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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 16, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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justice center with more on what happened. >> krystal: trump transition. president-elect donald trump taking to twitter refuting reports that his transition is in turmoil. what he is saying about his decision for key cabinet positions. >> michelle: and capriotti's giving back. what the sandwich shop that is so popular here in town is doing to give back to the las vegas rescue mission >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: more information on the fire that has spread. we don't really have anymore information but we have a lot better pictures. now you can see how big this has gotten. this brush fire started as a house fire in aurora, colorado. it has spread. also we've learned it has spread to other buildings. so they are out there trying to gain control. starting as a house fire turning into that. a concern when you talk
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blowing. >> krystal: and it was on a farm so i guess they had a lot of ammunition and things to feed off with hay and whatever else is out there. it's gotten big quickly. >> michelle: we'll stay on that and bring you more information. we're happy to have you with us for the second half-hour. we're going start with this. police say the man who hit and killed two brothers while driving drunk was going twice the posted speed limit at the time. >> krystal: we're talking about willie wortham facing a judge today. let's go live to kyndell nunley. we're also told besides g he had been drinking that night. >> kyndell: that is correct. worthams himself admitted to police the night of the crash that he had four shots of hennessey at his brother's house. i can tell you this is right before he got behind the wheel. he stood alone in court today. that's because he doesn't have an attorney yet. since he has been appointed a public ee defender. the night of the crash a witness
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the brother's car pulled out on to the road. robert roberts and jermaine asher were hit and killed. the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour. investigators say worthams was drive mortgage than 70. their mother is now grieving and told us earlier this week they were on their way to buy her a birthday present. >> and this animal who has no record for noun west a safety, could have been anyone -- you are flying down a residential street that's 35 miles per hour. and they took my best friends from me. >> kyndell: those brothers were only a year apart. ages 22 and 23. worthams bail has been set at half a million dollars. he'll be back in court later this month. for now that is the latest from in front of the regional justice
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imagine. okay. he is tweeting again. we're talking about president-elect donald trump. he took to twitter overnight refuting reports that his transition is in turmoil. >> krystal: tracie potts has more on that plus the transition happening on capitol hill. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump dining out in new york after his first official security briefing and tweeting overnight that only he knows finalists for his cabinet. mr. trump calls it a very organized process. insiders describe turmoil. >> you have governor christy and his team moving out, others moving in. as trump tries to figure out who he wants at his side. >> reporter: congressman mike lodges is out in what sources call a stallin-esque purge of people associated former transition leader chris christie. son-in-law jared kushner wielding influence. vice president to be mike pence is in charge. in washington today for lunch with vice
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>> this leadership team is unified. this entire house republican conference is unified! and we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect. >> reporter: republicans in congress elect new leaders today. house democrats put their elections off. minority leader nancy pelosi expected to face a challenge from ohio's tim ryan. >> we got our butts kicked. and we need to move forward. >> reporter: the country still trying to move forward. and we've learned that mike pence in charge of t off the transition team. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> krystal: this brings us to our question of the day. what's your message to election protesters? we love to hear you from. supporting their cause or whether you think they need to calm down? just let us know what you think. head to our website, and click on the question of the day icon. vice president joe biden and his wife jill hosting the vice president elect mike pence and his wife karen for lunch today. this is the first time the
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since the presidential election. they met at the official vice presidential residence at the naval observatory in washington, d.c. mike pence spending tuesday in transition meetings at trump towers. >> michelle: one of the biggest contracts for the city of las vegas is being renegotiated right now. some people calling it the garbage wars. it's really touching off a battle over who will be picking up all of our trash. since the mid-80s republic services has been responsible and recycling within the las vegas city limits. the company currently seeking a 15 year extension on a contract that doesn't even expire until 2021. but two other trash companies that we know of for sure want the city to open up the contract for bids including western elite which currently has several commercial contracts with las vegas casinos. city councilman bob beard says one benefit we've enjoyed with
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>> if you compare the rates that we pay in southern nevada to san diego, any place in california really, and other major metropolitan areas, our residential rates are amongst the lowest of any of those locations. >> michelle: city leaders have not yet said whether they will formally open up the contract for bids but beard says he would like to at least hear what the other companies have to offer. a decision on the contract extension won't be made until the first quarter of next year. >>el many of you wished was offered when you were in college. tonight at 11:00 in his special report, news 3's sergio avila introduces us to a unlv course about making beer a career. >> the name of the class is simple enough. beers. it's exactly what you think it is. a class dedicated to lagers, ales, and all the other brews you can imagine.
