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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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and sexuallly assaulted. and the mma fighter - now behind bars for the crime.
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the photo is fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. the photo is chilling. a man caught on surveillance camera in old town scottsdale pick up an unconscious woman, tossing her over his shoulder, and hauling her away. this man is kidnapping and raping that woman multiple times. >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. we begin with this fox 10 news exclusive. >> these allegations against the man are disgusting, and tonight we are learning that he was a professional mma fighter and was a security guard at a local hotel. >> if all of this is true, a
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>> reporter: the adjectives obviously can't describe this, disgusting, shocking. a 20-year-old girl, mid twenties, i should say, passed out in the entertainment district of scottsdale. surveillance video shows that after she passed out, a man walked up, threw the girl over his shoulder, walked away, and then sexually assaulted her several times over the course of the evening. now that man has been identified as 28-year-old ramirez, an employee at the hotel valley just after september 17th, the victim and the friend were out the friend had to leave her to walk off and get a car, and when the friend returned the victim was missing. police say that that's when the man approached her, threw her over his shoulder, and then took her home, assaulting her several times before dropping her off at an intersection in tempe. we spoke to tempe police a little bit earlier this evening. here's what they had to say.
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location, a distance from where she was, she was sexually assaulted, and then she was driven back to the suspect's home where she was sexually assaulted two more times. unconsciousness does not equal we just encourage our patrons in our downtown area to drink responsibly, stay in groups, stay with friends, things like that. >> reporter: ramirez was arrested on the 21st. he has been charged with two counts of kidnapping, three counts of sexual assault, and an account of sexual abuse. reporting live, i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. thanks, christy. fox 10 news alert tonight, police investigate two shootings tonight that are just a few miles apart and right now it is not clear if they may be connected. the shooting happened near northern and loop 101 in peoria, one person taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> the other shooting happening in glendale near the university of phoenix stadium, 95th avenue
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taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. stick with fox 10 for updates. >> a detention officer on the other side of the jail bars, admitting that he had sex with a female inmate. roy ramy has been a detention officer since 2013 at estrella jail. tonight he faces charges and has been taken off the job. another case of law enforcement, officers behaving investigation under way after a man says three phoenix police officers forced him to eat marijuana during a traffic stop last week. marc martinez is live with the latest on the development. marc? >> this all started when a 19-year-old was pulled over for a traffic violation right here at mcdowell in phoenix. the officers found a small amount of pot in the car. tht is when apparently, according to police, these rookie officers made that man
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going to jail. today, phoenix police chief joe yahner visibly angry at a news conference over what happened. >> these allegations against the former police officers are compelling, appalling, and extremely compelling. >> all three on their first year of the fos force, mcfadden transferred from chicago after serving ten years on the police forest force this. of forcing a 19-year-old man to eat marijuana. chief yahner says the lieutenant in charge did not act quickly enough when he found out about what happened and has now been demoted to a sergeant. he also says the three officers turned off their body cameras during a traffic stop, and he
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talked about what he thought about their actions. >> i can tell you based on what i have, termination was inevitable. it was coming. i am very, very displeased with activities. i was going to have fire them based on the information that i have right now. they chose to resign. that's their calls. they are not phoenix police department employees anymore. >> and that teenager said he became sick after eating the marijuana. so again, not only is this an internal investigation going on, but also investigation, which could result in charges against two of these officers. reporting live, marc martinez, fox 10 news. live pictures right now from charlotte, north carolina, where a curfew has just gone into effect there. it is the result of violent protests and looking at that have plagued the city for the past couple of nights. hundreds of people still protesting, however, tonight, despite that curfew. >> and we are learning that last night's protests turned deadly. one man, who was shot in the
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we also learned that the man was not shot by officers. and now police have opened an investigation, a criminal probe into his shooting. >> meantime, protests sparked by the shooting death of keith lamont scott. his family was given the opportunity to watch the dash cam and body cam video of that shooting. officers claimed that scott was holding a him, but the family said they could not tell from the video if that's what happened. they did say they want the video released to the public immediately. police have no no plans right now to do so until their investigate is complete. meanwhile, a tulsa officer, betty shelby, charged. shelby's attorney says crutcher was not following police
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officers felt threatened. but his family says the video clearly shows that the window of the suv was rolled up at the time. negating the idea that there was some threat. police say crutcher did not have a gun on him or in his vehicle. >> another protest being planned here in the valley, reverend maupin is planning to block the bridge in tempe it on monday two african-americans, the protest set to begin at 9:00 a.m. a glendale police commander who served as the interim police chief in ferguson, missouri is speaking out about his experience there. andre anderson took over as the chief after the deadly police shooting of an unarmed african-american man back in 2014. that shooting sparked riots in that city.
