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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. for the first time we are hearing the chilling 911 calls made in the moments leading up to a shooting along a valley freeway where two people were killed. >> this happened back in may on mckellips road near the loop 202, and a for department employee is accused of pullin the trigger. police say christopher wright and his wife got into an argument while they were driving. the car crashed and she got out and ran toward a construction worker for help. and that is when police say wright pulled out an assault rifle and opened fire, killing both of them. matt rodewald has been looking into all of this. he joins us tonight with the latest. matt? >> reporter: the tapes are disturbing and the stunning situation when it fist happened
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with domestic problems finally reaching a breaking point. christopher wright shot and killed his wife early in the morning on may 31st after shooting a good samaritan that was just trying to help. now for the first time, we are hearing those frightening moments of a wife and mother in trouble. >> i wouldn't let him, and the car is in my name. >> reporter: an early morning phone call to 911 paints a scary picture of a man in rage and a wife trying to hold it all together. minutes conversation with 911 operators had a different tone. >> no. everything is fine. i'm going back home. >> reporter: but she never made it home. police reports say that the arguing continued, and he reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. >> stop! stop! >> reporter: 90 seconds later, he stopped the range rover they were riding in just off the loop 202 and mckellips. learly shaken, she describes the horror that she is facing.
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help me. he has a rifle in the car and he is going to shoot me. stop! don't! stop! >> we are going to get you -- as well. i'm going to keep this line open. >> no, no, no! >> and seconds later, you hear the gunshots on the 911 call. tomas olivas arnellas had pulled over t 49-year-old was shot and killed while sitting in his pickup truck just before wright turned the gun on his wife. as the news unfolded, his family started to fear for the worst. >> i saw on fox 10 news that there was a shooting on mckellips, and the truck involved looks a lot like my father's, and i can't get a hold of them. >> they were never able to get a hold of him. christopher wright resigned from the phoenix police department
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he had a history of domestic violence, and the police report indicates that he had been using cocaine for at least the week leading up to the shooting. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. happening now, a vigil being held for the family of a victim hit by a car over the weekend, the 35-year-old mother killed, her two-year-old and three-year-old are in the hospital with injuries related to the serious crash. tonight a memorial is growing at placing candles and flowers at the intersection of ray road and college avenue. that crash happened on saturday night. police say the mother was walking with her two young kids when they were hit. the driver who struck them was arrested but has been released from jail and is now facing charges. a stunning announcement from the arizona coyotes. the team is looking to leave glendale, but they won't be going too far. >> the coyotes laying out a new plan today that would involve
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brand-new arena. currently the coyotes, as you know, play at gila river arena in glendale, right off the loop 101, next to the arizona cardinals stadium, university of phoenix. under this proposal today, the coyotes new home would be built on the corner of rio salado and mcclintock, right across from tempe marketplace, and of course next to a.s.u. danielle miller joins us live from the proposed future home of the coyotes with all of the details. danielle? can see here, this whole entire area fenced off all around the property, you be come 2019 the coyotes are hoping to open that year's season with a brand-new arena right over the street here down the street from tempe marketplace. the coyotes have agreed to pay
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coyotes ceo antonio -- >> we are going to build a world class facility that our fans are going to be excited about. coyotes officials today announcing the team's new 16,000 seat plus arena will be built on the corner of east rio salado parkway and south mcclintock, in partnership with a.s.u. will also multisport arena. >> they will have their hockey facility built by the coyotes rather than having to go do it on their own, which would be exceedingly more expensive. >> the project will cost nearly $400 million. coyotes ceo anthony leblanc says the team will put up about 60% of those fans, now working with the governor and state
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-- plan for the rest. >> we are going to have to have a public-private partnership, a very typical model, but what we are not doing is going in and asking for the government to build us an arena. we are going to be the group that takes the risk on the associated costs and, of course, the operations of the facility. >> that financial plan needs to be finalized by june of 2017. le blanc is hoping to have that. as of right now we do not know the exact plan for the possible taxes and arena, but if the legislature and governor do not sign off on that plan, they are going to have to come up and develop another plan, but the ceo tells us today right now they are only focusing on plan a. if the coyotes end up leaving glendale, their move would obviously have a big effect on that city.
