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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 10, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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right now. >> michelle: all right good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. thank you for staying with us. president-elect donald trump is in the nation's capital. he is in as far as winning the election and then he went to d.c. to talk about hopefully what we can all say will be a peaceful transition of power. >> krystal: that's our tradition here in the united states. president obama hosting mr. trump at the white house earlier today. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence has the president-elect is spending most of the day in washington, d.c. in an extraordinary moment many thought would never happen, donald trump meets president obama to talk transition to the new administration. >> it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic policy. try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful.
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some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some of the assets and some of the really great thing as i chiefed. >> reporter: trump also meets house speaker paul ryan to plan an ag. care, renegotiate trade deals, reform taxes and build a wall on the mexican border. there's a lot of work to get done in the next ten weeks as protests continue in cities across the country. a majority of the protests were peaceful where people marched and blocked streets. governor chris christie is the chairman of trump's transition team and says republicans have a mandate. >> because now the republican party is in charge of the federal government and we have
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nbc news, the white house. >> krystal: anti-trump protest take place here as well. protesters lining up on fashion show drive. that's right in front of the trump tower. this happening last night. the small protest was peaceful with about 40 people. this brings us to our question of the day. do you like the system of the electoral college or do you think we should vote to a popular vote for president? we love to hear what you have to say. you always have interesting opinions. let us and click on the question of the day icon. >> michelle: a man is dead after police say that he tried to rob a north las vegas convenience store. so this one happened earlier this morning. it was one of many breaking news stories we had. >> krystal: it was a violent morning. at least three shootings. and our kyndell nunley is live at the 7 eleven on cheyenne near civic center. you have been on the story all morning. from what we understand, that
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another person inside of the store? >> kyndell: that is correct. an update this hour comes from the store's owner who tells us that the person who shot that suspect ultimately killing him, was inside the store at 3:30 a.m. working on the slot machines. that person because they work with money did have a gun. when the armed robber walked into the 7 eleven he shot him. the armed suspect did make his way outside and was found by first responders in the open lot died. police say the gun he used to try to rob the place was left on the ground where he was left laying. the name and age of the suspect will come from the coroner after his family is contacted. since it was shot by someone who isn't in law enforcement, investigators say there is a lot they're going to need to deal with moving forward. >> it's really kind of tricky. we obviously would like people to call police and allow us to handle that and not put
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armed robbery going on and he felt that he needed to take action. >> kyndell: the man who shot and killed the suspect is cooperating with police at this time. there are no plans to press charges. as you can see in the nine hours these investigators have been out here. still a very active scene as they continue to work on what happened here this morning. we'll get the identification of that armed suspect. we've been hearing from this business and also other businesses around the area including across the stree trouble with armed robberies in this area. the person at least matching the description over the last few weeks is the person who was shot and killed and we'll be able to figure that out once his identity is released. from north las vegas, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> michelle: a local woman accused in the death of a 7-year-old son was in court for the first time today. this was the 72 hour hearing. police say she played a role in the beating death of her 7-year-old son richard findley.
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the judge asked for the request in writing. her name is roshaun malone. they said they need to have the that bail request in writing because of the nature of the crimes she is accused of. the judge said a preliminary hearing for november 28th. we're getting our first man, a first look at the man police shot two people on the las vegas strip. this was a story we covered earlier this week. rashaad jackson facing two counts each of and one count of carrying a concealed firearm. by each i mean for each person that was shot in this situation here. it happened early monday morning on a pedestrian bridge between the planet hollywood and the cosmopolitan. according to the arrest report for jackson it says he got into a physical altercation with the two victims then fired one shot. that single bullet hit both of the victims. police found jackson in the miracle mile parking garage.
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without incident. the victims were taken to the hospital. >> krystal: parts of a northwest valley intersection blocked off after police say a man set packages on fire at a local store. this happened just after three wednesday afternoon at the target at cheyenne and tenaya. metro saying that the man took packages from the store then tried set them on fire. he left on foot, was hit by a car while officers chased him. police say he was taken to umc. we don't know his condition face. a lot of concerned parents and teachers protesting at one of our local middle schools. the nevada department of education reports more than 57,000 students in nevada attend struggling schools. they claim achievement schools are a fix to turn around underperforming schools. monaco middle school has been identified as a potential achievement school. yesterday hundreds of parents, teachers, students, protesting the plan to change the way that
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an achievement school would be to continue to be -- as an achievement school, i should say, it will be part of the clark county school district but run by a private company. teachers claim the change would limit options for special need students. >> when a child comes into our school they are automatically plugged in to the resources and interventions they need. you have to remember over one of two of our students do not finish the school year and are replaced by another the time we have state testing at the end of the year. >> krystal: ccsd school district, the clark county school district says 90 schools are under performing. of those, six schools will be chose be state-wide to become asd schools for the 2017/18 school year. how does this sound? you could get to los angeles from las vegas in less than an hour. sound good?
