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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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has tigers in her home hanging out ticking pictures with them. how she was caught coming up. >> of course i have concerns. >> kim: final overseas trip. we have the president on the move right now in athens greece. we're talking it out live with tracy potts ahead. >> dana: 6:00 on this monday morning. there is t horizon. >> kim: a lot of people are slamming their alarm. >> dana: make that sound stop. >> kim: we want your pictures.
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for thus morning. kelly is talking about the weather forecast. big changes ahead. we begin with tom above a bad accident here in the valley. >> tom: this is a fatal accident at the intersection of mayor parkway and top can n. appears to be an auto pedestrian accident. the intersection is shut down all directions. instead of tca for north south move to win isson or spencer or eastern or paradise. the vehicle is this one to the west of the intersection. investigation will take several hours. tropicana and maryland shut down
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a little slow. the other freeways are clear. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's see what is going on outside with kelly. >> kelly: we are taking a look at that awesome super moon. it's still an amazing sight. if you can get out and chick out, do. so it is chilly right now but going to be warm. 75 by lunchtime and 78 at 4:00. the winds of change arrive tonight. we'll talk about the temperatures we're looking at for the rest of the week coming up. >> dana: a metro officer opens fire. craig is live from the scene. a few miles east of downtown las vegas. >> reporter: good morning. an 18-year-old is behind bars this morning accused of trying to use his car to try and hit a metro police officer.
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night. this starts at secran 16 last night. the car had been seen speeding in the area of nellis and bonanza and then was seen again. an officer fired at the car. the shooting happened after the officer tried to get the driver who was inside the car to get out. >> the vehicle drove at a high the police car. he discharged his weapon at the vehicle striking it several times. the vehicle fled westbound. uniformed officers from northeast air command were in the area and able to find that same vehicle where they took an 18-year-old white male into custody. >> reporter: we have the
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this morning. he is daniel richard, 18 years old in jail expected to be charged with several very serious crimes. this marks the eighth officer involved shooting this year for metro. >> kim: thank you for that. michelle has hustled over to another breaking news event. we'll check in with her live in moments. we talked with neighbors near 10th street and bonanza and they are waking up feeling has been arrested. he's a sexual predator according to local police. they picked up phillip white over the weekend. they say he sexually assaulted and robbed a woman inside her home. he broke in through a bathroom window. she was asleep but heard something and got up to investigate. he violently attacked this woman before taking cash and running
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here locally. we are hearing from neighbors who say this is quite alarming. >> last time my kids came outside was october 22 for my son's birthday. they don't come outside because i'm too scared to have them outside. shootings. >> kim: she's concerned about living in that neighborhood in particular in addition to phillip white being arrested. he's been booked facing very serious charges. >> dana: clark county firefighters find a woman dead inside a burned apartment about 12 hours ago. fire officials are trying to figure out how she died and what started the fire. >> did bundy case could be complicated. they are filing a special motion to group certain defendants at
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grouped according to the defendant's role in the case. the first tier is the bundies as leaders and organizers in this case. the second tier is mid level organizers including dave bundy. this is the case local having nothing to do with what happened at the wildlife refuge up in oregon. a third tier follower gunmen. we had trained gunmen on the freeway below. bundy asked for an individual trial. the brothers are asking to be tried together. >> dana: a local man accused of murderer is trying to take back his guilty plea in this. he's expected in a local courtroom early this morning.
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waived attorney client privilege in order to hire a new attorney. his claims his former attorney pressured him to pleading guilty. he's facing 10 years to life for the shooting of that local mom. derek andrews is the man that police say helped him escape the scene. he's facing a maximum of 15 years in prison. low until his co-defendant moves forward with his new attorney. details in the arrest of a woman after police find tigers and monkeys roaming free in her house. police tipped off by animal control in las vegas she was likely traveling with illegal animals. deputies took action when a
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the warrant was for burglary and theft. texas tv station reports that she's facing a charge of child endangerment because the tigers were living with her 14-year-old daughter at the time. she's expected to be sent back to houston to face those charges. her animals are in the care of animal control. this young lady lucky to be alive after living with tigers. >> kim: look at they are cool to show. it's tremendous. you've seen the live pictures this morning. all you have to do is take to social media whether it's twitter or facebook or instagram. we compile them and have a lot to show you. someone is having fun with this
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>> dana: we have pictures out of athens greece. president obama on his final foreign trip. then he'll head to germany and then peru. his trip is going to be dominated by questions and concerns about president elect donald trump and relations with the united states in light of the fact that we have a new president elect in this country. >> kim: he is about to hold his final foreign visit and we'll take you there for live coverage once he gets to the podium. >> dana: the man that was made famous by the netflix movie making a murderer. he's out.
