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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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>> we do it again at 10:00, with the suns, the coyotes, college basketball games, we have got it all for you, coming up. fox 10 news at 10:00 is next. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. this is a fox 10 news alert. >> what a terrible story. it's been unfolding all night out in the east valley. two young girls rushed to the hospital and left without a mother after a car hit all three of them as they crossed the street. should not have been behind the wheel and he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. our fox 10's stefania okolie is live with the latest on this tragic story developing, stefania? >> yeah, a very dramatic scene here. we are standing on the corner where it all unfolded, neighbors outside of this ranch view community very upset about what happened. they say this is a very small community and they say they feel
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here's what we know about what happened. we are told the mother was crossing the crosswalk here on ray road, and the car was heading west on ray road when it slammed into the mother and her children. what's left behind here at the scene, a absolutely heart wrenching reminder of who this accident impacted. you can see children's shoes on the road there. several evidence markers still in the road, about 30 more yards up the road here on ray road, you can see police are gathering more evidence truck that you see there is what that suspect was driving. now, we do have some video in that shows police walking that man in handcuffs to a police car. we are told that this man, as you said, should have never been behind the wheel. police say he had a suspended license. not only that, we are told that the man ran this red light here at ponderosa avenue and ray road.
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should not have been behind the wheel. >> it's a terrible thing. it's a tragedy. i always get tired of seeing these things, especially the senseless ones. this is a individual who should not have been behind the wheel, especially because of the suspension of his license, and he chose to do that, and now we have this fatallity and two children without a mother. >> that's absolutely the most heartbreaking part of this story. police have not yet release the name of the children two and three years old. we are told that the two-year-old has very serious injuries. there is a possibility that that child may not make it. the 3-year-old should be able to recover. we are hoping for a full recovery for both of these children but absolutely it will be very agonizing for them to recover and learn that their mother is no longer here. we'll have an update to the sto story. >> heartbreaking, stefaniam thank you for that report.
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stories as one man was rushed to the hospital and soot ota in police custody as police say they got into some kind of fight. >> officers say one of the men reportedly had a hammer, and the other, well, he had a gun. this happened at the el super grocery store parking lot near 51st avenue and indian school road. police say the suspect shot the man who was holding the hammer. they detained the shooter. the man who was shot is expected to recover, police still working on piecing together exactly what happened. now shooting, this 1 near 15th avenue and sonora. another man is rushed to the hospital in critical condition after police found him lying in the street with a gunshot wound. police say that witnesses called officers early this morning. they say they don't have any information on a possible suspect just yet. if you have any information on that shooting, you are urged to call phoenix police. for the 4th day, thousands of people across the country continue to protest the election
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police are in riot gear in preparation for the worst in some of these cities. protesters say that the trump campaign was hurtful, insulting, offensive to many groups in the country, and that trump doesn't represent them. now, the large protests span across the country from california to new york. >> and we are no exception here in the valley as hundreds of people were able to take to the streets of downtown phoenix, making their voices heard. >> fox 10's marcy jones was at the rally demonstrators. she joins us with what they had to say. >> that's right. everyone out there has a different opinion, but what they have in common is that they want to be heard, as hundreds of thousands of ballots are yet to be counted in the state of arizona, many say they are not ready to accept donald trump as president. >> not my president, not my president! >> reporter: the united states of america is currently divided. >> we reject the president elect! >> reporter: you can see it
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today hundreds rallied from the capitol to downtown phoenix. >> not my president! >> reporter: one side against president elect donald trump, the other side defending him. >> you guys are about as intelligent as a doorknob! as one knife in a drawer! you have lost your marbles! >> reporter: some tell us they hit the streets out of curiosity to test the authenticity of the rally. >> one of the biggest things that i have noticed is, you know, outside the core group of people one of the things that you notice with protests a lot is a lot of paid p come along with it. we see right now on craigslist already ads to pay people to come out and protest. you know, i have seen them all over on twitter, people posting them. they pay them to be full-time activists. >> while others say even though the election has been called, they are not going to be quiet about their dissatisfaction. >> i am talking about the lgbtq community, women and their rights, the muslim community, anybody black, anybody brown,
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not part of trump's america, and even those of us that might be standing up beside them, saying we are not okay with that. this is not what we believe and we are here with you supporting you. >> reporter: that event being called united against hate, even though there was a lot of anger out there. another rally going on in tempe tonight, some folks i talked to say they plan to attend as many of these events as possible. reporting live tonight, marcy jone thank you very much marcy. and maricopa county recorder helen purcell releasing an update to the election results. there are still 185,000 early ballots that still have to be processed and tableted. there is also an estimated 55,000 provisional ballots left to be researched as well. tabulation will continue tomorrow when they start things up at 9:00 in the morning. crews called to this abandoned house in peoria.
