to paper today signing a bill that would raise the debt ceiling. what raise the debt ceiling. what he calls it. a crisis averted.
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>> a san francisco mother grandmother is bringing attention to a serious public health issue. she lost grandson to suicide and tells kron four's philippe to gone that she does not want another person to take their own life. >> without knowing there is plenty of help available. >> lynette mackey founded the nonprofit mackey's corner last november a year after her 12 year-old grandson jamal mackey died by suicide. there are signs they went to a site outside. >> so what i've learned is that now i need to people that there are that they may not see the calm and suicidal on saturday at yulman park in san francisco's bayview hunters point neighborhood mackey held her second suicide prevention and awareness event. >> providing access to therapists social workers and mental health agencies addressing the public health issue with my grandson committed suicide. i believe in social media that he was in so that it was something to stop what he was feeling. >> he did not know it's
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permanent and he would not come back. so that me going. i know that he didn't want to leave i know. you know, one of david's dad, his mom, his family, jamal, played football for the san francisco brown a youth development and leadership organization. everybody. >> needs everybody has a story. everybody has something that they're dealing with, whether positive or negative and not providing turn. >> that's for young people. express themselves does not give us an up licensed to mayor london breed spoke to the crowd bridging people to to head on, especially in the african-american community. we need to not be afraid. >> to talk about mental health, we need to not be afraid to say something is not right. and i don't quite know what to do. hope everyone. >> everyone's love. we want to do is figure out a way to to get to inside of us. something is going on the center's for disease control and prevention
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says suicide rates increased about 36% from 2000 to 2021. the year to right. and san francisco fleet to right >> a concord family is shaken up after a car smashed through a wall of their home. and we're learning this isn't the first time in something like this has happened. and the host says early friday morning she was asleep with her daughter and 3 grandchildren when this crash happened. she believes 2 cars were racing on clayton road and one of the drivers ended up losing control, jumped the curb and then went airborne into the house. >> the picture still flashing in my mind of the car coming through the wall. you know, the plaster glass from the window breaking flying. >> she estimates at least 9 drivers have careened off of the road and into the house over the last decade. but she says this accident was the worst. fortunately, no injuries were reported. also
9:34 pm
in the east bay, the antioch police department is now facing another lawsuit. one of the officers named in this suit is also accused of being involved in the texting scandal. >> the woman is suing the department for a >> 2019 instant in which she says 2 officers broke her arm and did not offer medical assistance. the woman claims she was inside her garage, taking her child out of the car seat when the officers came in without her permission for a search warrant. she says the officer slammed her into a wall and then on to the ground, the contra costa county district attorney's office says the woman was arrested for shoplifting. >> she later took a plea deal. the recent lawsuit comes as the police department is facing an investigation by the fbi over alleged civil rights violations. in world news tonight, india reeling after its deadliest train crash in decades. nearly. >> 300 people have died. another 900 are injured happened yesterday when 2
9:35 pm
passenger trains collided with a parked freight train leaving a tangled mess. john fund olio is tracking the story. >> good evening, everyone. such a terrible tragedy as the search and rescue effort continues tonight in india, authorities say a signal failure could be a possible cause of the crash. >> twisted train cars stretch across mangled rail tracks in india's state of odisha following the nation's deadliest train crash in decades. scenes as rescuers desperately searched for survivors amid the crushed and mangled many did not survive as scores of body bags lined the tracks. more than 280 killed, hundreds more injured. dozens trapped beneath the wreckage following a 3 way crash friday local officials say it appears a passenger train slammed into a stopped freight train in the city of
9:36 pm
vassell the impact pushing a number of coaches onto the opposite track. then another passenger train crashed into the derailed cars >> deeply by extremely tragic. the good looking the know could we have you see the from >> the number of injured, overwhelming local hospital while the cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> the state of india's aging rail system is once again the focus of another deadly crash. >> india's rail system is one of the largest in the world carrying more than 13 million passengers every day. most of it was built more than 150 years ago. now, despite the government spending millions of dollars on improvements in recent years, the railways, aging infrastructure continues to be the focus of india's
