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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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ever to threaten united states. >> sold her office to highest bidder and then to cover her tracks, she deleted at least 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. >> clinton has not addressed the issue. continue to go hit trump on temperament and qualifications. >> choice in this election could not be clearer. really is between division or unity. >> between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon. >> tonight, clinton will be holding final rallies in philadelphia and joined by family, president obama, michelle obama, bon jovi and bruce springsteen. kristin fisher, fox news. >> actresses were here to urge latinos to get out and vote tomorrow.
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headquarters today. >> ymca hoping to make it easy to vote by offering free child care. members and nonmembers can drop their kids up to four hours tomorrow. polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. >> if you need a ride to the polls job can use uber, lyft and mavin. you can request a ride using an inapp feature. you can enter special code and get $20 off. since we are electing 45th president, lyft has 45th discount on their ticks.
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with wooden stake. deputy fired three shots. deputy responding last night after resident said man with flashlight and pole tried to come in his back door. >> man is arrested in murder-for-hire plot in southern arizona. police arrested israel bu on conspiracy to commit first degree murder. had a grudges against a a man. accepted prescription painkillers from adept that also resigned. only worked for about a year. >> motorcyclist, fan in his 60s collided with a van.
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pulling a trailer. police are trying to find that send driver. look at backup it caused. 60 had to be shut down creating this huge mess. >> deadly crash shuts down loop 1 on 1. this is eastbound lanes i-17 there. skyfox with these pictures this morning. backup stretching sever all the way back to union hills. since then, freeway has reopened. >> flags in arizona are at half staff in honor of special forces soldier who was killed in jordan. kevin mcenroy was killed after his convoy came under fire. based out of fort campbell.
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adams. smoke coming out the side there. quickly put out. no one hurt. not exactly clear how it got started there. >> investigators are trying to figure out what explosion leveled a four flex. all injuries were minor. six people from two families were displaced. >> cubs fans, you are flying week. celebration continues in valley. city of mesa, home for cubs spring training is honoring them. world champion chicago cubs day. post photos around mesa area and use hashtag cubs day mesa.
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training game. >> that was such a great play. >> south carolina man accused to keep a woman chained up. string of murders he could be involved in. >> earthquake in oklahoma. reason that oklahoma has been seeing so many quakes lately coming up. >> man is going to learn a punishment for deadly crime at lax. >> you remember janet reno,
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we're seeing the damage from >> we are seeing damage from 5.0 quake that shook central oklahoma last night. hit the town of cushing alabama. gas and oil hub there. quake jolted people out of bed. >> i happen to look up, looked like ceiling was about collapse on me. walls were shaking. scary, still shook up about it. >> oklahoma department of transportation, crews have inspected 110 bridges and found no damage. if you may have been paying attention over reports over last couple of years. oklahoma has had thousands of earthquakes. these are contributed to
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reviewing whether or not to restrict that 1/5 -- activity. >> another body is discovered on south carolina property of todd kohlhepp. 30-year-old kayla brown was a live and chained. >> confessed to gunning down four people at mot in 2003. now asus pect in at least seven deaths. investigators are now searching every property owns for more details. those properties are not limit to do south carolina. convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl in arizona. man is facing sentencing today. mandatory life sentence.
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i remember that as breaking news that night. unemployed motorcycle mechanic fromner jersey -- from new jersey, pled guilty to murder. >> janet reno has died. died from complications of parkinson's disease. one of clinton administration's recognizeable, polarizing figures. she also american seizure of gonzalez so he could be to cuba with his father. was 78. >> museum is moving. i mean, like whole museum is moving. >> big process. >> flooding to mexico brings out
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>> that's when you put the intern into play for sure. >> you get them. >> no, you get them. >> good learning experience for you. >> temps are great. they are getting warmer. cooldown coming up. details coming up. >> live look at stock market. this is one of those days that, yeah, you pull out 401k and do a little dance. we are making up ground here. >> bad today. >> lots of green. >> that's our analysis. >> experts.
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it's not often you get a view >> we will take a look at this. not often you get a view of
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had to go all the way to summit to film this. you see the lava bubbling up. pouring the right into the ocean. that is incredible sight. >> is it? >> no homes are in danger, by the way. >> baby crocodile rescued in the street. there's the intern. >> never too late to start a new career. >> got it all taken care of. >> don't mess with them. >> mexico. baby crock bringing traffic to stand still. they took him to mexico. >> catch and release. >> he's not happy. >> distraction. >> yeah.