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>> this just coming down.
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cars in the u.s. they are recalling rx8 for fuel leaks that can possibly cause fires. you can type in your vehicle identification number. recalling rx from -- rx8 sports car. owners will be notified of the recall and then sault ste. marie to get the repairs. >> dana: a jury in georgia found harris guilty of murder. he left his son in the s.u.v. while he went to work for 7 hours. prosecutors say harris killed his son cooking him to death to escape family responsibility.
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messages to several women and teenage girls despite the fact he was married at the time. he did online research on hot car deaths. harris is going to be sentenced on december 5. he could be sentenced to life in prison. >> kim: there a big fight that started over the man that was convicted of murder. release of brendan. a judge ruled investigators tricked him into confessing he was helping his uncle kill a woman. the attorney general is filing an emergency motion to block that release. prosecutors want him to stay locked up as they appeal a ruling that overturned his murder conviction. >> dana: new zealand begins the rescue operation of about 1,000 tourist and hundreds of resident
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powerful earthquake hit there over the weekend cutting off train and roadways to this community. helicopters are getting people out and tomorrow a ship from the navy will arrive to get people out of that coastal town. >> kim: president obama talked to us before he hospital on a plane to go to athens. that was from the white house yesterday. it's his first time taking re have a decision in decision 2016. here is what he had to say about president elect donald trump. >> do i have concerns? absolutely. of course i have concerns. he and i did differ on a whole bunch of issues. i think what will happen is there are going to be certain elements of his temperment that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them. and corrects them. >> he said he doesn't think that
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he thinks he's a fairly pragmatic kind of guy which will serve him well in the white house. he took a few questions and boarded a plane and went to athens, greece. he's there because we've seen him walking on the red carpet in front of the mansion. air force one did touchdown after that overnight flight. tomorrow he's giving a major speech about democracy and to berlin, germany. then the president will travel to peru before he returns to washington, d.c. on saturday. his trip will be dominated by questions and concerns about president elect donald trump. the current commander in chief working to reassure foreign leaders the united states will
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we'll take you there. >> dana: he has to get back to the white house so he can pardon that turkey. >> tom: this is an auto pedestrian -- >> jeff: that is tom. we're going to work to re-establish his signal there. the fatality he's talking about the tropicana and win isson hapd
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>> kelly: north las vegas at 43. southeast 50. a the door. we are looking at rain showers in parts of northern california and oregon as well. we're going to see clouds increase, the winds increase, most of the rain will stay to our north. the noticeable impact will be the temperatures. today is going to be a warm one. winds southeast at 5-10.
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hours. tonight we're looking ate few clouds moving in and becoming breezy during the overnight. winds gusting to 25. our seven-day forecast more wind tomorrow, gusts to 45. 76 for that high temperature. /on thursday. big change and then 39 for the morning low on friday. >> dana: tournament of roses parade has to be the best parade every year. that star of that movie called unbroken. this year's parade is going to feature a las vegas man. yesterday the family of russell put the finishing touches on that image. russell died in a crash last year in the las vegas valley. he was an organ donor and saved
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this year's rose parade is going to be on january 2. when they have january 1 on a sunday they delay the rose parade by one day. >> chris: the man transgender students is fly the friendly skies. american airlines putting their money where their mouth is. they went to a tiny town in alaska yesterday to thank that community for all of its support when a plane was forced to make an it happened last month in coldbay. a lot of -- where this was coming from? it was from china on its way to chicago forced to land when an alert went off about a possible mechanical issue. the crew standed for hours on end while another plane came to retrieve them and take them to their final destination. the people of coldbay were tremendous welcoming them as they were stranded.
