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tv   FOX 10 News Maker Sunday  FOX  November 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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what a remarkable week politically. donald trump stunning the nation, stunning the world. nobody -- i mean, really, nobody saw this coming. there may have been people out there that had a feeling -- and they were right -- that there was a movement going on. tremendously disappointed in the outcome and shocked at the outcome. donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states. who would have thought that possible, even a couple weeks ago. marcus delartino from strategic, a guy that reads the tea leaves and knows his stuff. good to see you. what did you think election night? >> my job was on the ground just like everybody else. it was absolutely the most fascinating campaign season from
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we, of course, did a side bet in the office. you can't help yourself. >> i had one going too. >> there was -- when you go through the map, it was difficult to find the path. >> that's what i thought. and that's why i did not think he could pull it off. i felt, looking at the electoral map, it was just too hard. it was like tiptoeing through a mine field. one trip-up, and he's gone. north carolina doesn't go his way, and it starts to really get have probably -- now even florida maybe wouldn't have killed him. the electoral vote now is strong. let's see, he's at 306 to 232. he loses the popular vote, though. >> most likely. i'm not counting out -- remember there's a lot of other ballots in arizona and throughout the country. we'll see how that sort of
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possib possible, and we're having the debate once again with the electoral vote. >> do you believe in your heart of hearts that donald trump thought he was going to win when he was casting his ballot today? >> i think his advisers told him the same thing we just said. the path to victory is very difficult. i think it was clear in his face. he comments from his campaign staff going into election day, i don't think he was absolutely certain he was going to win, no. but hindsight being 20/20, he can say >> do you know anything about their internals? were they picking up something the pollsters were not? because i kept hearing kelly ann conway saying we've got a path, and she was adamant about it. that's her job, and i get that. she kept saying, we've got a path. several different paths. >> which is true. there was a path, but it was a very difficult path to get there. polling was really difficult this season.
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to the phone. >> the person on the line isn't from a political camp. so i'm not going to answer to any of these guys. i just really think people didn't take the time to do it. >> you're not the only one. when polls take longer, it makes them less accurate. we're finding that locally. we're finding it statewide, and we're finding it nationally. the whole business of polling has certainly changed. i think we've talked about that before. >> the polling business now so arcane that we can't trust anything? >> i would say you have to take it with a little bit bigger grain of salt would be probably the best way i could put it. >> this is a huge grain. this is a boulder grain of salt because the polls, except for that usc/l.a. times -- >> they did one, and then there's -- internet investors
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>> exactly, ibd. >> they were the most accurate. do you know anything about polling they were doing the others weren't? >> the most difficult part about polling this cycle is picking out who's turning out essentially. so that accounted for a lot of sway. what they were able to do is most accurately predict who's going to turn out in the polls, which is the hardest part about polling. it's really why you hire a pollster at the end of the day. everyone else thought that voter turnout was going to be off the chart. when we look through this election and crunch through the numbers, you're going to see that the democrat turnout was low, shockingly low. >> after all this talk about ground game, which also made me think trump was going to lose because there was all this talk that the democratic ground game to get their voters out was far superior. trump had not built any infrastructure for that. how can he win if it's close?
