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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 19, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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with fox 10 news at 10:00. a massive pot growing operation that was happening in valley neighborhoods. what we know about the homes that maricopa county sheriff's deputies raided earlier today. and it's been a month since ten-year-old jesse wilson went missing. but neighbors had found that boy wandering alone before. what they told fox 10. plus, new details about zika. it may not just be a danger to it could be a danger to yours as well. thanks for joining us tonight on fox 10 news at 10:00. it's been one month since ten-year-old jesse wilson went missing from his home in buckeye. last night we saw police body cam footage from when an officer was called to wilson's house before, and tonight we are hearing from a neighbor who is seen in that footage helping the little boy try to get home.
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danielle? >> kari, this neighbor says the night of the april incident was the first time that he had ever seen jesse and says he never saw him again after that night. as the days go on with jesse still not found since going missing one month ago, he's fooirg fearing for the worst. >> do you know your dad's name? do you know your mom's name? you don't know either of your parents' names? >> buckeye police releasing this body cam that happened april 25th. what did you just saw was 10-year-old jesse wilson sitting in the garage of his neighbor's home after he found the boy outside alone dressed in his school uniform with no shoes in the early morning hours. police later making contact with jesse's mother, crystal wilson. >> hi, officer fletcher, police. >> yes. >> do you have a child named jesse wilson? >> yes, i do. >> he is outside out front here. >> yes, i just saw out the window. let me tell you, this morning
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him he's not allowed to open the window. let me open it. >> yeah. >> i go in there right now and it's wide-open again. so you know those little locks? >> yeah. >> i put one on this. >> if you could see his face when he was walking away, you could see that he did not want to go with that lady, he didn't want to go at all. >> the neighbor you just saw in the footage is kevin moore. he's the one who called police after finding jesse outside. >> bragt him in and i -- i brought him in and i sat him on the sofa that id here and gave him food and a he said he was cold and hungry. >> moore tells us as the days go on and there's no sign of jesse, feelings of guilt arise. he often wanders if there was more he could have done. >> i should have said something but i didn't. the cops said, you know, it's not our place. >> reporter: and moore says it was actually his dog barking that woke him up that night that he found jesse outside. now he says every time his dog
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to check. we contacted buckeye police, and as of now they say there are no updates to report in this case. a man found dead in a car in sun city west and investigators are piecing together what happened. while deputies were on the scene another man came out of a house and confronted deputies. he became aggressive before barricading himself in that home. so this was a strange scene. a swat team was called in. the man eventually surrendered. >> i said i live on the next complex over. you know, do we need to leave, and they said just go in your house and you'll be safe. >> david hague was arrested on an outstanding warran and is being investigated for any role he may have played in the death. at this time he is refusing to speak to detectives but is only considered a person of interest in this case. a woman in extremely critical condition tonight after being shot in the north valley. the shooting happening near cave creek and thunderbird roads. officers believe that the man
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relationship. but the cause of the shooting is not clear. she was rushed to the hospital, wounds to her chest and stomach. police searching for the shooter in this case. a follow-up to a story wu we have been covering all week, tempe police say one of the twins pulled from a hot tub on sunday has died. the two-year-old boy passed away but officers say his sister is improving. the twins were found in a backyard hot tub at a home near priest and warner. it didn't have a barri a it. firefighters say the mother lost track of the twins for just a few minutes and that was enough time for them to find their way to the water. a valley-wide drug bust, three homes in two separate cities being raided by maricopa county sheriff's office today. and we are finding out that, getting a look inside these homes is rather interesting, detectives say that a lot of pot was being grown inside. marcy jones joining us from peoria near 95th avenue and deer
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tonight. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, kari, not one but three issues were simultaneously -- or three warrants were issued simultaneously throughout the northwest valley. we are actually just down the street from one of them. the neighbors say they're not shocked but altogether 33 pounds of marijuana was recovered. sharon bradley woke up to quite the scene outside of her home this morning when she says she saw her neighbor getting arrested. >> they were all in sheriffs, but there was like cars all the way up and down the street. you know, i came out and we were like, and they were sitting outside, and they were sitting outside, him and his sons. >> the scene was part of the mcso investigation that led to the discovery of an illegal marijuana grow operation. the sheriff's office lists three residents involved, two in surprise and sharon's neighbor in peoria. she says to her this isn't a total shock. >> what did you think when you first saw all of those cars? >> we figured. i mean we didn't know why, but
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with, well, you know, trouble next door, so we figured it was them. >> reporter: mcso says this was part of an elaborate scheme in which the suspects deceived the state in issuing a.m.m.a. caregiver and patient cards based on fraudulent addresses. sharon says it's a relief. >> we saw him. he was in handcuffs. she said he did medical marijuana, and it was legal, but obviously -- >> reporter: those that were arrested today are facing several drug charges, and this investigation is really just getting started, kari. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> all right, thanks, marcy. in health watch, researchers now say the zika virus might not just be a concern for pregnant women and their babies. new research showing that the virus could affect the brain of adults, even causing dementia later in life, possibly earlier than you would normally get it.