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possibly be our future. take a look at the hyperloop. it's being developed right here in the valley. so this would get you to l.a. from here. but instead of a three to 4 hour drive you could take your seat at 11 and be there by lunchtime. it could be the future of travel and it's being built here in north las vegas. six months ago the idea launched for the first time. today we have our first look inside. this is video from dubai where they have one of these hyperloops. what is it? it g for 100 miles? space x, the company behind the hyperloop, has a full size test version of the futuristic commute in north las vegas and the idea is to have passengers moving in four years from now. >> krystal: our tom hawley -- i said this before. he likens it to that canister when you go through the drive-thru at the bank and it goes whoop! up to the teller. [ laughter ]
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think how fast that is. going 100 miles 12 minutes. >> krystal: pretty fast. kind of interesting. okay. >> michelle: we want to let you know tomorrow is one of our biggest parades that we have here all year long. the annual veterans day parade. it's going be in downtown. we wanted to let you know where the route is. it's going to be on 4th street from hoover avenue to stewart avenue and those -- that whole area is going to be closed for the parade which starts at want to get a good seat get there early. because it fills up quickly. this is a good one. >> krystal: even getting there 30 minutes ahead of time would not be a bad idea. >> michelle: i told my husband get there an early. it's going to be a great opportunity for us to honor the sacrifices the veterans have made. >> michelle: as we do every year we're going to be out there and if it's still going at noon, hopefully it is, we can get a quick live shot at the top of our newscast.
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the holidays. a good time to do that. >> michelle: especially now huh? we're going to talk about the children service guild plans to spread holiday cheer and give back to children in need through its annual craft fair and raffle happening this weekend. we have them in studio with more. >> krystal: the starbucks holiday cups are out. >> michelle: i got mine today. >> krystal: michelle is weighing in. she is very passionate about the cups. we'd like to know what you think as well. >> michelle: they're pretty. >> krystal: we want to hear what you have to say about it >> kelly: that's like the only thing that is saying it's the holiday season. red cups are here. must be right? because it's 80 degrees outside. when will it actually feel more like fall?
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i'm surprised you got the first name right. what's your name? >> krystal: i'm crystal. this is my friend marie. we're on right now.
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right and i got it. we are so glad to have elise and judy. they are with the children's service guild. you all always do a fantastic job with this class. look at this. this is beautiful! you guys got to tell pee when this is -- me when is this happening. >> this weekend, saturday november 12th at 6-8:00 p.m. also sunday noon to three. >> krystal: so you have a couple of days to check it out. >> at the charleston boulevard. >> krystal: i want to talk about what the children's service guild does. you do incredible work. >> thank you. we basically are all volunteers. and we would love more. lots more volunteers are needed. some of us are getting older. so we're slowing down a bit. we work very hard. we start the minute this is over we start for next year. what we do is we provide for kids at child's haven.
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social services in clark county. >> krystal: i don't think people realize how many children are in the system and need help. >> a lot. a lot that we don't get to. but we try to do as much as we can. but things from boxing, wrestling, culinary that we need help with. we do have scholarships for kids. and we did three last year. it was our first year. very successful. nice to know the kids are trying to better themselves and just giving them a start. >> krystal: you are just showing them that somebody loves and cares about them. let's go through some of the items that people can find at the craft fair whm where do you want to start? >> we have this. we have fall items this wreath. our amazing cookbook with over 590 recipes. and we have just all kinds of different table top things and this beautiful -- >> krystal: oh like a cooking hot pad. i had to think too for a minute. i don't spend too much time in the kitchen. [ laughter ] >> i don't either.
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board down there. and we do christmas and hanukkah. we try to cover everything. and lots and lots of baked goods, canned goods. >> krystal: speaking of which, you made some cookies. judy you made the crookies. >> i had to have one before i came on air. it was so good. oh my goodness. >> thank you. i didn't get looking like this by not being a baker. >> krystal: you look great. do you more cooking than i do. i need to take lessons. check o november 12, six to nine or six to eight, i should say, and november 13, '12 to three. >> one more thing. we also have a raffle at our craft fair. different businesses donated prizes like four tickets to disneyland. we have cash. a 58 inch color tv. >> krystal: that's at the elks lodge. support the children's service build. elise and judy thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> krystal: michelle back to
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delicious. thank you. the agony of defeat was apparent in the phase of hillary clinton's campaign staff as she conceded to donald trump. jeanne moos reports on the faces of concession. >> reporter: instead of just listening to hillary clinton's concession, watch it on the faces of her staff. >> you will have successes and setbacks too. this loss hurts. >> reporter: the hurt was written all over as they wiped away trs comforted each other with hugs. hugs and rubs and patted shoulders. shaking off a loss they never expected. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: it left congressman joe crowley with his head in his hand. hillary herself-- >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: -- was on the verge of tears but kept her
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are watching this -- >> reporter: but you didn't have to be a little girl to cry. a nail biter had turned into a heart breaker. some of the audience struggled one minute. >> even in secret, private facebook. >> reporter: laughed the next when hillary finished conceding she consoled her staff more than they consoled her. >> oh. thank you. thank you so much. i'm so proud of >> thank you. my friend you were so wonderful in every way. >> reporter: some have worked for hillary for years. while others -- first campaign, first loss. >> never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> reporter: which left bill clinton mouthing the words "that's my girl."