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component to the class. but don't think for a second these students aren't learning. >> people think it's just a beer who cares right? they don't realize it's as complicated as wine. >> reporter: the course is part of the school of hotel and hospitality management at unlv. learn more about this beer career tonight at my special report on "news 3 live at eleven." >> michelle: somebody's got to do the job right? >> krystal: and it makes sense. >> michelle: taking a wine course right. >> krystal: exactly. there's so many types of beers, i mean, that market has in las vegas. giving back this holiday season. so many of us enjoy capriotti's here in town and it has planned to help the las vegas rescue mission feed people in our community who are hungry and it's all to do with this one little famous sandwich they have called the bobbi. >> krystal: so good. and something special they add this time of year to too. and what does a kid speaking mandarin have to do with
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going to take -- >> michelle: let me take a guess. >> krystal: i have a feeling it's going to be funny. >> kelly: we are dealing with brisky, wndy conditions today. and cold air on the way in behind it. we're going to look at temperatures you can expect as you are heading out the door
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80. favorite places in town. >> michelle: you can enjoy your favorite cap reoti's sandwich while helping give back to an important cause. that's what we're talking about today. >> krystal: ashley morris is here with us. ceo of capriotti's along with john from the las vegas rescue mission. this is so awesome because not only can you get an amazing sandwich from capriotti's one of the best in town but we're supporting a great cause at the same time. tell us. >> we partnered with the rescue
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philanthropy we try to step our game up. in the past we've asked guests to bring in canned food to help support the mission but this time we wanted to make it super easy. for the month of november every time you come into capriotti's in any location you order a sandwich or order anything off the menu we'll make a donation to feed one person in need in the valley. buy a sandwich, feed a person. >> michelle: does it have to be a certain anything you come in. you feed yourself and you know that you are going to feed somebody in need. >> krystal: i love it. >> michelle: you are known nor a certain sandwich though. the bobbi. which is basically like thanksgiving between two buns. two rolls i guess. this year you have done something different. because you've made it ready for our new word, dipable. >> so you dip it in gravy right. >> krystal: let's see how this is done. >> our customers for the longest
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sandwich. but we love gravy. for the first time in 40 years we're going to give them what they want. >> krystal: basically you are saying you asked and we deliver is what you are trying to tell us. while you make this bobbi sandwich let's talk to john. i wanted to talk about just how many people you all are helping in a given day. just let people know what you are doing. >> just in our dining hall alone we average over 1,000 hot meals served every day to people in have over 5,000 nights of shelter provided to men, women and children that will also help. plus clothing, shoes. everyday items that many take for grantdz. >> krystal: that cost money and resources. so when you have businesses stepping up to help it helps in a big way. and you can indulge in one of our favorite sandwiches. and what are they? dippable. >> michelle: you've got the turkey. you've got the cranberry.
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>> michelle: now we've got a close up shot here. seasoning. then you top it off with the stuffing. oh my gosh. now this year now will gravy be included with each sandwich? >> what you do is when you come in to capriotti's and it's not just for the bobbi but it makes the most sense for the bobbi. you come in and just say i'd like to add some gravy and they give you this wonderful serving of gravy. what just kind of drizzle it on we've given you this so it is dippable. >> krystal: i think we should try it out. >> michelle: we're going let you all know how this dippable sandwich is. >> krystal: i know it's going to be good. >> michelle: we have to wrap. but we have to get in one bite. ready. mmm! ?[ music ]? >> you want us to do the talking now? >> michelle: that taste like thanksgiving. [ laughter ]
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break. we're not going to break. i'm sorry. >> krystal: good job. she can't even think the gravy got to her head. this will make you laugh. donald trump often talks about china but now the country is talking about him. the at moment the chinese are fixated on two facets of the president-elect. cnn's jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: what do a pheasant and a kid speaking mandarin have to do with the perception of na >> china. it's pronounced china. >> reporter: the chinese seem captivated by both trump's grandchild and his look alike. the crest of the golden pheasant residing in a chinese zoo bares such a striking resemblance the photo went viral. a bird lover in the u.s. made an attack ad featuring a golden
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here every year. >> reporter: but enough with trump's golden mane and the golden pheasant. we're going from pheasants to peasants. trump's grandchild reciting a chinese poem called sympathy for the peasants has allowed sympathy for the president-elect in china. china's version of twitter comments ranged from to the more skeptical trump himself curses china but then lets his granddaughter kiss china's butt. that businessman is clever as a monkey. >> speaking mandarin ]. >> reporter: air abela's mom, ivanka trump, posted videos of her then four-year-old speaking mandarin months ago. but they just now have gone viral in china. ivanka told the south china morning post... i have an
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teaching her. in this video air abela portrays a white rabbit. the white rabbits, a golden pheasant. apparently so. now fezant-elect. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> michelle: all right. we're still eating. but we are going to get through these scripts. if you would like to follow us or you can find us on twitter. our twitter handles popping up on the screen in just a moment. also we're on instagram. so if you would like to reach out to us and tell us how you think the bobbi taste with gravy we'd love to hear about it. it's all gravy everybody. it's really good. sit down. finish working. all right. look at this. smog not fog. smog in iran. look at that.
