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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now. a community in shock tonight, dealing with the death of a valley mother. >> this mom was crossing the street in chandler last night with her family. she had two little girls with her when they were all hit by the same car, one driver who had a suspended license. >> that driver is now behind bars, but this tragedy is far from over for the family's loved ones. >> that's right. stef this story. she's live. >> reporter: yeah, matt and linda. the community is really shattered by what happened. the family was well-known. they said the mother was so special and warm. the kids are all still in serious condition at phoenix children's hospital. meanwhile, the community is playing for the family. candles burning on a street corner outside of the warner ranch neighborhood. >> everything just seemed like a
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mother is hit and killed by a car, this memorial perhaps the loudest in a quiet community. it's how neighbors like amy bennet are choosing to remember the 35-year-old mother who was not only a neighbor but a friend. >> we were painting. she came knocking with brownies. >> last night walk ended tragically. chandler police say the mother and her two and three-year-old kids w crosswalk at ray road and college avenue when a driver sped through a red light and hit all of them. her son's bike, the stroller their daughter was in, and their shoes left scattered in the road. julie saw the commotion and prayed it was no one she knew, but when she got closer she realized it was the neighbor. she ran to back to tell the husband. >> did the kids and pam go out walking? i was like, yes, go to the street, go to the corner. that's all i could say, and he just ran.
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together to show support for the family. some complete strangers sadly connected by a tragedy. >> i was really hoping and praying that she would make it, and she didn't, and even know i didn't know her, i was with her right at the very end. so it was just horrifying and tragic. >> reporter: yeah, very traumatizing for everyone who witnessed that last night. now, police identified the driver as 39-year-old william epperlein. today i learned his license was on suspension for a dui. he has been charged for death by use of a vehicle while driving on a suspended license. matt, linda? >> stefania, thank you. well, the man who was found shot near 15th avenue and buckeye has died from his injuries. police say a witness heard shots and then called 911. officers found the victim lying in the street with gunshot wounds. police say they don't have any information on a possible suspect or on what led to the shooting. police did say that a man was seen running from this scene.
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this case, please, call phoenix police. >> and detectives are trying to figure out what led to a man being found dead in his west valley apartment earlier today. now, this is at an apartment complex near 53rd avenue and northern. police have yet to release any information on the victim or any possible suspects in the case. investigators are still working to piece together exactly what happened. if you know anything about the case, you are asked to call police. more president elect donald trump selecting his white house chief of staff, reince priebus, a washington insider tied to the rnc has been selected. fox news reporter ed henry reports on what this pick might tell us about a trump presidency. >> reporter: president elect donald trump made it official, tapping steven bannon to be chief strajs and senior
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and counselor while reince priebus will serve as chief of staff. the outgoing republican party is more of a tactician, and his ties with house speaker paul ryan may smooth the transition. bannon was criticized for his role in the alt right movement, but helped lead trump to victory. >> the thing about steve bannon don't understand is that in this campaign and he has worked very closely with reince priebus and the rest of us. >> bannon tried to tamp down questions about two different power centers in the white house, while priebus says they will work to repeal and replace obamacare and destroy radical islamic terrorism. the president also signaled immigration as a top priority in
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vowing to swiftly deport millions of illegal immigrants. >> gang members, drug dealers, a lot of these people, could be two or 3 million. >> a warning sign for trump not to lose sight of the outsider message that got him elected. >> the swamp doesn't want to be drained and will suck you in if you let it. >> he set off alarm bel some supporters by listening to president obama about keeping legacy items in place and telling "60 minutes" and wall street journal that he will keep some parts of obamacare. some critics are already upset, but some of trump's rabid supporters want nothing short of a full repeal. in washington, ed henry,
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>> and something unusual today, a pro trump rally today along the hollywood walk of fame, people gathering on trump's hollywood star with a goal of uniting americans. and unfortunately that was the exception as this was more of a common sight, thousands of antitrump demonstrators marching through the streets of san francisco, many chanting not my president. trump's protests took from los angeles to new york city all night once again. and these protests r >> yeah, hundreds of folks took to the streets here in tempe today, but their message was not one of anger. our marcy jones is here. she has more on that story. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, guys. we spoke to two teachers today who say they are sick of the nastiness that transpired between both political parties, adding that they couldn't sit at home and do nothing, so they decided to hit the streets with a message of hope. >> emotions are definitely understandable, but now is the time to actually do something
