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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  August 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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in a half an hour. and fighting for life. one day after a vicious bee attack in a local neighborhood. what we're learning about the victim's condition and why a beekeeper was called in for the job instead of an exterminator. . a wild chase near the las vegas strip after a robbery suspect fires at a metro officer. it's all caught on camera. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm maror it started when police were called out to a robbery at a 7-eleven on twain and maryland parkway. the chase was on. it was caught on surveillance cameras at nearby apartments. the followed the suspect and two people were walking outside. you see them on the sidewalk on sierra vista. they had to kuck for cover as
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as the shots went off. police say lawrence manriquez crashed his suv on sands. he ran into the wynn hotel. police spotted him and he was arrested. this is what the officer had to say immediately after he faced give. >> he stuck his head and arm out of the window and he shot two rounds. >> you are not injured? >> no injuries on mean. >> no injuries on the officer. so thankful for that. lawrence manriquez is now facing a long list of including robbery, burglary, and, of course can, firing at the officer. that's the big charge, attempted murder of a police officer. no bail for him. he will be in court next tuesday. tonight is the night. the opening ceremonies for the olympic games starts in less than half an hour right near. >> you know the athletes are all ready to go. so are the fans. it's one of the biggest parties in the world. >> and catching the action, reed cowan is in rio and he talked to
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>> reporter: in a word festive. that's how you would describe olympic park where the music is cranking and has been all day. and in maracana where the opening ceremonies took place. we got a chance to talk southern nevadans. rio at the ready. a test of opening ceremony fireworks in a place called maracana, a brazil and pageantry promising to dazzle. locals singing. >> i have opening ceremony tickets. >> reporter: tickets to one of the most coveted events in tall of the days of the olympics. >> i think it will be incredible. brazil is known for putting on a big show.
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rented a flat where the torch lit up the street. >> the brazilians love brazil. so they are happy for this opportunity to show it off to everybody. >> the energy almost punches you in the face. everyone is getting after it and working hard. >> reporter: team usa looked to be led by by none other than michael phelps. the olympic flame letting the games begin. more from southern nevadans who traveled to experience all of the excitement of the games and hopefully see america take gold. in rio, reed cowan, news 3. >> we're so grateful to reed and the rest of our team there. chloe beardsley, also there. and team rio giving you a look like you won't see anywhere else. you can follow the journey at it look like a scary scene
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the streets blocked. police and firefighters rushing in. in reality, this was all for practice, all prevend. they took part in an active shooter drill. city hall is closed on friday. so they were able to take this training as well as possible without getting in the way of any city business. the people in charge say this kind of interagency cooperation would be crucial in a real emergency. federal funding helpsay places that are gonna attract attention. we have people visiting here. they have their guard down. they are having a good time. it's a transient community. we need to be ready. that's why these kind of drills are so important. >> takes that lot to pull something like this off. planning started in january. every police and fire department joined in. a local man continues to fight for his life after he was
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africanized bees. he was trying to remove bees from a home on his first day on the job. christy wilcox spoke to the homeowner who talked about the how the attack unfolded. >> reporter: you can still see the stray bees buzzing. the family discovered the bees three months ago but they wanted to save them. so they called a local beekeeper from this local website, tom' tom. of's. the man was stung hundreds of times, a pest control was hired to exterminate close do 700 bees. >> the bees were agitated to what happened. the technician there at the time believe the bees might have been in there for quite some time. >> reporter: we talked to the beekeeper from tom's who refused an interview. he said he hired the man for the
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before. >> he told me to call 911 and then he said the bees were from africa. real danger. >> reporter: this man says 80% of our bees are africantiseed. >> when we sign anybody up, they wear a suit. they are very aggressive. >> he says it's best to hire a certified professional who can help determine if the bees can be saved or if they need to be >> when it gets to a point where there's multiple hundreds of them like yesterday, then that -- that's where you want to actually just kill them instead of trying to save them. >> reporter: the beekeeper says the man he hired is still in the hospital. if you are looking for a certified professional, we'll have all of the information on our news 3 website. christy wilcox, news 3. the owner of a local tech shop is looking for help to find a couple crooks who ripped them
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surveillance video you are about to see. sergio avila talked with the store manager who explains just how the crooks were able to beat his security. >> reporter: it was a quiet day until a rush of customers came in looking for hope. >> me and the owner were the only ones working. >> reporter: cameras were rolling as a man and woman came the pair kept looking around the store as the workers were helping customers. >> were they waiting for a big crowd? they timed it perfectly. >> reporter: they honed in on a laptop and it was secured. the crooks got into position. >> the female was standing right here blocking it out of our view. they probably have done something like this. even though it's not easy, they just forced the laptop until it popped out.