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infer inferno. this is near 79th avenue and roosevelt. firefighters say the house will be a total loss. thankfully there was no damage to surrounding homes and no one was injured. no word on how the fire started. it is under investigation tonight. a mobile home fire in mesa resulting in the loss of the home. rural metro fire said the homes were engulfed on scene. firefighters are calling that fire suspicious though. they are uncertain, though, if this is an arson case. they say that hoarding conditions may have contributed to the fire. they want to use this case to remind people to report to authorities. if they see something, say something. >> we always encourage neighbors, if they are coming up against a situation, contact the county, contact the city to report this and make sure some kind of action is being taken. obviously, some sort of action
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happening. >> now, fortunately, nobody was injured by the flames. you may have gotten an amber alert on your phone earlier today. it came to a safe ending. after the break, we'll tell you where police found these two little girls. >> plus, st. mary's making sure that our brave men and women in the armed forces do not go hungry this thanksgiving, and how they are helping feed the troops. early today.out of tempe amber
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with linda williams with matt rodewald. an update now on that amber alert out of tempe earlier to today. the two little girls have been found safely, and they have been reunited with their mom tonight. tempe police found jazmyn and chandra campbell this morning in a tempe home. police took david fuller into custody after they found the girls at his house. now fuller is the older girl's biological father but has no relation to the other little police say fuller was with their mom last night and they got into some sort of argument. police say that's when fuller took both children. >> once we put that information out, it was an incredible outpour of support from the community, so we would just like to thank them for their efforts. >> now, the girls were not hurt, and they are back with their mom tonight. police say they need your help in finding a man they say is conneced to an armed robbery of a home depot. take a look at your screen for
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home depot showing the man inside the store, and you can see the men walking around and looking at all of the merchandise. police say he grabbed some of that merchandise, but he went to the front to the register, he showed the cashier a gun. he then fled the scene in a getaway car. police are hoping somebody recognizes the man because of the hat that he is wearing. >> he fled the scene in baggy clothing and a white writing on it that might stand out to someone. on social media, maybe someone will see the photos. they will recognize him. >> you are asked to call silent witness if you you have information on the case, that number 480-witness. if you love cooler temperatures, you are going to love what's coming up in the forecast, though we do have a
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beautiful temperatures out there tonight. conditions pretty clear, in the next few days we are going to stay clear but we are going to see warm weather. i promise we are going to get done with that pretty soon though. we will be back into the 70s, and we are cooling down nicely tonight. that's a real difference that you have probably felt in the last few nights. cooler temperatures feels a lttle bit more like fall, 69 light winds at about three miles an hour, and as you look at kind of a wide shot you'll see there's not a whole lot of activity throw the southwest, a little bit different story to the north. we'll get to that in just a moment. what we are seeing is an area of low pressure blushing northern arizona, responsible for -- brushing northern arizona responsible for the breezy conditions that we have seen, high pressure is going to start to control for the start of the workweek. we could see numbers close to record tying as we get into the
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in the thirties already in show low, 55 for douglas. in the valley, things looking great, 60s, upper 60s for deer valley and sky harbor, still holding on to those 70s in ahwatukee and the mid-60s for fountain hills and for apache junction. another warm one today. we came in seven degrees above the seasonal norm, hitting 84 for our afternoon high but it could have been worse. afternoon high then that set our record was 93-degree, just to put things into perspective for you. i want to show you the national picture real quickly, because we do have a few pockets of active weather, kind of a rain and snow mix in the intermountain west, the real story tonight the tennessee valley temperatures, one of the first freezes they have seen, temperatures dropping
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tomorrow, and the very chilly weather extends into the mid atlantic coastline as well. otherwise, things are looking great out there. 31 and sedona, 45 for kingman, into the 60s for yuma, 55 for casa grande, 42 for payson and 44 for nogales, and grand canyon tomorrow, beautiful there, u6 three degrees, a few -- 63 degrees a few degrees cooler in flag, 70 safford and douglas as well. 84 degrees, once again we should be seeing those 70s, and we are going to continue with the above average temperatures for a few days, but then the big changes come as we see yet another system, a dry cold front coming wednesday into thursday. look at that nice cool air that we get as a result of that into the 70s, as we get into the end of your workweek. so if your workweek is dragging on and you can't wait for a friday, i think the nice forecast, well, i'm already ready for friday. is that bad? >> no, that's fine.