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it could also cause damage to cells in adult brains, similar as damage found in adults with dementia. that could lead to memory loss down the road. >> we have already known this it affects fetuses and they can get what's called microcephaly where they get a small brain, so we know it affects a developing brain, but the idea that it affects an adult brain is very new. doctors and researchers say these are earlier findings, are disturbing however, and more long term studies need to be done on zika and the affect on the human brain. they also say there is no link right now between the virus and those who have dementia currently. two people have died from west nile virus, another virus carried by mosquitoes here in maricopa county, both over the age of 50, which is the group that is most at risk of serious complications from that virus. maricopa county public health department says that there have been 26 cases of west nile that have been reported in the county
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last year there were 62 west nile virus cases in maricopa county with two deaths. coming up after the break, video of a syrian child. this is heart wrenching. this child, look at him, pulled from the rubble after an air strike, and the video and the pictures have gone viral, just heartbreaking.
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fox 10 news is back. in the border battle, civil rights groups releasing images that they say show inhumane conditions in arizona immigration detention centers, and this story making national headlines. the pictures were taken at the border patrol station. some children seen sitting around in trash and you see men crammed into cells, trying to keep warm with blankets. the border patrol says it is committed to the safety and
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custody, but they cannot comment on pending litigation. the photos part of a lawsuit calling for better conditions there. across america, the obama administration announcing that it will phase out the use of private prisons. this comes after a justice department audit found private prisons have more safety and security problems than government run prisons. there are over 193,000 federal prisons. private prisons hold 12% of the prisoners. no private prison in arizona been scheduled to close just yet. the decision does not affect private prisons used by i.c.e. immigration and customs enforcement. a change of pace for donald trump as he says he actually regrets some of his controversial comments that he has made during his campaign. in the meantime, there could be some big changes for the clinton foundation if hillary clinton becomes president come november. republican presidential nominee donald trump seems to be changing his tune a bit while
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charlotte, north carolina, he showed some regret for any offensive comments he's made. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. [laughter] [cheers and applause] and believe it or not, i regret it. says trump's statement of regret was just him reading words from a teleprompter. meanwhile, former president bill clinton says if hillary wins the november election, the clinton foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations. it will only accept contributions from u.s. citizens and independent charities. twitter is working to crack down on the use of its site by terrorist groups and organizations.
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department that reviews accounts reported for misuse. over the past six months, twitt twitter says it has suspended 235 accounts that were promoting terrorism and extremism. think about that, 235,000 accounts promoting terrorism and extremism. the company also says daily suspensions are up 80% from this time last year. a haunting image from the war torn country sending shockwaves around the world. this is so heart wrenching. this is a five-year-old little boy and the world met him today after just a horrible situation. he's bloodied he's dirtied from an air strike. he was buried and rescued from the rubble among the ongoing civil war in syria. this child pulled from rubble at an apartment building, video of him sitting silently alone in an
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down and left alone to be, he could barely figure out what happened, left alone, scared. this has gone viral. the boy sent to a hospital, treated for head injuries. activists blame the syrian regime and russian forces for that attack. >> we are in a serious set of discussions right now with russian counterparts about aleppo specifically but also about trying to get these proposals nationwide cessation of hostilities that can actually be enforced. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet next week with rush y's top diplomat to discuss the -- with russia's top diplomat to discuss the fighting in syria. well, we have had some reign weather around the state, some of it coming into the valley this morning. how long will this stuff be hanging around?
