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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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for me. >> dana: hillary clinton talking publicly for the first time since conceding the election. we're going to tell you what she'd rather be doing than giving speeches. >> kim: breaking news update. check out your screen. an explosion rocked this town. where it happened and what investigators are saying this morning is new and headed your way. >> dana: good morning. we are awaiting the arrival of the sun this morning. it will be up here in just a little bit. >> kim: i'm wondering what i should place a wager on. we have thursday night football
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we're the wagners on this thursday morning. we have friends in the studio with us. that would be jeff with travel times before you get in the car. kelly curran nails the forecast. she talked about the wind. boy did it arrive and she has details on today. we check in with tom up in >> tom: you aring looing at the bowl and there is a lot of people down there. social security jammed up. rush hour starting earlier than usual. not seeing anything blocking travel lanes out here. just lots of people want to get up and at them. >> jeff: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we've been keeping our eye on 15 southbound near charleston
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slowing than usual around this area. whatever it was there seems to be clear. the travel time right now that is slow is nine minutes from downtown to tropicana on 15. all other freeways clear. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: a warmer jacket than what you've been wearing lately. temperatures right now are in the upper 40's. by 9:00 a.m. we'll be at 57. by noon today 60. going to be a rude awakend today after so many days in the 80's. we tied a record yet. >> dana: a local man in jail after police say he lured children into his apartment with candy and then assaulted them. craig's joining us live this morning with more on this horrific story. >> reporter: good morning. the defendant's name jose and
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against children. these are children he met in the apartment complex he lived on charleston boulevard. jose that the apartment complex was known to the kids who lived there as david. he would promise them candy and take them to his apartment. he's charged with kidnapping, sexual assault of a child and several counts of lewdness with a child. >> i've been in this complex two years and i've seen kids coming in and with kids. >> reporter: that is one of the buses that brings inmates in for court hearings. he's in the clark county detention center being held in connection with these crimes. they became aware of the crimes about a month ago but only
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>> kim: will you send out a tweet of the guy's mug shot. i know local police are asking for our help in this one. they want to know if there are more victims out there and taking to social media may help. i'd appreciate if you would do that. the man accused of driving drunk and killing brothers in our community was apparently going 115 miles an hour racing down rainbow just beforehe authorities. we obtained the arrest report for that man. according to that report he took four shots right before this awful accident. the brothers were going to get a gift for their mother. they lost their lives while making a turn at rainbow and smoke ranch. now faced with a funeral for
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that there was no reason for this to happen at all. >> there is no excuse. you just did not care. you just did not care. plain and simple. >> are you ok? >> no, i'm not ok. i will never be ok. >> it's s t in, that mother's pain on full display. a judge set his bail at half a million dollars. he's expected to be back in court in two weeks and our news cameras will be there. >> dana: lives changed forever. hours from now metro will talk about the circumstances of an officer involved shooting from earlier this week. police say this young man tried to run over an officer after they tried to pull him over
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yesterday. she said she's refusing to believe what metro claimed happen. metro said they had to open fire on the young man. the bullets did not hit him. he was not severely injured in any of this. he remains behind bars. >> kim: the fifth largest school district in the nation is being sued. it happens to be ours. we're talking about clark district because administrators did not do enough to stop a bully from bullying her son and another student. the students say they were bullied. one boy claiming he was stabbed in the groin with a pencil. the school district wants to prove its administrators actions were adequate in this case. they argue in part they were never made aware of the accusations by the student.