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>> six days a week for all of us. >> hold on to friday, guys. it's going to be gorgeous. >> never let it go. >> yeah, exactly. >> thank you, kristy. st. mary's food bank serving men and women for veterans day, how the food bank is showing gratitude to our heroes
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? ? one day a rider made a decision.
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his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. you're watching the best, fox 10 news. well, buying all of the food you need to serve your family for thanksgiving can get very expensive. >> just a little bit. >> yeah. >> and our servicemen and women will be giving thanks to st. mary's food bank after they help by giving them a food box
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st. mary's turkeys for troops program, the food boxes distribute at 52nd street and armory near thomas. included in the box, things for a thanksgiving meal. >> you would be surprised how far a little food can go when you are struggling. >> quite a bit of money, it saved me a good hundred, $150. >> that is a l o around 2000 food boxes were given out to our servicemen and women in need. free dental services being offered out in chandler earlier today. akeelah family and cosmetic dentistry offering their services for free from 8:00 this morning until 4:00 this morning, all part of their dental health day, the free services including
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extractions, saying this is their way of saying thank you to the community. >> we have been so blessed the last year. the community has really supported us, and this is just a way of giving back. and i just feel grateful to be able to do this. >> nascar is in town this weekend if you're feeling the need for speed. races were international raceway. there is another big race tomorrow, marking the final race in the chase for the nascar sprint cup round of eight. speaking of speed, gcu running the floor, taking on the number one team in the country, as in, yeah, the duke blue devils, are you kidding me? talk about a tough task to start the season.
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz. >> i know. the suns don't have the best of records, but this team is trending in the right direction. they are young and talented, but we'll have to suffer through some growing pains the suns hosting the nets, yes, that's right, brooklyn is in the house, watson watching his team. check out t.j. warren with the putback slam. take another he gets sky high. i think i slammed that one too hard. how about the rookie, marquise chris taking it to the rack. this kid is something special. eric bled defensive. final score 122-104. the nets get their first victory
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we stay on the hard court, grand canyon, the lopes hooping it up with the duke blue devils, the number one team in the country, but gcu had the early lead. with the hesitation move, takes it to the buck and gets it to go. g.c.u. had the early lead but it wouldn't last. here come the blue devils and here comes greyson allen, working low, getting the hoop and harm, and he range, three-ball, corner pocket, that one is good. nothing but net. allen, great body control, gets the bucket to go. he had 25 points, ten rebounds, final score 96-61. ekman-larsson going with the camouflage suit. how about the flag on the ice. that is a beautiful sight right
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long, boston on the attack, ryan spooner from point-blank range from the doorstep, pokes it through, makes it 1-0 boston. bruins back for more, they light the lamp and take a 2-0 lead, final score 2-1. a hot track in avondale, the xfinity series on the track tonight, and that is kyle busch. he's one business, and filling in for dale ernhardt, jr., gets loosey-goosey on the turn, going into the wall, he is on fire. when the smoke clears, it was guess who, kyle busch, out in front, he's your big winner, setting things up for the big race tomorrow. oh, yeah, it's going to be a lot of stuff going on out on the west side of this state right here or the city. the cardinals hosting the 49ers, and of course that race they both started at 2:00.
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leave early. >> yes, that will be a nightm nightmare. >> hey, enjoy your saturday. we'll see you tomorrow. cloer
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i don't know if you guys do that. you kind of play the what-if game. you know, "what if i didn't spend all that money?" "what if we didn't break up?" what if, when sleeping beauty woke up from her coma nap and saw prince charming, she was like, "whoa, hey, i like black guys"? [ laughter ] tomlinson: every week, the best comics in the country gather in one place, and this is that place. it's time to find your happy place. it's time for "laughs." hey! welcome to "laughs." i'm your host, taylor tomlinson. and tonight, we are gonna kick you in the face with comedy. so grab an ice pack 'cause "laughs" starts right now. nevi: i wish i was a princess. i know i don't seem like someone who might wish that. but i do. i watch the princess movies. i still watch the old ones. kind of difficult to watch now though, uh, 'cause they're wrong. like, "sleeping beauty" and "snow white," that's like a frat party that went wrong. right?


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