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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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for a total number of early votes, registered voters in clark county are expected to set records today. >> michelle: news 3's kyndell nunley is live from the boca park polling place this afternoon. the count douns on. are there people out there? >> kyndell: oh yes there are. the lines have started around this time most of the people coming out during their lunch hours. taking lunch breaks to get in and out quickly. at least when it comes to early voting, now is a good time. so if you are watching, finish watching here on news 3nd make sure you come out. because right around the 1:00 hour is when it's expected to be slow for early voting. if you are expected to want to vote early the countdown definitely is on. you only have until today. this polling place specifically closes at 8:00 p.m. tonight. so you better hurry because they will be closed until election day. as this day goes on expect those polling places to get busier and
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ballots. the end of today the total number of early voters currently at 432,000 in clark county is anticipated to get near a half million. that means clark county is on track to beat the amount -- [ lost audio ]. from 2012 when 51 percent of registered voters voted early. most of those earlier voters i spoke with say the biggest reason for coming out early is avoiding those lines. i spoke with this is his first time voting early. it's no secret this election so far has been historic. like so many others, he wants to make sure his voice is heard but he wants to do so in a timely manner. >> part of the fun was waiting in the big lines and, you know, booing part of the -- being part of the process. as i've gotten later i don't like to wait in lines and those lines get pretty lengthy. >> kyndell: of course we know that people are busy. you've got work, kids.
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coming up in 30 minutes live here on news 3 i've got tips and tricks and preparation notes for you to come here and make sure you can vote early and things you will do if you wait until tuesday. i'll get you in and out really quickly coming up in about 30 minutes. that is the latest here at boca park, kyndell nunley. back to you two. >> krystal: we appreciate it. we want to see you! we know many of you have gone out to vote hence the record numbers. so send us your selfies. if you got your i voted sticker tweet us. use the hashtag #i voted lv. >> michelle: just a quick warning. you cannot take a picture inside the polling places. that is illegal. do it outside once you walk out and got your sticker. more accusations and insults between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> krystal: by tuesday night we should know who will be the next president of the united states. and polls in battleground states like right here in nevada show the races narrowing.
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>> reporter: it is the final days of the campaign and both candidates stepped up their harsh rhetoric. >> under the failed leadership of hillary clinton -- leadership? what leadership? >> reporter: donald trump repeating his accusation that hillary clinton would put the white house up for sale. and hammering her on a renewed fbi investigation into her email controversy. >> hillary thought nothing of putting classified information on her illegal server. supporters a vote for trump would mean approval of his behavior. she went on to say republicans are trying to engage in voter intimidation. >> the best way to repudiate the bigotry and bluster and bullying and hateful rhetoric and discrimination is to show us with the biggest turnout in american history. [ cheering ] >> reporter: a new national washington post/abc news tracking poll shows the gap widening between clinton and
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this as new concerns over whether your vote may be safe from hackers. the de-centralized nature of voting makes the outcome difficult to change through cyber warfare according to republican party spokesman john spicer. >> i don't think there is this sort of ability to do what a lot of the rumors might suggest is possible. >> reporter: still officials are preparing for possible hacks that could affect the power grid, internet, social media and transportation on election day. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> krystal: we are your right here to news 3 for our special election night coverage on the cw las vegas channel 33, cox cable six. continuing coverage, by the way, will start at 4:00 p.m. >> michelle: we hope you join us for a special town hall tomorrow. wjla in washington, d.c. takes on the national topic of the own yid epidemic with moderator michelle marsh who will talk with former speaker of the house newt gingrich, former obama
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what can your congressman do to help stop this epidemic? catch all this on it starts at 4:00 p.m. >> krystal: the lights are back on at the paris las vegas. we're learning more about what happened and why that power was out for 12 hours. >> michelle: i know. boy it was long day for those people. news 3's craig fiegener is live on the strip just outside the paris. you and i were talking earlier, craig, i mean, this was not a little thing. this was a really big entire history, the caesars entertainment company, they own several properties on the strip, they've never had where the entire property went dark because of a power failure. take a look behind me. paris las vegas. the doors are open. the lights are back on. what a difference 12 hours makes. for much of the day yesterday, in fact into early this morning, this place was plunged into darkness. this is phone video from inside paris las vegas just after power
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there were 3,000 people in the hotel, the casino. at 9:45 a.m. in the morning thursday everyone was told to get out. 1600 people had rooms at the paris hotel. but without power anywhere it wasn't safe to come back for 12 hours. this morning caesar's which owns paris hotel and casino, placed blame on a construction crew working in the basement. >> they were down there trying to fix issues in the sub floor below the boiler room so they were authorized to be there. they authorized to cut through the main power line. >> reporter: by six this morning paris las vegas was back in business. many who checked in to rooms here yesterday actually overnight at planet hollywood and at caesar's. they return today and were told no charge for last night and come back for free. >> we will deal with them and whatever issues they have to make it right including two free nights stay beyond last night. >> reporter: in the crippling darkness yesterday, 11 people were rescued from stalled elevate oirs.
