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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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>> krystal: keeping a promise. playing taps for a friend. a friend honors his comrade in the armed forces after making a promise decades earlier. what that promise was in this heart warming story. >> kim: it also is a forever home friday. which gives us the opportunity to say who is a good boy? who is a good doggy? you are going to see exactly who is on the receiving end of that praise coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: you look great my dear. >> kim: i just got caught sweeping the bangs around on this veterans day. i'm so glad you are hanging out with us. i am hoping you were able to enjoy the day off school if you are a teacher or maybe you just got a day away from the office and can celebrate our nations heroes with us. >> krystal: it just takes a moment to say two simple words -- thank you.
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memorial day and veterans day but it is a nice reminder. speaking of reminders, i'm kim wagner in for michelle velez today. and i always get jazzed about this because i've covered the parade in the past. and it really is a spectacle in downtown las vegas. >> krystal: it's great! and you know what? we have someone who is in the middle of it right now. actually just came to a close but she is going to give us highlights of all the good stuff you might have missed if you didn't get a chance to get out there. let's shoot over to our kyndell nunley -- let's try this kyndell nunley. >> kim: a long week kyndell. [ laughter ] >> kyndell: good afternoon. yes the parade has come to a close. you can see we've got some spectators still hanging out with us live here on news 3. it's officially touted as the largest veterans day parade this side of the mississippi. i can tell you this year did not disappoint. to start things out. we weren't down here on the parade route but all eyes went straight up to the sky with a
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2012 the airforce has sent a jet over the route and that was just the beginning. 2016 brought over 100 parade marcher entries, military vehicles, groups, floats and bands played, cheered and waved to hundreds of spectators. from hoover to stewart avenue. the parade is a fun time to gather and enjoy the marchers and think of the times greeting and meeting and thanking our valley's heroes. after speaking with a 93-year-old man from right here in las vegas, these veterans today is a time to reflect on tougher times like combat. for him that happened to be world war ii. >> the only thing i think about that when they have is that people do not know how bad war is. what war does to people. because i was going to las vegas high when i got drafted. >> kyndell: for all of our veterans of course we here at news 3 would like to say thank
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across town there are a full list of freebies, giveaways and discounts. we've got that on our website. thank you for your service and hello from the parade route in downtown las vegas. kyndell nunley, news 3. >> krystal: looks like you have someone who wants to help with that microphone. [ laughter ] i love it. >> bye. >> you can do it. >> kim: our young people get it. veterans and we salute you. a brand-new medical clinic for veterans is open in pahrump. hundreds of men and women who protected and served our country of course can get the medical care they need and deserve so much closer to home. they've been waiting so long for this. a ribbon cutting ceremony held outside a state-of-the-art facility. veterans had a chance to tour the $12 million clinic which replaces the small crowd one
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solution. >> you really need something where they can take care of you. it's about time. we started in 2005 trying to get this done. >> krystal: a long time waiting. that project held up by red tape in our nation's capital. u.s. senator dean heler who sits on the senate veterans committee praised the completion. >> kim: not going to get too breachy here but millennials they call them the greatest generation for good reason. lessons from our heroes. it takes us to this story which is tremendous. they were comrades in arms when one of the world war ii vets passed away. the other made a promise that he would visit his friend's grave and play taps. >> krystal: such an incredible story. after 14 years they kept that promise. and ricky mitchell has the story. >> reporter: tom says it's been more than 70 years since he's
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following his friend eddie's death he said the promise he made eddie kept eating away at him. >> i felt a little guilty about not doing it but i knew wherever he is he would understand. but the more i thought about it i've been out here many times and i thought damage it -- damn i'm going to do it. he has spent the last five months practicing. >> eddie at me for hitting a couple of frogs. >> reporter: tom met eddie when they were in the army's 29th calvary during world war ii. >> we ended up going over in france. i had my bugle with me. i never got a chance -- i was never asked to use it and didn't want to. . >> reporter: they came back to the united states right before the war ended. >> preparing for the invasion of japan at that time. we would have been part of that
