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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> anchor: right now, news 3 today. protestors in los angeles, parts. oregon and here right in las vegas, say they are unhappy about the president elect. what exactly they plan to do moving forward. plus. police shooting at a armed man. how officers made sure everyone walked away from this dangerous situation safely. even the gunman. we will explain in moments. and bike ride, 10k run and marathon all happening this weekend. tens of thousands will take part. which means lots of road closures and detours for drivers right here in las vegas. what you need to know. news 3 live today starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is
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>> anchor: good morning. happy saturday. quite a different look out there going into daylight saving time. the sun is up on this november 12. my goodness, it is beautiful out there. and now, i think, at least this week the theme has been sunny, bright, feeling good. and, at least, daytime hours, jerry brown, same thing? >> weather: this is a nice split. 70s in the afternoon. 50s overnight. s so all gravy. we will be in the 60s by week's end. tell you, enjoy it. while it lasts. skies over las vegas. you can see they are brightening to the east. and expecting that sun to slip over the horizon, very, very soon. we are looking at 53 degrees here in downtown studios. winds hardly noticeable. 54 percent. the relative humidity. humidity will be up a bit today. we are talking about increasing
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and still very comfortable. you can see 50s uniformly across the valley. you have to go down to blue on die modto get well into the 40s. 49 up on the mountain. 45 india springs. still in the 50s. 51 in mesquite. 50 in pahrump. and 60 down the river in laughlin. 49 over in over ton and let's see. well, take a look at our skies there. we h in. you can see that will be spreading clouds. so look for increase in clouds today. but,over all, very, very nice. however, much cooler temperatures are coming in by weeks end. i mean it will be a shock to the system. i will talk about that later on in my main weather cast. kyndell. >> anchor: it is about time, it has been warm out there. decision 2016 time. president elect donald trump is announcing white house transition system. running mate mike pence leads the team taking the place of
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first family. members of congress. and his campaign loyalist like former new york mayor rudy giuliani. announcement continues up until president elect trump takes oath of office. vote continue out diped to lowest point in two decades. according to latest tallies. election officials are counting the ballot. 126 million votes acted for tell us 55 percent of americans voted this year. that's the lowest 1996. when 53.5 percent of voters turned out then. figures do not include people that are ineligible to vote or not yet registered. last presidential election in 2012 saw 59 percent of eligible americans voting. fifth night a row protests against president elect are erupting in streets across the country. some demonstrations were violent. president elect himself took to
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more on that from kristen welker. >> antitrust protests erupted for a third night n portland demonstrators vandalized property. and spray patiented messages like dump trump. and biggest damages done by group of anarchist. president elect trump tweeted love the act in small group of protestors last night have major change in tone from last night when he sounded like candidate trump. protestors incited by media are protesting. unfair. this comes amid some reports of racially charged actions across the country. and in bucks county offensive graffiti found in schools of two bathrooms, including swastica and warning if trump wins watch out. fear sets in for some students.
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the political spectrum you are on, or who won it is not right. >> deep concerns, rhetoric from trail trickled down. >> discourse in this country has changed forever. if you want this to be a country you want to live in and raise your children n do something about it. >> reporter: trump supporter said it is time for trump to condemn the violence>> i would like to see him come forward in the next 24 to 48 hours, without a doubt, and put underscored deeply divided country. kristen welker, abc news washington. >> anchor: right here at home. local advocates prepare to protest this evening against the president elect donald trump. more than 1000 protestors are expected to march the strip. dozens of trump supporters are expected to be there as well. our news 3 will be there with up to the minute coverage of what happens tonight. and now to video you will only
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when not to use deadly force paid off for metro officers that safely stopped a gunman on the east side of town. i can tell you this is exclusive cell phone video showing the shooter using a shotgun. take a look. well there they used a shotgun loaded with bean bags to stop armed man shooting at a air tank. thursday outside of a busy gas station, peck kos and patrick tyler dodson recorded this on his phone. he told us of what going through his head during those moments. it was definitely intense. >> terrifying. it could have been worth. it is bad. we are lucky it did not hit anything important. >> anchor: and in the end not a single person was injured. police think the shooter may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> anchor: and now, news 3 is your traffic authority, there is road closures to be aware of
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annual rock n' roll marathon kicks off sunday afternoon. 45,000 people will run up and down the strip into downtown las vegas. and officials say both sides of the boulevard will be closed starting at 2:00 p.m. several i-15 off-ramps between tropicana and charleston will be shut down. event organizer dan cruise offers this advice to avoid the gridlock if you are driving around town. >> best thing, stay on freeway. all the freeway, are going around town. if you are trying to go from north las vegas to downtown. use the freeways. >> anchor: strip should be back open by 11:00 p.m. you can check that full list of closures on our website, and if you are going to head to the marathon. our traffic partner waze will get you there safely and quickly. if you have do not have it yes. download it from the app store and google play store and become part of our waze team and get tips to get you to your destination.
