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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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sources tell nbc news retired lieutenant general mike flynn is at the top of the list to be donald trump's national security advisor, while the president- elect gets set to meet with south carolina governor nikki will she be the next secretary of state, or is it rudy giuliani, as hillary clinton speaks out publicly for the first time since conceding the election. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> this morning, what she's saying about where she goes from here. deadly blast. a gas explosion rocks an illinois town overnight.
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windows shatter blocks away. the cause now under investigation. winter's arrival. the first major snow of the season now under way. white-out conditions possible from utah all the way to minnesota. in some cities nearly two feet expected. and, guess who? al has ambushed a deserving dad in maryland -- >> happy thanksgiving, my friend! >> what the heck? >> and shocked an unsuspecting >> oh, my god! >> now it is time for his next turkey trot surprise and one morning jogger is about to be stopped in her tracks "today," thursday, november 17th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday
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once again, where is al? it is really a secret undisclosed location. >> our lips are sealed. we cannot reveal a thing. >> we would never say that he is -- >> northern virginia. >> that took a lot. >> you know what? we're not going to trust you with any state secrets, al. but now we know where you are but we don't know who you are surprising. >> and history chef is on the bus as well. >> clip his mike before he reveals it all. st new names being considered for key roles in donald trump's administration. as hillary clinton reflects on her loss in an emotional speech. our team has all of this covered. we're going to talk exclusively with laura ingraham who's been mentioned as the president-elect's potential press secretary at the white house. but first to nbc's hallie jackson outside trump tower. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi there, savannah, good morning to you. this morning, expect to see that revolving door behind my spinning today with people in and out of trump tower for what
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as interviews with the president-elect. he's taking visitors today, including florida governor rick scott, south carolina governor nikki haley. with speculation now about who will make the cabinet cut. this morning, assembling an administration, and now word of a possible national security advisor. a top transition source tells nbc news donald trump is expected to name lieutenant general mike flynn to the poon though nothing's official until the president-elect goes public. flynn, long loyal to donald trump, considered controversial in certain gop circles for some of his foreign policy positions, including advocating regime change in iran, and his ties to russia. the president-elect today will meet with others he's considering for his cabinet. like south carolina governor nikki haley. now on the short list for secretary of state, according to sources familiar with the
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bolton and former new york mayor rudy giuliani also in the mix for state department. >> we discussed the transition. >> reporter: now, new backlash. >> i will tell you something i haven't told anybody else. i've had some conversation with some other republican senators and i'm not the only one with some misgivings over both giuliani and bolton. >> reporter: the president-elect pushing back on talk his transition is in turmoil, staffers pointing to landing teams deployed today to four federal agencies to get ready for january's switchover. that transition led by vice president-elect mike pence. >> great progress. great progress. >> reporter: who is ready to extend an olive branch across the aisle in meetings today with democratic leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. the visit coming one day after touring his soon-to-be home with vice president joe biden. >> i told mike as vice president-elect, i am available to him 24/7.
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different democratic message aimed at pence from some in congress questioning the possibility of security clearance for trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. a trump transition official reiterates no such request has been made, but "didn't rule it out" down the road. this morning, we're also learning more about what the president-elect's appointees will be doing after their government service and it won't be lobbying. the transition team is asking members of the administration to sign a five-year lobbying ban, part of donald trump's pledge to, in his words, drain the swamp. >> hallie jackson at trump tower, thank you. one name being floated as potential white house press secretary is nationally syndicated radio host laura ingraham. she's also editor in chief of "life set" and a fox news contributor. laura, good to see you. have you talked about this job? has it been offered to you? >> well, i think -- i think they're focused right now on the
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when you want to get your cabinet people in place, then you move down to other white house staff. the folks at the trump transition, a lot of them are very old friends of mine. known ea for a long time. we know our writing styles, we know our speaking styles. >> i'm going to take this as a strong yes. i'm going to take this as you've talked about it. do you want it, i guess it the other question. >> we have to have real conversations. it really is a privilege. i know it sounds cliche. it is a privilege to be but they have an amazing group of young people at the campaign and at the transition who really, they did the work to get donald trump elected and they have a lot of talent to choose from. it's nice to be considered. but they have a lot of great people there. so that's all i can say right now. >> real quickly, laura, we know you. we know your show. you are a sharp tongue. you are known for your sharp pen.
