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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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they didn't have to go far to find him. we'll tell you why just ahead. supply and demand. recreational marijuana is legal, nevada faces what washington and oregon and colorado have all be facing. we'll get you inside this developing story coming everybody. welcome in. >> kim: we can take you to the birth place of democracy. president obama on the move. we'll take you there for live coverage. we're the wagners, kim and dana on this wednesday morning. >> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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forecast. >> kelly: you are going to need the hair spray, hat or pony tail. very windy conditions developing. gusts potentially up to 50 miles per hour. we'll talk about the cold front comingp stuff that is not good. i'm talking about good stuff on the roadways. smooth commute with no delays. looking great on the freeways. let's get back to the news. >> dana: breaking news, a swat standoff in the valley. we take you live to the scene with craig. >> a total of three people were
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the suspect a 38-year-old woman. there was another woman and man inside the apartment. the trouble started when the suspect fired a couple of shots inside the apartment. went outside and fired more rounds. went back inside, we understand she refused to come out. this didn't end until the swat team inside farced their way inside about 2:00 this complex on maryland parkway. despite the upset there were no injuries. the woman was eventually taken into custody. we don't know if she was charged with a crime yet. we don't know what led to it, what provoked this situation. the people who lived nearby many were forced to get out of where they live late yesterday.
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to leave their homes. everything back to normal. >> kim: not a single person injured in this standoff. so kudos to our local law enforcement and swat team to make sure it ended as peaceful as it did. local police may have identified a person of interest in a recent double murder in our community. metro wa valentine. an arrest report reveals two friends told police that valentine was a possible suspect in that couple's death because he was upset with coffman before he passed away. he was murdered. three weeks before the murder valentine fired a gun at
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neigs >> i heard a bang and being there is always so much activity out here, i thought it was a fire cracker. when i came out there was a car in front of their driveway. when they saw me, they sped off. >> kim: police have not released any information about a motive for these murders but since they want to talk with shane valentine, if they get any information that helps crack this case, we'll pass it on to recreational marijuana in this state. it passed last tuesday but there is no way for people to buy it for the next 14 months. people in this state who grow medical marijuana and there are about 3,000 medical marijuana card holders, they want to grow recreational marijuana and begin selling it sooner rather than later.
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fact the black market will be serving the people looking to buy it and that product is not lab tested or approved. >> couple of things. you're going to be able to legally carry less than an ounce on your person starting january 1. but the state legislature has to figure out the regulations for people to begin selling it in this state and that could take up to a year. we heard from the district attorney steve wilson yesterday who people have less than an ounce of marijuana on them, he's he's not going to prosecute those people as long as they keep their noses clean. >> smoking in restaurants and bars is allowed in denver. >> kim: hello amsterdam. >> this ballot initiative passed in denver. you're not going to be able to smoke it inside.
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you will not be able to buy it inside those restaurants, you'll have to bring your own but they are going to start allowing this. >> kim: this is still against federal law but look how state laws continue to progress on this issue. she's going to be on the front line with that issue in nevada and now we're hearing why a life long republican who was changing her party affiliation, now she that is patricia farley. she's now going to identify as a democrat. she made the move because of frustrations with how the system was working. she felt pressure to adopt a party platform with republicans that didn't suit her needs as a person. she says she has her own ideas on the agenda.
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pressure? >> yes. and that was part of it for me too. i think that i'm better off driving agenda that i truly believe in versus joining a group of people to drive agenda that was handed to me. >> kim: she is going to be listed as independent but she will caucus with the democrats. she's hoping more politicians will shed party affiliation and focus on what really matters to the people. >> d waiting trial for their role in the 2014 standoff with federal agents near their father's ranch in bunkerville which is not far from mesquite in clark county. they are being held in pahrump. a jury in oregon acquitted them of federal conspiracy charges for the armed takeover of a national wildlife refuge in
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expected to start in february. >> kim: we have breaking news that takes us to the great state of florida for an awful story you can see on your screen. it is obvious there has the within a train derailment. two trains involved with this. it happened not long ago. there is a fuel leak. two people reported to have minor injuries. and 20 cars are flipped over in as we get new information coming in on this, we can let you know novak situations are in order. once this develops breaking on this story, we'll share it with you. still to come this morning he was dining at a steakhouse in new york city last night. president elect donald trump and the family. but he didn't have the media tag ago long and a lot of them were
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developing story ahead. >> dana: there are plenty of books that tell the history of the las vegas strip. there is a new book out there that is different than any we've ever seen. it's very interactive. this is coming up in the video vault with tom next. >> kim: we have a caught on kama moment. this is a road rage incident caught on camera. it's unbelievable to watch this play out.