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on a ground game. she had 150, if not 200 people here in arizona being paid to work on a ground game. >> you've been in those things. you've been in those kinds of campaigns like that. let me ask you something. if the public is skeptical about their own candidate, if the public is kind of -- if they were supporting hillary, but they're like i'm supporting her, but i'm not really thrilled about the choice, does that trickle down into the campaign people working. do they kind of also -- do they sit on their hands and go i'm that into it. or what happens? >> usually not. that's a pretty dramatic effect. if you're getting your paycheck from the campaign, you're generally pretty jacked up. >> you're a believer? >> just because you're a believer, it does have a demoralizing effect on you. if people spend the day saying, you know, your candidate's not that great, you go home, and you're sort of depressed about it. maybe unintentionally you're not
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be. >> so maybe it does affect the ground game. let me show this remarkable video, donald trump at the white house with president obama yesterday. well, it was -- what would it have been? thursday. what did you make of this? just read the body language for me. do you think this was as great of a meeting as we've been told. i mean, they did meet for 90 minutes, and i guess trump thought it would be 15 or something. do you think there was an airing of grievances. >> i don't think there was an airing of grievances. however, i don't think it went as smoothly as they'd like you to believe. there's a lot of mending to go on, not only in this country but certainly between donald trump and hillary clinton and the current president. i think the point of the meeting was to encourage americans to be a little bit more optimistic about where we're going and hopefully sort of -- i think
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we're seeing in cities like oakland and denver and san francisco and hopefully cut that off at the pass. >> what effect does this have on arizona now? >> well, it's amazing. for us we look at it through a political lens. governor ducey was looking at running for president in four years if hillary clinton won, and that sort of cuts off his path in four years. so now does he look at taking senator john mccain'sea six years? what does state treasurer dewitt do? does he stay in d.c., work for the administration, or does he come back here and run against jeff flake? >> does robert graham really have a shot at becoming the chairman of the national party. >> i think the election in arizona gave him the best scenario to make that run for rnc chair, but he's not going to be the only one. >> what did you make of joe arpaio losing? >> not shocking. >> i wasn't shocked either. >> i've got to ask this
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arizona, but joe arpaio and paul babeu lose? >> i've got an answer. the voters in arizona are incredibly discriminating. they are incredibly sharp about what they do. they don't just vote straight ticket. there's such a libertarian streak through the voting bloc of you guys can tell us what you think we're going to do. we're doing what we think we should do. >> it's disingenuous to think that arizona voters just go down a don't think about the story that's been told. as i said, you can't be on the days under investigation and 0 - expect that there's not going to be some doubt. >> and some of these people are the same people who voted proudly for donald trump, and joe arpaio gave big rise to donald trump here in arizona. one of his strongest advocates. trump may have even modeled some of his strong border rhetoric on joe arpaio's strength. >> sure. >> so trump wins here, and
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the building block of it loses. that's a voter carefully thinking this through. >> there's no doubt about it. i think the same thing's true for the congressional race that had sheriff paul babeu running. the circumstances -- people didn't just look and say, hey, he's tough on the border. people looked at the entire story. in that particular case, he also had $3 million being spent against him, but the story was there. >> and the border story for district 1 is not as big of a story in district 1 because of the makeup of the district. the it's water, it's power -- >> it's rural arizona. >> it's forest, all of that stuff. >> exactly. >> 205 going down. i picked i thought it would. i thought it wouldn't pass because it tends to be when props are narrow going into the homestretch, they lose. >> you're ready to be a campaign manager. you're on this stuff, i'm telling you. >> i've watched it for so long. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. >> it just didn't have enough lift going into election day.
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about two weeks out this was going to be a razor thin tight race. when that starts to develop, you know it's going to go down. when it's that tight, the voters have misgivings. >> and the number one thing i've heard, interestingly enough, from people is i voted against it because it was too long. there was too much to read, too many pages. >> interesting. >> which i thought, of all the things we heard about 205 in this election, every commercial that was there which covered everything, your reasoning was the length of the ballot initiative. voters have just interesting things that they think about. >> does that mean the voters, when they look at the length of it, if it's this complex and complicated and i'm kind of in an anti-government mood, i'm a no. >> absolutely. and they're thinking you're up to something else. you didn't just ask me to legalize marijuana. that's the kind of language where you guys are up to something else. and the no side kind of alleged the fact that these guys were trying to run a monopoly. they alleged a whole lot of
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of the ballot then gave them room for that sort of argument. >> is it coming back in four years? >> absolutely. >> maybe even two? >> you'll be lucky in it's not two years. >> you'd have to do four, though, to get more turnout of the people who would have a propensity to vote for it. >> absolutely. and that's why they picked this cycle. they were looking for the general election. >> any other thoughts on elections? let's run just briefly, a little bit of donald trump's speech that night. i want to see if you thought he struck the right tone. donald trump on election night. [ crowd chanting usa ] >> thank you. thank you very much, everybody. sorry to keep you waiting. complicated business. complicated.
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i just received a call from secretary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] she congratulated us -- it's about us -- on our victory. and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. i mean, she fought very hard. hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we oher a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> i know. jaw dropping. the right tone? is this the kind of president trump we're going to see, that guy? >> everybody in the country is hopeful right now that that is the guy you're going to see.
