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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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thursday. they say the man was six feet tall, 220 pounds, short black hair on a beard. he was wearing an armani exchange, black ball cap. black, blue and red plaid shorts an nike running shoes. if you have any information on this man, call maricopa county office. a scare for a wheelchair who landed in a a canal. >> reporter: kari, thankfully this man is ok. he was traveling near 36th street nd baseline when he got too close and fell into the water. phoenix fire snap these photos of the man in the canal. he was in the water for 20 minutes before someone spotted
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>> alert and orientedded and able to answer questions for us. firefighters put a ladder into the water and went into to pull him out. >> reporter: fire crews say he was on his way to a doctor's appointment where he fell in. he didn't drift far. >> he was able to remain in his chair and keep him afloat. when you tread water and the fact he is in a wheelchair this could have been a different situation if he had not landed the way he did. canals are not a place to swim or fish. you are not sure how deep that water is so steer clear of the canals. >> reporter: the man appeared to be ok after being pulled out. he denied medical treatment and firefighters gave him a ride home. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. bruce arians is out of the
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>> arians taken to the hospital with chest pains after sunday night's game. jude lacava joining us with an update. a lot of people thought the cardiac cards but this time it was serious. >> reporter: bruce arians is ready to go with a normal week this week. a couple of tweets coming in. this came in from mark dalton. latest to see bruce arians at his desk. he is back in his expected to be on the practice field and on the slide lines for the game at atlanta. this came from coach bruce arians when he tweeted out earlier today. thank you for the well wishes, thoughts and prayers. i'm going good. everything checked out ok. happy to be back with the games just in the last hour, i talked directly with bruce arians' son jake to see how he is coming along today.
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be tough, especially when i know it has -- when it has been a long one like this. all of the tests came back positive. he is excited to be back with the guys. he is looking forward to get ready for atlanta this weekend and finish as strong as possible. light are today but he will be ready to go for atlanta this weekend. >> reporter: not surprised one bit. it is in his d.n.a., folks. as far as the atlanta falcons and the challen this sunday in atlanta, we'll look at the matchup and the game in 30 minutes. anotherrest to stop the loop 202 southbound freeway construction has been rejected. marc martinez is live with the story. >> reporter: a court of appeals denied to stop the construction of the 202 extension.
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the court saying they will not stop construction. this is the fourth time that courts have rejected attempts to stop the link. opponents have cited environmental concerns. the order means the construction will continue as the appeals in san francisco. a dot says the plan to a the continued growth and its economy. construction work started in september and construction in the main freeway will open in 2019. marc martinez, fox 10 news. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest travel day for the thanksgiving holiday and dave munsey is keeping an eye on the weather here and across the country. >> reporter: you know the country is not going to be bad. we are going to be, especially
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planning on going over to san diego? take a look at these two days. wednesday and thursday, 68, a few clouds. 76 degrees on thanksgiving day in san diego with a few clouds out there. las vegas, what a place to be, 68 on wednesday. a few clouds. nice and sunny on thursday. 65 degrees. who goes outside in las vegas, anyway? let's take a look at what is going on in flagstaff. 48 on wednesday with a few clouds o 49 degrees so chillier than what where used to. if you're headed down to tucson, sunshine on wednesday. a few clouds show up on thursday and if your staying home, good choice, folks. wednesday, 70. lots of sunshine. on thursday, mid 70's with a little bit of cloud cover and mid 70's for friday as well. if you taking that day off, it's going to be a lot.
