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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am MST

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hello and thanks for good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. we begin with a story exclusive to fox 10. a father accused of a disturbing act, touching himself on the campus of a scottsdale elementary school. >> police say this has happened several times. matt is live with the details. >> reporter: john and kari, these are shocking allegations and there are a lot of questions the timeline that authorities got involved in the investigation is unclear. there is a pattern of indecency that may date back decades. we went to the home of the family in scottsdale tonight and they opened the door for a short time before closing it. it wasn't clear whether he was there. he was there to drop off his
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school. according to police reports, he would arrive every day at the same time and touch himself, sometimes within feet of other children nearby. the report also says he would use his son's backpack to shield everything. bless were notified two weeks and and they set up camerass and a police officer was there to see it in pern. until they pulled the attention. i've been here since april. >> the only thing i noticed is there is a family, i don't know if it is the hispanic family in that area. >> they are down there. >> they live down there but nothing out of the norm. >> reporter: now, what they are referring to is a lot of police activity that happened on friday, according to neighbors
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now, the scottsdale unified school district released a statement saying they notified authorities immediately. however, the police report made it clear that they were involved and this was reported since august so there is an uncertain situation to deal with there. he has older children and it is unclear if they had to deal with the same allegations in the past. disorderly conduct and public indecency and police are going to ask to with hold bond. new tonight at 9:00, we're hearing 911 calls as they describe seeing a man driving erratically through scottsdale, phoenix and beyond in what is being called a case of road rage.
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when he began chasing down a rom and ramming -- down a woman and ramming her car. listen as other motorists called 911 to report his erratic behavior. >> what is the address of your emergency? >> there is a black sedan that crossed over the line and is driving erratically speeding, passing people and almost had a head-on collision with a car that it >> i'm on scottsdale road heading towards 68 -tsd -- 68th street and there is a guy swerving into oncoming traffic. he is cutting in front of people. >> a scary situation, fortunately, no one was hurt in the crash. police believe moses was drunk
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he is facing d.u.i., reckless driving and aggravated assault charges. a dorm closed after a water main pipe burst. up to 160 students could be out of a place to stay while maintenance fixes the problem. >> i only saw the water falling out of the windows and the was up to people's hips and knees. >> that is a lot of water. there are no reports of anybody being hurt that is the good news. it is not clear what caused the pipe to break. surveillance video captures a frightening scene outside of a phoenix gas station. watch the cement truck take the turn too sharply and he dumps it near 35th avenue and camelback.
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10 feet from the bus stop. the driver was not hurt and neither was anybody else. >> the 2016 election was exactly a week ago today. it has just been a book and the maricopa county recorder's office is still counting ballots. in the latest update, there are 10,000 ballots left to be tabulated. 45,000 provisional ballots left to be counted. counting resumes tomorrow morning. this, by the way, will purcell's last election as maricopa county recorder. today, she conceded her position to adrian fontes, her democratic challenger. at last check, 13,000 votes separated purcell from fontes. he is a veteran and an attorney and announced his candidacy after the presidential preference election back in march. we all remember that, remember the hour's long wait.
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vote. the problems got national attention and that is likely what led to this victory for fontes. >> people want a change and a difference. what this race means is we're moving twoefrds a -- towards where we pay attention to the voters and the citizens and pay attention to what they want. >> purcell calls it a hard-fought race and hopes for a se she has been in the that position since 1988. backers of the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol is conceding that they did not get the votes. they are encouraged by the support they did. 48% of voters casted ballots and 52% voted against it.
