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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  December 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> we are staying put right here. >> what is about to happen in vegas will not be staying here as the race to the white house heats up. >> it is debate number five for the republican candidates and the stakes have never been higher. jim: donald trump has a bull's-eye on his back because he is still leading the republic pack. he is 38% -- he has 38% of support from republicans. ted cruz with 15%. marco rubio and ben carson tied with 12%. reed: we have been looking into
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gerard: a lot of visibility out here today and a lot riding on this event. you couple that with the fact that we already have so many tourists from around the world. he was a major security challenge on your hands. the venetian tells me they are ready. they have their own built-in security out here. we have local police agencies and double agents heres well. high level security is nothing new for the venetian. this time, it includes an event of national significance. david shepherd is former head of security at the venetian and former fbi. the gop debates will involve sweeps with bomb sniffing dogs and several agencies working together with the feds, including fbi and secret service taking the lead.
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people going into the event, information coming in. increased security presence, increased cameras. undercover all the time. >> it is a closed shop, apparently. >> planning to attend the debate? you have to receive credentials ahead of time. elyse expect demonstrations -- police expect demonstrations, activist groups protesting. police will be on hand to make sure they can exercise their first amendmt rights, that also to make sure things do not hand. in today's society, security,e says, is the responsibility of the experts and also opeople. >> if you see something, here something, or read something, --
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-- report it. >> authorities cannot stress that enough. we are in our or so from the start of the event -- we are an hour or so from the start of the donald trump: this time, i do not think niceness is going to matter. they went competence, smart. >> donald trump will be front and center at the debate tonight. he will have that middle podium again. he met with las vegas casino mogul, sheldon adelson. the big question going into tonight, will the attacks have any effect on his popularity?
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our team coverage continues. >> this is the final republican debate of the year and for some of the candidates tonight, this could be a make or break performance. it comes at a time when polls show donald trump's lead is growing. donald trump was here in las vegas last night. >> this will not be anything in paradise for me. >> he brings his latest lead to this stage. he is up 38% in the newest washington poll -- washington post poll. the candidates checked out there podium positions earlier today. this debate, the first since san bernardino and paris. rand paul spoke with me. >> what will your message be tonight?
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anniversary of the bill of rights. we should not so easily give up on our liberty. >> on the day at terror threat shuts down the nation's second-biggest school system. ben carson: i am looking forward to some questions on foreign >> carson is a smart guy. >> surgical, precise thinking. i want him to listen to all of the views. >> nine people will be on stage. jeb bush is sitting in the single digits. >> obama never overcame hillary until after the new hampshire primaries. there is time. one of the remarkable things
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numbers, his numbers keep climbing even after he makes those controversial comments. last monday, he called for that country. that will be a huge topic of discussion tonight. live at the venetian. reed: what a lot of people are talking about tonight. supporters and opponents are staking out the venetian to vent their opinions. they are speaking about the issues they want the candidates to tackle. >> making sure their are no troublemakers and those crowds -- making sure there are no troublemakers in the those
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venetian stopping by, taking pictures. you can see the folks behi me. a crowd of about 100 activists announced what they call -- denounced what they called hateful p rhetoric. representing everyone from labor unions -- >> economy, getting people back to work. >> using tonight's debate as a soapbox to get a variety of messages out. >> immigration reform, we need immigration reform in this country. >> outside debate headquarters, onlookers curious. as journalists from all over the
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>> it is important to be present in the moment. >> donald trump supporters are visiting from maryland. the biggest issue on their mind tonight is immigration. >> whatever patrols we have are not patrolling it. >> you think building a wall? >> of course. >> lots of people i talked to are very excited to watch the debate, is less than an hour away. reporting live, news 3. jim: you can keep track anytime you want on news you can also head to our twitter and facebook pages. >> it was not to one school, to schools, or three schools, it
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>> the superintendent defending his school -- his decision to close every school in the district after getting an e-mail terror threat. more than 700,000 school were told tuesday home. the threat appears to be a hoax. jim: the school superintendent said the safety of kids was first. that threat made its way to new york city, where schools were kept open. >> l.a. leaders will reveal more about the districtwide lockdown. the threat has been tracked to a computer address in germany. the person who threatened -- you sent it -- the person who sent it claimed to be a victim of bullying.
