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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 9, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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? ? >> at 11:00, 2:00 a.m. in new york city. home of the next president of the united states, either hillary clinton or donald trump, smith at the world headquarters on six avenue in manhattan. we're stille watching and waitg to seek with the next president of the united states will be. there are a number of states that are still open, the biggest of them all as michigan, michigan, let's look at the big board. hillary clinton and donald trump in the state of michigan. 97% of all precincts are now
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reporting hillary clinton has 46.6%, donald trump has 48.3%, and at this moment, michigan is too close to call. moving onto the next board, in the state of pennsylvania. in pennsylvania, 97% of all precincts are reporting. donald trump has 48.9% of the vote. hillary clinton with 47.6% of the vote. some have called pennsylvania. the fox news desk team believes that it is too close in penns still outstanding before anybody can be. called for pennsylvania. pennsylvania is too close to call. in the state of arizona two-ths of all votes are counted. we have been sitting on the summer for a long time. we know that a couple of hundred thousand votes came into phoenix this afternoon late. they have not yet been counted. the question is, will they count
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or will they wait to count them in the morning? our correspondent in phoenix, she says as of last report that decision has not been made. that said, a dump of about 200,000 votes could come at any point. arizona with its 11 electoral votes is too close to call. in new hampshire, four electoral votes are you have to give. 87% of all precincts are reporting. hillary clinton is leading by fewer an you can see that it's just over 3000 votes with 87% in new hampshire. it's too close to call. in minnesota, ten electoral votes up for grabs here. hillary clinton now leading in the state that leans democratic. she is leading by a bout a point and a half here. and john podesta is speaking and clinton headquarters in new york city. let's listen. >> i know you have been here a long time. it's been a long night.
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but i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? they are still counting votes. every vote should count. several states are too close to call. so we are not going to have anything more to say tonight. so listen, listen to me, everybody should head home. you should get some sleep. we who will have more to say i want you to know, i want every know, i want every person in this hall to know. i want every person across the country who supported hillary to know that your enthusiasm means so much to her and to all of us. we are so proud of you.
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she has done an amazing job. and she is not done yet! so thank you for being with her, she has always been with you. i have to say this tonight, good night. we will be back and more to say. let's get those votes counted. and let's bring this home. thank you so much for all you have done! you are in all of thank you. >> and that's the word from javits center in new york city. think of what has happened on this historic night in that place. hillary clinton's campaign headquarters for the site or at javits center because if you thsa up thousands of glass panels. those glass panels, we were to
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explosion over the hudson river. there was between new york and d new jersey. with javits center right on the waterfront. through that glass ceiling which you now see up there by the american flag. we would have watched the fireworks display that was canceled this afternoon. they didn't want to get aheadthf themselves. hillary clinton would come out and break the glass ceiling, and the thousands of people would celebrate with her. we have waited for the it is too close to call. we note donald, there is the glass ceiling. we know that don nation. his campaign headquarters have told her so. in shades of trump, and 2000, not tonight. we have to count all the votes. and we will not be back tonight. what does this mean? this means strategically is
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how are we going to position ourselves? and tonight we are going to sleep. you know what they are not doing, they are not going to sleep. they are watching and waiting to see what the accounts are in the state of michigan in pennsylvania, i have told you. some organizations have given pennsylvania to dond and should donald trump get pennsylvania, he is the president. the fox news division team says because of the places where these votes are outstanding, we don't know what these votes are. we don't know if they are clinton or trump, and if they are all clinton, this is clinton's, and we can't give it to her. it would mean the presidency. they have to wait. so hillary clinton's camp is standing down for the night. the trump campaign is waiting to
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i am the president of the united states. neither is happening. the clintons are going to bed, trump is waiting for somebody to call it. they are putting pressure on networks across the country going, why hasn't anyone called the selection? because we have traveled this road before. our senior correspondents live in allentown, pennsylvania where we are waiting for a call there. rick, it must seem like >> i remember tallahassee very well back in 2000, and he didn't have that here tonight. a lot of optimism in this room. the senator campaign, they held their election watch party. it turned into a they held their election watch party. it turned into a victory party as they hoped it would. and send her to me was in here n an interesting night. he thinks his family. and his challenger katie mcginty conceded to sarah to
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in pennsylvania. and hanging onto his critical seat as the republicans hope to maintain their leverage in the u.s. senate. his fortunes were tied very closely to donald trump did as you have mentioned, trump seems to have, shows a slight lead here in pennsylvania. they have not called the race yet. he does seem to have a lead here. it brings up an interesting point, shepard, senator toomey refused last few months. he didn't say whether he would vote for him, he would not endorse him despite many repeated attempts to get them to do so. tonight he finally voted at 6:45 p.m. and he told the press that he did in fact vote for donald trump. he said it was a tough call. he wrestled with this. it was easy not to vote for hillary clinton.