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66 years ago u.s. senate subcommittee taped the show on the road with a stop here in las vegas at the building now the mob museum.
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>> anchor: welcome back. trending now. users say they have logged on to facebook only to discover the social network thinks they are
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not everyone. but one point mark zuckerberg was declared dead by his own site. it is unclear what is causing the massive obituaries but likely a bug in the system doing all of this. and spray paint app turns everyones hand into an artist. spray printer is painting tool that reproduced digital images on any surface. they came up with hardware and software to create the printer using water b >> i have actually drew some very beautiful images, with spray printer. and i cannot draw. so skill gives people power to cells and themselves. >> anchor: this printer system makes it possible reproduce images and signs with spray paint of different colors, both indoors and outdoors. the company that owns the technology is looking for funding that will allow it to
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and 66 years ago this week special committee sent to investigate organized crime dime vegas as part of a series of hearings in 14 cities. chaired by a rising political star and tom hawley introduces us. >> he was a young senator, ambitious, had presidential aspirations. and subsequently ran for office. and he became the vice-president nominee on the stephenson director of the crime museum. mob museum. >> hearings were all about links between those directly engaged in organized crime as well as politicians and other business people that had, perhaps, less direct links. >> names of our committee is to find out if it is true. whether they facilities of interstate commerce used by racketeers nationwide in violation of state laws.
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what you see at the mob museum set, some recreation. this is real. actual federal courtroom where las vegas portion of the hearings took place. >> the committee would have been right where this table is right in front here. >> reporter: these hearings in new medium of tv electrify the nation but had a different long-term affect here. >> well most profound impact on las vegas is that in aftermath of the hearings there was a great public backlash. particularly against gambling. so other states that were considering legalizing gambling, in the aftermath of the hearings chose not to which made las vegas all the more attractive. >> anchor: for fifth year in a row mob museum notes anniversary of the hearing with key. so free admission for nevada residents next tuesday november 15. fame most unsolved murder mystery subject of a new of show.
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drama called "unsolved" a look into the deaths of superstar sugar and pig. many remember he was killed in drive-by shooting near the strip in 1996. police never found the shooter. director behind the people versus oj mini series from earlier this year signed for the front word on when exactly it will air. and lucky dragon puts up the center piece of its property. glass dragon chandelier. check it out. time lapse of the 13 daze process. and the sculpture weighs 1.25 ton surrounded by 300 orbs. casino said everything about this has fung shui bringing good fortune. the lucky dragon will open saturday december 3. and let's turn our attention over to weather center. jerry brown is weather authority. nice conditions out there.
