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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 16, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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hi, friends. changes blowing our way. news 3 is your weather authority. >> let's head right to chloe beardsley for pretty dramatic changes in the forecast. >> yeah. . we have a very strong cold front moving through the region right now. you can see kicking up our wind speeds, bringing moisture to the region. certainly, the increased clouds all across southern nevada. we've seen it today. wind advisory is in effect. now much cooler temperatures are expected to settle in over the course of the next few days. the blue markings here indicate a freeze watch which is in effect for portions of the area, for temperatures that are going to be in the 20s and 30s. very cold weather. you can see extending out into arizona. for our area, the talker has been the wind this afternoon.
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gu an hour for paradise, southern highlands, summerlin as well as the blue diamond area. here is where the winds stand right now -- you can still see breezes up and over 20, 30 miles an hour in many neighborhoods. winds are coming out of the southwest. temperatures are pretty much like we saw yesterday. mostly in the mid-70s. that's all about to change by tomorrow. we're in for a bumpy ride this evening wind-wise. we'll talk going to get tomorrow. those numbers are coming up. >> thank you. a story that had a lot of parents concerned. a pahrump middle school student arrested accused of bringing a gun to school. >> this happened yesterday at the rosemary clark middle school. police say another student told a staff member the student had a firearm in a bag. school staff then took the bag and found the gun. well, there was no ammunition found in the weapon, but police took the stay tuned into -- took
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that. come to the front door. do it now. >> the sounds of police trying to come a situation after bulleting flew from an apartment in the middle of the night. police arrested that woman inside around 2:30 this morning near maryland parkway off hacienda. she's the one who is accused of firing the shots out of the apartment. it all started much earlier, around 6:40 last night. you see all of the people on the sidewalk. they were evacuated. they were into their homes hours later. nobody got hurt. henderson police pairing with the feds to help people learn more about crimes where they live. this website provides fbi data and data on police shootings. we've got a link to that website on our website. just go to a minnesota police officer charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting
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attention when this was streamed on facebook. mark barger reports. >> reporter: it was a july 6th traffic stop that resulted in philando castile being fatally shot. >> the officer shot him in his arm. >> reporter: the aftermath streamed live on facebook by castile's girlfriend. today, ramsey county's attorney general charged the officer w >> it's my conclusion that the use of deadly force by the officer was not justified. >> reporter: the shooting happened as castile reached for his i.d. after telling him he had a gun permit and was armed. >> he shot his arm off. oh, my god. please don't tell me he's dead. >> the mere mention or presence of a firearm alone cannot justify the use of deadly
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elementary school cafeteria worker prompted a week of sometimes violent protests in the area, with dozens of injuries and arrests. today, castile's family welcomed news of the charges. >> it's the beginning to a different chapter and we all hope and pray that the right thing is done in this issue. >> reporter: if convicted, the officer could face up to ten years in prison. mark barger, nbc news. nevada senator harry reid says the country should lookt >> i think it would be educational for the country to have some hearings on the electoral college system. it's unusual in such a short period of time in this young century. we've had two elections where the loser got more votes than the winner. >> this senator reid speaking about the popular vote in the election, where hillary clinton had more than 2 million votes over donald trump, the
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outcome of this election. president-elect donald trump's talk of banning muslims from entering the united states could ruin the chances of los angeles getting the 2024 olympic games. athletes today saying a donald trump presidency should not play a role in the ioc's decision. >> we just finished our presidential election, and some of you may question america's commitment to its founding principles. i have one message for you. please don't doubt us. america's greatest strength. >> all right. so that's the call from athletes the ioc watching the words of donald trump saying they are not going to tip their hand either way. they will announce the location of the games in september of 2017. all right. back home, from cars to lawnmowers, computers to dental chairs. need any of that? >> no. >> that's just some of the
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government action this weekend. >> denise rosch is live where the auction is being held and these auctions are held a few times a year. >> reporter: this is the should auction of the year. everything must go. so from now until friday, you can come out, preview what's here, including old firetrucks if you have the space for it. now, items come from metro, unlv, even the airport. any surplus item you can think of. and the auctions serve a dual purpose to clean out the shelves of local and state offices while also making money for those same government entities. i talked to one bidder who says he's been to these things before and knows sometimes buyers get carried away bidding more than intended. >> they keep going, going, going. i've been caught up in the moment when i should have stopped a long time ago. but i thought, there i can make some money flipping the item.