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between tucson and phoenix as well. so a lot going on, great weather, especially in the southwest. we'll take a look around the country coming up. >> all right, dave, thank you. coming up at 5:00, five lives taken when a school bus veers off of the road. the ntsb revealed new information about this investigation. new information about the water supply buzz -- but says there the the dow goes where it has
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simply heartbreaking. you're looking at the mangled school bus involved in a deadly crash in chattanooga, tennessee. it is being towed away from the scene. at least five kids were killed. the bus veered off of the road, wrapped around the tree. >> investigators early son are saying speed was probably a factor. fox's deidra dukes has the latest. >> are a community in mourning as ntsb tries to determine the cause of a deadly crash. ntsb investigators arrived in chattanooga early tuesday morning. fist, investigating the scene
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headquarters going over the mangled wreck wreckage to anything that might point to the cause of the wreck. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: the buss plowed into a tree in front of her house. >> i heard the bus driver hit that tree. he must have been going fast because i heard the children. they were crying. i looked over there and i'm like oh, my god. wood moore elementary school were on the bus when it flipped on its side. the children were between kindergarten and fifth grade. five students were killed, six critically injured, 12 remain hospitalized. johnthony walker was arrested for vehicular homicide, reckless endangserment, reckless driving. no other vehicle was involved in
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driving too fast. >> i wanted to pray and ask god to hold those families. >> reporter: she came to pay her respects. like so many others in the close-knit community, she had a connection, some of the victims' families attend her church. >> i pray for those mothers and fathers who sented their children to school and waited on them and they did not come home. as many of us gather around thanksgiving table to be grateful, they are gathering at a funeral. >> reporter: in chattanooga, deidra duke, fox 5 news. >> investigators will remain on the scene for five to 10 days but their investigation into the crash could take up to a year. >> reporter: a lot of people hitting the road tonight or tomorrow. a big thanksgiving holiday and a weekend after that. we'll take a look at your
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i'm... marc martinez... there are now many more i'm... marc martinez... >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. coming up new at 6:00, there are more places in the valley for
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turn to. president elect donald trump responding to a white nationalist group in washington where nazi salutes were made in trump's name. we'll have those stories coming up at 6:00. great news for skiers at arizona snowbowl. they picked up 20 inches of snow overnight. they delayed opening twice. they hoped to open it before saturday but there was not snowbowl is open every day from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. >> sunrise park resort on the eastern side of the state in greer will open on thanksgiving day. they are making snow as well. not clear how many hundreds be ready to go but the resort will be open for skiing, sledding, zip rides, all of that available on thursday. >> you can hit the ice tonight
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of the christmas decor at west gate. they have a large ice rink set up. the skating rink will be up for seven weeks. it is open until midnight and it includes a two-hour admission for skating and your skate rental. it is the lighting of the 33-foot christmas tree. >> reporter: yeah, i think they call that glendale glitter and boy, does it. it will tonight. 69-degrees. you can see the northwest breeze at 8 miles an hour. a little haze on the day today. we get a bit of an inversion. 67 in scottsdale. 64 in june -- apache junction. ahwatukee, 69. there is your high pressure back in place just kind of sliding back here and moving the low pressure out. you can see that low is causing problems for washington, oregon, and then down into the northern
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we've been talking about it for quite a bit. people are getting ready for it and the travel starts but stay right here, mid 70's is going to be breezy. we will see a few clouds on thursday as well. today, there is your high. 71 at sky harbor. 68 at buckeye. 68 in deer valley. another 68 at gateway. other number were, 51 in flagstaff. 61 at kingman. 70 in gila yuma, 76 degrees. 59 degrees at 10:00 this evening. as the night wears on, we will see that temperature drop down into the low 50's. we'll see other temperatures drop down to 46 at fountain hills. 48 at glendale. 46 at goodyear. the temps are getting down there as well. this is your day. 71 on the high. morning low is 51. we're right there in the market.
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30, your record low for the day. this is what we look at as far as our forecast highs. very much like today. we'll be in the low 70's in the valley. we'll see 50's and 60's up there. it will be mostly 70's as far as the deserts are concerned. we may pop up into 80 here and there. across the country, you can see the storm in the midsection of the country. we're picking up snow across minnesota. they are pic on the day today. syracuse reporting 25 inches of snow. some people getting as much as 40 inches of snow throughout new england over the last couple of days. as we get you a look at the temperature, they do have an affect when they drop a lot of snow. 51 in washington. into the 40's when we get into the snow areas. 71 in wichita today. take a look at the futurecast as
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a lot of the country looking good. got a batch here, a little batch here. a pretty big batch in here. we move into thanksgiving day on thursday. you can see the country doesn't look bad at all. we do see active weather over here on both coast, the northeast and northwest. we'll keep an eye on both of them. overnight, 51 degrees. very pleasant as we go into tomorrow. for thanksgiving day, we'll be looking at the mid 70's. they will hang we see 60's and 50's in the forecast as well. watch your kids around water. >> wow, the 90's are a distant memory now. >> they will be back. >> it is an annual tradition that marks the beginning of the holiday season. thousands of rain bro -- rainbow trout released into tempe lake. coming up, after months of
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tonight and a lot of people are thrilled about this. plus, is there is a new sports team in town. we're meeting the first special needs hockey team. how much turkey this
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the number one thing that a good coach does is he shows his players that he cares about 'em... if players know you love 'em they'll run through a wall for you. sometimes it's hard for us to overcome obstacles and that's what a great coach is there for. good coaching is everything. especially when you're quitting tobacco. ashline coaches will help you develop a plan which can double your chances for success. give us a call for free. 1-800-55-66-222 or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing. arizona now has another arizona now has another sports team to be proud of.
