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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. oh, it is a soggy sunday for most people in the valley. the rain came down at a steady pace mainly in the west valley. people in the east valley didn't get a single drop. >> i live in the center valley but we did if you did not get rain, don't give up. >> could we expect more rain overnight? the drama and intensity? what can we expect when we start our workweek? >> kristy siefkin has been working on it. live up to the intro. >> reporter: it is scary. a lot of people send threats. most of the action was in the
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totals. wickenburg, take a look at this, .9 of an inch of rain throughout the course of the day. tonopah not far behind. things have quieted down for the most part. i will take you in section by section of the state where we're seeing some activity. in real time, pretty quiet right now. any of the light green that you're seeing is virga or ground clutter. most of the moisture that we're seeing is to the north of us traveling along i-17 through parts of spring valley towards camp verde. moderate shower activity there and to the northern sections of arizona seeing pretty much a break. north of flagstaff looking at snowbowl here this is where we are seeing a light dusting of
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and snow still in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up a little bit later on in the show. phoenix paramedics rush a 35-year-old man to the hospital after he was shot several times. marcy jones is live. marcy? >> reporter: well, guys, still a lot of police presence out here. they are trying to gather as much information as possible right now but here's what we know happened. 5:15, phoenix police responded to a call of multiple gunshots at east cambridge. upon arrival, officers discovered a 35-year-old male victim with apparently gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to the injune -- injuries. neighbors tell me there were shell casings everywhere.
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now. he has not been located. this is early on in the investigation, of course, we will keep you updated as the information rolls in. reporting live in phoenix, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thank you, marcy. a pinal county man behind bar office deputies say he threatened, of course, to set gas pumps on fire. investigators say he was at the san tan valley circle k location at road. they arrested him after admitting to having marijuana on him. he told deputies he lit several homes on fire in the bay area and fire was "therapeutic." they are looking to see if he is linked to past arrest some fires in the area. more than 1,000 people were left without power after a car hit a power pole.
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the power pole causing an outage in that general vicinity. jen dale police say the driver ran off but they were able to track them down and arrest them. the driver was being booked for hit-and-run charges. hower has -- power has been restored. holidays can be a painful one for those who lost loved a community remembrancen't. >> reporter: if you have lost a loved one. ? >> reporter: blue lights shine around the next of hundreds at indian steel park. >> it is the light of their spirits. >> reporter: spirits of loved ones honored as the community
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>> i'm here with of people who have gone through what they have gone through. >> reporter: the experience of losing a loved one. >> they were in a car accident with a motorcycle and four of them passed away. >> greatest man i ever knew. i lost him a few years back and i miss him. >> my mother showed me unconditional love through all of her life. >> reporter: tonight's event put on by hospice of the valley paying tribute to those their life. strangers finding strength within each other. >> it is good to see how other people are lifting their hearts to god. >> reporter: lifted by the chance to sit among others spreading much needed comfort. >> life is a beautiful thing. we're all here for a special reason. we are all connected with one another through body and soul. >> with the holidays coming on, it is a special time for
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holiday spirit, people had the opportunity to hang ornaments in honor of their loved ones on a christmas tree they had set up at indian steel park. stefania okolie, fox 10 news. six hunting and fishing groups are making sure there won't be any monuments in the grand canyon. the daily sun reports they want a stretch of land removed from a potential monument designation and fish on the land. arizona wildlife federation says there could be movement on this legislation before inauguration day. fire crews were called out for a mountain rescue this afternoon. now, this happened at mcdowell mountain. a woman hiking the mountain injured her knee and called for help. she told them she could not put pressure on one of her legs.