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>> everything for sale was bought with tax payer money. we sell it back to the tax payer and it goes back to the government enties to put back in the coffers. times are still hard. every dollar we bring in goes right back to where it came from. >> reporter: you might wonder who would buy an old fire truck. well, believe it or not, movie studios. i'm told they use them to create rain during movie shots. right here, they find find a second life in hollywood. and again, the auction is this saturday at 8:00. today is preview today. reporting live, i'm denise rosch for news 3. back to you. >> i'm telling you right now on live tv. every time you do an auction story, i get in trouble. i'm staying away this time. [laughter] >> thank you. black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year is a little over a week away. trends show it's growing in
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>> our faith jessie is live at one major retailer looking forward to the rush of shoppers and the sound of cash going in the cash register. >> reporter: yes, that's right. here at j.c. penney, the trends show more and more people are coming in person to take advantage of those black friday deals, despite having the opportunity to go online for cyber monday. now, holiday shopping spending has increased and is expected to reach over $656 billion. that number accordi hub which placed j.c. penney in the number three spot, averaging 62.79%. associates say they've seen a major increase each year in the amount of people coming out, despite the variety of online deals for cyber monday. many retailers have hopped on board the cyber monday train. j.c. penney offering 50,000 of their own online deals. a similar trend at best buy,
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friday doors open. to satisfy increasing demands, best buy has opened their doors on thanksgiving day for the past two years to meet the surge in customers. best buy says their customers want to shop. >> over 1,000 customers shop on best buy every day. we'll talking about ten times that that will be shopping on black friday. not only does the have to happen in the stores and we'll have tons of associates. >> reporter: although traditionally, black friday starts the day after thanksgiving, well, take a look around. you can see that many deals have already started taking place. faith jessie, news 3. >> we expect to see you with a shopping back in the halls. >> do you shop now or --
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[laughter] could beer be a career? here's sergio avila with a peek at his special report introducing you to a unlv course specifically on the brew. >> reporter: the name of the class is simple enough -- beer. it's exactly what you think it is. a class dedicated to loggers. >> it was extremely sweet. >> eating the stem of a strawberry. >> reporter: and all of the other brews you can imagine. tasting, of course, is a key component to the class. but don't think these students are not >> people think it's a beer. who cares? right? they don't realize it's as complicated as wine. >> reporter: to learn more about this beer career tonight at 11:00 on news 3. >> pretty cool. if winter sports are up your alley, you may want to check out a job fair in lee canyon. they are looking for seasonal full and part-time employees.
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200 employees in the ski school or the job and restaurant. be sure to bring your resume. be ready for on-site interviews. a possible act of retaliation in the form of a deadly bullet. >> what police in oklahoma believe may have been the motive behind the shooting. internet technology putting
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welcome back. you know, one day after bullets flew at an oklahoma city airport, it's now looking like someone's >> here's more on the sniper-style killing. >> reporter: oklahoma city's airport has reopened after the shooting led to a complete shutdown. >> a victim has been shot. >> reporter: chaos and confusion followed after michael winchester was shot and killed walking to an employee parking lot. police say the shooting was premeditated. the alleged gunman, a former
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identified as lloyd dean bowie. police say they believe he fired a rifle from a parking garage 50 yards away from winchester was walking. >> the suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. we do not know if mr. winchester was the intended victim. >> reporter: investigators say it is possible the shooting was in retaliation for what may have led up to bowie's resignation in 2015. >> but obviously the suspect knew where the employees parked and where they would be walng the main terminal. >> reporter: the victim is a former college football player and the father of james winchester of the kansas city chiefs. the relationship between the two is still unclear as the investigation continues. to florida for a freight train crashed in the middle of the night. it happened when a southbound train hit a northbound train. they were going to the same track.
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the collision, causing this mess. amazingly when you look at this, only two people suffered injuries. isolated and starved. that's what police in alabama say two adopted parents did to a 14-year-old boy. when police raided the home, they found the boy weighing just 55 pounds. the investigation started on sunday when police were notified of possible abuse when the adoptive parents took the boy to a hospital. they now face an aggravated child abuse charge. neighbors say >> why would you do something like this to a child that you adopted? and may -- they had to have have gone through checks. >> doctors working around the clock to help keep the teen alive. the parents are behind bars on $1 million bail. a pennsylvania family got a rude awakening when a large crackling noise alerted them to
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backyard. a hole, 30 feet deep and 40 feet wide in a place where they usually have their barbecues. apparently, an old mine collapsed. >> the whole house we thought was going to collapse. the cracking was unbelievable, it was the whole back of the house. i got the kids. we ran outside, and these back lights were on. and when you looked, you saw the hole instantly opened up. >> well, the family's house is still standing but they are not allowed back in. insurance for a sinkhole. so it could be a total loss. time to check on our forecast and news 3 is your weather authority and chloe, it's windy. i went for a run and let me tell you, it was the toughest run i've had yet. >> did you fall? >> i didn't fall. >> there you go. >> nature's resistance is thenning you. it's certainly a change in our weather pattern. hopefully you didn't do your hair today or at least wait
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that. if you look outside, it looks nice but it doesn't feel nice. this is what we woke up to this morning. i'm sure you felt it, the gusty winds. you can see at mount charleston, also very rocky conditions at lake mead. nobody should be out on the water this afternoon because we are going to continue to see the strong winds all the way into the evening tonight. here is also a look from our camera in spring valley, where we've got these dancing trees just enjoying this changeup in wait until you see what we have in store for you tomorrow. 52-mile-an-hour winds at las vegas rv. in sky canyon, winds reached above the 50-mile-an-hour threshold and 48-mile-an-hour gusts near charleston and the 215. we're looking at very blustery conditions today. it will continue for the next few hours. it will slowly diminish as we make our way into tomorrow. peak wind gusts in the valley.