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electoral college convenes possibly in december. >> there is an effort under way, surprisingly to get some of arizona's 11 electoral college members to vote against donald trump. could it happen? donald trump is right in the driver's seat right now but this would change everything if you have a bunch of these people change their vote. >> reporter: if they got enough of them to change their vote. the parties picked would be in the electoral college. in some states, they are required to vote for the winning candidate. the electorate can vote for whoever they want in arizona and because of that, some see an opportunity. >> reporter: the election is over. it appears some voters are holding out hope they can convince the legislature college to change their mind. >> on thursday, we started
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blackberry and personal computer at home telling me that we should, basically, abstain voting from trump. >> reporter: get resident, -- gutierrez a long time republican received 300 e-mails on election day but has no plans to change his vote. >> i will support whoever wins the primary to vote states on december 19 when we will meet to do the electoral college vote. >> reporter: efforts like this appear to be happening in many states. this comes as a bill was filed to abolish the electoral college as protests continue all over the country, including one in washington, d.c. >> calm down. people need to accept what the
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picked to be their president by winning arizona. >> reporter: about half of states in the u.s. do not require the elector to vote for the winning candidate. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence working to nail down who would take the top spot in the administration. rudy giuliani has emerged as a favorite for secretary of state while alabama senator sessions is the front runner for the defense secretary and the attorney general. meantime, former presidential dr. ben carson declined to serve in trump's cabinet. he put out a social media post saying he was not interested. he was being considered for the secretary of health and human services. facebook and google both cracking down on fake news websites by banning them from advertising on their platforms in response to a number of
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presidential election. facebook has been under fire for the past years for fake stories showing up in user's news feed. it is the middle of november but it does not feel like it. does it feel like fall? >> in the morning, about 5:00 or 6:00. >> for 10 minutes. >> that is about it. record temperatures, warm temperatures in many places across arizona. will all of that change by the end of the week? dave is tracking it. he joins us live now. >> a dozen record-high temperatures through the day today. most of them were across the high country, not down in the desert. let's take a look and see where we're going here with them. 67 degrees up in page. the old record, 65. 72 degrees in flagstaff. the old record at 70. we take a look over to the eastern mountains and wince they
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73 at window rock. folks up in window rock were enjoying the beautiful weather. mid 70's in st. johns and prescott, 79 degrees for those folks there beating the old record of 75 degrees. these records were all in the high country. we have nice, warm temperatures as far as the deserts are concerned. you see 90 at yuma. 87 at gila bend. not a record. even the 89 in record. will those temperatures will coming down? we'll have a look at that coming up. up next, a story you will only see on fox 10. in the sea of sports calving cliches this analyst is one of a kind. >> he once started for the arizona cardinals. after the break, jude lacava
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from his passion for literature to what drives him as a
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tonight only on fox, if you're an arizona cards fan you no doubt have listened to the team's very distinctive radio color analyst ron wolfley. >> he was t teams player selected to the pro bowl four straight seasons. >> he is a tough guy. jude lacava gives us an inside look at wolfley as an analyst. >> reporter: he was the color analyst for the arizona rattlers in 1992. it is not every day that you can say there is no one like ron
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color analysts. i have never heard someone reference victor you -- yugo and make it work. he is the most unique commentator today. >> ding, dong the witch is dead in arizona. wow, they came after donovan mcnabb. they played to win the game. they came across the board. my goodness. that is pure guts. >> there is no beauty without the brutality in the game of football. there is no beauty without brutality. >> reporter: in the oversaturated sea of cliches, ron wolfley jumps out with distinction. >> sometimes you're the pumpkin and sometimes you're the pavement.
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do you think about them? >> so much of the time it is spontaneous. so much of the time it is not. i write a lot, as you know. i like to write. it is there like a hanging chad. it is there, the analogy, right and i'm going to use it because imcame from me, nobody else. university of phoenix stadium, the red sea has got to get loud. rise up red sea. half the time i should be offended. half of the time people come up to me and you are so over the top. i'm not offended but i should be because that's just me. >> reporter: there may be no one better in the booth that brings you the pure reality of the game. >> right in the sternum, too.
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closely, you will hear a very well read analyst. >> to say this guy is a deep thinker is the understatement of all of the history of humanity. yet, that is the way it seems to me. is it a catch or not a catch in the nfl? it is almost easier to understand than to understand what a catch is. >> reporter: i ask you, doe anyone bring victor yugo's hunchback of notre dame into football? >> this is a wolf in sheep's clothing, right? my whole life, early life growing up when i was a younger man growing up, young man in the nfl playing for the cardinals.
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trust nobody. >> reporter: there is no i in team, just read the works of william golding "lord of the flies." >> is it about society or the individual? is it about how you collectively think as a group or is it about the individual once again? whatever it is, there are all of these -- >> reporter: is it about team or the individual player? >> that is exactly right. >> reporter: there is a back story that making of ron wolfley and it was the story of his father. >> i never walked in between the white lines and played a game. it was always a test. are you as tough as your father who died of leukemia, truck driver. my life was about my dad getting up every day and going to work and coming back at 7:30 at night, getting up at 4:30 in the
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he was a truck driver, right, and this 225-pound truck driver went down to 89 pounds. five years he fought leukemia in savage pain in the last year, literally watching him die. are you as tough as your dad? we are going to find out today. i never played a game. it was always a test. i knew right where to go. i knew where that i had to push that button, go play. it is time to play. the test is here. >> reporter: you can't help but listen listen to ron wolfley. ? >> reporter: like i said, the most distinctive analyst in football today and a special, special friend and individual.
