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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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now it's back to the news crew. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. it's already difficult enough being a student at new university but one a.s.u. student is dealing with some added difficulties in the dorms. he is blind and says the other students there are not always sensitive to his needs, someone jumping over his cane and running into it. stefania okolie is live with the story tonight at the a.s.u. campus. stefania, are they doing it on purpose or not really paying attention? >> i think it's more that they are not paying attention. this student is bringing a situation to light that many people don't see that he deals with. he lives in a dorm hall on the downtown campus. he says many students are jumping over his cane, kicking it, and tonight he really wants those students to know what it's like to be in his shoes. >> this cane does resemble how independent i am as a blind person. >> 26-year-old joey hague meyer,
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navigates through the downtown campus, his guidance, his long white cane. >> it's freedom for me, because i can go where i want to with this long white cane. >> this cane protecting him from what he can't see. he says students in his dorm hall aren't really considering him at all, and that's a struggle. >> people aren't paying attention as i'm walking through with my cane, and it's kind of discouraging. >> time after time, he's taken his concerns to the taylor pace facebook page group page. >> please pay attention to the cane. either they are walking over it like it's a cord on the ground, tripping on it because they are not paying attention, or kicking it off the ground. >> reporter: wow. >> like it's debris. >> reporter: it's a threat to his freedom, his way of life. >> if they break the cane, then
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>> reporter: and tonight he's hoping to raise awareness. he says there are students out there just like him, who also deserve that level of respect. he wants people to care. >> i think the more people know, the more they will be attentive. >> reporter: and now we did get a statement from a.s.u. part of that statement read we hold all of our students to a high standard, and we expect students to maintain an educational environment that encourages diversity inclusivity. now, joey tells me that he is actually really happy with the university's response to this and what they have done in providing resources around the campus for those who are visually impaired, because he certainly is not the only one. in fact, he says they plan to hold a panel very soon will him and other disabled students will allow all of the disabled students on a.s.u.'s campus to come and ask him questions so
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them. for now, i'm stefania okolie, fox 10 news. on to a developing story now in casa grande where an investigation is underway after an officer-involved shooting. skyfox over the scene in the last hour, we have confirmed that no officers were hurt but right now the condition of the suspect is not clear. more fallout tonight after a flagstaff police officer is caught on camera punching a woman tonight civil rights leaders are demanding answers, along with the woman calling for the officer, jeff bonar, to be fired. raising even more questions, he had his body camera turned off during the altercation. >> if this was any one of us as a citizen, we would be in jail right now for an assault charge. just because you're an officer doesn't mean that you can break the law and assault somebody.
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in any other work force, would be fired if they were to hit anybody. >> the officer claims the woman was kicking him in the groin, but she says that's not the case. the officer right now is on paid administrative leave while the city investigates. a fox follow-up on an investigation of a body found near 67th and laveen. it's not clear if river or if his body was dumped there. the victim has not been identified i've had. donald trump has selected kansas congressman mike pompeo to lead the cia and alabama senator jeff sessions to be the new attorney general. retired general michael flynn has been asked to serve as national security advisor.
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security concerns as the president spends time in trump tower. >> we have never had a situation where a president would be here on such a regular basis. the details of his future plans are unknown, over the next 65 days he will be here very regularly. >> trump is expected to meet with mitt romney tomorrow about a possible role as secretary of state. one step closer to reaching a donations today. several companies stepped in and donated 50-100 turkeys, and services group of america donated 1,500 more, a huge donation. we were there when they were all dropped off today. the food bank says this is a huge help as they try to help those less fortunate to have a turkey for thanksgiving dinner. >> we give up to 12,000 meals for thanksgiving, and we try to
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who are less fortunate and try to make it a great day for them. >> they are now only 3,800 turkeys short of their goal. tomorrow, they will be having their supersaturday megadrive. we have information on our website. it will be a busy road for phoenix, roads shut down for the annual pizza festival and the arizona hip-hop festival. marcy jones is live with more on the festival. marcy, if you and great pizza, there's no place else to be. >> it's ooey, it's gooey, it's delicious, we are talking about the pizza that's going to be all over here, margaret t. hance park. we wanted to know what goes into catering something like this, and there's a lot that goes into it. arguably, the most amazing sight in the world, pizza.