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a tumultuous relationship with the team. coming up tonight at 10:00, how city leaders are reacting to the potential deal. as the city deals with the fallout from the team potentially leaving the city, today the team agreed to pay out $14 million to the city in damages and agreed to build an additional parking space area. the team the city was not holding up its end of the agreement. more than a thousand family members and friends from around the country saying good-bye to a show low police officer, 50-year-old darrin reed shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call last week. the gunman was later killed after a long, intense standoff
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reed leaves behind a wife and two children. >> it was a surprise to everybody, a shock to the community, a shock to the fam family. but we know he was doing his job, and he was a hero. >> reporter: reed is the first officer shot and killed in the line of duty from the show low police department. he was set to retire in three months. >> your devotion and sacrifices will forever live on in our hearts. god speed, darin. you are cleared from duty. we'll take 3-8-two clear. >> they had a pretty big scare today at sky harbor airport this morning. two security checkpoints closed. eight gates were evacuated over a security concern at terminal four. you may have been caught up in this, a bomb squad checking out a suspicious package at the c checkpoint. everything in that area came to a complete halt for a couple of hours, including the sky train and all of the elevators. eventually the all clear was
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is back to normal tonight. a valley man facing charges after police say he was pointing a laser at planes landing or departing from sky harbor airport and deer valley airport, such a dangerous thing today. just before 54-year-old lam tran was arrested, police say they caught him in the act of pointing a laser at a helicopter, which can be potentially potentially blinding. still counting ballots, in this latest update, recorder helen purcell says there are about 45,000 early ballots left to be tabulated, some 55,000 provisional ballots left to verify. the ballot counting goes on. it continues tomorrow. well, we had a warm weekend, a warm day today, very, very nice however. kids get up tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., the school bus shows up, clear and 62. we'll take a look at weather,
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well, take a look at it, beautiful night, 76 degrees, winds out of the north northwest at about three miles an hour. city looking pretty good. these other numbers, 89 -- 69 degrees in scottsdale, that would be more like a high, 69 up in fountain hills, 70 in chandler right now, and in glendale 73 degrees, so a nice night. this is where all of the action, up in the northwest. things are kind of quiet down here. this action, however, is going to make a difference as far as arizona is concerned. we put the futurecast into motion. you see the cloud cover coming in by wednesday. that's a little in front of all of this stuff, and then you can see it fills up pretty good to the north of us we see a little bit of snow, but the cool weather is going to come in and replace some of these upper 80s, mid-80s. we'll get back into the 70s for a bit. there you go, 87 degrees on the day today, in buckeye 84 degrees, up at deer valley we had 83 degrees, and 82 degrees
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we are forecasting temperature highs to be about the same, dropping off a little bit over the next couple of days, but these mountain temperatures, beautiful, 75 today up in sedona, mid-60s up in flagstaff. it was 90 today in yuma. overnight and by tomorrow morning, you can see the temperatures dropping off. there's that super moon hanging around out there. we'll get down to about 60 degrees overnight. other areas of the valley will be into the 50s, hike scottsdale at 58 -- like scottsdale at 58, 60 glendale, look at down in maricopa, 49 degrees. there's some cooler temperatures out there. this is your day, early morning 57, late afternoon 87, 76 and 53 would be your normal high and low. we are looking at temperatures to be about like they were today, might come down a degree or two, but as far as the mountains are concerned, about the same thing, it will be 70s, a few 60s showing up there, and
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we'll have 89 at yuma, 88 degrees at gila bend, is the forecast. here's that storm system that's mving into the northwest. this thing is going to spread across the high plains, and we'll see some snow in montana. we'll see a little snow up in seattle. some of the mountain areas up there might pick up as much as a foot of snow. it's been picking up some pretty good moisture over here by washington, a little less than an inch in some areas. this storm system is very weak, but it is pushing northward, and it will makeom heads north. you can see already making changes in washington at 55 degrees. other numbers coming down across the country as we look at tomorrow morning, 60 degrees, tomorrow afternoon we'll be looking at 86 degrees and lots of sunshine. take a look at it here as we go to 81 by wednesday, and look at that, 70s on thursday and friday. back to the 80s as we head into the weekend, but next week has some nice surprises in it as well. watch your kids around water. >> thank you, dave.