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stereotype when it comes to the ex-jock in the booth. his knowledge of the game and passion for literature has made him a huge fan favorite on game day. when we return in sports, the cards next challenge on the road in minnesota. we'll see you in sports. >> that was great, jude. loved every second of it. coming up, the latest on the controversial dakota access pipeline plus, people in phoenix joining in on the fight. >> reporter: another fairly warm day today. things cool off nicely. 72 degrees. that could be the high in a couple of days.
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>> reporter: hi, everybody. yeah, look at that.
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high in a couple of days. city looking pretty good after a fairly warm day. 66 in chandler. mid 60's in glendale right now. goodyear, 70-degree. you'll see a little bit of moisture coming in. this is going to get colder, windy up here. we're also going to see a little bit of snow across these areas. i say a little bit. it could be up to 12 inches in some areas, not here. the cold air is going to find its way down here. windy conditions are going to be up in the northwest that is until thursday until 4:00 a.m. so a rough day tomorrow as far as the winds. you can see that stuff coming in. the cloud cover doesn't last long. it is out of here by thursday. 86 the high at sky harbor. 82 in glendale.
12:26 am
79 in sedona. 87 in gila bend. 72 at flagstaff. 70 at show low. 82 today at lake havasu. a lot of those were records across the north. temperature falling off this evening nicely down to 60 degrees, somewhere in that area. the norm for this time of the year is around 55 so we're a little warm. 59 in scottsdale. 54 in mesa. 51 in maricopa. goodyear, 53 degrees is forecast. take a look at this. 86 for the high. 59 for the morning low. we had 76 and 53 the normal high and low. record high at 90 and record low at 33. our forecast highs come down just a little bit over today's 86-degree temperature. for the mountains we'll see 60's and a few 70's and a 50 or two will be showing up like that 58
12:27 am
continuing to come in. it is coming south now as we get another day or so of it. there will be snow mixed with that. upper great lakes seeing rain. there is a little bit of snow up there and those temperatures are starting to catch up. over here in new england they had heavy rain. in newark, new jersey, they picked up 3 inches of rain on the day today and that cooled things off. 50-degre boston. 56 in new york. 54 in chicago. 85 in dallas. denver, 77 degrees today. 54 up in seattle. overnight tomorrow morning, 60. by tomorrow afternoon, 80 degrees with a few clouds gathering. it did say changes. 72 by thursday. 77 by friday. we get back into the 80's and 70's but there are 60's in the 10-day forecast as well.
12:28 am
that looks nice. in the next half hour of fox 10, being a woman has become tougher, john. >> really? us. >> i don't know. when it comes to getting ready in the morning, we have added so many steps to our routine. we're going to break it down. >> i'm wearing makeup so i'm there with you. it is a tragedy. it is sad. but first, a valley employee finds himself in big trouble with the law. police say he stole money from
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tonight---- a twist to tonight a twist to your typical bank robbery. a bank of america employee is accused of stealing money from customer accounts. >> this happened at a bank in chandler. steve krafft has been looking at the embezzlement allegations and has the details. >> reporter: normally, the story we do is someone who robs the bank. in this case, it is someone who worked for a bank who allegedly was stealing from the customers. this happened at a bank of america facility in chandler.
12:32 am
accounts of bank of america customers and transferred $10,000 from their accounts to his. the bank says all the money has been restored to the customers' accounts and no customer suffered losses. chandler police came to the bank of america facility where they confronted him and made the arrest. chandler police describe how it went down. wh freaking out? >> my upsing is he was upset. >> reporter: upset how? >> he was crying is what i was told. >> reporter: he is looking at one count of theft, one count of fraudulent schemes and six counts of i.d. theft. he was booked and released. nobody answered when we came calling this afternoon. steve krafft, fox 10 news.
