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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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happy wednesday. where did you put the hair spray? >> kim: welcome into the program. i wanted to be able to properly welcome everyone in on this thursday. we're the wagners, kim and dana here. because i talked with kelly before the broadcast started, i know what she's about to say as far as the windy elements in the forecast. i have my big >> dana: she was hiding it. >> kelly: i hope that is extra hold. a hat probably a good idea as well. as we've got a wind advisory going into effect at 10:00 a.m. this morning, we're looking at winds gusting up to 50 miles per
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temperatures going to be a lot colder on the backside of this cold front coming up. >> kim: we're sisters from another mr. too because we both have blue on and that was not planned. this broke overnight there is a suspect in custody after an hours long standoff with local police and also the swat team. it started when local officers responded to being fired yesterday evening at an apartment complex on maryland parkway. the woman who was involved here, the suspect was inside an apartment with a man, apparently a male acquaintance. she fired one or two shots and went outside and fired off more shots into the air. officers arrived and they could not get the woman to come out. people living nearby were given the opportunity to evacuate.
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into custody. in the end not a single person injured. we have video of officers escorting somebody out of the building. as this continues to play out and we get additional information about what we're seeing on your screen, we'll get that from craig who is going to have a live report in about 30 minutes from now. >> dana: he's tweeting again. donald trump took to twitter refuting reports that his transition t tracy potts reports. >> president elect donald trump dining out in new york after his first official security briefing and tweeting overnight that only he knows finalist for his cabinet. mr. trump calls it a very organized process. insiders describe turmoil. >> governor christie and his team moving out and others moving in as trump tries to figure out who he wants by his side.
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son-in-law jerry kushner wielding influence. the team inquired about getting him security clearance. mike pence is in charge. >> this leadership team is unified, this entire house republican conference is unified and we are so 'king tore get to work with our new president elect. >> republicans elect new lears today. house democrats put their elections off. nancy pelosi expected to face a challenge. >> we need to move forward. >> the country still trying to move forward. >> kim: can't wait to talk to tracy live in our 6:00 hour because minutes ago nbc news was able to confirm new information concerning the transition team. tracy will have the details.
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vice president biden is going to have lunch with the incoming vice president who is now head of the transition team. biden will welcome him too. the official residence for the vice president, the naval observatory. his wife is expected to attend a luncheon as well. we don't know if dr. jill biden will be in attendance for that. i have a feeling they will all get together at some point. is currently the governor of indiana will become the nation's vice president on january 20. >> dana: also happening today hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since making her concession speech. she will be honored in the nation's capitol where she once worked as a young staff attorney. she's called a life long champion of children.
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republican is switching up parties. now we're hearing why for the first time from the state senator patricia farley. she's going to serve as an independent. the move was made because of frustrations with how the system was working. she felt pressure to adopt a party platform and could not get her own ideas on the agenda. >> party name comes with too. i think i'm better off driving agenda i believe in versus driving agenda that was handed to me. >> she's hoping that more politicians will shed party affiliation so they can do what is right for the people. >> dana: with recreational marijuana use becoming legal in the nevada , the question now is
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law goes into effect january 1. one marijuana consultant says companies currently growing marijuana cannabis have the means to grow the supply but not always the space to store it. their plans to supply recreational marijuana will call for expansion and that sup to new regulations the state has state senator says another concern is bridging the gap between when it's legal to carry an ounce of marijuana this january and when dispensaries can sell it a year later.
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wilson. wilson saying yesterday he will not prosecute small possession cases from the past considering that voters in this state passed recreational marijuana. if you have less than an ounce on you and you were caught in the last year or so he's not going to prosecute those cases as long as you keep your nose clean. >> kim: they are going to pot restaurants. you can bring your marijuana to a pot restaurant and smoke it outside. that is how fast this whole sire developing in our country. >> dana: there will be a smoking patio. >> kim: have we heard of anything like this before? marijuana laws in our great nation. speaking of our great nation, there is president obama speaking in front of all of
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greece, as he continues to make his final foreign visit of his presidency, we will take along the way. we have a team of producers listening to the president as we speak. if he has breaking news, we'll pass it on to you. still to come this morning a cement truck takes a tumble. it's all caught on video. we're hearing from witnesses about how this thing happened and how serve doing. that is coming up. >> dana: a case of road rage caught on
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>> kim: welcome back.
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finally complete. it was a three-year $60 million project. we will have more live looks at the dome in all of its glory. our freshman elected lawmakers, they have a picture we'll be sharing later on. >> dana: he took the turn fast. he was trying to make the light and on to his side. nobody seriously injured in all of this. witnesses say he was going too fast as he tried to make that turn. >> kim: got trash talk this morning all up in this piece. yes we do. it has to do with the trash at
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are we going to be paying more? the services your way. >> dana: people in china are talking about him.
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>> dana: we just saw president obama talking as he continues his final visit to greece as president. yesterday took care of business meeting with the president there after his visit today he will deliver remarks to the people of greece which will focus on democratic ideals. that is going on now and provide a rebuttal to anti-globalization forces that have swept europe
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year. >> kim: it is good. back just in time for the holidays. they flipped the switch yesterday at the cactus garden. the guardsen features a million lights and weekend visits from santa himself. you can check it out charge between now and new years day. >> dana: the lights are cool but you want to know the best part, free samples. >> kelly: starting to feel more like the holiday season.
