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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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e thapkidn pingveingasti itions r ousttop ory nito ght. >> : jim toancanio lastelni ve li w, dooe knytw an mhing ore ab thwhy spe sutoied n g ngivekiate tdnapwohis man? >>s it iclnot whear e y th ecsuspmecaer aft then.woma cepolie havt noasrelehoed tse mo ta debuils t anoyemplf ee o _nho nemeowior unlln te ts us hat e thecsuspmet cae herteto s al a k.truc wtheyd anteseto u trthe touck de hiskithe pidnap.ctim makeaihbneiginors y manmos alequ onesti tables hing have pphaedent aisth me. c>> a wea ingettreg moe tuin atformabion thout ree th e op peacle d cuseosdnkingappi a wo manofrom a northwest valley l ho me friday morning. metro police say paul over, -- and --er whoe inlda g mawo n o aiagt nsr heewi.ll isths iowshg inotprtees rs lobeinngtog h te premtewhi na altionntveme . i itp groumasherysn satr he a isiaffilwited ccth angordim j s hibofaceagok p e. la res tive tsayhahey cve a hild thtoge er.
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seaccu sd ofa uch .e.crim hbneigheid tti vics m wa ki pednapomd fr his lhomeedocat a ner noshanmpn ca.bell >> --o i dknnot ow whaty th pp had.ene >>a dianomthasem rem bers anwarrrsficede raie d th ho acuse trosssthe .reet sathe me tasiche vwatim s dn kid appe.from ey thd saii lwis abeays en in edvolvsh in ady antriosact ns. >> wheratevis he doweing nt wa it nego . weotdo n ntwat thanarou d re he . wa i o nt telfee. saf >> nboeighoprs he atth e th oreste f thopperile bhang tt no cyrmalth to e mmcoy.unit ld go wbergneill vermere -mber - ll wi never etforgt tha dn kingappiti vicm yitro ng t get he lp teafe r shasrelee. >>washe as in s dresand it wa rls ea y inthrne mosoing , i otdo nw kno what wthatllas a ou abt.>>li poace hve no t id sa t whyhe seaccudnd kirsappe theldomhe wan nsagair t he .will th somasshays d e anhe r ig nes hborreare toady e movon om fr c the thaoshat isth dn kingappi oubrtght eio thr hbneigodorho .
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>> t the shreectuspes have cbeenedharg rwithryobbe and dn kingappi arch ges. th lley a awillr ppeain co urt on ne wed.sdayrtrepoliing ve niantoeo, nws 3. es>> j:sica thyoank etu prty ca rnlifoeaia mnt hthats e wa enbeatd anedchokh wita n to by me tropo.lice henow is insue g thdemepart nt cl ngaimi exivcessrce foe. in thestla h sayneapped ridu ng a aeregg nccoatert h theard ck roel hot20 in 14.archoges f op pr ertyscdeioriptd n an si reg stinan fiofhecer ed af ter inthe ntcide . e thuilawsekt ses ecunspedifi ma da mges,thore an 0,$3 000. me tro porelyrtedl wil notk spea icpublly t abouinpendg galiti.tion >> m:jibi a e zarrrdmu er my y ster may ubedinfolng . a myy sternyin a ca se. me potro e licscdiedover -- stinveinigatg e thovdiscofery a mawobon's oudy fnd hein t un la drye chut of al.hote asit w d founy earls thi rn mo
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it hast no rbeen auled mi ho bcidemeut tro sdoesheay t cihominide u t islvinvon ed i e thveinatstig ion. >> maa ybe fmilerom myse hou h we ad atephlee onllcand a r aftelea tee phonllcart staed iv dring ertirallca y. we were on the medians an d iv droning the.lawn yonceotou g toop stum i jped ofout c theanar r ayaw . j >>caessi: ithate s on ss par engey storof teininract g th wi an erovve dricur acsed of ermurdsiing x oppen le i igmichan.ndra gomlyngetti dthemthown reeerdiffent ca los.tion overe thsecourse of ven s.hour im>> j: cepoliin duratg th me tiwa he cks piing thup o er pa gessenrs eebetwe n thtax. re. tw o rsothere we icrity call dewound tincrhis spime ree er ov w thendeeke. m jiondaltja -- sonondalte fac a jue dgd an hesod unde like thisthole whmee ti . noemn,otiowa he s ieden d a f ar chges inincludulg me tipl re tcountes ra why dhet?id i at mo tetivam.d hi>> a> leppas h