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please. >> this is one of those jobs where you could create an international incident from the white house briefing room. >> is that what you're really worried about? look. i think some folks who are watching now, they know conservative talk show host. i was a supreme court clerk. i worked as a white collar litigator. i have a pretty broad career in both government as a young speech writer in the reagan assassination. i worked at the department of transition, department of education and the white house in there is a stereotype -- >> more than meets the eye. okay. we get it. >> a little more. >> and i'm a mother of three children. >> you make all your own clothes, great dancer -- >> i do! matt, you've already pegged me. thank you so much. >> let's move on here. nikki haley said some tough things about donald trump during the campaign. he said some tough things about her. it was only at the very end, laura, where she seemed to begrudgingly say i'll vote for donald trump. is she seriously being considered for secretary of state?
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>> i think it shows that donald trump is not shutting out voices who were critical of him in the campaign. for all the talk that trump's going to be this guy who holds grudges against -- that's just not the way he is. he's very practical and very pragmatic. he might not be as ideological as some conservatives want him to be. i -- i understand that concern. he's very pragmatic. i think he is going to look at people with a wide variety of talents. you are seeing that in the trump tower right now. and if she's there, i imagine she's there to be considered for a serious position. but i do not have any inside information about what position nikki haley would be considered for. >> let me do this. let's go back to you and the potential you are white house press secretary. what's the dynamic going to be in that press room? donald trump spent the last year and half basically calling members of the press and media crooked, corrupt, dishonest. is there going to have to be
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>> well, i think one thing that is going to be important, i would imagine, for the trump folks is to have a very transparent and practical approach to the press. i think the press has its own problems with credibility, building back credibility with the american people. every poll, not conservative polls, show that there are a lot of folks out there who believe the media is really biased and really was in the tank for hillary clinton. that but that's the way most people view the press today. i think the press has a lot of work to do to build back its own credibility and i think for donald trump, i think he wants someone who knows the issues, who's going to try to explain them to the american people, and keep people updated. i don't think it is all that complicated. if you have understand the agenda the trump folks are going to be pursuing, you'll be better prepared to take that message to
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press. i think a lot of great people in the press. i've known a lot of reporters who were covering the white house for many, many years. i happen to be friends with a lot of them. we don't agree on everything but that's okay. think this is going to be a process and people want clarity right off the bat. i think it is going to have to develop in its own way. >> laura, here is a quickie for you. do you think that trump should appoint a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton, as he mentioned, and some of his >> i mean i'm not thinking i'm going to be in the justice department right now. i don't have a view on that. i think there are a lot of people that just want to turn the page and move past this very rancorous time in american politics. if i were on the outside commenting on it, i would probably say let's just move forward and get beyond that. i don't think most americans want to spend months and months and months going through what the clintons did or didn't do at the foundation or with the private server. that's my own sense. again, i am not speaking for the administration. but i think a lot of people want
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fresh start. >> laura ingraham, i have a feeling we're going to be seeing more of you. >> matt, i like the beard, too. it looks really good on you. excellent. very cool. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, laura. as hallie mentioned earlier, there are a lot off questions, interest and intrigue surrounding the role that donald trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, could play in the trump white house. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has the latest on that. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. multiple sources familiar with jared kushner's thinking tell me the president-elect's son-in-law is mulling whether to serve with the white house in a special advisor or special counsel type role or whether to stay put in new york and maintain an influential but informal role. at least publicly kushner is as quiet and reserved as trump is as loud and outspoken. but his will certainly be an important voice in the new administration. >> reporter: wielding influence like few others, jared kushner, donald trump's son-in-law, has
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circle. >> jared is a very successful real estate person but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> reporter: evidence of the role he might play -- while trump recently met inside the oval office with president obama, outside the 35-year-old kushner walked the south lawn with white house chief of staff denis mcdonough. harvard educated, born into an orthodox jewish family, kushner married ivanka in 2009. the couple has three young children. anti-semitism for this controversial tweet with a six-pointed star and a stack of cash, kushner defended his father-in-law as an incredibly loving and tolerant person. like trump, kushner was raised in real estate, taking over the family business after his father, charles kushner, pleaded guilty to tax and conspiracy charges in 2005. the prosecutor -- new jersey's chris christie. >> mr. kushner in engaged in a conspiracy with co-conspirators.
