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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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why people in one valley neighborhood are so upset with their new neighbors. they say they're dangerous. i found it to be very natural. he was funny. he just seemed like a real easy going guy. >> people remembering actor gene wilder tonight and meeting him on his arizona movie location. first on fox releasing these images right here on a woman investigators say is a person of interest in the tempe hit-and-run case. tonight a man says he knows who she is and that he is one of their victims, claiming the woman stole his dog right there. he talked to ty brennan, who joins us live. ty? >> reporter: yeah, kari, temp police released that image on
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exactly who that is, his former roommate, and he says he is looking for that woman because he claims that she took off with some very valuable pieces that long to him. >> you better stop. >> reporter: last week, tempe police released this video, hoping someone could identify this woman who was wanted for questioning in a hit-and-run with a stolen car. >> you're 100 percent sure that's her? >> i'm absolutely sure. >> reporter: but one valley man her former roommate. >> was that the former roommate? >> yes, rene. >> reporter: david ramirez says he's known the woman in this video since the 5th grade. she recently moved into his chandler home, but last week ramirez says he came home to find his puppy and his wedding rings gone, and no trace of his friend or their wedding rings
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happened. they are not returning anybody's calls. police -- they aren't returning any of the officer's calls or her parents'. no one is returning calls. >> reporter: he says he is frustrated to think a long time friend could do this. >> yeah, you feel really betrayed, stabbed in the back. >> reporter: now if you have any information about this particular case, you can contact tempe police. reporting live from tempe tonight, ty brennan, fox 10 news. >> thank you, ty. bullhead city police arrest he is accused of trying to kill his two-week old infant daughter. investigators say that earlier this month, cowan threw the baby head first on to a hardwood floor because she was crying. she suffered a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. there is no word tonight on the baby's condition. cowan was booked into jail and the mother and other two young children are in dcs care. presidential candidate donald trump will host an immigration speech here in
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convention center on wednesday night, the day after the arizona primary. doors open at the 3:00 in the afternoon. the event begins at 6:00, and tickets are available online. donald trump will be coming to the valley, and one of the people who will be speaking has a deep connection to his campaign. may 12th, 2014. the day mesa police sergeant brandon mendoza was struck and killed on the freeway by a man driving under the influence and in the cou marianne mendoza is his mom and a donald trump supporter. >> from the moment that he announced he is running for president, i really started listening to him, and i was pleasantly surprised that somebody running for president would be talking about illegal immigration, because it's usually a topic not spoken about. >> she says she recently noticed donald trump has toned down his
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>> i really believe he is trying to deliver a softer town. he believes that the illegal immigrants need to be out of our country. he firmly believes that a wall needs to be built at our border. he also understands that people who have started the immigration process, run into roadblocks or things that are holding them up, i think he wants them to be able to move forward with that and become citizens. however, everybody needs to follow the >> reporter: marianne mendoza doesn't believe the polls that show donald trump trailing hillary clinton. >> i believe mr. trump is in a very good position to become the next president of the united states. i believe that the liberal media and i believe that they spin things and they want to make trump supporters believe that hillary has got it in the bag and there's no reason to go to the polls. >> mrs. mendoza says that she would be happy to speak at any donald trump event whenever she is asked. steve krafft, fox 10 news.
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a statewide voter registration drive this week. members were out today in phoenix, yuma, and tuscon. the group hopes to register 1,000 new voters between now and wednesday. tomorrow is the arizona primary election, and fox 10 will bring you the results live as they come in. beginning at 8:00, we will be streaming results live on fox 10 news fox news now, and we will also have full election coverage on and 10:00. people living in a north phoenix neighborhood not happy at all about a reentry facility for felons, recently opened by the department for corrections, providing services for newly released inmates, including a couple of dozen sex offenders. it's located off of i-17 and pinnacle peak road and sits about a mile away from the sandra day o'connor high school. parents are very upset that the
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they say the department of corrections did not do enough to notify families of any potential danger. a public meeting was held back in may, but many families found out when they received a letter from the school district. >> i understand they live all over the valley, they live in our neighborhoods, but to bring such a dense population and to move them into one location is concerning. >> the facility can house up to 100 wearing ankle monitors. 61-year-old man is dead after a hard landing while out skydiving. the man was skydiving with sky dive phoenix incorporated yesterday afternoon when he landed near a drop zone in maricopa. he was then rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. his name has not been released yet. investigators get a break in two cold case murders, and tonight they are searching for
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negrete-olivas and his older brother murdered and dismembered baltazar lopez and his friend back in 2008. one man's remains were found in a wash in '09 and the other man's remains were found in a septic tank back in 2014. deputies say the brothers are linked to mexican drug cartel activity and the murders appear to be a drug deal gone bad. >> our job is we are the protectors. we do criminals, but our job is to protect our communities and say this kind of vicious crime cannot go unanswered in the state of arizona. >> the brothers have been seen in arizona in the past 12 months. if you have seen them or you have any information, call law enforcement immediately. a virginia school board want the u.s. supreme court to weigh in on transgender students using
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the school board formally asked the high court to overturn an appeals court ruling, saying that the school's banning a transgender boy from a restroom violates federal law. earlier this month, they allowed the school to temporarily ban the boy from using the boy's restroom until it was decided whether they would intervene in that case. up next, drones. you had better get used to seeing them, we are going to see a lot more of them, the new drone regulations that will send hundreds of thousands of them into the skies within the next year. and arizona cardinal hosting his annual charity for supper event tonight, we'll have a report from the red carpet. ? so sad, people mourning the loss of gene wilder. he starred in so many movies that we love, including a couple
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coming up next, we are going to hear from people who met him
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wilder passed away today in his so sad, actor gene wilder passed away today in his connecticut home from complications of alzheimer's disease. he was 83 years old. wilder starred in so many great films, including a couple that
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>> reporter: gene wilder best known for his movie rolls, including blazing saddles, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, and young frankenstein. he also starred in stir crazy, shot in 1980 with richard pryor. all of the prison shots were shot in florence in cell block two, using corrections officers and inmates as >> there was one scene that i was coming across the yard, involving inmates that were carrying store bags, but that found up on the cutting room floor. >> people remember him fondly. >> he was an off the cuff comedian. he and richard pryor would take a scene that would be a five-minute take on the scene, and we would be on the scene for 15 minutes.
