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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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we have a happy update we have a happy update for you from a story that we first brought to you last night. >> yesterday, peoria police found a turkey wand aring the streets. we don't hear about this. >> not a javelina, a turkey. >> they were asking for the public to help connect this bird with its owner and marcy jones has the tale of the reunion. >> reporter: farmer eddie said he did not know one of his babies was missing morning when he got a panicked phone call from one of his neighbors. >> he said i know it is your turkey. i said i don't know. i counted and yeah, they're gone. >> reporter: it was a rough night for farmer eddie and his livestock. >> there are three or four missing so i'm sure the coyotes got the other one. they killed my llama, too.
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people call turkeys stupid, they are smart. >> emus are so stupid. >> reporter: why are they so stupid? >> they have the brain the size of a pea. >> reporter: the birds, although his business, are also his babies. after being reunited, we took pictures to remember the moment. eddie adding he is thankful to be together again. reporter: what is this bird's fate? >> i'm going to keep the two biggest ones for breeders and the others i will sell for thanksgiving. >> reporter: keep making pretty ones. >> bigger, black ones, yeah. >> reporter: eddie has invited me down to his farm for thanksgiving preparation. so this is not goodbye. it is just to see you in november. marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thank you, marcy. an update on a story that we brought you last night.
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died in a crash on grand avenue. a 70-year-old man named franklin martin. he was a passenger in a car that hit a power pole after it was sideswiped. the driver suffered life-threatening injuries. impairment and speed does not appear to be an issue. federal prosecutors have announced they will seek a life sentence against a man who helped plan an attack in abdul malik abdul kareem was convicted for providing the guns used in the attack in texas at the cartoon prophet muhammad contest. the 45-year-old said he didn't know anything about the attack. gas prices on the rise sitting above $2 across the country. according to, the
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today and here in arizona, we're paying less than that at $2.09. hawaii has the highest gas price, not surprising, an average of $2.80. texas maintains the lowest price at $1.93 a gallon. shopping with a super hero to help abused children is one what group did this weekend to make sure any -- neglected children have something to look forward it is super heros september and police department, firefighters, bikers against child abuse, and volunteers dressed up to toys for children. >> we have a super hero theme. >> reporter: the toys go to children at the advocate center in phoenix.
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for their abuse. >> reporter: they will leave with a new super hero toy or tee shirt to help them get through difficult times. >> super heros overcome obstacles and super hero over power people. they need uplifting and love. >> reporter: the child's help center has helped thousands of children since it opened in 1959. >> every child will be happen wh their hands. >> reporter: after the shopping spree, they enjoyed a cake walk, art raffle, and a pie in the face contest. >> of course. >> of course, always pie in the face. coming up next, halloween may be a month away but don't tell these people. they are out about about in full
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halloween is still a halloween is still a month
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mean that people aren't get into the halloween spirit. >> one local artist is putting on a halloween themed convention this weekend. people behind comic-con are behind this keen halloween. it is held at the phoenix convention center. people dress up and they get tips to make your costume look better. kind of scary the pumpkin mask. >> i like the funny or sweet once. no scary ones. >> you're not a fan of the spooky stuff. >> no, not at all. >> it has everything you need to up your game this halloween season. >> there is a hole where halloween is and i love halloween. we started keen halloween to make a place to celebrate and make their halloweens better. >> i think i said danielle davis but that the daniel davis. this is the third year they are doing that convention, by the
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filmmakers behind the recent film durant never closes just released the latest film. >> this movie really bleaks the mold. ty brennan has the story. >> reporter: porches and private eyes is the latest movie to be released by a group of arizona filmmakers. the comedy, murder mystery takes place in the deep south. laughs out of it. >> reporter: katie is the producer. >> we say it is like "home alone" so it is family friendly, funny, witty, totally a southern film. >> we need to break into his house. >> we? >> we need to look around to prove he is guilty. >> the beauty about film making is you can go anywhere to make a film.
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pride ourselves on the fact we can go to different states and different markets and there are stories to be told everywhere. >> reporter: the team of arizona filmmakers spent a few weeks in mississippi making the movie. in the film industry that is predominantly male, she is proud to be in this group with talented women. >> if you are male or female, if you are a hard worker, passna doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man. >> there are two showings at tempe's cinemas. it runs there until the 29th. a big coaching change at n.a.u. the head women's basketball coach has been let go. the university has droppe sue darling as head coach. darling was about to head into her fifth year with the lumberjacks. the assistant coach will be serving as the interim head coach. a national search will be
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once the season ends, they will name the replacement. miami marlins' ace jose fernandez and two others die when a boat crashes into a jetty. the 24-year-old star pitcher escaped by cuba by boat. fernandez became a u.s. citizen last year. marlins canceled the against the atlanta braves today. they are set to resume their series tomorrow. in the meantime, teams across the league held a moment of silence for the pitcher. he leaves behind his family and pregnant girlfriend. >> reporter: earlier in the week, we were talking about be ware of the buffalo billses. what the cardinals found out first hand what was in store from rex ryan's defense.
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room and nfl week number three. a couple of surprises on the way in sports. a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources.
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dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
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s you can trust. the season of high expectations for the arizona cardinals hits a major speed bump. think about this, who predicted a 1-2 start? bruce arians set out the alarm, watch out for the bills' defense. let's take you to the first quarter sustain -- and there is shady mccoy. cardinals never got on track in this game. they were beaten in every phase and taylor says i'm going to tuck and run on a third and four. arizona playing from behind all game long.