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be exercising his influence. reportedly outs ousting christie and his influence. >> couldn't be further from the truth. jared did a fantastic job. >> reporter: he certainly has trump's ear reportedly urging trump to dump campaign manager corey lewandowski last june and helping orchestrate trump's visit to mexico in august. still, an anti-nepotism law could limit kushner's role in the administration prohibiting cabinet level position. >> it is possible, though it's never happened, that a president could try to have a family member in an unofficial or advisory staff job that wasn't caught by that federal law. >> she's very tough, by the way. right, jared? >> reporter: still, trump could put kushner into a paid position on the white house staff according to several legal experts. now as an outspoken political insurgent prepares to move into the white house, his soft-spoken
7:14 am
the most influential men in washington. this morning i'm told kushner, who owns the newspaper "the new york observer" is being encouraged to join trump's inner circle at the white house by reince priebus and steve bannon, both men kushner worked very closely with during the presidential campaign. >> peter, thank you. hillary clinton was in the nation's capital last night an it was her first since conceding the election. nbc's kristen welker has more on that. hi, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning to you. secretary clinton spoke at the children's defense fund here in washington, d.c. last night. that's the organization where she first began her career. it was a speech filled with reflection and also raw emotion. >> reporter: hillary clinton stepping back into the spotlight, greeted by an overwhelmingly supportive crowd with a standing ovation. >> oh, thank you.
7:15 am
need. but clinton wasted no time addressing what everyone was thinking. >> now i will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> reporter: a defeat, she tried to turn into a call to action. >> i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. that's how we get through this. >> reporter: it's the first time clinton has addressed her >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: and while she was spotted by a hiker last thursday, clinton has otherwise stayed out of the public eye. >> i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid bear by this election run deep.
7:16 am
america is worth it. fight for our values and never, ever give up. >> reporter: and as clinton ended her speech, emotions overflowed remembering her mother, dorothy rodham, who as a small child faced a difficult life with no way to see what her future held. >> i dream of going up to her and saying, look, you will survive. and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a united states senator, represent our country as secretary of state, and win more than 62 million votes for president of the united states. >> reporter: and as democrats start to put the pieces back together, senator bernie sanders, clinton's former primary rival-turned top surrogate has emerged as a leading voice. he earned a leadership position in the senate yesterday and he delivered his own speech here in washington, d.c. last night and he had a stern warning for donald trump.
7:17 am
they find unacceptable. matt, savannah? >> kristen welker in washington, thank you. we'll turn from politics now and head back to al who's on the road. he's revealed that he is in northern virginia for the turkey trot today. hi, al, good morning. >> reporter: guys, i can get you this outfit if you'd like. >> that's nice. >> please! >> reporter: i know a guy. okay? so it's very, very fashionable. we're going to reveal our turkey next half-hour. next hour. but in the meantime, we've got perhaps the first big major snowstorm coming across the country. look at this video coming out of donner pass, california. they started making snow for ski resorts out there. in ogden, utah, they saw heavy snow as well near webber state university. here we go.
