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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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stefania okolie has more tonight. this loss was unexpected and it has really take an toll on the comiewptd. captain chris fitzmaurice was a husband and father to four young girls. today the phoenix fire department telling me that this was a firefighter who never thought twice about putting his life on the line. he wanted to save lives and he was dedicated to his job. the phoenix fire department without him has a big missing piece. >> you know it just couldn't be worse. >> captain p.j. struggling to wrap his head around the news he got today. in fact, the entire phoenix fire department is. >> we've lost just an exceptional family member. we've lost a person who meant the world to us. >> a 20 year veteran of the department. a mentor. and a hero gone. 45-year-old captain chris fitzmaurice was killed in an atv crash early this morning. >> with deal with tragedy all day long but when it hits home like this it's difficult for us
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look at it in a different way than we normally do. >> captain fitzmaurice was friend to men he put himself in people's lives and touched them in many ways. the loss is simply hard. >> can't imagine losing him and can't imagine being without him. he would have returned to work tomorrow for a shift. the job he loved and spent his life doing. >> he was out there every shift doing what he does best..- we really don't even have the ability to calculate loss is going to mean to our department. >> and we were told the family will need help with these funeral expenses. you can find a link to the gofundme page that's been set up. head to in phoenix, i'm stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." tonight county sheriff's deputy sergeant and his wife badly injured when they were hit by a van in cave creek and have been identified. >> investigators say nick and his wife were crossing the
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yesterday morning when they were hit this much gofundme page set up to support the couple says elizabeth is undergoing multiple surgeries saying the couple has two young children. elizabeth is the principal at echo mountain intermediate school in the paradise valley school district. her husband was listed in serious condition. investigators say the driver who hit the couple stayed at the scene and do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in the collision. mother of two young children is dead after investigators believe she may hav when she drove the wrong way on the i-10 in the west valley slamming head on into a gray hound bus that wreck happened this morning in goodyear. dps troopers tell us 23-year-old kara cornejo of peoria got on the loop and traveled west in the east bound lane for a full six miles before she hit that gray hound bus head on. the bus was carrying 36 people from san bernardino, california, to phoenix. paramedics took 13 of those people to the hospital. passengers were not badly
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ones who weren't were put on another bus to phoenix. the freeway was shut down for seven hours. the family members spoke to fox 10 today. i just couldn't believe how something like this could happen. i mean, there is so many indications that you are going on the freeway the wrong way. >> for everyone that if you get drunk or whatever and you know that you can't drive, that you should at least call someone that -- to pick you up because stuff like this happens and now my sister >> family members say core they hoe decided to go out last night. and she was heading home at the time of the crash. she leaves behind a one-year-old boy and a three-year-old little girl. officers arrested more than two dozen people protesting the dakota access pipeline today in a mall in bismarck, north dakota. the group gathered to pray and some refused to leave a target store. the cheyenne river sioux tribe is calling for a boycott of
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the standing rock sioux tribe says the army corps of engineers plans to shut down the area where protesters have gather for month. activists have been trying to block construction over concerns. the project is largely finished except for a stretch beneath the a missouri river reservoir. arizona congressman says it's disturbing president-elect trump holds stock in energy transfer partners the the pipeline raising concerns about a potential conflict of interest. trump spokeswoman told the associated press, quote, we were in the process of vetting various structures with the goal of the immediate transfer of management of the trump organization and its portfolio of businesses to donald, jr., ivanka and as well as team of highly skilled executives this much is a top priority and a structure that's selected will comply with all amicable rules and regulations. north dakota leaders and members
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obama to move the project forward. and at this hour a phoenix restaurant is raising money to help support the water protectors in north dakota. activists say they plan to march tomorrow in phoenix in solidarity with the standing rock sioux tribe. danielle miller has more. the owner of the restaurant coronado is donating all food sales tonight 100% to those protesting the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. he says the restaurant is typically very involved in the supporting these protesters seemed like the right thing to do. >> owner of the coronado located near 7th street and mcdowell deciding to donate 100% of food sales to those protesting the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. on a typical friday night, food sales pull in around 1500. he thinks tonight they may double that. >> so far in the first hour of our cherty event we seen what we
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like the line is at some point out to the sidewalk. we never had that before. >> demonstrators are protesting against the crude oil pipeline said to cross the missouri river just upstream from the standing rock sioux reservation. tribal members fear because of it, drinking water may be contaminated and harm sacred lands. those taking in the vegetarian cuisine here at the coronado tonight are happy knowing they are giving back. >> for those of us who feel like it's really important for people's voices to be heard and for those causes to be remedied and rectified, we are especially aware of it today. >> what they are going through is incredibly unfair and so it's great that we can support them. >> the giving doesn't just stop at food sales. he says they also have boxes at the front of the restaurant where people any time can drop off supplies to be delivered to the protesters. >> specifically things that they are asking for.