12:33 am
a man caught on camera carrying a passed out woman over his shoulder and he pleads not guilty to kidnapping and raping that woman. rodolfo ramirez picked up the drunk woman in old town scottsdale and sexually assaulted her in a parking garage before taking her back to his home and sexually assaulting her more. he is still being held in jail without bond. access pipeline project has come to a hall. the *f developer taking the issue back to court a day after the army core of engineers stopped work to evaluate concerns of the tribe. the standing rock sioux tribe asking people across the country to join them in this fight against the pipeline that says
12:34 am
contaminate their water supply. a protest in downtown phoenix today. >> just ignoring it isn't the answer. we have to act and we have to say no to this kind of stuff. >> i think the public actions to bring attention to the issues has put pressure on the u.s. core of engineers so they made a statement that they did last night stating specifically that the dakota access pipeline cannot go forward with their construction on the site. if completed, it would run 1,200 miles through four states. the annual fiesta bowl game has a brand new spopbszer. play station will be the sponsor of the game played at university of phoenix stadium in glendale. tickets are on sale. tyrann mathieu better known
12:35 am
he is handing out thanksgiving meals at his turkey event. he is donating $20,000 to help a food bank and another food bank in louisiana. it will provide backpacks full of food to students every weekend through the end of the year. a video game tournament between the cardinals and members of the military today, 23 members of the air force competed against their favorite cardinals players. >> get a chance to interact with people who defend our country and protect us. any time you get a chance to give back, especially in this circumstance is fun. >> we put a controller in their hands and they are back to their kids stage. all of the stress is gone for 45 minutes to an hour. >> this is the sixth year they
12:36 am
it is "tmz" tuesday. after the break, we're talking to "tmz" about today's drama in hollywood. new details on the kardashian baby and cindy crawford's malibu mansion hitting the market. dave with the wake-up weather forecast. tomorrow, we're midway through
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey,
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ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. it's "tmz" tuesday and we go to brad appleton at "tmz" studios. someone i love to follow, cindy crawford and she is selling her malibu mansion. this is probably one of the biggest real estate sales i've heard of in a long time. >> it is crazy even as far as
12:40 am
malibu that her and randy gerber have lived in for several years. it has a spa, a fire pit picture it is going for $300 million. >> i'm assuming it has a decent view of the ocean. it's not just because belonged to cindy crawford, right? >> it is right on the water. there is a video in a tour and several cindy pictures hung up on the wall but they don't come with the sale. >> maybe you can negotiate that if you're paying $60 million. >> you hope so. >> we haven't talked about the kardashians for a while and a lot of people are thrilled about that.
12:41 am
obgyn of the kardashians. is he the official obgyn of the kardashians? >> we got ahold of the birth certificate for dream. rob is the dad and blac chyna is the mom. the doctor is someone they used for years. kim used him and kourtney used him and kris used rob brought blac chyna to meet him and blac chyna agreed i think this is the doctor for me. sure enough, last week on thursday, he delivered for the kardashians. >> is he advertising as the obgyn for the kardashian family or is he keeping it quiet? >> if he wasn't before, he
12:42 am
stories on his website connecting the dots. >> thank you, brad. a major milestone for the grand canyon west. the region surpassing one million annual guests for the first time. the number of visitors went up from 2014 and the grand canyon sky walk, the glass platform that extends over the canyon is one of the top attractions. the grand canyon is one of great wonders of the world and tripadvisor labeled it one of the top destinations of a lifetime. they took in the cost for two people. number five, seven-day trip for two, safari in after -- africa. number four, this is a great
12:43 am
a week-long trip would run $4,300. third on the list, the great wall of china is supposed to be a must. cost just under $4,000. at number two, there we go. the grand canyon. you don't have to travel far for this. to spend a week taking in the sights will cost around $3,000 that is not for us here. it would be way, way less. >> i can >> you've been to thailand, right? >> this is cambodia. akor wat.3 it is amazing. >> a week-long adventure would run $2,900. >> reporter: your waist line won't be the only thing expanding this thanksgiving so will be numb of people traveling.
12:44 am
years. if you are fly to a holiday destination, it will cost you. airfare is up 29%. a round trip ticket will set you back $209 for a domestic flight. retail sales rising 1% last month. moon while, post election rally on wall street keeps going setting the record high for the fourth straight session for the dow thanks to rebounding oil and technology stocks. forget age. new survey finds financial independence is what make young people feel mature. in fact, most 18-26 year olds who say they don't feel like an adult yet blame it on being financially dependent on their parents. that is business on the old
12:45 am
record highs today. let's take a look at the lows tomorrow morning are going to look like. they are up a little bit. 54 in sedona. 33 at window rock. 36 at st. johns. 61 at yuma. 53 at casa grande. 54 in tucson. as we get closer in, 56 in ahwatukee. 54 in mesa. 60 in deer valley. 59 in cave creek. when the kids meet the school bus at 8:0 we'll see a few clouds, 61 degrees. temperatures are going to get back in the 80's but only for tomorrow. there is a change after that. we'll take a look at that in weather after 10:00. talk back time after the break. just in time for the holidays. flying is so much fun these days. united airlines enacting new policies you're going to love. will passengers approve?
12:46 am
getting ready every day has evolved for the worse. the process is getting longer. three times the number of steps now than it was 10 years ago. >> is it because you're getting older that it takes more work? >> me? >> not you. >> there is for steps looking appropriate.