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a lot of people like clouds. do not knock them. you know, no rain for this weekend. you can get your outdoor activities planned. should be nice. refreshingly cool and nice temperatures overnight. 6:15 is official sunrise. so you will see it just not quite peaking over the horizon. we will keep an eye on it though. i have a fooling it will make an appearance. 57 degrees down on the las vegas strip. and 39 pet and pressure high at 3009 inches of mercury. higher in southern highlands. cooler thermometer at 51 degrees. and also 51 over in northeast valley. and at nellis. dickens elementary. north-northwest wind at five. winds are not going to get higher. winds are not a big deal. generally in the mid 50s. low 50s here at our studios in downtown las vegas. and 56 over in summerlin. as we look around southern
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up to 93. in the 30s. lake mead. 58 at the marina. 49 up on the mountains. and 49 over in pahrump. let's take a look at what is going on. and not a lot going on there. here is your national shot. and you can see not a lot happening. few showers down just off the gulf coach. most of the action is out to the west. bus to the north. there is a frontal system. showed you that at the first weather hit. moving into starting to drift in. now they will be around through the day. and they are not going on really impede temperatures much. still make it up to mid 70s. you can see generally 70 -- 75 to 80 degrees with cooler temperatures, at elevation. here in the valley 75. increase in clouds. but i will call it mild. normal is sky. we are a full 7 degrees above, that 8:00 a.m. 59 to 71 at noon. 74 at 4 p.m.
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hours. high of 75. sunset for 35 p.m. 35 up on the mountain. to 71 at red rock. and down on the lake. could see 80 degrees down at hoover dam with increasing clouds. pretty nice day down there. overnight tonight, clouds. eventually they breakup by morning. quiet night. with temperatures still well above normal. we should be in 40s. we will be in low 50s. and as you can see, high today of 75. and again 54 overnight. so our seven-d we go. you can see temperatures warming closer to 80 degrees monday, tuesday. cool down wednesday with clouds. and then bottom drops out. kyndell n low 60s with overnight 40s by weeks end. then you start to have aprimnition of the season to come. which is called winter. >> we have not seen -- we skip over fall. committed to making a difference in lives of children with heart
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executive director of the the children heart foundation. talk about what you are doing for this holiday season. we know jerry put it out. headed into winter. with that comes the holiday. >> it does. definitely. we have an entire adopt a heart family program. committed to providing thanksgiving dinner, as well as their holiday gifts. their holiday meal. and for as many heart families in nevada as we can possibly have. associated with adopting them out to donors that provide all the children and their family with their gifts for the holidays. and meal for the holidays. and so it is really about helping them, you know, having a child with complex heart condition. it is really costly. and it can be very difficult for them during the holidays. >>you can only imagine, especially with a child. pull out the big picture. past the holidays. what do you do year round at the children's heart foundation?
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difference in the lives of children with heart conditions. we do it through a variety of programs. like financial assist tan. paying for their travel for them to have surgeries out here. and things like we have a scholarship program. we pay for heart, congenital heart research. we pay for their gas, or their utilities, or whatever their needs are. their prescriptions and medical devices. whatever their needs r really at any given their children are in the hospital. our kids can be in the hospital for a long time. and congenital heart defects are number one birth defect in america. it affects about one in every 100 children. and it is about -- >> one in every 100? >> yes. >> i want to stop there. >> really big. really big. it is actually much bigger than we realized. it impacts about 60 percent more prevalent than childhood cancer.
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children die from it every year than childhood cancers combined. so it has a large impact on our community. and our job is to serve the entire state of nevada, in terms of providing financial assistance for these families. we send kids to camp. and we have a lot of things. >> at least as we head into this holiday season as well. there is a special way that our local families, as we think about these kids, moms and dads, and brothers and sisters, and how to give back. right? >> absolutely. so at -- chumlee has been a long time supporter. he comes out to walk for the heart of a child every year. supports us through a variety of events n talking about this holiday season, and what we really needed, he has committed to trying to raise $5000 to feed 100 families holiday dinners.