9:37 pm
many train accidents. in the newsroom. i'm john fenoglio sending it back to you. >> that was john fenoglio reporting for us tonight. santa rosa's declaring next monday as the start of this year's wildfire season. >> the declaration means property owners in the city will have. we'll have to cut weeds and seasonal grasses that are over 4 inches in height and maintain the practice throughout the fire season. with that, we're going to send things over to. >> meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez murray. so we have a lot of rain. so we do have a lot of new growth this year. yeah, but fortunately, no drought. so we do take the good with the bad right glass half full approach. the let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport and we are tracking a shallow marine layer making its presence known. so we are seeing some changes not just for a bay area forecast, but even for the sierra as well. continuing to see snow melt concerns. the flood warnings
9:38 pm
and flood watches in effect from now through wednesday morning and pop-up thunderstorms only going make those rivers streams lakes. >> and creeks rise all the more because we are tracking monsoonal moisture in the subtropical moisture arriving on tuesday for this year. also increasing the threat of pop-up thunrms tuesday. so let's fast forward calm, dry conditions out there right now. but by sunday afternoon, we are going to see another round of severe pop-up thunderstorms in this by sunday afternoon. at 3 o'clock. then calmer conditions by sunday night after the sun sets. but then once again, it's going to be rinse and repeat pattern. monday afternoon, another round of pop-up thunderstorms. and then tuesday will start a little bit earlier just because of that subtropical moisture creating a lot of instability there in the sierras. so we could pop-up thunderstorms starting to pop off as early as around noon to 1 o'clock for your lunch time hour in the sierra. but temperatures very spring-like
9:39 pm
forecast in the low to mid 70's truckee. 75 degrees south lake tahoe in the low 70's. that pattern going to repeat itself on monday. little changed. but then a slightly cooler forecast on tuesday. definitely going to have more of that muggy feel because of that subtropical moisture that is going to make its presence known in the sierra by tuesday. but temperatures cooling down to 67 degrees. back to you, dan and well. >> murray said thank you and national news tonight. president biden officially signing the bill to raise the debt ceiling, avoiding the first default in the country's history. and the president explaining the importance of the legislation during an oval office address last night. in the meantime, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressing concerns with certain concessions made. >> evan moon has more. >> 2 days before the u.s. government is set to run out of money. president biden signing the bipartisan budget bill just hours ago preventing a first-ever default in his first oval office address to the nation last night, he made
9:40 pm
clear the landmark deal was crucial for the economy and the american people. >> the stakes could not have been higher. nothing would be more catastrophic. >> after months of infighting in washington over the details of the budget deal, congressional leadership and the white house saying neither side got everything they wanted. a few of the major sticking points for things like no new taxes on the wealthy marking a win for republicans, cuts to defense spending, a win for democrats and changes to work requirements for federal programs. a compromise, a big change from the deal was a major cut in the u.s. is defense budget putting a cap on the pentagon spending for the next 2 years and putting 16 billion dollars in defense projects in jeopardy, including abrams tanks made by general dynamics, the same tanks being sent to the front lines of ukraine for its war against russia. other defense items now in question a plane made by lockheed martin and a ship for the marines. many lawmakers worry this is bad timing with increasing threats
9:41 pm
from china and the situation in ukraine because we >> that budget is adequate to global threats that >> but a verbal agreement between leadership vowed to increase funding down the road. also in the agreement, republicans demand for stricter work requirements for food stamps and welfare, including extending the age that people must work from. 49 to now. 54 years old, but no changes were made to requirements for medicaid and and a loss for biden's 2020 campaign promises to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations. there are no new taxes included in the bill signed tonight. >> republicans may not like it. i'm going to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. i'm coming back. >> that was uvan moon reporting for us tonight. the stanley cup landed in las vegas for game one between the panthers and the golden knights. coming up next in sports, aaron wilson will have
