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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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know who will take over harry reid's senate seat. a look at the race ahead. >> kim: election results. the latest when it comes to the legislature here in the state of nevada and beyond. we have complete team coverage headed your way. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. it is 6:00 on this wednesday and it is a >> kim: the concession speech continues to change as we welcome you in. if you've been with us since 4:30 this morning you've heard different answers about when we expect to see hillary clinton con steed presidency. it is back to 7:30 this morning our time. >> dana: we'll have it live for you. we're going to take you to the streets of new york city.
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this presidential election. she joins us with how the world is reacting and fellow americans. >> good morning. the popular vote still being counted but donald trump won enough electoral votes to become the next president of the united states. how that happened is something we're going to hear a lot about including from hillary clinton scheduled to speak later this morning. president obama says he wants to talk about nation and he's invited donald trump down to the white house tomorrow to begin his transition. >> it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president elect of the united states of america donald trump. >> donald trump declared victory. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be
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this is so important to me. >> sources tell nbc hillary clinton called trump to concede. publicly her campaign held out hope. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we? we're still counting votes and every vote should count. >> at both headquarters faces told the story. cheers for trump. >> we're excited about having a chance after eight years of failed policies. >>ea >> they split battleground states ohio, north carolina and florida for trump. nevada, virginia, colorado for clinton. this morning's opening bell uncertain. dow futures sinking lower than 9/11 overnight. nasdaq halted. wall street is nervous. >> now it becomes a guessing game as to how badly this market will be hit in the morning.
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about the results. we're hopeful for something better to come. >> exit polls tell an interesting story. the rural vote, white voters without college degrees, largely underestimated as the vote count continues. >> lots of international reaction pouring in from entrail, russia pouring in for trump but jitters about what allies relationships may be with the u.s. now. >> dana: america could look a lot different on january 20 when he is sworn into office. he has promised to repeal and replace obama care, build a wall on our southern border, repeal trade deals, overturn the nuclear deal with iran. there is an open seat on the supreme court. lot of things up for grabs as a result of this election. >> no question about that.
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donald trump can't do all these things by himself even from the oval office. he's going to have to build coalitions and going to have to work with the party in charge which is his party. we have a republican controlled congress and there were differences and divisions about how he wanted to go about doing some things. while this typically happens in an election, lots of promises but when you get to washington, there is a process of getting where he's going to start january 230. >> kim: there you are reporting live this morning from the heart of new york city. not far from your location is wall street, that famous location where we see the bull out front and we're going to see how wall street reacts to the news of a president elect donald trump in about 20 minutes from now. it's been a privilege during this election cycle to be with you. thank you for your service.
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up all night and talk eloquently about our nation's future. we're going to see tracy again live in the next half hour of the program. >> dana: we're doing traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we'll get the forecast from kelly. tom is up in sky 3. >> tom: we're heading towards the southwest valley. on the way we noticed a little bit of a delay on 15. looks like a stalled vehicle. i think it was blocking travel traffic was very slow and now getting by without much of a delay. we're on our way to a report of an accident at blue diamond road and rainbow. from a distance i don't see anything that looks like real delay. we'll be on top of that in a couple of minutes. right now let's check team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we are accident free on the freeways. 15 is running slow through the
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times 7 minutes between downtown and tropicana. all other freeways clear. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: lots of sunshine expected again today. make sure you have t shirts on for late they are afternoon. 71 at 9:00 a.m. lunchtime 78 today. not a bad day to have lunch outside. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of the week coming up. >> dana: democrats and republicans across the country including here state of nevada. >> we're in fair very difficult time. if you saw his behavior at his hotel, why wouldn't he extend that throughout the country. >> i'm so happy. we need trump in the white house. >> dennis: coming up kendall is at a local donut shoptalking to locals about what happened last night.
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beyond state lines. this takes us to the streets of san francisco where anti-trump protest started popping up. some fires there on the street. some protestors taking to the streets outside of the headquarters for twitter in san francisco. the same scene in oregon. more than 100 protestors blocking traffic at t about midnight our time. one activist said we are making noise, we are telling donald trump we don't like he's here. i feel like we're doomed. this can't be real. >> dana: the senate, the house of representatives both in republican control. in this state it was a democrat elected to the senate for the first time in the history of our
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sworn into office. masto defeating joe heck by 26,000 votes. the only county that voted for her where she had more votes than joe heck clarks county. the other 16 counties joe heck received more votes but because of the population disparity she will win that seat. more on this race. >> senator harry reid was one of the few democrats that had a good night. nevada went blue and katherine cortez masto won the senate race over joe heck. last night senator elect cortez masto told supporters she will be a check on president elect donald trump.
