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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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was going 115 miles an hour down rainbow just before the crash. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. the arrest report said that willie wortham downed shots before the crash. it's our top story. kelsey thomas is live where the crash happened. >> i want to give everybody an idea what the neighborhood is like. this is rainbow. this is a neighborhood filled with apartment ce police say willie wortham was barreling down the road racing another driver on saturday night when he killed those two brothers and what happened next has a mother heartbroken. >> every single mom, you want to protect your kids as a kid. you want to protect your kids. my kids call me, i'm always there. this one time i wish i wouldn't have answered the phone. he just asked what i wanted for
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preparing to bury two of her sons. today, she's visiting the ever-growing memorial where jermaine asher and robert sean roberts were killed by a suspected drunk driving. >> oh, my god. i'm trying to be strong. >> reporter: the days since have been killed with anger and grief. >> no. i'm not okay. i will never be okay. i know people want me to be okay but i will >> reporter: in a black jail jump suit, the suspected driver, willie wortham, came face to face with a judge today in a las vegas courtroom. his bail, set at $500,000. in the metro police report obtained by news 3, police say he admitted to drinking four shots of hennessey before the crash saturday night. officers described his eyes as watery, glassy and blood shot. police say he was driving
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limit, racing a pickup truck just seconds before the crash. >> i'm surrounded by so much love and i feel alone. it was always us. those are my babies. >> reporter: today, she embraces the neighborhood kids who knew her boys. she tells us she's overcome by support. it has given her the strength to face the moment that changed her family. willie wortham declined to speak to us from jail. he's due back in court in two weeks. reporting live, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> all right. thank you. news 3 is your weather authority, and the headline here is that winds are picking up today and a cooler day tomorrow. >> we all felt the pickup this afternoon and bringing a drop in the temperatures. >> the wind advisory in effect
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weather halfway through november. current wind speeds blowing at a decent rate. we've never had the ferocious winds. a couple of neighborhoods gusted to 45 miles an hour. over the next couple of hours when the front goes through, we'll probably see a slight uptick and neighborhoods will go up there. beatty and pea the winds will be sustained with a few more gusts over 40 and then start backing off slowly through the day tomorrow. more on that part of the forecast when we look at the next seven days. tonight, metro police looking for more potential victims of a man accused of luring kids to his apartment with candy to sexual assault him. this is the man known to his
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his real name is jose. police say he lived in a complex near charleston and nellis. that's where they say the abuse was happening over the course of 12 months. we put his picture on our website. officers are urging any more victims to come forward by calling police or crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. an 18-year-old is accused of trying to run over a metro officer after refusing to pull over for a traffic stop. well, tonight, the teen's girlfriend is coming to his defen news 3's antonio castelan is live near nellis and bonanza where officers first tried to pull over the driver. antoine grow? >> reporter: daniel pritchard's girlfriend said she has no idea what may have led her boyfriend to spark a police shooting. friends of 18-year-old daniel pritchard describe him as a typical teen enjoying life.
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police say the car pritchard was driving was unregistered. officers say they tried to pull over the teen. but he refused to stop. police pulled back and let the car go. a short time later, officers found pritchard in his car at a different location. >> and the vehicle had pulled into one of those cul-de-sacs and blacked out. officers pulled into the cul-de-sac, turned on their emergency equipment and attempted to contact the occupant. >> reporter: investigators say when he woke up, he tried to run over one of the officers. >> the victim drove at a high rate of speed at the driver of the police car. he discharged his weapon at the vehicle striking it several times. >> reporter: police caught up and arrested the team. andy garcia says this is out of the ordinary for her 18-year-old boyfriend. she says he respects police
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boyfriend trying to run over a cop. >> i know he hasn't done anything wrong. i mean, they are trying to say he tried to run him over. i don't think that's true. >> he drove at the officers when they stepped out of the vehicle. >> reporter: now pritchard is facing assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving and having a canceled license. if convicted, he could face time in jail. it's a stiff lesson garcia hopes her boyfriend doesn't have to learn the hard way. >> i don't think he will end up he wouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: metro police plan on having a news conference on this officer-involved shooting in the next couple of days. reed? >> all right. antonio, thank you. talk about some big shoes to fill. that's the prospect nevada faces with the departure of harry reid from the u.s. senate. he retires in january. whether you liked him or not, you can't argue with one fact. he put nevada on the political map. jeff gillan has more.