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whatever you may feel you need to do, get involved. if it is the electoral college is bothering you, get involved. >> reporter: it's been the question plaguing protesters since the beginning of time. what is marching going to do to fix your cause? we asked that simple questin today, and this is what two teachers had to say. >> so we decided to stage a peaceful demonstration to show that arizonans do stand up against hate and intolerance. >> they say that there has been so much to spread a message, a message that hope isn't lost. things will get better, but we need to work together and listen, especially since we have a younger generation watching us. >> i think there is a sense of betrayal. i think that people believe that you are o country is a place of love -- our country is a place of love. i think people are scared. we are teachers. we are educators, and our students were in tears on wednesday morning. we had to grapple with that. we had to talk to 60 of them and
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will not be torn apart. we will not let that happen. >> they are not blocking highways or leading with mean messages. they say that they want to be an example that hate won't win. >> there has been an uprising of hate, and we need to let everyone know, regardless of who holds the office or who is elected, that type of behavior won't be tolerated. >> several other cities saw rallies tonight. for the most part, they have appeared pe ballots still being counted in maricopa county. there are roughly 112,000 early ballots left to be processed and tabl tabulated, and another 55,000 provisional ballots to be researched. helen purcell is trailing her
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12,000 votes tonight. the ballots will be counted starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. do you own a toyota? i do. pay attention, you may have $15,000 coming your way, the details of a brand-new settlement coming up. and a tweet about a trump protest goes viral, inciting a lot of anger. now the man who sent that tweet admits it is a fake. you have got to see this one. >> a tsunami hits new zealand following a powerful i'm bryan llenas in new york. i'll have the details nextmenextment -- next. david johnson ran the ball for just 55 yards, and the cardinals turned the ball over four times. but arizona figured out a way. they desperately needed a win, we'll break it down for you, plus richard saenz in the locker room with calais campbell and
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wild double overtime finish tonight at p.i.r. we'll see you
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you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00, with linda williams with matt rodewald. a major earthquake hit the east coast of new zealand's south island just before midnight, triggering multiple aftershocks and tsunami waves as well. fox news reporter bryan llenas was the latest details. >> reporter: a powerful earthquake struck new zealand's shutout island, shaking residents awake and causing severe damage to buildings and homes. the 7.8 magnitude quake hit just after midnight local time in a rural area of the city of christchurch. >> the area most affected is clearly on the east coast, sort
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inland. we have had very limited communications there because it's been cut off. >> reporter: a number of strong aftershocks were felt more than 120 miles away, and the tsunami was reported about two hours later. new zealand's prime minister, john key, says the full extent of the damage is still being assessed and emergency officials are warning people along the coast to move to hiring ground to avoid tsunami waves. >> we know now that the tsunami risk coastal warnings, but we also urge people to just continue to be cautious. >> reporter: for many the quake brought memory of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck in 2011 killing 185 people. new zealand sits on the ring of fire, an arc of seismic faults that sit around the pacific ocean where quakes are common. >> we have experienced a number
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what concerned us was the strength of the quake. >> reporter: emergency crews and helicopters are being dispatched to help. >> falling for a delay of a lawsuit against trump university, they want to postpone the trial until after the inauguration, believing the extra time will allow both sides to reach a possible if no settlement is reached, trump wants to be questioned in a videotaped deposition. a texas man says he was wrong after a tweet went viral. >> it wasn't good. he claimed protesters were being bused for the protest in austin. his message was retweeted nearly 17,000 times.
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twitter was not a big deal. i have 40 followers. i post twice a year on twitter. i'm not a professional blogger at all. >> what eric tucker thought was not going to be a big deal turned into a social media frenzy. seeing a bunch of charter busses lined up on 5th street near waller on wednesday, coincidentally around the same time of an antitrump rally being held in downtown austin was unusual, so he took to twitter used to bus in protesters. >> i hadn't really fact-checked anything. it was all kind of circumstantial, and before i know it, it's a story. i'm over 10,000 tweets by the next day. >> within 24 hours, president elect donald trump also took to twitter saying about protesters, just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters,
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prefr protesting, unfair. >> it turns out the busses were being used for the tableau conference being held at the austin convention center. yes, i was. >> reporter: but for many they believed it was part of a national conspiracy that antitrump protesters are being recruited and pay. tucker says it is a lesson for the more than 16,000 who retweeted it. much, but i do think that it speaks to a sort of shallowness of this current election cycle. >> reporter: and a lesson learned for him. >> i'll be more careful, especially if i know that it's going to be picked up by this many people, yeah. let's talk about automobiles. toyota, yes, that toyota, will be paying up to $3.4 billion in settlement money so they can settle a class action lawsuit.
