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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> reporter: experts say it is no surprise to see a mass move of scorpions when the desert is disturbed. freeway construction may not be the only factor. >> they will habitat in your actions will contributing to the spike. the company investigated the claim. their results showed no spike in scorpions. neighborhood for 12 years said he is not convinced. >> someone needs to step up and do something. adot hasn't stepped up to help out. they need to take care of this problem.
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look at this scene here. it is very active. this is at mill avenue blocked due to a crash. vehicles are getting by on the shoulder. >> you can see officers carry out in the road directing people. >> it is so active. you have one truck that the basically, been spun around. the orange-colored truck and the other vehicle looks banged up. i'm not sure what kind of vehicle it is. it looks like several vic damaged. we have problems here. you can see their emergency vehicles, quite of few of them coming down on the h.o.v. side. us-60 at mill avenue will have problems. try to avoid this if you can. deputies have a murder investigation on their hands after a man's body was found.
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it is not clear if he died at that location or how he died. the maricopa county sheriff's office has not identified the victim. a strange sight in california where a big foam blob spills out at the international airport. it is a chemical used as a fire retardant and accidently released by the fire prevention. one man decided t through it. >> we were on the other side and the officers were over there. we decided to do it. i couldn't see anything. in the iddle, it is probably 10 feet tall. >> reporter: no word on how long it will take to clean up the mess. >> that is the only snow you get in northern california. >> that part of northern
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using a similar type of foam. >> we are life with when and how the foam is used here. >> reporter: what i learned is that foam isn't as exciting or tempts that we saw in santa clarita, california. they use foam here. i'm going to get it going but the main difference is they don't have an compressed air system. he is going to show us what it looks like when they use it, particularly for beehives, car fires definitely different looking from what we saw in santa clara, california, today. >> it looks fun. >> reporter: the white foam invading a street in california looks inviting protruding from a new building at the airport. the building is used for a private airline.
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says -- suppression system in the building. why the foam? rob mcdade explains. >> nothing burns hotter than jet fuel. if a jet catches fire and you have that fuel, you dump that giant blanket of foam on it, the hopes is that it will immediately go out. >> reporter: they do have foam but here is the difference. >> injection of compressed air into the system. so we've we've got the water. we don't have that highly compressed air, the third component that you add to it. >> reporter: not as powerful and not nearly as fun. >> they can't expect such a giant fun time party that they are having over there. reporter: the foam isn't necessarily dangerous because it is soap, air, and water. >> you're going to want to rinse
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>> by the way, if you can't get enough of foam madness, we are streaming helicopter footage most of the afternoon and catch it and watch it on our facebook page, >> i want to see how they clean it up. >> that is a good point. they have to bring in bulldozers and move it around. i don't know where you put it. check out the funny comments. a phoenix woman saves for months to see adele when adele comes back. it appears someone ripped her off when she bought her tickets overcraig's list. steve krafft is live from talking stick arena. that is where the show will happen, right, steve? >> reporter: that's right. the big show for adele will be next monday.