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arizona man is one of 32 americans going to england's oxford university as a rhodes scholar next year. laveen resident was chosen from more than 800 applicants. the sun of -- son of an undocumented immigrants. he was one of the top 20 graduates. he plans to public policy and master of studies in theology while he is in england. greater hope christian church really putting the giving into thanksgiving this year. they were handing out free turkeys today. the church is located near 33rd avenue and thunderbird road. they provided clothing, hygiene, and infant supplies to the community. the pastor says he loves seeing
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they carry their free turkey. >> many are without and we want to be a ray of hope in a dark world sometimes. seeing the little kids and the individuals that come bring joy to all of our hearts. >> this is the third year the church has done their turkey giveaway. the dogs at the humane society will get a treat as well. volunteers spent the kongs for dogs. they are the rubber toys with the hollow center. you can stuff food in them. volunteers say they will help keep their mind off of the stressful environment in the center. there will be what is called a heavy deployment of d.p.s. state troop arers this thanksgiving. d.p.s. says they are putting
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phoenix and flagstaff and on the i-10 between phoenix and tucson. troopers will be looking for distracted drivers and people speeding. they will also be on the lookout for those driving tired or impaired. troopers will be out wednesday through sunday. great news if you plan on hitting the road for thanksgiving, nationally gas prices have dropped 6 cents over the last two weeks to $2.20 a gallon. a seasonal weakness in demand is a reason that prices are dropping and another reason, the autumn maintenance projects are wrapping up and that means refineries are increasing supplies. the most expensive place to get gas, san diego, $2.73 a gallon. when we come back, a manhunt is under way after someone shot an officer execution style while he sat in his patrol car writing
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and more tweets from president-elect donald trump after his v.p. pick mike pence was singled out on broadway. no white house for baron and melania trump and why donald trump will be the only one moving into 1600 pennsylvania avenue coming up this january. reporter: the season of high we expectation is relegated to what ha cards. you want to know, we will analyze the game that did not happen for the cardinals. richard saenz is on the road and he is in the locker room with players you want to hear from like david johnson and defensive end chandler jones. plus, nfl week number 11 surprises finishes. cards, nfl football tonight at
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president obama is reportedly considering removing admiral mike rogers from his position as the head of the national security agency and u.s. cyber command. obama is planning to follow a recommendation by defense secretary ash carter and james clapper. the two defense been pleased with rogers' performance during the two years as the head of the n.s.a. at the forum in nova scotia, rogers quickly cut off a reporter who tried to ask about this report. >> i'm not going to comment about anything in the media. i'm accountable for my actions. it is not appropriate for me. if anybody wants to go down this
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answer. >> during the report of rogers' possible removal one that president obama's leading candidates to be the national candidates. he met with trump and ruffled a lot of feathers by not telling any of his superiors about it beforehand. several members of congress are now coming out in support of admiral rogers, including arizona senator john mccain. mc professional and a warrior of the highest caliber. he goes on to say that he hopes rogers will have more opportunities to serve the united states. >> as for president-elect donald trump, he spent the weekend holding meetings with advisers and interviewing what he called numerous patriot as he works to complete a national security team. >> reporter: president-elect
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assemble a new administration meeting with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and secretary of state among others. >> he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the united states of america. >> reporter: president-elect began filling key administration positions last week picking jeff sessions for attorney general and kansas representative mike pompeo to head t michael flynn was selected for national security advisory. >> we will pursue policies to temporarily suspend from terrorist countries. >> reporter: james mattis is a possible pick for defense secretary. >> i think regime change in the middle east hasn't worked.
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someone from the head of the state department that when trump said that iraq war was a mistake. >> reporter: president obama working to reassure world leaders that existing relationships will transcend party politics. >> i can't guarantee that the president-elect some of the positions he has taken. but what i can guarantee is reality will force him to adjust. >> reporter: former texas governor rick perry is set to meet with president-elect trump on monday. >> donald trump says his wife melania and their son, 10-year-old barron will be moving to the white house right after he finishes school next
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45th president on january 20. most american schools finish school in the late spring or early summer. now to this story because the battle between the president-elect and the cast of one of the most pop -- shows. >> how pence was treated and mr. trump twe morning. >> reporter: between the president elect donald trump and the cast of one of the most popular plays to hit broadway continued today. mr. trump tweeting out this morning, the cast and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated should apologize to v.p. elect mike pence for their terrible behavior. on friday night, mr. pence attended the show with his
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prepared note singling out the vice president i i elect. >> we are anxious that your policies won't protect us. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf all of all of us. >> reporter: m played what happen. >> i know this is a disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate win in this national election. i know this is an anxious time for some people. i want to reassure people what president-elect donald trump said on election night he meant from the bottom of his heart. he is preparing to be the president of all of the people from the united states of america. >> reporter: he called the
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rude, the actor responded by tweeting conversation is not harassment, sir. mr. trump is not the only one upset. a member of bruce springsteen's band got on twitter and said it is inappropriate to call out an audience member that is interesting because springsteen campaigned for hillary clinton, joining her onstage edge an outspo trump. >> reporter: if you are loving this fall weather and the rain, you are going to get a little more of it tonight into
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extreme weather across extreme weather across the
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lake-effect snow dumped more than a foot in the midwest. kalamazoo, michigan, the snow covered tree and rooftops just a start of the lake-effect snow machine. >> reporter: this is why matt was laughing at me earlier when i said people are you sick of seeing the lake-effect snow. >> that is what i'm used to. >> reporter: that is why many of you transplanted here. you get to enjoy a little bit of rain, a taste of fall tonight into tomorrow as we watch a system that continues to track through arizona bringing windy conditions and rain through higher elevations. 62 degrees at sky harbor. winds at 7 miles an hour. as we take a look at the wide shot, you notice plenty of
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california and the pacific northwest as well. the plume of moisture to the south making its way into arizona. we will tap into that subtropical moisture as the cold front makes its way through the state tomorrow morning through the afternoon. we see rain as a result and we are going to see cooler temperatures. cooling down in sedona where it is 50 degrees. 59 in yuma. 66 for tucson. 49 for winslow. temperature comparison, t look at this. southwestern arizona and the central deserts looking much cooler than what we saw this time yesterday anywhere from 8-12 degrees. looking at 66 for wickenburg. low 60's for cave creek. upper 60's for apache junction. chandler and gateway, both at 64. 62 in maricopa. buckeye already in the upper 50's at this hour. because of that system, we finally came close to the seasonal norm.