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been in calling him out when i see it, when he wants to doesn't grate women, thinks he can sexually assault women which is an area i've fought for my entire career, i'm going to call him out. that is not what this country is about. >> reporter: cortez masto a familiar name in nevada , the former attorney general here. >> kim: thank you for that. it is 6:09 in congressional district four ruben beat the incumbent freshman hardy. >> i know that america is great because today we just elected an immigrant to the united states house of representatives. i'm excited. we have a lot of work to do in this country and i look forward to taking on those challenges. >> kim: then this.
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race. we spoke with him and he says he has no regrets. >> people chose other individuals. i have no regrets in what aye done and where i've stood. it's been nothing but a privilege and i thank you for the opportunity and those of you who voted for us and i want to now thank my wife and my family. >> dana: hardy serving one term in the house of now we take you to congressional district 3 where the political fight rosen defeated danny, the son of tacker tacker. jackie rosen defeating him by 4,000 votes in congressional district three. the state legislature now in control of the democrats.
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the assembly and senate. the democrats will control the senate 11-10 and the is semiputting school choice in jeopardy in this state. >> kim: we revisit the breaking news we've been following all morning long. this takes us to up state new york just south of the buffalo area. firefighters on scene and there is a storage building on fire at this steel reportedly shutting down traffic near this site. firefighters have asked for hazmat teams to respond to the scene. as we continue to take in the images, we will give you continued updates here on news 3. a local mother is expected to face a judge today. she was arrested in the death of her son who police say was abused. what is ahead for this woman in court today?
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>> dana: 66 years ago. a subcommittee took its show on the road at the stop in las vegas at the building that is now the mob museum. >> tom: looks a little busy on 15 getting through the bowl.
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>> kim: the local mother of a 7-year-old boy who was killed in our community is expected to face a judge today. michelle is all over this story joining us live from the regional justice center. good morning michelle. >> michelle: that woman, malone s the mot , jr., that little boy who was found dead here in town. her boyfriend was initially arrested for that boy's murder. his name kenneth robinson. he's 31 years old. he's in custody of suspicion of causing the injuries that led to this little boy's death. he had obvious signs of severe trauma throughout his body associated with physical abuse. now his mother also facing
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when police found that little boy, there were other children in that residence as well. so this woman is due in court late they are morning. this is her 72 hour appearance. we're going to be there and we'll have an update live at noon. >> kim: we have breaking news. all morning since 4:30 we started broadcasting it has been back and forth about when hillary presidency to donald trump. she gave him a phone call but she has yet to face the nation. we are hearing she's going to do that in about 14 minutes from now. we've heard 7:30 several times. please don't change the channel. the latest report is we're hearing from hillary clinton in 14 minutes. we take you to southern california for a dramatic scene at two polling locations because there was a shooting.
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the gunman did get into an exchange of gunfire with police but it's unclear whether that gunman was killed in a shootout with police or took his own life. it did shut down polling location in a lockdown for several hours. they say that is not related to the >> dana: background checks passed by a narrow margin, 10,000 votes. this is a divisive state. clark county voting in favor of that. to question two legalizing recreational marijuana. this passed by almost 100,000 votes. when this becomes law, adults will be able to buy marijuana here in the state of nevada
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clark county voting in the affirmative a. many of the rural counties voting against it. recreational marijuana did pass by a large margin yesterday. time now for team traffic. tom is up in sky 3. >> tom: we showed a stalled reek in the spaghetti bowl earlier -- >> jeff: i'll take it there freedomh to re-establish signal with sky 3. an accident at rainbow and blue diamond is the only one we are seeing so far. there is a slow spot between the bowl and tropicana nine minutes. 95 southbound remains pretty decent so far. you can join the waze team. download it from the app store or google play and give us
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let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: as you take a time lapse look of what we saw yesterday tons of sunshine. today is going to be a repeat, tons of sunshine. temperatures in the 80's again. you are going to want a sweat they are morning. even these temperatures are well above normal this. big ridge of high pressure still in that's why we have sunny, warm conditions around the area. today's high is 81. the record is 82. norm system 70. light and variable winds. tonight still above normal. 58 for the low. our seven-day forecast sunny and 77 for veterans day and the weekend is looking lovely. mostly sunny and mid 70's. >> kim: it is time for tom's
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is coming up at the mob museum which was once home to the federal courthouse. it was 66 years ago this week that a special committee to investigate crime came to las vegas as a part of special hearings held in 14 they were chaired by a rising political star. >> he was a young senator. he was very ambitious, had presidential aspirations. subsequently ran for office and he became the vice president nominee on the stephenson ticket. >> executive director of the national museum on organized crime, the mob museum. >> these were about links between those engaged in organized crime and politicians and other business people who had less direct links.
