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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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buyers, either at a gun show or online, will have to undergo a background check in our state. good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> jim: i'm jim snyder. that was the decision from the majority of nevada voters who said yes to question one. so what happens now? sergio avila has our top story at six. >> reporter: jim, you know, that sign behind me in a few weeks will be advertising a gun s center. the only difference from all the others is that nearly everyone inside the show will be required to conduct background checks on those buying guns. 10,000 votes made the difference in question one. the background check initiative pass bid slightly more than one percent of the vote. it requires background checks on buyers who purchase firearms online or through private sellers. expanding a law that required checks at licensed gun shops. >> closing the loophole and
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major change in making our state safer and making it harder for criminals and other dangerous people who get guns. >> reporter: jennifer is with the group safe nevada. they believe the passage of this initiative will keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. the law does include exceptions. firearm transfers can happen freely with family members, sales to law enforcement and sales of antique firearms. >> the law is unenforceable. >> reporter: don nevada firearm coalition doesn't believe the law will change anything. >> we know pro hib tore processors it is a felony and they have them. i give you a gun and you have the gun and a police officer says where did you get the gun from and you say i don't know. or i bought it in arizona or utah. how are they going to prove otherwise. >> reporter: crowe says there will always be people who lie but in states with similar laws they've seen the majority of sellers follow the rules. supporters say if the law stops
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the state. there are other rules governing temporary transfers of firearms. let's say we're at a gun range or out hunting. you can pass a gun between our friends. we have more information on that. visit or you can look at my twitter feed @sergionews3lv. >> reed: an accidenta eight-year-old daughter to the hospital. police say 31-year-old zach corey is facing child abuse charges. the girl in this case is recovering tonight. new at six, news 3's antonio castelan joins us live outside the clark county detention center to tell us how this happened. antonio? >> reporter: the father is now here at the clark county detention center for his gun going off and a bullet hitting his daughter. it's still not clear how the gun fired but many of zach corey's
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accident. >> she has not been a bad kid. she is a good little girl. her and her sister. >> reporter: olivia robinson is talking about the eight-year-old child police say was accidentally shot. detectives tell us the girl's father, 31-year-old zach corey, was inside this house near pecos and las vegas boulevard tuesday night when his gun discharged. corey is now facing felony child abuse charges. >> zach is a good friend. he's always helpful. >> reporter: robinson tells us is a good father. i don't think that he did it on purpose or anything. basically i think it was just an accident. >> reporter: metro police investigators say corey's 22 caliber gun went off in a bedroom where his daughter was located. hitting the child in the shoulder. paramedic rushed the eight-year-old to umc hospital. >> for us, when we investigate these, um, we take them
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cost someone's life. >> reporter: it's not clear what corey was doing when his gun fired. >> it's very important for people to remember at any point and time when handling a firearm you must treat it as if it's loaded. you must not point it at anything that you don't want to shoot. >> reporter: robinson hopes the child abuse charges against her friend is dropped. >> no views or anything. zach would fight for his kids. he would do anything for them. >> reporter: the eight-year-old is s condition. zach corey will appear before a judge in the next couple days. reed? >> reed: thank you so much. north las vegas police are investigating the murder of a woman shot and killed. it happened near walnut and centennial parkway around 6:00 tuesday evening. north las vegas police at this time believe the incident is domestic related. authorities tell us there were about three adults inside the home when the shooting happened. police question two of them. one was released.
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facing charges in connection to the shooting. >> jim: now that he is president elect, donald trump for a lot of democrats this is a difficult day for the election outcome they never saw coming. but there are reasons for nevada democrats to celebrate. our jeff gillan joins us here to explain. >> good evening. you are looking at one of the democratic success stories behind me. also at one of the reasons why it happened. last night democrats elected the first latina to the u.s. senate. >> thank you everyone! >> reporter: the reason this happened. >> let's celebrate. >> reporter: is because this happened. nevada's biggest most powerful union along with other groups for weeks flooded neighborhoods with volunteers. they got democrats to the polls and democrats in office. in the senate, in one congressional seat n another congressional seat they recaptured the legislature. nevada has the distinction of
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swept. >> i feel very proud about helping nevada. >> reporter: culinary head geo, her union knocked on 350,000 doors. >> we talked to everybody. we explain to everybody. that's what it really made nevada blue. >> reporter: america is now a sea of red. making for a tough conference call at culinary hq wednesday morning. of those door knockers worried about a new president who talks tough on mexico and mexicans. >> i'm worried for those who are undocumented and i feel for those children who are -- because i have a nephew myself and his dad is undocumented. >> reporter: the polls said clinton would win. americans had other ideas. >> i think the polls were wrong. i thought the polls were wrong to begin with. >> reporter: heidi harris says republicans got what they
