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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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assaulted and robbed. >> she pulled over to help people who she thought needed her help. danielle miller joins us with more. >> reporter: this incident happened around 3:00 this morning in the southbound lanes of the loop 101 and 60 interchange. the woman who is in her 20's was driving home from work when she pulled over to help this group of people. >> we will always respond whether it is a stranded motorist or need, we will respond. >> reporter: police warning drivers after they say a woman who pulled over to help a stalled car was sexualed and robbed around 3:00 this morning. when the woman pulled over in the southbound lanes on the loop 101 near the 60 interchange, a man opened her door and a juvenile got in the vehicle and punched her in the face. they took her cellphone and her
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incident took off. police caught up with them at an apartment complex two miles from where it happened. they arrested all four suspects. the juvenile's identity has not been released but two 18 year olds have been charged with assault and robbery and 19-year-old artist smith has been charged with possession of marijuana. many people like this victim has good intentions, it is always good to call police for help. to help is to call police, either call nonemergency number or an emergency room situation, you can call 911. when we get out there, we have all of the resources if they need, if they are stranded or tow truck or just need a ride. >> reporter: no word yet what the juvenile will be charged
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on to a story out of chandler where a bad crash sent a you can girl to the hospital in critical condition. >> that crash happening at arizona avenue and warner road. 10 people hurt in this crash. >> the girl between 6 and 8 years old appeared to have been thrown. five people other than that young girl were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. >> three cars were involved in investigators are looking into whether the driver caused the collision was impaired. we will keep you updated as we learn more information about this developing story. police are searching for two men who they say robbed a man at gunpoint and shot him. this is happening at sixth avenue and indian school. the victim was shot once and is expected to survive. officers say both men had dread locks and in a red chevy tahoe.
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condition after she was stabbed several times. police say this was a case of domestic violence at an apartment complex near 15th street and oak. they found the suspect at a different location. it is not clear what led to the attack. the woman is stable tonight. an update on a case that we've been following. prosecutors will seek a life sentence against a man who helped to plot an attack i texas. abdul malik abdul kareem is expected to be sentenced next month. he is convicted of providing guns that were used in a prophet muhammad attack in texas. he had two men in his home that were from isis and they discussed the attack. maricopa county deputies out on the streets checking up on sex offenders. they went door-to-door to 70
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were at their registered addressed. they found four people who were not at their registered address. sex offenders are required to register their current address with the county. a brand-new multimillion-dollar medical marijuana dispensary has arrived in the east valley. >> it is called harvest of scottsdale and they held an open house to meet and greet their neighbors. marcy is live with more on this. reporter: the folks at harvest want to they are and what their mission is that's why their doors were open to everyone. >> we were able to take the last three and a half years of experience and really put into a lot into the design process and design facility that perfectly fits our need. >> reporter: when you think you have seen it all when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries, think again.
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dispensaries. she got into the business because of something personal. her 12-year-old daughter no longer suffers massive seizures since taking cannabis. >> she has been doing well with it and with that success, i knew i needed to get involved to start advocating and educating other families about what could come from their child starting cannabis. >> reporter: c.e.o.'s steve hoyt says the new space provides room for educational programs so patients can get what they need. >> we'll have a new patient orientation where a doctor will come in and talk to people with or without cards, about their medical needs and answer all of the questions they may have so they can make an informed decision about whether cannabis is right for them. >> reporter: harvest has a location in temperature. they -- in tempe. a medical card is not required
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a man is reunited with his turkey after finding that bird wander the streets yesterday. police asked for help to reunited the bird with its owner. the former did not realize the bird was missing until their neighbor called and said they found him. >> i know it is your turkey because they caught it at 71st avenue. i don't think mine would g far and i got out this morning and they were gone. >> farmer eddie says he is happy to be reunited with the turkey and he added he will not be using the bird for thanksgiving dinner in case you were wondering. all right, after the break, both candidates are getting ready for the debate tomorrow. what they are doing to get ready. after a sunny weekend, we're seeing clouds building outside. you know what, there could be a
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forecast. i'll tell you more about that coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: turnovers, inability to protect the quarterback, how about breakdowns on special teams? you name it, it happened today for the arizona cardinals. who better to break it down than our analyst max starks who once played for bruce arians with the pittsburgh steelers. it is a direct, insightful review on where the team st. louis at where it needs to go in the near future. we'll look at t arizona cardinals breakdown in buffalo. plus, more reaction from the locker room as well. you hear from tyrann mathieu and tony jefferson. a.s.u. now 4-0. plus, we remember an american icon, arnold palmer.
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democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is democratic presidential democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is staying up late studying for the debate and her campaign hopes she is held to the same >> there has been some worry that up to now there has been different standards applied. hillary has been specific about poilsz -- policy plans donald trump less so. >> rumors are swirling that gennifer flowers will be there but she will not be attending the debate tomorrow night.