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>> tom: i'll profile a book which tells us something new about southern nevada. gambling on a dream an e book which turns this into an interactive experience. >> the landscape of the town that i knew was quickly starting to change. it became very important to me that history, the 20th century history of the town not get lost. >> lynn maintains the classic
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much less cluttered than it is today. >> it was hotel, desert, hotel, diverse gas station. >> gambling on a dream covers 1930 to 1955 and covers each resort as it opened. it's filled with pictures. you can tap on a collection to examine each image you want and bring it full screen and choose among oral history collected >> i had 23 letters and she only had 7. she said what do you notice up there steve. i said i notice my name. what about mine. i said i don't notice it as much because you only have 7 letters
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is steve -- >> you got dressed up to go to a show. >> introduces us to the gaming pioneers that made it happen. >> clark back in the 1950's, he was the only one that put his name on the hotel. >> clark was a publicity hound. he was a wonderful guy. he would go along with anything. >> one of my favorite stories is sam talking and tels of how he got the phone call on christmas eve. >> got my kids and i can't leave on christmas but i'll be there at 6:00. he said sounds good. he gave me a call and i joined him on the 26. >> gambling on a dream is a treasure drove of interviews and images available for ipad, kindles and other formats.
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he's currently working on a followup which will bring us from 1955 to the present. >> dana: things back to normal at the airport in oklahoma city after a southwest airline's employee was shot to death. the victim the father of a kansas city chiefs player. michael winchester was shot while he was walking near the employee parking lot at the airport. apparently the shooter was lying in wait for him. and routine. the suspect later shot himself in the head killing himself. police don't have a motive in this case. >> kim: donald trump on the move causing quite a stir when he threat press behind last night. he dined unannounced at a new york city steakhouse called the 21 club. you can't pull anything over on
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halle jackson was able to make a reservation at the restaurant and shot this video with her cell phone. the press was told there wouldn't be any movement for the rest of the day but then a motorcade was seen moving. the nbc news crew is the best in th news today. a live look at air force one on the tarmac. he was addressed thousands in athens just minutes ago. he will be transitioning to berlin germany on his next visit as president. he did sightseeing wrapping up his two day visit to the country. it's the birth of democracy walk
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it is considered a monument to free thought. from the hill top the president could look out in nearly every direction at athens. a guide from greece's ministry of culture along with him on this foreign visit. >> dana: love the video vault. do you remember will burr clark? >> tom: he was just a little before my time. i've seen th burr clark. by the time i was growing up it was the desert inn. we are looking at a little accident on the 215 beltway. got a couple of vehicles involved. you can see they do have one vehicle sideways there in the roadway. not a major delay but motorists having to swing wide to get by that one. travel speeds running in the
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going to notice warmer than what we saw yesterday. yesterday we started with clear skies. this is a time lapse look as we saw the moon went down. temperatures around 50 to get started. topped out in the mid 70's. beautiful sunset. so many great pictures we shared on facebook yet. take a look at the temperature change. around 50 yesterday. right now spring valley you are at 69. warmer because we have cloud the south ahead of this cold front that will be making its way through this afternoon and early evening hours. the biggest thing we're going to notice are the winds. a wind advisory goes into place at 10:00 a.m. today through 1:00 a.m. for basically the entire viewing area. everybody shaded in tan. winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour this afternoon. extra hold hair spray going to be a must.
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going down to 49 for the low. winds gusting to 35. still breezy tomorrow morning and that's when we're going to notice the cooler air. 60 it for the high on thursday. and then we're looking at another chance for rain showers possibly on monday. >> kim: let's take you live to the floor of the nasdaq where jane king is standing by. this seems like a no brainer type of situation. electric car factory outside of las vegas. >> the idling of the future project in north las vegas was characterized by a company spokesperson as a temporary adjustment or work stop, a pause. the issue is nevada's pledge that the $335 million worth of incentives still on the drawing board rolling off that assembly
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the company says they are pausing to direct money to the concept of the car. >> kim: at&t customers may have to prepare to have their viewing slow down a bit. >> they will have to lot toll reduce data usage. similar to what t-mobile and sprint are doing. program allows to you stream unlimited program at dvd quality. >> now we know courtesy jane king from the floor of the nasdaq. >> dana: tough to watch. this happened at a gas station in california about an hour north of the san diego area. the guy who is driving this car was in a physical fight with his girlfriend and the people tried
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and then he tried to run them down with his car. at one point he appears to hit a woman who was lying ohen the ground. they are trying to stop him at this point. they are trying to kick in the windows. while they didn't stop him, they did slow him down. police were called to the scene and they did arrest the driver moments later. >> kim: all morning we've taken you live to athens, greece to show you the president's visit. this was not everyone thrilled to see our current commander in chief on his final visit of his presidency. the thousands of people that marched through the streets to protest the ongoing visit by president obama. a lot of people in the crowd were hooded and had clubs in hand. apparently through the reporting there it consisted partly of young people in athens, greece and some left wing members. a lot of them holding banners
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we welcome refugees but not obama. they are dissatisfied with the u.s. foreign policies concerning greece. if you haven't followed the issues, they have been under severe austerity measures of late. a lot of people tag merkel responsible for that. th home country. >> we're talking trash. what trash collectors are saying about each other coming up. >> kim: still to come this morning returning to snl. who is it going to be this weekend?