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it's a question of filling a shoe store. his footprint is that big. nevada's longest-serving lawmaker in washington, from protecting public land to funding universities, to fighting terrorism, reid brought home the bacon. we caught up with his his old colleague, richard brian at unlv. >> he has supporters and he has critics. the one would all agree on he's been a very effective force for nevada. >> reporter: reid steps down in january and for nevada, it's a new day in washington. monday, like a proud father, reid showed off the newest members of the delegation. of the six, four are democrats and three of them are freshmen. >> that's not to suggest we don't have a good delegation now. but they have far less influence, far less seniority. >> reid had a certain degree of
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limit the discussion. >> reporter: which professor michael greene says could have been reid's biggest asset. not what he did but what he could stop. case in point, yucca mountain. >> they will try to push it through nevada. he has blocked it time and again in the senate. >> reporter: but he's leaving. reid's successor from wa with senator heller. i look forward to -- we're going to schedule a meeting on how we can work together. >> reporter: and for nevada's prospects in washington, that's the bottom line, we'll need all of the unity we can get. >> we're still waiting on senator reid's next act. he's not said what he plans to do in retirement. back to you. since the election we've seen demonstrations and frustrations. if you are feeling stressed out
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therapy? unlv is offering just that for those looking to talk to a professional or others about the election outcome. the senths are -- the sessions are free for students and staff. individual sessions are available. the sessions are led by the director of the marriage and family program on friday at 3:30. they go through december 16th. they will be limited to a dozen people. there's more at news 3 is your weather authorit that tom hawley come out of the chopper and join us in the studio because we miss him. >> i like that you demand that. on very, very windy days, that works out well. we've been noticing slowing on the western beltway, also 15 northbound, always sluggish this time of the day. northbound in the afternoon, more southbound in the evening. now, what we want to start warning you about is a big
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a complete closure of the 15. the beltway will be closed at the airport connector from 9:00 on friday evening to 5:00 on monday morning. that's for sling and girders. the department of transportation, county of public works is suggesting alternate routes. if you are coming in from the south, exit at eastern avenue or windmill or warm springs. the other direction, decatur or jones or las vegas boulevard. it will be a mess. we'll be warning you more about it as time goes on. watch out for that one. >> thank you, tom. we're thankful for the wind because we get to see him face to face. the families of two local students say they were bullied at school and the school district didn't do enough to stop it. >> the families are taking the claims to court. we have a live report on the trial ahead. and soon, it will be legal to use recreational marijuana in nevada. before you light up, you may want to check with your employer about what happens if you need
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ahead, some of the gray areas you need to know about it. i'm denise rosch. previewing the government surplus auction -- coming up.
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welcome back. the clark county sch d against allegations that administrators didn't do enough to stop two students from being bullying. it's the first time the district has gob -- has gone to court over a claim like this. and sergio avila is live to tell us about their claims. >> reporter: well, jim, this is the first of two of these type of cases related to bullying. in this first case, the allegations stem from incidents in august of 2011.
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bullied. one of the teens involved testified it was a dark time in his life. >> when was the first time in your life that you were suicidal? >> in the 6th grade. >> reporter: the plaintiff claims the school was notified. the boys were sexually harass and called derogatory, home phobic claims. one claimed to be stabbed with a pencil. >> was she conce experiencing? >> yes. >> reporter: he testified the alleged bully was talked to but never suspended. >> if you don't suspend a student who stabs another student in the groin with a pencil, what message is that sending? >> i can't answer that. >> reporter: the school district wants to prove its administrators acted adequately. they argue they were never made aware of accusations by the students.
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of any sort to any personnel? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: the vice principal also testified when one of the boy's mother visited the schools they responded by asking the boy directly if he was okay. >> was that an opportunity if he wanted to talk to you further, he could have said something? >> if he chose to do so, yes. >> reporter: this case is slightly different from others we have it's a bench trial. there's no jury. and then the judge will determine the outcome of the case. it's expected to wrap up next week. back to you. a pahrump middle school student arrested for bringing a gun to school. nye county authorities say they were called to rosemary clark middle school on tuesday. another student noticed the gun and told school leaders. sheriff's deputies say the gun was not loaded.