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dg jue's deor hr to telpfhe bi ha ntck ie o thhoip wne itant o n saarbern dinorrteorace the fbi isays at isll abt ouvigi ng e thviimct j'stius cebuapt e pl yssaha tt it goes against protecting the freedoms and liberties the rngove iments pp su tosedoto prect yoppur a le peaps ar btoloe ngsith e puicbl re tilas onttba ble nut boty mu .ch r ouuncoy trispl s oitr veisth . a serecharol pl fod un 51 rcpet en ofamanericels fet tha pl apoue shild gve e ththfbi e y keto un tlockhohe pne. >> ar we ine go g towie n ar we go toing eaa gru't yore g goin etto g sod tireaof wg,itin reyou'ng goige to t so reti d, we go're ing ktowieep g!nnin we l wil makeeramgrica eat ai ag n! >> . >> si jes ca: ths at ilddona p trumyirallng sutepporrs to t nighthas e reicpublan ca atndide prenesid tial ca atndidepe kes s hi oeyeshen t xt ne rin se ithe cagnmpaie com our atsteve n ada. >> jianm: ood sutn, b 24rs hou g too fobere thvae neda
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shbombell ancenoun tmenthey u. ens. s tatored cr uz. he f has iredhimms coatunic ions di orrectr ovea vifadeo y lsel de inpictrcg mao ru bio, linsu tinge the.bibl >> jea:ssic h we avee th aicampgn g. u crise s facepan u dateicwh h ul co ad be t fighr focose nd tomorrow. >> as he wand teacto fe pore rt is sk i aed senedor t uz crue a qonsti. n? >>ceext.llen ou wa o nt tancenouno befre ca.ucus an>> d thoris m,ning i keas d n. uz r sh damaing rco o.rubi brthe eastblbirees a t forhe go mip noionatn. th le po slings ay isa e-threonpersc rathe wimp truet . mo to irrowf i d coulecbe sond be n tweeiorub in u.ens. s ator ted .cruz k trucis aicampn gn ithe atst e ni tofoght r a raatlly me so in po t. rc mabio ruo lwithegas vas ro thots ndat en ed ithrle gi s. >>i think you' srengeei so me
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>> d an--ch whi i now mpca aign ca tysual . >>i thdoink tnald rumpis no w tiposi toned o doryvel wel in aicert wn toin. k thin su.s.orenat dtez cru is cl g osinngstro . >>our nnexteeomin fore th president of edunitte sta s, u. s. tosenad r te!cruz >>secrui wasfi uringe p th cards las.vega th>> e fitrst ihing ndinte to do isserevend einry sgle gailled l annsuncotititul ona ex ivecute onactien tak by isth pr idest.en heme ft ashaor tt prlievai ng ca gmpain aksh eup,his cagnmpai ys sa nobialg de . >> i't donn thik pe aople re pa yingatitteno on tgsthin li ke th at. >> cenlrtait y nor fodesaun rs wh o velouis crnose ttma er wh at. >> e huiis qpoet sken t bu he ap s pearto sbeg trontaand lk to . >>secrui llteiss thwd cro to uc candus ang bri rthei iefr.nds
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onone- -onewi.sth una. setor te uzd cr . ck ba to yo u. j >>icessa: inlookr g fo to th at thyoank u. d anne tws 3ino bru g yoli ve te ovam ce eragof n thea evad re icpublaan c.ucus it b allesecom ledoubt tha it al l be aginsws ne 3 rrtomo ow wh heen t uscaucin begs. l we'l havethe vese n -- sidecion 20nf16 itiormaon for yo u. >> im j: w--doe he t chswit eroothwith souol carina t inprhis ssoce. in cliston in comg f of rdsatus ay'orvictrey he in va ne da. sa s nderymae havinone w ne mp hae shirwhbut en loyou t ok a the tuacelal de egatt coun for th e ndcae,idatis it ofway f. i it2 s 50clfor n into and dust el70 deegats for sas.nder the inclnuton imbers stli bed y rdsupeatelegtoes a get seat toautimallcaaty apas rty' onnatial nvcoonenti c andan ch woosevehoeeyr th ntwa to vo orte f.
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crdemo aticminoonnati 2 is000 2 --.383 nga loer twbenoeen ndw a enth . j >>caessi: ftime cor a heck on uryoda monafy trfic thwiom t ho y.ll >> trehere a aw fedierfft en inth gsingoong s larstt thwi th aisiccntde.i nncaanot d doanr veicwhish juo st t the we f st oulboder ghhi way. i k thinhite s onoiis gng to rntuut oo t bean auto pedestrian acdeciy nt bthe oklo at t. i dans i tons himti essidestreet did t nokelit illwie ba big pr m.oble theyhathd aisidcct enwhisich st ju to the rtno -h ofok- lo ke li t one ihats oscled .down thand isere otone acher ntcide t righthnow 'mat i g goinetto g . ai cradg ro stjuo te thsweoft i .15 coa leupf ohiveesclnv iveold t ke lio majr gedamais it i butt g is doingthown at mmcofoute r op pele adhefring irom a e forc basestwed bounraon cig. aso mb nuf er ol smaldeaccionnt g.
