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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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in their same beat or district. these things need to be addressed quickly. >> in an interview, penzone addressed the legal battles he business to inherit saying the case and the federal monitor are too costly and one of his first priorities is complying with court orders and resolving the case as soon as possible. >> the federal monitor the issue of the mandate is we are bleeding money. it's costing the taxpayers a considerable amount of money. >> although arpaio will leave the civil case behind leaves office, he still will be personally held responsible for the criminal contempt charges against him. attorneys are bracing for the possibility that those charges could go away after president-elect trump takes office. >> the training will be implemented so we will get to where we are meeting standards and meet those expectations of the court and resolve it so we aren't paying additional fees. so for me that's the most important element. >> and then the new sheriff has
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order to resolve the racial profiling case the department has to be in compliance for at least three years before the federal monitor and that case goes away. right now the department is still in the process of drafting protocols and procedures. reporting live, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." a man is hit by a car and killed while crossing the street in phoenix. this happened overnight on camelback just west of state route 51. the man died at the hospital& where we are told the driver did stay at the scene signs of impairment. >> and phoenix firefighters battling flames at a home in north central phoenix. take a look at this video here. this was sent to us by the fire department from the home near 12th street and glendale. they tell us that the home owner luckily was able to get out of that house okay. but is still not clear exactly what sparked that fire. a phoenix man fighting for his life tonight after he was shot numerous times by his neighbors. and police say it all started with an argument. the investigation lasted through
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afternoon. anita roman has the story. >> we heard like pump, pump, pump. and i said, honey, is that gunshot? >> watching tv with her husband just around 10:00 wednesday night when she said she heard the shots. >> and went inside and saw nothing. and then in a few minutes there is -- and a lot of police. >> phoenix police surrounded the small complex across from the house off cactus and cave creek road after a woman called 9 saying her husband had been shot. phoenix fire confirms they transported the man in his 40s with a gunshot wound to the face and head. the search for a suspect or suspects was on. police used datings yard for surveillance. she took these pictures of officers working. >> after a few minutes we saw a guy like walking backward like that.
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police, come outside. calling them. >> police confirmed the victim and his neighbor had an argument before the victim was shot and that two men were taken into custody. anita roman, "fox 10 news." no word on charges the victim is said to be in serious condition. when donald trump is sworn in he will be the richest person ever elected president. net worth estimated between 3 and $4 billion. the richest previous president was jfk more than a billion dollars in today's money. george washington was third with $580 million. google search terms like how to move to canada spiking during donald trump's election to the presidency. we heard a lot of threats of that. so far i don't know if anybody has started it up and done it. and that may be why spirit airlines offering a deal flight deals to the u.s. canadian border. spirit will fly customers into
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york at prices slashed by 75%. so there is a deal on it right now if you are serious about heading north of the border. and the company says it's more convenient than to drive across than to fly directly into a major canadian city. it's also cheaper. sculptors have finished a waxed head of president-elect donald trump and that work is underway on a life sized figure of the future commander-in-chief. the wax museum in london providing a behind the scenes look here at no hair on the donald but are starting to put some on now. shifting their attention to perfect plg trump's hair style. the styling team deciding to use yak hair to replicate his famous hairdo and that is a full-sized life sized replica ready in time for the inauguration and is that on january 20th. a rough start to the day for a family in long beach, california, after a mini van plows into their home. it did quite a bit of damage.
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well. the van hopped the curb and slammed into the side of the home. the driver hopped out of the van and took off on foot. he is still out there thankfully nobody inside the house was hurt. and another crash, this one caught on camera in oklahoma. a car driving right through the wall of a convenience store. food and snacks and soda in the store go flying everywhere. what a mess to clean up. looked bad but fortunately nobody hurt there either. a couple of lapd officers coming to the rescue of 14-year-old girl after her bike was stolen and listen to this. her bike was stolen on her birthday she did everything right. she locked it up at the store but she came out and it was gone. so the officers they felt bad for her and wanted to do something nice for the girl and they bought her a brand-new bike. picking it up there. they started -- the tears. >> so ecstatic about this. and they started the collection at that station hoping to serve as a reminder of the good work that police officers do. >> we thought it would be good
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but for the department. once in awhile it to be recognized as the human being that we are and the fine police officers that we are also. >> and worked by those officers and they say so far nobody has been arrested for stealing that little girl's bike. >> two wrecks was spotted in japan but a robotic dinosaur. tokyo dinosaurs operated by humans. the creatures stand about 26 feet tall and weigh 84 pounds and the dinos are made with state of the art carbon fiber materials and they are modeled from fossilized skeletons so they are pretty accurate. you think about it. it looks real. they there are about b a dozen robotic dinosaurs in operation at events in japan and the operators had a little fun with the die dinosaur keepers that are going after them.