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he had serious reservations about the trump presidency. his hat to me earlier this evening talking about voting for donald trump and having serious reservations about his presidency. if he wins a presidency, he has to get along with donald trump. but for now, pat toomey is apparently reelected here in pennsylvania. and he waits word on the scene whether donald trump becomes our next president. i want to look at the the electoral count. the votes count in pennsylvania. donald trump leads hillary clinton by 75,497 votes. 75,497 raw votes. hillary clinton gets the remaining votes that are out there in pennsylvania, she can win the state. if she gets a majority of them, she can get to a point where we
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the law in florida is half a percentage point, that would trigger an automatic electronic recount. and if it is still that close, she might have to go to a manual recount. the statistics on pennsylvania are not in front of me at this point, but there is a time when pennsylvania would require a recount. the people who are there realize that. some have given pennsylvania to donald trump. we have not done that. we do not believe the numbers are there yet. if were there in any of the remaining states, we would give those states to whoever we believe they go to. we are not there. this is too close to call. to be the president, you have to have 270 electoral votes. neither candidate has 270 electoral votes. they have taken two opposing tracks here. the clinton say that they are going to bed. they will not concede tonight. donald trump is waiting to address the election.
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has given him pennsylvania. they have not given him other things that we have. so nobody's board has him to 270. the first one to get to 270, that's it. the chances of anybody getting there, i am not really sure right now. but i can tell you that the trump camp wants it to happen to to sweet. on the left-hand side of your screen, they are emptying out javits center. they will be spilling out into the west side of manhattan now. the cab lines will be long, for uber. from javits center, it's not the easiest thing in the world. it's not like you jump on the subway system. so mass exit away from the clinton headquarters. two blocks north of where is it right now. the hilton is packed full of chompers. it is full.
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is waiting in the wings to come out and address his nation. he truly believes he has won the presidency. yet no one has called it. carl cameron is there. the difference is striking. are they restless there, carl? >> yes, they are angry. we are getting chance of "call it, college, call it" they're specifically pointing fingers at us. some have called pennsylvania already. michigan who read the heads of decision. they are adamant that he is going to wait. if there is still some vote out. we want to be right. not to burst. no mistakes in the presidential elis. over years there have been plenty of them. we have seen that once again the polls in the exit polls didn't see this coming. donald trump spent the last 18 months, almost two years
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knowing he would have a cynical approach from the press, he is not a politician. he has been saying that his supporters know something. his team see something that the media and much of the establishment and the republican party did not see. wants to give his speech. the irony is that john podesta, the chair came out and said, no we will have more to say tomorrow. you can imagine if one of the states that are still outstanding comes in close and all of the states have various different rules about automatic recounting. within 1%, no candidate has to ask. it's automatically done by law. now comes the potential airlift of the attorneys around the country to whatever rural airport might be in minnesota,
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arizona. anyone of these states could tip the scales. and both sides have to be prepared to fly hundreds of lawyers anywhere in the country tomorrow if, in fact, the team does not concede or we do not have a resolution. if it is that close, these automatic recounts have to start. it is telling that earlier today, there were reports of donald trump having essentially sued on friday night there was a polling place that was kept open quite a later than normal because the lines for so long. for the polls close, the trump campaign was alleging that more voters were allowed to join the line instead of stopping it. only letting those who were in line to vote into ot. the trump campaign put out the lawsuit. the judge basically said, we will be retaining all of the
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paper copies, et cetera, et cetera. if there is something that comes in close in nevada, we will be able to dedicate it. nevada has already been called. it's off the table. it is likely the clinton campaign looking for a close state where they can make the same sort of allegations that appeared for a while, trump was prepared to make and carry out today what he was perceived in the polls, the exit polling to have a disadvantage. now. a stranglehold. >> it's almost is. and yet, it isn't. it's 272 272 when the presi. 75,000, 834 votes separated the two candidates. and a world where 5.7 million people have voted. that is a very, very small number. it's a very low energy number.