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chief there, he learned how important it is to listen to the community. >> i believe some people, not many, people think we don't care. i mean, we are the community. we are not perfect. we are not infallible. we make mistakes. but we really do care about the people in the community, and the vast majority of us take on this job because we care. >> anderson says that while police shootings are in the national headlines, it's important to remember, the majority of police officers are good people. coming up tonight, did you get rained on today? maybe you got stuck in some of the storms. well, fall has arrived, and i think you're going to like the way it starts. i'll have the forecast, coming up. plus, the presidential race is neck and neck across the country, and it's pretty tight here in arizona too. you want proof? donald trump's counterpart, mike pence, coming to arizona to try to lock down support from voters. but first, it's a thought that makes some women uncomfortable, and it's
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without any makeup. next, we are talking about the trend that's even reaching
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grammy award winning singer and song writer, alicia keys, she's still making awesome music, but she's looking a lot different these days. she's fresh faced, not any makeup, wearing no makeup. a pretty bold move for someone in an industry where image is wrapped up in appearance. an essay where she announced her new look went viral. in it, she said, i don't want to cover up anymore, not my face, not my mind, not my thoughts,
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not my emotional struggles, nothing. she added women are brainwashed, like we have to be skinny or sexy or desirable or perfect. kind of a small decision, not wearing makeup, you would think, but it's gone mainstream, and women everywhere started posting these, selfies with the #nomakeup. more and more women are living the no makeup life still, and it turns out they are loving it. ? >> and i don't wear makeup anymore, and i feel free. ? this girl is on fire ? >> i don't wear makeup anymore and i feel absolutely beautiful and strong. >> reporter: you could call these women trendsetters. they quit makeup long before alicia keys did. >> a couple of years ago, i just
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taking a lot of time. i had to get up earlier, i had it to make that extra time, and i would get done, and i would be like, i don't want to spend the extra time putting on makeup. i would look in the mirror, and i like this me. my husband was really supportive. it's not the makeup, it's you. i like the way you look. >> when i was younger, i had bad skin, so i would put makeup on to camouflage the bad skin, and i finally got to a point where thought, no, i'm not going to do this anymore, and then when i stopped wearing makeup, i noticed my skin didn't break out anymore, so then i didn't want to go back to wearing makeup. >> alicia keys on a mission to get people so used to seeing her face without makeup, that the look will become mainstream, normal for a world coming -- a
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unreal expectations. and people are talking about it. >> natural beauty, it's good. there's nothing wrong with that. >> do you think she is as beautiful without makeup as she is with makeup? >> of course. beauty is on the inside, right? >> she looks natural, yeah. she looks beautiful. >> i think it's a choice that, if you want to make it, you don't want to glam it up every day, you don't have to. >> i prefer no i'm a no makeup guy. >> so have we been wasting all of our time, trying to put on makeup to look good? >> yes. >> i wish i would have known that 30 years ago. >> that is incredible. >> wow. so the question is, are you ready to ditch the makeup? all of these beauties have. look at all of these amazing fresh faces. this is the trend that alicia keys started. if you are, post your photos
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makeup. i just posted one of my doozies, you can find it on my page. i wasn't sure if i was ready, but i thought if alicia keys can and all of these beauties can, i can. find it on my page kari lake, fox 10. post yours, guys and everybody. >> are you telling me to get rid of my theoretical makeup? >> post yours on my facebook john, please. the louisiana police department now denying rampant reports that they are investigating brad pitt on child abuse charges. this is according to tmz that the actor's treatment of his kids was a major factor behind his divorce on monday.
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actress posted a statement denying gross gossip of an affair with brad pitt. coming up, forget the stock market. why one man says the baseball card market, yes, that's where the real dough is. he shares his winning strategy, coming up. >> investment. and by the way, if i can join the conversation, i would prefer to not wear makeup, kari. look, 20 years ago, ryan broke into arizona. come sunday, they are going to do everything they can to knock off the cardinals. but patrick pederson is ready for the city of good neighbors. that's what they call buffalo.
