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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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presidential nominee jill stein is actually the one really pushing for recounts in three key states. wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. trump won wisconsin and pennsylvania, and as of wednesday, held an 11,000-vote lead in michigan. but, wisconsin officials say they are moving forward for the state's first-ever presidential recount. in the wake of the death of fidel castro, donald trump says the president-elect will reverse president obama's opening to cuba. reince priebus said the current arrangement between the u.s. and cuba has only benefitted cuba. he says that trump will want some movement in the right direction from cuba to continue the diplomatic relationship. trump can reverse obama's opening to cuba without help from congress, and all that's because it was done by executive order, not through legislation.
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on, many cuban americans are reacting emotionally following the death of castro. as fox's jessica holly reports, catholics came together saturday night to pray for cuba and the political future of their country. >>reporter: archbishop thomaswensky celebrating mass with the cuban community. for many, this gathering brings to a close an emotional south florida following the death of fidel castro. >> the judgment of castro is in the hands of god, but given the emotions of the day, we all can come together, no matter what the possible emotions that we're feeling, to pray for cuba and for cuba's future, and what a better place to do that than have this shrine built by the cuban exile in honor of the patron saint of cuba. >>reporter: and the church was full, some wearing and carrying cuban flags. >> happy today.
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>>reporter: he left cuba when he was 20. ten years later, he's here to pray that his friends and family still there will soon be liberated. >> just to be free is a bless, you know, like freedom is everything that a human being needs. >>reporter: and that's what many say the real celebration is about following the death of a dictator. >> they rejoice over the fact that a door has been closed in cuban history and we're hopeful that a presence of our lord is present in the people, and that's what i think they are rejoicing about, hope, the beginnings of a new start. >> look for many more developments in the coming weeks. that was fox jess jessica holly reporting. meanwhile, in havana, workers are preparing for several days of tribute to the late castro. the former cuban leader's remains will be brought to the square tomorrow. throngs of cubans are expected to pay visit and pay their respects in the shadow of
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independence hero jose martin, and the huge sculpture of the revolutionary leader. a mass public ceremony is planned at the square. that's coming up on tuesday. cuba's government also declared nine days of national mourning following castro's death. back here locally, we've got a traffic watch for you for tonight. a mile-long stretch of eastbound i-10 in the southeastern part of arizona will be closed for about an hour tonight, or early tomorrow it's being closed to allow for an oversized load to pass. adot says the closure will allow the westbound truck that's hauling that load to travel in the eebt lanes. now, this is between state routes 80 and 90 in benson. the department says the closure will be between 10 tonight and 2:00 tomorrow morning. the department says eastbound travellers can detour by using state routes 90, 82 and 80. however, they're warning that
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much time. something else to watch up for in payson. residents and visitors should expect to see some smoky conditions in the coming week as the tonto national forest prepares for a controlled burn. now, forest workers will be burning vegetative debris piles over hundreds of acres. they say prescribed fires help natural and cultural resources and decrease the danger to the public and the firefighters. forest officials say that the first prescribed fire project is scheduled for tomorrow and for tuesday piles in several areas. residual smoke may linger through thursday, though, and additional burns are scheduled for later this week in areas around payson, as workers eliminate 240 acres of piles of debris. you may be asking, as i just asked, what's a cayman? here they are. they're rare crocodiles and they
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in scottsdale this weekend. ten were brought in from denmark. it's all part of a breeding program. the black caymans are the first of their species to come to the u.s. since 1975. the crocodiles normally live in the northern part of south america. they were hunted nearly to ex extinction in the bralzian amazon. it's a long process to bring the species out of the endangered species list. >> i anticipate them being able to breed around 14, 15 years old, so, you know, it's not a short-term project. but as you can see at three years old, these guys are pretty good growth. they're about four and a half feet long so they're doing very well. >> eight of the newly arrived reptiles were born in 2013. the other two were born just last year, so they're infant caymans.
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my fault. millions of people spent their weekend buying and buying and buying, but coming tuesday, it's all about giving. and we'll show you how some local non-profits are working to give back this holiday season. and a huge splash at the box office this weekend, but did it surpass the ever-popular disney film, rosean?