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ahead of thanksgiving. it was a big thank you. >> steve: so the news conference is under way in greece. president obama has arrived there on the first stop of his final foreign tour as president. proven appearing with greek prime minister in athens, greece. they are going to take a lot of questions about the president elect in this country donald trump and our >> kim: there is the current commander in chief right next to him. we'll monitor that live news conference. still to come, there is an nfl player who has the moves like michael jackson on full display last night. why is he doing thriller?
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>> tom: you are looking at a live shot of tropicana and maryland parkway closed all four directions from a fatality
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we have a crew on the ground gathering more information. >> kelly: pahrump you are at 44. boulder city 56. once the sun comes up we are going to see temperatures rising into the upper 70's, even low 80's today. >> kim: odell beckham , jr. has something in common with michael jackson. >> dana: he's good. this guy goes over t know that. he went over the top after scoring a touchdown on monday night football against the cincinnati bengals. i think he did this because of the super moon. joints won 21-20. >> kim: who says nfl stands for the no fun league. this is the cheerleaders and
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over wyoming. terrific job. we'll post this on our facebook page. we want to see your mannequin challenge. shear it with us. >> dana: it was one of the best games in college football this season. >> triple overtime victory against wyoming. gwen stefani getting a big honor
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>> dana: an officer involved shooting in the las vegas valley. we're live from the scene coming up. >> kim: not guilty with a big question mark at the end. he will face a judge again this morning and we know what he's expected to ask. we'll share it coming up. >> dana: a dad arrested after his 8-year-old daughter is shot in the house. what a police report says
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off. welcome in. i don't know if the sun is still up but it was cool to see again -- i'm sorry the sun, the moon. >> kim: we've been sharing cool pictures all morning long. we have a jam packed half hour. we do traffic and weather together every 10 forecast. right now a developing story with tom in sky 3. >> tom: this is an auto pedestrian fatality accident that happened about an hour ago at the intersection of maryland parkway and top can n. maryland is closed both directions and so is tropicana. use russell or flamingo instead. spencer, win isson, paradise or eastern.
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at least a couple more hours. we have a crew on the ground bath gatheringerring more information. we'll get a live report from there. >> jeff: we have an accident heading into the bowl. you can see the slowing is starting to add up in that area. right now it's clear 7 minutes from downtown to top can n. we're going to keep our eyes on that all the talk is about that moon. >> kelly: now that sun is coming up and just as beautiful. blue skies out there. warm temperatures. by noon today 75. our high 79. many neighborhoods will hit 80. temperatures 20-degrees colder. i'll let you know when and how windy it's going to be coming up. >> kim: we have breaking news to share. a person has been hit and killed
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to that location. what can you tell us? >> michelle: we're waiting for an update from police. i can tell you what i see and i see a body still in the road this morning covered with a sheet. we have to be careful not to show you that. what this is going to affect is traffic in the area. maryland is shut down both directions. we're veneer morning is going to have to take a different route. tropicana at maryland is shut down. as far as this pedestrian involved accident, it appears somebody was crossing the street and was hit by a car and killed. we don't know anymore details about this. we're waiting for that information. as soon as we get an update
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way. >> kim: this situation takes us to the 95 and charleston where local police are investigating an officer involved shooting. this happening hours ago. officers tried to pull over a car for speeding but the driver took off. metro says that an officer did track that car down a short time later and when they approached the car, the driver apparently tried to run over the police officer. that officer opened fire on the injured here but they did find out who was behind the wheel. an 18-year-old not hit by gunfire. he was arrested on scene facing multiple charges. we get additional information in a live report in about 15 minutes from now. this case captivated the community. a ton of twists and turns and that continues in a local courtroom today.
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he was accused of killing a local mom in front of her home. in about two hours from now he will face a local judge. >> reporter: that is correct and he's expected to take back his guilty plea saying that he was pressured into it by his former attorney. you might remember in his last hearing back in september he waived his attorney client privilege in order to hire a new lawyer. he's fg prison for the shooting and killing of a local mother in her driveway. andrews who helped him escape that scene faces 15 years in prison. andrews fate remains in limbo until the co-defendant has an attorney. he will be in court in about two hours. we will be in the courtroom to bring you the latest here on news 3.