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page. and he is promoting it on their page and through his twitter and his fans are amazing and raising money to help our family. >> in addition to, that how can people, i am sure any little bit helps. and how can people, at least, find you guys and give back. >> they can go to and we have a lot of programs that they can help with. we have a family assistance program from everything from providing diapers, to food at the to all kinds of different avenues. doesn't necessarily have to be money. it can be items. we have a toy program that we have children come into the foundation prior to surgery and they can go into maggie garden and get toys out of there to help relieve stress with nervousness of that. there is lots of ways. you can go to our website season and find out any avenue. >> anchor: all right. kelly thank you for joining us this morning. we will get information on our
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holidays. you are shopping for kids. getting toys. pick up something extra or
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>> anchor: welcome back. for the first time you will able to bet on ufc fight at station all posted on big fight earlier this week. casino giant did not pick ufc bets before now because of conflict of interest. [inaudible]. group sold the fighting league back in july. and unlv football team hosts a top team in the conference as wyoming makes a visit. and running rebels officially began the marvin menzie era with first regular season game last
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>> reporter: all right. 2-0 and 90 points in exhibition wins rebels laced them. hit the court first game. jaguars made the trip to las vegas. menzie new coach for las vegas. and first points of the menzie era. could be a trivia question some day. jones from the corner tied it at two. and rebels get the first three. in trouble trying to drive. kicks it back out to green. keeps the win streak alive for unlv. and go on a run. inside to jones. five-point lead. jags had runs. story of on the brake. don kelly with alley-oop dunk. south alabama took the lead into the locker room. second half. minute to play. rebels down five. they needed a bucket. drive. no foul called. ball stolen.
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and georgie with a dunk, that does it. rebels lose their first regular season opener at home. since 2004 against st. mary's. later rebels do better. earlier in the day. gonzalez 17 points. 102 points up against concordia california. rebels return after a bye week. play a final two home games on the schedule. host wyoming this afternoon. 12:30 kickoff. upset if rebels knocked off a surprising cowboys. they are 5-0. lead the conference after knowing off boise state. 8:point favorite over rebels. coach said that wyoming is where his rebels want to be a few years ago. >> you know they come in. you know, they have four wins first year. now 7-2. pounding away at the little things. again following the plan. same thing we are doing here.
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in a different situation. you know, we have three wins going into this game. still that possibility of a bowl. getting smaller and smaller and tougher to get there. but our guys are bought in. and working with high energy. fully committed. had great practice sunday night. ready to fight for a win. >> reporter: all right. 12:30 kickoff. lady rebel soccer team and first ncaa tournament appearance in a long time. never a win in the tournament. taking on forth ranked 20 mits in to first half. off the deflection off the rebel player. first goal for byu. opening minutes of the second half. cougars attacked. and draws the defense off. she cross it to elana. and she gets the second goal is and it is a 2-0 win for lady rebels. season eds last night. but great year to make it to ncaa tournament. that's sports. back to you. >> anchor: all right randy.
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honoring our veterans here in the valley. show you the touching moments coming up 2. officers shot while on patrol. what led to the shooting. where exactly did this happen? let you know straight ahead. and a deadly motorcycle accident happens here in the valley. what caused the crash and where
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>> anchor: right now news 3 live today. local motorcyclist died on v latest on this investigation. >> and southern nevada honors veterans with a moving candle lit ceremony. moment of unity as much of the country is divided by politics. we will have a look. plus. >> my kind -- i was walking funny over toward them. and one of the teachers said go get him. something i was waiting for nine months. >> live from las vegas, this is
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>> anchor: good morning. thank you for joining us. just about 6:31 here on this saturday morning. as you can see bright and sunny out there. is the theme. jay bring you n you are weather authority. we skipped over fall. >> weather: sure does. it has been abnormally warm. enjoy the sunshine this morning. clouds will be on the increase today. still very, very nice. in fact, this will be a gorgeous weekend. we have cooler air in seven-day forecast. i promised you a sunrise. let's see if in fact t did rise in the east. i am betting it will there. it goes. coming up. just every day it seems to happen there. okay. here we go. temperatures around the valley. in the -- generally 50 to 55-degree range. cooler at blue diamond. summerlin. 52 down in southeast las vegas. and we look regionally. 55 top of the hour officially out at the airport.
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and 64 in l.a. and 52 up in reno. frontal system moving in. you can see the rain along that. clouds down here. onshore flow, that will come our way. but we are not talking about any moisture with this system. it will actually be a very, very nice day with temperatures generally in the 70 to 75-degree range. can you handle that? and let's go through the daylight hours. 58 at 8:00. 4:00 74. winds are not a big deal at all. generally up to about 5 mes hour. sunset at 4:35. so the early darkness. but enjoy it, enjoy it through mid week. by week's end. temperatures are going to take a plummet. are you ready for that? i will have you the numbers on the board up in my official forecast. kyndell back to you. >> anchor: all right f you are not ready get ready. talk veterans day. special veteran's day reunion for a local soldier. he is home from a nine month deployment.