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he sets the $760 laperriere back where it was, folds it up and they take off. now he's somebody will recognize these two and alert the police department. they put this on youtube hoping social media will help them track them down. >> we weren't able to offer the 90-day warranty. the customer was not able to take advantag we offer. >> reporter: taking a lightly. but they say now on the locks will be larger so they are not able to be slipped out. if you have any information on the two people on the video, call the henderson police department. sergio avila, news 3. the new numbers are out tonight. our economy added $255,000 new jobs last month. >> construction is one of the industries really seeing some
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industries hit hardest during the session. it's on the upswing. nathan o'neal taking a pulse on the job market and has this report. >> reporter: you don't have to look too far to find signs of economic recovery throughout las vegas. everything from new houses, new development, pretty much everywhere you turn. that's the sound of economic recovery as more construction long-time painter dennis. >> everybody was here for a few years after that, but that's -- you know, that's -- that was in the mirror. >> reporter: when work was scarce and jobs were hard to come by but now reality is changing. >> it's harder to find people in
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i mean, the amount of job openings outnumber number the number of people to put in. >> reporter: dan shea says roadwork and highway work has helped pull the construction industry out of its hole. while jobs are not at prerecession levels, they are the best they've been since the stock market fell. >> 120,000 workers working every single day. it dropped down to half of that d better. >> reporter: as for dern -- dennis and his crew, they will continue to put in hard work each way with the hope the future will only get future. >> we're on the upswing with every aspect of it. >> reporter: and the industry experts say a lot of jobs were funded by fuel index tax passed by the state a few years ago. that issue is on the ballot
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of sex and drugs. >> people -- a lot of people shocked because a mayor is caught in the middle. what police did to catch the city's leader red-handed. i'm kim wagner, still to come, how to score a good night's sleep without having to pop a pill. the experts with consumer reports sound off in an exclusive. it's headed your way. las vegas. we'll tell you what these fine ladies are up to and we'll talk
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a may poor is in big trouble after virginia police say he tried to offer meth to an officer in exchange for sex. they say richard silver thorn used a website that hooks people up for sex and meth. he was busted.
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undercover detective established a profile on the site. this is not unique. we've done this several times before. >> and how about this -- he's not just the mayor. he's also a substitute teacher for the local school district. he's now charged with felony distribution of meth. police also arrested his alleged drug suppliers. it's happened to the best of us, tossing and turning, even counting down the hours until the alarm goes off. >> here well-deserved zs is kim wagner. >> reporter: bridget knows the distress that comes with insomnia. >> i was going over a year of not being able to sleep. it builds up and it wears on your body, mind, relationships. >> reporter: if your doctor has ruled out medical problems as the cause for your poor sleep, consumer reports recommends working with the cognitive behavior therapists.
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you get as well as how often you are awaken at night and the quality of your sleep. >> reporter: you will be asked to keep a sleep diary along with rating your sleep and how you feel the next day. therapist reviews that information and suggests strategies to improve the amount and quality of sleep you are getting. >> you can see that you start off taking an average of 40 minutes to fall asleep. that went down to almost 10. help you change your daily routine to set your body's wake sleep kickle. >> a lot of our job is to make it crystal clear to the pain, now is the time to be awake. now is the time to be asleep. >> reporter: professionals cbt insomnia treatment requires roughly two months of sessions and is usually covered by insurance. to bridget, the time and effort were worth it. >> to go through it and have it
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renewed. i feel like myself again. >> and because sleeping better makes you feel better during the day, the american academy of sleep medicine says that cognitive therapy can significantly improve overall well being and quality of life and you can find a therapist in our area we going to we're going to have that site at wendy's is making menu changes to try to keep up with mcdonald's. they plan to stop using chickens raised about antibiotics. right now they say half of it their supply was raised without antibiotics. and mcdonald's announced this week that it's finished its shift to only using antibiotic-free chickens earlier than planned. some people love the new
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they are starting to see people take to websites to sell their advanced account. one man said when he reached one of the highest levels, he saw somebody on ebay willing to pay $15,000 for the account. ebay stepped in and stopped the sell. >> the next day i tried to pull the money from ebay and that's when i got the notification that they were bloi transaction. >> turns out, selling the account is a violation of the rules of the game, that player said he's still interested in selling his account and claims other players are selling their accounts, too. >> wow. thought he was gonna have a huge payday, right? >> it's not really fair to the other players. yeah. >> you have to play. speaking of playing, kevin janison is getting some work in. he's having fun tonight.
