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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in some spots. in fact, a family in henderson was forced out of their home in the middle of the night when a lightning bolt struck and set their house on fire. fortunately the flames were contained to the attic and nobody was hurt. >> meteorologist kevin janice is the weather center checking out out the radar now. >> much kinder and gentler situation now. light rain do we have stubborn clouds today. traveling through the afternoon. clouds slow to clear. and one of the most important ingredients in order to get thunderstorms to build is heat. we just didn't get that today. where they've had more sunshine down in parts of south eastern, california the storms are starting to go up but not showing any sign of wanting to move in this direction at least not yet. we're high. had high levels of humidity and the right dynamics to cook some thunderstorms.
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chances. >> kevin, thank you. now to decision 2016. a scare for presidential candidate hillary clinton. during a rally right here in las vegas. >> you ok? keep talking. you'll handle it. we're not going any war. >> the secret service rushing to democrat hillary clinton's side encouraging her to keep on just as she was about to start a rally at the local hall a group of animal rights protesters prompted the secret service to rush in. it's the first time the service has been called into action to protect candidate clinton during her campaign. >> we have seen this kind of thing before. if you remember back in june a serious scare at the this las vegas rally for republican candidate donald trump. a british man was arrested when he tried to grab a metro oafser's gun. police say michael sanford planned to kill trump that day. he had been at target practice
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he's still locked up in jail here facing federal charges. and many years ago, after he left office, president ronald reagan was speaking here and someone made it toed podium and smashed a glass statue that cut him. >> and that's why we have the secret service here and why they stay so close to the candidate. clinton was initially shaken and then took command of her rally to bring her campaign message to southern nevada. >> her focus today was on the economy. of course ore opponent donald trump. >> we're looking at the scare and the message. he joins us live from the ibew union hall. >> reporter: good evening. it is an unusual to get the occasional protester at an event like this. what is unusual is when the secret service has to swing into action. well, that's what happened here today. this was clinton's first advice toyota las vegas since becoming the democratic nominee. she probably won't forget it.
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>> reporter: her secret service detail move toling make sure she stays safe in the union hall at ibew local 357. animal rights activist has started chanting and disrupting the event. it appear they had tried to approach the stage. agents doing what they're trained to do, made sure clinton was fine. >> it all happened quickly. the grouped called direct action everywhere was escorted out of the hall. nobody was hurt. >> it's important for nevada and introducing his friend who delivered union friendly red meat promising jobs with the big building boom. >> for ever billion dollars we get $47,500 jobs and they're mostly good union jobs with a good middle class income. >> reporter: las vegas is a union town. she made sure this audience remembered this was a union
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to bust unions like donald trump did here in las vegas. >> reporter: her advice here as she puts daylight between herself and trump. her lead is growing as trump feuds with the family of a fallen soldier. which is fine with harry reed who had a message for republicans. >> he's the nominee of the republicans party. they're stuck with him. there's no no way out. >> reporter: and back now live. we called metro this afternoon a a result of that protest. they told us they've not arrested anybody. we called the scree service. our calls have not been returned by air time. live in las vegas, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. staying with decision 2016 now, president obama taking another jab at donald trump over his claims the presidential election is rigged. the president calling those climes ridiculous.
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cheated before the game was over. the president then offered this suggestion to trump to "go out there and try to win the election." >> now at 5:00 metro police make arrests in a suspected rooster fighting ring operating outside of a local home. 600 roosters were found at the home on stanley avenue. that's off of owens and marion. the raid we brought you is breaking news here last night. police have arrested these men. they facerg training, promoting, and selling animals to fight. the birds were taken from dozens of coops lining the back yard of the homes. some were roaming free and had to be rounded up with nets. animal fighting is a felony crime here in nevada. now at 5:00 a bizarre hit and run crash in front of kids at a park in the northeast valley. >> police say two people fled the scene of the crash with some people at the park who had rushed to help them get out.
