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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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30 minutes. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00 and you can see the clouds and rain hanging over the valley throughout parts of the state today. >> this just may be the beginning of a wet weather week. and while most of the rain seemed to stay on the west side of the valley today, we could all be in for a soggy few days, >> we're dealing with the rain. at least one thing, we had the warm temperatures yesterday. starting to cool down a little bit. at least we are going to be comfortable while we deal with rain for the next day or two. as you look at the rain pushing through the valley, is it going to come to an end? kristy siefkin is here with more on that. she has been tracking it all day long. >> reporter: we're going to see moisture out there tonight and well see a chance for rain tomorrow as well.
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rad. those conditions will be consistent through the late evening hours. cooler temperatures as well as a cold front moves through. let's zoom you in and show you what we're looking at. the valley relative dry right now. we did have reports in north phoenix of a bit of rain. along the border of the 101 through glendale and surprise. light activity through the 10 as well. looks like we have showers avondale out to buckeye. in northern activity east of i-17 seeing moderate showers and heavy pockets up to camp verde. we're looking at pockets of heavy rain and snow part of the picture as well. as we head into flagstaff, take a look at this into snowbowl, yep, that is a fresh dusting of snow. we will see snow not only through parts of northern arizona and along the rim into
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talk about the timing of that and snowfall and rainfall totals later into the show. phoenix police searching for man behind a deadly shooting. police was shot a number of times following an argument. marcy jones is live at the scene and has the latest. marcy? >> reporter: blue lights shine around the next of hundreds at the indian steel park. >> it is the light of their spirit. >> reporter: spirits of loved ones honored as the community is brought together for remembrance. they are strangers but they share one thing. >> i'm with -- here with people
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thing i have gone through. >> they were in an accident with a motorcycle and four of them passed away. >> really miss him. >> my mother showed me un. conditional love all of her life. >> reporter: tonight's event put on by hospice of the valley paying tribute to those who lost their life, strangers finding strength with each other. >> it was good to see the other people and how they are lifting their hearts to god. >> reporter: connected by loss and lifted by spreading comfort. >> i feel connected again. >> life is a beautiful thing. we're all here for a special reason. we're all connected through body and soul. >> with the holidays coming on, it is a special time for
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back to that new ace letter letter -- news alert. phoenix police looking for a man behind a deadly shooting. >> a 35-year-old man rushed to the hospital after he was shot following an argument. marcy jones is live. >> reporter: that's right, guys. we are about to enter hour five here. a mobile command unit is still out and we have a presence. they are gattering all of the information they need. at 5:15 this afternoon, phoenix police responded to a call of someone with a gunshot wound at 16 east cambridge. now, they say when they arrived here, officers discovered a male victim with gunshot wounds. he was rushed to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries shortly after.
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fighting when the shots broke out. neighbors told me there were shell casings everywhere. the suspect fled the scene and has not been located. it is early in the investigation even though it has been going on for several hours. if you have any information about what happened earlier, you're asked to call police or silent witness. marcy jones, fox 10 news. marcy, thank you very much. a woman mountain earlier today and fire crews were called out to 44th street and lincoln drive. a woman hiking the mountain injured her knee and had to call for help. she could not put any pressure on one of her legs. she is stabilize and they had to use what is called a big wheel to bring her down safely. a pinal county man behind bars after he threatened to set
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he was arrested at san tan circle k. the sheriff's office say that he told deputies he lit several homes in the bay area on fire and fire was "therapeutic." investigators are seeing if he may be linked to past arsons in the area. yoga day was held to help support see here. hollis dougherty has a tomb are on his brain stem. the family suicide they appreciate all of those who came out today despite the rainy weather today. >> it means a lot to our family. it shows they look outside of themselves and they come out on
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>> reporter: you feel good being healthy? >> yeah, i feel real good. >> reporter: what do you have to say to all of the people who came out to support you? >> just thank you. >> check out the conversation on the web, the event cost a minimum of $20 donation in order to enter. president-elect donald trump continued holding meetings as he works to complete a national security team. he met secretary of state today. mitt romney is being considered to be a key contender for secretary of state. retired marine corp. james mattis may be picked to be defense secretary. president obama reassured would leaders that existing relationships will continue ?despite change in leadership. >> i can't guarantee that the
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some of the positions that he has taken but what i can guarantee is reality will force him to adjust. >> former texas governor rick perry, you see there, set to meet with trump tomorrow. meanwhile, trump has taken to twitter again this time demanding that the cast of "hamilton" apologize to his vice presidential pick mike the vice president elect tried to down play what happened at the musical. >> i know this is a disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate win in this national election. i know this is an anxious time for some people. i just want to reassure people that what president-elect donald trump said on election night he
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heart. he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the united states of america. >> trump called the statement at the end of the musical harassment and he called the cast rude. brandon dixon who delivered the statement responded by thanking mike pence for stopping to listen. >> reporter: that chance of rain continuing tonight into tomorrow. we'll tell you how late and how much rain you can expect to see
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i think we have rid ourselves of the graphic monster. we are gown to do the -- going to do the weather. >> reporter: showing cooler temperatures. i think you will like what you see, particularly if you're waiting if cooler temperatures because we are finally seeing them. we have a storm system moving into arizona overnight and what that means for us is not only a chance for rain and snow but also temperatures seasonable, if not sky harbor, 62 degrees. if your curious how hutch rain we rain -- how much we have seen, wickenburg reporting .9 of an inch. .6 of an inch for buckeye. tonopah, .4. one location in north phoenix, reporting .10. most of the rain was concentrated in the west valley but that does not mean that is