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tweet yesterday to mock an effort by hillary clinton and her campaign to distract attention on where american people are going to be focused tomorrow night. >> both presidential nominees met with benjamin netanyahu earlier today. we spoke with a local political analyst, stan barnes about the upcoming debate. it is the first time the nominees will d room. barnes says it will be their chance to leave an impression on voters who haven't decided who they are going to vote for. the stakes are higher at tomorrow's debate than any other. >> i think voters believe there might be history made here. there might be actual news being made here. there height be a reason to judge differently for a future vote. i think the stakes are higher
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other debate that we've had in our lifetime. >> we will be there to cover the debate. john hook is live in new york and he will give streaming video on the sites and on the air at 6:00. we'll have a special edition of fox 10 news right after the debate. certainly feels like fall outside. nice, crisp a we could see a chance for rain in our forecast. i will give you the details
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we're getting to the time of year where your job is just fun. >> you get to tell people how nice it is going to be, generally speaking. >> i get to be the bearer of good news. >> you don't have to massage the triple digits. >> we could have a few outliers but not the next 10 days. we're going to be nice and clear. 86 degrees. very calm. we're not registering any winds at sky harbor. we earlier today and that potential for more gusty winds tonight and into tomorrow. you'll notice southeastern arizona, we do have a wind advisory in effect until 4:00 tomorrow in the afternoon. we're not expecting a lot of rain with this system but we could see blowing dust. that said, we could see storms firing tomorrow afternoon into the evening. you'll notice the push of the
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continuing to extend to the north and to the west into the state into your tuesday and wednesday. isolated showers, best chances are going to be in the higher terrain but we could see a few sprinkles here in the valley as well. the bigger picture, it is on a active one. the west remaining quiet with the exception of the storm system in mexico. it is going to move to the north and it will move into the colorado river valley with that, we're going to see the dew points up. we're not done with the monsoon yet we have until september 30. it was quite windy earlier today. we had a gust of 44 miles an hour in bullhead city. gusts in the 30's for places like kingman. gusts in the mid 20's in safford. calm and beautiful out there. grand canyon, 57. window rock, 54. in the 60's in winslow and st.
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lake havasu in the 80's. in the valley, we're starting to see 70's out there. 80's in surprise and goodyear. apache junction, 79. gateway, 79 as well. 80 in cave creek. wickenburg, 82 degrees. a little bit of cloud cover. we continue with the downward trend of numbers, as marc mentioned, this is the great time of a different picture than 1989 when we hit 108 as a record high. this stalled cold front was hitting the upper midwest very hard but now that concentration into texas will continue into the southeast as the system tracks to the east. arizona looking pretty good overnight. we'll see 45 tonight in st. johns.
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flag, you're dropping into the 40's, nice and crisp there. you'll see a spread of 70's. beautiful weather for globe, st. johns. 90's in yuma. 87 into kingman. douglas, you will be at 66 degrees. a little bit of cloud cover tonight. we'll be breezy, windy as we get into tomorrow. your 10-day forecast showing cloudy conditions will linger monday, tuesday, and even into wednesday. the latest models show chance of rain. we could see changes in that. the good news is we'll get to enjoy cooler tells that are below the seasonable norms. marc? >> all right, kristy, thanks. coming up next, how super hero came to the rescue of
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weeks away from halloween but we're still an entire month away from halloween but some people are getting into the spirit. they did it this weekend. >> i'm not a big halloween person. >> no, not enthe -- even the candy? >> maybe that. one local artist is putting on an early mini halloween themed convention to throw keen halloween. it was held at the phoenix convention people got dressed up and they got tips on how to make their costume look better. >> you should have gone, marc. the convention had pumpkin carving tips and everything you need to up your halloween. >> i love halloween so we started keen halloween to have a place for people to make and celebrate and make their
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>> this is the third year of that convention. many are getting a mini shopping spree with their favorite super heros this weekend. kids at the child help center in central phoenix were asked who their favorite super heros were and the kids got an action figure and tee shirt of their favorite super hero. a phoenix police officer says he does it so kids can work through the rough times they have experienced. >> one thing we have learned is super heros have overcome obstacles and we're talking about abused children. they need uplifting and they need some love. >> it is the second year they have held the super hero event. the "magazine informative --
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spot with "storks" at number two . as you get ready for the beginning of the work week, we're going to take final look at your forecast.
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cloudy conditions to start your work week. cloud cover as well and a slight chance for sprinkles. temperatures, 80's and 90's well below our seasonable norm. a lot of cards game disappointed with the game to say the least. jude lacava is here with sports night and questions on what might be happening. >> reporter: this is not what the arizona cardinals had in mind after three games into the regular season. how did the cardinals go about fixing what happened today in buffalo? there is a lot to fix and who
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best analyst in town, in my opinion. he will give insight about what needs to happen moving forward. max starks will join us in studio to look at the various phases that did not play out well for the cardinals. how about todd graham's a.s.u. sun devils, four up and four down and it is how you finish in closed game, impressive. we'll look at last night and you'll h plus, the passing of an american icon. we go to twitter. your response, a reflection, not just the sports icon but a man that became a huge part of american culture. coming up next, sports night in
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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you can't play football like this if you're thinking about the postseason. if anyone can address it, it is the two-time coach of the year bruce arians. there is a lot to address based on what happened today in buffalo. tyrann mathieu trying to kick it up a notch play football and the bills threw the first punch. lesean mccoy with the touchdown run here. taylor, watch this going down field trying to make a play. patrick peterson one of the few bright spots, at least on this play, with the i.n.t. listen, the way the game played out, these issues were far deeper for the arizona cardinals.
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comes mccoy again. nice stop and turn up field. the cardinals were out physicalled in this game time and time again and the bills jumped on the arizona cardinals in the run game and they did it in various phases of the game. the cardinals battled back by this run by david johnson late in the second quarter. you can see it, cardinals trying to sneak their way back into this thing but the from behind all game long. where is containment? where is the gaffe discipline you need with a running cornerback? it was not there today against the buffalo bills. in the third quarter, the long snapper again over the head of the holder. oh, man. aaron williams picks it up and goes 53 yards. you you're thinking, are you


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