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toyota owners who claimed their pickup truck and suvs didn't have rust protection. that's 1.5 million pickups and suvs we are talking about. the settlement applies to tacoma trucks made between 2005 to 2010, sequoias from 2005 to 2008, and tundras from 2007 to 2008. it's estimated each owner will get about $15,000 per vehicle. well, it's going to be a warm start to the workweek, but how about some 70s in your forecast? we are going to see those numbers on the map in our valley. i'll tell you when, coming up in
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fox 10 news is back. well, it may not be wearing a cape or have any super powers or anything like that. no.
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tomorrow morning, the moon will be the biggest and brightest it's been since 1948. nasa says the moon will look up to 40% bigger and 30% brighter than usual moons. this moon will not be as close to earth for another 18 years, so you will have to wake up early if you want to see it at its brightest and bestest. yeah. >> linda is doing a littl newsroom for us. i believe we talked about the super moon, it went something like this, and then big went like this. >> don't call me out! >> it was beautiful. i love it. a round of applause. >> it was as lovely as interpretive dance as we have ever seen here in the state of arizona. >> the moon is gorgeous though. if you do have a chance to get outside, you definitely want to take a look. we don't have a picture of it
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73, relatively clear skies, nice conditions to go out and view the super moon. as matt told you, you will have to wait a while to see the next super moon. although it is already out in the sky, the point at which it is going to reach full moon is a little bit before 7:00 in the morning. 2034 the next time you'll get a chance to see this. get outside, snap a picture if you can. we always love to see those viewer photos. quick look at the west coast, where we see a cou offshore, a cold front making its way through the pacific northwest, a system in baja california, but the real dominant feature the next few days is going to be a ridge of high pressure throughout the southwest, going to keep us on the warm side. temperatures already cool tonight in flag, 30, same in the grand canyon, 40s for st. john's, 70 for yuma, 56 for nogales, valley temps in the mid-60s in apache junction and gateway, 70 for goodyear,
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at 64. we should be in the low 70s as we continue to cool down but today making it to 85 degrees, well above the seasonal norm. we are going to continue with that pattern over the next couple of days, the national picture, relatively calm tonight. we do have showers pushing into parts of the pacific northwest, the southeast seeing several of these air qualities in effect because of all of the incredible fires that continue to burn in that region. good news there is a storm system, a low crawling along mid atlantic that should help in the more eastern sections of the southeast that have those smoky conditions. tonight, low 30s for show low, 26 for flag, 44 for kingman, and tomorrow 80s once again across our board in those lower deserts, 80 for kingman, aup for safford, 66 for sedona. cooling down in the valley to the upper 50s for the most part. into tomorrow, we'll see numbers in the mid-80s, nice and clear,
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head out and check out the super moon, and next few days we are going to hold strong to those 80s, riding above average into your wednesday. cloud cover starts to build, and then we see some real changes. take a look at thursday and friday, guys. that's when that cold front is going to move through the west, affecting us with very windy conditions, a drop in temperature, and potentially, i don't want to get linda excited, but potentially some rain. >> rain! >> probably in the higher elevations though >> wow. >> so the desert though, this is fantastic. we have really had a spell of warm, warm days. record temp for tuesday is 90, so if we do in fact warm up a few degrees above that, we could tie a record. >> when i was a kid, riding on road trips, i would tell them, look, the moon is following us. it really is tonight. it feels that way. >> i love it because it is not politics. it is moon. it is nature. it is beautiful.