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you decide 2016. recent the race in arizona is not you decide 2016, recent polls show the presidential race here in arizona is not a slam dunk for republican donald trump, and that may explain why his running mate, mike pence, visit the valley tonight, trying to shore up the base. he spoke at the living word bible church in mesa. >> marcy jones live at the big event. a lot of people there tonight, marcy? >> there actually were, kari and john. you know what, this church actually holds about 2000 people. it wasn't filled to the brim, but a lot of folks showing up. like you said, we are just about six weeks out from election day. that's why the last couple of rallies are so important, especially for the vice presidential candidates because we don't really know them as well as the front faces, so this is a perfect opportunity for
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is. >> from the day we arrive in the white house, i promise you that the trump-pence team is going to work our hearts out every day of the week until we revive the american dream for every american, regardless of race or creed or color or gender. we are going to bring the american dream back to life. >> promises made tonight touched supporters on different levels. >> what really moved love for america. my father was an immigrant. so i have always had a passion for america. i have been praying for years that we restore america what our founding fathers wanted. >> he talked about the economy, the importance of education, but also focused on religion, values and family. a few topics some supporters say they have been craving.
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religious point of view, you know he has good roots, family roots, and i think he just really means what he says. you know, honestly, he's speaking from his heart. >> pence saying simply he wants to make america great again, with donald trump. adding that his conservative record speaks for themselves. >> common sense conservative principles work every time that you put them into practice, right? i mean, they really do. i come from a state that works, are blessed with great leadership here in arizona. your governor doug ducey is a great man, a great leader, and he is doing a great job in arizona. >> reporter: the vp debate of course coming up in virginia. mike pence's counterpart --
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>> soon to be boss? >> i guess so. >> donald trump crossing the key state of pennsylvania. trump is promising to implement a national anticrime agenda in the wake of last night's riots. meantime, hillary clinton took the day off from the campaign trail. her campaign says she's preparing for monday's debate in new york. it is the first debate between clinton and trump, and it could be one of most watched in history. most likely will be. the latest real clear politics average of the polls shows that clinton is leading trump by just two points nationally. >> so the stakes are very high for the first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. i will be there at the debate in hofstra debate in new york, reporting live before or after the debate. live coverage is on fox 10 news at 5:00, that will wind us up to
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immediately after the debate, live coverage, a full live show, a half hour on fox 10 news for reaction, going through what you just saw and how it all played out. you can also watch it online on fox news now. >> next, some of us have been driving for a long time. you may be merging the wrong way. have you ever thought about that? >> never. >> i know you think you drive perfectly, john, but you're probably doing it wrong. >> no, actually, when we explain this, i know i'm doing it wrong, and you might be too. so we are all in the boat together. >> i, on the other hand, have been doing it right >> oh, because you're the lawbreaker? okay. okay. >> no, no, i have been doing it right. we'll explain what we are talking about. also coming up, what a day. i mean it was the first day of fall. we got tons of rain, not tons, but a lot of people got rain. and the question is, is there more in thest? i think you're going to love the forecast that's coming your way
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you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00. with john hook and kari lake. it definitely is feeling like fall out there, and a rainy day in the valley bringing us some cooler temperatures. we just mentioned going into the break, 75 degrees going outside. what a difference from a month ago. check out the time-lapse captured by our tower cam atop south mountain, as the storms rolled in. pretty ominous looking.