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hitting and killing two brothers here in the las vegas valley is behind bars. police say 25-year-old willie worth which hit the two who were on their way to buy their mother a birthday present. this happened on saturday. the brothers made a u turn and he was speeding a and driving drunk when he slammed into them. roberts and asher were killed. here in clark county. he's facing serious charges behind bars. >> kim: a police report reveals that a local dad has been arrested after his eight-year-old daughter was shot in the home and he had been teaching her about gun safety. there is his mug shot. telling local officers he had been talking to his daughter about gun safety right before this incident last week. apparently his daughter asked if
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he bet her she couldn't handle it by herself and removed the gun from the safe. he removed the pin and tom establish. he said a bullet from inside the gun exploded in his hand. he was putting the tumbler back in place. fragments hit him and his daughter. she's in serious condition at umc. the dad is facing charges of child neglect. as this story plays have continued developments here on news 3. >> dana: police asking for your help to find a man who roads the casino cage. we don't have great pictures of him. he is wearing baseball hat and bandanna. he had a gun. he handed the employee a note and got away with an undies closed amount of cash. if you know who this might be call crime stoppers.
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for sharing, # news 3 super moon. look how many of you have done this. kelly in on the mix. we've got the super moon in all of its glory therefrom we have a ton, look how great it is to see the bright lights of las vegas and the super moon. if you have great shots you have taken. dash tag it news 3 super moon and they will be assembled on your shot here on news 3. >> dana: a live look at the big board as the dow jones is down some 32 points in early trading . the markets have been open for 7 and a half minutes. yesterday the dow went up a little bit seth a new record high. donald trump's transition team taking shape and raising eyebrows, especially one pick in
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tries potts coming up. >> kim: because of our partnership with "the today show" we have an exclusive for you this morning. we're talking about "people"
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>> krystal: volkswagon reached an agreement with regulators scandal. it was a big one. it has agreed to fix or buy back around 80,000 vehicles with tainted three liter diesel engine. the recall involves a simple software update that will hopefully save the company money. the deal will be a step toward
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>> dana: breaking news in las vegas. a metro officer pulls his gun and opens fire on a man who was trying to run him over. craig joins us live on the scene. you're near u.s. 95 and charleston with the latest. >> reporter: an 18-year-old behind bars after trying to run over a police officer. they had seen this teenager and bonanza. they caught up with the person , the teenager in a nearby neighborhood and that is where the altercation happened where let throw tried to hit an officer with his car. the officer responded by firing several shots at the vehicle. the teenager arrested. daniel richard is his name.
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involved shooting for metro this year. >> dana: a woman living in southern nevada with three tigers in her home. they used to roam around her backyard in pahrump. she only had a four foot hyphens. she is the woman. she is wanted in harris county texas. she moved to pahrump in november. this is apparently a year ago, maybe weeks ago. police tipped off by animal control in las vegas she was animals. we see pictures she has posted. now she's been charged with child endangerment in harris county in texas because she had a 14-year-old daughter live ago among the tigers at the time. she has been put under arrest and will be extradited back to texas to face those charges. >> kim: donald trump's campaign manager is on "the today show" this manning.
6:48 am
president's news conference when he detailed not only the temperament but how he would be as president, president elect donald trump. >> he said his own impression is he was not ideological but more pragmatic and that might serve him well. >> that was very classy of president obama and very perceptive. those who spend a little bit of time beyond the ridicule and get to know donald trump and listen to his messageil >> she keeps it classy las vegas. that is tracy potts. i thought that was very telling, people when this program ends and watch "the today show" this morning will see more of that interview. for her to say the president was classy and he characterized donald trump right on, it tells us a lot about the incoming president. >> and we're seeing the tone we wished we had seen a couple of months ago. now things have changed.
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out this transition as much as possible. in fact, as we speak president obama is overseas delivering the message to our nato allies not to worry. donald trump is going to honor the commitment despite what they heard during the campaign. they are trying to smooth this thing out. on the other side you have lots of stuff going on in trump tower today. mike pence showing up there. the soon to be vice president. the rest of the transition team trying to come up with who is going to after january 20. there are names being thrown out, trump's treasurer for the campaign possibly treasurer. we might have something co-confirm bid end of the week. >> kim: his children are his
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on whether they could get security clearance. for starters what does that mean and where do they go from here? >> it tells you if they need security clearance he is going to continue to lean on them in that advisory role although he said once he becomes president, they'll take care of the business, he'll take care of the country. it's highly unusual for a candidates family to get this clearance. the just an inquiry whether that might be possible. while they are in the process you wonder how that might be helpful. but it's pretty clear they are at the table. >> kim: thanks so much. we'll see you again tomorrow.