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>> is super! >> thank you, kristy. veterans day a couple of days ago but this weekend marked the 3rd annual veterans flag run and charity event. it featured hundreds of trucks hitting the highway with american flags. you see them there. >> that's awesome. >> yep, flapping away in the bed of the trucks. there was a $5 fee per vehicle to join us. proceeds went to veterans for veterans. that homeless vets re-enter society. an exhibit for our fallen veterans, plus a large raffle and a whole lot of vendors out in full force this morning, what a sight. the big draw, the honor walk in downtown phoenix to remember our servicemen and women. fox 10's courtney griffin was there. she has more. [bagpipes playing amazing grace] >> what's wonderful is to see so
9:27 pm
many different walks of life. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> hundreds of people came out to show their respects to veterans and their families at the 6th annual honor walk in downtown phoenix. >> my husband was in the navy, and we just think it's really important to be supportive, and we know the wonderful work that they do mentoring some of our guys who come back and need a little assistance. >> the event started with a flyover of steerman biplanes. >> i'm a veteran -- we obviously support all of the veterans day walks. >> teach the kids about veterans and the family history. >> she's a marine corps veteran who walked in the 5k last year with her son, caden. she says being in the military changed her life in a good way, and she's thankful to see events like this honoring our service
9:28 pm
country. >> it's hard on the body, but the friendships and the camaraderie, i definitely made lifelong friends through the military. i know i can always reach out to other veterans, and they will understand what i'm going through at all times. >> everyone here walking for different people, but all for the same reason. >> i just want to thank all of our veterans, past, present, and future. ? was still there ? >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> nearly 800 people attended that event today and they raised more than $25,000. the event organizer says all of that money will be donated to the association of the united states army. >> well done. some day, there will be a cure. still ahead, the arizona university that may play a pivotal role in cancer search.3 >> and the delays are a time for giving and generosity. the organization that's appealing to people around the
9:29 pm
thanksgiving season. toys, toys, as far as the eye can see, but operation toy box not your ordinary holiday drive. these toys come with special messages from valley children. we'll explain.
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and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. well, we are over a week from thanksgiving, and more than a month from christmas, but a valley nonprofit held a big toy drive this weekend.
9:32 pm
benefit kids who are in the foster system, and it's going to help them out all year long. fox 10's anita roman has more. >> she wrote down a very special message. >> i wrote i hope you'll be healthy, and i hope you get loved. lots of love, and i hope you get parents and family soon. >> reporter: the words of hope and encouragement carefully crafted on a tag that will soon be read by a child who recently >> it's really not about the toy. it's not about a butterfly or a fire truck or whatever it is. they really focus on the tag that's been written for them. that's the bigger meaning for them. to think that somebody spent time to write a message of hope for them specifically is a big deal. >> she started the foundation after her only son died, eventually teaming up with arizona department of child services placing toy boxes like
9:33 pm
removed from their home, it is a really traumatic situation. it's not easy for any child, and sometimes they don't get to take those things that are familiar for them. so to have something that is their own is really important. >> dcs spokesperson vickie isaac says when kids come into the system, they get to pick a toy. it helps put them at ease. >> our focus is on inner wealth, and we do this with experiences that are heart based. >> each shares a life story on the lid that will stay with the box forever, and by teaching kids to give, not just physically but emotionally, the foundation hopes to write a very different type of toy story, one with a happy ending. >> it is great because i want to help kids out and make them feel
9:34 pm
a hundred boxes will be going out in december. for more information on how you can help or donate, head over to and click on seen on tv. we have got a link there for you. a turkey collection drive held with the goal of collecting 1,000 turkeys, they ended the drive with about 800 turdie turkeys. they say they need help with hygiene products as well. >> we need help with food, supplies, anything for someone to take a shower. it doesn't end with thanksgiving. i just think thanksgiving gives us that opportunity to really bless people and show gratitude. >> the goal still is to get to 1,000, and you can make your donations at any phoenix rescue mission location. 29-year-old mountain bike
9:35 pm
south mountain earlier this morning, fire crews getting there. they got to him, were able to stabilize him, and then you can see they flew him safely off the mountain. firefighters say the biker suffered a leg injury. he is expected to be okay. exciting news from the university of arizona. the university says its cancer center is having an increased role in research, and the center has been accepted into a national clinic trials research group. now, this means that it will be more involved in clinical trials, and the universiy's cancer center has an increase in research capabilities. more health news. it turns out it's not all in your genes. new research shows a healthy lifestyle can slash your risk of heart disease despite inherited risk, which can be cut in half
9:36 pm
got regular exercise and stayed slim. this study also found unhealthy habits can largely ruin the benefit of having good genes. see this man? he's in custody tonight after a desperate day-long manhunt. why deputies were so anxious to bring him to justice. and remembering a tragedy, france commemorating the terrorist attacks in paris one
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fox 10 news is back we were just talking about how time has flown so quickly. fr from the time that the country was attacked with a series of somber events today, including a silent tour of the sites where 130 people were killed by islamic extremists. fox news reporter garrett tenney has that story. >> reporter: for a lot of folks in paris, it feels like it was only yesterday that these horrific terrorist attacks devastated the city, the country, and most of the western world.