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it's been nearly 40 years since hollywood actor bob crane was brutally murdered inside his scottsdale apartment. >> the case has remained officially unsolved, but i was given a chance to reopen the case and examine the evidence, the forensic evidence, and coming up we are going to take a closer look at the case and the results of retesting on the dna. new dna tests in the bob crane
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something that i'll truly treasure. who killed bob crane? his murder in scottsdale in 1978 remains one of the top unsolved celebrity murders of all time. at one time, crane was one of the biggest stars on television, best known for his role as colonel hogan on the hit show hogans heroes. in an unprecedented
12:20 am
than a year ago, the maricopa county attorney's office allowed me to retest the dna evidence in the crane murder case, and tonight we present our results to the world. >> the mystery behind bob crane's murder still haunts family and friend. >> during my career, i have had a lot of big cases, but the bob crane case tops >> it's one of those cases that, of all of the murder cases in the valley, this is the one that keeps coming back. >> this crane case seems to have taken on a life of its own. ? >> reporter: for five decades, bob crane has been a constant presence in our lives. the wisecracking colonel hogan adored by millions, and his unso haved murder continues to
12:21 am
stuff. it's weird to finally touch it. >> reporter: the physical evidence still preserved in these cases in the 11 boxes in the maricopa county attorney's office. it's like opening a time capsule, his fingerprints taken in the morgue, his twa luggage tag. >> bob crane's it's still in liquid form. >> yes, it appears it >> so this hasn't been touched in 20 years? >> no, it hasn't. >> are we even fortunate it exists? >> yes. >> this memo from december 2002 orders it to be destroyed. >> can you explain why it wasn't destroyed? >> no. >> so we lucked out? >> you did. >> back -- we need to really be able to figure this thing out.
12:22 am
dna contained in these viles and try to unlock the mystery of who killed bob crane. >> what will this evidence tell us? as a prosecutor, i'm not afraid of the truth. >> reporter: we will send the dna to one of the top labs in the nation. in june of 1978, bob crane was performing in dinner theaters across the country, still riding the popularity of "hogans heroes," but private obsessed with a lurid hobby that consumed him, videotaping his many sexual encounters with women. >> this all american image of him, of my dad as colonel hogan, has a dark side. colonel hogan isn't who we thought he was. >> reporter: john carpenter met crane on the set of hogans and introduced him to this new
12:23 am
limelight. he liked the benefit of having women that he would never have met, a hanger-on. >> the two would pick up women and videotape their sexual exploits. >> it became kind of a hobby that went too far. i think their friendship really involved around electronics and women. >> reporter: in june of 1978, crane was performing in beginner's luck at the windmill dinner theater in scottsdale. carpenter met up with instead of staying with crane, as he had in the past, crane booked him in a hotel room down the street. >> towards the end of my dad's life, he was definitely pulling away from john carpenter. >> during the weeks before his death, he said he was tired of carpenter hanging around. >> john carpenter is a pain in the ass, i'm making changes. >> crane was reflecting on his life as heard in this final
12:24 am
six days before his murder. >> i have no regrets on anything in my life at this point. the terrible thing is i'll be 50 in two weeks. i want to go out swinging as they say. >> reporter: bob crane never made it to his 50th birthday. in the early morning hours of june 29th, 1978, while bob crane was asleep inside the winfield apartments, someone entered his bedroom and bludgeoned him to death. this never before seen video taken by scottsdale inside crane's apartment, as a medical examiner shaves crane's battered head -- >> we have got two blows here. >> reporter: an electrical cord cut from a video camera was tied around crane's neck. there was no sign of forced entry. >> my theory is crane let him in the apartment. >> reporter: there was no sign of struggle. suspicions quickly turned to john carpenter. >> you have the rights to the
12:25 am
do you understand the rights? >> i understand the rights the way read them. >> reporter: john carpenter's never be heard interview. >> i was under the impression, correct me if i'm wrong, before i make my statement to you, that i was coming here to help you out, not put me in, and i'm really very apprehensive about this. >> reporter: the morning before the murder, carpenter flew back to l.a. the plan was for crane to drive him to the airport, as clearly noted in crane's blood spattered day planner. instead, carpenter leaves. why the sudden change in plans? carpenter's swim trunks, unclaimed, still in evidence. at the time his body was discovered, before the outside world knew he was dead, carpenter made several suspicious phone calls.