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than that. as we get into thanksgiving holiday, many of you are wondering if we're going to see rain. we will see a beautiful forecast. you may see cloud cover. 73 decision expected for the afternoon high. beautiful weather, particularly if you celebrate outside. in addition to the rain here, we are seeing a mix of rain and snow through the intermountain west. the weather maker is the circulatation bringing snow and icy conditions to new inland. -- england. we'll see the chance of activity into the early morning hours. yuma, upper 50's. 54 for safford. 45 for window rock. for tomorrow, you will notice that we barely see any yellow on the contour map. 50's, 60's, 40's out there as well. flag topping out at 41. 46 for show low. 69 for gila bend. 68 for douglas.
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for rain continues. chance of rain continuing throughout your morning commute. these showers have been scattered. as we saw today and into the evening, the moisture was isolated to the west valley but that does not mean we won't see the plume of moisture directed to a different section tomorrow. could drop down to 6,500-7,000 approach thaeufrgs, which is the kickoff day for people getting into skiing and snowboarding. >> thanksgiving looks like it is going to be perfect. >> it is going to be beautiful. it is getting to be crunch time for those who feed the hungry across the valley. kristy just mentioning that thanksgiving is just a few days away. st. mary's food bank says 2,200 turkeys were donated during the
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turkey drive this weekend. the charity says it is still 1,600 turkeys short of its goal this year and will be accepting donations of turkey, food, and cash on monday, tuesday, and wednesday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. food box distribution begin tomorrow. volunteers with the phoenix rescue mission. they are getting a head start this year spreading a little bit of holiday cheer. >> they delivered hundreds of food boxes with a turkey to make sure everyone thanksgiving. fox 10's ty brennan has the story. >> reporter: taylor roberts and her family making the rounds this weekend delivering food boxes to those around town who might go withou a thanksgiving if it wasn't for the phoenix recess -- rescue mission. >> we are delivering food for families who need help. they smile and look happy and it makes me feel warm inside.
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hundreds of volunteers who put together the boxes and delivered 550 o them to people across the valley. >> volunteers are picking up food boxes to deliver to homes of families who are in need for thanksgiving. >> reporter: they have been delivering boxes like these every thanksgiving for the past two decades. >> we want every family to have that opportunity to have a wonderful turkey dinner and enjoy the family oppor >> reporter: taylor roberts and her family hoping this becomes a tradition for them as well. >> you can't put a price on the experience and the feeling you get. >> reporter: ty brennan, fox 10 news. >> the phoenix rescue mission says they still need help and for volunteer opportunities and locations to drop off food and turkey, all you have to do is visit our website, for more information. people in the community
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this valley boy who is suffering from a brain tumor. members of the community also honoring the valley's fallen officer as the holidays approach. one valley police department goes paperless.