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self-aware. coming up, new at 9:00, the long, long wait for a space mission now underway. the osiris spacecraft is underway. this is a seven year mission to collect. and it's a long time for mission planners at the university of arizona and tucson to wait. >> when we get there it's an aggressive schedule and time line to be able to collect the data we need and make decisions to get to the sampl collect the samples. >> what do they do while they wait for that to happen? find out only on "fox 10 news" tonight at 9:00. the mayor of one city, wow, goes down. yes, that's the mayor. what happened while she was out for coffee that landed her in the middle of a terrible fight. plus bed bugs are bad enough. but now there is a new form of these critters that are causing
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the mayor of miami the mayor of miami shors, florida, helps police catch some of the suspects that robbed her she was seen on camera chasing after the crooks after they took off with her purse while out for coffee.
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birch who is 64 years old being pushed to the ground during a robbery. police say she was approached by several guys on tuesday with what appeared to be a gun. and they took her purse but birch chased after them. >> it was dangerous but i had a sense he was a very young person and that he wasn't expecting toes be chased and if i hadn't chased after i would not have been able to get the tag on the car. turns out those men were armed with a bb gun. >> miami shores police are amazing. i knew this before i was er >> police were able to find three of the suspects and take them into custody. >> that's fairly impressive. we deal with a lot of crime victims and it's really a shock and factor for them when they are -- they are a victim of crime. the information is only piecemeal and not entirely complete and in this particular case one of the key components was the initial getting of the tag of the vehicle for us. >> another robbery was also caught on camera at the same shopping complex several weeks
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a man stole a woman's wedding ring and was eventually caught. police have this message. >> if you come to miami shores to commit a crime we will fine you and we will get you in jail. police say that there is searching for one more suspect. in the heal watch tonight, people in -- health watch tonight people in florida might have trouble sleeping tight after tropical bedbugs were found for the first time in 60 years. >> there is a difference? >> there are. it's a subtle difference. >> scientists at the university of florida identified the tropical bedbug in a home. the first documentation of the bug since the 30s and 40s. here is the deal. it's similar to the common bedbug because they both feed on humans and blood. but the tropical bug develops quicker which means they can spread faster as well. >> happened to be really resistant to a lot of the chemicals that we use. so we probably just happened to bring it back. people traveling. potentially into the port on the
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>> if i had to be one, i would be the tropical. it sounds better. >> it has a little more exotic to it. but scientists say they are doing some research to figure out how best to kill that tropical bedbug. maybe a cold climate? >> that might work. take them up north. >> coming up, the lawsuit filed by the state of maryland -- estate of marilyn monroe. black friday is more than two weeks away but wal-mart has kicked things off a little bit
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marilyn monroe's estate marilyn monroe's estate has filed a suit against a lingerie company. the company is plastering marilyn's face on to packaging and tags for its line. the estate says it fired off several warnings but that company they haven't made a change. no difference made. they are still doing it. last year brought in $17 million. and in tonight's business watch, some disappointing news from viacom. the media giant says its quarterly profits dipped 70% in the past quarter. viacom blamed the soft performance at its networks and its weaker showing a the box office and black friday officially kicked off in two weeks from tomorrow but wal-mart they already started offering discounts today. had a number of items on sale.
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stocked over the holidays with millions of tablets, computers and video games all ready for you to go by. and finally over to wall street and the world series champions chicago chicago cubs were honored with their famous fly the w flag and world series trophy. and once again the dow jones had a big day climbing 218 points to 18,000. hundred. however the nasdaq struggled a bit and fell 42 points and that's tonight's fox watch how much time, brad? well, we are here, probably saying what are you doing at the bowling alley with luis gonzalez. it's goldy's bowling bash. >> i love the shirt.
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>> 1985. national championships, toledo, ohio. >> most would have gotten rid of it you wear it well. >> thank you. we got a big game tonight. utah in town to take on asu. here is richard saenz with a preview. jude, this is it. the final home game ever for the seniors of the asu football team and, boy, what a way to go out. taking on a top 25 team in utah. the crowd will be live tonight and the sun devils will need every single one of them. >> home field advantage is big. what makes it that way are section and they need to bring it because we are going to need all of the help we get. we have the 16th ranked team in the country coming in here and nothing matters except our guys in this senior bunch can figure out a way when this gun goes off one point ahead. >> one thing to help out the devils are a return of manny wilkens.
