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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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what came of the conversation? thanks for stay withing us. a child was hit by a school bus while riding her bike in a southwest neighborhood. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. it happened near cactus and jones. it's our top story at 7:00. according to witnesses, the school bus was dropping students off at 2:40 when it hit a young girl riding her bike. >> one witness said the victim was dragged after the buck got trapped under the bus. metro and ccsd police responded to the rescue. >> the victim's parents were notified. she was taken to umc to be treated. her condition is unknown. we send all of our thoughts and prayers for that family.
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up a las vegas girl. >> news 3 has video that could tie that thief to other crimes. antonio castelan has more. >> reporter: many business owners feel they were victims. they describe the robbery man who had a hoodie and was bearing a bandana. that's the description of the man that was killed outside of this 7-eleven. on monday, this hooded armed owner. he left with a lot of money. last tuesday, the robber walked into the shop located off cheyenne and the i-15 and, again, left with cash. this woman says her husband is lucky to be alive. >> it's too much. >> it's the first time we see a guy with a gun in my life, in our life, you know. but that happened.
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>> reporter: north las vegas police say this time an armed slot machine guard fired and killed the robber attempting to steal money from the cash register. outside, police found this blue bandana and gun. the smoke shop owners believe the robber this morning who died is the same thief who terrorized them. >> we don't want to kill anybody, anybody to kill each other. but he wants maybe to kill us if we don't give him owners say in the past two weeks, a hooded robber has hit a taco bell, the very same 7-eleven, the smoke shop and a metro pcs. this pcs clerk faced the robber last week. he didn't want to show his face. >> every time they rob somebody, it's the same person. mask, bandana, hoodie and a gun. >> reporter: police believe the man killed may be the thief besigned a series of robberies
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their investigation to confirm that. the clark county coroner has not released the identity of the man who was killed here. reporting outside 7-eleven on cheyenne and i-15, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you for the update. a homeless man was shot and killed this morning while he was sleeping on the sidewalk. it happened outside of the woodlawn cemetery near owens and las vegas boulevard. sky 3 flew over the scene. shooting reported around 4:po. 4:-- 4:30. the gym wound to the chest. police don't have any motive, leads or witnesses. they are asking anyone who might know something to speak up. >> that's no place for any human being who is a member of our community to have their life end. everyone should take this crime personally, as personally as the officers who responded to this case, the detectives who were investigating this case and me personally as the captain of this area command. >> right now, we don't know the victim's name because the coroner is still trying to find
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something police were able to tell us, this is the second murder of a homeless person in this area since the beginning of october. we're getting new details tonight on an ambush in western pennsylvania that left three people dead, including a police officer. police say the gunman michael set up a make-shift explosive and was ready for police to arrive. they bobty trapped his car -- booby-trapped his car and he did shoot the officers, killing one of them. he also killed his wife before turning the gun on himself. ? and a huge show of solidarity for a new york city police officer killed in the line of duty. he died last friday while responding to a home invasion in the bronx. the officer's killer also died. the officer was remembered today as a great leader.
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nypd. back here at home, metro says pedestrian bridges can be trouble spots. now they have a plan for making them safer for locals and tourists. news 3's denise rosch with their plan. >> reporter: a new police academy is getting ready to graduate. once they do, the officers will be headed to the streets, including las vegas boulevard. you will remember before the bridges, it was very difficult to cross the street right here. well, now the people are up and over traffic but ts its own set of issues. ? >> reporter: at 65 years old, jerry walker just wants to sing. ? >> reporter: and for the past few years or so -- >> at least ten years. >> reporter: -- he's been doing it it on the strip, more specifically the pedestrian bridges. but when the sun goes down, jerry goes home. he says that's when a certain element comes out to play.
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all of that stuff at night. i don't play at night no more. i used to. it's dangerous at night. >> for police, this is a choke point. >> reporter: larry hadfield with metro police say the bridges serve an important purpose, keeping tens of thousands of pedestrians away from traffic. unfortunately, with crowds come problems. >> people think that they are not visible while they are on these bridges. we have real-time crime cameras monitor that. >> reporter: just this week, it was the cameras that led police to 26-year-old rashaud jackson, accused of shooting two men on a bridge near harmon. >> an officer deters crime just by being present. >> reporter: he says officers will walk the bridges, addressing nuisance crimes, such as impeding the walkway and
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80 police recruits preparing to graduate. >> you will find cops more on these bridges than you've seen before. >> reporter: as for jerry -- ? >> reporter: -- he just wants to sing and maybe make a few bucks in the process. another big part of keeping the peace is the relationship metro has with their resort security and they work with metro. people at the white house are clear about their views on president-elect donald trump. senior officials from the president on down say they will find their final weeks in office ensuring the smooth transition of power. >> president-elect and prime minister prime minister called and -- president and barack obama came together.
