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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thanks giving is coming up next week. >> kim: anyone else getting excited? we know the moon is still above the horizon. not as super as noticed it more than i have in the past. >> kelly: incredible sight. you can get out and see it this morning. not as impressive but still amazing to see. temperatures will feel more like thanksgiving in the coming days too. if you are having a hard time coming to terms with how the holidays are right around the corner, it's going to feel like it in a couple of days. today the last of the sunny,
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75 at noon and 78 at 4:00. we'll talk about the winds of change coming up. >> dana: we begin with breaking news. this happened late last night. 3900 block of la cruz near 95 and charleston. live pictures from the scene. officers saw an enregistered vehicle in the area of nellis and bonanza and tried to pull it over. the driver took off at a high riot of speed. when one officer approached the car the driver tried to run over the officer. multiple shots fired, nobody hit here. the suspect identified as 18-year-old daniel richard. he was taken into custody. he's going to be booked for multiple charges. this is the eighth officer involved shooting this year. the identity of the officer will not be released for another couple of days.
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in our next half hour. >> kim: we have breaking news to share that takes us overseas. it has to do with our current commander in chief, president obama landing in athens overnight. this is his final trip overseas as president of the united states. there is air force one touching down mid-morning athens time. on his first day in greece the president will mee greece's president and the prime minister. he will give a major speech about democracy and globalizations everrization before he flies to berlin. once in germany he will travel to peru for an asian economic summit before he returns to washington on saturday. we know that president obama's trip will be dominated by questions and concerns about president elect donald trump. he's working to reassure foreign leaders that the united states
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and alliance obligations. >> dana: before the president took off he held a news co-conference yesterday talking about a number of things talking about a number of things including donald trump. donald trump now taking heat for one of his appointments. >> criticism is pouring in on donald trump's choice of steve bannen >> liz website is a favorite of extremist and white national list. >> it is a very balanced, very smart man. >> i look forward to having a discussion with whoever they appoint to administration. >> president obama is giving president elect advice on how to heal a divided nation.
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the kinds of things that can set a tone. >> including reports that steve and mr. trump's finance chair is being considered as treasury secretary. conservative radio host laura ingram as press secretary and rudy as secretary of state. >> i won't be attorney general. i can escape t >> insiders say the trump transition is ahead of schedule. >> kim: we go local with this one. the local man accused of shooting and killing a mom in front of her own home is expected to face a judge. he goes by baby g. he will like to take his guilty plea back in this case. in this last hearing in
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attorney. that's the mom that lost her life. he claims his former attorney pressured him into pleading guilty. police say he helped now escape the scene and is facing 15 years in prison. we'll have life team coverage throughout the >> dana: clark county holding its project homeless connect starting at 9:00 at the cashman center. volunteers will get homeless people the help they need. they offer housing, job training people there, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment. free for the homeless and those in danger of becoming homeless.
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people. >> kim: people living near 10th street and bonanza in our community say they are feeling safer this morning after a sexual predator has been arrested. police arrested phillip white on saturday for sexually assaulting and robbing a woman in her home. he broke into the woman's home through a bathroom window last week. she was asleep and heard something and went to check things out. th took cash and ran. he's a registered sex offender. he does not have a record within metro's jurisdiction. the victim's neighbor says this whole or deal is very scary. >> last time my kids came outside was october 22 for my son's birthday. they don't come outside. i'm too scared to have them outside. >> she feels like that area is unsafe in general not just
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as far as this latest incident other neighbors say that white briefly lived in an apartment near the victim's home but was known to sleep outside. he was booked into the clark county detention center facing very serious charges. >> dana: a local man now out of the hospital in jail after police say he drove drunk and hit and killed two brothers here in the valley. they were on their way to buy a birthday gft the brothers made an illegal u turn and this man was speeding and driving drunk when he slammed into them. this man now facing very serious
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morning. >> kim: her name trisha and she's wanted in texas. she's wanted in pahrump after police found tigers and monkeys roaming around her home. animal control in las vegas tipped off police she was likely traveling with illegal the warrant is being reported she's facing a charge of child endangerment because her 14-year-old daughter lives with her and the animals you see on your screen. she's expected to be sent back to houston. her animals are in the care of animal control.
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prosecutors in the federal case against members of the bundy family here in southern nevada have filed a motion to split up the defendants at trial. they want to split the 17 remaining defendants into three different tiers for trial. two people have already pled guilty. the bundies would be not top tier. they are considered the leaders and organizers. second tier would be people considered mid organizers. the third tier includes defendants the prosecution describes as followers,/gunmen. separating the defendants by their roles is fair, just, efficient and is the least impactful to the victims and witnesses. bundy wants to go to trial alone. the brothers want to go to trial together. the first trial would begin in february.
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now we can take you inside. you want to have a cocktail there, you can get it done at the taco bell at the las vegas strip. this is the taco bell canteen na. it opened on the boulevard. it's the first location of its kind on the las vegas strip. it comes with a vip lounge, they have a d.j. from time to time. open at 10:30 last night and will stay >> dana: coming up why would somebody do a moon walk during an nfl football game? we'll show you why coming up. >> kim: a lot of people concerned about this. we had it yesterday morning those cows stuck because of a massive earthquake.
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>> dana: this happened during an nfl game. did you know that new york plays in new jersey their home games? flamboyant. got a touchdown pass monday night football and did that dance. he wasn't even born when thriller came out. >> kim: everyone knows that one. >> dana: the giants won. >> kim: still to come, an airline treating an entire town to a turkey dinner.