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despite the full scale evacuation. to be clear, officials with seize avrs said this was not their -- caesar's said this was not their fault this was the construction crew. and the construction crew caused it. the question asked but not answered what company was doing the work caesars has implicated this would become a legal matter. >> michelle: the cubs celebrating a world series win today with a massive de you -- >> krystal: wow! >> michelle: i know. it's hard to believe. there's kris bryant. this is obviously through the streets of chicago. here is when everybody got let into the park. thousands of spectators packed the streets to participate in the celebration. people took the day off. they didn't have school. this is probably like a holiday. >> krystal: it is a holiday for the city because they made
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>> michelle: absolutely. it ended in grant park with a massive rally that was open to the public. doesn't the weather look like it was just perfect. >> krystal: that's what i was going to say. it looks like the sun was shining on their parade. >> michelle: it sure was. earlier in the day the city dyed the chicago river blue to mark the occasion. they do it every st. patrick's day. they dye it green. that is tradition in chicago. so today it was cubbies blue. >> krystal: it was cubby out there. as we bring it back here local and talk about what's going on with your weather, no complaints here. >> kelly: right? fantastic weather. temperatures well above normal for this time of year. i want to start things out with a time-lapse. this is the red rock visitor center time-lapse. we've seen nothing but blue skies. we're going on see more of that as we head into the weekend. by the way, if you are thinking about heading out and doing hiking this weekend,
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sheila tarr elementary school right now 78 degrees. winds west about three miles per hour. nice and light. 76 degrees at betsy rose elementary school right now. as we head throughout the rest of the day today, check out these highs. 81 degrees. that's nine degrees above normal for this time of year. at 6:00 as you are heading home from work, 78 and 72 at 9:00. we'll talk about that weekend forecast plus the recreational forecast coming up in a few when the temperatures go back to normal where we should be this time of year so i can have soup or something. >> krystal: what if you got a call saying your family member was kidnapped? obviously a disturbing phone call to get. coming up the new scam playing on people's worst fears in today's rip-off alert. >> michelle: a fire breaks out at austria's parliament. what officials are saying may have caused this. look at that video. wow. >> krystal: a reason to smile.
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today is forever home friday. the animal foundation is here with some a adorable little doggy you can adopt today. that at steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous criminals from buying guns here in nevada. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked.