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vegas and rock springs. antonio, we know those two people have been a rested. do we know why they ran from the scene in the first place? >> jim, police are trying to figure that out. one of the suspects is still in the hospital. witnesses say that a park near the spot crossed the street to help the suspects flee the accident scene. >> i thought maybe i could help them. i'll help anybody. >> reporter: a usual morning turned he walked his dogs at the park. >> the black car came around the corner. i see -- i heard the screech of the tires. >> reporter: a head yawn crash followed near the intersection of vegas and rock springs drive. a black bmw collided with a beige s.u.v. coming from the opposite direction. >> they overcompen tated. and they did so they went head yawn into the next lot. >> reporter: both vehicles
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a man and woman why the bmw. the man sitting in the passenger seat was ejected. >> he was -- i would say unconscious. just groggy as hell. and he finally they got him up. i walked way. when i got back to the gate i looked back up and two of them were on each side were walking him away. >> reporter: a group of men at the park ran up to the injured man and woman and whisked them away to this apartment complex across the street. he asked the woman a question got anything in the cor want to get rid of before the cops come here? and she said no. >> reporter: all out search has begun for the couple who are considered hit-and-run respects. officers arrested this man for helping the couple leave the scene of an accident. he has no idea why the man and woman left in the first place.
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people have problems now days. police are still deciding whether the couple will face felony or misdemeanor hit-and-run charges. reporting live, news 3. >> antonio, thank you for that. a north carolina man is in jail accused of trying to recruit people to train and conduct terrorist attacks in the u.s. on behalf the islamic agents say he used social media to get a man in ohio to pledge allegiance to isis. he claims the man may be responsible for a thwarted terror attack near dallas last year. >> london police investigating the stabbing death of an american woman near the british museum. 64-year-old darlene horton was stabbed to death. five others were wounded.
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study program for florida state university when she was killed. she sadly had planned on leaving london today. the 19-year-old attacker is in police custody facing a murder charge. police still don't know why this man attacked. >> on an evening like this, tom holly looking down at the traffic and out at the clouds we've been talking about. >> double duty up there. tom, what do you see? >> well, we started out this morning with rain and we had several fender benders this morning. now things c we're seeing spots of blue skies but misty and hazy around the valley. we're over at the far south part of town now. it's giving it a dynamic sky line with haze mixed in with high clouds and on the roads things are actually good right now since everything is dried out. kevin will give us more in depth look at the weather coming up. tom holly reporting from sky 3. >> thank you. most of us just got the new chip
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>> and brazil makes another big move to protect the summer olympic games from terrorists. that's next at 5:00. the last-minute preparations with the games about to begin. q. you see here the clouds just won't two away around southern nevada. you'll have up to the minute information on what's in store
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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>> we've been waiting and the summer olympic games are set to tomorrow. tonight limb officials are cleared 271 russian atheltes in the wake of the widespread doping scandal. >> but more are banned from taking part in the games after testing positive for sports enhancing drugs. brazil tonight adding an additional 630 police officers to help with security at the games >> our crew has seen a freight deal in rio. they're seeing the heavy security presence all over town. >> every time we plan to go somewhere they move the gate. really we're beginning to
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security. they don't want gates to be where they were yesterday or the day before. so there are not patterns established. like for instance this gate used to take us to where we need to be. now it's closed. the crews are saying get used to it every day you will find your way to the same place going different routes. >> you get a look at the streets there in r oism it's not just at the olympic venues. the hot spots in rio like the copa cabana beached covered with barriers. and can you imagine security guards as well and police. tomorrow night is the big opening ceremony. some of the mayor team sports like sock rear underway and team u.s.a. is already leading our country to a gold rush in rio. opening ceremonies are still a day away and the u.s. women's soccer team is already leading
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rio. carly loyd and auldlex more gone scored over new sealand. -- zealand. but this photo tweeted out by hope solo shows that zika adds a new level of concern. still venus and serena williams aren't about to let zika trump their dreams >> to be have to have this opportunity more than once we couldn't say no. >> reporter: across rio, teams an i financial practices fine tuning their routines and hoping to good into history. michael pl -- phelps will hold the u.s. flag and lead his team into the ceremonies. >> there's no better person than michael. >> reporter: and rio itself is getting ready for opening night welcoming the world to the 2016 olympic games. >> you know our team will be there at the opening ceremonies
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you excluesive coverage. some of the stuff you just won't see on the official nbc broadcast. can you catch all of their stories and all the olympic action any time on news 3 lv .con. >> we gave you a sample a while ago, but there's so much more that they're posting on social media. a warning, though, watching their posts can be addicting. just ask our producer, gina. she says she's been getting a litte watching their olympic exploits. you know what i said? it's all in research, right? >> that's right. >> our facebook and the website the place to go to check out the olympic action. >> right now we want it turn our attention back to this weather because we've had some rain today. and those clouds, once again, look like they could deliver more. >> that was the case yesterday and then a little bit after midnight -- or before midnight. >> yes.