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emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council. they e difficulties and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. >> away from the news cameras, michelle obama and melania trump met in private. they spoke about raising children in the white house. barron trump is 10 years old. after their meeting, the current and future first ladies met
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office. coming up -- a ride to remember for the wrong reasons. >> what spooked a horse to run. and it was pretty sunny and warm today. expect a repeat tomorrow. it's only a matter of time before it finally starts to feel like fall around here.
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it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen
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a bizarre crash leaves a trucker dead. this tractor-trailer drove right through a home and then fell flames. the driver did not survive. fortunately no one was home at the time of the crash. and two eagles rescued after they became trapped in a storm drain near orlando. crews with the florida fish and wildlife conservation worked to pull the eagles out of the drain. officials say one of the eagles is injured. tourists in vancouver got a
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running. look at that. about a dozen people were enjoying a scenic ride when they came up behind a group of protester. a driver honked and that's when the horses got spooked. they took off and headed straight towards a sea wall. the driver fell out and terrified tourists had to jump out also. >> some people decided to jump off because the car was going every which way. i had to hold on to dear life. >> paramedics did check out some of got seriously hurt. yesterday in sweden, they measured the deepest november snow since records began. snow fell throughout the day. as a result, bus routes and flights were canceled. schools were closed. weather experts say the snow death broke the previous record of 29 centimeters or nearly 12 inches. that happened back in 1985. we see scenes like that and we're glad that chloe beardsley
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usually we're all pretty happy around here in southern nevada. >> today is the week we want to see that nice weather, especially with so much going on in the news lately. the forecast is something that i hope you are happy with. the very dry conditions continue. here is a look. a lot of sunshine at lake mead today. very calm weather as well near boulder city. take a look at that. this is all coming to an end, folks. it's happening within the next seven days. look how calm it was. trees not moving in spring valley. temperatures reaching the and 80s across town. look at our record today -- a look at our temperatures today. not a record. 80 degrees was our high. the record is 84. although the last two days, we did tie those record high temperatures. still significantly above normal. we'll see the warmer the normal temperatures continue tomorrow and then gradually decrease and then wait until you see how low those temperatures go next week. outside right now, we're at 76 degrees at callahan middle
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highlands area, coming in in the low 60s right now. another part of the valley, nellis, 66 degrees near dickens elementary school. just a few of our more than 140 weather stations across the area. 60s and 70s outside right now. we're cooling down very nicely. it's also very calm outside. outside the valley, temperatures are 68 for pahrump. mid-60s for lake mead. very calm outside right now. a live look at the las vegas it is going to be another beautiful night. if you liked last night, you will like tonight. here is actually a look at the satellite. you can see not much action right here. but as we zoom out a little bit, we have high pressure that's over our region right now. that's keeping our temperatures above normal for the next couple of days. but we're watching these systems in the pacific here. we've got this trough. that's not going to bring us too much of an impact right now but
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pressure in the gulf of alaska will bring us lower temperatures. this is starting to break apart. the ridge of high pressure still in place for the next several days t will eventually weaken and allow us to see better chances for storm activity in the week ahead. overnight, temperatures will drop in the mid-50s. very similar compared to last night. we're supposed to be in the 40s right now. 61 for lake mead. 47 for pahrump. 46 for indian springs. highs tomorrow will be like today. las vegas marking out right around 80 degrees, exactly what we did for today. that trend is over. we're saying good-bye to the 80s and hello to, wait for it, the 60s. high temperatures in the 60s in the week ahead. we talked about the storms moving in and it looks like we're only anticipating wind for our area but not only are we expecting the gusty conditions but quite a dip in temperatures
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>> yes. >> thank you. breaking news from the music world. we know you are a music-loving town. leonard cohen has died. post a posting gave no other details. but said a memorial would be held in los angeles at a later date. >> he became one of the most influential songwriters of his time. his career started out in poetry. he wrote song hamley hallelujah. have you ever checked out how many chemicals are in your soap? >> revolutionary discovery help promises to -- discovery promises to change
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a couple of car recalls to tell you about. the first involves some 74,000 late-model volvos. they got a problem with the front passenger seat belt. its buckle could come separate from the bracket in the event of a crash. the recall involves the vehicles you see on your screen. volvo began to investigate the problems after receiving reports
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also mitsubishi is recalling models because of rust in their windshield wiper mechanism. in some case, ball joints are rusting between 2007 and 2011. in outlanders between 201 and 2011 and 2015. the rusting can occur. wero molecule that promises to make a difference in the detergent industry. >> reporter: this is something more. >> the perfect detergent molecule. >> reporter: yes, perfect. perfect is not a term they use often but after three years perfecting, they have the patent to prove it. >> you will see this on the ingredient list in the future.