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it is not powerful. and now i feel like i am a "saturday night live" character doing trump. this is serious business. he is 75,835 votes away. and here's the thing. the decision team does not know what those votes are going to be. there are more than 75,834 votes outstanding in pennsylvania. 3% of all votes are in pennsylvania are outstanding. counted. think of this, 3% is more like 180,000. 75,000 separate them. if we willy-nilly, give it one side or the other and we are wrong, oh, my god. that we are not doing that. we are going to wait and find out where these votes are. our decision team says, this is not waiting because we don't want to stick our necks out there. we don't know what these votes
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this has been done before. let's go through these. all of the places that remain are too close to call. 16 electoral votes, it means democrats, and michigan is too close to call. it is leaning democrat throughout the cycle. and we are going to try -- we will be back with the head of our decision team to explain why we have not yet called pennsylvania. to explain why we have not given donald trump. that is right after a commercial
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>> now 20 minutes after 2:00 in the morning. we are now officially living in a parallel universe. i will explain to you why. this is trump campaign headquarters. i'm now informed that donald trump is there. donald trump is going to speak. it is just a matter of when and what he will say. we already know that hillary clinton's team has said got to count the votes. we are going to bed. we will not accept anything donald trump is ready to come out and accept the presidency. earlier today the question was if he is losing, while donald trump accept the results or will he tear this country apart? the question was unanswered. tonight we are in a different world. henry clinton is not accepting whatever results come tonight. they're not even going to look, officially hillary clinton and team are going to bed.
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that happens tonight. conversely, donald trump's people are not going to bed. they are demanding that somebody called the space. and they are staying up and donald trump is waiting to speak. what if donald trump comes out and says, i ask -- except the presidency of the united states, and i think you from the bottom of my heart, tomorrow we will work out the details. and donald trump goes to bed, then where are we. it's just you there the news people here still awake with nothing except numbers on the board. speaking of which, pennsylvania, some have called pennsylvania, fox news is not calling pennsylvania. during michigan, the head of the fox news division team. i should say, arnone, he is the head of the division team. he is live with us tonight. why shouldn't we make a call in pennsylvania?