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into tomorrow. a steady plume of moisture moving over the border into arizona. as this cold front advances, we will see cooler temperatures on the backside of that system. statewide, we're looking at numbers from low 40's. 66 for lake havasu. 63 for douglas. temperature comparison yesterday to today, we're a little bit warmer in northeastern arizona. we are cooler through the temperatures dropping down to 62 in florence and maricopa. in the 50's for surprise. mid 60's, wickenburg. mid 60's for fountain hills and apache junction. today, we came in a degree above the seasonable norm. hitting 89 degrees in 2006. those of you preparing for thanksgiving probably wondering if the rain will stick around for holiday, good news it is
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mostly sunny skies. we'll drop down to the low 70's. beautiful conditions before we see another stretch of nice weather afterward. middle of the country, relative quiet. intermountain west into colorado, we'll see more snow. denver seeing snowfall today. the bigger weather maker here, this circulation is where we're seeing rain and snow into the higher elevations of new england. we're talking one to two feet of offshore by the end of tuesday. we'll see temperatures from 62 ?in lake havasu. 54 in safford. mid 40's for sedona. tomorrow, you will notice our map blue and green that is good news. we're not seeing the orange and the reds that indicate those numbers. only 50 for sedona. 57 in globe. yuma, one of the warmer spots
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chance for rain into the early morning hours. the cold front is supposed to move through arizona around 8:00 in the morning and as we get into the afternoon, we're only expected to warm up into the upper 60's. a chance for rain continuing into the afternoon. we may see some into the higher elevations. we clear out nicely for your tuesday. we start to warm up and we continue with the warming trend as we make our way into black friday. we? not the character but the real deal. these people are amazing athletes. we spoke to one runner who had an unusual inspiration for doing the race.
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st. mary's food bank says 2,200 turkeys were donated during their 10th super saturday turkey drive this weekend. that was just yesterday. >> they need some more. 1,600 turkeys short of its goal for the year. they will be accepting donations of turkeys, food and cash monday, tuesday, and wednesday. 8:00 a.m. from 4:00 p.m. and food box begin tomorrow. greater hope christian church is helping give back in a big way this holiday season. >> volunteers were out here handing out free turkeys to those in need. they gave out clothing, high gene products and all of it free of charge. >> many are without and we just
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be dark. seeing the individuals that come brings joy to all of our hearts. >> this is the third year the church has done the turkey giveaway. and can't forget about the dogs at the arizona humane shelter. they will get a special treat as well. volunteers spent the day at mow see school made the rubber toys with a hollow center. you can stuff all kinds of goodies inside, dog goodies and let them have at it. >> volunteers say this helps keep the dogs mimeds off of the stressful environment in the shelter >> enrichment is key to the
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thanksgiving meal, it is going to provide mental stimulation. >> 800 dogs will receive those coming up on wednesday. the ironman triathlon started very early this morning. this is tempe beach park and while many have finished already, some are working to finish the race as we speak. >> a grilling sporting event to compete in. things interesting for the competitors. more than 3,000 athletes registered for the as. consists of this. 112 mule bike ride, 2.4-mile swim, 26.2 marathon run. that's fine. one man says he took his inspiration to get this from the nfl.
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patriots finished the race. i figured if he could do it, i could do it. i learned how to swim and i became an ironman. >> ironman had a purse of $100,00 in prize money to be divided up and given to the top finishers. after the break, we will have one last look at your forecast and see when the rain is going to go away. you have to stick aroun sports night after that brutal day the cardinals had in minnesota. jude will be talking about it.
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>> reporter: keep the umbrella handy tonight into tomorrow, a chance for showers. we start to clear up and dry out into the 70's for your thanksgiving. >> it sounds perfect for me.
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can. welcome to the valley. >> here is my transition to sports night. >> speaking of turkeys -- >> oh, no, linda. >> reporter: wait a minute. >> reporter: he is our turkey and we love him. >> reporter: i think just about everybody, matt, linda, kristy, all or nothing was the season, right? everyone was going in seeing this is going to be the year. nfl analyst max starks is going to break it down. what happened today? plus, richard saenz in minneapolis with david johnson and chandler jones. we're going to break it down and tell you what happened and where it went wrong.
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you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast? well denny's new pancakes don't obey the laws of time. look at them, they don't even obey the laws of gravity.
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day or night. you're disappointed. you're a little bit angry. you expected more and if you're a cardinal fans, you are saying what happened in minnesota? maybe a micro koz imof what has been happening all season long. let's take a trip to the stadium.
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bradford makes the throw here. the vikings, they reviewed the play and it stood, 7-0, minnesota. again, vikings strike first. carson palmer under six minutes left in the first quarter. nice throw and catch, michael floyd. david johnson plows in. a power football game tied at seven. palmer on a first and looking down field makes a phenomenal throw. look at this catch by fitz. tyrann mathieu, round of applause for that catch. third and goal, here is the big turnover in that first half. bruce arians would later say john brown was held. he couldn't run that out route but xavier rose was right there
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100-yard pick six. the call is the call. you have to play through it. jermaine gresham played through it and this is his best play as a cardinals. he todays -- take it over the goal line and the cardinals are back in it. big play. they are down 20-17 at the half. first play start of the second half on the kickoff. cordell patterson says i'm going to take it to the patterson goes 104 yards and just like that, you get punched in the face on special teams. another meltdown on special teams. 104-yard return by patterson. you see this play right here. chandler jones with a nice strip sack gets to sam bradford. there is still time for this cardinals team to make a run and steal this on the road.


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