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>> the big thing for joe heck was his concern for donald trump. >> reporter: this election leaves lessons everywhere. nevada saw the second biggest increase in latino early voting in the nation. >> it was a wake-up call to understand that poll tricks something that's going to affect our home, our families, our loved ones. >> reporter: a lesson learned as new era dawns. and the one person also getting a lot of credit is outgoing u.s. delivered nevada to a candidate who this morning officially conceded. back to you. >> reed: fascinating times. thank you. recreational pot will be legal in nevada come january 1st. ballot question two handedly approved by voters last night with 54 percent of the vote. nevada joins a wave of states approving recreational pot painting the west coast green from washington to california. beginning next year it will be legal for adults 21 and older to
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before the rules to govern the industry are in place. up to 80 retail stores could open up shop in clark county alone. first lawmakers have to hash out how to regulate issues like licensing, security and product testing while the drug is still considered dangerous and illegal on the federal level the industry still faces quite a unique series of challenges. like banking the profits. >> we have irs guide tlooinz tell us how to file but, at the same time, we can't get a bank to do trying to fast track the process but the guy you just saw there believes it could be up to eight months before all the rules are figured out. >> jim: life moves on on this day after the election. we are still your traffic authority. and you know what normal life means here in las vegas. more road construction. tom hawley is above downtown in sky 3. >> tom: you are looking at a lot of barrels and barricades down here at grand central parkway and charleston but this
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improvement as part of project neon. that is to say, a parkway comeing through the top of the screen has terminated at charleston. beginning on friday it will tie in with western avenue which has been extended to the north. so they put down the pavement. they got a little stripeing to do. but they expect by friday to open this up. that will give you a north-south route east of the freeway. that should free up traffic in the area. it's not the biggest part of project neon but it will project neon that will finally open to the public. that is grand central connecting to western friday morning and going forward. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> jim: thank you for that. we have evidence coming in live right now. some breaking news that our country has some wounds to heal in the aftermath of this election. this is coming out of new york right near trump tower where hundreds, maybe thousands now are out in the streets. actually blocking traffic on fifth avenue.
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and elsewhere decrying donald trump and the way he won the presidency last night in a historic election. we are also now able to take to you a live picture of chicago where similar rally is happening as well. maybe not. those live pictures have been in and out. but we've seen other rallies this afternoon. portland, d.c., philly, oakland, et cetera. >> jim: we'll continue to watch that situation for you throughout the evening tonight. also coming up a group of crooks caught on camera in a serie stores they're targeting and how they're getting away with merchandise. a lot of cheers. a lot of smiles. 250 nevada national guard soldiers come home from kuwait. good afternoon. i'm denise rosch. the happy homecomings that never get old, coming up. >> jim: the weather roll continues through tomorrow. we have a pretty good idea when it's going end. your full forecast is coming up. >> reed: the new information
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sexual assault.
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>> jim: you can add las vegas to the list of cities where spontaneous protests against donald trump are breaking out tonight. we've seen it all over the country, reed. >> reed: this is a testament to where you see social media spread where you can actually have coordinatedro several major cities dotting the map. we are seeing that not only in new york, chicago, portland, d.c., philly and oakland but here tonight in las vegas. >> jim: two days before veterans day we have a happy home coming tonight. more than 200 soldiers with the nevada national guard are back home after a long deployment in due wait. scenes like that never get old. news 3's denise rosch is live outside the las vegas readiness center where some excited
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>> reporter: these soldiers have been gone nine months. they've missed birthdays and holidays and every special event that you can think of. but today that ends. they're home. >> what do you think? >> sarah fuller knows there's a lot of catching up to do. >> you both get your daddy today. >> reporter: the minutes dragging as she wait with hundreds of others for the 17th sustainment brigade to make it home. her husband peter has m >> first step, first day of preschool. >> reporter: but now nine months after saying goodbye, the nevada national guard unit is home from kuwait. [ cheering ] including peter. >> dreams come true. that's my whole life. >> reporter: returning to his civilian role as a metro police detective and most importantly the job of daddy. >> taking time off. be with the family.
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>> how do the girls look. >> great. they're growing like weeds. >> we're proud of him and what he's done. >> reporter: the 17th ran lo gist iz for central command in kuwait providing food, water and supplies to about 20 different countries. >> it's very good to be back. >> reporter: for sergeant james richardson, his first deployment. >> i don't know i cried. and i screamed. i told him i wouldn't scream but i definitely did scream. [ laughter ] and he heard me scream. but that's john calling his men and women citizen soldiers. >> you have people that work in hotels. you have law enforcement. quite a few law enforcement. you have teachers. it really runs the gamut. >> reporter: but for today they are sons and daughters, brothers and daddies. taking orders from pint sized bosses. proud to serve. happy to be back.