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your way. >> dana: joe biden and president obama leaving the white house. january 20 will be the final day. there are funny diversions going on on twitter.
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>> dana: president obama has speech about democracy and then fly to berlin and then public >> kim: we have an happy update. those cows stranded on that patch of land, they've been rescued. the reason they got caught there
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earthquake and they were rescued after a farmer and others helped dig a track to them and led them off the patch of land. the rescue was delayed because of concerns about the ground crumbling around them. they had two cows that were adults and one was a calf. part of a larger group of 14 cows that were all recovered. the owner did lose some livestock in the quake but the animals you areee ok. >> dana: first the earthquake which was very large, and now too much rain in parts of new zealand leading to flooding. people have sandbagged their homes. some had to evacuate. the rain has eased for now but the flooding means more cleanup. it's a one-two punch. they don't think the two are related in any way. they are having to deal with the
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>> kim: around here we've had nothing but sunshine. i do see changes on that 7 day. >> dana: a slight chill in the air today. nothing compared to what we're going to see in a couple of days from now. coyotes going to be much colder. check out the moon. this is the time lapse yesterday where we saw that super moon. it was full during our 5:00ou beautiful day all across the area. high topping out at 78 in the las vegas valley yesterday before that sun went down. the current temperatures around the area, it's cool out there. you can feel it. you'll notice the difference. paradise you are looking at 54. mountains edge 55. later this week we're talking lows potentially in the upper 30's.
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rolls in. it's clear. we're looking at more sunshine to get things started. we'll see that colder air and very strong winds here over the next couple of days. today's high 79. some neighborhoods are going to make it into the low 80's today. winds out of the southeast 5-10. tonight it's going to get started. we're going to see increasing clouds, the winds will pick up, gusts 57 will be our low. a little warm tore start tomorrow morning and then everything changes. winds tomorrow gusting to 45. 76-degrees. factor in the wind and it feels colder. 60, breezy conditions on thursday. and friday morning we're going to need winter coats. 39-degrees for the low.
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we saw odell beckham , jr. doing thriller on the football field. want to see what people did here in town? check it out. that is vegas tribe getting together performing over at blue diamond highway near buffalo as a lot of locals got together to take in this amazing sight. the last time it was this close was 1948. a lot of locals got together to witness the spectacle. this isn't going to happen again until 2034. if you missed it last night, try to check it out tonight. >> dana: it's still impressive even though it peeked the other
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one of those people may get out. brendan has been ordered to be released while prosecutors overturn a ruling of his conviction. the judge ruled in august that investigators tricked him into confessing that he helped stephen avery with the crime. meanwhile avery remains behind ba getting out of prison awaiting that appeal. >> kim: with heavy hearts we let you know that the american media and beyond mourning the loss of a veteran journalist that was so well respected. there she is. she passed away yesterday in our nation's capitol. she lost her life to cancer. only 61 years old. a form were newspaper reporter
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and also pbs. she moderated two vice presidential debates and moderated the presidential primary debate. she penned a book about president obama. >> dana: american airlines thanking the community in alaska for support when a plane made an emergency landing in that tiny town in alaska last month. flight from china going to they had to find the closest runway. it was in alaska. rarely do they get that size of a jet on their runway there. they were stranded for a little bit because it took a little while to get another jet there. they thanked everybody that treated them so nicely. they gave them turkey and all the fixings.
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morning. >> we're learning more about the people who could be in key roles in donald trump's administration. we'll talk about it all with trump's former campaign manager. also an inside look at how the president elect personal life will change when he moves into the white house. then the rolling stones take us on a tour of the massive exhibit that explores their iconic career. al turkey trot surprise. got that and much more ahead on a tuesday morning right here on today. >> kim: now that decision 2016 has been decided, there is all kinds of funny stuff going around online. >> dana: especially on twitter. there are possible pranks the obamas could play on the up coming president.
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around the name. president elect trump. >> some on twitter elected to imagine pranks joe bind might play on the incoming trunk. >> i ordered huge >> from the size of trump's hands to president obama's birth certificate. >> obama's birth place gave way to a lot of jokes.
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approximates. then the one that was played in real life when the white house transitioned from bill clinton to george w. bush. >> hillary was saying they took the w's off the keyboard. >> josh who wrote the t's treat got an inquiry from >> if the election has been pushing your buttons, maybe a tweet will provide relief. >> i took a staple ease button and wrote nucleares on it.
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>> kim: there has been an officer involved shooting in our community. it all started in the area of nellis and bonanza when police tried to pull over an unregistered vehicle. later they were able to pull that person over but when na happened if 18-year-old driver tried to run down a local officer.
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>> kim: hours ago there was a shooting. an officer opening fire an an18-year-old driver. >> dana: we have new details
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nevada with exotic animals including tigers romeing around her home. who she is and why she was wanted in texas. >> kim: consumer reports experts sound off on how to get those z's and not feel hungover the next morning. >> dana: good morning. it is 5:00 on this tuesday. the moon is horizon in the west. >> kim: it is still great and beautiful and nice and bright as we welcome you in on this tuesday. we're the wagners from the news 3 studios. >> dana: the super moon was at its super rest 24 hours ago but still looks cool out there. we're going to talk to tom to find out if we have any issue on


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