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welcome back. the city of maricopa police department has g >> everything from briefings to training guides and policy updates is available any time, anywhere where. anita roman explains. >> reporter: nothing is ever routine for officers who patrol our streets but the ones who work for the maricopa police department can count on one thing. >> we load everything up to see what calls for service are, look
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read policies that are new. >> reporter: it is a new way of policing, some would say. maricopa adapted the paperless, cloud program two years ago. >> they have to see anything they have to sign, we have brief with the chief. >> reporter: timothy gomez says policy and train is all accessible with a click of the mouse or a scroll through your smartphone, which gives more time on fighting crime than keeping the community safe. >> any form the officer might need in the field they can fill it out. they can't print it but they can fill it out. >> making sure we do the checks and balances and make sure it is squared away in how we can get it completed. >> reporter: old handbooks have been replaced with the new wave of the future, at least that is what this department
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technology to complete quarterly training, use of force, pursuit, and search and see church and code three driving, not church what that means. police need your help in finding three suspects in connection with credit card theft. a car was broken into in a parking garage at fourth street and indian school. suspects stole the victim's credit cards and using them within 24 hours some of the stores was a super k, walmart. if you have any information on the suspect, you are asked to call silent witness. a tucson jury is set to deliberate in the case of david watson. prosecutors say he killed his ex-wife linda watson in 2000 then killed her mother and her
12:36 am
they believe the killings were tied to watson wanting to keep full custody of his daughter. he worked with the tucson fire department for 20 years. it is never easy for the families of fallen officers but as we head into the holiday season, it can be especially tough. >> that is why volunteers have come together to make hundreds of wreaths to lay on the graves of fallen officers. >> in 2014, the siste a fallen philadelphia offers wanted to honor those and she made 18 wreaths for the cemetery where her brother-in-law is buried. there was an outpouring of support so the following year, it included 270 philadelphia officers. >> reporter: it has now come to the valley. in the simplest of terms, organizers of fallen heros of arizona are spreading the love. >> this year, i had to bring it
12:37 am
connected with our cities that it did not make sense to do just one city. i had to take over the whole state and there were 300 that we lost. >> reporter: the wreaths aren't hard to assemble but like many things it is the gesture. >> it is important to keep in mind that our officers lay down their lives for at christmas, the families are hurting. >> reporter: natalie knows more than most what a wreath can mean. as a wife of a glendale police officer wants to be there for the families knowing she may need their support. >> it is hard to watch the families of the fallen officers going through what they are going because in the back of our
12:38 am
be us. >> reporter: marcy jones, fox 10 news. yoga class was held at scottsdale quarter to help spport a 7-year-old boy. he began to suffer from headaches with double vision and nausea. he went to the doctors who discovered a tumor on his brain stem. the family appreciates all of those who came out despite the rainy weather today. >> it means a l it shows they look outside of themselves and they come out on a semi rainy day. >> reporter: you feel good being healthy? >> yeah, i feel real good. >> reporter: good, what do you have to say to the people who came out to support you? >> just thank you. >> the event cost a minimum of $20 and donation to enter. you heard stefania talked to
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conversation. it is really good. >> he is a cutie. another danger lurking along the arizona-mexico border. what drug cartels are doing now. we hear from an illinois congressman who lost his grandson due to the nasty
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new tonight, police in chicago arrest two teenagers for the fatal shooting of the 15-year-old grandson of congressman danny davis. police say javon wilson was shot in his home while arguing with another shoes. both teens could be facing first-degree murder charges. elizabeth matthews has that story. >> reporter: it happened 6:45 friday night near 56th and princeton in engelwood. the 15-year-old was home with his uncle, two brothers, ages 8 and 14 and a 16-year-old sister. wilson's mom left to go to the store when a 17-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy broke into
12:43 am
over basketball shoes. >> the young fellow, 15 years old happened to have a gun and reached around the lady that he was with and shot my grandson in the head. >> reporter: he says his grandson was a sophomore at prospective charter high school. he loved music but above all else loved basketball. >> that was his hobby. that was his that was his life and he loved it. >> reporter: davis was elected for the seventh time. he says this proves passing sensible gun legislation. >> get guns off of the streets. get guns out of the hands of individuals who should not have them. >> reporter: community activists calling on their neighbors to do their part in putting an end to gun violence. >> all of this starts at home. if your not disciplining your
12:44 am
be in the streets and you will lose them to death or the pen tenry. san antonio police say they have a suspect in custody in the shooting death of one of their detectives. now, this happened earlier today. police say san antonio detective benjamin marconi was sitting in his squad car writing paperwork when someone came up from behind and opened window. now, that detective had pulled over a driver while he was inside his squad car and another car pulled up behind him. a driver of that car approached the squad car and opened fire. this happened outside of the police headquarters in san antonio. marconi, once again, just 50 years old, a 20 year veteran of the force. the suspect is extremely dangerous when they had the
12:45 am
in custody. if he is their guys, he could face capital murder charges. >> capital murder. the only two options are capital murder are life in prison or death penalty. >> this is the car police believe the shooter was driving. the driver receiving the ticket at the time the offers -- officer was shot is not with the shooter. vandalism and other threats along the border putting deported migrants in danger. the incidents are likely tied to the shelter's work helping my grants report crimes adding it illustrates a border wide problem of drug cartels that see migrant shelters as a threat to their business. the shelters protect migrants who otherwise could be forced
12:46 am
for money to enter the u.s. ? sending a message of solidarity, hundreds of people marched to the mexico border in tijuana yesterday. they celebrated mass at the place that donald trump intends to build a wall. he blessed the statue guadalupe where trump plans to build the wall. he told worshipers that mexico is bigger than any of the challenges facing it. what do you think of this? a 55-year-old running back? yeah, you heard me right. a 55-year-old man playing college football. history in the making when we return. also coming up, it is one of
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strength and endurance the ironman race. >> this show. >> that could happen. >> this show. >> that could happen. the ironman under way in at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. in the name of the father and the sun and the holy spirit. get married at a christmas parade. what a great idea. it is not as unusual as it sounds. the couple met at the parade back in 2013 and decided it would be the perfect place to exchange vows. >> and the snow. >> 5 years old, he is the father
12:51 am
joe thomas sr. just picked up three yards on the carry. >> they tackled him like that? >> respect your elders. you heard him, history in the making with the three yard gain, joe thomas sr. fulfilled his dream saturday. joe sr. took the field in a 32-0 victory on senior day as the oldest walk on running back. that played and that is the son of his is the star linebacker for the green bay packers. 11th ironman in arizona started at 7:00 in the morning. we should hurry and finish. athletes are finishing late this evening. >> courtney griffin was there as the swim we weres were sent into the water.