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or when people who say you look like... james lipton. oh's uncanny. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. coming up when donald trump visited coming up tonight at 10:00, when donald trump visited the white house, he tweeted melania really liked mrs. o. a woman tweeted this and it got her fired. whatwhat happened behind the scenes of "star wars" that was not so wholesome. what you didn't know about "star
12:50 am
i'm going to be there for that. time for tonight's talkers. >> what are we going to talk about? oh, yes. united airlines have a new airfare seating and baggage policy that you're going to love. basic economy fare, the lowest fare you can get, the passengers will be for bid -- forked be full-sized carry-ons with wheels will not be allowed. automatic assigned to group five. think of it as a ticket to a middle row to the middle seat. you will get a snack. >> ii don't want a snack. >> i think we've got on the point that they are thinking
12:51 am
point a. to point b. >> putting your bag above the seat is a frill? >> it is a crime against human humanity. >> they are trying to charge for everything. >> air rage. here we go. >> talk about getting ugly, when you're trying to get pretty in the morning, as a woman, it is difficult, john. the routine has gotten difficult. a decade ago there were just nine steps that took the average woman to get ready and now there are 27 steps. >> there was 17 and now there are 27. >> no, there were nine. >> we're getting into a math question. >> it takes 40 minutes for the average woman to get ready.
12:52 am
>> they are blaming kim kardashian. they want to try the highlighting and the contouring and the sponge blending. it is 27 steps. >> the bigger question has kim kardashian made the world a better place? that is an important question. >> base on this, i'm going to say no. now that we have 27 steps we need to do to make ourselves look presentable and eyelashes. >> she has definitely changed the conversation. i mean she is wherever and i'm not sure why but she is. >> i posted the 27 different steps for a woman to get ready. i want to know how many you follow. >> so i can go to you for makeup tips, great. >> you probably follow three or
12:53 am
back to the practice field. the question the will tyrann mathieu be ready to go sunday at the minnesota vikings? ray anderson with a strong statement on the status of his head football coach.
12:54 am
12:55 am
12:56 am
>> reporter: it is a question that will in all likelihood determine the fate of the cardinals football season. can arizona wynton road with five of the seven remaining games away from university of phoenix stadium. here is the story, tyrann mathieu will practice tomorrow. we don't know if he will be ready for sunday's game with the shoulder injury. the way he was a defensive player of the year candidate. when will the knee brace come off. if he comes back, he moves back to that slot defender, marcus cooper goes back to cornerback. tyrann mathieu asked today about that brace and his chances of playing on sunday. >> yeah, i worked out a couple times last week.
12:57 am
i haven't discussed it with my doctor yet. i think i have to have that conversation with him first before i make that decision. it will be another hurdle as well to overcome to come back without the brace. i will cross that bridge when i get there. >> reporter: we'll find out more after practice tomorrow. here is the lineup on fox this sunday. 9:00 a.m., nfl kickoff show. 10:00 nfl sunday and the vikings in a key showdown. what does patrick peterson do on his day off? he steps up and makes a huge difference with his foundation. a new reading room for an elementary school. hundreds of books, a chance for these kids in low income and urban areas to have a chance to connect to the passion of
12:58 am
way in many instances. >> it is something that is very important and dear to me. literacy is something you can use and take on forever, for life. it is something you will need. if you can't comprehends or understand what you're reading or what is going on in the world, how can you be successful? i want to make sure i give these kids every tool possible to help them reach their full potential. >> reporter: more football a.s.u. athletic director ray anderson making it clear today saying odd graham will be my football coach in 2017. there should be no question in anyone's mind as far as he is concerned. he brought discipline, stability, academic upgrade to the program and everyone should appreciate where we came from. graham having a rough year this year.
12:59 am
will to the washington huskies. >> everyone is accountable. everyone understands that winning is part of the formula but for us frankly, you win in a lot of ways, not just on the field and todd has done that consistently. >> we're a young football team. we've had a massive amount of injuries and we played pretty good people down the stretch here. we make two more games to play and we'll evalue -- evaluate it. >> reporter: a.s.u. at washington and fox 10 news after the game. cal state hosting bakersfield. marc mmarc martinez right now wx
1:00 am
coming up, a is -- cement truck crash at a busy intersection. what happened to the driver when the truck rolled over? donald trump chalked arizona in his win column but could that be changing? a father is in trouble after the school sets up cameras and catches him in the act. you will be stunned they say he was doing. thank you for joining us tonight. parents at navajo elementary school complained about a man who they say people saw him touching himself repeatedly on school grounds. they put cameras in place and the cameras caught him in a disturbing act. matt rodewald is live at the school tonight.


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