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used in violation of state laws. >> tom: some of what you see is recreation this. is real. this is the federal courtroom where the hearings took place. >> the committee would have been right where this table is in front here. >> these hearings electrified the nation but had a different long term effect here. >> the most profound impact on las vegas is that any aftermath of the hearings there was a great public backlash particularly against legalizing gambling. other states that were considering legalizing gambling chose not to which made las vegas all the more attractive. >> for the fifth year in a row the mob museum is noting the
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>> dana: live pictures out of new york city. hillary clinton will deliver her concession speech at 7:30 our time this morning. when it happens we will take you there live. if it happens before then, we'll take you live there then too. >> kim: we appreciate your patience on this one. it has been back and forth since 4:30 this morning. still to com o something we know. the empire state building all lit up. they changed out the light. why? we have answers headed your way. >> dana: donald trump the president elect of the united states. we are talking to locals. where would you go to talk to local science how about a donut
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>> kelly: the sun is up this
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high this is afternoon expected to top out in the low 80's. >> kim: this is the empire state building like we've never seen before. >> dana: red white and blue. you can see some of the election results from last night as they had this thing lit up in the heart of maps on the side of the building. when ohio came in for trump they put ohio in his face. at the end the empire state building to show a picture of trump with the word president underneath. >> kim: let them eat cake.
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>> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans and
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>> kim: disappointed or excited. local voters react to trump's big win. you're going to hear them in their own words in a live report coming we are monitoring the big board on the new york stock exchange. they are monitoring wall street. it says worry on your screen because markets do not like uncertainty and we have an uncertain president elect as far as what is the future for trade agreements with america.
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>> dana: good morning. live pictures from sky 3. the sun did come up today. a lot of democrats predicted it would not but it is a new day in america. donald trump is our president elect. >> kim: i want to let you know that i have the computer open because we are monitoring to see what happens to your 4 '1" k as the big board -- we're in chicken little is well and good. the sky is not falling. >> dana: the index in japan fell on the news that donald trump won the election. the peso dropping. the dow jones is up 72 points. >> kim: positive early trading numbers.
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>> tom: good vibes your way. there were a couple of earlier accidents but now they are clear. we have road work all over the valley. you can see there is a slight detour in the overnight hours where work continues. right now no delay, no accidents that are causing major problems on the roadway. let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we' l in the clearing stages of blue diamond and rainbow. the freeways are looking good. 15 southbound a little slow. everything else clear. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, grab the sunglasses. another day of abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. our high today 81.