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rolling laughing. >> reporter: wilder also starred in the 1979 movie, the frisco kid, with harrison ford, shot in old tuscon. the odysea aquarium in scottsdale has some new residents, these south african penguins moved in today. guests will be able to see them in their new penguin point home, allowing them to see them above the water and beneath the water through portholes, the aquariu well, if you're traveling to hawaii, you're going to have company. we'll tell you about that,
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faa fox 10 news is back. f.a.a. announcing new safety rules today, opening the skies to commercial drones. we'll be seeing a lot more of these things. the new regulations are expected to put an estimated 600,000 commercial drones operating in the u.s. within the year. that's because under these new
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that they can operate drones safely will be granted exemptions to some of the rules. it's the first day the rules went into effect, and already the f.a.a. granted 76 exemptions, mostly to companies who want to fly the drones at night. kind of bummed about this, because i love the peaceful skies, you know? you see a bunch of drones flying around. >> there will be a little something in there, and then there will be a way to snatch them out of the air too. >> a hose. i am sure there will be some weather, thein >> before they send the flight out, they'll call me. >> yeah, can we send this thing out safely with your pizza on it or whatever? you know who else will get in on this, these restaurants that will deliver the food to your home, with a little heat pack on it. we are in the wrong business, kari. get into food services here. take a look at it, areas drawing up lots of moisture, minnesota
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the weekend, tornadic activity, some flooding down through illinois. but if you are going to hawaii, prepare to travel along with madeline here, 125 miles an hour, and as you get a look at it, yeah, there are a lot of prospects for this thing to hit the hawaiian islands, and then right behind it, this is lester right behind it. lester has less of a chance of hitting the islands. i think one approach takes it south, but most of them take off to the north. and then we have, of course, depression nine, down in the gulf right now, pumping a lot of the moisture, you see it dragging the moisture over miami and over florida, and that has a lot of angles too. that probably though is going to go over jacksonville, and then we have tropical depression number eight right off the coast of the carolinas, and this looks like everything except just one of these computer tracers is taking it just right for a little glancing blow, and then back out of here again. you can see, well, orlando had
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almost an inch of rain in miami, but they have changed the charts a little bit. omaha with over an inch of rain, st. louis 35 hundredths, 43 hundredths up in chicago. that's that moisture that's coming from out of the southwest here. 105 degrees for the high today, 108 at lake havasu, 88 degrees in sedona. take a look at it right now, it's 97 degrees. we are looking at the, well, not much throughout the entire city today, throughout the entire state, as a matter of fact. we do put the futurecast into motion here. it has a little bit of moisture around, especially after midweek. we start seeing things get a little closer to us and the moisture finds its way in, so we find that fairly interesting as far as what's going on. here's your high on the day at 105, 79 on the low, 104 and 82
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and 86 overnight, sunny and warm tomorrow, 104 degrees. we will be looking at those temperatures coming down a couple of degrees with a little chance of moisture finding its way in here as we head into the weekend. watch your kids around water. >> all right, thank you dave. a couple of women in houston, they have a way of dealing with distracted drivers. they flash them, but it's not what you think. the two carpooled to work, and they just got tired of seeing people so distracted while out driving. phones, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and they have been holding up these flash cards with messages like "hang up the phone and drive," you can see them there. they put them up against the window. they have been doing this for about a year, and they have received mixed reactions. >> one time we were on clay road and kind of in a slow area. a lady got out of her car and came back. we just locked the door and
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beat us up or something. >> they are not breaking the law. they are just giving you a gentle reminder to save your own life, rather than somebody else's, and just concentrate on the driving. according to the national transportation safetyboard, more than 3,000 people died in 2014 alone in accidents caused by distracted driving. imagine cooking 250 of these. that's exactly what these guys are doing for the 8th annual fitz's supper club event.