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watch, advisory, or warning. blizzard watches even up for parts of minnesota. heavy snow with low visibility, as this system today makes its way out of the rockies. it starts to push its way into the plains. gusty winds with low visibility and it is going to be bringing heavy snow into the upper midwest. snowfall of anywhere from six inches to over a foot and half. and then it continues east and it is going to bring snow into interior sections of the northeast and new england. a lot of snowy weather. that's what's going on. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. leo diamond. tolkowsky-the first-ever ideal cut diamond. and our very own now & forever collection.
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for... yes! ? every kiss begins with kay. ? and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up, the largest increase in highway deaths in this country in half a century. this morning, we ask are popular driving apps to blame? >> an nbc news exclusive.
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efforts to stop terrorism in an online world. but first on a thursday morning,
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our town, our home. on november 26th, get up, (all) get together and shop small. . >> it is 7:26 on this thursday morning. hi, there. kim wagner coming to you live from the ksnvtu not bearing arms because i listened to your forecast and i knew it was going to be dramatically cooler, and you were right. >> oh, yeah. check out this picture, this is morning, the white stuff, the snow with a light dusting that will melt once the sun comes up but a really cool pictures. mainly clear skies and nellis 48, lakes 49 degrees, green valley at 50 and the highs today expected to stay below the normal for a change, right?
7:27 am
today, 62, breezy conditions expected during the morning and the winds will diminish into the afternoon and tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold with freeze warnings for pahrump and indian springs, but the weekend is looking good, upper 60s with mostly sunny skies. >> right before the end of "news 3 today" we showed you a big mess on the 95 in the clearing stages and on the shoulder of the 95 south rainbow and summerlin interchange and blocking two lanes. this is a way at smoke ranch road, very, very slow, so when we check the overall travel time, it's a half hour drive from the 215 to the spaghetti bowl, that is a mess, and of course, you have delays on the inbound 15 and 15 southbound from the spaghetti bowl but a big mess on the inbound 95 and try rancho.
7:28 am
everything earlier in the week. the local 18-year-old tried to run over a police officer after refusing to pull over after having expired tags. from what we understand, the girlfriend says i'm not buying
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7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 17th of november, 2016. got a nice crowd outside. al's on the road so we're going to go outside and say hi to those good people in just a couple of minutes. of the headlines. a natural gas explosion has killed one person and injured at least seven others. it was so strong it shattered windows several blocks away. the area is shut down and crews are investigating. hillary clinton gave her first speech since concede egg the election. >> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too.
7:31 am
i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. >> clinton did not talk about her own future plans and vowed to "keep working to make america better and stronger and fairer." incoming vice president mike pence has a busy day ahead on capitol hill. he's attending a morning meeting of the house gop conference. and he will sit down with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he also plans to meet with democratic leadership. now to some troubling new statistics this morning that reveal a dramatic rise in highway fatalities. there is some fear there could be a direct connection to some of those popular smartphone apps. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in los angeles with that story. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are two things so many of us have -- a car and a cell phone. but together, they can be deadly
7:32 am
when using apps. >> in 1,000 feet turn left on to moore park street. >> reporter: from driving directions to applications that let users post photos of their current speed, very apps to designed to make driving e and more enjoyable may be making the road more dangerous than ever before. >> yes, i am guilty of using the miles per hour filter on snapchat. >> reporter: chris admits he was distracted but was chirac to hear of a deadly and troubling new trend. nearly 18,000 people have been killed on highways in the first six months of this year,0% same time last year. some experts fear the rise is linked to the rapidly growing use of apps behind the wheel. >> when i look at my phone i try and think, would it be worth it to looking at my phone for that snapchat or that text message? >> reporter: the sobering news on fatalities comes as some shift their attention away from