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chihuahuas. >> use the umbrella? >> have we done that? >> i seen we have equipment needs down there. >> umbrella is handy. you can see it is raining. >> exclusive >> no rain for us. i wish there were crocodiles running wild in the streets. >> do you? >> to bump up >> virtually nothing here. >> shhh. don't say that. take full credit for sunshine. >> here is your story, we have beautiful conditions out there. really nice. >> we can halt things now, that would be an average high for this time of year. 79 and climbing.
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current temp. that's average temp as well. 79 is where we find ourselves on typical day. 92 is record. we will be where between those two numbers. sunset comes around 5:31. things are looking good out there. fair sky for the most part. thin clouds out there. left with pretty through today. no serious weather makers on horizon. you are going to enjoy this sunshine for a good long while. 72 in sedona. that's the place to be. nice work, sedona. 59 in flagstaff. in valley, everyone hanging around 80-degree mark or so. warm spot out wickenburg at
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overnight period for folks in texas and oklahoma and kansas. noisy in that area. most of these showers moved off coast of louisiana. here in red river valley, been busy, folks near dallas and fort worth are seeing strong morning. as you still seeing showers and thunderstorms popping here across the central parts of nebraska and down into kansas. your world, looks nice and quiet. today is warm. tomorrow is warmer still. two toasty days to start off this week. once we hit tomorrow, that's -- rather, wednesday, things will take a turp for cooler.
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weekend. next week is looking good as well. out wickenburg way come friday morning. >> we will be. >> you will be the first one out there. >> troy and i are going to be out there thursday. >> you know, tearing up the town. >> like the saloon they have on main street. >> couple of on of them approximate. >> my dream is thrown doors into the dirt road. >> we can make that happen. >> and a guy doing one of these. >> kicks you with his boot. >> i didn't go to kicking. not to the next level. >> don't get me started. >> do you use your smartphone to shop online. warp -- warning for people do
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>> what wonder woman may be
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said,
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technology has given us a lot of ways to pay for things, but technology has given us a lot >> technology giving us so many more ways to shop these days. cash is still king when comes to buying stuff. cash is one of the most frequently used form by consumers .used one -- used one-third of all paying your bills. millennials using cash the most. consumer alert for people who shop on smartphones. shopping around for victims. hundreds of fake apps flooding store. big department stories like dillard's, seems crazy that
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letting them get up. may want to check up on those app says. >> that's scary. wonder woman is set to become a mom again. 31-year-old actress announced her pregnancy. they have daughter born in 2011. was in batman versus super man. she will be in woman film. >> tom hanks for sully. i never saw that movie. >> you got to check that out. >> natalie portman has an award for jack can inspect -- >> justin bieber won the award
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sorry. he did not show up for last night's ceremony. mendez wanted for best mail artist. weekend for best video. lady gaga for best female and best look. new series on vh1. has snoop dogg in there. sue wart is sort of like royalty in the rap game. >> get ready for that one. >> why did they pick up on martha. >> there you go. >> doctor strange debuted in $85 million. coming in second is "trolls" and
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dollars -- million dollars. this studio is in a bad spot. how they are solving that
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off we roll, weather believers. today we will top out in mid 80s. warmer tomorrow. we will be on the downslide as we head into thursday and friday. weekend looks nice as well. >> nice outside. >> beautiful morning. >> get out and enjoy it.
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streets of downtown denver, colorado. >> vance kirkland studio. think about that job. moved eight blocks making way for brand-new museum. moving that century hold structure. three room studio was home of kirkland. important painter at that time. working out. >> pretty cool. b >> preserving history. >> pretty good with that in denver. thanks for watching and spending some of your day with us. see you tomorrow.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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. >> hello, friends, and welcome to "dish nation." it fri-yea! i don't think anyone loves friday more than frank cramer. you even have a thank god it's friday dance. to the dance? >> it's not so as it is leaning into the bar and saying another round. >> we sent out our trolls to look at a couple of other trolls. we need a couple of cumber lovers. >> that different than your group the cucumber lovers? you'll understand later what i'm talking about. >> okay. >> first, mariah's ex, nick


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