6:33 am
children. you can see that reunion there. decked out in camouflage. major bow terry reunited with kids at school. family able to enjoy the annual veteran's day parade in downtown las vegas. it is a tradition for them. >> it is nice to honor those people that have given us our freedom. it makeshe too. >> we have been coming out to this parade since they have been little babies. first time he came out, he was three days old. >> family adds now that the boys are older they are learning to honor the sacrifice their father and other veterans make. he looks forward to what makes home, home, attending boys soccer games. and this week has been winding down after raw emotions after election.
6:34 am
our nation's veterans of the christie has more on moving tribute that came just in time for veteran's day. >> ? ? >> reporter: candles flicker. outside veterans village. the girl at this candle light vigil is a never free. veteran young, former airborne ranger has been an amputee since his service. he now calls veteran village home. >> a lot of places we go, to there is hardly anyone that wants to talk about anything. they did a pretty good speech tonight. >> reporter: crowd here welcomed by roaring sound of bikes. and then listened in as mayor carolyn goodman took the stage.
6:35 am
confrontational political debate. a lot of hate. anger. you know what, move forward. >> reporter: non-profit organizer arnold stock said that veterans village expand because of positive reinforcement and communities willingness to give back. >> time to heal on our country. and only thing, thing i don't want to happen is for veterans to pay for it. >> reporter: boy scouts like this march with american flag. >>ir actually been to something like this. so i love it. >> reporter: young or old, rich or poor, showing patriotism maybe what brings us altogether. >> anchor: nellis air force base paid tribute to vets with first avenger. madumb tussaud has captain america known as steve rodgers.
6:36 am
years of air show this weekend. after aviation nation ends captain america will head to his new home at madame tussauds las vegas. now developing story. two police officers were shot along with a suspect in boise idaho in a neighborhood there. yesterday afternoon police were combing the area for a fugitive believed to be involved in a double shooting. possible carjacking earlier this week. authorities have received a report that the suspect was spotted in the area. and during the yard toar search shots rang out. still unclear who fired the first shot. both officers were rushed to the hospital. conditions are unknown at this time. >> and motorcycle rider killed at fort apache in cheyenne yesterday afternoon. metro police say minivan hit the biker making a u-turn throwing the rider off the bike. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. 97th traffic related fatality this year alone there. 24 are deadly motorcycle
6:37 am
southwest valley is recovering this morning. it has been an ms. ing update considering the awful scene unfolding in front of neighbors. parents of seven-year-old daphne heathering ton said they went into surgery yesterday after hit by the bus riding a bike. witnesses say she and her bike were trapped and dragged under that bus. and fortunately doctors expect a full recovery for the girl. and her parents say wearing a helmet possibly is what saved her life. and coming up right h marie mortera shows us how a crook can steal millions of dollars from all of us through a prison tag. attempting to target prisoners. but affects more people. why are scientists using laptops on come up with a new hiv test? that answer is next in health alert. >> and we have some new miniums show you from remedy tavern. later on. what these two places have coming up.