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their chiln home. >> we were wondering if it was actually real. >> a threat which law enforcement confirmed appeared to come from overseas was credible enough to shut it down. >> i could not take the chance. >> another threat from the same ip address and containing some of the same wording also was sent to new york city schools. the police commissioner, the former l.a. chief of police, says his department is investigating the e-mail as a hoax. a different reaction from his cross-country counterpart. >> we would be concerned with overreacting. >> it is easy to criticize the
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concern over the outcome of that decision. >> southern california has been through a lot in the recent weeks. should we risk putting our children through the same? >> los angeles officials defended today's schoolcl caution. the e-mail threat mentioned assault rifles, explosive devices. more to come in a press conference. jim: at 5:00, the pentagon is warning the terror group isis is growing afghanistan. another front to fight this battle. violence by isis terrorists on the rise in afghanistan. the u.s. has 9800 troops in afghanistan.
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on landing in nashville. the jet slammed into a ditch. three people were hurt. we can tell you the injuries are all minor. no idea yet why that plane crashed into the ditch. jim: here in town, some traffic trouble. >> we are trying to figure out exactly what the nature of the trouyou have the flashing lights. paramedics. they've been looking at this car or this group of cars right here. it looks like they might just be parked. they are dealing with a person inside the driver siwhat is more of a concern is the road work. it is down to a single lane on each side of decatur. you have a lot of ongoing road work.
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reed: we have somebody great stories about our hometown.stories that changed us, but change the world. jim: we will talk about the end of an era here in las vegas and how one group wants to make sure we do not forget the fabulous showgirls of jubilee. >> we have issues in the weather department. it has been much warmer here than it has been here. that is going to change very
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our this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey...
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oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat jim: things never stay the same here forever. the longest-running show on the las vegas strip is said to go dark for good in february. reed: jubilee has been thrilling audiences for 34 years. historians are doing everything they can to preserve the memory of this spectacular show. jim: it is more than just this one show.
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spectacular vegas stage shows. >> it has been -- jubilee created a shortage of rhinestones when it opened. that glamour is about to fade away, but the history of jubilee will live on. it is sad for those of us who appreciate this as a genre of entertainment. it is heartbreaking. >> they are the beauty queens of the strip. decked out in feathers and rhinestones, showgirls came to symbolize las vegas entertainment.
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>> from original costume designs to program guides. available anyone -- to anyone wishing to research the history of las vegas. in time, tastes have changed. has the golden ever of the -- has the golden era of the true showgirl, and gone? c --ome and gone? >> tourists always ask about shows, but not necessarily jubilee. >> cirque du soleil shows. >> what about jubilee? >> i do not know anything about it. >> one sketch, one picture, they help to change that. >> it is a big slice of our
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>> the show is set to close february 11. some special ticket prices, tickets beginning january 2 will start at $34. reed: we want to see you put the headpiece on. >> i do not think they would trust me. jim: a lot of locals will figure out, why not go down and check it out one last time? reed: we are saying hello to some cooler temperatures. >> some neighborhoods will fall into the mid to upper 20's tonight. mainly around the edges of the valley. across toward southern highlands . there is a hard freeze warning in effect, but it does not
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this is where we expected temperatures to get to the low 20's. it does include pahrump. we will see how that plays out because so much has to do with the wind. the wind was really our friend today. it was a sparkly las vegas valley sky. the air cleared out completely. 42 degrees near pavilion center. we will head down to 46. the winds are generally less than 10 miles per hour. with one exception, and that is
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we have some pretty strong gusts through many las vegas valley neighborhoods. temperatures in the 40's in town and those numbers to drop to the 30's when we speak to you at 11:00 this eofficially today, morning low was 37. afternoon high was 51. it was warmer in boston, new york city, washington, d.c., and that does not happen very up and -- very often. tomorrow, we will get to the mid to upper 40's. the wind will be considerably less and that will keep the cooler sinking in the valley. we will not have a blanket of clouds. a clear sky is going to allow
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air lifts up and we are stuck with cool a for a few days. 23, pahrump. high temperatures tomorrow, 49 in pahrump. las vegas valley, in town, we do not have a hard freeze warning. a low temperature of 31. that is that mccarran. 49 will be the high temperature tomorrow. the wind will be down. in the sunshine, it will not feel nearly as bad as the 51 today. tomorrow night, 33. thursday night, 37. reality returns by saturday, back up to 60. we are going to leave this cold blast in the rearview mirror quickly after tomorrow night.
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school custodian under arrest. we will tell you about the disgusting crime police say committed on a teachers desk. they caught it on surveillance video. it would be rated x. nine days and counting until christmas. how many people will be heading out to spend it with loved oo shot of a day of
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wh jim: this is a driver deliberately crashing into a hotel lobby oklahoma, angry about his bill. john parsley did not like a preauthorized charge of $254 on his debit card.
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charge, but they did not -- but that did not stop him. tonight, he is in jail. an estimated 100 million americans will travel more thans holiday. lower gas prices driving the
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