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team. >> it is arizona's first special needs hockey team. ty brennan caught up with the members on the ice today. >> reporter: the team is part of the one step, a nonprofit organization here in arizona that helps adults with intellectual disabilities. those on the team could not be more excited than to hit the ice and start competing. to say that 24-year-old nick loves hockey is an >> i went to my first coyotes game in 2008 and fell in love with the sport. >> it is beyond a passion. he loves the game. he stuck to it. he is about to go to his 200th straight coyote game. it is all about hockey. >> reporter: he always wanted to play on a team but that was never an option for him. >> he tried to start up
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he even wrote letters to the special olympics. >> reporter: now that has changed. nick and other are part of arizona's first special needs team the one step bobcats. >> they love it. >> reporter: one step helps people with mental disabilities helped start the hockey team. >> for them to play the sport important for them and their families and for me as well. >> proud to see him play the game that he loves and enjoys and it is heart warming. >> reporter: ty brennan, fox 10 news. another busy day at st. mary's food bank. sky fox over the scene near 31st avenue and thomas road. there is quite a crowd there. this morning the line stretched
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long. yesterday, more than 4,000 boxes were handed out. 300 volunteers helped make it possible. tomorrow, from 8:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon, they will be distributing food, the last distribution at the knight distribution if your interested. the champion hot dog eater. he can tossac the eating machine holds the record for eating turkey. according to the guinness book of world records, he wrote 9.5 pounds of turkey. the butterball turkey website says the average american will eat 8 ounces of turkey. >> he is going to be so tired after that. >> because of the tryptophan or
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>> there is one turkey that won't been on the table. he lives in an animal sanctuary in stockton, california. he acts more like a house pet than a farm animal. he likes to be kissed and his belly rubbed. he has the opportunity to be a therapy turkey. two baby pandas are ready to be named. i got a savage. the twins were born in september. don't be fooled by this. >> that little thing won't hurt a flea or a fly. >> just wait. they are named on their 100th day of life, which falls on december 12. on the 200th day of life, they tear something up and kill it. panda fans go to the website to vote. >> i don't know how you can't love that little animal.
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>> that is what we made them out to be. we have a link on i'm not kidding. >> you got it out for these sweet little animals. >> i think they have been caricatured. it is a misrepresentation. >> you saw what happened to the guy who got in the enclosure. >> if he had an appetite left, he would have been killed. people have to pull out the of one town. the people hoping to dry out from this storm. surprising remark from president-elect trump and some involved his challenger hillary clinton. later on, priscilla presley talking about what it was like to be married to the king of rock 'n' roll. tonight at 7:00, "brooklyn nine-nine" followed by "new girl" and then a shocking revelation at "scream queens."
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linda aware. especially the city of peoria sending out an alert to water customers. a sample collected exceeded safe levels of nitrate and the city says the drink but wants families with infants to be aware of this. linda jins us more with this. >> reporter: infants younger than 6 months old and pregnant women should be paying attention. nitrates at this level could make an infant seriously or fatally ill. where did it come from? from some where we seldom think of. it is the kind of thing you can drive by every day and never
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this one in peoria is get eight lot of attention right now as the water from it violated e.p.a. safety standards for the high level of nitrate. jennifer crawford lives in the same area as the suspect well and says seldom uses tap water unless she is cooking but she is worried. >> for myself and my immediate family that is not a concern. i have a lot of friend, clo friends who are pregnant and have young children and who live in my immediate neighborhood. so yeah, it is alarming. >> reporter: michael web we are peoria's utility department says the maximum for nitrate is 10-milligrams per liter. november 15 tested nitrate level it at 10.8-milligrams per liter.


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