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>> anchor: welcome back. let's talk health alert. now it is not uncommon to see peanut free classroom in elementary school. new research actually suggest that is awareness of food allergies may lessen when students reach college. american college of asthma, allergy, immunology say that most universities do not have systems in place to protect students with food allergies in dorms and even at social events. vulnerable to severe allergic reactions because less likely to carry medication with them. when kids are younger teachers or parents carry them for them. new report from centers for disease control links tobacco to 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed in united states. smoking does not just cause lung cancer but linked to cancer of the mouth and throat. voice box, esophagus, kindey. colon, bladder and form of
6:41 am
americans are smoking b 20 percent of adults smokeed in 2005, that number fell to 15 percent in 2015. and british scientists developed a new hiv test that plugs into your laptop. and the device detects virus and drop of blood and creates an electrical signal that could be read by a computer. task produced results in 30 minutes with 95 percent accuracy. experts say technology could eventually allow hiv patients to and same way that diabetics monitor blood sugar. it could be used in remote areas of africa where there are fewer testing facilities. and coming up right here on news 3 live today. it has been almost a year since the deadly paris attacks in paris france. how a sport is bringing people together at one of the same locations as the attack. and coming up in your rip off alert. marie mortera shows us how a crook can steal millions of
6:42 am
prison tax. and menus i can tell you b they are looking good. it smells good in here too. two restaurants from here in the
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>> anchor: welcome back in. to stories from around the world. moment of silence in france's national stadium in memory of the victims of the paris terror attacks a year ago. france versus sweden soccer, players and president there joined in a tribute. stadium first of several terrorist targets september 13. one year anniversary is tomorrow. iraq forces are uncovering
6:45 am
brutality in territory reclaimed from extremists. in a town south of mosul iraqi fighters uncovered a mass grave. some residents say 300 bodies were buried in that area. and iraqi police suspected police collaborators were taken there to be tortured or killed. john kerry on two day visit to antarctica. flew in on military cargo plane from new zealand and will visit research station government operates there and speak about climate change to scientists. kerry is highest ranking american official to visit the icy continent. amazon will have to repay parents for unauthorized app purchases made by kids. federal judge directed amazon to set up a year long process to reimburse those parents whose children made inapp purchases without permission. order called for amazon to set
6:46 am
year to alert parents of eligibility for refunds. then to reimburse mom and dad. this was july of 2014 that federal trade commission accused amazon of making it too easy for kids to run up bills while playing games bike pet shop, ice age village on mobile devices resulting in $86 million of unauthorized charges. mom and dads out there. if your kids are playing that. pay attention to after other criminals scams. but today marie mortera explains crook stole millions of dollars from all of us. >> reporter: investigators say this con, prayed on hopes of prisoners across the country. and damage impacts a bigger victim. >> promised to send reading materials. put them in touch with people if they needed legal aid. and he also promised that he might give them a small amount
6:47 am
explain this man sent brochures to correctional institutions addressed to inmates. >> they did not have family members to help. friends to help them. they essentially had no money and they were left in prison to rot. >> reporter: all they had to do is fill out a brochure with name and social security number. >> there are actually legitimate prison charities that do offer that kind of assistance. and do include on their application forms names and social secur so prisoners they were not alarmed. when they were asked to provide this information. >> reporter: he turned around and used information to file fraudulent tax returns with irs say inspectors. 13,000 prisoners had information compromised. >> everything else can be completely bogus. enter bogus wage information. bogus dependent information. put in exactly the right information that they know will maximize a refund. photo showed
6:48 am
and scam crumbleed when postal carrier noticed checks arriving at the same atlantic home with different names. inspectors say any of us can be a victim. >> file as early as you can. because once taxes have been filed for you, for a given tax year, they cannot be filed again. >> reporter: shabos convict on wire fraud, identity theft and defrauding irs. with this rip off alert. >> anchor: marie, thank you. center our attention over to the weather center. jerry brown, finally i can keep this sweater on past the sun coming up. >> weather: definitely by weeks end. for morning hours you can put it on. nice this afternoon though. we will be in 60s. we will be up to mid 70s. so just enjoy it while it lasts. just a beautiful november so far. let's go over and i have changed our camera. we will look from the los angeles springs preserve to east. you can see an hour ago cloud
6:49 am
the day. and out at the springs preserve. across the street from meadow mall. 51 degrees. winds are calm. pressure look how high. 30.13 inches of mercury. humidity is up with winds aloft. providing moisture. liberty high, 54 degrees. saint rose, bermuda, south-southwest wind at five. as i said earlier as high as it gets, 5 miles an hour. to the north 57 degrees with winds blowing valley. 47 over in blue diamond. always cooler there. 54 here at our downtown studios. it is 49 up on the mountain. 60 in boulder city. 51 in pahrump. and some cooler air up the 93 caliente at 34 degrees. and 62 down in laughlin. so let's take a look at what is going on around the region. frontal system moving in. moisture up to the north.