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remained close with eddie's son, eddie junior. >> he would be happy. he would be really, really happy. he is a good pal. >> krystal: ricky mitchell reporting there. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a homeless man in our community while that person was sleeping. we had this as breaking news on the program yesterday morning. you see that our sky 3 was over the scene just outside of the boulevard. the man was 46 years old and he was found with a gunshot wound to his chest. police do not have a motive to share with us. they also don't have a lead in this case or any witnesses. so that's where you come in quite frankly. they're asking for anyone who can help solve this murder to please speak up. >> because that is no place for any human being who is a member of our community to have their life end. everyone in this community should take this crime personally as personally as the
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investigating this case, and me personally as the captain of this area command. >> kim: we really do need your help on this one because right now local authorities don't even have the name of this person who lost their life. the coroner is working on it. if you know anything that can help crack this case please call crime stoppers. that hotline number on the screen. it is 702-385-5555. and always worth reminding you that when you dial that number you can remain anonymous. >> krystal: metro a car while chasing a suspect. this happened at las vegas boulevard and warm springs. police say one car did stop to avoid the officer but a second rear ended the first sending that car into the officer. that officer, not seriously injured. that is the good news. no word if the suspect is in custody. a local police looking to beef up the safety on those pedestrian bridges above the las vegas strip to crackdown on crimes. one case that made headlines was
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kidnapped and raped near the nguyen. schneider holmes 15 at the time of the attack on that 28-year-old woman. he received 33 years to life in prison. matthew go hen then 22 was given a 40 year sentence. from shootings to stabbings to drug deals metro police see it all. as of now, on every shift officers from the convention center area command walk the strip including those pedestrian bridges. we caught up with one strip performer who says he play on the bridges but won't even take the gamble of staying there after dark. for metro more help is on the way. a class of 80 recruits graduating next month. they'll spend half a year realtime street training which means more uniformed officers in vegas including on the strip. >> kim: unlv our runnin' rebels kicked off the new season tonight at the thomas and mack.
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the screen. they're coming off two exhibition game wins but this is the one that counts for real. they are six point favorites in most of our local sports books. they're taking on south alabama as hugh jackson would put it. they have a 14-19 overall record from last season. alabama is returning three of their starters which is great for them. unlv is only returning three players in total! so under the brand-new head coach marvin menzies who was with the program years ago and position, they are calling this a time of rebuilding. tip off is at 7:00 p.m. tonight. if you head down there, look out for our tom hawley who is an alum and is probably the biggest rebels fan i know. >> krystal: and you had the coach on your show. >> kim: yeah. he was here so many years ago he remembered when high husband dana was the weather guy. he was the kevin janison at the time back in the day. >> krystal: that shows he has a tie to this community. >> kim: he does. and he is very well respected.
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great things out of him for good reason. >> krystal: i love to hear that. all the success to the rebels. this is so fun. strike a pose. [ laughter ] it's the manikin challenge that's taking the nation by storm. and we have that. >> kim: speaking of basketball you are going recognize those famous faces especially the one right next to the first lady michelle obama. why were they doing this the other day at the white house? we have answers headed your that's pretty cool. today is forever home friday! our little guy there, we promise he -- there he is. [ laughter ] how you can adopt this adorable little puppy. and we have a lot more in terms of this special they have going on at the foundation. so stay with us. kelly we'll send it over to you. >> kelly: i can tell you she is a big fan of [ inaudible ]. in the hallway.