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between 10:00 and 11:00 last night. we had another round during the late night/early morning hours. but i'm telling you it was quite a show from our camara -- actually is he rai of our camaras all over las vegas. the tower am rais and outside the valley catching the doseses and hundreds of lightning bolts. got pictures to show you as well. brooks petersen outdid himself with this shot heading down towards the luqor. of the strikes of lightning when you see this. we had no major fires. we had one house fire with an attic. the light rain was the left over stubborn clouds. we'll keep an eye on that for a chance for showers. we have the straitus clouds. we just couldn't get rid of the clouds. and we had the right dynamics to have a lot of thunderstorms but
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that was a key ingredient missing. you see the sun appearing in. we're hopeful we'd like a few more drops. boulder city, a 10th of an inch. look at this. 51 percent relative humidity. only 85 degrees. next stop takes us to washington on the east side of town. half an inch of rain. the east side got hit the hardest as far as the rain is and green valley just under half an inch. 84 and 54. are you kidding? for the fourth of august. look at these numbers in the 80s. the lows haven't been this low over the last couple of weeks. relative humidity values out of sight with most neighborhoods at or above the 50 percent threshold. winds were a factor early with strong gusts but they've died down in a big way. mountain coming in at 72. let's talk about the temperatures because the morning
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since july 2. the high of 83, -21 is the second coolest august 4th ever. we've been doing well so far for 2016. we're an inch above rainfall levels where we should be. tomorrow we start in the 80s. working our way to 90 at lunch time. little breeze. it will dry out the air mass and be a much, much drier weekend. the radar little active we're watching. if these storms were to bubble up and move north ward and we'll keep a close eye in case it would mean thunderstorms are looking likely tonight. not a lot of confidence in that. the drier air is around the corner. you'll notice that tomorrow afternoon. mountains going all the way down to 49. indian springs and lincoln county going into the 6 -- 60s.
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although we're not overly confident unless he get heating down south. 77 will be the low temperature. tomorrow, 101 the official high. still a slight chance for a thunderstorm. very pop we'll get gusty winds. the best chance will be in the morning. by the afternoon we'll dry out. and we're setting the stage for what will be a dry desert weekend which means one thing. 105 saturday, 106 sunday. and those high temperatures in the 80s they'll be >> fond memory. >> yes. we will think about that fondly. >> about two hours. >> kevin, thank you. >> new at 6:00, bees invade a local neighborhood attacking one of the exterminators. >> and home owners who lost thousands when a solar company went bust are getting some that have cash back. coming up all new tonight at
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owners murder. nevada is one of the worst places in america for the sex trafficking of teenage girls. thankfully, catherine cortez masto went to work to help law enforcement fight back.
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eir captors. and expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids. catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about. isn't that something we need more of in washington?
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>> obama turns 55 today. michelle obama tweeted out the president is 55 years yug and that >> i'm alex trebek.
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tonight, tale of a tape. donald trump and the video he claims he saw despite no evidence that it exists. a new firestorm amid new questions about how melania trump came to america. knife attack horror. an american woman stabbed to death on a london street. a florida college professor's five others wounded amid fears of terrorism. whatnvestigators are now saying. major mob bust. a massive takedown straight out of a movie script, dozens arrested on a laundry list of charges. and the americans to watch. some familiar faces, some new hoping to strike gold here in rio. plus matt lauer with michael phelps. why he says this olympics is so different as we reach the eve of the games.


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