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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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this one in peoria is get eight lot of attention right now as the water from it violated e.p.a. safety standards for the high level of nitrate. jennifer crawford lives in the same area as the suspect well and says seldom uses tap water unless she is cooking but she is worried. >> for myself and my immediate family that is not a concern. i have a lot of friend, clo friends who are pregnant and have young children and who live in my immediate neighborhood. so yeah, it is alarming. >> reporter: michael web we are peoria's utility department says the maximum for nitrate is 10-milligrams per liter. november 15 tested nitrate level it at 10.8-milligrams per liter.
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sampling in the area has shown 1.3-milligrams perrier -- per litter so it is safe. >> reporter: is there anything they should be doing? >> for those who have infants below 6 months who have stored water from november 15 and that water if they intend to use it for their infant below the age of 6 months. nigh freight is not a concern for the adult population and even children above the age of 6 months. >> reporter: if you want to read the full release from the city of peoria, we have it posted on our website, linda williams, fox 10 news. two people accidently shot while cleaning a gun in chandler.
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person's hand and hit another person in the leg. both people are expected to be ok. no charges will be filed in this case. >> reporter: i'm nicole garcia. phoenix police searching for the suspect in a deadly overnight shooting at a phoenix apartment complex. >> i heard shots and i knew it was close. >> reporter: not just the shooting but the way it unfolded leaving residents feeling uneasy. >> the guy opened the door and he was immediately shot. really scary. >> reporter: phoenix police confirming what residents told fox 10 that around midnight, a man entered the complex knocked on the victim's front door. when the victim answered, the suspect opened fire. the victim was hit several times and died at the hospital. >> it is scary because you don't know if the person is caught or still running around or if they are look for another victim. reporter: the victim was friendly and leaves behind a
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>> no problems, nice people. mind their business and go to work every day like i do. >> reporter: a family will be celebrating without a loved one this thanksgiving. >> may -- my prayers and condolences goes out to the family. >> police have not released a suspect description or motive for the shooting. donald trump walk walked into the new times the meeting was canceled but then quickly rescheduled. trump said he had great respect for the paper but thought the treatment of him was "very rough." he indicated he will not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton and added it was never his intention to energize the a*lt right.
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the dow closes over the 19,000 mark. the dow climbed 67 points in what has become known as the trump rally. it finished at 19,023. nasdaq and s&p closed at record highs. a weather alert out of the u.k. where heavy rains have left entire towns swamped. the only way to get around in some areas is by boat and rafts unless you want to wade through several feet of in addition of heavy rain, some areas have seen winds up to 80 miles an hour. busy morning for fire crews in kansas. a chemical plant explosion south of kansas city injuring one person. the explosion at that plant involved packages, arrow -- aerosol and liquid chemicals. there was concern about air quality. the state of north carolina continues to get hit by
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the town of blowing rock. wildfires across the western part of the state has burned thousands of acres. a small plane crashes on the mountain slope in the san bernardino national forest. the pilot died in the crash. he was the only person on board. the plane was reported missing after air traffic controllers lost communication with it. f.a.a. says it took off from ontario airplane in calif the cause under investigation. the president handing out the medals of freedom today but one of the resip kwrepbtds had trouble before the ceremony. traffic cruising along on one valley road. where people are so excited
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a big day for west bug day for west valley drivers as the bell road bridge finally opens after months of construction. the new bridge expected to relieve a lot of traffic problems in that area. liz kotalik has the story. >> reporter: what was once the intersection of two busy roadways is now this, the bell road bridge giving everyone in the west valley a way to travel over grand avenue with a way to ease congestion.
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midnight meaning these drivers are some of the first to travel on it after months of construction shutting the area down with drivers telling us it is difficult getting around without using bell. >> i'm excited. it has been miserable eight months. >> i have to come to home depot a lot and it will be easier to shoot down bell. >> reporter: adot believes all of the wait willing be worth it. this intersection used to be a pain to get to. prior to the bridge, they looked like a standard intersection but there were train tracks to be worried about meaning that not only did they have to deal with amount of commuters, they had to wait when a train made its way through. this bridge should be taking care of all of the concerns. again, the big news today is
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bridge. adot tells us this is on time with their projected deadline. in surprise, liz kotalik, fox 10 news. adot workers still finishing up ramp work and they are adding more lanes on grand. all of the construction is set to be done by spring training of baseball. president obama bestowed the highest civilian this year's class full of stars. michael jordan, oscar winner robber deniro, diana ross, "saturday night live" produceer, bruce springsteen to name a few. >> today, we celebrate extraordinairery americans who have lifted our spirits, pushed us towards progress.
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recipients was ellen degeneres but she had trouble getting into the white house because she forgot her i.d. she eventually got in. >> nobody could say that looks like ellen degeneres. >> not at the white house. >> everyone knows who that is, right? new at 9:00, a look at some of the things that people try to take on a plane. t.s.a. seizing all kinds of stuff. you're look at it. obviously, the water, you can't do more than 3.4 ounces, knives, pepper spray, they have seized several guns at sky harbor every week. >> being in an open carry state, a lot of passengers forget to take their firearms out of their bags. >> other things you can't take with you on a plane this holiday season or any other time, only on fox 10 news at 9:00 tonight.