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>> kelly: as you are heading out the door you'll notice the temperatures are more mild. we could see wind gusting to 50 later tod night. >> only the second time she'll be host since she left the program. she did fun video. it's the mannequin challenge with the crew. we had the cheerlead fresh unlv doing the challenge after their
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finally coming today. be prepared for gusty wind this afternoon. wait until you see the forecast for the rest of the week. that is coming up. >> dana: breaking news from overnight. a standoff with a 38-year-old woman in the valley ended hours ago. she was firing a gun outside of her apartment. police come to the scene. she refuses to come out. forced their way inside the apartment. >> chris: you heard this mother's heartbreak on this program. now a judge will see the person
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>> new numbers show drunk driving crashes are up 10% this year in clark county alean. he will make his court appearance in hours. we'll bring you the latest on news 3. >> dana: an update now so getting a room on the las vegas strip is going to cost you more after county commissioners approved a room tax hike
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the nfl stadium project and expand a convention center. they voted to increase the sales tax by a little bit to get more than 300 new police officers on the streets of southern nevada. the nfl still needs decide whether to let the raiders move from oakland here to southern nevada. getting a room on the las vegas strip is going to go up $1.35 a night based on $100 room. one of th the city of las vegas being renegotiated right now. since the mid 80's republic services has been responsible for residential track pickup and recycling within the city limits. company seeking a 15 year extension on that contract. even though it doesn't expire for another five years. at least two other trash companies want the city to open
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has several contracts with casinos. city councilman says one benefit we've enjoyed with republic services low rates. >> if you compare the rates we pay in southern nevada to san diego, any place in california really and other major metropolitan areas, our residential rates are amosquitoes the lowest of any of those locations. >> he brings up a good point. republic job in the valley so why would we switch. however he wants to hear what the other companies have to offer. an extension on the contract likely won't be made until the first quarter of next year. >> kim: competition is a good thing. new york city has rockefeller center but we have the garden. they lit it up. they do this every year. they flipped the switch last
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you'll see famous faces in the mix having fun. this has been an annual tradition for a local of local families. now if you are looking for something to do, next week our daughter and the clark county school district doesn't have school so put this on the agenda. it features a million lights and visits from santa. you can check it out free day. we encourage you to do so. we do want to update you on the breaking news coming to us out of the state of florida. aerial images on your screen from moments ago. this is a train derailment there. we know two trains involved and this happened a little earlier this morning. there is a fuel leak and two people are reported to have minor injuries. in total 20 cars have flipped
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evacuated anyone living near this area. >> dana: international model. a young lady, a teenager who grew up in las vegas has cut off all her hair. why would she did this? we'll let you know coming up. >> kim: also the suspected robber bearing it all to steal from a pizza joint.
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>> kim: police are looking for a naked thief. why he takes his clothes off we may never know. hi came in through a roof vent and took his pants off. you see him taking off more of his clothes. at one point he tries to cover up his to break into the cash register. a penny for his thoughts. >> dana: a lot of people put the towel around their waist. he's wearing it on his head. >> tom: a lot of time when a suspect is described it's by the clothing. look for the man in the blue shirt and jeans. don't have a clothing description. we have one accident here which i'll describe on northbound 215.
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outside view shows nhp on the scene. it's on the right shoulder putting the squeeze on the travel lane. this is by russell road to the we softs 215 beltway and everything looking great on the freeway. everything knells good shape so let's check weat >> kelly: temperatures are more mild but the wind is starting to pick up. this is some of our reporting stations we have. gusts 36 have been reported. @s today will be in the 70's during the afternoon. but gusts to 50. cooled front comes through later today. we'll talk about it in 10 minutes. >> dana: a town working to find a new mayor after its former
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what the mayor and city worker accused of saying about first lady michelle obama. >> kim: we're tracking a president. we're taking to you greece for that and updating you on tony romo. what he's saying about being
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>> dana: it's the class many of you wish was offered when you were in college. in a special report news 3
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making beer a career. >> the name of the class is simple enough beer and it's what you think it is. a class dedicated to beer. and all the brews you can imagine. tasting is a key component but don't think students aren't learning. >> it's a beer, who cares. they don't realize it's as complicated as wine if it's part of hospitality management. learn more about this beer career live at 11:00. >> kim: a mayor in west virginia may need a brew after being forced to step down. it was because of something she commented on on facebook that made her laugh and the city council -t not laughing at all.
