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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the woman hit in the face by a flagstaff police officer during an arrest is speaking out. this incident is shocking and it was caught on camera. >> the officer is on leave. paid administrative leave while the flagstaff police department investigates. standard. we are hearing from the woman who was just released from jail. nicole garcia is live with more on what she says happened. >> 30-year-old marissa morris is facing one count of aggravated assault again and one count of resisting arrest and she tells us she was just defending herself against an aggressive police officer. she says she knows that the warrant that was previously out for her arrest had been cleared and flagstaff police confirmed that. there was no active warrant for morris' arrest but the officer didn't did not know that. >> i know i have a warrant. >> hey! >> hey, you can't hit a girl
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>> marissa morris claims she was punched in the face twice. >> aggressive. rude, totally and completely disrespectful. no regard for another human. it was just like attack marissa. >> flagstaff police found out about the incident through social media. officer bernard has been placed on a paid suspension. >> i was shocked to be honest when i saw the video. but as i i realized there are more questions. >> although she bears no physical scars, morris says she and her family are emotionally scarred and humiliated by the incident. >> show us where you were hit. >> right here in the face and then twisted my arm. and i could barely move my arm. >> what was going through your mind as this officer had his hands on you? >> why me? what did i do to deserve anything like that? i did not kick him. i did not put my hands on him in
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i just was trying to protect myself. >> police were saying you kicked him in the groin. >> i did not. i did not even raise my leg to kick anybody. conducting an internal investigation. the northern arizona university police department is conducting a criminal investigation into officer bernard's conduct. his body camera video is expected to be released soon. nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." four people are arrested after scottsdale polic search warrant in downtown phoenix. happened early this morning near 19th avenue and buckeye and we are told that those who are arrested are facing gang and gun related charges. car crashes into a block wall in the west valley. no reports of any injuries. it's not clear why the driver lost control. a "fox 10 news" alert this morning. skyfox over laveen where deputies are on the scene after the discovery of a body found in
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67th avenue and southern. >> not many details at this time but detectives are just arriving on the scene so they are just getting involved in this. the investigation getting underway. a condition right now on the body is unknown. we were going to continue to follow the story and keep you posted. black friday, one week from tomorrow. and you can expect long lines and big crowds and even some tempers to flare possibly. but what makes some black friday shoppers so angry asu researchers have beenoo marcy jones is live with what they found out. i don't know why i'm always on the black friday stories but i have to tell you i like it now it's time to grab your popcorn and a seat and i'm not talking about the movies because little is as entertaining as full men and women argue over something like a tickle me elmo. there is some science behind it. >> they have it in their mind they will never be able to buy
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the store they think there is three left in the entire company. >> worked in retail his entire life. he says when it comes to limited quantities on black friday, shoppers see red. >> we get aggressive over it especially the last one them are like i have to own this. >> asu assistant professor kirk christopherson dedicated more than three years of his life to a study on black friday. he says there are a lot of factors at play but components are hypnotizing ads and mob mentality. >> we see these ads that have a great, great deal and they there are only a limited number of quantity available and psychologically we perceive the other consumers participating as competitive threats. >> intoxicating promotions mixed with limited quantities brings out the competitive side of shoppers. kirk says even in advertisement something seemingly harmless can cause chaos in aisle 5.
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start the process and cultivate these seeds of aggression that may manifest once you get into the retail setting. >> marcy jones, "fox 10 news." analysts are expecting a healthy bump in holiday spending this year overall sales expected to be up 19% instead of braving the crowds more americans plan to shop on-line this year. experts are predicting an 11% rise in sales, but plenty of shoppers still prefer to do it the old fashioned way. 17% of holiday spending is on-line now. i'm surprised it's not higher than that. it just seems everybody shopping on-line. slight drop at the pump when it comes to gas prices. aaa arizona says an abundance of crude oil in the global market is one of the reasons for lower prices as thanksgiving and the long weekend approaches. the average statewide price for unleaded gasoline regular gasoline is $2.14 a gallon. we've kind of been at bargain shopping here for awhile. it's down a penny from this time
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this week's national average is exactly the same. $2.14 a gallon. it's another day of meet and greets in new york city for president-elect donald trump. the president-elect hunkered down in trump tower working on the transition. once again meeting with influential political players and leaders. and today the list included everybody from former secretary of state henry kissinger and former general jack keen to sitting governors nikkial and rick scott who could be potential cabinet contenders. trump set to meet with mitt romney this weekend, once a rival. romney rumored to be in the running of secretary of state. >> and vice-president-elect mike pence meeting with congressional leaders of both parties and this went well today. the v.p. lct says he is confident that donald trump's administration can find common ground with democrats if they will work together.
