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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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need for speed? phoenix international raceway will be the scene feeling the need for speed. pir, phoenix international raceway, will be the scene for three full days of races, thousands of people heading out. anita roman spoke with some of the people who will spend the weekend at the track. >> reporter: nascar fans have been waiting all fall for this weekend. >> we love it. we've been doing it ten years. >> reporter: the kole ips family camps out in the infield at phoenix international raceway from thursday through sunday. >> it's a nice area. >> it's fantastic. it's like a community out here. everyone is camping from all over the country. you make friends. you have a good time. >> reporter: it's the second to last race of the season. >> this race, we're calling it the phoenix four. each of the series is getting eliminated down to only four drivers that are eligible to win
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homestead miami. >> reporter: nascar driver greg frescas calls it the playoffs. and nascar pro series driver jesse says fans can expect a lot of action during the nascar camping world series. >> there's a lot of tensions that are high this weekend. drivers may get a little fussy. drivers may get a little hot. >> reporter: and no nascar weekend is complete without some fan apparel. >> in the days of old, they used to put the merchanise in little trailers, and each driver would have their own trailer now it's basically a superstar. >> reporter: what's the biggest selling item? >> it's going to be the sweatshirts for dale because we're in season now. >> reporter: it's open to the public, and this weekend the race is on for victory lane. anita roman, fox 10 news. >> pir donated 500 tickets to veterans in honor of veterans day. if you're interested in buying tickets, they're still available. we've got a link on our website, a tempe family offering a
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return of their two dogs. gemma and toby escaped their yard on southern and mcclintock. beautiful looks like a german shepherd and some sort of a mix. both dogs are 8 to 9 months old. they're spayed and wearing a microchip. they don't have i.d. tags. if you have any information, please contact sherry pet rescue. a dog is reunited with his owner after nearly a decade after he went last week a valley rescue group took in an abandoned shih tzu, and they scanned his microchip, which led them to the dog's owner. that's amazing. a decade? >> reporter: almost a decade. i love happy endings. we don't know who brownie was with for the past nine years. when he was found, he was in pretty bad shape. tonight, though, he is back in the arms of his original owners. this is 15-year-old brownie.
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he's blind and deaf. rescuers believe he was abandoned after years of neglect. >> he is blind. he can't even make it in my home from one room to another without a gret deal of difficulty. so he could not have come from the distance of the nearest housing. someone had to -- most likely had to have left him there. it's amazing he wasn't coyote food. >> reporter: the person who found him connected h valley rescue, and they scanned his microchip. they were able to find the name of the dog and the owner, but the contact information was outdated. one of the rescue workers went on social media. >> found her on facebook and pm'd her and asked her if she had a dog named brownie ha tha had gone missing. >> reporter: turns out brownie went missing from his home in peoria nine years ago. no one knows who had him the past nine years, but his original owner was excited to get him back. you can tell brownie still
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he became excited and was all smiles as they reunited. >> wow. >> i just can't believe it. i just never thought i was going to see him again ever. >> reporter: she's grateful that brownie's microchip and the determined rescue workers were able to bring them back together. >> it's amazing how much people really do care for dogs and they really do go out of their way to reunite their owners with their pets. >> and the rescue says this shows how important it is not but to make sure the chip is registered and that the information is updated. reporting live, nicole garcia, fox 10 news. while many people are not pleased with the election results, one restaurant in texas is seeing a business boom after naming it trump cafe. he does have support out there. we found that out tuesday night. the cafe in bellevue, texas, northwest of dallas, paying
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trump cafe even put items on the menu honoring trump. it's become a mecca for trump supporters celebrating his big win on tuesday night. >> we've got a lot of support, people driving from all over the country. >> even if you didn't vote for donald trump, restaurant owners say you are still welcome at their cafe. secretary of state john kerry makes a historic trip to antarctica, becoming the highest ranking american official to visit the frozen continent. it was another step efforts to make climate change a focus of american diplomacy. kerry will speak to scientists about the impact of climate change in antarctica during his two-day trip there. once he leaves, he will give a speech at the global climate conference in morocco next week. a train carrying flammable liquid derails this morning in minnesota. this turned out to be a real problem. multiple cars derailed. one of them carrying liquid petroleum gas. that derailment prompted a
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fortunately, nobody injured. that train was headed from st. paul to nebraska. the cause of the derailment, they're still trying to figure that out. a mother in missouri is upset, saying a teacher hit her son on the head with an ipad. the teacher even documented her own actions when she wrote that she "bopped him on the head with an ipad" on monday. you see the son there showing how the hit went down. her report says the fifth grader marcus was actually slamming doors in inappropriate language in the classroom. his mother says that she knows kids need discipline but believes the teacher went too far. she says that, after the teacher hit him with the ipad, she took her son to the e.r. because he had a headache and blurry vision. the report says that marcus tried to hit the teacher, but he claims that's not true. >> when she grabbed my chin, i was like this to her arm. >> i feel like she should have just called someone from the office to help her instead of her picking up the ipad and