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anyone with the gun norwas it taken out of the bag. if you ever thought about a career in the winter sports business, you may want to check out lee canyon. they are looking for seasonal full and part-time employees. they need00 employees for the school, someone to work in the bar and restaurant. the job fair is sunday from noon to canyon. brick your -- bring your resume and be ready for interviews on the spot. news 3 is your weather authority. kevin joins us now. not with a snowy forecast but some changes. >> anything up to the mountains? >> no. but we could have sustained, cold mornings in the 20s and that could start making the snow. i think they like the natural stuff to get rolling.
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some tour -- turbulence. we've been watching the winds wobble as far as the trees are concerned. we didn't get any ferocious winds inside the valley. and those clouds out in advance of the front. they made for another great sunset. that didn't last long. quick pop of color before the sun went down. let's check in a few the kyle canyon turnoff and 95, that's outside of the valley to the northwest. blowing at 38. they've gusted to 61 miles per hour. st. rose in bermuda, they are blowing at 20, having gusted to 48. and to writhe elementary, mountain's edge area, they were blowing to 43. even downtown.
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downtown henderson at 20. summerlin at 23. they gusted to 45. we had a 40-mile-an-hour gust in southern highlands, centennial hills and that strong one on the near east side as well. outside of the valley, indian springs at 22. the front kicking up the wind will shift those winds any time now. they've had a gust to 41. pioche. still up in up in my and lincoln county. and it's another hour before it moves through the valley and that's when we'll have our strongest gusts well over 40 miles an hour. 78 the high temperature. that tied the record. air quality certainly in the good category. the wind, not really strong enough or gusty enough to kick up a whole lot of dust. 50s for our start. 50s at lunchtime.
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you will get --ner will get your attention the first half of the day, 15, 30 especially in northwestern parts of the valley. and then it starts to trail off. by tomorrow evening, we'll see the winds relax. it's pretty easy to make out the front. and then we'll expect gusts out of the northwest and that will start to usher in the colder air and you can see the cold air with the freckled clouds. the good thing about las vegas, when it chills out like this, it only lasts for about aay year. chilly on the mountain. how about 21 up in caliente? boulder city, going to the 40s. then high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. there will be a difference. mesquite 61. 58 in sandy valley. indian springs going to 54. in town, 53. for us for the low temperature, those strong winds during the evening and then just plain windy overnight. the winds will start to back off tomorrow afternoon. but still, pretty windy in the
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we'll top out at 62 for the high tomorrow. your seven-day forecast as we look ahead. timing couldn't be any better because the winds will be gone by friday. and how about the weekend? a normal november weekend with highs in the mid- to upper 60s saturday. near 70 on sunday and that's where we'll start of plateau next week. i know. i have to apologize. it's no longer 80. we'll have to deal with 0 or the up -- with 7 with 70 or 60. new details about the shooting at the oklahoma city airport. did the killer plan it out.
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a big question tonight surrounding the new law letting nevadans of drinking age buy and possess marijuana for recreational use. even though pot will be legal january 1st, it will be up to your employer whether you are allowed to use the drug and keep your job. it's complicated since on the federal level, pot is s illegal drug. safety sensitive jobs like operating heavy construction equipment, driving a limo, even money-handling jobs in casinos are federally regulated. they require drug testing. right now there's no way to conduct instant sobriety tests like there is for alcohol which will force employers to adapt so they can spot the signs of impairment. >> i believe there needs to be more training in the workplace.
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marijuana starting on new year's day, it could still be another year before rules are in place to allow recreational sales to the general public. a police officer is facing criminal charms for -- charges for shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop. >> you probably remember this video when the man's fiance posted this on facebook. ahead, what he's charged with. and what do you get the person who has everything? from firetrucks to used ca mannequins, all up for grabs at the county surplus auction. we'll give you a look at what else you can get your hands
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well, if you ever wanted to own your own police vehicle, maybe a motorcycle or something like a dental chair, now is your chance. >> a dental chair? this saturday the county is holding the final government surplus auction of the year. all kinds of stuff. hundreds of vehicles, plenty of denise rosch has our review. >> reporter: the auction itself is saturday. for the next two days you can preview what's here, literally kick the tires if you want. if you are wondering who would want an ambulance or fire truck, event organizers say there's a buyer for everything. robert mckinnis is no stranger to public auctions. he and his friend, butch, have


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