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house democratic leader nancy pelosi. still ahead tonight at 5:00, a home break-in caught on camera look at the suspect in action. and it's a close call for a marathon runner. man's run-in with a deer caught on camera. >> the valley company working with nasa to help study our weather patterns. we have a weather pattern right now that's being disrupted somewhat. we will take a look at these windy conditions and what
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the biggest u.s. manufacturer of solar panels the biggest u.s. biggest u.s. manufacturer o& solar pams is cutting a quarter of its jobs worldwide. tempe based first solar says it needs to retool operations to begin making a more efficient solar panel. the company will cut 1600 jobs worldwide and will halt production at its only north american pla nasa is sending a new weather satellite into space that will help scientists forecast major weather events. >> is it called the goes are and scheduled to launch this weekend. kristy siefkin met with the local company. >> perfectly said. gosr, go west-r it is -- because
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satellite it will be a game changer. it's a satellite that was made in a collaboration between nasa and noaa and better help us detect major weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes and flash floods. inousa's newest weather satellite called goesr is improving the way we forecast weather. it will join several other weather satellites taking pictures of the earth every 30 seconds. the other weather satellites to give us a bigger picture overall of how weather is interacting and long-term trends. >> patrick haley is a systems engineer for qualititic. his colleague helped create and test goes r. the satellite will monitor the western hemisphere orbiting for ten years. >> one of the instruments on there that detects not just lightning strikes and lightning
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storm is going to produce tornadoes. >> goes r can detect heavy rainfall and flash flooding risks as well as risks at sea. >> better tracking of large tropical storms and hurricanes. and hope three able to forecast where they will make landfall better just because we will have more information. >> the satellite will also monitor weather in space. watching the sun for gigantic energy explosions like solar flares. >> if they strike earth they can cause disruptions in our electronics. they could potentially cause damage to the space station. they could harm astronaut. >> goes r is scheduled to launch from cape canaveral this saturday at 5:42 p.m. kristy siefkin, "fox 10 news." i love it when kristy does is. i always learn something. >> right. >> thank you. and today a husky was rescued from a canal near 48th street
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pictures of the rescue saying the dog was trying to get to safety for an hour. the poor thing. the pup couldn't swim or climb up so she held herself on to the ledge there until a good samaritan came by and called for help. other than her paws being pretty banged up, the dog will be okay and the dog was reunited with her family. well, some change in the weather. temperatures are down. it was a little breezy today. windy in some place but how long can this last?
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we're working on some brand new stories for you -- we're working on some brand i'm marc martinez. we are working stories for you. two years after an asu student drown after being taken into custody for boating while intoxicated. the young man's family reaches a settlement. plus a new interchange in the northwest valley getting ready to open traffic. liz kotalik has that story for us tonight at 6:00. after a short delay, arizona skiers will hopefully hit the slopes at o'hare snowbowl tomorrow depending on the weather and the resort snow
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canyon express tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. the resort planned to open last week but the warmer temperatures they could not make snow overnight it wasn't cold enough. some ski resorts in the sierra mountains in california are getting ready to open up. the ski lifts tomorrow. the lake tahoe area has been getting a couple of inches of snow. one resort is also using snow machines to make sure they will be at least 14 inches of snow when the lifts open up it has been a little warm in the west as far as the snow making and the ski resorts are concerned. the latest storm has cooled things off in a lot of different areas. 70 degrees and winds out of the west, southwest atheight miles per hour. currently 69 in scottsdale. 70 in chandler. 66 in apache junction and glendale it is 72 degrees. 68 right now in buckeye. and you can see the low pressure
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right hiefned -- behind it all. breezy and cooler conditions will prevail. and with that look at that freeze warnings. just to the north of us here. nice to let people know when these are first coming up. but they are all around the state as you can see. that's an air quality warning down by yuma. windy conditions are still continuing. a lot less now than they were earlier in the day as the winds die down a little bit here and the sun s today. 70 out at buckeye. 72 in glendale. 71 in scottsdale. and a couple of 70s over on the east side as well. and we see up north 54 at prescott. 45 in flagstaff. and 57 in the payson area. 71 down in tucson. and where we saw 90s a couple of days ago we have 73 at yuma and 72 at gila bend. now this is what the forecast
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valley. yeah, boy, i'll tell you the normal for this time of year is 55. so we are way below that at 49. 46 at cave creek. 41 at fountain hills. a little warmer in apache junction at 47 but 41 out at buckeye. 39 in maricopa. 56 over night here. 72 for the afternoon high. 75 and 52 would be your normal high and low. there is your record high at 87. your record low at 32. this is what we are forecasting. boy, what a beautiful tomorrow will bring. look all around the valley. you can see those upper 70s just in abundance out there. 47 in flagstaff. 65 in sedona. 52 in show low. and we will be looking at temperatures warming up a little bit down in the south with about 80 degrees in tucson. now you look across the country here and you can see some action and this is the stuff you want to be looking for as we get a little closer to the holiday. what's going to be happening as
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warm air coming along as that cooler air is now working its way through the country. cool nights and very nice looking days is what we will have the next couple of days and in fact those 80s stick with us right through sunday and then look what happens on monday. we are back into the 60s again. looks like we will fluctuate back and forth a bit. nice looking day for thanksgiving. now we are looking close to the mid-70s with a few clouds. watch your kids around thank you. why should penguins have all of the fun? visitors to the detroit zoo -- i didn't realize penguins were having that much fun them can skate near the penguins. 31 skaters at a time can be on the 1500-square-foot rink. but this is no ice rink. while the weather will be plenty cold. the skating surface here is made of plastic and requires no water or electricity. that's cool. >> very cool.