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with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull
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>> michelle: a fire broke out on the roof of the austrian parliament in vienna this morning. the parliament's media service released footage showing the black smoke billowing from the building. the cause of the fire was a broken cooling tower. no injuries reported. >> krystal: sheriff deputies in south carolina have found a woman missing for two months. caleb brown was held -- kayla brown was held captive after going missing since august along with her boyfriend, charlie carver. authorities say they found her chained up in a padlocked metal storage container roughly the size of a school bus. it was 30 feet long by 15 feet wide and ten feet high. chained up! combroun told investigators she believes about four bodies are buried on that property. authorities found weapons,
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belonged to brown's boyfriend. under arrest the owner of the property todd kohlepp a registered sex offender. investigators believe brown and him may have been acquainted. >> michelle: two former officials linked to new jersey chris christie's office found guilty after that so-called bridge gate scandal. bridget ann kelly christy's former deputy of staff and the former director of the p various charges including conspiracy, fraud, and civil rights deprivation. many say the act was political retribution against the democratic mayor of fort lee. each face a maximum sentence of 86 years. a federal jury has found that rolling stone magazine defamed the university of virginia administrator in the story about a gang rape at a fraternity house. university of virginia administrator aromo is seeking
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for how she was portrayed. the magazine retracted the 2014 article and apologized. >> krystal: we are going to bring it back here local and talk weather as we slide into the weekend. it's not looking too bad out there kelly. >> kelly: it really isn't. temperatures are well above normal. it's one of those things that if you want cooler temperatures we got mount charleston right? i want to start things out with a look at what we're seeing. this is a time-lapse on the south east career and technical academy camera. we do he you can see that as we get toward the end of this time-lapse here. just a few clouds building over the mountains. temperatures? downtown is already at 80 degrees? it's november! summerlin 77. henderson 78. same in southeast. winds nice and light not an issue for us. there is rain on the map though. parts of arizona, new mexico. some heavy rain coming down west of albuquerque.
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you see showers starting to pop up in northwestern arizona and in to south western utah as well. these showers not expected to make it into las vegas. they will dry up before they get here. but there is an isolated possibility for a shower around mesquite. otherwise like i said dry conditions. mostly sunny. mild today. the high in las vegas, 81 degrees. nine degrees above normal. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies, 61 degrees. that will be our overnight low. let's look at some maybe you are heading out tomorrow. you want to go out to lake mead? air temperature 81 degrees. the water temperature is at 70. so a little bit cool. but it's the afternoon. you get a lot of sunshine. winds out of the north three to eight miles per hour. maybe hiking is more your thing. saturday up on mount charleston, 60 degrees. tons of sunshine. looking at light and variable winds. red rock? your forecast high, 73 degrees. really nice out there as well.
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conditions, well then i think you will like the 7-day forecast. the temperatures are expected to stay above normal. not just today but throughout the weekend and into next week. normal high for today's date, 72. we're talking a high of 80 tomorrow in las vegas. upper 70s on sunday. then even heading into next week don't forget daylight saving time is this weekend. so we're going get an extra hour of sleep on saturday night. >> kelly: unless you have dog. >> michelle: or a child. a rip-off alert today. parents receiving a terrifying series of phone calls. >> krystal: marie mortera tells us it begins with a claim that your child has been kidnapped. >> marie: the fbi says these virtual kidnapping cases are growing. scammers snare victims over the phone. one father shares his story. >> picked up and there was a little girl crying on the phone to me screaming daddy, daddy. >> marie: and so began some of the most terrifying moments of andy stone's life.
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andy. i said yes it is. and he said well i have your daughter right now. she's in my truck. >> marie: not only did they know his name, andy has a six-year-old daughter. >> at that point i was -- i didn't know what was going on. i was in shock obviously. >> marie: the caller did not ask for a ransom and hang up. stone immediately called his daughter's washington state school and she was there. a relief. but police say several others in the area received the well except in some of those the caller demanded cash. >> i became pretty hysterical. started crying and please don't hurt her. >> marie: that's what happened to this mother. nbc news learned she paid a $10,000 ransom only to find her college daughter was safe. as for stone? while his family is safe as well, he is still unsettled. >> just don't know, you know, when something like this comes about and you think your kid's being kidnapped, um, you go into a state of shock.