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notified they were sexually harassed and equaled derogatory homophobic names. >> we decided we would go the next day. >> the case will likely continue next week and a judge will decide the outcome. we'll stay on top of it. >> dana: we take to you a middle school in pahrump where a student is in custody after a teacher took an we don't have his age, name, not made public. the gun not loaded and no one reported he displayed it in a threatening way to anyone at the school. >> kim: more questions surrounding you the voter and your voice to have recreational pot he'll in the state of nevada. a lot of people want to know how
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legal january 1, it's going to be up to your employer whether you are allowed to have that drug and stay on the job making matters worse for a would be user, the fact this is still illegal at the federal level, safety sensitive jobs and in certain casinos have a no tolerance policy. federally regulated jobs it won't happen and will require a drug test. there is no way to conduct live sobriety test like alcohol which forces some employers to adapt so they can spot the signs of impairment. >> we have to tighten up. there needs to be more training to recognize intoxication in the workplace. >> kim: while it will be legal to posses up to an answer of marijuana on january 1, it could be another year before rules are
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general public. >> dana: if you show up high to work, plan on getting fired. not a good idea. pictures out of germany this morning. president of the united states is there. he arrived yesterday after being in greece earlier in the week. he had dinner last night with merkel and today he's expected to meet with other european leaders. we expect to see the president at any moment. live. >> kim: still to come, rebels, our runnin rebels in action. this is under the marvin era in full effect. how did they do? we have highlights headed your way. >> dana: in a race, rarely do they expect to get knocked over
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>> kim: a person is dead and several others injured following an explosion in central illinois. you are going to see it because it was caught on surveillance camera. it's on your screen. this happening last night. a second angle shows the dust
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the store. witnesses say the explosion shook so much they thought something had crashed into their home. officials say several buildings were damaged as a result. they are looking for victims. that search continues late into the night. >> dana: this it was scene in minnesota last night. a group gathering to remember castill. you might remember they was motorist killed in july, shot and killed by thisol we found out yesterday the officer has been charged with manslaughter in this case. his girlfriend was in the car at the time and she was on facebook showing the video live of what was going down exactly as it went down. he was trying to produce his drivers license. the officer was worried he might have a gun. he told the officer he had a gun on him at the time. at no point did he pull the gun on the police officer.
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should not have gone down the way it did. the officer has been charged with manslaughter. >> kim: former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton made her first public appearance since conceding the election. she admitted it was tough for her to be there. this is at a gala in washington, d.c. for the children's defense fund. it's their 26th annual beat the odds celebration. she needed to celebrate down. she was being honored for her dedication to child advocacy. her speech was part reflection, part pledge to remain strong in the face of a trump administration. >> i know this isn't easy. a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was.
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election run deep. listen to me when i say , this america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values and never ever give up. >> kim: speaking of the trump administration, we have new information coming in from nbc news concerning the trump transition. we're talking it out live with tracy potts ahead. right now we have breaking news live in stud news when it comes to unemployment on the jobs front. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits falling to its lowest level since 1973. this is likely an indication that businesses are confident enough in the economy to keep their workers and not lay them off. the economy getting 161,000 jobs in october and the unemployment rate falling to 4.9%.
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state fell to the lowest it's been in nine years in the state of nevada. we have bounced back big time considering where we were during the great recession. talking about bouncing back. runnin rebels bouncing back last night. marine the new head coach trying to find his first victory. there is an oops moment for riverside. this one right in the face. he had 13 points on the night. u.c. riverside took a lead with 8 minutes remaining but the rebels fought back. first victory for marvin. senator in action on saturday at the thomas and mack. >> kim: true confession from
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last night to see them play? >> tom: i did not make it to the game last night but i'll be at the next one. i have a pair of season tickets for the year. looking at the 215, we're going to see this freeway shut down over the weekend. you have to take an it will be a mess. >> jeff: we are taking a look at 95 both directions. all is clear. 15 southbound also looking good on this thursday. we're going to get a check of your weather right now. kelly curran is standing by. how does it look? >> kelly: starting to see a little bit of that glow from the red rock resort camera, the winds still a little bit breezy
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grab a jacket, maybe a hat and mittens. winds gusting up to 356789 in the afternoon 5-10 miles per hour so that will be quieter conditions as you head home from work this afternoon. we had precipitation during arizona thatch is moving off to the east. clear skies and chilly temperatures. tomorrow morning indian springs and pahrump a freeze warning. temperatures expected to drop below the freezing mark. if you have sensitive plants bring them in or throw a blanket over them.
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down to around 40. our 7 day forecast upper 60's and a chance of rain in the forecast on monday. >> kim: we've seen the hazards of playing college football but never thought it would apply to cross country. check out that runner. taken out by a deer. someone rolling on their cell phone and caught thing. the guy doing ok. they talked with his coach. he's doing all right. just a little sore and bruised up. this was a must see moment you can't believe what you are seeing. >> dana: thursday night football on nbc debuts tonight here on channel 3. it's the saints going to the panthers. on sunday night the packers at
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we want to hear from you. head to pick who you think will win the game. fur right you could win a stay at casa blanca resort and spa. >> kim: she's gold and her name is katie ladecky back in the pool. of the united states but rather something else. she shattered a record and we have what it was headed your way. >> dana: fur stressed out from the election there is a place in the valley that might give you
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>> tom: this was reported as an accident although i'm not seeing any damage. just looks like that car is in the roadway. doesn't look like it's going to be a mayor traffic problem so let's get to weather and kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, you are going to notice a change in the temperatures. that cold front came through yesterday.