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having a little trouble trying to keep the camera dry. we may not quite be out of it yet, right, kari? >> there's still a chance that we could get rain tonight, what a great way to usher in fall in arizona, with some rain, and it actually felt a little fall like out there, didn't it? 75 out there. a few clouds out there, a slim chance for rain, about a 10-15% chance through the morning time, but i think that chance is going down by the hour. with the dew point of 70, though, you know what that means, there's enough moisture in the atmosphere to draw into some of those rain showers. 87 was the high. we were 11 degrees below normal, 98 would be the normal, 109 the record high for today. more than a quarter of an inch of rain at sky harbor, if you are in scottsdale, parts of the east really valley, even parts of glendale, you probably got a little bit more than that, some areas getting a lot more rain. i'll show you the totals in a moment. the storm that pushed through
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to bring temperatures down, cooler than we have been in a long, long time. and look at how those storms rushed through this afternoon, at about 3:00 started moving into the valley, right through into the tonto basin and kind of withered away. still a few rain showers up north, the grand canyon got hit, a few in flagstaff tonight, a few that appear to be popping back up again. so we are not complooeg completely out of the woods, so our chances of diminished tonight. 70 is the dew point. anything over 55 indicates enough moisture in the to support showers. so anywhere you see these really high dew points, like gila bend 67, 59 in payson, 57 the dew point right now in sedona, that indicates we could get a little bit more rain before it's all said and done. the most rain falling in northern arizona near the grand canyon, oh, gosh, almost 83
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in phoenix, .2 inches in flagstaff, you can see here, anywhere from a trace, some areas not getting any since midnight and some areas getting a lot more. i wanted to show you some cute pictures here, some kids out plaing in the rain today, some of the clouds out there today, really ominous looking clouds when that storm was rolling through tis afternoon. share it with us on our social media site, fox 10 phoenix, and look at that, a little bit of rain on the pool and just kind let's put it all together for you and show you the futurecast. all of this is going to start moving out by morning timement there's a real slight chance pthat we could see a few more rain showers, through about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but incredibly rare, like a 10-15% chance, so don't count on too much rain tonight. 75 is where right now with the tower cam, and let's take a look at the final ten-day forecast for you, if i can pull that up here. here we go. look at this john.
9:34 pm
84 tomorrow, sunny, clear, a little breezy, 88 saturday, 94, suny on sunday, and just a beautiful ten-day forecast with overnight lows in the 60s. a mobile home in phoenix bursts into flames early this morning, the fire quickly took over the property, consumed it. the intense heat and large flames making it very difficult for firefighters to put it out. neighbors say they heard nearly aoz >> i look over, the flames are 3, 40 feet in the air. all of a sudden there's explosion after explosion. >> i just woke up, looked outside, and i realized the whole sky was like orange. >> we got our dogs out, kids out, and came out to help in any way we could. >> a horse and a dog had to be rescued.
9:35 pm
the mobile home, they were okay. we are told the residents of the mobile home were out of state. a mini pig, a micropig almost taken in a home burglary in maryvale. luckily, sprinkles got away. pigs can be a little feisty. look at the guy, robbing the house, trying to get the pig. the pig is not going to go for it. they did make off though some electronics. >> come here. >> why? >> he's kind of intrigued by the little pig. the thieves were not in the house for long when they discovered the pig. as i said, they stole a few electronics. they tried to grab the little pig, but he was pretty quick as getting away. eventually the would be pignapper got away. the homeowner was thankful that her prized pet pig was not taken.
9:36 pm
for him. it's just been me and him for about ten months now since i was born. i'm just super attached, so that would be the worst thing for me to lose in the house, a robbery. >> the thieves made off with a 60-inch tv, video game consensual, several other drones that were there. a neighbor says the thieves left in a white suv. if you have in any information about the home invasion, you are asked t the bullhead city regatta is no more, the city council voting to end the event from pressure from the community, city residents complaining of trash and human waste left behind. these photos from last year, look at all of the trash left behind there. the supporters of the regatta say it was good for the city's economy, but maybe not worth it
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drivers who don't merge properly, you're sitting in traffic when someone speeds right by you. you're waiting to merge. you're in line. you think you're doing the right thing. they speed right by you and cut right in front of you. well, it turns out those guys, the guys you're yelling at, they are doing it the right way. transportation officials in colorado are encouraging people to use what's called the zipper method. that means use the entire roadway until it begins to narrow, and then merge into other lane. so run right up to the end and then merge. that's the right way to do it. studies across the country have shown that merging early, which is what i do, actually creates bigger backups, and using the zipper method actually reduces traffic congestion by as much as 35%. but this is happening not only in colorado. a.d.o.t. has been testing the same technique on our roadways for months now. so let's show you what we are talking about. we are going to put this into motion.
9:38 pm
do is run right up to the cones and merge here, not back here, which is what i do. okay. so watch this as we move it along, and i'm going to erase this. i'm going to stop for a second because this is me back here. i'm back here, way back here, getting in line, trying to merge, and the right person is this guy. because he's going to run right up to the end and then merge. so that's the right way to do it. put it in motion again. i didn't know this, because a.d.o.t. is working with this, not only colorado, but a.d.o.t. as well. so some food for thought next time. run it right up to the cones and slide in. the zipper method. >> so the next time you want to, you know, give them the middle finger when they do that, they are doing the right thing. >> i know. i'm in the back, and i'm thinking, who is the guy who just blew past me in the lane. -- that's you. >> but i'm going it the right way. don't be mad at me. >> a little bit of a driving lesson, courtesy of a.d.o.t.