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going on. >> marie: the fbi's advice? limit your personal information posted online. and if a virtual kidnapper calls, demand proof your loved one is being held by asking something only they would know. with this rip-off alert, i'm marie mortera. >> michelle: wow that's scary. >> krystal: it is. you are in a state of shock. >> michelle: we know many of you have gotten out to vote. we want you to prove it. we don't really need you to prove it. we just want to you share it. be proud. >> krystal: your i voted so if you got your sticker share it with us on facebook. tweet -- facebook? instagram your picture using the hashtag #i voted lv. we're going over to show you some of the pictures on the other side of the break so we'd love to see it. . >> tom: it's time to take a moment for tom's trivia challenge where each week you have the chance to win a prize for what you know about the area you live in. two people will each win a pair
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liquor wine experience. must be 21 or older. to win go to the and click on station then contest. or go to our twitter page. then to find out if you are the winner go to twitter where the answer will be provided at the end of the show. one person will be randomly selected from correct entries.
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ask yourself: if joe heck was on your side, why did he threaten to shut down the government on his crusade to defund planned parenthood? side with the wall street banks when he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip"? and why did joe heck put payday lenders and their shameful interest rates first when he took their money? nevada, it's time to put people before the corporate special interests. senate majority pac is responsible
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>> krystal: we have breaking news to bring you. we understand that rutgers university is under a lockdown so these are some of the messages coming in on social media. i take it this is from rutgers. it says a stabbing at the rutgers business school in new brunswick -- on the east coast there -- avoid the area and/or take shelter. that coming in around 2:45. so that's about 11:45 our time. don't have a whole lot of information there but that is what we know at this point and time. as soon as we know more we'll bring it to you. >> michelle: those are the tweets that get sent out to the, you know, to everybody on campus
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area. so we'll follow that story. a stabbing at rutgers and let you know more. we told you before the break we wanted to see your awesome selfies of you sharing pictures of us voting. oh my gosh you guys have done such a great job. if you want to do this the hashtag #i voted lv. here is everybody's pictures. remember you can't be inside of one of the polling locations. that's illegal. but once you come outside, take a picture of i mean, of yourself. don't be silent. rock your vote. that's cool. she hit the nose on her head. there you go. i love this. because you guys are showing -- my civic duty. >> michelle: eeyore voted. >> look at that. that's cute. i love it. please keep them coming. that's hashtag #i voted lv. looks like somebody's puppy
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the two legged people, four-legged folks, everybody is getting in on the voting. >> michelle: remember early voting wraps up today. so if you want to get in early you got to get in today before the big election day on tuesday. we're going to be sharing these pictures throughout the day. because it is the last day of early voting. so share them with that hashtag #and we'll put them on our newscast. stay with us a lott more to come at 12:30. we'll be right back. ?? attention medicare beneficiaries...
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and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? dan: if a bad guy breaks into my house, i have every right to defend my home.
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and good decent americans have a right to bear arms. bad guys? criminals? the dangerously mentally ill? we've made it way too easy for them to buy guns. we have a loophole where dangerous people can walk into a gun show and buy a gun, no questions asked. after that, they could walk into my house, or yours. and i'd rather they didn't have a gun. vo: yes on question 1. >> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," down to the wire. early voting ends today. what you need to know before heading out to the polls coming up in a live report. >> krystal: shocking allegations. an lsd teacher accused -- excuse
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of sexually assaulting a child. >> michelle: sinclair cares. we explain how managing diabetes could be the difference between life and death. >> krystal: starting with breaking news out of new york for this next half-hour. we're getting word -- don't have a lot of information at this point and time -- that two police officers have been shot in the bronx. they've been taken to a we don't know their condition. and we don't know what led up to this shooting. but, again, breaking news out of new york. two officers shot. we'll continue to follow this developing story. >> michelle: then we've been following breaking news at rutgers university in new brunswick. we show you, youed this tweet. there was a stabbing at the business school. we have learned according to nbc the school is on lockdown after multiple people were stabbed at the university's business


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