6:50 am
moisture less. moisture staying over in california. we just have cloud cover. temperatures today very comfortable. generally in 70s to 75 degrees range with few areas warmer. 75 here in the city. and with a normal low of -- normal high of 68 degrees. plan your day. 8:00 59. 71 at noon. 74 at 4:00 p.m. we look at the seven-day forecast. and here is where the surprises temperatures only in the 60s. overnight lows in the 40s. so i guess kyndell, we have to enjoy it while it lasts. >> i would say so. beautiful the last couple of weeks. so at least turn the temperature down. and let's turn our attention over. we are talking about taste of laslas. we have distill remedy. chef melvin johnson. we are talking about food. it smells good. what do you have to offer.
6:51 am
fall menu. healthy stuff and do some things that are traditionally thanksgiving or fallish. we have our owe o's official hush puppy but turkey bite. cranberry. and dessert on top. so beautiful. this is also a new -- we have a dirts martini steak. so put in vodka. olive juice and stuff. with but cool twist. liquor inside of there. >> anchor: i would say so. >> meatballs. you cannot go wrong -- >> smell the garlic. >> beautiful marinara sauce. we have appetizer and sliders with cream ricotta on top. beautiful. healthy nuts. we have kale salad. kale salad we have with a beer mustard dressing. so we take this reduce it down
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corn bread croutons and quinoa in there. serving eight year anniversary at remedies. come on. great time. rock abelly theme party. party with us. >> anchor: we are fighting at least food from -- explain this to everyone. under same umbrella but three locations restaurants. >> we have five locations, opening up number six in late january. but remedies distill and alex sore. henderson or senit enyell we have got you covered. >> anchor: some of the locations have gaming in them as well. >> all of them do. >> anchor: people like to sit back and enjoy a drink and enjoy good food and win money. >>yeah,, they do. >> anchor: i want to talk about this especially. because we know thanksgiving. now a bit over -- i think week after next.
6:53 am
away. i liked it. because dike, that cranberry. >> cranberry cooling. and hush puppy batter. roasted corn. onions, garlic, and ground turkey inside. and dried sage and stuff as well. so it that thanksgiving bite as soon as you bite into it. smooth some of that cranberry sauce on there. >> looks good. people are waking up. making plans for today. tomorrow. to go out and enjoy the meal. what do you want to say to get locations. >> come out. we do a great job with fresh foods. like i say, today is eight year anniversary on calstowga, come
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whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> anchor: welcome back. new big man at the zoo in washington state. making quite the splash. meet dozer. more than 360po he is a walrus. made a debut in takoma at the zoo friday. only 14 pacific walruses in u.s. facilities. next few months they could be listed as threatened species. walruses depend on ice for breeding and to give birth. and ice is beginning to diminish. so seven zoos around the nation have taken in male walruses to encourage breeding.
6:57 am
breeding call. hope new u.n. had marine mammal will make a splash with the ladies soon. >> anchor: that's life. >> weather: i tell you how about the weather today. 75 degrees. increasing clouds. normal is 68. so well above normal. this trend continues. and really going to be a very nice day. overnight tonight. clouds will be around. and again we should be in 40s. we will be in 50s. so take it. however, normalcy returns by by, oh, thursday we are down to low 60s. with overnight lows in the 40s. and big shock to the system. but until then, just absolutely gorgeous. we are talking about 70s and sunshine. i mean you mine as well be in san diego. >> anchor: you cannot complain. >> weather: no ocean. >> anchor: about nice next week, this week. it will feel like the holidays are upon us. >> weather: it should be cooler for thanksgiving.
6:58 am
thank you jerry. also, be sure to like us on facebook. and we are online, jerry and i. with news and weather. latest right here on news 3 live today. thank you. have a great rest of the
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see you monday! good morning. breaking overnight. violence at the trump protest. gunfire rings out at a demonstration in portland, oregon. one pern demonstrators take to the streets from coast to coast. new york, miami, l.a. even iowa and missouri. about face? after vowing to get rid of obamacare during the campaign, the president-elect may keep some parts of the plan. is it a final victory for president obama and what does it mean for you? and shakeup. chris christie out as the head


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