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household products in two or three years thanks to the potential to lower prices. >> what's great about this molecule you need very little of it to form the soap particles that are good for cleaning. if you use this, it will turn gooey. but with ours, it works with hard water. >> reporter: many of the shampoos and other products we use have extensive ingredient lists but these can do aot they can take many ingredients away. >> that's the whole, reduce the number of ingredients in your products. fewer chemicals in your products and smaller amounts means less that goes down the drain which is always better for the environment. >> reporter: and the molecules are made from corn and other renewable feed stock. >> for this one, it's sugars from corn. >> reporter: it's formed in reactors with the help of this
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>> we make them here and now the soap is invented here. >> reporter: call it the perfect combination. >> the researchers hope to have several products on the market within the next three years. black friday is around the coner. retailers are gearing up for a busy holiday weekend. walmart and target will kick off their holiday shopping season at 6:00 in the evening on thanksgiving day. best buy opens at 5:00 p.m. h all three chains will s early-morning hours on thanksgiving. well, guess what. they are back. we're talking about the starbucks annual holiday cups. there are 13 of them. customers from around the world designed. the cups. 12 are red and one is clear with a wreath for cold beverages. to celebrate the arrival customers who buy a holiday beverage will get one for free on the 14th at participating
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recreational marijuana is coming to las vegas, how will employers respond to it. how and what you can expect at the workplace. also tonight, a pop pup popular soaks media app opens at a store. tows stories and breaking news at 11:00 as it happens. and donald trump's wax muse becoming a problem. the hair expert couldn't get white human hair. she finally selected hair from the belly of a yack. [laughter] >> she said it would work for his do.
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president-elect that. >> don't do that. >> in you know, he's very, very serious about his hair. it has to be right. >> you know what? google -- he had a beautiful mom who had a very unique hairstyle. if you google his mother, they had very similar hair. >> all right. thanks force
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brad pitt's first interview since his split. >> it's really nice to have the support. >> as new details about the child abuse allegations surface, what angelina wants the world to know tonight. then the newest kardashian
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name. plus -- >> i got bad botox. >> kelly ripa's botched botox confession. her face then and now. >> she isn't smiling anymore. >> i am smiling! >> we go head to head with melissa mccarthy. we're going to hit that ball. >> our insane racquetball game behind the scenes of her new movie. >> the cameramen, i hope they're wearing cups. >> oh! >> is everyone going to be okay? i'm so sorry! now for november 10, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" >> welcome back, brad. he hit his first red carpet since he got blind sided with divorce paper. >> did you notice he has pep in list step? hhs swagger is back. maybe it's because a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders. >> brad! brad! >> everyone's been very kind out here and it's been truly nice to have the support. >> this is the brad we love to
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carpet taking countless selfies with fans about four hours after we got the news that pitt was cleared of all child abuse allegations. he proved that a nasty divorce and custody battle will not keep him down. >> as red carpets go, this is so civilized and all these chandeliers i feel like i'm back in the movies. is it reminding you of some of the glamour of the film? >> not really. >> all right. that's all right. >> with the two-month investigation finally over sources tell us, quote, was there no validation or proof of abuse, nothing inappropriate happened. it was totally a child-parent disagreement. >> angelina's reaction? the actress is, quote, relieved. her rep tells "e.t." the department of child and family services is satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal. while things are starting to look amicable between the exes, it's still a battle behind the scenes. just because brad was cleared


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