12:26 am
theater at a time that he knew he wouldn't be there. it was very unusual for him to start calling around town, asking if people had seen him. >> i'm back in town, let me know if if you need anything. we are on the phone for 30 seconds. i do one of those where you almost look at the phone. why did he just call me? the trip is over. why would he call me? >> reporter: highly unusual? >> highly unusual. >> reporter: >> suspicious. >> reporter: carpenter called bob crane's apartment, twice. a detective answered. >> this in your mind is a classic all of guilty person, returning to a crime scene, telephonically? >> absolutely. >> reporter: carpenter never asked why police were in crane's apartment, because police say he knew the answer. next, john carpenter becomes the main suspect when blood is discovered in his rental car. >> how did that blood sample get on carpenter's door, if it's not my dad's blood?
12:27 am
how did it get there? >> reporter: 38 years later, can
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on the afternoon of june 29th, 1978, actor bob crane was found bludgeoned to death this his scottsdale apartment. that morning, his close friend john carpenter, one of the last people to see him alive, has tilly left scottsdale and flew
12:30 am
he left he returned his rental car, a brand-new 1978 chrysler cordova. police find seven bloodstains on the inside passenger door of john carpenter's rental car. the car immediately processed by d.p.s., photographed. >> you're talking about a case in 1978 where blood typing was it. that's all you could do with blood. >> dna testing was years away. police questioned carpenter about the blood. >> the blood on my car, like i said, i don't know where that came from, and i don't know how much there was. and when you said to me, why did you kill bob crane, well, i told you all from the start that i didn't, and i would never do that. >> this was actually a tube of carpenter's blood. >> that is john carpenter's blood? >> it is. >> taken when? >> on two 1978.
12:31 am
>> police need to know whose blood is in the car, carpenter's or crane's? if it's crane's, crane may well will the killer. >> you're going to have to do some real explaining to do, and he said, whatever. >> signed by john carpenter -- >> july 2nd, 1978. >> this is john carpenter's prints as given to one of the investigators from scottsdale pd? >> they are. >> exactly as >> yes. >> reporter: the investigator was one of three people who ever questioned carpenter. >> what was your impressions of the guy? >> he was very stoic. >> you implied and told me that i had direct contact with him, in bob crane's death. >> yes. in fact, we'll get to it. >> the first time that i talked to him, i knew that we were dealing with a guy that was going to be hard to crack. >> reporter: did you feel that he was lying to you? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: no doubt? >> yeah. . >> reporter: you felt that he was deceptive? >> yeah. >> lab results reveal the blood
12:32 am
as bob crane, found in only 9% of the population. there's more, type b blood found on the drapes in crane's bedroom, did the killer peer out the window in timing his escape? and type b on the floor of the apartment. before 1978, there was no way to prove that it actually came from bob crane. with no eyewitnesses, no murder confession. scottsdale police lieutenant ron dean and the detective confront carpenter a second time, never before heard. >> we are trying to talk to you about the murder of bob crane that occurred in scottsdale. >> yes i understand. yes i understand that. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's great. but when you sit across from me of killing one of my best friends -- >> i still think that you did. i think that i would probably be
12:33 am
say another word. >> what do you mean you're sory? are you? why don't you tell me he deserved it? i think you are about ready to tell us about it, and let's get right with it. what happened in scottsdale arizona to cause you to kill bob crane? >> reporter: it's the last time investigators would question john carpenter. he walked out of the interview a free man. 14 years would pass before he was finally charged with the crime, hidden from public view for 22 years, these are the original sections of the passenger door of john carpenter's rental car, the missing pieces are where the blood was found. the cutouts with tested, four separate times in the late '80s and early '90s for dna. >> none of them were able to conclusively say that it was bob crane's blood. >> reporter: the cutouts stored for years in these files are what we test in maryland at the