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votes behind. at the same time there is a question of how many votes are remaining to be counted. this is one of the great mysteries of american politics, american election night. we do not know exactly how many people voted yet. we do not know how many people voted until we get the count of the night. it looks like there could be a set of counties out there which have not submitted particularly particularly -- >> like what counties? >> philadelphia county. these are counties that tend to be more democratic than others. particularly philadelphia. until we see what that vote is, we are un-willing to make a call. we know that the associated press has called. we don't know what that would be based on the ap call. that is the skepticism right now. we are actually checking in with the people who are counting the
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figure out what's going on there before we were ready to make the call. >> it's not that you don't want to be the first one to go donald trump has 270, it's that you do not have the numbers. >> absolutely. this is a competitive business. we would love to do it. we don't want to do that until we are right. >> we will look at michigan's boards. the 16 electoral votes are up for grabs. 87% are counted. hillary clinton has 46.8%. donald trump has 48.1%. why can't you get michigan to donald trump? >> right now according to our models, 200,074 votes that are outstanding. many of those votes come from democratic areas where clinton is likely to pick up some of that margin. and the two mysteries are, number one, how much is she going to pick up from the 270,000 that the models they are outstanding, mystery number two,
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particularly where more and more people are voting by absentee, there is a possibility that our number, estimate of how many are outstanding could be lower than it turns out to be. that's what we want to be careful about. >> missing 89% of the 89% of th, 48.1% for donald trump. we do not know where those votes are. we cannot yet call it. then there is arizona, in the valley of the sun, they lean donald trump has 49.6% of the vote. hillary has 49.9%. some 79,000 votes and separate the two. why can't you call arizona for donald trump? >> okay, the key thing in arizona is historically at the end of the night, the way we count the night, six in the morning, arizona can have upwards of 30% of the votes not
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about how much vote is outstanding in arizona. we know that the weights of different counties are changing because of the rapidly changing nature of the population in arizona. and that is what gives us pause in arizona. >> the last one i am curious about is minnesota. ten electoral votes remaining. minnesota has been leaning democratic. in minnesota, hillary clinton has 36.9% of the vote. do you anticipate mi could go to hillary clinton? >> right now the model shows that it could very easily go to hillary clinton. at the same time, once again, it's a question of how much is outstanding. if clinton wins the state of minnesota, she wanted to win it by that much. at that as a state where you want to be very careful about the call. >> wonders all of these circumstances, the remaining states are remaining because you cannot say with certitude who is
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we are afraid of getting into historical territory and making mistakes. >> precisely. >> the head of the fox news decisions him, and live with us. that's the predicament. here is where we are. there are all of these electoral votes. you need 272 win it. we can't get anyone there unless they count more votes. so, we watch and wait for mobile only make more votes to be counted. when more are counted, we will add them to what we have. and then when one of the candidates wins, then we will proclaim exactly that. but the candidates and their campaigns are now strategic we looking at each other. they are strategizing. the clintons have gone to bed. we will do nothing tonight. it will count and we will talk about this tomorrow. and the trump's would like to come out and plant the flag and i am the president. then you have to undo it. donald trump said he was president last night, now we
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is not president. then we have a bunch of recounts, they are both trying to stake a position. hillary clinton has said, i am not losing tonight, and donald trump says, i am not waiting to win until tomorrow. i'm going to say, i win tonight, and hillary is going to say, i'm in bed. i didn't even hear you. tomorrow they will wake up. but between then, you and i will be watching, the states will count the votes, we will give them the votes and find out where the electoral college goes. you know what, they are watchin watching.
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>> and is 11:30 p.m. on the west coast, 2:30 on the east coast. at the fox studio's headquarters. and we wait to learn who the next president will be. we are waiting for donald trump to speak. the trump campaign says that donald trump is coming to speak. now, john podesta has spoken. the campaign manager for hillary clinton on across town. th that hillary clinton is going to bed. you will see what this tomorrow. donald trump is coming out to speak. what will he say? what would you say if you were this close and your opponent went to bed? might you say, i am the president. we will talk to you tomorrow. we will see what donald trump says. in the meantime, let me show you why it is we're still waiting to find out who is the president of the united states. let's begin in the state of
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electoral votes up for grabs. the fox news decision team tells us that they do not know where the outstanding votes are, and they do not know exactly how many votes are outstanding. as a result, they cannot call pennsylvania. they cannot give the 20 electoral votes to hillary clinton or donald trump. it is not possible. in the state of michigan, still too close to call. michigan leans democratic. they have 89% of all precincts reporting. michigan has 48.1% for donald trump, 48.6% for don to make hillary clinton. the fox news decision team is not sure where it is. as a result, michigan is too close to call. in arizona, 11 electoral votes of the gloves. arizona leans republican. it is trending republican at this moment. but as you can see, still only