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concert. a lot of people want to go making it easy pickings for conn artists. sidney didn't have tickets and couldn't find any on ticketmaster but stubhub was too pricey. she saw a guy offering two good tickets for $250. >> he goes by larry k. but i don't know if that is his real name. google wallet and he promised to e-mail the tickets but the tickets never came. >> i think he took my money and is having fun with $250 and now i don't get to go to the adele concert. >> reporter: how do you feel about this? >> really sad. i safed for a while and i don't get to see her. >> reporter: the arizona attorney general's office says
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concert tickets on craig's list. >> horrible person. how can somebody do that to somebody that is giving them $250? i've been saving for four months. i've been working so hard to get that money and now i don't get to go to the concert. >> reorter: steve krafft, fox 32 news. glendale has a new police chief. this is a big this is chief rick st. john. he has been a part of the department for a while. he is not a stranger to the department. let's give you the rundown here. the interim chief and that is rick st. john. he began with the department as a patrol officer, later a training officer assistants
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the trump transition team the officially happening. a few picks announced today. three high profile position within president-elect trump's administration. mike pompeo has been accepted as the c.i.a. position. he was elected in 2010. he was a tea party candidate. he graduated first in his class at west point and went to harvard law after senator jeff session is trump's pick for attorney general. he was the first person to back trump's bid for president. he was denied a federal judge position over allegations he made racially insensitive comments. one of trump's closest comfy tkapblts during the election,
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encourage friendly ties with russia. multimillion-dollar lawsuit against trump university has been settled and that means president-elect trump will not be going to court. mr. trump has been fighting fraudle investigations stemming from the defunct trump university. the lawsuit claimed the university failed to deliver real estate training that it promised. looks like winter weather has arrived. snowfall in colorado led to pileups and delays at denver international. dave munsey has a look at our cooler temperatures. >> reporter: a start to winter in a few places across the
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hit. the storm system moving northward and finding its way into the high plains. all of the watches and warnings that we're looking at and, of course, there is a blizzard warning. look at this. south of there, there is a severe thunderstorm warning. you get the thunderstorms and snow and you get the winter storm warning mixed in with all of that as well. we see a change in our weather with the coolest morning low since what it was on february 7, 47 degrees. look at these temperatures in the teens. all of these temperatures below 0 that we're looking at here. what about a warmup? we get a little bitty warm up where we add 9-degrees to the temperatures around the state. what about phoenix? we'll look at that coming up. >> it is starting to feel like thanksgiving. coming up at 5:00, civil
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flagstaff police officer to be fired after video shows him punching a woman in the face during an arrest. heads up, you will love this. a valley elementary school puts the mannequin challenge to the test.
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children have been adopted from foster care and it has special meaning to a valley couple. liz kotalik has the story tonight. >> reporter: all you need is five minutes inside the benson's home in mesa and you quickly realize boring days don't come too often. 19-month-old jeremiah fits in. >> having our last name is exciting that he will be a benson forer >> reporter: jeremiah came to him as a foster a year ago but they knew they could not let him go, just like they knew with their 3-year-old adopted daughter may. >> the biggest leaps of faith turn out to be the biggest blessings. it is scary but it is so incredibly rewarding and these kids needs homes and they need people to love them. we would do it a million times
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>> reporter: after learning how many children need happy homes like theirs, they knew they needed to foster and fell in love meaning days like this will forever be the story of their lives. liz kotalik, fox 32 news. let's take you out to westbound us-60 approaching mill avenue. still blocked due to a crash. look at the fire trucks. >> it is amazing to see the small car. the back end is completely baed it looks like the yellow truck hit it because the front end of the yellow truck. it appears the air bags went off. some other vehicles involved as well. i don't know about you, john, that looks like the whole fan of the freeway is pretty much shut down. >> you hope and pray nobody was in the back of that black car and several other cars got entangled in all of this. paramedics on the scene and they
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we don't have any reports of injuries but the area westbound on us-60 and mill avenue. >> looks like they have one little section open. >> if you have someone traveling in that air ya they are going to be late for dinner. we're back after this. >> reporter: here comes the weekend but first, we're going to have your weekend forecast. that is coming up in just a few minutes. with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels,
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martinez. from pizza -- to i'm marc martinez. coming up new at 6:00, from pizza to pies to beats by hundreds of rappers. it is going to be a busy day in downtown phoenix and t event is arizona's hip-hop festival. sheets around comerica shut down as they take the stage. what else is on hand and how the city's mayor is getting involved. he served as the interim police chief but now he has been named for the job. this was bad news. i saw this on our noon program.