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banner there, that is that moon as it got ready to sink below the horizon. highs yesterday in the mid 70's across the area. more clouds expected today. the wind is starting to pick up. temperatures outside, right now we're warmer than they have been lately. the clouds keeping temperatures more mild. laseg gets warmer before it gets colder. wind gusting to 25 but they are going to get stronger as this cold front approaches. there is a chance for precipitation but most of it will be in lincoln county with potential for a light dusting of snow. the wind advisory is all the area shaded in tan.
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our high today mild but we'll have to deal with the winds. 49 for the low. our seven-day forecast showing cooler temperatures arriving tomorrow. the high 63. a slight chance for precipitation on monday. >> kim: we have one of those take a look at this sort of moment. th where police are working to sort out the details. you are about to see road rage caught on cam ha. it happened yesterday morning. a man started acting erratically. he was arguing with his girlfriend. grabs her and wrestles her to the ground. the driver tries to run over the people who intervened on his girlfriend's behalf.
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had fallen to the ground. they slowed him down enough so police could catch him. he was arrested moments after this video was taken. >> dana: the airport in oklahoma city after a suspect in a deadly shooting was found dead himself. a southwest airline's employee was shot when he was walking between aer area. he's the father of kansas city chiefs player. the suspect in the shooting has been identified later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a pickup truck. >> if you are a woman imagine your boss trying to kiss you while on the job.
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she received death threats over her bat billion donald trump. she made headlines again when she accused her former boss of sexual harassment. now she's going in depth talking about it in her new book. she describes what happened in an interview this morning that will be on "the today show." >> he tried to kiss m he tried again she's a former prosecutor and well acquainted with the law. we'll have more on megan kelly
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broadcast before you see her full interview on today. >> dana: several of the nation's largest social media sites taking action to address growing problem. facebook and google working to curb the exploding number of fake news stories that may be influencing users. on one of these sites there was a headline saying that the pope was endorsing donald trump. it wasn't true. mark zuckerberg rejected notion that fake headlines altered the election. facebook and google will bar fake news websites from using their system to sell advertisements. it's an effort to remove the financial incentive without censoring free spree. some of the fake headlines can be on there, they won't be able to sell ads associated with them. >> kim: i told you we were going to have trash talk and now it's here. it's one of the biggest
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vegas and in the middle of being renegotiated. there is a battle over who pick approximates up our trash. republic services hads been responsible for trash pickup and recycling. the company is looking for a 15 year extension on this contracted. it doesn't expire until 2021. two other trash companies would like las vegas to open up the contract for bids. that includes western elite which has several commeal locals have enjoyed a big benefit under the current contract with republic services. >> you compare the rates we pay in southern nevada to san diego, any place in california really and other major metropolitan areas, our residential rates are amongst the lowest of any of those locations. >> kim: a decision on a contract decision likely won't be made until the first quarter of next year.
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sure you know about it. we know megan kelly is a big part of "the today show." here is what else you can expect. >> donald trump fights back against reports of turmoil on his transition team tweeting that's all under control. ahead megan kelly gets candid about her relationship with her former boss and why her ongoing feud with donald trump has made this a very dark year. th about her run in rio. al is on the road for today's turkey's trot getting ready to surprise another fan as we get started on a wednesday morning right here on today. >> kim: candidate donald trump often talked about china. and now the country is talking
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>> dana: these guys are fascinated with donald pahrump as well. >> what do a fessn't and speaking mannedderren have to do with donald trump and china. >> the chinese seem captivated by both his grandchild and his look alike. there is such a striking resemblance to the donald's viral. >> huge blocks of birds migrate here every year. they bring bird flu. >> enough with trump's golden main and the golden pheasant. we're going from pheasant to pose isn'ts.
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a chinese poem sympathy for the pessens. china's version of twitter comments range from impressive you go girl to the more skeptical to the trump himself curses china and let's his grandchild kiss china's butt. this businessman is clever as a monkey. i van caposted then four-year-old speaking mandarin months ago. they've just now gone viral in china. she said i have an incredible chinese nanny who is teaching her. she portrays a white rabbit. a white rabbit, a golden fess gn
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>> kim: still to come there is a guy who gets to meet the man who saved his life.
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>> dana: these two guys met in
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secesher. a guy spotted the car in the pond and rushed in and pulled him to safety. he had no idea what happened or who said his life until he saw the story online weeks later. >> i was sitting there one day reading facebook and i saw that post and i said oh my god, that's my car. you guys put that on there for a reason. thank you. >> dana: i'm getting emotional here. these two guys who didn't even know each other just a week ago now say they are connected for life. >> kim: that is what is right with humanity. still to come it's a video vault morning on the broadcast. love when tom takes us back in time. we're going way back this morning to gambling on a dream,
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>> dana: tony romo talks about
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>> a local suspect taken into custody after an hours long standoff in town. we have a live report with the details from craig headed your way. person of interest, metro releasing new details about who
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they didn't have to go far to find him. we'll tell you why just ahead. supply and demand. recreational marijuana is legal, nevada faces what washington and oregon and colorado have all be facing. we'll get you inside this developing story coming everybody. welcome in. >> kim: we can take you to the birth place of democracy. president obama on the move. we'll take you there for live coverage. we're the wagners, kim and dana on this wednesday morning. >> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes.


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