9:40 pm
hollande visited the sites across the city where i.s.i.s. terrorists carried out their attacks one year ago. 130 people were killed in a series of highly coordinated attacks, targeting bars, restaurants, music venues and a sports stadium. this morning at each location, survivors and family members of the victims stood in silence as the names of those who lost their lives were recited and looked on as hollande laid wreaths and unveiled plaques t honor those who lost their lives. for some of the survivors, returning brought back the horrors of that night. >> there was an exchange between terrorist and police, where some of the bullets went into the wall, and i was just on the other side of the wall. >> reporter: today's ceremonies follow last night's reopening of the bataclan concert hall, which was the bloodiest and longest of
9:41 pm
tickets quickly sold out, and sting opened his performance with a moment of silence. even a year later, france remains under a state of emergency. >> reporter: only one of the terrorists behind the paris attacks is believed to be alive, and one year later, salah abdeslam is still in jail, awaiting trial in france. >> iraqi troops have cleared several neighborhoods, but at one field hospital, militants turned on the people as forces approached. they killed at least one person and injured dozens of others. over the past weeks, iraqi forces inched forward slowly, trying to avoid roadside ieds and suicide bombers that could
9:42 pm
a sheriff's deputy in northern california is killed responding to a call about a suspicious car and a person. tonight a suspect is in custody. sheriffs say david machado killed dennis wallace, a 20-year veteran of the department. a woman fought back, and when machado took off running, she called police. machado was captured and immediately identified wallace's suspected killer. a massive fire destroys a historic church in kansas city, missouri. crews say that flames broke out at the evangelicalistic center church at 6:00 a.m., firefighters saying an explosion inside the church caused a wall to collapse. thankfully no one was hurt but the building was a total loss. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. man's best friend gets a
9:43 pm
this happened in missouri. >> fire and e.m.s. crews working for hours to save a 14-year-old dog was stuck in a pipe. fox's alex vee has that story. >> 14-year-old max is deaf and he doesn't get around well, but he cheated death on thursday. his owner couldn't find him. >> and i looked for about a minute, and all of a sudden it hit me to look inside the >> she found him all right, stuck inside a pipe beneath her neighbor's driveway. >> it's okay, honey. you're a good boy, max. >> west county e.m.s. and fire responded. >> right there. >> so initially he was about a foot into the pipe, and so i got on my stomach, and i was like trying to pull him, but he was crying. >> reporter: rescue crews worked for three hours, eventually deciding to take the pipe
9:44 pm
>> so we brought out our k12 saws, running two saws, brought out our sledgehammers, pry bars. >> reporter: once rescue crews got the pipe out of the ground, they had to determine with where the dog was in the pipe. >> and we measured what we thought was a safe distance behind the dog and used a saw cut the pipe. >> i was so happy, and i just kissed him, and we just put him into the car and actually rushed him to the hospital. donald trump may be moving into 1600 pennsylvania avenue, but for a price, you could be living in this white house. >> ooh! >> yeah, it's up for sale. we'll explain. and a valley girl is a black belt, and when it comes to something that she believes in, she's not one to be messed with in that either.
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9:48 pm
live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. all right. if you're house hunting, white house >> wow >> wow. >> that is up for sale in texas. the former texas governor's mansion is going up for auction in december. it was built on the edge of galveston bay back in 1927 by former texas governor ross sterling. the home includes all of its original floors, 15 bathrooms, sun rooms, a butler's pantry, and an original walk-in icebox.