5:46 am
yesterday ramsay referred to the first lady as a quote ape in heels. the mayor responded to the post positively saying something to the effect this made her day. the council spoke about the incident. a woman drove two hours to attend this one. ramsay has been placed on leave from her >> dana: air force one on the tarmac. president obama set to leave athens greece for the final time as president of the united states. this is his final foreign visit. he did address the people of greece earlier today talking about democracy. this is the birth place of
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>> this is his final foreign visit. security is very tight. thisth president of the united states is going to berlin germany. after germany he will head to peru and then headed >> it's so cool when we're able to witness history together. it's a neat thing and you won't miss a moment of it here on news 3. we have an uh-oh moment in phoenix. a cement truck this dollars this. they were racing through the light. head over tea kettle. you can't turn and go that fast at the same time.
5:48 am
truck took that turn way too fast. thankfully no injuries to report with that bad mistake. >> tom: i've seen that sort of thing here in the las vegas valley several times. we have an accident just to the west of the 250 beltway. another accident on the 215 and this time it is in the south part of the valley northbound as you trafficker getting busier in the area. travel times all in the green.
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mid 70's. today the winds will be an issue blowing dust a possibility as well. temperatures are mild. summerlin 63, paradise 67, sunrise 69. southerly wind keeping us warmer but the colder air is on the way. it will swing through the area late this afternoon into the early evening hours. it's expected to come through dry for most of us. we're going toe a wind advisory has been issued for all the areas shaded in tan. we're looking at winds 40-506789 hopefully it's not your trash day. if it is hopefully you have your address on the trash can. overnight tonight it's going to get colder. pahrump 37 for your low temperature. alamo you are going down to 33 tonight.
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very windy conditions. breezy tomorrow and noticeably cooler. 60 for the high. 40 as you wake up on friday morning. looks like we have a chance for wet weather in our forecast on monday. >> dana: the president of the united states wrapping up his final visit to greece this morning. there is air force one on the tarmac in athens. he just gave a speech to the people of greece a short time ago. apparently this is the president's motorcade coming into frames this is a final time as commander in chief he'll be on a foreign visit. after this he's headed to berlin germany and then peru and will be back at the white house in time for thanksgiving next week. >> kim: he has to pardon the turkey before thanksgiving. still to come this morning the live eliminations wrapped up hours ago on this very channel. we're talking about the voice.
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battled it out for the top spot. we have it headed your way. >> dana: we're going to tell you about the local model doing some good and getting attention from
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>> kim: we just missed our president jogging up the stairs on the tarmac in greece. have you to love how toth magic of television we're able to turn this around. we'll show that final jog into air force one and she'll have it
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>> dana: america voted and now only 11 performers remain on "the voice." hours ago it was down to two performers. america instantly saves aaron gibbson. >> aaron gibbson moving on. live performances continue on monday here on channel 3. the internet buzzing after apple announcing the peach emoji will return to its original design.
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they are going back to the original one on the right. this young lady happens to have a lot in common with by by and canada which. they share the title professional model. her long flowing hair has been a big part of photo shoots for years on end. the job called for a come in. anna wanted to make sure it wasn't just thrown out. she donated it to a charity across the pond that provides real hair wigs for children suffering from hair loss. it's a charity that's gotten the queen's blessing. her new look is supermodel worthy. if you'd like to donate your
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organization dedicated to helping children
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology
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>> kim: you are waking up to news of a conclusion on a long standoff in our community ending while most of you were sleeping.
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>> dana: a person of interest. a man whose been named in a double murder case in our valley. metro didn't have to look very far to put him behind bars. where they found him coming up. >> kim: police have found more information about the person they believe is responsible for taking another's life. they say it was premeditated and we have it headed your >> dana: 6:00 on this wednesday morning. a few clouds in the background. >> kelly: we believe that the trump name will stay on his building here in las vegas as we're taking a live look at it right knew. we know in new york city the trump name is coming off three of the sky scrapers there. a lot of residents living in those buildings don't want to be associated with donald trump the president and because he doesn't have ownership in those


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