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winds. blue diamond as well as summerlin. we're seeing gusts reaching up to 50, 40 miles an hour across the region. still going to be breezy for the next few hours. temperatures actually are pretty close to what we saw yesterday. you could see many neighborhoods in the mid-70s. even outside of the valley we have seen the gusty conditions. we'll show you the culprit in just a second. current wind speeds right now, temperatures 68 for in the mid- to upper 70s for lake mead. these winds are out of the southwest. they will continue to be pretty windy over the next few hours. will diminish. the cold front is the culprit right now. on the back side of the system, we'll see very strong winds tomorrow morning decreasing by tomorrow afternoon. we have a wind advisory that remains in effect through tomorrow at 1:00 a.m. cool weather is expected to set in. we already have freeze watches in effect for early friday
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you can see the areas highlighted in blue right there. it will be cold for us, too. temperatures dropping down in the upper 40s in las vegas. we're not used to that kind of weather yet. gusts up to 50 miles an hour are possible. look how cold it got. 22 degrees for your overnight low on the mountain. we're looking are at 50s for lake mead. 30s for indian springs and pahrump. highs tomorrow will feel like our recent overnight lows. mostly in the 60s for many places we'll only make it to 62 degrees in las vegas. winds diminishing later on in the day. here's what it will look like. you can see very slowly getting to calm conditions by 5:00 tomorrow night. as far as the next seven days go, well, the cooler temperatures settling in for the rest of your workweek. high pressure will build in briefly over the weekend. so your weekend, everyone, is safe. warming up just slightly. temperatures flirting with the
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this is the definition of a roller coaster forecast. we've got about everything in there for you. >> at least the weekend is safe, like you said. >> yes. yes. that's the part we care about. >> thank you. popstar adele gets an unwelcomed guest on stage. >> her reaction, kind of funny to some and caught on camera. good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. why would a local model cut off most of her hair? we'll show you the picture and
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i wanted the same plan that my mother had. senior dimensions. i've had senior dimensions for over 20 years. and i love it! at the plan that offers you more than original medicare. senior dimensions members pay a zero dollar monthly premium. senior dimensions members pay a zero dollar copay for primary care doctor visits. and, our members pay a zero dollar copay for specialist visits and a zero dollar copay for hospital stays as well. i wanted a plan that's been here as long as we have. senior dimensions is one of the longest-standing local medicare advantage plans in nevada,
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i like that i have plenty of doctors and specialists to choose from. senior dimensions offers a broad network of local providers including southwest medical associates, one of the largest and fastest growing multi- specialty groups in nevada. it's what i want. and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. las vegas. out of chandler, arizona. these two guys met for the first time yesterday. the first time they crossed paths was december. one was driving home from his son's baseball game when he had an epileptic seizure. the other guy was driving guy, spotted his car in the pond, went to help, bashed the tire
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iron. the guy had no idea what happened or who saved his life until he saw the story weeks later. >> i was reading facebook and i saw the post and i said oh, my god. that's my car. you guys put that on my car for a reason. >> those two men who didn't even know each other just a few weeks ago now say they are connected for life. she is a palo verde high school grad common with gigi had id and kendall jenner. her name is anna. her hair has been a part of her photo shoots but while working in london, the job called for a new look. she wanted to make sure her mop top was not just mopped up and thrown out. so she donated that hair to a
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with a face like that, who needs hair? to baltimore, a thief that wanted to steal a pizza shop's money, took off his his clothing. baltimore county police say the burglar broke into that pizza shop coming to a roof and apparently ripped pants. you can see him on security video taking off his clothes to cover his priv he got away with nothing. no clothes, not even a dime of money. and that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. >> needs to put a towel over the midsection, young man. [laughter] >> a little too much. a scare for adele and her fans in mexico city. >> this all happened while she was on stage. take a look. >> yep.
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like a bat playing a little charade. the bat went on the attack in the audience. somebody got hurt. we're understanding that person is going to be okay. that theater holds about 25,000 people. it was pack and she knew there was a language barrier. a road rage incident caught on camera. what witnesses say the man behind the wheel tried to do when they jumped in to help. and big brother to the rescue. the split-second reaction to
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right now on news 3 live at
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hats handy. the big shift in the weather coming through the valley. and donald trump's immigration plan. the first 100 days in office always very important. what you can expect to see from the president-elect in that time. and we crack open the video vault. there are plenty of books that tell the story of the las vegas strip, but one of them comes alive at the touch of your fingertips. hold onto your hats. the winds are kicking up. >> news 3 is your weather authority. we go right over to chloe beardsley with a first look at the wind coming today. >> that's right. very chilly weather is expected. we're tracking this very strong cold front that has brought us very strong winds this morning and through the afternoon. you can see the movement right here over the course of the last few hours. we're still going to be pretty blustery this evening. after this area of low pressure passes, very cold temperatures will settle in. we have some freeze watches in effect for portions of the area.


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