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pahrump coming in at 44. in the las vegas valley high park 44. winds out of the west at 11. we've had gusts to 30. good news is the winds will diminish in the afternoon becoming light by the time you head home from work. temperatures on the other hand is another story. >> kim: she is a five time olympic gold medalist katie ladecky and now tearing it up in college swimming. >> dana: not fair. this young lady is used to swimming against the world's best. now she's swimming against college swimmers. she swims for stanford yesterday in a meet against texas. she won her race by 35 seconds. >> kim: get out. >> dana: she broke the ncaa record in this race by 20
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>> kim: in her own class altogether. >> dana: she's now at stanford. she's a freshman. she's a multimillionaire. she wants to swim in college. >> dana: her uncle went to school with matt lauer. we take you germany. we are awaiting a news conference between president obama and merkel. we know that president obama will be emphasizing solidarity to one of our top trade partners. they are a key nato ally. merkel putting severe austerity measures in place in greece.
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with president obama because she signed off on what she put in place for the greeks. they have the red carpet rolled out for all these world leaders. >> dana: i think they are in there. we have the american flag and ter man flag on that same limousine. assume president obama and merkel are in the back of that thing, getting out at any moment. there he is the commander chief. >> kim: i love to say on the program, i don't care your party affiliation and there is merkel. sheer our 44th president, first african-american president with german chancellor merkel. we'll have a team of people listening to what they talk about at the podium. if there is any breaking news,
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>> dana: a local man in jail accused of sexually assaulting children in his apartment. how he would lure them there in the first place coming up. >> i know he hasn't done anything wrong. that's the girlfriend of a local teenager accused of trying to run over one of the officers in our community. local police have a different story than what she's telling. >> dana: evening post election stress. if you are feeling stressed out from the election, there is a group offering help. more on group therapy sessions that the school is offering
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the fact that the helicopter is in the air is an indication the winds are lighter this morning than they were yesterday afternoon. >> kim: they had a wind advisory in effect yesterday morning. she said it was going to expire at 1:00 a.m. we're the wagners here on this thursday morning. >> dana: let's go to tom, you being bumped up there a little this morning buddy? >> tom: a little bit but we flew in our 5:00 and it was so bumpy we said i don't think so for the 6:00. let's check team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: the accident you are in route to we understand may be a roll over accident. the freeway commute is looking good on this thursday. everything else is clear.
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the temperature drop. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> kelly: it is cooler out there this morning. we have temperatures in the 40's in many location as cross the valley. sun is up though and winds are diminishing so that is good news. by lunchtime only 60. 62 at 3:00. the 80's are gone. yesterday we tied a record at 78. i'll let you know what to expect for the weekend >> dana: a neighborhood still in shock this morning after one of their neighbors charged with crimes against children. he was arrested and charged with luring children into his apartment using candy and once they got in there police say he kissed them, groped them and exposed himself to several children in the neighborhood. neighbors told us they knew him as david. they called him a friendly guy who would talk with the neighborhood children and they
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community. this took place on the east side of the valley charleston near nellis. local police are asking to you come forward if you have children that may have been in contact with this man. you can call crime stoppers if you believe that to be the case. >> kim: craig with more on that developing story coming up anyway matter of minutes. developing as we speak, a girlfriend in town says i'm not buying thery local police beg to differ with what she's saying. good morning. >> two dramatically different stories. we're going to hear from metro on what their investigation has shown that led an officer to shoot at this teenage suspect. on the other side of the coin we're hearing from the teen's girlfriend. that 18-year-old accused of trying to run over a metro office they are week. she says that is not the guy she
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night in the area of nellis and bonanza when daniel richard refused to pull over for an expired tag. they later found him passed out. he woke up and hit the gas aimed at the officer. >> i know he hasn't done anything wrong. what they are trying to say he tried to run over officers, i don't think that >> that girlfriend saying she is not buying it and the police officer fired several shots at richard. none of them hitting him. we're going to hear from officers later today for updates. stay tuned on news 3 and on our twitter page. >> dana: metro have made an arrest in a series of robberies in parking lots and parking garages on the west side of the
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men? hayes and daniels linked to six muggings over the last month according to police now facing a host of charges. they would approach the victims and rob them at gunpoint. a third suspect still on the loose this morning. >> kim: i don't know about you but i've encountered a lot of people with post election exhaustion or blues depending on what side of the coin you were rooting for. there is group let's get through this. unlv is offering therapy to talk to professionals or others about the outcome of decision 2016. those sessions are for students and staff and $10 for the rest of us. individual sessions are also available. the sessions are led by the director of the marriage and family therapy program held on fridays starting this friday at 3:30. they go through december 16. limited to a dozen people.