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od gobe to e trubut avwe hw e ne enevidonce t ight dthatinrinkg co eeffs iodgoor f uryol heath. adhe fede,ivhe t lastte re arse ochn w ho ccopyaran wd . >>m:jilo i t,ve i d ans it i guthe n mar kersve usvictims of gun olvi.ence y ble >> or rep: ter ct wi nd ttontre aon nd wellwi let at. an d d ba newsfoler al rgy su erffers.
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ur centk prylintvism hasl al favyoure oritlschanne, to f lins opove s rts,d an --more al ryl in c-cstal hlear d.wa entch wh whe andoure y wantwi dvanth afeced atures ke liir our ws seelesp t-to box,e whol dvrhome ,an ism d prheon t go. an oosed chm froeta variy gre ofacat pkages yto fithomeour . ca .ll.. g...andrtet staithed w pr the seism esl tvntiadl bune. ll gyou'vet t us pl 4 up to0 megsof c ryentuntlink iernet al r onl fo75ly $th a mon. d thissouneal reds g at,pe esly icialu f yopolove s rts. isget prsentm estvial tand up mego 40 is oftnterne onlyfor a $75. month ore! sc , or youife lovmogreat .vies.. so [ rnuthecc a]ent hey, clementine, go and on tge pr m esisntsel tvia wi p th umeto 40 ings of ettern lyfor on m $75 a.onth !hyah[ rawhip ccks ] no [ vrmal ]oicel. cal .. t getestar dth wism prien ess ttial v uplus 4p togs0 me i ofnentereet sp d. st ju a $75th mon a forr yea th wiop autay. ee spy d mabenot il avaable ouin year ar . on roly fntm ceinuryl
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>> si jes nca: ow iifie bel ve ab out deun brwayenetwe e th r makeheof t miseom aut atic onweap a and gainaiagthnst e re pants of young children massacred at school.
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down in 2012 in an act of olviceenh t atstunned the en tireonnati . s aty and ehookntlemeary sc hool heand wasoned armh wit an r erroif15 r le. >> icjesstha: gae lel tiques on is pl sime, can n gu famanuerctur s behe ld re sispon blefotsr acgu of n vi ceolen ? j >> im: retmingo on se ther pr teotecomd frh sucssloy es b rafedel law. we lo're g okinheat te. cas >> three paannts d chenildr st loir the liatves dy sank hoo so y the ahave ghri st tothue e co n n guermak. nfromwnewto to loco mrado ovie ea th ter,san rnbediar, noe th ci aty15r ri t ghhabes mcothe e ap wef on ocechoi mafor ss ki s.ller i instt laesed ls anthe fiv teminus whbut heen t tishoo ng at dy san eheldntlemeary na fistlly d,oppe 20 drchil en . ea -yd r-ol son. hi s heotn r soiswho -not s - wa alsoe.ther
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di hin ng ia x bo-sof ts hirtand su a cpplyt.lose h he eeard veryd rounonand e of s w ho pmanye eoplrewere the re di hctlyanow my rewe e?ther i and saide therowas gune y. >> 154 unroirds froed fm an 15air hiowgh-p seredemi au to d antoautimac ast saule.rifl a apwerion ollginay tecread d an si de fgnedor th me usarilit y to in co .mbat >> y--ou stju think -- >> jieack's siarx-ye s-oldon wa sos alle kild. bo arth p aentsre rtpa a of po iatentlly esprt iden athat la t wsuigiallereng tomingitn, s ridistrsbuto andses ller ahave l legagaobli ttiono fesa ly ma srketuch nga daouer s od pr uct. in d,stea lathe t wsuis say nm gus akerheto t
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target product placement in games like call of du.ty which the engunmay pled re edpeatefly bore isth . >>woi d ulkelio te seethm opstoo lnkig atio vnclefre om un yon g meas thideir eal custerom . >>he te casnsagait ngremi ton ha ens be gooning t forhe pa st tw o arye s. e one mortenoom fr the esspokfoman e r tholvi ence cypoli ntcether, oue grps in e th15air le rif e ar eaincrlysing beusing o ed t kill li poffce osicer. 'l weepl ke youstpon ed o the le gal desiad ahe . >>ssje ica:k than you. ne o xt te,fivne oth of e gg biest orstlaies east yr, gehu us bre hfir on i 15. >> : jim wasinamaz wg toh atc it all und.fol wcarstoere d rchepland oenty f em th cumiralylouson no e died ibacklyn ju. ne hws 3as veuncothred ore sty