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>> the school district would not comment. the boy was suspended for one day for profane language and defiance of authority. just in time for veterans day, a missouri veteran receives medals that he earned more than 70 years ago. they were medals he didn't even know he'd earned. he's 95-year-old harold curry and served the country during world war ii. he and his family examined his discharge papers he recently discovered and figured out he'd earned two b today he was presented with the medals he rightfully deserves. >> i saw on there there were two bronze stars i didn't know about. i never read my discharge at all. i'd been overseas 36 months, and i'd given the army a lot, but i was out, and i left it alone. >> yeah, he had to get back and get with the world and raise a family. friends and family proud to
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watch him receive his medals after so many years. >> it's never too late, right? coming up, the place dealing with an invasion of millipedes. also, the flu has made its way to america. the area of the country where
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this is not something you want to see in your home-- this is not something you want to see in your home or anywhere near your home, but that's exactly what's happening to some people in hawaii. creepy looking things crawling, and they're millipedes, and people are seeing more and more of these pests pop up in the roads, in their yards, and worse yet, in their homes. >> five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. there's about ten of them on the front porch. >> bob clean his yard every day over the last few weeks to get rid of these red millipedes. he's lived in this home for 20 years, and he's never seen this many before. >> not in this amount. yeah, not in this much quantity and with that much persistence over a long -- you know, weeks. >> what's worse is they're getting inside his house. >> it's a nuisance because it's crawling on the carpets and
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they don't bite you or anything. it's just a creepy feeling of seeing them crawling in your house. >> the state department of agriculture says they've received a few calls about the millipedes, but this happens periodically. entomologist darcy awishi says these pests live and breed underground, but recent rains may have made the ground too wet and forced them to come to the surface. >> they feed on decaying matter. that's their primary food source. so if they're going into people's homes, it's probably, again, escaping the weather on the existing conditions outside. >> pest control companies have been receiving more calls all over oahu. >> our theory they've always been there and perhaps they haven't been flushed out the year before. so it could be they have a couple of years of millipedes built up in their ground. >> some people can also be allergic to millipedes.
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it can make you itchy. you can certainly react to it. just wash up after it. >> pest control companies are warning homeowners to avoid overwatering their lawns. rake their leaves often, and don't leave too much mulch on the ground. health watch. flu season kicked off a few weeks ago, and it is starting to pop up. they're getting cases confirmed earlier this week in the south. doctors are recommending people get flu shots as soon as possible because it takes just a couple of weeks for the body to build up immunity. so get the shot before arrives. flu season usually peaks between january and march. new at 9:00, learning the practice of medicine. students used to do it on live patients, but not anymore. this patient is a mannequin but a very special mannequin. patricia is her name. she helps students at the university of arizona college of medicine in phoenix. the day we met patricia, she was having a heart attack. >> are you feeling sweaty now?
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>> do you feel nauseous at all? >> yeah. >> she's pulseless. she's not responsive. >> find out if patricia makes it. when we got there, she was having a heart attack. >> man alive. >> she doesn't look very good, does she? >> she looked pekid. >> we'll have the story on fox 10 news at 9:00. >> i'm pulling for her, but i'm fearful maybe we can't pull her out of the fire. she's in trouble. coming up, million cards will be purchased over the holidays. the percentage of people who actually like to get the gift cards as gifts. >> i've got so many in my wallet right now. >> you're not using them? >> they're kind of in odd places i wouldn't necessarily go. i'm waiting for the day i show up there and go, oh, yeah, i've got a gift card. plus one golf tournament comes to a halt, and you can see why. where a pack of mongoose took over. >> is it mongoose or mongeese?
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sun devils. asu played their final home game of the season. todd graham talked about what he wanted for the but things didn't really work out
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ho, ho, ho. >> i don't want to freak you out, but we're about a month and
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>> yeah, we're a month and a half from christmas. just a few weeks away, and there's a new report out involving gift cards. the study finds that people actually like to give cards more than receive them. more than half of americans plan to hand out gift cards to their loved ones, but only a quarter of people say they want them as a present. they may want a little bit more of a personal connection. maybe that's it. >> it depends if you get the right -- you've got to match the right gift card to the right person. you've got to know that they shop there or go there. in for only the second quarter in the past five years, earnings for disney come up short of expectations. the company's film studio has done well in 2016, but that was offset by declining performance at espn, the all sports network owned by disney that has seen a decline in subscribers. facebook is adding to its empire. the social media giant is buying crowd tangle. it's a social analytics service used by publishers to monitor trending stories online.