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will these temperatures last through the weekend? i'll have your forecast coming up. >> kim: we have breaking news on the political front. we are back to 7:30 this morning we are awaiting hillary clinton to concede the presidency to donald trump. nbc news declared donald trump the projected winner of this presidential race. it is an upset that stunned his critics and thrilled his supporters. tracy potts is monitoring it all from new york c >> it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president elect of the united states of america donald trump. >> donald trump declared victory. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. >> sources tell nbc clinton
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publicly her campaign held out hope. >> we can wait a little longer can't we? >> still counting votes and every vote should count. >> we're excited to have a chance after years of failed policies. >> they split battleground states. >> morning's opening bell uncertain dow futures sinking overnight. nasdaq and dow halted. wall street is nervous. >> now it becomes a guessing game as to how badly hit this market will be in the morning. >> the rural vote, white voters without college degrees largely
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before wall street opened up trading this morning opening up in positive territory. president elect donald trump is now set to preside over a severely divided nation which is in desperate need of reconciliation. it is a topic we'll talk out in about 15 minutes from now with tracy potts. >> dana: kendall is down at one morning. have you had a chance to talk to voters yet? >> i have and it's been more slow than we expected. a lot of people were up later than anticipated last night as the world was tuning in to this presidential election. we are in front of dunkin donuts this morning. i've been speaking with local voters here who i can tell you a
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surprised. that's going on across the entire country and across the entire world as donald trump pulled off a stunning upset to win the u.s. presidential election late last night. much of the world reacted in stock here locally i have been speaking to the voters. i chose one sound bite from a reviewer who voted for clinton ca moving forward together as a whole. >> a lot of people are upset about him winning but as long as he does a good job and what he says that's all that matters at the end of the day. >> your reaction is hopeful moving forward? >> there is always hope. you can't give up hope or we have nothing.
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forward, where is this country going to be led down over the next month and years to come as donald trump is our official president elect. at least one viewer from las vegas saying he's hopeful moving forward and even though he didn't vote for trump he will accept his presidential nomination and his election happening here across the entire country. >> kim: i can't thank you enough for finding a guy who is a glass morning like this. thank you for your live report. the nevada race that had not just our nation watching but the world. harry reid is retiring, cortez masto did defeat joe heck. she had just over 47% of the vote to joe heck's 44%. we are going to be checking in
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he will have how cortez masto is reacting to a president elect donald trump. >> dana: recreational marijuana is going to be legal in the state of nevada. question two passed easily. so too for question 3. this is the energy choice initiative. n.v. energy has a monopoly on providing energy to your home. because this passed yesterday, looks like we'll have choices in amendment it has to pass again in two years. this thing passed easily yesterday by almost half a million votes. it looks like the monopoly for n.v. energy could be coming to an end in a couple of years. >> kim: a live look at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. there is the big prize , the white house. trump has won the white house. it is an astonishing victory for
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by voters 'king tore shake up the political establishment and their voices have been heard. they have hired billionaire businessman donald trump to be the next president of the united states. less than an hour from now as well his opponent concede the presidency to donald trump. still to come a lot of people said if donald trump were to be elected they are taking off. they are finding a new country to call home. there is a certain immigration site that story ahead. >> dana: donald trump wanted his
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>> kim: you are waking up to news that our presidential election is taking a toll on other countries. the mexico peso has dropped. how wall street is reacting in this country but first we do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> tom: we have sky 3 over the western beltway.
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no delays on the freeway. it is a lovely november morning. >> kelly: plenty of sunshine and temperatures are raising. temperatures in the upper 50's in many locations. look at the winds, calm. this afternoon by lunchtime 78. as the kids are getting out of school this afternoon 81. so it's going to be t shirt weather >> dana: the dow jones is down '1" points. been open for 13 minutes. the u.s. stock market not reacting all that negatively. it's only down 20 points in early trading. trump's son making headlines. that's him at 3:00 in the morning. poor guy.
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news desk. this is a big fire we've been following all morning. they put this fire out at a steel site. the buffalo fire department shutting down traffic in their area to make sure they keep everybody safe. firefighters asking for a has matted team to respond to the scene. they've been able to get a
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>> kim: thank you for that. my texting partner late into the evening as we were following all these political races. including this one. congressional district 4. america runs on dunkin. >> i know that america is great because today we just elected an immigrant to the house of representatives. we a lot of work country and i look forward to taking on those challenges. >> kim: you just heard from the winner in his own words. hardy conceded the race. we spoke with him also. he doesn't have any regrets. >> people chose other individuals. i have no regrets in what i've done and where i've stood. it's been nothing but a privilege and i thank you for the opportunity and those of you
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especially now thank my wife and my family. >> dana: one term representative in the house of representatives hardy going down by 10,000 votes in congressional district 4. district 2 the republican holding on to his seat. dena holding on to her seat. and jackie, the democrat defeating tar cainian by 1,000 votes. we have foresheets in the house of representatives from this state. three of them republican, one democrat yesterday that flipped. three democrats and one is a republican. >> kim: dana who got sleep last night as he goes into his steve role on the program.