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how could arizona only has 68% of the vote in? they have only gotten 1.7 million votes up there so far. where are the rest of them? well, it's reported that 200,000 votes, mercifully -- mostly early voting was dropped off in phoenix about four hours ago. they were counting the votes and waiting to see when they were going to count those. our understanding as they were going to count them in bulk, count them all out and then distribute the numbers. they will either do that tonight, at 11:30 in phoenix, or they will do it in the morning. but at any rate, we will get them all at once. when we do, we might be able to call arizona. for now the lean red state of arizona with 11 electoral votes, not enough to put donald trump over the top, but enough to get him within five points if you were to win it. arizona is too close to call. of minnesota leans democratic. the days prior to the selection it was believed that minnesota is the property of
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hillary clinton is leading by approximately, i'm sorry, we are looking at the wrong numbers. if this is minnesota now. apologies. it has been leaning hillary clinton. we believe it would go hillary clinton. he said lean democrat, the ten votes would go to hillary clinton. are they now have 90% of the vote in. minnesota is 46.8% to hillary clinton, 45.4% for donald trump. you can see the separation much by my count. speaking and adding at the same time, somewhere beyond 35,000, 40,000 votes, minnesota is still too close to call. new hampshire, only four electoral votes there. this is mean, that's fine. i can work with us. maine has been called, but that's not entirely true. maine has four electoral votes. the three of the four have gone to the hillary clinton.
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that way, not yet called. three of the four electoral votes have gone clinton. the other one is still too close to call. the next board is not available. new hampshire, there is new hampshire. new hampshire is still too close to call. with the four electoral votes, and you wonder why it is too close to call, it's too close to call because it is separated by fewer than 600 votes. the re-clinton donald trump 300,019 to 31. this is a tossup, new hampshire and new hampshire is still too close to call. now the last one. this is alaska. alaska is leaning and donald trump's direction. a lien rights. they only have 39% of the votes in. it should donald trump get alaska, and he may. some others have called alaska
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electoral votes. not enough to be the president. donald trump needs 270 to be the president of the united states. he does not have it. associated press has just treated the following. "donald trump, if he is the president-elect, it would be the biggest upset, one of the biggest upset and political history" ." one of the biggest upsets would be if donald trump were named to the president-elect of the united states. it would appear that some are very close to making that announcement. we do not have the raw electoral votes to do that. it appears that time is coming closer. life at the trump campaign headquarters in new york city. this is the new york hilton, you have seen it on six avenue. a massive freestanding building around about 58th street or so, insects avenue. the new york hilton. 56 street.
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headquarters. donald trump is on scene. he is waiting to speak. there are those who are now suggesting that this race is much closer to over. it is certainly very close to over over. donald trump has 254 electoral votes. hillary clinton has 218 electoral votes. we are waiting to hear from donald trump, and we know that there is movement among calls, among some news organizations. as i'm sure organizations have their own decision desk teams.
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where the votes are outstanding, the weight to call the races based on where at the count is right before they take any action. if we knew where the votes were from pennsylvania, we would call pennsylvania. wherever those boats went and decide whether they go to hillary clinton or donald trump. if they go to donald trump, that would give him the presidency on the board. we are not yet there. the counts are made by different mathematicians in different ways. we see the same metrics, we know what is outstanding. we do not know exactly how many votes are remaining. we have a very good idea. we cannot be exact. for instance, if the votes left to come from pennsylvania are from rights in philadelphia, extremely general -- met democratic. no precinct by precinct ho votes. we don't know that. therefore we cannot make the call in pennsylvania. it is the same way with other states. now, other news organizations have done their math. they have seen with the votes are and where the votes aren't. they are making decisions based on their metrics. the box news channel, the fox business networks, fox news radio, have not
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the electoral votes should be given to donald trump or hillary clinton. we are frankly not there yet. we will get there eventually, the numbers will find their place. we will find out who the votes belong to. who will have them, then we will get them to them. findot belong to. who will have them, then we will get them to them. that will be that. we're not there yet. >> trump could speak before we have the numbers. it really sounds from the clinton campaign like they are going to be recounts. it's going to drag this out. >> they are going to sleep on it. >> like you said. it makes for an awkward week. trump can try to tie it up tonight. unless he gets a solid numbers, he can't accept victory.