9:39 pm
them. >> there's this roadway still here, thinking, we need to use it folks. >> i'm thinking, merge early, don't bother with it. >> they put asphalt down, flowers. they want you to drive on it. why the couple wanted to take their wedding photos at the circle k.
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fox 10 news is back. times are tough, right, economically? looking for a winning strategy to earn a little money? who isn't? well, look no further than a pack of baseball cards. the appreciation on these is amazing. one stock expert took a long hard look at it and discovered that anyone, anyone can turn a huge profit. >> when university professor jared williams was a kid, he noticed an obvious similarity between his childhood hobby, baseball cards, and his father's passion, the stock market. as the company's earnings go up,
9:43 pm
but what about a player's performance and the performance of their baseball card? that's when williams and his team tested a market trading strategy called momentum fshlg stock price momentum is a tendency for stocks that have done well in the recent past to continue outperforming stocks that have done poorly in the recent past. >> they tested out prices of baseball cards over six tested the value over a three-month span, and then began selling them regardless of how they were -- in the stock market, the momentum strategy produces a return of almost 1% per month, which is significant. but in the baseball card experiment, it returned a profit of 5.5% per month. that's more than 60% a year. williams says anyone who wants
9:44 pm
baseball cards should employ this strategy. >> if you see or notice cards going from value, it's probably a good time to buy those cards. if you notice cards going down in value, you should sell them, because it's likely that they will continue to go down in value. >> baseball cards are cheaper and they can issue an endless supply, expert's say mike bowman's 2000 rookie card can sell anywhere from 5,000 to $15,000. another blue chip card is the chicago cubs kyle schwarber, his rookie card going up for $10,000 on ebay right now, some big money. it could be one of the largest cyber security breaches
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data from at least 500 million user accounts, names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and some passwords could now be in the wrong hands. -- only one chance to make a first impression, and you better make it fast. according to a new survey, two in five hiring managers spend less than a minute reading a re have caught a lie on a resum?. yikes. the fixed rate mortgage falling under to 3.5% this week, getting closer to the all time low that was hit about four years ago. and now we know the going rate for having junior mow the lawn. according to a report, the amount that average parents pay their kid is a little more than $6 a cut.
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i'm david asman. a valley couple decided to take their big photos at a circle k, totally impromptu. they got married at the hackette house in tempe. i was thinking they were maybe thirsty or hungry. >> this turned out so well. >> they turned out really great. some of the pictures show the couple at the soda machine, other pictures show them picking out snacks. there wasn't anything behind this, but she stops there every morning for her friends. >> the photographer says it's some of the best photographs she's ever taken of a wedding, at the circle k. one group wants them to make a big change to their menu. we are going to explain, coming up in our talkers segment coming
9:47 pm
o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective.
9:48 pm
tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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inus coming up in just a few minutes at 10:00, a house committee is investigating sexual harassment and bullying claims from employees at national parks across the u.s. what officials say what did was common place there. plus, tesla is filing a lawsuit against state officials in michigan. what the auto maker wants the ability to do that could potentially save buyers' money. that's coming up tonight on fox 10 news at 10:00. okay, marc. thank you. we'll see you in a bit. tonight for tonight's talkers.
