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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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cool it off for the couple's dogs. he stepped away for an instance. >> as soon as i get around the corner, this guy hops in and peels around the corner and it happened that fast. >> reporter: you can see the fresh skid marks in the driveway. what do you think of someone who would do that? >> jerk. we're right in the middle of moving and we came so far to get here. i hope and pray they find him and justice is >> reporter: shannon says she is glad nobody was hurt and their dogs were not in the truck. >> they are my babies. if he would have taken the dog, i would be a wreck. >> reporter: now, we have a description of the truck on our website, bowman has a long prison record. deputies say he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information, get in touch with the pinal county sheriff's office. reporting live, steve krafft,
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in apache junction, maricopa county sheriff deputies shoot a suspect while serving a high-risk search warrant. it is unclear how badly the suspect was hurt in this shooting but no deputies were injured. we're hearing from a man who orchestrated the standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon. jon ritzheimer will be sentenced in may. he plead guilty in the case. he is facing three years in prison. we spoke to him by phone and he cent a statement saying, i am a marine. we value honor, courage, and commitment and we take pride in our integrity. i wish the f.b.i. had intogether -- intogether integrity when they shot at lavoy finicum.
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in less than an hour, a gathering is being held at a police precinct in phoenix. linda has the story from 20th and maryland. >> reporter: as the dog days of summer stretch on in the valley, some say it is people aren't paying much attention to the threat or the serial shooter. >> i think they will forget after a while. but it is kind of scary. you have your surroundings that is what i do. >> reporter: hernandez lives near one of the fatal shootings near 65th avenue and coronado. she says more police are patrolling her neighborhood but she is still on edge. on the other side of phoenix,
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mooreland. >> it is not so safe. >> reporter: he has seen the sketch of the shooting suspect dozens of times on the news. he thinks it is too generic. >> so many young spanish man have the same haircut ideas and it is clean cut like that. that looks like a lot of 18 or 20-year-olds. >> reporter: despite the horror of the cri aren't paying much attention anymore. >> i think a lot of people are preoccupied that they don't think about that. >> this meeting 20th street and maryland avenue. it begins at 6:00 p.m. this is the serial shooter meeting. there is a reward for the
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a fox 10 news alert, a fire burning in california forcing thousands people to evacuate. this is live video in the northern part of the san bernardino county area. 4,500 people in the mountain town being ordered to leave now. more than 5,000 acres have burned. no word on the cause of the fire or containment. the death toll continues to rise from severe flooding in louisiana and the governor is warning there may be more flooding ahead. 45,000 homes have been damaged and 30,000 people have been rescued since two feet of rain fell over the weekend. swelling rivers and back waters that are threatening other communities, the east baton rouge perish has put a 10:00 p.m. curfew. we spoke to some at sky harbor. these are locals that will be
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flood victims. >> expect to be very busy and to be able to help a lot of people. and hopefully, everyone comes out in a better place at some point. >> there is this connection that you make with the client that is in need that you see them brighten up a little bit after their worse times. it is really good to see that. >> these volunteers will victims reunite with family and friends. they will be handing out water and is up -- supplies. we go from flooding in louisiana to severe drought. this is lake mead. water officials project that water will not have enough water to make full deliveries to arizona and nevada in 2018. they predict the water will miss
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arizona's water allocation will be cut by 10%. ? how many times have you sung that in the shower? >> i have not sung that at all but i have heard it a lot. it is a day that adele fans have been waiting for. the pop superstar taking the stage at talking stick arena in downtown phoenix. i've heard you sing it a she is performing again tomorrow night. it is two nights of adele downtown. many bought their tickets to the show nine months ago. >> not many people can sell out two nights in a row. >> adot signs say the artist is at it again. this one says hello from the other side, buckle up and stay alive. a little bit of a rhyme. it is a play on words from a's
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it was like a bottleneck to read that. >> that is a law of unintended consequences. adot telling people with a little bit of humor to drive safely. we checked and there are resale tickets still available for both shows. >> if you want to go. in an effort to cut down on scalping, tickets bought through adele site needs to be picked up in person. fans started arriving for that about an hour ago. >> kristy siefkin is live at talking stick resort downtown. >> nice. >> you look like adele. do you sound like her is the question? >> reporter: dozing off a little bit because you can go to sleep looking like adele, wake up looking like adele. it is one of the things for sale at the swag tents and they have compacts with her face on it,
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awaiting the show. people started lining up about 4:00 this afternoon to get their tickets. you can get an adele face over your face, a picture taken if you want to look like her. this is the first time she has been on tour in north america in five years. a 21-piece band and we hear a good portion of her show is dedicated to chitchatting with the audience but also monologues about her personal life. tons of people so excited to head into the show tonight. we talked to some of them earlier. >> i am ready to listen to "hello" and "rolling in the deep." those are life jams to me. they are so relatable to me and i can connect with her. she just speaks the truth. >> she talks about real things that go on in her life and you
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i will probably freak out and cry. my brother got me this for my birthday so it is a big deal. >> reporter: yet another way, guys you can get in adele, head out and get a picture taken. there is a giant red carpet over my shoulder here with mix 96 and kiss family. -- kiss f.m. not only was the tet about adot being safe on the roadways and adele tweeted she had the best burrito of her life. we are not sure if that was when she was in l.a. or phoenix. we're hoping phoenix and we're hoping to find out where she had that amazing burrito. show starts at 7:00 p.m. she will be headed out again tomorrow. people can catch her on the stage at 7:30. we'll be sticking around to
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file into the theater. >> two nights in a row singing like that is not easy. >> that is belting it out. still ahead at 5:00, will maricopa county put a for sale sign on chase field. why the board of supervisors now is shopping for a new owner. a makeover for grand canyon university as nearly a dozen sports complexes are planned if for college campus. >> reporter: here we are in have arrived. we arrived in the stadium in a limo that is parked further back. cardinals are here ready to practice against the san diego chargers tonight and the fans get to come and watch these guys practice. cardinals got good news first thing in the morning. three guys taking off the list, one of them the honey badger. what bruce arians thinks about
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>> reporter: it was a hot one day. still hot. we have a little bit of storm activity around the state. gila county exploding with storms.