12:34 am
testing in several high-profile murder cases, o.j. simpson, jonbenet ramsey, and bob crane. an investigator with the county attorney's office will package all of the blood evidence. >> you are going to package it up and send it off. >> yes, that's correct. >> reporter: just as you would in any case? >> yes. >> reporter: nobody has touched it, it hasn't been tampered with? >> no. so we have got some evidence that they may be able to do something with, with the technology these days. >> reporter: with the advancements in dna past 20 years, will the tests finally reveal who killed bob crane? next, john carpenter goes on trial. but the jury has doubts. >> the evidence wasn't there. >> reporter: and what will our
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12:37 am
within days of bob crane's murder, police believe the killer is his close friend, john carpenter. they think carpenter flew into a
12:38 am
the strongest evidence, blood, found in carpenter's rental car matching bob crane's blood type. but two county attorneys thought the evidence was weak and refused to put john carpenter on trial. 12 years passed. >> i'm not here to criticize the 1978 investigation. would i have done it differently if it was done today? absolutely. >> reporter: how frustrating was it that you felt you identified the killer and nothing was happening. >> it was very, very frustrating in the beginning. it was very hard toak beginning. >> reporter: in 1990, newly elected county attorney rick romley reopened the crane case. >> a lot of years had gone by which had complicated the case. we had lost evidence. >> he brought in detective jim raines to take a fresh look. >> and i knew i had to go back and treat it as if it happened yesterday. >> reporter: detectives raines and visell started from crash. >> we reinterviewed everybody involved in this case. we tracked down each and every person.
12:39 am
>> reporter: all roads lead to john carpenter? >> absolutely. >> reporter: no doubt? >> no doubt. >> reporter: the investigation uncovered new clues, the crime scene photos of a v-shaped bloodstain helped detectives identify a murder weapon, a camera tripod. >> he laid a tripod over the bloody sheet, and the tripod from the first nubs, as you nighten up to the legs, to the top of the trip identical length of the bloodstain on the sheet. >> reporter: the wounds to bob crane's head matched perfectly with the tripod's steel-mounting plate. the tripod, seen in this photograph, was missing from crane's apartment. investigators believe carpenter fled the murder scene and placed the bloody tripod in the front passenger seat of his rental car, depositing the blood on the door. they also discover what they believe is a smoking gun, a crime scene photograph previously overlooked of john carpenter's rental car.
12:40 am
pathologists determined was tissue from bob crane's battered skull. the actual sample, though, was either lost or never collected. >> reporter: you believe in your heart of hearts john carpenter killed bob crane? >> absolutely. >> reporter: no doubt? >> no doubt. >> when you put it all together, blood, the tissue, i mean, it had to be him. there is no other possibility. >> authorities in torrence, california, this morning arrested john henry carpenter while he was on his way to work. >> reporter: carpenter is arrested and charged with bob crane's murder. in 1994, 16 years after the killing, john carpenter finally goes on trial. dna science was in its infancy. testing of the blood on carpenter's rental car was inconclusive. prosecutors could not prove the blood came from bob crane. >> how big of a deal was that to you guys? >> that was a big deal, because it was the most crucial piece of
12:41 am
>> reporter: michael lake was the jury foreman. >> if we had dna from that car, he would have been found guilty, i'm 100 percent positive. >> reporter: without a dna match, the jury found carpenter -- >> not guilty of murder in the first-degree, signed foreperson michael e. lake. >> but they wanted the dna. in the end, we didn't have sufficient evidence to be able to get a guilty verdict. >> when he was acquitted, how did you feel that >> just disgusted. >> the justice system let a person walk. >> my life is together again for after 16 years. >> carpenter never took the witness stand, a cloud of suspicion haunted him four years after the murder and continues to this day. 38 years after the murder of bob crane, we retest the dna evidence in the case, using modern dna science. will it prove john carpenter was the killer?