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burger one of my all time favorite places to eat, hamburgers fries and shakes, john, but now there is a demand for change in the form of a opinion, asking for a veggie burger, saying that vegetarians are sick and tired of going there and only being able to order fries. >> my answer is to go to the veggie in and out is for beef. i don't know why you have to order a vegetarian burger at the in and out. >> what about if you go there with a vegetarian friend? >> go down the street to the vegetarian place. >> there's a lot of money in it for in and out burger. >> if in and out decides it's in the interest of their business
9:51 pm
>> but don't change the hamburger. >> don't do that. the human driver may be on the verge of extinction. technology shapers believe that human drivers may be here much sooner than we ever thought, and hundreds are proposing a ban on human drivers on i-5 from seattle within ten years. according to the guy behind take the human out of the loop. >> get him out of the driver's seat. they are pretty bad in the driver's seat. >> they are. the cause of crashes, 94% human error. >> i would assume the humans are in the car, because they are hauling humans. >> i would be there, in the backseat or playing guitar. i can't wait for this. >> that means that there's going to be no semi-trucks. >> i think it's great. i think if we can fly airplanes
9:52 pm
self-driving car. >> nobody to irritate you on the road, right? >> right. except yourself. i don't mean you, i mean -- >> you're fine doing that. you irritate yourself enough. >> exactly. time for you to talk back to you. we want to know what you think. >> yes, find us on social media, twitter and facebook. start with john hook fox 10. >> and end with kari lake fox 10. we want to hear your thoughts. >> yeah, weigh in. >> john and kari, a big weekend for cardinals, beware of the bills. fitz says so. look at the preview of this matchup, come sunday morning. plus, third-string quarterback, bill belichick, patriots, texans, wait until you see what plays out tonight in new
9:53 pm
9:55 pm
you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. these two guys right here, they are very well aware of what's ahead, come sunday morning. two games into the season, the buffalo bills are still looking for their first win. but beware, the cards, understand this, a trip across three time zones never easy, a game that starts 10:00 a.m. phoenix time, that's a challenge, and your routine is off. you're facing a desperate team.
9:56 pm
the cardinals are well aware of the challenge. >> looking for evans down the middle of the field, and it is intercepted, petersen trying to bring it out of the end zone, and here he comes, pointing to the crowd while he is running. >> after getting back on track last week in glendale, the boys head to buffalo to take on the winless bills, a team that on paper looks like an easy target. but patrick peterson is not buying it. >> it's a very, very danro like i said, early, these guys have a very, very talented football team, but it's going to be difficult going in the first a couple of times trying to figure out what these guys want to do with their offense. >> last time the cardinals played the bills, back in 2004, he didn't have a catch. >> we weren't a very good team back in '04.
9:57 pm
we were a lot more veterans, a lot better going into buffalo than we were in 2004. >> and something tells me this time around something will be different for both fitz and the cardinals. >> kick off at 10:00 a.m., and then sports night at 10:30 p.m. with coverage of the cards week three in buff down to the third-string quarterback, brissett. there wasn't a guy out that said they will be okay, right? they are okay. think again. brissett says, hey, bill take this. bill belichick's game plan ability is phenomenal, and a nightmarish night, slammed to the rug numerous times, just could never get going. the texans were shutout.
9:58 pm
and blount, 124 carries, 105 yards, by the way, eight carries, 48 yards for brissett, and this was a route, 27-0, the patriots are 3-0 without tom brady. how about that. a.s.u. looking ahead to saturday night. it's pac-12 conference football. they will host the california golden bears. they had to come back against the university of texas san antonio, and they did it with this, manny wilkins to fred gammage touchdown, down 28-14 in that fourth quarter. but all that matters is winning football games. here's todd graham. >> i love this team. i love their attitude. i was so proud of them, just the attitude and coming back and, you know, it doesn't, you know, i always say this at the beginning of every season, probably for the last ten or 15 years. you have to win the close games.
9:59 pm
arizona coyotes media day. are you ready for some hockey? yeah, they are ready to roll, and this is a youth movement, no question about it, veteran shane doan. i'm excited to see the young guys and the second, third, fourth year guys, a big part of their second, third, fourth year. >> old man river, shane doan, still with the coyotes, great to see. back with more in sports in 20 minutes. right now it's fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. we begin tonight with a fox 10 exclusive, some shocking images taken right before a sexual assault in oldtown scottsdale. police say that man picked up a woman from the ground, put her
10:00 pm
her to his home where he sexually assaulted her several times, that man identified by police as romero, a former professional mma fighter and an employee at the valley hotel in scottsdale. kristy siefkin joins us live now. kristy, what a disturbing story. >> incredibly disturbing, marc, and in fact it was a woman in her hid 20s that was in the entertainment district, had a little bit too much to drink, and she actually passed out here in this parking lot. just a little bit surveillance video showed that a man walked up, threw the girl over his shoulder, took her away, and then as you mentioned, sexually assaulted her several times throughout the course of the evening. that man has been identified as 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez, an employee over at the hotel valley ho. police tell us that just after midnight on the 17th, the victim and her friend were out drinking. the victim, as i mentioned, had too much to drink. she was too intoxicated to walk, so her friend left her here in the parking lot so that she


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