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hair products. they seize everything but the weaponry. >> i am impressed you tried to bring champagne. coming up, one guy goes to rob a bank but makes several mistakes along the way. why police had no problem tracking him down. you're look at the worst place in the country to retire. why this town gets such low marks. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after being bruce arians is back at the always and he is preparing for a trip to the atlanta falcons. the latest on his health and we look ahead to the next challege
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yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. well, some grinches won't be able to slow down a holiday production in rhode was stolen from a warehouse but ballet companies from around the country heard about the theft and sent replacement costumes. volkswagon launching a turnaround plan following the emission scandal. the german automaker says they will have 19 s.u.v. models globally by 2020 that is up from
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they have big plans for the electric cars in hopes of winning back customers. the website bankrupt is out with its list with the worse places to retire, topping the list is niagara falls, new york. they have the highest tax rate, worst crime rate than new york city and harsh winters. milford, connecticut was second on the list. no arizona cities made the here in america, we're not the only ones with criminals and dumb criminals. the suspect entered a bank armed with a gas pistol and a hood drawn over husband -- his head. he got there 15 minutes early so he decided to hide the weapon under newspapers and he paced around nervously. people spotted him and they called the police and he was arrested. he was going to ride off on a stolen scooter.
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pure again -- again you. in the health watch, donald trump election having a rough affect on some americans. those who are upset have been turning to food to ease their pain. it is being called the trump 10. >> they are going to blame global warming on donald next. >> doctors say it is similar to post-traumatic stress. come on. it is important to never bring it up at the dinner table, it might cause indigestion and could stress you out and eat more. people who have gained weight may be upset. >> reporter: i've been fasting ever since. i will leave it at that.
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when you coach in the nfl. don't be surprised if bruce arians is back on the practice field come wednesday and as you expect, we heard word today that coach arians was back in the office today. this is just another workweek. you see dalton putting out this tweet earlier. bruce arians update, he is back in the office. he is expected to be at practice and on sidelines sunday. coach arians put out this message to the well wishes out there. he said thank you for the thoughts an prayers along the way. earlier this afternoon, i had a chance to talk to jake arians who is close to his dad and excited to see his dad back for a normal workweek in preparation for the next game at the atlanta falcons. >> the stress of the season can be tough, especially when it has
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far. all of the tests came back positive in his favor. he is back in his the favor. he is looking forward to finishing up the season as strong as possible. >> reporter: a lot of football coming p with turkey day and nfl sunday. 10:00 a.m. fox nfl sunday and the cardinals at matt ryan's atlanta falcons that will be a challenge for sure. falcons having a good season far in the nfl season. let's not forget about what happens on turkey day. thanksgiving, 2:00 p.m., fox nfl pregame, washington taking on the 9-1 dallas cowboys and the remarkable story of rookie quarterback dak prescott and rookie ezekial elliot. when we look at the pathway for the arizona cards and you think about the crowded division in
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in the wild card hunt. a lot has to happen for the cardinals to get back in the playoff discussion. they are going to need help with six weeks left in this season as we head down the home stretc. more on the matchup against the falcons. we will look ahead to the rivalry and we'll see you at 6:00. see you then. ? how about this, the harlem globetrotters back at it again. the team doing trick shots at the horseshoe at the home of the buckeyes. one of the players hit a shot from 166 feet up in the air. remember when johnny manziel did this? he did this at his college. pretty amazing. really cool stuff.
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enough like five years day after day. >> eventually. >> the numbers would work for me. being married to the king what was that like? priscilla presley talks about her life with elvis. the news involving a possible wedding crasher's
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? he passed away earlier this month and for the first time his signature song has made the hot 100. it debuts at 59. he died after falling home. ? you know that album reshaped the world of college dorms and teenagers bedrooms around the country. >> you can sit in there and chill. >> total tripsville. "dark side of the moon" returned
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it is at 160 this week. it was released back in 1973. i had friends who never came out of their room. it spent 925 weeks on album charts and that is casey kasem. that is a little under 18 years. ? the sequel to the 2005 movie "wedding crashers" is in the works. vince spent their summer crashing wedding parties to meet women and get free food and free booze. >> they were having a good time. >> no word when the sequel will be ready to go. ? mascara going on right there isn't it? that is wild.
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is talking about her marriage to elvis. the couple didn't go out. they lived in a bubble. the king also had a mystique about him and never revealed anything. she says during their six years of marriage, elvis never saw her without makeup on. she always had it on. the couple started dating when priscilla was 14. they married century years -- seven years later. >> breaking news out of detroit where an officer has been shot. plus, details about a new place that teenagers in need of help can turn to. president-elect trump responding to a white
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thank you for joining us. fix tonight at 6:00, a fox 10 news alert out of detroit where an officer at i wayne state university has been shot off campus. no word on the officer's condition or what led up to the shooting. this comes after four officers were shot over the weekend. a detective in san antonio was killed. we'll bring you the latest as the information a man who is legally blind in a wheelchair is safe at home after he rolled into a canal. he managed to keep his head above water until firefighters could rescue him. let's take a look at where this is happening. this is the area right here. it is at baseline and 36th street. we will zoom in and you can see where the pin is that is where the man was along the canal area. we're told the water is four
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andrew andrew hasbun has the latest. >> reporter: the man who is legally blind was on his way to a doctor's appointment when he got too close to the canal and fell in. firefighters snapped photos. firefighters say he was showing signs of hype per thermia when they arrived and they used ladders to pull the man out. the in a way that positioned his head above water. the water was still so he did not drift very far. >> he was able to remain in his chair and keep afloat. this could have been a different situation had he not hrablded the way he did. the canals are not places to swim, fish, or get close to. you don't know the conditions in the water. you are not sure how deep the water is. steer clear of the canals.


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