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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it is 4:29. beautiful picture of the las vegas strip. if lawmakers vote fitter, the tax increase that is, we could see a new stadium on the strip in about three years from now. >> kim: it will have more in the mix of that picture. welcome into the program on this monday. we start out with billy bush out and tom brady back n. >> dana: tom brady had a great game yesterday after that >> kim: we're going to check out the forecast as you start your week. kelly curran standing by in the weather center. >> kelly: i turned my air conditioner back on yesterday. it topped out at 90 yesterday and going to be a little warmer today for this columbus day. mostly sunny skies to get things started today. increasing clods in the afternoon. 86 by noon and 91 our expected
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i'll let you know how long these warm conditions will last coming up. >> kim: donald trump supporters are saying this morning he did better in last night's second presidential debate despite being on defense all weekend that videotape where he admits to groping women. this morning tracy potts has the latest. >> both sides spinningto the videotape. donald trump more than a decade saying he kissed and groped women against their will. >> you brag that you have sexually assaulted women. >> new york city i didn't say that at all. women have respect for me and no, i have not. >> women who have accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct, clinton shot back. and her deleted emails.
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anyone who says other ways has no basis, that any classified serial ended up in the wrong hands. >> each accusing the other of lies. >> it's awfully good with someone with the temperment of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> trump rescinding his muslim band, admitting he paid no taxes for a unspecified number disagree. >> there were clear policy differences on obama care and taxes. >> if we represent up and throw it away, we turn it back to the insurance companies the way it used to be. >> and intense debate, clinton admires trump's children. he called her a fighter who never gives up. >> dana: billy bush will not
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nbc announced bush has been suspend and may not return to the program. he was originally scheduled to resume his spot as coanchor. hi planned to reiterate the apology over comments made with donald trump in that record. there is bush from 11 years ago. sunday nbc reversed the decision and said he would not be on the show and deciding to suspend bush all together. referring to it but didn't hear their own words saying the candidates had something nice to say to each other last night and it was prompted by an audience member. listen in. >> i respect his children. his children are incredibly able and devoted and i think that says a lot about donald. i don't agree with nearly anything else he says or does but i do respect that and i
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important to me. >> and i'm very proud of my children and they have done a wonderful job and they've been wonderful kids. i consider that a complement. i will say this about hillary, she doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she's a fighter. i disagree with much of what she's fighting for. i do disagree with her judgment in many cases. doesn't quit and she doesn't give up and i consider that to be a very good trait. >> kim: the candidates saying something nice about each other. we're just getting started with all the must see moments from last night. continued reporting throughout the broadcast. >> dana: we're going to break it down on a town hall with a panel of experts at 4:00 this afternoon it will be streaming on >> kim: since this has to do
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we want to make sure your vote counts. vow to be registered that. deadline has just been extended. you have until tomorrow to get this post marked if you are doing it through the mail. after that have you to go in person to an elections office. early voting starts on the 22nd. today is the 10th. with early voting head to p. >> dana: about three and a half hours from now nevada lawmakers will begin a special sessiono them raising hotel room taxes here in clark county to build a new football stadium just off of the las vegas strip. cost $1.9 billion. 750 million would come from taxpayers, mostly tourist and na that hotel room tax increase.