7:33 am
but some of the most popular apps like snapchat and pokemon go say their features are designed for passengers, not drivers. waze, the gps application, tells nbc news all core functionality can be performed hands-free by voice input and audio directions. it is not just apps that can be distracting. most new cars let you integrate your cell phone with your vehicle. and right here on the dash -- >> who shall i text? >> it is not your hand's off the wheel so much is your mind off the task of driving safely. >> reporter: today during the morning commute, drivers everywhere will face potentially deadly distractions. ones many of us could avoid. some of the most popular apps designed to get us from a to b can actually be adjusted on your cell phone or even right in your dial. press some of these settings
7:34 am
distracted drivers. >> but mess with all that when you are sitting in your driveway. right? >> that's right. let us head back down to virginia, al's got a check of the weather. >> reporter: that's right, guys. we are going to be showing you who our celebrity chef is in just a moment. even though it is pretty chilly here in northern virginia, like 39 degrees, ahead of this front with being look how warm it is today. we are looking at temperatures anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees above average from chicago to houston, out to washington, d.c. but behind the front, powerful cold winds coming in. as we move into friday, pierre down to san angelo, temperatures are below average. ahead of the front, way above average. as we move into the weekend we continue to keep the warmth in the east but november chill back
7:35 am
slightly below average norma >> and that is your latest wler. make sure you get the weather you need when you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. all right, let us reveal our celebrity chef. show yourself from the big "today" show turkey trot bus. it's katie lee! all right. >> good morning. >> we've got matching "today"
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sizes? they're good looking. >> they do. >> it is very comfortable and warm. it is cold here. >> i'm thinking using those for our thanksgiving day parade broadcast. >> now you're talking. >> absolutely. they are very stylish. >> and they're free. >> thank you so much. coming up, we're going to change subjects. google versus isis? ? ? google versus isis? roman farrell is here with an r ] ? ? [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker, giving a gift of their family's delicious jam always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter. we forgot to put our names on them! richard, i think they'll know who it's from. ? ? thank you boys. you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours.
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our special sear rid "under covered" continues where nbc investigative correspondent row ronan farrow looks into companies. >> recent terror attacks have raised questions about radicalization that happens not
7:41 am
real practical challenges in how to take down terrorist propaganda and also free speech websites about what they should be taking down in the first place. but after years of experimenting one tech giant gave us an exclusive first look into a different kind of approach they hope will change the game. >> we're just ordinary people. i never thought it would happen. >> reporter: sally evans' son, thomas, grew up in this quiet suburb outside london, along with his together. >> he was just a normal little boy. very caring. >> reporter: but in his late teens something started to change. >> well, he became a muslim. i was quite happy with that. i had no problems. then little things begran to change. he grew the beards. stop listening to music. he just isolated himself. >> kind of felt like i was sharing a house with a stranger. >> reporter: thomas disappeared for a time, then called home from somalia to say he had joined the terrorist group al
7:42 am
attack. his death uploaded to the internet as propaganda. >> no mother should have to see that. that was awful. it was just hearing the final moments. as a mom, and there was nothing i could do. i've seen it. yeah. >> reporter: thomas is part of a new generation of what some called bedroom radicals, people drawno online. >> it was happening upstairs in our bedroom. he was on his computer. >> reporter: they commit lone wolf attacks or join terrorists in conflict zones. like the estimated 30,000 foreigners who have joined isis from around the world, many recruited online. tech companies have struggled to respond. this year, a break-through. google and facebook getting more aggressive about blocking propaganda. and in google's case, trying something more proactive.