9:42 pm
all the going on in sin city and as well.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, the giants have lost 3 straight and we're looking to get back on their winning ways tonight against the orioles and oracle part. let's talk about it. the junior giants program gave out gloves to the kids today before the
9:45 pm
game, but the orioles now what a treat for them, course, get of the kids. but to me, one of your idols here close up. that makes it even sweeter get out as graphic now, 3rd inning, here's will start giants of one to 0 looking for more runs runners at second. there. >> one. flores, he hit the comeback. pitcher kyle bradish. he tries to knock down with the foot knock this one down foot. but scoot through consider field and 2 more runs come in to score and it's 3, nothing giants. same score in the 6th giants pinch they've been terrible year until now. pinch hitter. austin slater lines, an rbi single up the middle. brandon crawford comes into score 4 to 0 on the giants later. maybe impression in the field as well off and haze later. nice
9:46 pm
diving grab. you just saw it. let's see that in a minute. let's just go to the final score. 4 to 0 with the win for the giants. now, this video pretty much sums up the season for the a's. >> and the a's fans looking to snap a two-game losing streak on the road in miami today. but they did marlins lead man louise arise. will he feasted on the a's pitching all day? marlins up 2 to 0 in the second. >> where single to left-center field in. another runner comes at this point for the marlins. now it's 4 to 0 marlins in the base is loaded and he flips a shot over the head of us in sin all 3 runs come in to score 7, 0 marlins arrived in up today. 5 for 5 on the day with 5 rbi that included this ground-rule double the a's, lose their 13th straight game on the road. 12 to one. they hope to snap their losing streak some point. hopefully
9:47 pm
probably with their 3rd try against the marlins tomorrow. then you're definitely going to well today, though, if you made it to san jose state and state fullerton elimination game, the spartans down. 42 in the port. here was jack call. it gets them with in one. >> a solo blast at the center, but it was left said its goals they would kate and connor made sure of that with this one. it had 3 run blast out to left-center field. it's that was pretty much a bit dated. the titans win this 95 and eliminate the spartans from the tournament. that was all they wrote. now the t-mobile arena, though, a different story in sin city looked like they were hosting circus. do actually was show girls in the crowd. i mean, it could be the first for the panthers. >> well, the golden knights. so what way to open up the final in the stanley cup, then into shoulder over the crowd first year here night on the power play. >> they move the puck in the pants out on the break. and eric staal bows around the neck comes around on the other side will with book and into the net 1, 0. the panthers
9:48 pm
lead on this or hang go. but then the night they come back this time they take the pair play for them. sales. >> stevenson with a backhand. pass jonathan. watch the show and he knocked in the game. tying goal and it's all tied up at one now in the second period. >> that night say theodore with great individual effort to get free out. >> he knocked in their first goal of the playoffs tonight. take a 2 to one lead now tied to 2 in the 3rd night on the attack that might get the foot between circle and fire and goal to the back of the net knights lead 3 to 2 at that point and ultimately win 5 to 2 with the final. it got heated at but the boys course will be boys the night take game one at home. >> and lead the series. one game tonight. coco gauff, she's trying to win something. she's never won. french in the french open. she was the runner-up coming into this year. she says she wanted to win a major. but today 16 eur
9:49 pm
pino. >> mayor andre able stood in her had a shaky start. re but actually took advantage of that shaky start coughing and reva actually practiced together before the tournament and see 100 actually picked up on cocos tendencies getting the winner down the line, taking the first 6 7. but in cocoa, got it together. a little later finding her stride in the second coming into the net. more putting pressure on the young russian. well, golf had no problem after that. he settled down and with income and the rest of the match winning the last 2, 6, 1, 6, 1, is. with the golf now moves into the round of 16 inches closer to the winning or to winning her first. major. thanks to you guys at that. >> aaron, thank you. we do want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at downtown san francisco tonight. a little close up there. >> of whatever they've got going on at ride. celebration
9:50 pm