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foot the bill for this. most of them are for it. >> let's do it. there are so many communities in las vegas that have suffered, no work. >> lawmakers will consider raising taxes to fund construction adding more space to the convention center and discussion of more tax, a slight tax increase on the sales tax to add more cops here in clark county. special sessionin jeff is going to bring us live coverage throughout the day here on news 3. >> kim: also happening today here in town a local man who has been convicted of murder is expected to face a judge for a different reason. there is david frostic. he's accused recently of hitting a local officer with the officer's own flashlight and using his leg to check him out. that corrections officer was treated for minor injuries as a
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on camera. our district attorney here in clark county says that footage will be used against him in this new case. >> kim: a scary situation playing out inside a local fast food restaurant after a local high school football game on friday night. students from competing teams got into this brawl and you can see it was all caught on camera. the fighting between students at centennial and arbor view high scho her injuries. the altercation started at a restaurant and spilled over to in and out next door. dozens of teens shown kicking and punching each other as an in and out employee lies on the ground. two employees were injured. clark county school district officials are cooperating with the investigation and will take appropriate disciplinary action. >> kim: social media as a news
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tag board feature. we want to you see hurricane matthew and we're hashtagging it from all over the globe. here are some. we know at least 18 people have been killed as a result of this storm. close to 1,000 have been rescued in the last 24 hours after battering the southeast shoreline for three days devastation is stretching a state of emergency remains in effect for 43 counties in north carolina alone. we're going to have continued coverage of this and we're using social media as part of the reporting. >> dana: people on the east coast cleaning up this morning after what was hurricane matthew. some of that damage is pretty evident. the threat is not over. we're going to tell what you else could happen and how much
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danger. >> kim: you know saturday night
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>> dana: it is 4:41 on this monday morning and we're taking a look back to saturday night recording in which donald trump spoke about women in graphic detail. they started off going after the vice presidential debate from monday. >> this leaked audio showed you saying -- i can't quiet say it on my television but basically you said you wanted to. >> grab them by the [beep] . i would like to take this time
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>> what are you saying? >> i deeply apologize. >> are you trying to say apologize? >> no, i would never do that. >> we go live to clinton's campaign headquarters where they've just received news of the leak. >> partying like she's won the election. of course she has not >> kim: we're just getting started with some of those must see moments from snl. still to come, we take you to a popular festival in arkansas. it involved dropping turkeys from a plane. you bet there are people who have problems with it. we take you inside the story ahead. >> dana: we're going to talk about the special gift that
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>> dana: sure long gone but the damage and devastation are left lind this. from north carolina and you can see how deep the floodwaters have been there. local residents say they've never seen it like this before. >> i have never seen anything like this. and water got all the way up to my top step and then stopped. >> the storm now being blamed for 17 deaths in the united states. close in the last 24 hours pulled from rooftops, car tops. state of emergency remains in effect for 43 north carolina counties. the water could remain in some areas for a week or longer. look at all the devastation left behind. >> kim: a lot of footage out of north carolina. we we have more to share. you can't believe what you're seeing.
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out. you can't believe that was a road. looks like a river. this is the fayetteville area. water flowing straight through. this is what happened because of matthew. >> dana: let's bring our meteorologist in on the conversation. some of the models showing that matthew may loop around and hit the united states again. doesn't look like that is going to happen. >> kelly: it's not going to happen thank goodness. they need some and little bit of relief there. here at home things are looking quiet as well. little warmer though. here is a look at the loop from yesterday. lot of blue sky to get things started. we had high thin clouds in the afternoon. the airport official high yesterday 90. normal for this time of year is 93. you are going to notice it is a little warmer than it has been lately. lake 69, paradise 69 as well.
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here is a look at the radar picture. don't have a lot going on. have precipitation to the north. we will see some clouds hanging around today. some high thin clouds getting thicker as we get into the afternoon and overnight hours. we have taken the chance of rain out of the forecast. maybe isolated sprinkle up in the higher elevations but even then it's isolated. it will 91 approximate is our expected high. winds out of the south 10-20. -- 10-15 rather gusting to 20. tonight little cooler. 66 for the low. partly cloudy skies. our seven-day forecast, temperatures are going to trend downward through the middle of the week. 84 by thursday. winds kick up friday through the weekend temperatures boost back up into the upper 80's on friday. normal is 83.
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above normal but still mid 80's, can't complain too much. >> kim: we take you to palm springs california for a quite somber situation. your heart heavy when you hear what happened with the two police officers that happened over the weekend. a parade of mourners for those two police officers. it was emotional vigil held outside the police department. the mourners laying night honoring and remembering the two officers that lost their lives. they were shot dead saturday responding to a domestic disturbance and a third officer was wounded. people still can't believe what happened. >> it's just very tragic that this has happened to us. but there is a reason for it and it has brought us together. i think we'll be a stronger community.