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>> kim: we have breaking news to share with you. students have walked out of several schools in the denver area protesting donald trump. now we know that here in clark county and the school district here they don't have school today. we don't know if that was the case and they decided to assemble at the school then march all together in this demonstration that we're seeing right now on on your screen. but we are getting denver. you can see they have some solidarity here. it's very peaceful. that's obvious by taking a look at these live pictures. but this just came up on the satellite. we wanted to bring it to you. at night we've seen these demonstrations now every single night since the election and now in the middle of the day students assembling and walking in protest to president-elect donald trump. >> krystal: all right. it is now time to give you a
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animal foundation. thank you for being with us. who did you bring? >> this is betty davis. she is an eight-year-old lab pit bull mix. >> krystal: such a cute name. what do you know about betty davis? >> betty came in as a stray but we know she absolutely loves treats and she will sit and talk for them. >> krystal: kelly found that out. she loves food. i do too honey i bark for food too. it's good stuff. let's talk about what you have going on at the animal foundation senior pet month special. any dog three years and older is $50. and any cat, fees are waved. betty davis, here fees are only $25. >> krystal: and you know you say they go so quickly. sometimes before you even get back there's a line waiting for you when you get back to adopt these little sweeties. >> yes. >> krystal: and they make a great early christmas gift. >> absolutely. the gift of love.
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>> unconditional love. >> krystal: she is a love bug. betty davis. i love her coloring too. it's really, really pretty. thank you so much. we appreciate -- well thank you too. you are getting a little love too. she's so sweet. all right. now we're going send it back to kim. we're going to talk about melania trump preparing for her role as first lady. >> kim: and we kind of got a taste of that the other day when she had tea at the white house with the current first lady, michelle obama. but it does lo l is already a step ahead as someone who is used to being in the public eye. jeanne moos reports. >> reporter: she's been a model. she's done commercials. >> aflac. >> reporter: she may seem like an odd duck for a first lady, but melania trump is just like us. at least on first glance at her facebook where she posts videos of beautiful beaches and that
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night with my two boys, donald j. trump and their son baron. the donald is driving. his son riding shotgun. like her husband melania is not addicted to twitter. but some of her older tweeted photos are fun. melania as bat woman for halloween wearing a cap suit teasing her husband... honey see you soon. and there's this oldie but goody, the clintons at the trumps wedding. okay maybe she's us. >> hi fans it's melania trump. >> reporter: not everyone has fans. >> i'm going to metropolitan gala. >> reporter: and not everyone goes galas in designer gowns. you can't say melania hasn't had plenty of training for all those state dinners she and president trump will be hosting. almost instantly after the
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instagram. @real melania trump became @first lady melania trump. on thursday she chronicled her trip to washington writing... such an honor to visit the white house. little did she know this would end up being her home back when she tweeted this photo captioned "at home with my husband". don't worry melania there is a piano in the white house should you feel the urge to recline. jeanne moos, >> kim: maybe have some thoughts on that or something else from the program? we want to hear from you. all you have to do is take to social media, put our names in there and then sound off. we're on twitter. we're on facebook. you see how to get in touch with us. we'd love to hear from you whether it was that jeanne moos story or beyond. >> krystal: all right. and now we're going look at what's going on outside. we had a fabulous parade, kelly. you dialed up some beautiful weather for us. >> kelly: oh my goodness, amazing weather today.
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so maybe head out of work a little bit early and go for a hike? it is a great day for it. look at all this beautiful blue sky. keep in mind it is a little cooler as you head out than what it is in the las vegas valley. looking at mid-70s up there today. temperatures. pahrump right now at 80. mount charleston 62. boulder city coming in at 75 degrees. in the las vegas valley mid and upper 70s right now. summerlin 75 degrees. paradise coming in at 76. and nellis you are at really beautiful afternoon. that ridge of high pressure is still in control but not for a whole lot longer. see this system working its way on to the coast? you see showers just off the coast of seattle into northern california. this system is going to continue to slide eastward. as it does we're going see a little bit of cloud cover in our area and a little bit of a dip in temperatures. they're still going to be above normal. high temperatures today? indian springs 75. primm 76.