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some kind of ball for you. >> i'm working the house ball tonight. i'm trying to get endorsement deal with the house ball. >> i noticed those gutter balls earlier in the evening here. you turning on when the lights are on. >> absolutely. i'm waiting for the lights to turn on and people get here and that's what i do with you guys. >> and his second choice in sports was the professional bowling tour. people don't know that but is that great event. it's goldy's bowling bash benefit kids at phoenix children's hospital that are battling ballad cancers and the dks dks will diamondbacks will be here and see how this guy can roll it down the lane. >> incredible for goldy does for the community and having this means a lot. >> and we will have d-backs blares for you and a great cause. . >> goldy's bowling bash. you like the shirt. >> love the shirt. >> go out and buy one. >> see you at 6:00. we might have to go to a thrift store to buy one of those. >> no kidding.
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look. president obama had a busy day today. first met with president-elect donald trump and welcomes lebron james and the nba champions the cleveland cavaliers to the white house and they won the first title earlier this year defeating the golden state warriors. coming up, the super star who will soon be meeting with
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that's the new number one great song, new number one song on the hot country songs charts. it's called blue ain't your color by keith urban. the 21st number one song. they are making records for 30 years and album is expected to debut at number one on the album chart. it's called this house is not for sale and this will be bon jovi's sixth number one album. prince harry is meeting a pop princess. harry and rhianna are scheduled to meet this month. both are expected to take part in a celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of independence for the island
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rhianna was born in that country. green day's new tune back tracks and perry pulls out. in the hollywood nation. katy perry is a no go over seas and canceling her appearance at a concert in china scheduled for friday citing a family emergency. the singer apologized on a chinese social media platform saying, quote, i am very sorry to disappoint my fans. the l.a. department officially cleared brad pitt after investigating him for child abuse against his son maddux aboard a private plane in september. and angelina jolie reacted to the news saying in a statement that she is, quote, relieved. former batman michael keaton will suit up for the big screen once again and this time as a villain. the president of marvel studios confirmed the a-list actor will
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spider-man reboot homecoming. amy schumer is sticking around in the states after all. the comedian who threatened to move out of the country should donald trump win the white house is now saying she made the comments in jest. >> in green day released a new music video this week for their latest single still breathing. the rockers will kick off the north american leg of their world tour in march in support of their new album, radio. in hollywood, michelle michellepalano, fox news that's a great song. does your spirit need a little lifting following the election? well, if it does billboard has put out a list of songs that will help you get over your election blues.
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songs that made the cut this one makes me sad. i love this song but i don't feel like -- >> just a message of it, let it be, it's over. >> you are right. the song is described as the perfect ballad to take a deep breath and calm your nerves and also making the list heroes by david bowie and freedom by beyonc?. coming up at 6:00, a dunkin' doughnuts in the valley serving red, white and blue doughnuts but got the trump and wall and steve krafft will have that reaction coming up. plus we will take you signed a renovate hotel in the valley that's providing housing for our veterans. we will see you in a couple of
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first tonight at six o'clock: donald trump protests continue in the o'clock: donald trump
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across the country for a second day. some people speaking out against the president-elect and the policies he laid out. some high school students in phoenix took part in a walkout today. demonstrators in major cities also taking to the streets. fox 10's danielle miller is live now with more on what's going on out there. >> hey, we are live at the state capitol tonight where most of these students who walked out of class they actually met here. the students are from several different high schools around the valley and are still a few students out here making their message heard. earlier today there was about 50 to 100 students out here marving. they were chanting things like education, not deportation. and now these students are from asu prep, central high school, carl hayden high school and as well as several other high schools here around the valley. now these students say they are protesting the president-elect donald trump. they say one of their biggest issues with him is his stance on illegal immigration.
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their families will now be split up. one student we spoke to is from colombia and she is a currently in the country legally but some of the people she knows are here in the country illegally and she is fearing that they will be deported and will not be allowed to get an education just like she is getting. we got her stance on illegal immigration and now we spoke to the other side because there was a few people out here today saying these students should not be protesting but rather they should be in school. >> i t to look and be like hopefully he does this and thinks we are all human and we all deserve an education and we are all equal no matter where we come from we are all human. >> an immigrant and coming to the u.s., you should -- if you should do it legally but if you do it illegally, you should stay and work, work, work. don't let like don't do things that would make every immigrant seem like a bad person. >> i didn't like barack obama and didn't vote for him and


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