12:52 am
dedication, motivation, and encouragement is what helped get these athletes ready to race in the iron man triathlon. >> the normal prerace nerves. just trying to relax and stay calm and that is it. >> reporter: this is max cam's first ironman. we asked him about how he trained for it as he was suiting up. >> i started training at the beginning of the i've done a couple of races. >> reporter: he is one of 3,000 races swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles. all of these athletes have until midnight to cross the finish line if they want to be called an iron man. >> there is a lot of visualization for that moment. >> reporter: chris says athletes do whatever they can to cross the finish line in time
12:53 am
get there. he hopes his training allows a smooth finish. >> i'm nervous and trying to contain energy and use it the right way. >> reporter: he says after so many hours, sometimes being mentally tough is the only option that athletes have left. >> i think you decide the pain is not going to get any worse so you can hand what will you got and continue at that level. each step you are a little closer and you know tomorrow it will be all bet. >> reporter: that is why it is so people here cheering on the racers. russell johnson and his wife are here from california to cheer on their 26-year-old daughter. >> it was her first. i took time off of work to come here so i can be here for her and help support her. >> reporter: they even made a sign. >> we're going to enter her times above each one of the icons and give it to her wherever she wants to put it.
12:54 am
across the finish line are officially an ironman, a title no one can take away from them. >> an offensive lineman from patriots finished it so i figured if he could do it, i can do it. i learned how to swim and a year later, i was an ironman. >> reporter: impressive to say the least. how about the cardinals? they suffer another setback. tonight on sports night, we the season of high expectations? max starks will join us. we'll tell you with richard saenz in minneapolis. the cardinals, what happened today in minnesota next. with our $3.50 sub of the day,
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every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome!
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i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something
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>> reporter: what was once a season that started with high expectations has left the red
12:58 am
the cardinals haunted by special team, giving up a couple of big plays and decided the game today in minnesota. it started with the audio man being run over by the vikings. a bad sign for the audio guy. for the vikings, they ran rough shot at times, especially getting to carson palmer. this big play late in the second xavier rhodes steps in on what would have been an out route to john brown. the touchdown 20-10. b.a. and carson talk about it on the sideline. jermaine gresham, his best play as a cardinal. the cardinals jump back in it. look at this effort. 20-17 at the half. cardinals right there but first play started the second half,
12:59 am
the house. it is a vikings touchdown. how many times have we said special teams haunting this team this year? no doubt about that and that was a game changer. palmer with an angle route to david johnson, touchdown. nice throw and catch. it looked like the cardinals had a chance to steal this one on the road. fourth and 19, palmer gets crushed by t that is roughing the passer. they still had time but could they convert on a fourth and 5? palmer looking to make a play. anybody open? get five yard, not going to happen. daniel hunter goes down and so do the chances for the cardinals on this 30-24 loss at the hands of the minnesota vikings. here is bruce arians after the game. >> when we had our ton --
1:00 am
we did not get it done. we did not block well enough in the fourth quarter to protect our quarterback. we didn't run good enough routes open for our quarterback. we gave up a field goal drive that was bug. >> we felt like we had a chance to win it and we didn't. your on the road in a tough environment and we needed it and we didn't get like i said, you take this day and you look at the mistakes, mental errors, bad play, whatever it is, you look at what hand and improve on it. >> reporter: you're angry an you want an explanation and you want sports night to be worth your time. you're going to get a candid explanation from max starks on


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