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world was watching. harry reid is retiring. it wasn't all that close in the end however it was a nail biter for a time. now we have a woman making history move into that position. >> she is and that person is katherine cortez masto, the former attorney general here in nevada. this morning senator elect cortez masto. she will be taking office she had a good night last night winning in her contest over joe heck. she got 478% of the vote. heck got 44% of the vote. this morning he congratulated in a statement cortez masto on her victory. >> dana: we expect the
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clinton coming up in about 40 minutes. we'll carry it for you live. this is the medical patient tax relief passing by a half million votes in this state. all 17 counties voting in the affirmative yesterday for this constitution. we'll find out in 2018 if voters did what they did yesterday. >> kim: on to question five. you see the final results on your screen right now. this calling for a 10 year extension of the fuel revenue index tax. that tax initially went into effect in 2013. now being extended. about $3 billion will be generated by this tax.
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transportation projects. you see how it went in clark county. also we have additional reporting on this was a difficult one to slice through. tom has helped us out. you can get his insight at >> dana: we did not hear from clinton last night or early this morning not delivering a concession speech but we did hear trump delivering his victory speech at 3:00 in the rn bind the wounds of division. have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of
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longer. >> dana: live to the streets of new york city. tracy potts standing by and america could look a lot different on january 20 when he is sworn into office. he's promised to repeal and replace obama care, build a wall on our southern border. repeal trade deals. overturn the nuclear deal with iran and an open seat on the u.s. supreme court. >> and actually thup people came out to vote yesterday on both sides according to exit polls. here is the thing. to get all of that done, he will need cooperation. now with a republican controlled congress but that does not mean every republican agrees with everything he has to say. now comes that process in washington of getting his party and some democrats on board to try to get some of these initiatives done that he talked
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hear from clinton the concession speech that we did not hear last night. her campaign chair came out but she did not speak last night. we expect to hear from president obama today. he's inviting trump to the white house to talk about the transition. but the president wants to talk to this divided nation after -- early this morning we got the results. presidency is under way. but now becomes a -- begins the real work beginning with that transition and finding a team, a cabinet to support what he wants to do. >> dana: we're going to have a lot to talk about until he becomes the president of the united states and we'll start those discussions tomorrow morning with you live from new york. >> kim: donald trump will meet
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the white house. remember all the people who said i'm moving to canada if trump is elected president. apparently they were not joking. the canadian government immigration website crashed hours ago. they believe the u.s. election played a major roll in this. the site went down about 7:30 las vegas time. access has been spotty through the night. we've had producers trying to log on to this throu night. online searches regarding becoming a canadian citizen growing in recent months particularly after trump won the nomination. this story continues to develop. it is still spotty at 6:54 in the morning. >> dana: donald trump wanted his cake and eat it too and he got his wish. this victory cake was delivered.
6:55 am
-t it looks sad and not like donald trump with purple coloring underneath his eyes. >> kim: let them eat cake. >> tom: they are having a good drive this morning. great morning for >> jeff: i'll pick it up from there. we are accident free. looking at a slow spot on 15 southbound. let's get a check of the forecast,. >> kelly: as we take a live look outside this morning the sun came up. it's gorgeous, beautiful blue skies and temperatures already starting to rise. lakes you are at 63. sunrise 56.
6:56 am
indian springs 76. boulder city 80. in las vegas 81. normal for this time of year is 70. >> dana: donald trump's son had to stay up until 3:00 in the morning to hear his dad's victory speech. >> we're going to be doing a job that hopefully you'll be so proud of your president, you'll be so proud. again, it's my honor. >> dana: let's take a look at some of the headlines from mayor newspapers. a lot of them keeping things simple saying it's trump.
6:57 am
president trump. and here in las vegas , the las vegas review journal says house of horrors for the daily news. u.s. to trump, you are hired. this newspaper owned by sheldon addleson a major republican donor. >> kim: in about a half an hour we'll see clinton concede the presidency to trump. we'll carry it live on this program. as we finish u americans. i don't care where you fall on the political spectrum, we're all in this together. give my friend a little bit of a break on the cw. we were texting into the wee hours of ther morning. >> krystal: you guys did a great
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