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around the country. in seattle this was the scene. hundreds of protestors marching through the streets holding signs and chanting there. several times the protestors blocked traffic, confronted by police. two protestors actually arrested. now here is a new phenomenon we're seeing. students walking out of class from at least four high schools. university of washington students some of them walking out as well. in oakland students holding zients and chanting there as well. >> kim: we take you live to the heart of new york city, the main drag for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's in the news for all the wrong reasons. the police department forced to respond to an article in an isis magazine calling for a lone wolf type of attack. they direct lone wolf to rent the truck and drive it into the
6:52 am
calling the parade an excellent target. a former f.b.i. agent says this article is troubling but it is nothing new. they've heard this type of rhetoric before. police will use a multilayer strategy to keep people along the route safe. it is nine days from now and will air live on this channel. "the today show" coming up and this morning they are revealing this yea >> he's much bigger than this. here we go. why did you pick him this year? >> professionally he's had an amazing year. he transitioned from wrestling toh . >> you can call her the pebble. it's the rock that will grace the cover of the sexiest man
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the full interview with the editor coming up when this program ends. >> dana: he's our traffic rock up in sky 3. >> tom: we are over the south part of the valley near unlv where unfortunately that was an overnight auto pedestrian accident involving a fatality. the vehicle involved is this one behind the police tape. that's where police are doing their examination. directions. try using flamingo or russell. for north south travel you can use win isson or spencer or paradise or eastern instead depending on where you are going. this intersection looks to be closed for the next few hours. >> jeff: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. the freeways have been ok on this tuesday up to this point. 15 southbound is starting to
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we had an accident earlier at washington which is likely a contributing factor to that. it's a 10 minute commute from the bowl to the 215. all freeways clear except for 95 eastbound. so far the commute is looking ok. let's get a check of that forecast with kelly. >> kelly: you see this, that's the moon. it's still out. the sun is out too though. we have beautiful blue skies, clear cons. conditions. temperatures on the cool side to start. spring valley 54. clear skies in the area. a cold front on the way going to bring clouds, wind and much cooler temperatures. today temperatures will be well above normal. pahrump 79, primm the same. at lake mead 82. that's the expected high. tonight alamo you are going down
6:55 am
in las vegas today 79. many neighborhoods expected to make it into the low 80's today too. windy conditions tomorrow. gusts to 45 miles per hour. 76-degrees still above normal on wednesday but below on thursday. 60 for the high with breezy conditions and 39 friday morning. >> dana: time for the water cooler. we're down to the final 12 on that hit show "the voice" and just hours ago the live program as the fil vote. ??? take me to church. >> dana: mcdonald singing her lungs out last night. will she continue on on "the
6:56 am
tonight in the result show. have you until 9:00 this morning to make your vote. she used to be a coach on "the voice" and her current boyfriend is a coach on "the voice." she was giving an acceptance speech after being recognized as woman of the year. she gave a tribute to blake shelton and said thank you for kissing me back to life. they seem like ther make way for a new dessert. oreo is getting into the candy barbies. what took them so long? the other has a middle layer of oreo cookers weighing 10 and a half ounces. you'll be able to buy these in january. >> kim: i'm sure it taste delicious.
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because that's what happens to most people. thank you for spending time was. "the today show" is next. matt lauer taking you behind the scenes of the rolling stones museum. hanging out with his heroes this morning. we got to see gwen stefani in concert together at the t-mobile arena. it was so fun. >> she looked great too. going. >> jeff: an officer involved shooting happening overnight in our valley. craig brings us the latest. >> krystal: two coworkers get in an argument and now one is missing part of his lip. why it was bitten off and where
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good morning. new world order? inside the fierce battle to be in the trump inner circle. is rudy giuliani the next secretary of state? laura ingraham, the next white house press secretary? and what about the backlash against top advisor steve bannon calling terrifying. president obama side-stepping the issue. >> it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> who is in and who is out? we'll ask top trump advisor kellyanne conway. excellent target. isis puts out the call for followers to attack next week's thanksgiving day parade in new york in its propaganda magazine. terror officials saying there is


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