12:39 am
things about how it looks like he is going to continue running. >> you want to bet? speak on sure he will say hillary is asleep. he loves to say that. >> he does love to say that. but i don't know, if we were betting on television which we don't, i would probably bet a paycheck that donald trump is going to accept the presidency of the united states. hillary clinton said, we will talk a going to speak. and if you were advising him, you are a journalist, you don't do the advising, but it is interesting to document. >> i found your interview with the decision desk with the flight controller pretty compelling. we haven't found all of the vote yet. as we know, my vote on the upper side of manhattan today. there were stacks of stuff because buildings hadn't been kit included in the precinct. therefore, they want included in the automatic process. there was a lot of mishmash.
12:40 am
they try to get all of it sorted out in the end, but if there is a big chunk and particularly, they have to be super careful that the polls got it all wrong. the counters want to get it really, really right. >> the waiting will aggravate you. the calling at early and making mistakes, making a mistake will bury you. and here we go. this is a fox news election alert. pennsylvania donald trump. donald trump is the president of the united states, and there is a big board. the 20 electoral votes from the state of pennsylvania, and we just got new metrics end. donald j. trump is the president of the united states. he wants to be inaugurated until january, but the word has just reached the new york hilton,
12:41 am
millionaire has defied all conventional wisdom and expectations, the long-term practices of the republican party were stood on their head. he spoke to the disaffected. he spoke a sense of trickle-down economics. he spoke to a group of people who have not prospered since trickle-down happened. he spoke of smaller government. of a larger refurbish military, of rethinking nato relations. and relations with russia. he spoke of killing obamacare and replacing it with something wonderful. of building a wall and having mexico play for it. renegotiating the iran deal, the worst deal and the history of the united states. renegotiating trade bills, killing the trans-pacific partnership. bringing back jobs from mexico and china in ways that have not yet been explained including a 45% tariff on chinese goods.
12:42 am
the rich and cut back regulations on the environment. the turn power the people, and as late as the last presidential debates, said of hillary clinton, if i were president, he would be locked u up. and his crowd screams "lock her up. lock her up." and they meant in the investigation. and you will see and the world will watch as has now been elected the president of the united states. at trump headquarters in
12:43 am
stage imminently. hillary clinton and her camp have said that they are going to bed. they will address these matters tomorrow. that the votes should be counted, but the votes are counted. pennsylvania is in the bag. donald trump has 274 electoral votes. hillary clinton's 213 electoral votes, and there are states outstanding. these numbers will change, but donald trump's numbers will not go below 278. therefore, donald trump is the president of the united states. a.b. stoddard of real john bussey of "the wall street journal." oh, my god. and josh letterman, the white house correspondents are all with us. first to you. >> well, it's misleads a stunning historic upset. at the polls were wrong, the prediction models were wrong. the way we look at data and the mechanics of campaigns, they were wrong. the lack of ground game was supposed to wipe them out, and he did this through the power of his movement in the message over twitter tv. and he didn't actually go into diners, bakeries, and work the
12:44 am
known so well, and in places like iowa, new hampshire at the beginning and even through the end of the general election. he did it his own way. and he certainly came from behind with a really impressive victory. just wiping her out when she was expected to beat him comfortabl comfortably. >> the vice president-elect of the pence. >> make no mistake about it. this is the the biggest poll upset in the modern history of the united states of america. and now we will witness the
12:45 am
>> this is a historic night. the american people have spoken and to the american people have
12:46 am
america has elected a new president. it's almost hard for me to express. the honor that me and my family feel. we will have the privilege to serve as your vice president of the united states of america. i come to this moment deeply humbled, grateful to god for his amazing grace. grateful to my family. my wonderful wife. my son michael and his fiancee.