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who meca t tohe ueresca of car s. >> ngduri w theeek iccedr is th e onregi forhithe r ghe uc edn atioonbut we secan e e th ersocc dad. la ulst j y hehiand ccs soer pl s ayerrewen oeithwar toy h. is th is atwhy thendfou . gi rairng fe, llbig owinkesmo d anrehundf ds odrs iver ndstraed. neour eaws tt m goa ldhoth of e 1- 9-1 s call tfromhe daounger s en sce hthathead tce fa wi ath li ofe rh deatatsituion. we>> e werhcaugt riinght ou grnd zeitro wish th hoicrrif re fi . >>an he s d hi crewrvsu ived noand w ngdurie thscoure of ot suher orrvivs reand scue rs pel onnesawho y, amte awork nd fa st onactie e th tman,omhe ment thand e rl gihos w inpaleted shaderip. in jofo me r myecspreial , port re fiat este, nitoonght s new3 11 11. >> : jimy okaavwe he a fa tintasekc weend. stwe d arterka wok weewi th na sty wi nd. >> jessica: okwe w te uphis rn moaning u d yoidsay the were
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>> temelooro: gist eythl wil get onstrger rrtomo ow. th e henortwirly ands t itime n s hihbneigodorho arestgu ing ov 0 er 4s milehoper ur. e ther tgoeshe n,sue soml rebe pe taay del . do i k thinywend rrtomoilow wl ob pr sablyoee mre ovgot 0 er 4 s milehoper ur. at e th rwill telaxroomorw t.nigh he-- td y hasta gu of nd44 a we ha ve edsmilre theth wi e th ertempe aturis d69esegre at th e memo nt. an r otheri121 whght r ethe iostat4 n, 6eedegrs -- ane d th hwsoutest a had ogustndf wi at m 30 pileser .hour withe s nd il stilinblowp g u th coere owme dn sel verahenotcs fr heom wthre ey ewereerarli da toy.thiley wobl pr ably inremame so lwhatid keas d -- xerelad.
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no rnrthele valy ghneiooborh ds. i wonould e t brisurptosed see ngstrouser gllts a tover own to owmorr. iwindcks bauing p rasevetcl nobuhes t ieearl r da toeyy th hagud a f st o57. an thd wi w theins toromor w it ldcou be wo.rse ertempesaturh higtoofday . 73 it feoolt gt d oue therafa ter t greawed eken hwiths ighin the 70s. bu t thumat ntber wo wiheth t ho scol henortwirly nds llwi be keknocd tdownroomorw. e'therlos a t ofbltrou e tu ac, allyf as o wlastweeek we otre n ngseeibe mulrry enpoll . da toe y thfiinrst at th pa urticbrlar ofand llpoasen h ow shn peapcaran te ofhe ne.vada adalre y inthige hteh ca.gory mu rylberso seas n habe, gun it is usy uallwoour rst mor nito weand inth wk itbeill ar ound a for few we eks. so yo if u e arllan a ergy ff su ierere n thsp lring as ve gas,reget toady l dea with it because starngtiof as to day. 40 ils wl obestur art to owmorr w, weill geost cl e to
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ak pe in thd-e mibe60s fore pu g llin.back we vehan beeth in e 70fos r il whe mesod- mian60s d no.rmal witl ilfeel cool in arcomp.ison taconsrent bisak stalmo all day rrtomo ow. we nk thi ddmi wayl ilveha e th ngstroguest sts thand aney c s eaily ceex0 ed 4s mileper .hour utso p it mpsithly, ece pie of er enomgy c ing.down heon t sibackf de othe st dincurba we itill teinifns y with heanotppr rindle a ths at i llreay gotoing be onrespe sibl thfor e twindroomor w as ytever phings usheeahet, td win will qlastlyuickon on e da y. d an then lastsy wstemt as athe no rth. 24 thetmoun 2ain,d 5 anpe rot. a lelili ldco er. at thela6 ke 6eedegrs, ulbo der ci 3,ty 6 laliughstn ju to kema . 70 thfor e s las vegaeyvall to t,nighwi we e ll bcoutol b ee brtzy a tiatmes fo 46 e r th ure. on. ? st la ghni ht weigad hh cl ouds rd. -- arndou theonmo . w 64ith sunenshior tomrow d an en wh .