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arizona live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. arizona cardinals wide receiver larry fitzgerald. he is a hometown hero and favorite, and tonight a good example of why he's so admired. fitz is holding his 8th annual fitz supper club to help raise money for valley charities, and our kristy siefkin was at the red carpet event tonight.
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larry fitzgerald has hosted his supper club, and this year it's a hilarious event. this year we have got sinbad as entertainment, dozens of pro athletes. let's take you inside. it's a hilarious night at dominic's steak house, hosting his 8th annual event. >> i think it's indicative of what we try to do here, being a celebrity server. >> tonight pro the wait trays, waiting on 250 special guests. >> how are these guys doing? >> they are doing okay but you can tell it's not their full-time job. >> four time nba champion john sally overseeing the swanky affair. >> inside it's really slick. it's really sexy inside. dominics is a great place.
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>> keeping the sweat off my forehead -- >> can you get me right here? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: the savory steaks and crisp chardonnay just part of a memorable night, all benefiting the larry fitzgerald first down fund. >> seeing the smile on young people's faces, the technology advances, the work we are able to do with breast cancer research, those are the things that make me really proud and it wouldn't be possible without t people here tonight. >> the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised tonight will go to a fund to benefit families across the valley. >> larry fitzgerald has done a great job building the event and continues to give back. speaking of larry fitzgerald, you want to know one guy that contributes to larry's success? it's the deep threat of one john brown, still working through that concussion. the question is, when will smoke get back on the field.
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fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. you know, we have talked a lot about interesting issues for the cardinals, right side of the offensive line, a lot of new faces there, opposite corner back petersen, but let me tell you the impact of a passing game from a guy who hasn't been out there, we can't talk about it enough, john brown, his speed and deep threat capabilities,
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stirs the passing game. he suffered a concussion early on in training camp. just the thought of that deep threat, his speed opens up the field for the likes of fitzgerald, the tight ends, michael floyd. he is a key, key part of the success of carson palmer. i talked to him earlier today on how he's feeling. he hopes to get back possibly for the opener against new england. here's john just to see my teammates out there working real hard. i'm not out there, able to help them, and not to put in the work that they are putting in, it's kind of stressful. i'm just taking it one day at a time. my main focus right now is just being able to practice and being able to get through a full practice. >> we'll keep tabs on john brown as they get for a thursday game against the denver broncos. meanwhile, mike jenkins, his season is over, and it happened
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hopkins, again just one of those noncontact injuries, a.c.l. injury that will end his season. so if you look at the eligible participants now for that cornerback position, you lose one, and that's a blow to that cardinals secondary. the veteran that came in, of course, before the season started as a free agent, mike jenkins on the shelf for the rest of this season. >> michael jenkins got an a.c.l. so he'll be on i.r. yeah, it was a shame, because he had a chance to be our starting corner, and he was battling through the hand and it was, you know, another one of those noncontact injuries. >> meanwhile, the arizona diamondbacks, they gave paul goldschmidt a day off yesterday. arizona heading up to san francisco, zack greinke will get the start against johnny cueto tomorrow night in the bay area. keep in mind, the return of a.j.
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yesterday's win against cincinnati. the dbacks took two of three from cincinnati, and i think a lot of people are going to say, can you finish strong the last month of the season and carry a little momentum in. you get pollock back and solidify the pitching a little bit. it's been a long hot summer for the dbacks and a real grind for this team. let's see if they can give us a little positive moving forward for the last part of the season. >> it would feel better for them. >> feel a lot better if we ul >> dave is chomping at the bit. football, football, more football. >> i do like postseason baseball, even though the dbacks won't be it. it's going to be fun to watch. >> it's going to be fun to watch, and of course we'll have a lot of the action right here on fox >> all right, modern family is up next. we'll see you right back here
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een mighty cold in here since "the big chill." what say we warm our hearts by... "st. elmo's fire"? yes! couple of wine coolers and some '80s rob lowe -- i can get into that. i'm still holding out hope i'll have plans tonight. great. two for two. haley? oh, so fun, but i'm gonna have to say no. i have a photography-class thing. what kind of a thing? oh, you know, just an exhibit, like, to show our photos. is it something that we should go to? claire, we just made plans. mom, this is a college class. i'm not in the third grade. don't you have nap time there? riods, during which i sometimes nap. is it me, or was she just being purposefully vague? alex, i want you to go through her stuff and find out about this thing tonight. wait, wait. i-i don't feel good about us snooping. i know. that's why i told alex to do it. i think haley knows more than she's letting on. it breaks my heart how badly you want to believe that. luke: we'll see you guys later. where are you going? riding our bikes to xander's. what are you doing there? hanging out.


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