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down to 50. sandy valley 52 degrees. let's check out the recreational forecast. maybe you can't make it out to mount charleston or red rock today. tomorrow the high on mount charleston is 54 degrees. a little bit cooler. mostly sunny skies at red rock it's going to be 70. light and variable winds. if you want to head out on the water tomorrow, 78 degrees. maybe not the ideal weather for jumping in and going for a swim or water skiing. but maybe a nice day for fishing. nice light winds as well. degree temperatures for today. this is likely going to be the last chance we've got for 80 degree temperatures. mid-sfoirz the weekend. mostly sunny skies. still mild monday and tuesday but the winds pick up wednesday into thursday as the second system comes in. this one is stronger. it's going knock temperatures into the 60s. >> krystal: what are we doing? . >> kim: we're just doing the whole manikin challenge. now we have to fist pump. >> krystal: boom there it is.
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other day. the cleveland cavaliers welcomeed to the white house the same day the president welcomed president-elect donald trump. i don't know how they stay so still. i was laughing so hard that my lip was probably quivering as i was trying to do this. >> krystal: we were trying to hold it. boy did they nail it. look at lebron and first lady michelle obama. they really look like manikins. they nailed it. i wonder how long they had to practice that to get it >> kim: it's so well done. this is where you come in. we want to see your manikin challenge. a moment ago we shared all of our different social media pages. please perfect it then share it with us. first let's check in with tom hawley. >> tom: thanks to everyone who took part in tom's trivia challenge. the answer to the question what was the first hotel howard hughes purchased here was the desert inn which is where the nguyen sits today. -- the wynn sits today.
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one person receives a room at casa blanka resort for one night. go to the twitter
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>> krystal: more breaking news. this time out of pennsylvania. we're taking are responding to an incident reported at a mental health facility in homestead, pennsylvania where there was reportedly a man with a gun inside. >> kim: as you can see, s.w.a.t. on the scene, numerous cruisers right there 234 place. reportedly a man with a gun inside. this is obviously a developing situation. we will have updates as they warrant. our next newscast is "news 3 live at three." as we update today's top stories before we send you off
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night where it started off as a peaceful protest. by the end police in portland called these people rioters not protesters. several people arrested as they were voicing opposition to president-elect donald trump. >> krystal: we want to bring it back here to las vegas. one person dead after having a medical episode while driving on sahara and valley view. the driver veered into on-coming traffic, crashed into another vehicle. nobody else injured in the crash. and no word on that person's identity. >> kim: if you are with us the annual veterans day parade. it kicked off this morning. tremendous weather. tremendous crowd. it concluded just minutes ago. they even had a flyover by one of our airforce f 35 lightning jets from nellis airforce base. i encourage you to check this out sometime in person. it's really one of the biggest and best veterans day parades this side of the mississippi. >> krystal: it is always so
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supporting. >> kim: and i love the different generations. you see a lot of children in the mix. i think it's such a great way to introduce them to people who have fought or our freedom. >> krystal: that inner-generational connection is so important. we have a look at what we're work on for "news 3 live at three." a new self-defense tool helping police track down assault suspects. we'll tell you how tiger claws work. >> kim: also a freak accident that took away his ability to use his arms and legs but it's not stopping tis you are going to see exactly what we're talking about on "news 3 live at three" today. >> krystal: thank you so much for being with us on this veterans day. and please take a moment to tell a veteran that you know thank you. you have a lot of people in our family who have served. >> kim: yes.
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>> brady: i don't understand. what do you mean it's time i knew the truth? >> kimberly: oh, well, brady, i know how hard this is on you. >> brady: but it doesn't make any sense. theresa, she's regressing, kimberly. she's getting angry. she's getting belligerent. she's getting rebellious. you should hear the things that are coming out of hemo >> kimberly: i can only imagine. >> brady: so i'm gonna ask you this. if you know something about your daughter, please tell me right now. >> theresa: [crying] well, i guess it's true what they say.


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