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zuckerberg defending facebook's ability to influence public opinion during the 2016 election. there's a lot of criticism and speculation that that might have been going on. facebook has been criticized for failing to stop the spread of fake news throughout the social network. and finally, on to wall street. today the market closes out its best week since 2011, the dow jones climbing 39 the nasdaq up 28 points. wow, what a difference a couple weeks make. it seems like just yesterday the sun devil football team was 5-1. now the boys are sitting at .500 with a 5-5 record after four straight losses. the latest loss last night as the utah utes came to town. utah ranked in the top 25, 15th to be exact. the devils, they hung with them.
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this kid is a true freshman. last year at this point, he was getting ready for the prom. now here wes running through the 15th ranked team in the country like it's nothing. great play right there. you're thinking, all right, asu came to play. the defense for asu giving up big play after big play. 21 points in the fourth quarter. look at this. this would have been a touchdown in flag football. he is gone for the touchdown. oh, boy. the offense started to have some issues as well. manny wilkins under pressure all night long. picked off right here. oh, yeah, the rout was on. final score, 49-26. the fans started to leave early, hitting the exits after that interception right there. todd graham, almost speechless after this one. >> we were in the game. it was -- they can't run the ball at all, and then we give up a 70-yard touchdown because we had the guy tackled.
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that was frustrating. the last touchdown, obviously, you're desperate, trying to make something happen in the backfield. that one was tough. but i really thought we could have won that game. oh, boy, do we have a great fox nfl sunday planned for you. not one, but two games here on fox 10. two nfl games. packers at titans and then the cardinals hosting the san francisco 49ers. much more in a minutes. more from the sun devils. we hit p.i.r., phoenix international raceway, a hot track. coming up at 6:00. a golf tournament in south africa comes to an unexpected delay, i guess. a pack of mongoose. >> look at this. i've never seen mongoose. >> listen to the guy. >> there's about 20 of them. >> they're adorable. >> the question, are they mongooses, or are they mongeese? >> we're getting the american
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african accent. >> those are the cutest animals i've ever seen. they're adorable. >> they charged on the green. there are many critters. after a few seconds, they headed off into a grove on the other side of the course. >> they look like zebra fur on them. that was the excitement of my day. >> they are a delicacy. >> seriously? >> oh, mongoose meat is just amazing. no, you can't eat them. maybe you can. >> don't you dare. coming up, the new fan packages that will soon prince's paisley park. with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah.
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el like a hollywood insider
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the world of entertainment says goodbye to leonard cohen- the singer and songwriter has died at the world of entertainment says good-bye to leonard cohen. the singer/songwriter died at the age of darker age and best known for his hit "hallelujah." he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame back in 2008. tours of prince's paisley park have been a pretty big hit so far. so the museum is dedicated to add some dates through next march. they're also planning to offer new fan packages, including friday night dance parties and a chance to record a prince song. the singer died from an overdose
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? on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me ? ? a purple parrot in a palm tree ? this is what i want for christmas. i'm not kidding. >> are you sure? >> john, you're rolling your eyes. jimmy buffett is back on the album charts. he's great, i don't care what anybody thinks. with a new christmas record called 'tis the season that includes buffett's unique we just heard a bit of one. a purple parrot in a palm tree? i bet there's a cold margarita in that song somewhere. >> no doubt, and i'm with him all the way. >> this is just the second holiday album released by buffett during his long career. now you know what i want for christmas. >> i got it. it's easy. >> i think we should get one for john as well. sounds like he's into it. facebook pages suddenly indicating that someone has died
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well. what this was all about coming up. and why arizona doctors say they are seeing an increase in people seeking medical marijuana prescriptions. thanks f around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the
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first ton thank you for joining us. first tonight at 6:00, a donald tr now in tempe. you're looking at sky fox video of asu students voicing their opposition to the outcome of the presidential election on tuesday. the students departed from old main, and they're marching right now to mill avenue. as you can see, there are police there along the route. it looks like they're staying within the sidewalk crosswalks. so far, it's been a peaceful demonstration. a couple of hundred people out there at least taking part in this. we are streaming this live right now on our facebook page. also on our website, if you'd
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it is an apartment complex called the resort. but it's hardly a five-star experience, according to tenants who live there. they say they've been dealing with sewage problems, cockroaches, and foul odors. fox 10's steve kraft has the story tonight. >> we got calls from people who live at the resort apartments in west phoenix. they tell us these apartments are anything but a resort. the resort apartments on 35th avenue just north of indian school. the place looks nice from outside, nice big fountain, but not so nice to live here. in this apartment, the sink has been clogged for four months. take a look. that's what it looks like when a sink has been clogged for four months. blackwater. >> so he come and look over here. oh, i'll fix that monday. >> reporter: frank pays $525 a month for this studio apartment,


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