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still ahead tonight at 5:00 a surprise for a valley mom who lost her son in the iraq war. and time is running out. st. mary's food bank is in need of a lot of turkeys. >> and it's an annual tradition. there is a wrong way to fry a turkey and fire crews show us the dangers the right way to geb
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expect some busy roads in expect some very busy roads in arizona this thanksgiving holiday. holiday travel expected to be nearly 6% from last year. aaa arizona saying that nearly 2 million people in arizona will travel somewhere next week. 80% of people will drive to their destination and that's up 9% from last year. and nationally 49 million people will head home for the holidays. did i give you enough numbers >> i want more. how about a few more numbers. ho tires when they are out there. >> i hope nobody does. just get the tires checked before you go. >> get there safely. thanksgiving is a week from today and the saint mary's food bank are in need of turkeys. >> the organization need thousands of turkeys and thousands of turkeys short this year and it's hoping now that a big weekend push will help them reach their goal. liz kotalik has the details. >> for decades st. mary's foodbank has distributed food
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for thanksgiving. emergency food boxes that include things like stuffing and green beans and many this year may be going home without the star of traditional thanksgiving meal. the food bank is short between 5 and 6,000 turkeys and they need your help. the goal is to get as many turkeys as possible by monday. and that's when st. mary's holding their annual holiday food distribution through wednesday. cars are going to be lined up for miles as volunteers load them up with food for thanksgiving meals. and this year st. mars helping more than 12,000 people but at this point many won't have a turkey. >> i think this is a year unlike any other with the election so much focus on that, warm weather, we haven't felt seasonal yet. so i think thanksgiving is really kind of snuck up on a lot of people so we are definitely behind more than in any of the years have been here and people who have been here longer than me saying this is a tough situation right now. >> you can help them out. st. mary's holding a turkey
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3:00 p.m. you can drop off turkeys, other fixin's, cash donations to 26 albertsons and safeway locations across the valley give your donations to two. they need between 5 and 6,000 turkeys and they cannot do it without your help. for a full list of all of the participating stores in saturday's food drive head to our website, at st. mary's liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." cooking thanksgiving dinner is a big has tips for you to make sure it goes smoothly. little demonstration. cooking with oil and the fire starts on the stove don't use water to put it out. use a fire extinguisher. and if you are cooking the turkey, make sure you don't use too much oil. and here is the other one. never fry a frozen turkey. that can be explosive.
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about turkey fires every year and they can be very dangerous. >> luckily we haven't had any fatalities in the last ten years from those but we had injuries associated with them. arms, hands, face. it's just dangerous. we have super heated oil and an active flame. >> phoenix fire says you should make sure your deep fryer is up to date with all of the safety features. coming up, cross country race that turns into an obstacle course where midst of all of this. >> and i think the deer won. going faster. >> don't tangle with them. early thanksgiving gift for one veterans foundation. it received a free suv. >> a burglar hits a phoenix home. little does he realize there are 16 video cameras following his every move. i'm steve krafft. i will have that story. let's set the menu for you tonight on fox 10 at 7:00 it's an all new rosewood and then at
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and then stay with us for "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and
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a burglar hits a valley house but in this case the home owner was well protected with cameras on his property. steve krafft s owner and he joins us now live. i love it i love it when they catch these guys. >> reporter: hopefully the police will make an arrest because of this this burglary happened earlier this week and rarely will you get a better view of a crime than you will see in this video. >> what was he thinking? this burglar sauntering around george center's home near 15th avenue and bethany home road. >> didn't he realize how many cameras were here?
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i will be here so long and it doesn't matter. no one is going to catch me. >> apparently he didn't know or care cameras were on him as he made off with jewelry, tools a laptop computer. >> what do you think somebody that would walk through your house like that. >> not enough descriptive words in the english vocabulary for me to say them to you in a calm and peaceful manner. i have been violated. if i would have been home, there would have been an would i have shot him? you betcha probably. okay, if i was with -- if we were threatened in anyway, i would have probably had to take this man's life. >> george captured the crime on video now he hopes phoenix police catch up to the criminal. >> i feel so violated. i only wish that i would have


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