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mi tddaywihey ll t geteblusry prand lyobab i d wouly sa the af ooternn wweseill e meso er. wi nd gowaes ar y fo themo st pa n rt odnwey esda and te atmpergoure es u . ue. >> ormeteisologt: so g weet out w. inwethe d eken >> . j >>caessi: therey wese bt ndfrien s, i ttowno ceatlebre ce atlebrion. x, sire we'rn leag inabthout e o twn womeo wh gwered unnedo wn la eest w k onlagas veris stp. r aftefithe atght pl anet ywhollood. >> : jimo alstenohed, t man cu acosed pif ra ng amawo n he met nia lughtc b atthe m mg his he acad bk toonif cala orni to t nigheea fr. man'lwearl he om fr howim nt thaashe h enbe qu acd itteof e thgechar s. o thse orstcoies umingp anbr don at 0. 6:0
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u ofs h whicknwe ow. th e etsecrl to g ivina long lifemico ungp xtnet aivf ie,t wa jus ustnveiled at by one n.woma
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toyou nk dri . >> : jim litocalliies ke ca e milliftest yingdea tiposi on fo r vicighl rits lat wsui nsagairt he sbhu.and >> ssje: ica 71r--yea old ca e millietrtod to sp the de cifidet sipoonti fr om pphaineng. bill cosby is being sued for definition -- defamation by vesemen wo n. ey thl alm clai thathe gedrug d d anedrap th em. th e ea78-yd r-olis eddeni cu aconsatis.ache fries cl mina ch iargen sypennilvana in involvotg anher .case
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li atquidovors er thmie la nate riflooadng mthe wi alformdedehy . >> jim: thcle e imatinna chi s ha beenpu lled overconencer d at th itcausn cane cacer an d he otalr heth premoblnis to ght, th nte ceorer f die seasrocontl psaide eopl whobo tught he fl yingore mor tthan hrees time lmorey ikelto c getrance. ea r rlie mthis onthtdche cd sai the nccaiser rask w chmu lower so they amended that and e th cyagenal is so sanot ying that op peivle lwiing th atth oo fl aringre aatcrn inedeas skrior f reirsporatisy essu ke lihm astnda a irtariontif o e theseyno, sed >> jessica: you're weelcom and ncadvat emen nist exto it. an r otheasreoron f a yound to y enjo yourrnmocuing ofp coffee with no guilt. serechars erfound that tricking e li erv mada ageocsstia edwi th ov duering lgininudcl aedohlcol. ng a da sy wa elink ad to 44 enperc t we loskr ri ofel devg opinr live ci sirrho- s -cisirrho s.
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umcons ed. l yo wau .nt l e. a ty. la eest wk we told you about is th nat howe ava bod ar ton he rkma etetmehe taf syet anstdards and all of them pos ed ire. "toysr" iusins workith g we th hove arr bod kemator now if see can itld bui one atth meet fe saty dastan . >> j sies: castjueep ou twanto alive longt.nigh 6- 10ldyear-o invirgaria mclen and t firs mladye ichellto ce e lebratk blacorhisth.y mont >> wthisegoman ban a so cial dme iacampaign to make th e sobama' and swhenalhe finly go r t he dwishesk coshe otuld n
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thwioy j. breakingew ns to t.nigh uanrberi drves i charge wd mithrurde pandcurose storsaye h miadedttize the gunman who went on aic vusio mprae,agil kngli op peetle b pweenngicki riup fneghted ss parsenge. > >>re binak ngews in the rac fe or es prt.iden aja mhaor spke-u in
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a top aide to night, is donald tr pum stunpaope?bl coy'sbifs we fo trcedeso t atify s rhe husband's accusers take himo t cot.ur atwhid d she know? cceanisr r fkrom rsfloo s innyo ma homesos acr tshe un co ttry,he cdcs say the toxic dgean irs rs wohae tern weir fst rertpo.ed a nd06 1rs yea old thwiov mes betterha tn st mo s.teen to tnigh t wealk tohe t nwoma soxc eeditt a ethhi w teusho se,he ebrok h outeran dce vemo wshit the pr idesent. ig"nlyht news" begins right now. >> nn aouncer: fro nmbc wnewsorld he aradqu itersewn n ,yorks this i "nbc ni y ghtl"newsh wit st leer ltho. g evood g.enin suber tayshtonig er there woe n red fl nags,oar wsning ab toutiche mnhiga dr wiverasho w rm folyalalha c rged athisnofteriton wh th ure m odersixf s op pehile wele h o wasn e th i jobhen t ka zolamareo ana o tu sa rdayt.nigh ata f aherhend t son aare tmongdehe ad. tw ooertheo pepler w e


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