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randomly is hoping that this is the guy and that we were done with the campaign ahead of time. i will tell you, if it is this guy, he's going to be overwhelmingly elected in four more years, and people might be asking him to run for four more. >> that's interesting. >> but everybody's hopeful, but there's absolutely no confirmation that's going to happen. >> i asked him, when i interviewed him during the campaign, i kept asking him, who's the real guy? the guy i'm talking to right now who's very gentile, thou very kind, extends himself. and then i said, or the guy on the podium? and he wouldn't really answer. he said, just remember during a primary i had 16 people or 15 other people to beat. and i thought, i keep hearing that's the real guy, the jeff dewitts of the world tell you that's the donald trump they know. that's the guy arpaio tells me he knows. the guy that gave the speech saying i won. >> which is concerning because,
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elected him and you are against politicians that say one thing and do another, he might be a major disappointment from that perspective to those people. >> they want him to be a bomb thrower. >> they want him to be a bomb thrower. so it's going to be fascinating. >> marcus, first strategic. he's a partner there. great to have him on the program. how are the twins? >> wearing me out. and my wife -- my wife is a rock star. >> god speed. when we come back, we're going to talk about prop 206 and how that will be that will all work, which will raise the minimum wage gradually in arizona. arizonans will be getting a pay raise if they are close to the
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back on newsmaker sunday. we're going to talk about the fallout and the implications of prop 206, which as you know, raises the minimum wage in arizona gradually to $10 an hour in january, $10.50 in 2018, $11 in 2019, $12 an hour in 2020. starting in 2021, the minimum wage would be adjusted annually based on cost of living. linda mckay is the vice president of human resources resulting. thank you for being with us. >> absolutely. >> tell me your take on how this will actually affect people on the job and business owners. >> it's definitely a two-part
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you have your employees at first maybe thinking this is a great thing. i'm going to get more money. rgretfully most employers, it doesn't matter. it can be small or large. employers are going to feel the impact of an almost $2 increase this first year. with that, for products and services, you're going to also see the cost of those go up. while on first sight, on the front end, it seems like it's going to be a great thing for somebody. >> to feel good. >> to take more home, but things or employers will choose to either reduce the jobs of how many hours someone works or even reduce the jobs of how many they have all together so that they can accommodate for this cost increase. >> why was there so little money thrown into this to educate voters about the implications of this? >> i'm not really sure, and what i found interesting about this particular prop is it was twofold. there are two very big things happening on prop 206. one is the minimum wage, which
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crush to a lot of employers, but then there's also the paid sick time. that is where employers, all employers, whether it's 15 or less or 15 or more, it depends on how much time someone gets, is that now they're going to be, even part time, even temporary employees will be getting paid sick leave. when that does is take the employee but cost the employer. it looks like it's a positive thing for the employee. but in the long to cost the employer more, and there will be ramifications for it. >> this a reaction that the good paying jobs are just not out there. we had more people kind of stuck in these lower rungs of minimum wage jobs where, if they're going to have to live on that, we've got to pay them more. >> i agree, absolutely. but, of course, the ramification is you can increase that, but the cost has to come from somewhere on the employer's
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jobs in the end? >> i think it can. not only does it cost jobs, but it will be a reduction in hours which ultimately will be less take home pay because there's less hours to be brought in. >> in other words, instead of paying you for 40, at this rate, i'll pay you 29 hours a week. >> that will be one of the choices. >> and maybe they avoid health care costs too depending what happens with health care. >> under the aca, that definitely helps them avoid that. >> so minimum wage, when government gets involved in that stuff -- and the voters are but we do have a minimum wage in the country that the government has said we should set at least a floor. we're still -- let's see. where are we going to be compared to -- we'll be above the national minimum wage with this, right? a couple of bucks up. >> absolutely, we are now. over about a dollar rate now. so taking us up to $10 at 1-1-2017, it's definitely $3 over the federal minimum wage. >> the other concern, i suppose,
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these kinds of jobs. do these folks -- and they're starting to inch that way -- go to full automation? >> potentially. >> where you just say we're going to factor out the labor cost. >> absolutely. and it certainly can be done. it's been happening. we see it in the grocery stores now where there's three or four checkouts and only one person. and slowly but surely, that will be the case >> or you're checking it out yourself in home depot. >> absolutely. >> that's very popular. what are the companies saying to you right now? be organized effort to try to beat back 206. it passed by, what, roughly a three-to-one margin, didn't it? >> well, being a consultant, i'm getting a lot of clients between the two pieces of 206, between the minimum wage and how they're going to figure out how they're going to be able to adjust to that, also affecting the part-time employees who are going at an increase but also getting paid time off. so it's a double whammy, especially for those businesses
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for cost analysis. it just doesn't allow them a lot of wiggle room. >> there any turning it back if voters, if jobs start to peel away, any likelihood it would start to come back? >> you know this week it's been in the news there are over 600,000 ballots still to be couted, and how the outcome of that is by next week could very well affect 205, 206, and all the other pieces. >> linda mckay, vice president of resources, thank you for helping us understand the downside of 206 we didn't think about. when we come back, i want to spend some time talking about an investigation i've been working on a year and a half. reexamining the forensic evidence in the bob crane murder, the star of hogan's heroes back in 1978. i'll tell you what i've been up to, and we are retesting the dna evidence in that case. we'll present those findings to the world on monday night on fox 10 news at 9:00. a little look at the case and
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monday night on fox 10 news at 9:00, i'm going to be doing a story on the bob crane murder, which is one of the most vexing, perplexing, interesting murders that has ever happened here in the valley. bob crane, the star of hogan's heroes, a super wildly popular show back in the 1960s and 1970s.