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pizza isn't just delicious. it's a way of life. >> it's a family business. my mom and dad helped out in the beginning too, so everybody is here. my aunt is my manager. >> few things bring together family like fire baked dough, tangy tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella. that's why justin says the phoenix pizza festival is so great. he gets to share his passion with everyone. >> we are one of the pizzerias with a restaurant. the others are like food trucks. there was a line around the corner, and last year i couldn't tw keep up. this year we are ready to go. >> they will be tossing the pizzas the same they do every day in their phoenix and glendale locations. >> i figure the way i look at it is all i do is make pizza. it's nothing special, but if i
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something, and people appreciate that, that's what means a lot to me. >> reporter: you can catch them and all of your other family favorites, nellos, spin nat -- >> >> reporter: back to you. >> about a month ago, we fnd dog chained to a bench and abandoned, well, take a look here. this is her today. i'm danielle miller, and coming up we'll show you how you can make her a part of your family. and people living near the loop 202 extension project, they say they are seeing an infestation, the unwelcome guests that are stopping by right in time for thanksgiving. and if you would like to contact me on social media, it would be great to hear from you.
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marc martinez fox 10 and also
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at 10:00 with marc martinez. it was just about a month ago that a dog was found abandoned and chained to a bench right outside of animal care and control. it was a very sad sight, but as fox 10's danielle miller is about to show us, this has -- the story has quickly turned around for the better. >> reporter: this is the bench right here that this dog was chained to and abandoned. now i want to tell you guys what happened. so about a month ago we were out here doing a live shot for a completely different story, care and control, when we came across this dog. she was out here. she was chained. she was alone and animal care and control wasn't even open at the time, so we called them. they came out here. they got the dog. come to find out she was in fact abandoned. but what you guys are about to see here right now, she looks and she's feeling much better. >> she was extremely them, very emaciated. >> reporter: about a month ago
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malinois was found outside maricopa county animal care and control, chained to this bench and abandoned. >> that could have been considered abandonment. obviously whoever did it intended to leave the dog behind. >> today, she has been given the name vixen, and as you guys can see, she is healthy, happy, and ready for adoption thanks to good paws rescue. >> she's in bette hands now, and she'll have a good life going forward. >> with more than 100 rescues, saving paws being more than one of them, they specialize in german shephards and malinoises, and they specialize in saving dogs from euthanasia. >> we see 36,000 animals every year.
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>> she is now ready for a forever home. they say she is very loving and full of life. >> a dog like this is good for a family that is going to be around a lot. this is a kind of dog that needs people to be around and very active because of their high drive. >> if you do leave a dog here and unattended, they say they understand sometimes people need to surrender a dog, but to go to animal control during business hours. there is a $51 fee, but that's the correct way to do it. if you are interested in adopting a dog, there's a link on our website, researchers studied a crater in mexico that measures more than 110 miles across, which they believe is part of a bigger object, six miles wide, that
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million years ago. the findings could reveal how impacts could reshape the faces of planets and how they can lead to new habitats for life. well, we have a weekend in front of us. some of you have already started your weekend. we will join you soon.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, it took us a while to get here dave, with you here we are sitting in the 60s, low 60s in downtown phoenix, nice night out tonight and the weekend looks great. >> it is a nice night. the weekend is upon us. a lot of stuff going on for the weekend, that pizza thing sounds perfect to me. especially with the weather so nice. you're not going to be boiling
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enjoy some of the events. 63 degrees right now, the winds are calm at this time, and there's your city on a friday night. 66 at deer valley, 61 in chandler. we are in the 50s right now in ahwatukee, 58 in apache junction and in surprise, so temperatures coming down. your high pressure working in a couple of places, but look what's coming to take over. moving on shore right now that low and a cold front, and with that, we put the futurecast into motion. we get you into can see the cloud cover coming in right around noon, a little after, and then the moisture will follow, and that will take us to early monday, a little bit of sunday will be involved in that as well, and then more moisture coming in through monday. monday is going to be a real good rain day, a real good chance for rain, especially early in the day, about a 70% chance at that time. here we go with the highs on the day, 77 degrees at sky harbor. we do have some low 70s, some mid-70s out there.
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75 in chandler. other numbers that we have for highs today, look at that, 35 at window rock, 54 degrees up at st. john's, 44 at flagstaff, and the mid-70s finding their way down into the desert areas, and then take a look here at what we are looking at for overnight lows, much warmer than last night. that was 47 early this morning, so we are going to add ten degrees to it. we'll go to 48 in surprise, 56 in scottsdale. at 53 degrees by tomorrow morning. this is the way things were today, 47 early today. late this afternoon, 77 degrees, 74 and 52 normal high and low. record high 88, record low at 31. this is what we are looking at in the forecast for your forecast highs. it will be low 80s. there might be a few mid-80s pop up. looking across the country here, this system is going to be
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take a look at it here. here's your cold stuff. we have got 32 in denver, 58 in wichita, 78 in memphis, 80 in new orleans. there's a big change out there as the system pushes in from the west to the east. 57 overnight. we'll be 81 degrees for your saturday, drop it down into the 70s for sunday, and then monday with a pretty good chance of rain, late sunday into monday, 64 degrees, and there's thanksgiving at 72. watch your kids around w >> all right, dave. thank you. a woman is left really bummed out after she pays a couple hundred bucks, she says, for tickets to adeles concert this monday but never got them. how this story may have a happy
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? always thrilling. always alluring. always hitting. always on.