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here comes aaron williams, 53-yard return. anything that could go wrong went wrong in every phase of this game and now buffalo is up 30-7. be aware of the desperate teams. you wonder what the organization will do with two mishaps on the long snap in the last three weeks that affected the fate of this game, 30-7. carson palmer says let's grind back into this thing. would there still be time? 30-16. taylor, muffs the pitch and tyrann mathieu with the chance to grab the football and it bounces out of bounds and stays buffalo possession. watch it again. this one slipped away in so many different ways. we'll break it down specifically on sports night. for the cardinals, safe to say,
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they fall to 1-2. carson palmer, by the way, four interceptions. five turnovers in this game, four i.n.t.'s and buffalo gets their first win, 33-18, the final in buffalo, new york. >> just continue to make mistakes in all three phases. gave up the 50-yard let him get out on a scramble, things we emphasized all week that we could not do. it is not easy but you preach it and hope it shows up in the end. it did not show up in the game. obviously, we gave them a touchdown on the snap. we'll have to evaluate that further. >> obviously, disappointed. disappointed in the way we
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i played. there is a lot of football left. there are 13 games left. we have a big division game next week and we have to improve. one thing this team does is work hard. we're going to get back to the grindstone and get ready for a good football team coming to our place. >> not having the first down in the first 20 minutes of the game is not good, especially as focused as we are. i think it is correctable, things we can fix. it is not because we don't have the personnel to get the job done and that is good. we're not going to a gun fight with a knife. we have a fully loaded arsenal of weapons but we're not playing to the capabilities a players. >> reporter: cincinnati taking on denver, dalton against
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he was on his game. touchdown to sanders. 10-7, denver broncos. it is simeon again. look at the numbers here, 312 yards, four touchdown passes for the young guy from northwestern. trevor simeon, touchdown to sanders and demaryius thomas, 21-17. broncos win early. broncos over the bengals the lambeau field, aaron rodgers coming off of a disappointing win at the hands of the vikings. rogers, 15 of 24, four t.d.'s and that included another throw. lions tried to come back and make it is a game and they did late. stafford looking down field to
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carolina-minnesota, protesters out in front of bank of america stadium after the strife of this past week. cam newton says i will take it myself on the read option. carolina was up, 10-0. watch the punt return here and just find it turn it up field. here comes minnesota, the defense was fabulous on the road today. three interception, eight sacks on cam hits and sam bradford managed the game really well with this throw and beautiful touchdown. vikings win. sun devils rolling. how about the comeback against cal. we check in with todd graham. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor.
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a.s.u. head coach todd graham layed down the law before the season ever started, got to win the close games, got to close in the fourth quarter. it would turn out to be a tale of two haves. cal very impressive in the first quarter. you see davis webb. 7-0, it looked like cal was going to roll with the offense. you can see what happened in the first half. looked like he was done for the game. he was on the sideline saying this does not look good. he would return. webb going down field to chad cd henson. wilkins battles back, tighten up the first game, 17-10. cal comes back to make it, 24-10. it gets interesting on this
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brandon singleton. as i said, it looks like cal was on the cusp of blowing this game open. not quite. touchdown, a.s.u. tightens up the game and ties it at 27. davis webb gets picked right here and the turnovers, defense, finishing strong was the real key here for todd graham. this was a really impressive fourth quarter going for the on sidekick. takes it to the house, 42-yard return and this is a 4-0, cal. sun devils win last night against cal. >> like i said, i'm proud of our football team. i'm proud of these guys, the heart that they have and i think our character shows up, especially when it counts. obviously, lots of things need to improve and get better on.
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the heart they show and they have done it every week of the season. i wish things would be easier but that was a heck of a ballgame. that is a really good team we just played. >> one thing we've been preaching is no matter what the oak, no matter what the issue is, we have to keep working, keep grinding. this team is built of warriors. defense played a good game. first half, i got to get things rolling quicker. yo know, we're going to be good, 4-0. >> reporter: let's take a trip. orioles in the wild card hunt hosting the d-backs. a two-run shot came in the bottom of the second. birds up, 2-0. orioles are on the cusp. it will be an interesting week of the season. joseph slams this ball deep to left field. that is laying out and a great
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d-backs, you wonder what kind will come down. here is goldy, rib's single scores jean says segura. orioles win, 2-1, the final. they sweep the arizona diamondbacks. tonight, if you're a cards' fans, you want an explanation. you want details. you want to know why this played out the way it did after so hype many of us are guilty of. every phase of the game went in favor of the buffalo bills. tonight, max starks will look at every phase of the game as we break it down for you and find out where the cardinals go after such a disappointing performance today in buffalo, new york. >> we'll see you then. >> right after the break, i'll have one look at the forecast.
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cloud cover to start your workweek. a slight chance for showers monday through wednesday. nice, cool temperatures will hover in the upper 80's through the mid 90's all the way until the end of the week. >> sad to hear about the passing of arnold palmer, jude. >> reporter: a game changer on and off the golf course. >> we'll see you back here at
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(groaning softly) okay, who'd like to start us off with show-and-tell? stewie? yes, today i brought in my mother's driver's license. now, if you look closely, she's clearly drunk. you could put a breathalyzer up to that photo and she'd get a dui. ha-ha, stewie's naked! what?! (laughter) oh, my god! don't look! don't look! cell phones down! cell phones down! (ominous music playing) (shouts) what the deuce?! stewie! run from the monster. you might have to drive.


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