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as well, kevin. >> reporter: we've made some new friends, along with the dazzle africa game. what's going on? >> we have a charity that raises money for education in the country. tonight we're raising money for clean water for people in the village who don't have access to clean water and we're also the money goes back to support our concertainvation efforts. >> reporter: and this started because you went down there and fell in love -- >> i did. i fell in love with the people and the wildlife and wanted to be part of giving back. >> reporter: thank you. >> you guys are doing a great job. [ cheers ] >> reporter: outside right how from our weather bug neighborhood station, temperatures falling through the
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morning low of 79 degrees. we'll be hotter this weekend as the air mass continues to dry out. then the radar picture speaking of drying out, showing the storms that went through southern parts of henderson, that has pushed off to the east. i don't think we'll see any more rain tonight except the eastern edges. wider view showing the drier air coming in and that's what the forecast holds. let's talk numbers. going down to the 50s. 60s in lincoln county. 70s communities. highs tomorrow, mid-70s on the mountain. 105 out at the lake. sounds pretty good. here in las vegas we'll have a few evening clouds. look for a low temperature of 82 degrees and then tomorrow with plenty of saturday sunshine expect a high temperature at 103. that's the saturday high. sunday's high on the seven-day forecast, 105. monday 106. and maybe a few clouds by the
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week that's our next chance to get moisture. it is after all august. we've got our friends from team styles with a z. >> yes. >> reporter: let me hear you pronounce it. >> team stylez. >> reporter: z. okay. they will be performing on stage in about 30 minutes and then we have john nip here. -- johnny. you are scratch? >> utilizing our farmers market, downtown third street, very excited to this beautiful bounty here. >> reporter: very nice. what are you making? >> a tomato soup. tomatoes are perfectly in season. perfectly ripe. now is the time to celebrate. that's what we're doing. >> fresh mozzarella as well. >> reporter: how do you do
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we take the cheese kurd, salt them, pull it like you would a taffy and make it into a mott za mozzarella ball. >> reporter: we know how to have a good time. we're making cheese balls. >> i have nice things to say about you if you bring me back some. >> i know. one pite. still to come -- it's a collector's dream. >> this comic book will cost a lot more than a few bucks. how much it went for auction. and here is olympic park. maracana stadium the place to be at it hosts the opening
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a miami police officer risked his open life from
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fire. that officer was able to stop the man from doing this. a 1938 edition of a superman comic book sold on an action. it was the first time superman ever appeared. it was sold for $950,000. 80 years ago. for the record, the most expensive calm -- expensive comic book went for 8 million. new at 11:00, a local expert
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status updates away from the eyes you don't want to see them. and the creative way a high school is trying to raise money for new air conditioning. all of that and any breaking news as it's happening tonight, all right after the opening ceremonies of the olympics. and finally for us, there's a new giant -- giant panda that will melt your >> it weighs 4/10s of a pound. despite the weight, the panda should be able to live a healthy life. this is the mother's 7th delivery. you can see how that little baby is supposed to look. >> gonna grow up fast. >> that will do it for us.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too.
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off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] >> the most dominant in olympic history. pure gold. the striking vista of copacabana beach on a f brazil. where tonight, a mixture of excitement, curiosity, controversy and concern, the games of the xxxi olympiad officially commence with an opening ceremony at storied maracana stadium, promising music, dancing and a spirit for revelry that endures a brazilian


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