9:49 pm
for, drum roll, five and a half million dollars. but shockingly, and i don't know why, they weren't able to find a buyer. >> and like the price is right, i will bid $1. >> good move. >> we'll see how it turns out. well, sunday means game day as the 49ers came to town, and to say that the fans were ready, oh, it would be an understatement. >> we are the number one team in the nfl! we have got the number one fans in the nfl! let's go cardinals! >> so there's that. and cardinals fans are not letting their sub 500 record hold them back, fans out early and afternoon, getting it going in the perfect arizona fall temperatures. one fan went as far as to tattoo former cardinal pat tillman. >> that night, i went to a friend of mine, and that saturday before the super bowl,
9:50 pm
everyone knows who pat tillman is in sports, for sure, because of his sacrifice. former cardinal player pat tillman, as we mentioned, commemorated before the game today. let's talk about a young lady, just 13 years old. she's not only flourishing as a junior black belt. she is training with adults twice her age, and she is taking on political issues that she believes in. she's a busy young lady. >> interesting combo along with her father, the two marched to lead a protest against the dakota access pipeline. fox 10's ty brennan has this story. >> 13-year-old kylie hunt-in-winter is not a normal teenager. >> she's extremely active and trains six days a week. >> she's a black belt and has won awards for her incredible martial arts skills. >> she's always competitive. she's always pushing herself to
9:51 pm
she trains with the adults. she likes to train with the so she can be the best that she can be. >> i really enjoyed doing it, and it would definitely be something that i say is fun and not just all work. >> reporter: this tough 13-year-old is also brave enough to stand up for what she believes in. along with her father, the two led a march to protest the dakota access pipeline. >> it's very important because it's their water, and everybody needs water to so we say water is life. i am actually part of the standing rock sioux tribe, which is the reservation that is dealing with right now. >> her hard work and dedication caught the attention of some pretty important people. next up she is up for the arizona american indian and excellence leadership world, but this 13-year-old takes it all in stride. >> i would not say it is hard. i would say it is challenging. >> ty brennan, fox 10 news. coming up next, we are going
9:52 pm
performance against the niners, the run game, some of the turnovers, and max starks takes you inside the positive and the negative, plus richard saenz in the locker room with calais campbell and michael floyd. nfl, we have got some stunners tonight, plus suns-golden state
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. playing through injury and playing with a remarkable will to win, larry fitzgerald stepped up and kept his team close finish. bruce arians hosting the niners, a long hill to climb to get to play-off contention, but it started really strong for the cardinals offense. take a look at david johnson with the touchdown reception, and then turning on the afterburners, stretches out, hits the pylon with the ball, a 14-0 arizona cardinals lead.
9:56 pm
but big plays on offense. kaepernick trying to make a play here in the early second quarter and finds jeremy kerley wide-open. niners inch back into it, 14-7 arizona. down 20-13, kaepernick says i will take it myself, ties the game with under two minutes to go. we are tied at 20. palmer operating from the 15-yard line. watch him evade the rush here and then make a throw on the rush to michael floyd, the catch of the afternoon, floyd really delivered. five catches, 101 yards, though michael floyd, the cardinals are hoping for the rest of the way. palmer on 3rd and eight rolls to his right, looks for johnson, finds him, keeps the sticks moving. and then catanzaro says this time around, an opportunity for
9:57 pm
and the cardinals win on the last play of the game, 23-20 the final. much more to come tonight on sports night. we'll break it down for you with our nfl analyst, max starks. booker last night with a disappointing game lost to the nets. give curry time, forget it, he's going to kill you. coming off the screen, lets it fly, curry absolutely brilliant tonight, again from downtown oakland, how about that shot. curry with 30 points, hit 16 threes. watch it again, the rookie out of washington with a beautiful slam here, suns keep hanging around in transition. devin booker missed on the dunk, and golden state comes right back, and boom, john livingston says i'll take that. curry nails it, and you look at
9:58 pm
shooting percentage, 51% from the field. kevin durant, deep corner, golden state starts to pull away here. watch again, moving without the basketball, klay thompson catch and shoot, what started out a close game turns to be golden state 133-120 the final. we go racing, can am semifinal, the second-to-last race of the season, kyle busch the defending points champion, look at the aggressiveness here from kyle larson, joey logano kind of hanging around, the 22 ford taking a hit here, but how would he finish.
9:59 pm
i want you to watch the restart here after the mcdowell caution late in this race. mcdowell, the 95 car, goes into the wall, and that sets up the first overtime. kenset is going to come around. alex bowman who led for about 93 lapse. watch the move. he goes inside and gets bumped, knocking race. remember what happened last year, when matt kenseth knocked out logano, tough afternoon for kenseth. and the championship is set, it's going to be johnson, edwards, and kyle busch going to florida for the championship. more on the race and richard saenz at university of phoenix
10:00 pm
coming up in about 30 minutes. we hope to see you nfl fans at 10:30 tonight. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. tonight, a community is rallying, coming together to show support for two kids who have lost their mother in a tragic way. >> yeah, the family was walking home from the park yesterday, and last night when a driver hit them in a crosswalk, killing mother. our fox 10's stefania okolie was back in the neighborhood today to learn a little bit more about the family. stefania? >> yeah, well, matt and linda, the community is really shattered by what happened. this family was well-known. they said the mother was special and a warm person. her and the kids were so close to home yesterday evening before they were hit. the kids are still in serious condition at phoenix children's hospital. and meanwhile, the community is rallying together and praying for this family.


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