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and first-aid kit. >> the coronado kitchen is open until 11:00 tonight and plenty of time to get down there to support this fundraiser. and also there is a walk tomorrow starting at indian -- excuse me, steel indian school park that's starting at 7:00. the walk will begin at 8:00 in the morning and end here at talking stick resort arena to conclude that walk. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news." a lot of shoppers in the valley up as early as 3:00 this morning to find the best black friday deals. so f tradition for them to go black friday shopping but they don't like to go on thursday night and instead of shopping for themselves they went shopping for other people. >> we will hit a bath and body works and my mom want all of the stuff. my mom loves everything to do with the kitchen so i'm trying to find her something like cutting knives and pots and pans and i'm trying to find that. >> on-line black friday sales are expected to pass $3 billion.
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their website today. visitors on the site saw message reading temporary shopping jam this afternoon a 10 second countden to get to the site but that delay ran longer than that. the company worked to fix that issue while taking in a high number of on-line orders. president-elect donald trump has filled two more posts in his upcoming administration. he has tapped fox news analyst to serve as deputy national security adviser saying she has tremendous and innate talent mr. trump named donald his campaign attorney. trump says he will play a critical role in the administration. and meantime green party candidate jill stein today filed a request for a recount in wisconsin. she says she has raised more than $5 million to recount the votes in that state. as well as michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump won pennsylvania by about 70,000 votes and wisconsin by fewer than 30,000. he is up in michigan by 10,000 votes and now if recounts were
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those states she would win the white house. >> we do not have a smoking gun that shows that there was beyond a doubt a vote fraud going on here. but let me say we do not need to prove that there was fraud in order to justify a voting system that is secure and that we have confidence in. and computer science experts prompted the recall effort when they claimed a hack core have influenced the outcome of the jill stein denies she is trying to deliver the white house to hillary clinton. still ahead, how the former child stars of the "brady bunch" are remembering their tv mom. florence henderson tonight. perms to cut down christmas trees in arizona forests are going by fast. the story is coming up. and later how two valley brothers are cashing in on one of the hottest toys of the
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charged with manslaughter after a deadly three-car crash. cottonwood man is charged with manslaughter after a deadly three car crash. 31-year-old cody bright was driving under the influence when swerved in another lane. justin gomar died in the crash and four others were hurt including bright. deputies say at first bright told them gomar was driving the car but witnesses and evidence proved otherwise. fans mourning the loss of actress florence henderson today leaving flowers at her star. one of america's favorite tv moms died on thanksgiving of heart failure at the age of 82. she had family and friends by her side yesterday. henderson best known for her role as carol brady on the "brady bunch" of her last public appearance was on monday during a taping of dancing with the
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former cast mate maureen mccormick who played marcia brady. she was asked what she would do if she were president of the united states. if i were president i would make that every child had food to eat. a good education. and i think those are some important if you don't have those, what does it all mean? >> henderson survived by her four children and her five grandchildren. actor barry williams who played greg brady says one of the most gracious people he ever known and proud to call her mom and a lifelong friend. another former child star remembering florence henderson tonight on social media. show you what maureen mccormick tweeted out. this photo of her with henderson saying you in my heart forever, florence and christopher knight, let's take a look what he had to say. he played peter brady and he tweeted this photo of them saying i grieve for the passing of my dear friend florence. privileged to have known her and
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will be missed. rest in peace. here is one from eve plum. she tweeted in this note, saying florence was a wonderful role she taught me how to be a kids.- professional actor by her example of preparedness, respect for the work and her foal cast and crew members and she said she was very nice to all of her fans out there she will be missed. with thanksgiving behind us ash lot of families now decorating for christmas and bringing home the christmas trees. tonight there forests have sole 40% of perms to people seeking to cut down their own trees this year. more than 12,000 permits are available this season. more than 5,000 so far have been sold. well, the holiday is behind us, but there is another one in front of us. and we are going to be prepared for it this weekend because things will change a little bit as far as our weather. we will have that for you coming
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well, the holiday weekend they have a lot of people are planning on hitting the road but if they are going up north they need to check the weather ahead of time. >> there will be a big change in our weather. we will get a little closer t fall. and people are going to start seeing the christmas carols i think more readily here because the temperatures are going to feel more like it. is it 64 degrees right now. winds out of the east at five miles per hour. we will be lucky next week to get that as a high. 60 right now in surprise. 67 in deer valley. 59 degrees right now at apache junction. and as we get you to look here, you see the system that's coming in, a cold front, a low pushing
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and you see snow mixed in with that and some of the mountain areas. we will expect to get a little bit of snow and not a tremendous amount of snow but as you can see the temperature is going to be dropping off very rapidly. 81 degrees at sky harbor on the high today. 79 degrees in goodyear. 79 degrees in deer valley. 81 degrees in chandler. now let's take a look and see what we did up north. 52 at flagstaff. 64 in sedona. 63 at prescott. we have 53 at 57 at st. johns today. 80 degrees at gila bend. still warm on the desert floor and that will be changing. look at these overnight lows. by tomorrow morning we will see these temperatures 52 at goodyear. 56 in scottsdale. 55 in chandler. that's still a little warmer than the norm for this time of year. 81 for the high today. 48 for the low. 71 and 49 normal high and low. there is your record high at 88. your record low at 32.