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this what's it looked like there. authorities have imposed restrictions on vehicles moving around tehran by extending the hours of traffic restricted zones. schools are closed and pollution indicators are displaying a red status which means unhealthy for everybody. >> krystal: we're going send it over to our kelly curran. it is a little cloudy. it's getting a little chilly. blowing dust can definitely be an issue today as well. this is a time-lapse look from boulder city. beautiful colors to get the day started. you see that camera start shaking. winds picking up. current temperatures? we've hit our high. temperatures are falling now. boulder city 73 degrees. pahrump 68. that's the current temperature. lakes, nellis, sunrise both coming in at 77. we're dealing with gusty winds
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spring valley gusts to 32 miles per hour reported. aliante 22 miles per hour. because of this a wind advisory has been issued. nye county, lincoln county, clark county, the entire viewing area. we're looking at winds gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour. hopefully it's not trash day. you might have to search the neighborhood for the trash can when it runs away. let's look at 's precipitation wise. there isn't much. the system is going to come through dry. we did have green popping up on the returns. this is probably virga south of st. george. maybe a couple of sprinkles. that's about it. if we see anything at all it will mainly be in north eastern lincoln county coming down. flurries mainly in the higher
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south and east shifting through. you see mountain precipitation up here in the northern portion of the state as the system is passing. most part it's going come through dry. we are going to see much colder temperatures on the back side of this system and because of that a freeze watch has been issued not for tomorrow morning but for friday morning. indian springs, pahrump. keep that in mind if you have sensitive vegetation. cover it up and protect it from cold t highs today. we've hit them. falling through the 70s. overnight lows tonight though. alamo you are going to get pretty close. 33 your overnight low. tonopah expected to go below freezing. primm 37. in las vegas tonight we're going go down to 39. friday morning we're waking up to highs in the -- or lows in
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it's going to be cold. get the hats and gloves. >> michelle: i got gloves yesterday at target. i got my scarves. i'm ready to go. so are you ready for this? today in trending it's what a lot of people kind of consider american cuisine. i don't know what i think about that. but today is national fast food day. so stop by your favorite fast food place and it's fat food, sugar free, calorie free. people across the country celebrating by this really came very popular here in the 1950s if you are wondering. the standard menu options -- hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken, pizza. the u.s. by the way has the largest fast food industry in the world. and our influence has spread quite a bit because we're in about 100 countries with these fast-food restaurants. >> michelle: don't feel guilty today. enjoy yourself a burger and
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taco bell cantina. we've been talking about that cantina on the strip. "the tonight show" and jimmy fallon they had so much fun with this. we got a shout out. take a listen. >> check this out. taco bell just opened a new restaurant on the las vegas strip that has a vip lounge, serves alcohol and has a dj booth. [ laughter ] [ applause ] they were going to add a wedding chapel but they figured people can only make so many bad decisions in >> michelle: maybe he is clowning us. >> krystal: but we got a shout out. represent. taco bell cantina open. that's across the street from the cosmopolitan hotel and casino. the restaurant features an outdoor patio a place for dj's to spin and sharable tapas menu. it's probably a really good place to have it because you have a lot of dmrubz that area. >> michelle: i have a confession to make. >> krystal: do you want to make it on tv.
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my husband is so ashamed. he is mexican and he is like how can you like that? it's not authentic. you love what you love. coming up tomorrow at noon we want to see you right back here. before you throw away your thanksgiving leftovers we have something else you can do with them. we're going fill you in on what you can do with all that leftover food. heather marianna is so great. she shows us how to make these incredible face masks from our leftover thanksgiving. what a great idea. don't miss that and a on "news 3 live at noon" tomorrow. >> michelle: it's going go to
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>> krystal: a look at what's we're working on for "news 3 live at three" today. >> michelle: there's a new study and it ranks the healthcare system of the u.s. with other high income countries. we're going share the results and there's a hint here. >> krystal: and it is a video vault wednesday. tom hawley always does such an incredible job. we're looking back at the strip in it's early days from 1930 to 1955. you can do it by way of this interactive e book. those stories and a whole lot more on "news 3 live at three." >> michelle: that's ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in clark county. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs,
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>> >> theresa: i'm ready. >> shane: for a while there i wasn't sure you'd be walking out of here. healthy or-- or even alive. oh, my god, i couldn't bear that, my sweet, little girl. >> theresa: i'm so sorry. it just--it's just when i was hopeless, dad. i mean, brady's love is... stronger than i could've ever imagined, but he has to let go. he just has to. >> shane: and i will help you... >> theresa: okay. >> shane: in any way i can, but if i think for a single second that you can't handle what's about to happen-- >> theresa: no, no, i can, dad. i can. i have to.


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