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as grand canyon
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as grand canyon university continues its transition to ncaa athletics, they are making changes. >> they are spending a lot of cash to expand their sports facilities. >> reporter: g.c.u. is now spending $1 billion on the expansion of 10 athletic facilities and they are expected to be done in the next two years. we went to out the progress. >> the growth of g.c.u. is incredible. >> reporter: the changes being dubbed g.c.u.10 and two are unprecedented and it begins with the opening of the soccer stadium. >> we have new seats in the soccer stadium, probably one of the nicest facilities on campus. >> reporter: nine more athletic facilities will be completed by 2018 and among
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stadiums and beach volleyball stadium. >> there are classrooms so it is a multiuse facility. >> reporter: g.c.u. has been transferring to division one athletics and the new facilities will help the school compete at the highest level. >> we want to have the highest caliber for our students and events. >> reporter: g.c.u. has won a fe they won in baseball, softball and in men and women's track and tennis. >> we support each other and we're all in that is our slogan for this year. >> reporter: of the renovations, the state-of-the-art soccer facility will be the first to host as they take on central florida next friday. a lot of changes going on out there. g.c.u. fans can follow the progress of the 10 facilities
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g.c.u.10 and two. marc martinez, fox 10 news. >> reporter: there are storms out there and you can see them off in the distance. it was a warm day today as we get closer to a record.
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i'm marc martinez... working on some brand new i'm marc martinez... i'm marc martinez working on brand-new stories for you tonight at 6:00. if you're in the market for a new home, how about downsizing your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom under 400 square feet. how much the tiny homes cost and the valley couple in on the trend. we meet the newest leader of maricopa animal county care and control. we'll see you at 6:00. >> reporter: hi, folks. hot again today. 110 degrees and take a look at these other numbers. deer valley, 107. we have 100 at fountain hills. 114 in mesa. 111 in glendale right now. there is rain around the state here.
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see, it is getting very, very close out here. we see some around fountain hills. we did see some up in gila county as the storm system got rolling good here. you can see that stuff is not letting up. look at it as it rolls near the area of superior in here. it is pretty defiant and holding together real well as it rolls through payson up in the flagstaff area and then north of pretty good moisture around the state. we take a look over here in the eastern mountains where a lot of that stuff is finding itself as well. pretty good storms around. as we get south of phoenix, you can see a little encroachment from the south. there is a storm popping up in the last half hour. so we have our eyes open for what is going on through the night tonight. there sits the city and there sits one of the storms trying to
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that will be with us through the day tomorrow and through the night tonight as well. those winds have picked up at 19 miles an hour in globe. 29 miles an hour up in the sedona area. we go to 111 degrees today. 109 at buckeye. 110 at deer valley. 109 in scottsdale. 109 in chandler and that is the 30th time that we have hit or plus. 33 is the record. that goes back to 2011. we have room to break that record. 113 at lake havasu and bullhead city. 104 at tucson. 90 in payson. 111 here, 87 for the morning low. 105 and 83 would be the normal high and low. record high, 113. as you can see, 106 for
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there as as well. yes, the flow continues into new orleans. look at that as the moisture rolls in. take a look at it down in houston, over 2 inches. over an inch in memphis. look at orioles -- orlando. the moisture continues to roll into that area through the day today. it is not over. 86 degrees overnight. 106 degrees for tomorrow. as you can see temperatures will come down as we introduce a little cloud cover and chance for moisture into the valley as well. watch your kids around water. >> dave, you made the case. air conditioning on full blast. anybody relate to that? don't worry there are benefits, health benefits to firing up the a.c. and it is the end of an era in las vegas as the famous rivera comes tumbling down.
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jackson "bad" cassette tape at a
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and patriot for free tonight. more changes along the las vegas strip. the last parts of the iconic rivera hotel came tumbling down. as you can see the newest casinos here, over here on the right, paris paris, on the left, bellagio. we roll by caesars palace and we roll down the strip cool to see all of that. and as we go down the strip further, you're going to see the rivera right here. as i spin this around, this is the area they took down today. there are two main towers they took down, this one and this one and these are the most famous high-rise on the strip and this
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convention center expansion. >> wow. >> i stayed in there a couple of times. that was a cool place. >> i hope you didn't leave anything in there because it is >> the property closed in may of 2015 after 60 years of hosting headliners from dean martin to liberace. the rivera was backgrounds for movies, including "diamonds are forever" and "casino." last year, it was the setting for the scenes of the latest jason bourne film.
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implosions. >> it is a staple of television. a concord couple is on cloud nine after making a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. they walked into a local thrift store and spent 25 cents on a michael jackson cassette tape. when they opened it inside, they wanted to show their son's photos of his dance moves and he autographed in sharpie on the fold out. they bought it at a store in california called heavenly treasures. it appeared to match his autograph. >> this was a once-in-a-lifetime find for us. i literally could not breathe, couldn't speak. i just sat there blinking my eyes because i could not believe this was sitting directly in front of me.
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bus but throwing away some kid's junk and not understanding what was in there. >> can you imagine something like that was tossed out? they want to get it officially authentic -- authentic kateed to see if it is legit or not. a daring record set by one rider. how long he drove around with a blind fold on. it is amazing. >> plus, a harrowing ordeal for a puppy. the person who stepped forward and saved her life. after the break, could chase field have a new owner? the group interest in buying the
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