going on. got all know, yes, little rainbow action dump out all right. mabrisa what's happening? >> yeah. it almost looks like a lava lamp. it's really a lot there tonight. and it's great that we don't really have that june gloom out there impacting most of tonight's amazing view because we do have that full june moon, also known as the strawberry moon lighting up the night skies. so the good news is mother nature's specifically june gloom, giving us a little bit of a break to enjoy that. so head out and make sure to snap some pictures. and if you do send them my way so i can show them off on social media. but let's take a live look outside along the embarcadero, good friend, the bucky ball. nice and shiny out there this evening. also little beautifully tonight for your saturday night and temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's 60's. and yes, even 70's at this near 10 o'clock hour. 74 degrees for concord, an antioch, you're but more than 20 degrees warmer than half moon 52 degrees with everything else in between. so quite the
9:51 pm
unique microclimate forecast. mild temperatures along the coast early today giving way to hot temperatures inland, especially for those of you in the east bay. but overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid 50's a little bit milder in antioch. 58 degrees and high temperatures tomorrow once again, 5 to 10 degrees above average. but no record breaking heat. believe it or not. in the forecast. concord and livermore trying to flirt with 90's. warming up to 89 degrees. mid 80's for fremont and san jose. low 80's. for those of you in napa and allay with hayward at 74 degrees in downtown san francisco trying to flirt with 70's. but 68 degrees still about 5 degrees above average for you. they're taking a look at the next 7 day forecast. i can't believe i'm saying it scattered showers on monday. thunderstorms possibly on tuesday drying out cooling down to below average temperatures. so june gloom will arrive after tuesday to worry about that. >> i don't know that anyone was worried about it after all
9:52 pm
the making, right? haha, i don't think so. i think we all really have enjoyed you know this weekend. 90's. so deserve it. yeah. sunday, looking better. thanks for reading we'll be right back. well,
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
there's an ai travel assistant that can make you a local no matter where you to marrow explains. in tonight's tech smart. >> so now we're literally talking to like it's travel
9:55 pm
agent. this morning's travel agent ever a cooler cape, let's say traveling like a local is about to get a whole lot easier. thanks to ai ai is going to be a massive tool for travel moving forward. michael mo to many is about to find out just how useful it can be. he's e1barking on a six-month travel journey, powered by ai, i think excitement. and here are both even right to many will chronicle his experiences on social media through a show called no fixed address about a year and a half ago. me and my wife decided to sell our house eller cars, leave our jobs and travel the world full time with his wife holding the camera and an 18 month-old in tow. the family will use an ai chat tool called guide geek to help them make decisions on where to go and what to do. the free ai chat bot is powered by a combination of chatgpt and up-to-date travel
9:56 pm
info. the most important thing that we realize so far is that it's cutting our planning in half or even a quarter. i think it's going to be a game changer for the entire travel industry across the board in is ceo and founder of matador network, the travel site that powers guy geek and just gives you the best >> answer right off the bat. it's already consumed every travel review, hotel review, restaurant review that is so wild. there you go. we've got 2 great recommendations. getting started is as easy as scanning a qr code, then chatting to ask questions even as much detail as you like so that you can get an answer that's going to tend to your specific needs is all going to do something really, really here to many already tested ai recommendations for a successful date night in mexico. >> the first stop for the show is morocco. and yes, it was chosen by ai. we're going to find out if ai is going to be able to help the masses travel much easier or is it going to
9:57 pm
be a hindrance regardless? we're going to come to a conclusion. >> that was rich demuro reporting for us tonight. i he said that, you know, fear and excitement about ai are are pretty match tonight like that's pretty good because i just working on an ai medical story. ning is in certain ways that that's, you know, double what they can do. that's the future and just depends on how quickly you want future to get here. i don't know that we have a it happens, but think we'll stop there. >> that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. >> yeah, the stay with us >> yeah, the stay with us because the news at 10 games. here at grocery outlet
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> one person fighting for their life tonight after they were shot outside of a nightclub in the soma neighborhood early this morning. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan for and i'm noelle bellow. police say a fight broke out just before 02:00am outside the grand night club. >> kron four's amanda hari joining us live now after speaking with the owner about what she believes may have led to the shooting. amanda. >> well, dan, the owner didn't want to appear on camera for safety reasons. she says she's praying for the victims. and this incident brings up a bigger issue. she sa


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