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speaking of the election, live in new york city as we speak, there is a lobby of trump tower. don't be surprised if you see the governor of south carolina walk in. she's at the top of the list as a possible secretary of state and we do know she is meeting with donald trump today. we've also heard former new york mayor could take that position of feed coming in from new york city and talking about the trump transition with tracy potts in minutes. >> dana: nikki haley an interesting name considering she took a lot of shots at him during the election process. find out what germans are saying
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her head flies back.
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>> kim: bombs have dropped on a hospital in syria. it was the only specialty facility for children serving 4,000 patients a missouri in this country family members of that minnesota man who was fatally shot by a police officer in a traffic stop in july are pleased that the officer has been charged with manslaughter. this a rally that took place in him. his girlfriend took to facebook live right after the accident. >> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tram. >> tom: this is a situation. you can see the northbound lanes are completely closed with metro putting their vehicles across the roadway. no report of the condition of the driver. police have a person they are
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tow truck situation. significant damage to that vehicle. we see this being closed for at least the next half hour, probably longer than that. let's check weather kelly. >> kelly: as you head out the door this morning it is a little chilly out there. temperatures in the 40's. that's something we haven't had to deal with lately. it is 50. winds northwest about 10. up this morning. winds still breezy. but they are diminishing. so winds improving through the rest of the day. temperatures are going to stay cool. the high today only 62. you are going to want to dress warmer today. >> dana: why is grandma in the crib? is she trying to catch some z's?
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that. you'll see it coming up in minutes. >> we did our own version of
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>> we have encouraging news when it comes to unemployment and the job front. the unemployment rate falling to the lowest level since 973. analyst say this could be an indication businesses are confident enough to keep workers and not lay them off. the economy gaining 161,000 jobs in october and falling to 4.9%. nevada unemployment rate fell to 5.5%. that's a low we haven't seen for nine years. >> dana: that is good news. this is bad news. we're always told as children don't take candy from strangers. local children didn't heed that advice. craig is on this disturbing story. this guy wasn't a stranger. he was a neighbor. >> reporter: jose is his name
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10 crimes against children. they all happened at an apartment complex located on charleston boulevard. in the criminal complaint jose was known to kids as david. he promised them candy and took them to his apartment. he's charged with kidnapping and sex assault and lewdness with a child. the arrest happened just recently. this is why we're reporting on it county detention center. police believe there could be other victims. his mug shot is on twitter. >> kim: thank you for that. right now let's focus on hillary clinton. we hadn't seen her since she conceded until last night. >> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election.
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more than i can ever express. i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> kim: tracy potts, i bet you would sign on to that. you don't have to lose a presidential election to have that feeling every once in a let's talk about the guy who won the election, donald trump. we're getting new information through the great reporting with nbc news, i heard joe scar buoy boron the phone saying the governor of south carolina possibly donald trump's secretary of state. >> it looks like she may be on the short list along with rudy and some others we talked about.
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with him at some point today which is weird because she was not the first person to jump on the trump train during the primary or during the final election. none of them have that the point. nikki among one of the most recent. lieutenant general mike flynn who has been an advisor possibly being national security advisor. everybody is waiting on donald trump to make decisions as president elect and now we're hearing it may not be until after thanksgiving. >> kim: i heard pete williams from the justice department as far as is the reporter for nbc
6:49 am
jarred kushner. he can't hold a cabinet position meaning he can't be attorney general or secretary of the treasury, but it is possible for him to be an advisor within the white house. did i understand that correctly? >> yeah, he can hold a staff position but he can't hold a cabinet position. they have said they haven't asked for any sort of security clearance for him in order to be able to participate in the been lots of questions about that even now on capitol hill. one of the top democrats from the oversight committee wants to know who have you requested or inquired about security clearances for. when it comes to carbomer a lot of people don't know what role
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>> dana: mike pence will be on capitol hill, we expect his arrival will be at any moment there. he's going to meet with house g.o.p. members in the afternoon. he's going to meet with senate majority and plans to get together with nancy pelosi and schumer mending fences and building bridges. he knows most of these guys on the hill. >> kim: we took you live to berlin germany where you saw president obama getting out of a limo and walking the red carpet with merkel. what you saw is when he arrived from greece last night.