12:47 am
i cannot be here without them. deeply grateful to the american people for pacing their confidence in this team and giving us the opportunity to serve. and i am mostly grateful to our president-elect's leadership and vision will make america great again. so let me say, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. [cheering and applauding]
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? ? ? ? >> we have just gotten word, hillary clinton has called donald trump and conceded the race. now at the president-elect of
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? ?
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>> thank you. thank you very much, everyone. sorry to keep you waiting. it was complicated business. complicated. thank you very much. [cheering and applauding] >> secretary clinton. she congratulated us. it's about us. and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign.
12:51 am
hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time. we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. i mean that very sincerely. now it is time for america to find the wounds of division. we need to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say that it is time for us to come together as one united people. i pledged to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans into this is so important to me.
12:52 am
there were a few people. i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. as i have said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. it was made up ofil love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families. it is a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and believes, who want and expect our government to serve the people and to serve the people it will.
12:53 am
working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. i have spent my entire life and business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. [cheering and applauding] we have tremendous potential. i have gotten to know country so well. tremendous potential. it's going to be a beautiful thing. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. [cheering and applauding] >> we are going to fix our inner cities.
12:54 am
schools, hospitals. we will rebuild our infrastructure. it will become by the way, second-to-none. and he will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it. people also finally take care of our great veterans. have gotten to know so many over the 18 month journey. the time i have spent some over this campaign has been among my greatest honors. our veterans are incredible people. we will embark upon a project of national growth and renewal, and i will harness the creative talents of our people and we will call upon the best and brightest to leverage the tremendous talent for the
12:55 am
[cheering and applauding] >> we have a great economic plan. we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. at the same time, we will get along with all other nations willing to get along with us. we will have great relationships. we expect to have great, great relationships. no dream is too big. no challenge is too great. nothing we want is beyond our reach. america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. [cheering and applauding] >> we must reclaim our country's destiny. and dream big and bold, and daring. we have to do that. we are going to dream of things for our country and beautiful things in successful things once again.
12:56 am
community that while we were always putting america's interest first. we will deal fairly with everyone. with everyone. all people and all other nations. we will see common ground. partnership, not conflict. and now i would like to take this moment to think some of the people who really helped me with this what they are calling tonight, very, victory. first i want to think my parents who i know we are looking down on me right now. [cheering and applauding] >> great people. i have learned so much from them. they were wonderful in every regard. i had truly great parents. i also want to think my sisters, marion and elizabeth who are with us here tonight. and where are they?
12:57 am
they are very shy, actually. and my brother, robert. my great friend. where is robert? my brother robert. and they should all be on the stage, but that's okay. they were grades, and my late brother, fred. great guy. fantastic guide. fantastic family. i was very lucky. great brothers, sisters. to melania and don, and ivanka. and eric. and tiffany and barron. i love you and i thank you, and especially for putting up with
12:58 am
this was tough. this was tough. this political stuff is nasty and it is tough. i want to thank my family very much. really fantastic. thank you all. an unbelievable job. vanessa, thank you. thank you very much. what a great group. you all have given me such incredible support. i will tell you that we have a large group of people and have us most amount of stuff. look at all the people we have. look at all these people. and kelly ann, chris, and rudy and steve and david. we have got tremendously talented people up here. i want to tell you, it has been very, very special. i want to give a very special
12:59 am
is unbelievable. unbelievable. he traveled with us. he went through meetings. yeah, really never changes. where is he? rudy, governor chris christie was unbelievable. thank you, chris. the first politician. he is highly respected in washington. he is as smart as you get. senator jeff sessions. great job. great man. another great man. a very tough competitor. he was not easy.
1:00 am
who is that? is that the mayor that showed up? oh, rudy got up here. another great man who has been a friend to me, but i will tell you, i got to know him as a competitor. he was one of the folks that was negotiating to go against those democrats, dr. ben carson. where is ben? [cheering and applauding] >> and by the way, mike huckabee is here someplace. he is fantastic. mike and his family, sarah, thank you so much. general, mike flynn. and general kellogg, we have over 200 generals and admirals that have been endorsing our


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