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live from fox studios,
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? how are you ? >> well, we have some good news now of a story that we first told you about on fox 10 news at 5:00. a valley woman who says she was scammed out of hundreds of dollars for adele tickets gets to go see adele after all. sidney pauker says a man named larry k. was selling tickets for $250. she paid him through google wallet, and he promised tickets but never came. >> how could somebody do that to somebody who'd given them $250? i'd been saving for four months. i'd been working so hard to get that money, and now i don't even get to go to the concert. >> after this story aired, a fox 10 viewer who has extra adele tickets offered to take sidney to the concert, our fox 10 viewers really coming through this week.
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who live near the loop 202 project are seeing extra scorpions, which is normal when a natural habitat is disturbed. but a.d.o.t. says the construction is not contributing to the scorpions at the site. they say a private developer is doing other work in the area. it looked like winter today in santa clara, but this was not snow that was covering the ground. a closer what it was, they apparently came from a fire suppression system that malfunctioned and sent all of that foam pouring out. >> that looks like fun playing in that stuff, you know. this doesn't look like fun for devin booker. he is in some serious pain.
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had to leave the game against the indiana pacers tonight. highlights of the suns pacers coming up right after the break (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard sa saenz. winning on the road in the nfl is tough, but that's exactly what the cardinals are going to have to do if they want to make the play-offs. are you ready for this? of the next seven games for the cardinals, five are on the road, starting with this weekend in minnesota, the vikings with a brand-new stadium, u.s. bank
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purple this sunday. the state-of-the-art facility seats 66,000 fans. the roof is see-through, and i'm just glad it has a roof, because the game-day forecast sounds cold. a high of 35 and a low of 23, wow. the word around the league, this place is downright loud. the cardinals are used to it, after all, they play in seattle every year, and that's one o we'll find out how loud u.s. bank stadium is on sunday. >> having not done it, just hearing about it and seeing pictures from other teams, it's a really great venue, and i'm glad they have got it done. i'm looking forward to it. if it's louder than seattle, then i have got to hear it. >> we have got the game for you right here on fox 10. it's going to be a good one, the vikings hosting the arizona
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suns taking on the pacers. the hoosiers debuted 30 years ago, cast members from the movie at the game. len, picture perfect on that throw, filling in for chandler, getting playing time, and he took advantage of it. the bench absolutely fantastic for the suns. brandon knight chips in 17 points, jared dudley also coming through, five bench play players for the suns in d digits, the bench mob coming through big time. but this is bad news for the suns right here, booker, a starter for the sun goes down in pain and doesn't return. the cats, kobe simmons all by himself, throwing it down. that one is too easy. kobe playing some defense, and he gets the steal right here and
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slam, 95-65, wow, arizona too much for sacred heart. the sun devils taking on tulane, and graham was great for the sun devils. throwing it down right there, so nice, look at it twice, and graham just getting started. another slam there, a putback slam. he had to wait a year to play. he transferred from buffalo last year but couldn't play. more college stuff tomorrow, all about college football, that includes the sun devils, a.s.u. taking on washington, the huskies a top ten team. a.s.u. thinking upset, if they do upset, you'll see them right here on fox 10. >> all right, thanks richard. have a good night. we'll see you back here on fox 10. have a good one.
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um, on this wonderful occasion-- our daughter leaving tomorrow for college... (mitchell) oh. if i could get everyone to raise their glass as i quote from one of our nation's great fathers-- jefferson. george jefferson. "i never dreamed that one of my own "would be going off to a university, "but here i stand, a proud black man, knowing that all those hours i put in at the dry cleaner--" - phil. - not now, weezie. - where was i? - quoting that president. okay, if she's the future of america, we should start using chinese money now. (scoffs) we already are. my arm is tired. to haley. - to haley! - (glasses clink) and before everyone puts their glasses down, uh, uh, we're also very proud of lily. tomorrow is her first day of kindergarten. - to lily. - (gloria) oh, lily. - (phil) to lily. - to lily. and you'll be impressed to know that she's gonna be one of the smartest girls there. lily, sweetie, what's the square root of 64? - 8. - wow! nice trick. hey, lily, what's the square root of this potato? 8. congratulations. you have a parrot. (mouths words)


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