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. i don't know whether to kiss you or slap you right now. you have heard that before, right? >> well, i'd tell you where i would like to start. >> because it's been so hot all summer, and i feel like we're seeing a little bit of change, at least in your forecast. i got a sneak peek of it. >> there is a little something going on, and at this time of year you start to see a little bit of >> but it would be nice if it could cool down a little sooner. >> that will be another month at least before we start feeling that. >> so the slap is in order, i guess >> the slap today is what we are going to get instead of the kiss. you are right, that has happened before, in fact, many times. 95 degrees right now, winds out of the north right now at ten miles an hour, 92 in scottsdale, 90 at deer valley, we have surprise at 90 degrees as well,
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we do have some moisture, as mentioned, a little bit of stuff coming through earlier in the day. but there's still a little something out there. you can kind of see it up there. and these amounts up here have been anywhere from a half inch to almost two inches of rain, wherever you might see it, this area up here picking up some pretty good area in the bullhead city, the kingman area, up by patchy springs we saw pretty heavy rain, over by lake havasu we saw 4.7 inches of rain there with some very intense storms, and as you get a look up here at the grand canyon, they had some pretty good moisture over in the eastern mountains later in the day, moisture starting to show up. dew points are still pretty good here. 50 right in phoenix, but we are starting to see some 40s up across some of the high terrain areas where the moisture is starting to evaporate out just a little bit. 103 degrees for the high today. we had 102 at goodyear, 104 up
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100 degrees on the day today. 86 in prescott, 95 at kingman, 103 at gila bend, and show low today it was 75 degrees. take a look at your day, 103 on the high, 82 on the low, 104 and 83 normal high and low, record high 112, record low at 62. we are forecasting for tomorrow in the city 100 degrees. you can see that temp go up a little bit. look at goodyear at 105. so temperatures. 73 in flagstaff is the forecast. 86 in sedona, 92 in globe with 106 in yuma. looking across the country, well, you can see this thing kind of twirling around down in texas and also texas picks up more moisture that they really don't need on that eastern side. they are also seeing some pretty good moisture in louisiana. overnight, 82 degrees, 100 degrees for tomorrow, and as
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90s showing up in that ten-day forecast. watch your kids around water. awesome. finally some cool weather. i mean, that is cool compared to what we have seen. up next, nasa planning a big multi-year mission to help understand how the universe
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nasa giving the working on in nasa giving the green light to a project that it's working on in connection with the university of arizona. the group plans to send an suv-sized ship to collect a piece of an asteroid. nasa officials tell us that the sample will help scientists understand how the solar system works. the osiris rex spacecraft will
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a road trip, out of this world trip, to visit an asteroid. the mission will take seven years to complete and will cost 8 million bucks. american olympic swimmers bentz is coming back to the u.s. their story has changed rather quickly. six time gold lochte says that he and his roommates were robbed with a gun put to their head. police say there was no robbery. the four drunk american swimming champions trashed a gas station bathroom and tried to leave without paying for damages. surveillance video shows the four enter the bathroom, eventually they leave, try to get into a taxi and they are stopped by a security guard. >> at this exact moment what the police can confirm is there was
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was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts that they described. the police can already confirm this. >> it is not clear if anyone will face charges for that damage. it's preseason game number two, as the arizona cardinals get set to take on the san diego chargers in san diego tomorrow night. richard saenz is there.
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he looks really good. he was one of our captains last week, and that speaks volumes. those are the words of head coach bruce arians when talking about tony jefferson, jefferson looking to fill the void at safety left by ra shaud johnson and looking to make plays in front of family and friends as the cardinals take on the chargers in san diego tomorrow night. richard saenz has more from san diego. >> we are here cards camp. there were a lot of major changes for the cardinals secondary, gone are guys like powers and johnson, and someone else will have to step up to take a bigger role in the secondary, and that guy could be jefferson. jefferson is kind of taking on the ambassador role here in san diego, and why not, he's from here after all. so get this, on the first day, he has his mom bring the team tacos.
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it's got to be a cool feeling for tony jefferson. he's talked about coming to chargers practice and watching guys like phillip rivers, and now he's on the same field, as the cards look to pick off the nfl veteran, and maybe on friday night. >> being here is pretty cool, seeing guys like gates and rivers and stuff, you know, i was a little kid when they were doing their thing up here, so it's a little -- i'm very, blessed to be in this position. >> back then if you were watching and somebody told you one day you were going to be in the nfl and you were going to be practicing against these guys, what would you have said? >> okay. . >> i'll take that. >> yeah, i'll take that. >> tomorrow, taking on the chargers at qualcomm, and yes, we'll have pregame reports and post game coverage right here on fox 10. in san diego, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports.
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is having any fun out there, does it? not at all. the diamondbacks also in san diego taking on the padres at petco, archie bradley on the hill, running into a little bit of trouble. segura boots this one in the bottom of the third to score a run and make it-3-2 san diego, still in the third, bethen court -- bethancourt up the middle. not a great night for but the dbacks bats woke up late, segura with a deep drive to center and this one is out of here. two-run shot ties the game at 5. he'd go into the top of the 8th, and it's michael born, the shot up the middle, dbacks take the lead 7-6 late in the 8th. >> nice. san diego the place for sports.
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