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merkel is one of our president's closest allies and our nation's closest allies. she and the president are set to meet again today for talks. they are holding a joint news conference. we have a team of producers paying attention to that. if any news breaks we'll pass it rob to you. he has a lot of meetings with other foreign dignitaries before he gets on a plane and goes to peru. we will be paying attention to all of it and coverage here on news 3. >> dana: a police officer caught on camera punching a woman in the face about a three and a half hour drive from las vegas this happened in flagstaff arizona yesterday. woman kept telling him you don't have a warrant for my arrest arguing with him. he had enough and whacks her in the face that. police officer is under investigation from other police officers. an internal investigation under
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let's listen in from the towed show this morn -- from "the today show" this morning. >> he's so warm and inviting and loving but he has this sense of humor and undercuts his warmth with that humor and the show takes you on that roller coaster which is what life is. every day we laugh a little bit and cry sometimes. >> kim: that is sterling brown. he's fro people really like that show. they really like him. he just won an emmy for the people versus o.j. simpson. you can catch the full interview this morning when this program ends. if you want to check out this is us, it's tuesday night here on channel 3. >> dana: last night clippers
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three-pointer. the big fellow celebrating with his connor mcgregor walk. that's how connor walks into the ring. his teammates call at this time spanish mcgregor. >> kim: that is how tom walks into the studio every morning for our 5:00 hour. >> tom: absolutely. only right now i'm talking about bad news. this is 95 southbound and two lanes blocked off. let's back it up and spin the camera around and show you the backup and a second accident. we have one on the inside wall southbound on the 95. look at this delay. we're going just about all the way to craig southbound 95 a mess. then you have this rollover. that will probably remain closed
6:54 am
thursday. that one at 95 will be significant as you make that transition. it's looking ok for the moment through the curve but you saw the backup is going to get worse. let's get a check of the forecast where we are seeing changes. >> kelly: it is feeling a lot this is on the clark county park camera. the grass is swaying there a little bit. temperatures as you step out the door, look at this, centennial 46, paradise 50. sunrise 50 as well. southern highlands an anthem both coming in at 47. grab that coat. maybe a hat this morning. you won't need it for too long but it's going to be much cooler than what we've seen lately.
6:55 am
the day. rain and snow has moved into colorado. we have subfreezing temperatures for indian springs and pahrump for tomorrow morning. get ready if you have plants bring them in inside. alamo 54. boulder city 59. that's your high today. pahrump 60. 29, primm 26. in las vegas today a high of 62. it's going to be chilly but it will warm up this weekend upper 60's. >> dana: time for the water cooler. tom brady taking shots at deflategate in this new foot locker commercial. >> just because something is great year after year doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't things just be great.
6:56 am
and assumptions turn into vacations. why would you punish the greatness for something that never even happened. >> dana: he's pretty good. he served a four-game suspension for deflate gate at the beginning of the season. big name in music getting ready to call las vegas home. ricky martin will headline shows starting in april. this theater is going to open next month. martin shows on monday. the announcement coming as he announces his engagement to his long time boyfriend. valley sharp trying to put her granddaughter to bed in the crib when she accidentally fell into the crib. her daughter felt so bad about it that she posted the video online. laughing at her own mother. grandma 61 not hurt in the whole
6:57 am
granddaughter at the same time. everybody is ok. >> kim: we feel for the grandma so we froze the video so she wouldn't have any embarrassment in las vegas. exclusive reporting on the trump transition, a team of reporters in place to get you up to speed on that. we're saying goodbye for now but telling you to say hello to these it was a head over tea cedric kettlehanging in the air.
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sources tell nbc news retired lieutenant general mike flynn is at the top of the list to be donald trump's national security advisor, while the president- elect gets set to meet with south carolina governor nikki will she be the next secretary of state, or is it rudy giuliani, as hillary clinton speaks out publicly for the first time since conceding the election. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> this morning, what she's saying about where she goes from here. deadly blast. a gas explosion rocks an illinois town overnight.


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