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all right. so we just had black friday, and tomorrow is cyber monday. but if you were looking for a way to give back after all that shopping, giving tuesday is a great option. >> day after tomorrow. charities, non-profits and other philanthropic organizations around the cub are encouraging people to give back, whether it's through volunteering, donations or other resources. they say, in fact, the need
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and the fox 10's marcy jones dropped by one valley non-profit who says they couldn't do what they do without fundraising opportunities like giving tuesday. >>reporter: when a child loses trust, it's never easy to rebuild, but at gabriel's angels, they say the key is using animals as a bridge. >> so we offer an opportunity for these dogs to make an impact for kids that have experienced the worst and worst and they teach core behavior such as empathy, trust and self-regulation. >>reporter: mary watson has been a pet therapyol years, witnessing countless miracles, but she won't take the credit. that, she says, belongs to her almost 200-pound english mastiffes, pebbles, micah and murphy. in her words, the ultimate healers. >> i just loosened the leash and let murphy go where she wanted to go because they can sense stress and they can sense anxiety, and of course she went right around the corner to the kid that was bundled up on the
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that her entire face was covered with salt from tears. it was encrusted with salt. and when murphy saw that, she started licking the tears away. and licking all the salt and tears off the little girl's face, until she was laughing. >>reporter: from gentle giants like pebbles to a fun-sized six-tount pomeranian named snickers, the dogs have helped thousands of at-risk children throughout arizona for 16 years, giving a whole new meaning to the saying, man's best friend. >> i don't have to teach that to them, the dogs teach it to them. this dog is going to accept you for just being you. this dog is going to love you unconditionally. you don't have to do anything special. you don't have to do somersaults. you don't have to get straight a's. you don't have to be perfect. she's just going to love you, and that's all it takes. >>reporter: marcy jones, fox 10
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gabriel's angels is completely funded by fundraising here in the community, so every penny really does count. you can find a link to donate to gabriel's angels on our web site, fox 10 if you didn't spend your entire holiday weekend out shopping, well, maybe at the theatres, because declaration of independence dominated the box office taking in an estimated cool $81 million over the five-day weekend. the south pacific animated tale earned 55.5 million from friday until today but the 2013 thanksgiving release of "frozen," let it go. it opened at $93 million, and it scored the second highest thanksgiving weekend debut ever. well, right about now, we're ready for another football grief counseling session with linda williams. and matt, you can hang in there, too. listen, missed opportunities. self-inflicted wounds and another game that slips by for the cardinals. oh, man, what happened?
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oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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all right. let's start with that list again. dropped passes, untimely penalties. yeah. you look at everything that happened along the way, inability to execute, make plays when it matters. kind of been in that mode almost all season, right? could be the story line for the 2016 season. for bruce arians and the cardinals at the falcons, nice play here, and a very impressive first drive of the ga cardinals. nine plays, 75 yards, carson palmer to gresham. it's 7-0, but even the breaks, when they go in favor of the cardinals, it's not a break at all. it's a penalty against patrick peterson. pass interference against julio jones, the buchanon interception, no go. not going to happen. bow your head on that one. yeah. tough break here. matt ryan, this offense is impressive. taylor gabriel. he's good enough to play for the falcons.
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wide receiver screen. good from 35 yards out. 17-10. ryan gets a break here, the cardinals do, with d.j. swearinger with the int. it looked like they had a chance to make this a game in the first half. that set up a 54-yard field goal attempt. he nails it. they go in to half. 17-13. certainly within reach. they were right there. but it's how you finish. it's how you execute on a 4th and 7. michael and it's right in the numbers. and you've gotta -- you go for it and you drop the pass. it has been a horrible year for number 15, no doubt about that. the cardinals just couldn't execute. and then on this punt by the falcons, campbell is off side. that's an automatic first down for atlanta. there it is the flag, the untimely penalties, as we've said. down 24-13. matt ryan on a second and 9.
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you saw in the first half. wide receiver screen to gabriel. dives for the pylon. there it is, 38-19. the cardinals fall to 4-6-1 on this very, very disappointing season. >> just bummed. you know, i came in here ready to play. excited about this game. and it turns out the way it turns out. it's disheartening, frustrating, and this >> i feel like we finished the first half, you know, on a positive note, you know, we always talk about finishing the half with the score, and then we come out in the second half, and we don't get it going like we had hoped, but, you know, it's not much you could take positive out of this game. i mean, any time you lose, it's never -- it's never a good feeling. >> just come to work. we need one win. one win, you know, there's
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can't beat, and who knows what the final tally will be, but we need to win one. >> that's what it's come down to. win one. busy day in the nfl. number of games, dramatic finishes, guys like drew brees putting up some big numbers. here's a wrap of today's action. tell me the cleveland browns won a game, richard. give me something good here. >> well, yeah, drew brees did put up some good numbers. but your browns, not so much. the cleveland browns still looking for their first win of the season. could they really go winless the whole year? manning trying to keep it that way. eli gets the party started. nice pass right here. touchdown, duane harris, just like that, it is 7-0, giants. eli back for more. this time looking for odell beckham, jr. beckham, jr. makes the catch. he can scoot and he literally high-steps into the end zone and oh, it's time to celebrate. he loves to dance and he's pretty good at it. josh mccoun trying to lead a comeback for the browns. really?