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show. he had come out of radio in los angeles and became a big, big star. one of the most recognizable faces in television. one of the most liked personalities in television. bob crane was murdered in his scottsdale apartment while he was here performing dinner theater at the windmill dinner theater in scottsdale. he was murdered in his scottsdale apartment, and the alleged assailant was john karr pen ter, his good friend. they were more than doubling, they were obsessed with it. many believe the relationship led to this murder, that crane was perhaps trying to cut off his relationship with carpenter, and carpenter, in something of a jealous rage, a rage killing, as carpenter was being cut out of this relationship and his gravy train to women, killed bob crane, murdered him with a camera tripod in his apartment, bashing him in the head, killing him in a bludgeoning murder. we're going to talk about where
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have reopened it in an attempt to review the forensic evidence in this case, particularly the blood evidence, to retest it at a topnotch dna lab in the nation, one of the best in the country, to see if 20 years later, we can get an answer as to who killed bob crane. hogan's heroes was a part of my life growing up. bob crane was always in my living room and the living room of millions of americans. he was one of the most beloved and recognized faces on television. and his death remains one of the top unsolved celebrity murders of all time, one of the murders that has ever happened in arizona. >> during my career, i've had a lot of big cases, but the bob crane case tops them all. >> crane was in scottsdale in june of 1978, starring in "beginner's luck" at the windmill dinner theater when he was found bludgeoned to death in his apartment. his longtime pal john karr pen ter became the main suspect in the case. he and carpenter used to meet out on the road and have sex with women and videotape their exploits.
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suspect when blood was found in his rental car matching bob crane's rare blood type. >> we're trying to talk to you about the murder of bob crane. >> this i understand. >> in scottsdale. what do you think about that? >> i think it's great, but when you sit across from me and accuse me of killing one of my best friends. >> i'm still thinking that you did. >> well, then, fine. >> i think i probably would be able to prove that you did. >> fine. i'm not going to say another word. >> carpenter did this? >> he's the guy. >> no doubt? >> >> 100%? >> 100%. >> this is what's alleged to be the murder weapon, a quickset junior tripod, weighs about six pounds. this would deliver a crushing blow to a human head, and this was used for testing, and it was used just kind of a mock to determine if this could have inflicted the wounds on bob crane's head, and investigators said it would have, and this part here, the plate, would have
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killed him. >> we will retest the dna contained in these vials and try to unlock the mystery of who killed bob crane. it was a fascinating exercise, and i have written a book about the subject called "who killed bob crane." it will be available for early release on amazon and any fine book seller. this became an obsession. i have no other way to put it. this case has bothered me and troubled find answers for the family if at all possible. and we did get a result. so i hope you tune in monday night on fox 10 news at 9:00 as we present these results to the world. a new round of dna testing to try to solve the bob crane murder. thanks for joining us on "newsmaker sunday."
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tensions run high as protestors clash with police. a fourth this is an unlawful assembly! >> tensions run high as protesters crash with police. a fourth trump protests. >> plus a valley mother and two young children are fighting for their lives after they were hit crossing the street. what police say happened. and to make america great the deal that's being offered to give a dog or cat a forever home. good sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. time now 6:00. hopefully, you got out and enjoyed the weather yesterday. it was absolutely gorgeous out


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