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told me this was his sixth deployment and coming home just keeps getting sweeter each time. reporting live, i'm denise rosch for news 3. back to you in the studio. >> reed: a group of men wanted in connection with a series of robberies at local businesses to tell you about. these are surveillance images released by metro. these guys are wanted for pretending to be customers then diverting attention from the employees just long enough to cut the security cables on phones. it's believed they're getting away ina with california plates. if you recognize them you are asked to call crime stoppers. >> jim: news 3's your weather authority. we're going to talk about this gorgeous weather and something we can look for in the skies early next week that might just have us howling. >> i know how excited jim gets. >> jim: i love the super moon. >> i wanted to give you a few days sort of ease your enthusiasm and get a grip and everything and get ready to roll. because this is the mother of all super moons. monday evening. we've got a few days to prepare.
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it's 221,000 miles away. but it's going to look larger and brighter. the brightness ought to be really cool. if you go out to a dark place, maybe red rock or something, i think that will have a huge impact. today, well, it is a great evening. the moon is out there. great night to do moon gaysing. we had a few high, thin clouds earlier. they whisked themselves over head both to the east and off to the west. they left a clear sky which makes that bright m has gone down and the lights have come on. cheyenne and revere. a very pleasant mid-november. 76 degrees. next stop buffalo and cheyenne on the northwest checking in at 69 and 31 percent. we'll venture to pecos and warm springs in green valley where it's 73 right now. around the edges we are seeing upper 60s. north las vegas also slipping to 69. still some mid-70s on the east side.
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85, 84. 83. pahrump dipping into the 60s. still 74 in boulder city. laughlin and death valley made it to 90 degrees. at mccarran the official top temperature made it to 82. that is a dozen degrees above normal and it tied the record set back in 1978. second straight day we have tied a record high. sixth november day we've made it to at least 80. the record's eight. i think that's safe. we the east side of town. for a couple of hours air quality did sneak into the moderate category. that's it. pollen is still absent. tomorrow at start in the 50s. 70s by lunchtime. i think we're going sneak into 80 degrees. and won't be much wind at all. less than ten. most hours less than five miles an hour. the same song. big area of high pressure stuck, anchored over the southwest keeping us shielded.
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all that freckled clouds, that's cold air out there. but that's still moving up north. now looks like this area of high pressure is going to break down after the weekend and that's when the pattern will shift back to something more normal. 30's on the mountain. 44 in pahrump. high temperatures for thursday afternoon. another gloriously warm day. mountain at 60. the lake at 82. laughlin up to 85. over the hump 79. for the las vegas valley. clear at 58 tonight. quick bounce off our official high tomorrow should stop at 80. now the record we set a couple of years ago at 84. that seems safe. probably not three in a row. your 7-day forecast. highs mid to upper seventies for the three-day veterans day weekend. super moon up to 76 then the breezes pick up on tuesday. downright windy on wednesday. we're going to wake up some day and it's going get windy then the temperature is going to drop 20 or 30 degrees.
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payback every once in awhile but we are living large in the interim. >> jim: are you coming to the party monday night. >> the super moon party. i am. you got what show girls and what else? >> you got to get your howl down. >> i can do that. what kind of hors d'oeuvres. >> jim: i'm still working on it. >> reed: that was his nickname in high school the super moon for a whole other reason. [ laughter ] . >> jim: the election of donald trump seen as a big shake-up in american polics political expert breaks down how
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>> reed: las vegas father is in the hospital tonight after being knocked out by a branch while trimming a tree. the freak accident happened outside a home near pecos and owens.
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snapped knocking him to the ground. he was rushed to university medical center and is being checked for internal injuries. >> he fell unconscious. he was out maybe for, like, two, three minutes. >> he hit his head on the sidewalk. i saw blood and just right away applied pressure on the back of his head. got my phone. i called 911 right away. >> reed: it is a painful reminder that tree trimming is a dangerous piece of business if you don't do it right. emergency insured tree trimmer to do the job for you. >> jim: a woman was killed last night when she stepped into the path of an on-coming car. it happened on jones and eugene street right near smoke ranch. according to metro the woman and a man were arguing on the sidewalk when they walked right out into traffic. both of them were hit. only the man survived. the driver stayed at the scene to talk with police. still ahead here tonight, the crash of a commuter tram.
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those at the scene. next at 6:30 the investigation into what went wrong. >> jim: also more gruesome discoveries as the investigation into a suspected serial killer uncovers new evidence. >> reed: reaction a day after. president-elect donald trump gets the votes and the electoral college in his favor. this is a live picture of an anti-trump rally near trump headquarters in new york. we're watching the protests as
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. >> reed: the arrest of a campus monitor at a local magnet high school has surprised parents. >> jim: students and parents are just learning of the charges that include kidnapping and sexual assault. and we're going get more now, reaction from the school. faith jessie is there where she's been talking with some parents. >> reporter: after learning that a popular coach and campus monitor was arrested right here at the school on monday, parents and students are shocked and unsettled. classes were back in session at del sol academy of the performing arts after being closed for election day. a popular campus monitor and sports coach, 35-year-old ati poni, was absent. poebi was arrested on campus monday for multiple charges including sex with a student, sexual assault and kidnapping. details of the alleged crime have not been released. students and parents were shocked. >> my first thing that's through my mind is really. i put my son back in school for this?


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