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temperatures too warm for snow. they are standing at the bottom of the hill. >> so it does not look like this? >> no, this is what it looks like in happier times. we're at a 70% chance that snowbowl will open tomorrow but they have to get it colder tonight. >> reporter: you will see on the futurecast of moisture as we get into the weekend. beautiful day, 75 degrees right now. sunset for the valley. 74 at cave creek. 73 at deer valley. 69 in surprise. 74 in mesa. you can see high pressure out there but another low, another cold front working its way toward us at this time. as we put the futurecast into motion, you can see saturday, clouds come in.
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look at what happens later in the day on sunday as we get into the evening. sunday night into monday, big chance of rain. 70% chance of rain on monday and you can see that stuff spreads around the state and you do see snow mixed in with that as well. it continues clearing out late on monday. here's our high today. 77 degrees. we go to 73 at buckeye. 75 at goodyear. 76 up in scottsdale. 61 in 46 at the grand canyon. 54 at. >> john:. we come up 10 degrees on last night's low. 57 in the valley. 56 at scottsdale. 48 degrees is the forecast for maricopa. 77 this afternoon. 74 and 52, normal high and low. record high at 88.
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let's take a look here and see what we're forecasting for tomorrow. we get back into the 80's for tomorrow. as we look across the country, we talked about this, the mess up here with all of the winter storm warnings, watches, and thunderstorm warnings mixed in with that. 57 degrees overnight. the norm is 52. we'll look at 81 degrees for tomorrow and we'll see the 81-degree temperatures through the weekend turn into 60's. for your thursday thanksgiving. watch your kids around water. there is a little bit of everything in there, 60's, 70's, 80's. >> he used to spin records years ago so he is covering all of the hits. >> reporter: it is my thanksgiving package. >> thank you, dave. let's talk about santa claus and christmas now. santa is already making appearances in peoria.
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we talked to santa about his upcoming trip that will be around the world. >> i make the very last stop up there in holland before i heat for the north pole. in holland, the reason i do that is because of the fine rum cookies and chocolate cooks and we head home. >> he is so mellow because he has time. he hasn't hit the stress. >> he never >> we caught up with one family whose son loves santa but their daughter was nervous. he came around. they usually do. two years, ruby sat on santa's lap, the pictures were priceless. >> that was michael. the rest were on board. coming up next at 5:00. a school contest and who can
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as we head into the holiday season - one valley as we head into the as we head into the holiday season, one family has a reason to be thankful this year. >> the family was facing financial struggles and they say their prayers were answered by
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the story. >> reporter: the saying goes there is no place like home for the holidays but after they were evicted, they say it is people not a place. after getting evicted because a visiting family member caused a disturbance in the neighborhood, the family is without a place to call home. >> as for what is going on in our heads, there is a lot. we're unsure and uncertainty is not a plean >> reporter: he says he never lost face. after posting on social media about their troubles, blessings started pouring in. a stranger dropped off $300. a woman donated her old van. a neighbor chipped in. >> one of our neighbors knocks on the door and gives us $100 cash. by no means, did we ask for anything material, we asked for
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not knowing what will happen. what makes you worried? >> that we might be homeless. >> reporter: despite their situation, they have everything they need, as long as they are together. >> we are trusting god and that is what we've been doing from the start. >> reporter: marcy jones, fox 32 news. remember this? it was the take on the mannequin challenge. this was fun. we've never been so quiet. >> i had to look at you minutes straight. >> clips of people frozen in time inundating the web, of course, with the mannequin challenge. sports team and the president gave it a try but we found one school that might have the cutest video of all of them. kindergarteners through eighth graters through caliber elementary. >> kids can't stand still.
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>> it is almost cruel. >> captain america, did you catch that? >> the school posting several videos. the video that gets the most likes will get a party. think about how hard it was for them to sit still. nothing like a little friendly competition. i think they should all get a party, john. >> that is like everybody gets a trophy. you have to say there is a winner. dramatic video as a brawl is interrupted outside of a club by a wayward driver. the major change that is on the way to mcdonald's that will change the entire dining experience. a story making headlines across the country. what some people are demanding after a flagstaff police officer was caught on video striking a
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