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j johnny on the spot. look what i found! takes it to the house with a touchdown. giants win it final score 27-13. saints taking on the rams. drew brees looking at the rookie goff. he airs it out. austin with the touchdown. that's the first touchdown pass of goff's career. after that, the saints would start to march. mark ingram, nice running right here, weaves through traffic, takes it in for the touchdown. we are tied brees back for more. a little pass to ingram and how about the esscore he has here. he has some boys in his way, takes it. final score 49-21. bears taking on the titans. jake cutter watching quarterback. titans lead by a score of 14-7. seven minutes later, mariotta airing it out going deep to matthews. how about this effort. great catch.
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27-21. chargers taking on the texans. phillip rivers. boy, can he air it out. has a wide-open receiver. inman all by himself. touchdown san diego. we are tied at 7 apiece. rivers would just get started. oh, yes, looking for tyrell williams. williams, with a man on his back, makes the catch and yes, we've got a ballgame, boys and girls. rivers is not done. he's heating up. hunter diego, the chargers go on to win this one 21-13. bills, jags, rex ryan loves his defense. shady mccoy is healthy once again and this is the proof. he breaks free and you can kiss him good-bye. 75 yards for the touchdown. the bills take the lead. jacksonville re-takes the lead. he calls his own number. he can scoot. weaves in for the touchdown.
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bengals and the ravens. joe flacco, nice pass. corner of the end zone. what a catch by perryman. 7-0 baltimore in the early going. that was an outstanding pass. all day to throw. finds the touchdown at the back of the end zone. that makes it 16-10, but here comes the defense for the ravens. dalton is stripped. elvis comes through, and that's the difference in this one. the ravens win it, final score 19-14. you want more scores? no problem. we've got them for you on the web. just log on to, click on the sports stat and we've got all the scores you need on jude, back to you. >> more scores here, suns, nuggets, an afternoon game here in downtown phoenix. can they even the score after losing ten days ago in denver? eric bledso a career high. would it be enough?
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the guard play has been better, the effort appears to be there but does it mean well, the guard play has been better. the effort appears to be there, but does it mean it's going to amount to more wins for the suns. they lost to denver about ten days ago. how about this afternoon, eric bledso certainly wanted to win. he put up a career high 35 points, six assists, two blocks, two steals. booker wasn't bashful. shot 11-27. he look at this drive. 19 points. this nuggets team playing pretty decent under coach malone right here. inside move, wilson chandler, he gets that kind of position. tyson chandler was back in the lineup. booker again. nice, easy mid range jumper. booker off the screen from tyson chandler. watch him pull up. chandler in the good position with the put-back. but again, it's how you close. how many times have we said
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break. booker on the wing, hits the three, but the nuggets just had too much. nice bench scoring as well. inside off a transition, and there's dale arthur, nail in the bucket here. suns lose again. they fall to 5-13. they lose 120-114. cards, falcons post game, we break down what's next for the cardinals and then the suns and coyotes. we'll cover it for you, plus what you should be really, really, really upset about if you watched the rivalry game. i'm not going to tell you w it is now but we'll get into that tonight. >> there are several things i'm really, really, really upset about. what do you mean? there's something else? >> but one thing that's good is that the coyotes should play edmondton all the time. if they could do that, we'd be fine. >> if they could do that, we'd have the stanley cup. >> sounds good. they skipped right over my devils. i don't know what they're talking about. please don't. don't talk about them. kristi has another look at your forecast.
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as promised, here comes the rain, guys. take a look at this cell just about to cross 17. some pretty heavy showers there north of the 101. so grab the umbrella if you are headed out this evening, next couple hours best chance for rain. temperatures nice and cool in the 60s for the next several days. >> looks good to me. >> there's rain, linda. be more excited. we've waited for this all year.
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this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. (gasps) (sighing happily) (gasps) (grunting) (exclaims) (groans) (grunts) okay, ellie, i got her.


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