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>> krystal: you can always follow us on social media. we're on twitter. we are on facebook. we are on instagram. we always love the message you send us. we just had a message someone sent me saying they thought dorothy lynch story was kind of funny. the exploding salad dressing. >> michelle: i just got that text message. >> krystal: thank you for sending that. we appreciate it. we always love to hear from you. now let's go ahead and send it over to kelly with a look at what's going on outside. >> kelly: that story was pretty funny. lake mead marina time-lapse from this morning. a ton of blue sky out there. you can see a few ripples where the fish were jumping as well. overall a pretty quiet and mild day. look at these temperatures. pahrump at 80 degrees. laughlin 86. boulder city coming in right now at 78. in the las vegas valley summerlin is at 78. downtown 80. nellis you are at 80 right now as well. temperatures may only a degree
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this big ridge of high pressure has been in place for days. we're looking at more sunshine. more quiet weather. a few high thin clouds on the way as we get into the weekend. but next week a system will move in and that's going to change things up so this quiet warm weather pattern, only a few more days left of this. pahrump 81 today. overton 83. laughlin, your high today is 87 degrees. overnight tonight. excuse me. boulder city going down to mesquite 51. our 7-day forecast? showing a high today in las vegas of 80. that's 11 degrees above the normal which is 69 for today's date. tomorrow? fantastic weather for the parade. bring a sweater if you are heading down early to get a good seat. temperatures still cool early in the morning but our high in the afternoon, 78. tons of sunshine. mostly sunny skies. saturday and sunday. on wednesday though that's when the storm comes in. look at the dip in the
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to normal. 68 degrees. >> michelle: we're looking at the starbucks. they're so pretty. this is the one i got today. which is actually right there behind you. it has a deer on it. i don't even know how many is it? it's in the script. 12 maybe? one of 12 holiday cups from starbucks. this is a tradition. they're back in stores today. there's 13. customers from all around the world. they even have them for the-- >> 12 are red with a holiday theme like snowflakes, ornaments. and you saw the clear ones for the cold coffees to celebrate the arrival of the christmas holiday. you know, a lot of people there's a lot of controversy over these cups. people really get serious about these cups. >> michelle: you know what? i'll explain for me.
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signifies the holiday is here. every time you see the red cup my girlfriend texts me. >> krystal: from two to five today you can buy one and get one free. >> michelle: remember the llama drama story? now we have an ostrich drama story. that's in japan again right. where this ostrich on the loose -- look how they caught him. they had to put a bag over his head. we just wanted to show you these pictures. >> krystal: he made a mad da then they're like what that is? >> krystal: an ostrich. clearly it brought traffic to a halt. so this happened north of tokyo. so it's kind of a funny story. not often you see a ostrich running down the road. obviously, it happened in japan. all right. a lot more to come on "news 3 live at noon" today and tomorrow because it is a forever home friday. the animal foundation here with an adorable dog that you can adopt. don't miss that and a whole lot
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>> michelle: president-elect donald trump this the nation's capital to begin the peaceful transition of power in the executive branch. so donald tru including foreign and domestic policies. >> krystal: thousands of protesters swarming the streets of at least ten cities last night to voice their options to president-elect donald trump including here in las vegas. those protests continuing today in san francisco. >> michelle: a man is dead after police say he tried to rob a local las vegas convenience store. it was a 7-eleven in north las vegas and police say the suspect was shot by another person who was inside on a slot machine.
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"news 3 live at three" today. we hope you will join us. >> michelle: a firefighter learned the hard way that snakes can still attack even after they lose their heads? huh? that's a good tease right there isn't it? the scary moment that this father had to endure to save his children. >> krystal: plus a college student now representative of the florida state house! you are going to meet one of the youngest members ever elected to government. very ambitious. that and a whole lot more when you join us for three." >> michelle: ways just trying to get up early enough to make it to class. [ laughter ] >> kelly: little did we know we would be getting up much earlier.
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