12:42 am
anything else is verify what everybody thought all along, that he was the one who did it. >> coming up next, the results of our dna test in the bob crane murder. >> is it possible you chased the wrong guys for 40 years? >> sure, if it's somebody else's blood. if it's not crane's dna, then, yeah, you know, we do have the wrong guy. >> everything points to john carpenter, yet there is still a nervousness. i guess it's the nature of being a prosecutor.
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will modern dna science prove john carpenter killed actor bob crane in 1978? if the blood found in john carpenter's car is from bob crane, carpenter is almost certainly the killer. there is no other plausible explanation. >> so if they find this is bob crane's dna in that blood, case closed? >> case >> reporter: how much do you trust the science? >> 1,000 percent. >> reporter: if it's not your dad's blood. if it's type b from somebody else, then cops maybe spent three decades looking at the wrong guy. >> i know. oh, my god, yeah, that would be -- that would be like an earthquake to me. >> reporter: and welcome back. the moment of truth in the bob crane case, and i'm joined tonight by five people who have
12:46 am
30 years, bob crane's son, bob, jr., is with me tonight, rick romley, the county attorney who prosecuted carpenter, and the man who investigated the case from scottsdale pd for years, and we are also joined tonight by steven avila who was john carpenter's attorney in oakland, california, tonight. thank you for being with us. several jurors told they had dna that proved the blood in the rental car came from john crane, they would have convicted him. dna tests at the time were inconclusive. 22 years later, we have retested those same samples from carpenter's cars at a forensic lab using the latest dna science, and this time around we got a result. we got a result, and tonight for the first time we are revealing
12:47 am
the dna found on the door of john carpenter's rental car is not, is not, from bob crane. the tests actually picked up two dna profiles. a major contributor is from a man. his identity is unknown. second dna profile is a partial profile, too degraded to reach any conclusions. this is an explosive development. i think we expecting this was going to come back john carpenter as the guilty man. bob crane's blood in your father's car, case closed. >> shocking. >> what do you make of this? >> i'm shocked right now. i -- i -- there were always two people in my mind, john carpenter or my stepmother, for different reasons. but it was on john's car.
12:48 am
stunned. >> stunned. >> steven avila in oakland tonight, you have said from the very beginning that police had the wrong guy, that your client did not kill bob crane. >> and the reason i said that is i took an objective view of the evidence that we had at that time. i knew my client, and i stated from day one he did not kill bob crane. this is wonderful news for his family. this is wonderful news for john, who is passed away, to know tha he has finally been vindicated, not only in a court of law, but in a court of public opinion. he was vilified for so many years unfairly, and the evidence in this case was ignored, which led to his prosecution. >> let me stop you -- >> two district attorneys did not prosecute this case. >> let me turn to barry, who knows dna evidence well. is there any possible way that we are missing something here? >> there is a possibility that a
12:49 am
evidence that we had on the door panel back in 1978. that door panel and that evidence was tested over and over and over again and basically washed clean. >> it could have washed away the original blood and there's nothing left. but wouldn't we get something from bob crane in that sample? >> i don't believe so, not the way that it was tested in the past. >> it does not change your mind? >> not at all. >> rick romley, you prosecuted the case. if 1994, would you have gone forward with prosecuting john carpenter, if you had what we had tonight? >> it's a bit of a hobson's choice, because information had come to me that john carpenter was quite ill, and the family -- i felt if that he had an obligation that we would bring somebody to trial, and all of the other evidence was all pointing to john carpenter. so i may still have brought the
12:50 am
evidence, all of the motive -- >> right. >> -- was still there. but following up on the question that went to barry as well on the evidence, we had two profiles. one was not bob crane, but one was inconclusive. >> right. >> and as i had mentioned to you sometime ago, that my concern was even back then, because we had such trouble with, you know, gathering up all of the evidence, i mean, d.p.s. had lost the >> right, department of public safety. >> the department of public safety, and i think it was new mexico we had to go back and find the car. >> so you think there's -- >> there's a possibility that blood that was there could be contamina contaminated, it wasn't preserved right, and that inconclusive part -- >> let me ask michael lake. you guys rendered a verdict. you and i talked about this months ago. i think if we felt we got a sample, it was going to be bob