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temperature downs a little bit with a forecast of 73. we do see some mid-70s even a 76 or two in there. but much lower than they were today and that will continue. 59 is the forecast for prescott. 63 is in sedona and 62 in winslow. 79 in tucson. and we have some low 70s and mid-70s for the desert floor. you can see that moistur working its way in here to the west coast, northern california getting some of that. go well. and then up in the great lakes we are not only seeing rain, but a lot of snow starting to show up there. you know they had some good snow up to 37 inches in some places last week. up into new england. and what that does is that just keeps the temperatures down. 48 at boston. 56 in new york. 58 in washington. 42 in chicago. in wichita 58 today. 63 in denver.
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overnight 59 degrees. make that 73 degrees for tomorrow for your saturday as we get into the weekend. that will change. it will be down to 60 on sunday. 58 on monday. and you can see it just kind of fluctuating back and forth from those upper 50s to low 60s. have a great weekend and watch your kids around water. thank you. and he is a long time froand of maricopa county sheriff joe arpaneio.d today during a russian president vladimir putin? ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ?
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ninety million dollars
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. at the volkswagen sign then drive event. two valley brothers are cashing in on one of the two valley brothers are well, two valley brothers are cashing in on one of the hottest toys of the holiday season. mike zappa's daughter asked for a hatchable for christmas. when he asked his brother and saw how popular that toy was they bought 100 of them and then they started to resell them.
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left but they already made thei& money back. the brothers say they received some backlash but they also say this is just business. there is 30, 35, 40 bids and it's taking it well over $200 today. so we are not dictating what price is. we are not setting a price. the consumer is doing it. >> and the brothers say they do plan to give away three hatchables to kids in need this holiday season. and what he calls a thawing relations with the united states, russian president vladimir putin gives acktrr steve -- actor steven seagal a regular asport he defended the russian leader's policies and criticized the u.s. government and piewt ain warded segal citizenship through a presidential decree earlier this month. we check in on the relations between asu and u of a.
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asu taking on arizona. big time bragging rights. how the devils are looking to take care of the cats in
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we've got an old fashion we have an old fashioned shootout in tucson as the sun devils take on the cats, it's the battle for the territorial cup. need i say more? this game always goes back and
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busters. arizona is 2-9 on the year. manny wilkens and the sun devils need one more win to become bowl eligible. quarterback brandan dawkins is up and running. two words for asu. i'm gone. 71 yards for the touchdown. wow. the asu defense giving up big plays all day long. nate phillips all by himself. wide open and you can kiss him good-bye. he takes it to the house. makes it 21-7. the devils cut the lead to 28-21 with grant slicing and dicing like a hot knife through butter. breaking tackles and takes it in for the touchdown. levels looking to answer and they do manny wilkens the strike and what a catch from the true freshman. beautiful catch makes it 35-28. we've got a ball game boys and girls but that asu defense could not stop arizona.
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get off me. takes it in for the touchdown. right now in the fourth quarter, arizona leads 42-28. more local stuff thanks to you guessed it the phoenix suns. taking on the t-wolves and how about zach lavin. a big time slam there. are you kidding me? so nice we look at it twice. wow. watch alex going in for the block. not a good idea. zach lavin is a slam dunk champ. he has the hops and he throws it down with authority. that's a eric bledsoe with a nice play. ricky rubio not even looking and bledsoe bounces it off his fannie right there. and to himself and goes back door for the layup. the suns outscored 31-10 in the tenth quarter. we stay on the hard quarter thanks to the college kids. grand canyon university taking on the lones looking for win number three in a row. lopes on the run. it's good.
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can't forget about the coyotes. the 'yotes looking to get back into the win column. no score in the early going. not for long. connor mcdavid thrng kid is something special. watch this play. not much to do about that. he lights the lamp. captain coyote looking to change that. sends it to overtime and that's not enough in a shootout the coyotes win it. >> thank you. we got breaking news into our newsroom. that long time cuban leader fidel castro has died at the of 90 years old. that's a big developing story just came down and we will have the latest on that coming up tomorrow morning on fox 10 arizona morning starting at 6:00 wih ty brennan and anita roman. we will see you then have a good night.
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or we can save five hours and go around the corner to baby town. what are you doing all day? jay! it's fine, mom. no, it's not fine. today's manny's birthday. aw, jeez. i'm sorry, kid. don't worry. reuben's family's taking me for a birthday lunch. you see? even the reubens remembered. we'll be back at 6:00, and we're taking you to a special birthday dinner. okay? we are? jay! i'm sorry, kid. i wasn't sorry. it was a setup. we're throwing him a big surprise birthday party. and he totally fell for it, the little jerk. point of a surprise party. you take someone who you really love and you play 'em like a fool. that's not the whole point of all this. manny has been feeling a little bit neglected, and i wanted to give him the most special day. this is the last birthday that it's only going to be the three of us. i can't wait to see the little dope's face. ...and then that smug carol chu was all, "you can't dig without an environment impact study." and them i was like, "bam!" and then i slapped the study onto charlie's desk, and carol was like, "but--but--"


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