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all set to retire in december. look at this younger officer. she had just returned from maternity leave leaving a four and a half-month-old at home. john felix was arrested after a lengthy standoff. he's going to be charged tomorrow with murder and could face the death penalty. >> going to be weeks before they determine what caused a boat to capsize on saturday. dumped more than two dozen people into the water they have been searching for that vessel. they think it may have shifted because of the tide but don't think it's going to be too hard to locate. they are looking into the number of passengers who were on the boat at the time and looking at whether alcohol was involved in the accident. the condition of the passengers
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>> kim: the trump taj mahal in atlantic city shut down overnight because of continued strikes by union members. those are the people who donald trump sold the property. to even though it bears his name he is no longer associated with this property. the union wants health insurance and pension benefits restored. when it will lose their jobs. >> the city of new york will host its 72nd annual columbus day parade. it will feature more than 40,000 marchers. this year's grand marshall is businessman robert.
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morning. here is what else to expect. >> we have every angle of that heated presidential debate covered. did trump say enough to keep women voters and republicans from fleeing his campaign. did he go too far bringing up bill clinton's past? ahead the alarming rise of academic doping. why college students who don't have adhd are turning to drugs used to trea and a live performance when we see you on a monday morning right here on today. >> dana: a tradition in this small town in arkansas is drawing controversy. this is called the turkey drop parade. s every year a pilot flies over the festival and drops live turkeys from a plane. while many people travel from across the state to see this
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turkeys die when they fall into power lines or on coming traffic. arkansas game and fish commission says the matter is out of their hands because of the turkeys. they are considered pets and not wild animals. >> kim: a milestone for celine dion marking her 1,000th show at cesar's palace. they built the 4300 guest in attention received a special program book to memorialize this milestone performance. >> dana: you've got to see this special baseball game that took place here over the weekend.
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children's foundation hosting the beep baseball game. special concessions made for children with visual impairment. bases contain sound units giving out that sound at once ball is hit off a tee. the runner must identify the correct buzzing base using their sound, their hearing. >> kim: still to come aft ryan lock at the had something to talk about this morning. he's getting married to that beautiful woman and we have the story of how they met headed your way. >> tesla is set for a big
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former playmate. this is in malibu, that's the backdrop there. apparently speechless, absolutely beautiful. that's her quote about her husband to be. the 31 olympian and dancing with the stars contestant telling "usa today" he's ready to get married. he's so in love and this is the next step inch a bright future. they net january at a nightclub and he after she stuck with him during this recent controversy. two people rushing the stage last month when he had got on the trouble in rio and they were taking him to task on that. >> dana: can't wait to see their children. >> kim: they are going to be gorgeous people. >> dana: tom brady is back running on to the field in cleveland after serving his four-game deflate gate suspension.
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shoulder? would he be rusty? he played great. more than 400 yards passing, three touchdowns. the patriots go on to win big and tom intrad back. right now looks like the patriots are the team to beat. >> kim: you can't get that guy down. he's a competitor with a capitol c. >> dana: he does have that chip on his shoulder. he's going to want to win more with kelly curran. you said you had to turn on the a.c. this week. >> kelly: it is nice last week to have it off. as we get into the afternoon we expect highs to top out in the low 90's again today. >> kim: still to come, this guy
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he takes out something he
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monday. >> trump and clinton going head to head. we're live with the must see moments.
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show" after being heard with donald trump back in 2005 talking about women. we're going to tell you how long nbc says bush will be off the air. >> kim: in just a few hours from now state lawmakers up in carson city getting red do i tackle a huge issue. will an nfl stadium be built in southern >> dennis: good morning. it is 5:00 on this monday october 106789. >> kim: no wage they're could be made on the debate last night but we have a lot of people sounding off this morning saying donald trump supporters thinking he did a better job in the debate last night even though he was on the defense all weekend. >> dana: there was no predebate handshake. they did shake hands afterwards but it got tested.


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