12:51 am
carpenter's rental car, case closed. i think we both thought that. a lot of us thought that. steven didn't, but the rest of us might have. how do you feel about your verdict now, 22 years later? >> i agree with them. it still could be contaminated. >> you still think john carpenter did it? >> yes, i do. >> even despite what we found in this test? >> it could be contaminated, like they said. >> you are doubting the dna evidence? >> yes, i am. doubters on the dna here. >> look, i have done so many homicide cases in which dna plays such a prominent role. we have learned to accept the results of the dna tests. prosecutors have learned it. to come forward now with some conjecture that it is contaminated with absolutely no proof of it, it is absolutely
12:52 am
without evidence that a man's best friend killed him. >> you said before the trial that you believe the real killer was out there. >> i believe the real killer was a woman. they are just ignoring common sense in this entire prosecution, in the entire case itself. what you have is a situation which lends itself to one conclusion and one conclusion only. mr. crane knew this person who came into his apartment. he had sex with her. there's evidence of sexual intercourse with somebody. and it was a woman, and they ignored it. the lt woman, who was not properly interrogated. >> barry, let me hold off there. barry, you investigated this case from the beginning. you think carpenter was led into the apartment by bob crane that night. >> yes, absolutely. >> and then crane went to sleep, being comfortable with the person in that apartment. >> yes. >> and you believe john carpenter bludgeoned him? >> yes, i do. >> no doubt? >> no doubt. >> this doesn't change that for you? >> no, not at all. >> and you told me you'd feel
12:53 am
all came out. bob crane, jr. i know you're stunned. you're sitting there -- i know, a lot of us are stunned. i think we expected it to go a certain way. i think we went into it thinking that. what do you make of this, the idea that it might have been a woman, someone else that may be unknown to us. >> it makes sense, i mean that john carpenter has always been number one in my mind. as i mentioned earlier, my stepmother, patty, number two. they were going through a divorce. she gained all of the estate. it wasn't huge, but nice. no one else gained anything from it, except patty, and i agree with everyone. it was somebody that he was comfortable with. he went to bed. he would not have gone to bed with somebody -- >> a stranger or -- >> a stranger, yeah. there's no break-in. there's no violence in the apartment that i know of, outside of the actual murder. nothing got tossed.
12:54 am
guys were deliberating. you told me that everybody on that jury, and steven, you may find this interesting, everybody on that jury pretty much thought carpenter did it. >> i -- yeah. >> but, you did not have dna. that was the key, no dna to positively say that the blood in his car was from bob crane, is that right? >> yeah, that was the only evidence that they have. >> but in your gut, you felt carpenter was the guy? >> yes. >> barry, we are hearing this over and over, yet our tests, and we tested exactly what guys tested in '94, th same two samples. one of the samples we got nothing off of. the blood had been completely washed off of. we got a hit on the second sample. you're doubting it, you're doubting the science, i know. >> i do, mostly because i didn't have custody of the evidence from the beginning to the end. i wasn't able to watch how the evidence was handled when it was tested in all of the various locations that it went to.
12:55 am
final thought? >> my final thought is that mr. lake and the jurors did the proper thing. they followed their oath. they said before we convict anybody who is presumed innocent of a crime of this magnitude, we need real evidence, and what i'm hearing here today is that with the evidence that you have now produced, which was not available to me back when i tried the case, you have conclusive evidence that that blood in the car was not people say that in spite of that, they still would have brought this case. there's something wrong with that attitude. we have to respect the system, and the system here is that the jury did their duty for an innocent man. >> i want to end with you, bob, jr., because i came to you a year and a half ago, hoping to put some closure on this case. we get this result tonight. are you still glad we did it? >> absolutely.
12:56 am
everybody that you have gathered on tape here and on screen. you have done your job. you have done great work. >> if the county attorney gives us the go ahead, we are going to put this dna into c.o.d.i.s. there's not much left of it, but we are going to try to figure out whose dna we found in the sample. we made a very earnest effort to find out the science is the science. as a journalist, we are giving you what we have got. we cannot control the outcome. this is what the science tells us, and i think it only deepens the mystery into who killed bob crane. we are going to continue this discussion tonight on our youtube channel, fox 10 news now.
12:57 am
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