7:43 am
collectively experimenting with how to respond. >> reporter: the head of research and development at jigsaw. >> rights of that there was an opportunity to use the interin et to get to those potential recruits before isis and protect them from being radicalized. >> reporter: they call it redirect. >> we've all had the experience of searching for something like a pair of sneakers, then finding later and we have used that same principle instead to find potential consumers of isis' messages online. >> if i'm a young person out there somewhere, maybe sympathetic to joining isis, what's the process i go through? >> so you would likely search for example for a term like martyrdom for allah. we would show you an ad directly
7:44 am
taken to, for example, a video like this. >> reporter: not videos produced by jigsaw but existing materials from imams and religious scholars. in an eight-week pilot program, redirect reached 300,000 people who watched half a million minutes of video undermining isis. >> what's really special about this approach is there is no google secret ce the back end that allowed this to be possible. >> so any tech company could do this. >> precisely. >> reporter: we wanted to hear firsthand from the kinds of people the program targets. >> if i had the ability to travel to the united states to carry out an attack, i most likely would have done that. >> reporter: this man never got to that point but he did feel deep into online radical communities and was considering a bombing in london before he pulled back. >> when you think back on your experience, do you wish tech
7:45 am
intervene in some way? >> what led me away from red callism was kind of listening to more relatively scholars and imams. if i had been exposed to that much earlier i think i would have turned away from extremism at a much earlier stage as well. >> he's writing when the infidels die, nobody cares just like when ants are crushed. >> reporter: are often predictable warning signs. >> fighters before they travel become more fervent, more extreme. >> do tech companies have the power to catch who is about to be recruited before it happens? >> i think they have the potential to do it. whether they have the desire to do it is a different matter. >> could this redirect effort help the next thomas evans? >> i think the effort to redirect people will have some impact. >> anything is worth trying, isn't it. i guess we're never going to
7:46 am
make it harder for them to stay our children. >> this is very much a tentative first step. jigsaw isn't sure what the future of the program will be. experts we spoke with say it is not a silver bullet. terrorists are always moving to new online platforms that are harder to track. but those experts also say tech companies taking a more aggressive stance can make a difference, especially for some of the less hard line recruits. >> it seems like a very approach. >> finally tech companies are saying we've got to do more. >> just elevating a temporary view. >> using the systems we all use every single day. >> that's great. thank you very much. coming up next, guess who is back in his orange room? it is carson. he has the text message exchange
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right in the world when the orange room is occupied by none other than carson daly. >> the whiskered one is back. >> if i call you miley cyrus and adam levine at any moment, i apologize. been a little busy, but great to be back. this is a great story of a 17-year-old named jamal who got a text message from an unknown number. he gets this text -- thanksgiving dinner is at my house, november 24th, 3:00 p.m. let me know if you're coming. hope to see of course, that includes amanda and justin. response comes in, your grandma. jamal writes back, grandma, can i have a picture? she writes, of who? he sends a picture of him and says you're not my grandma. he adds, can i still get a plate though? she writes back the most grandma thing of all time here. of course you can.
7:52 am
feed everyone. if i could do that in my mrs. doubtfire voice, i would. this gets -- goes viral. he sends out this whole exchange. half a million people retweeting, people are loving it. we get it confirmed just a couple nights ago, they actually meet and have dinner. this is the perfect example of a classic texting fail that ends up a great success. >> i love that. >> i wonder whe brings people together. i love it. >> it happens so often. >> thank you, carson. coming up, oscar winner marion cotillard is here to talk about her new movie with brad ? happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
. >> 7:56 on this thursday. hi, there. i'm dana wagner here at channel 3, and kelly curran, you predicted the winds yesterday, very strong, still noticeable this morning but not as strong as yesterday afternoon. >> and they're going to continue to diminish throughout the rest of the day, but still, probably not best morning to be on lake mead. itil with winds gusting 25-30 miles per hour and the temperatures heading out the door, make sure you have your coat, 40 pahrump and mesquite, 51 and 54 in tonapah, 27 and the highs in las vegas, cooler and we tied record at 78 degrees and today, 62 and breezy conditions in the morning but, again, diminishing wind this is afternoon with a
7:57 am
the weekend looking really pleasant. >> the inbound commute on the northbound 95 is ugly, and you have this accident on the shoulder, been there for a half hour and two other accidents on the shoulder, too. so on lake mead camera, not great, so this is very slow and this is one of the accidents i mentioned also on the shoulder. southbound 95, no good so take rancho if coming from the northwest and almost a half hour drive be more like 12 minutes and the 215 southbound, busy and the 15 southbound as you expect making your way from the spaghetti bowl to tropicana, dana. >> a local mother suing the clark county school district saying the district did not do enough to protect her son bullied by another student. this is in a local courtroom as we speak, and according to the court documents, two boys say they were bullied as students in
7:58 am
claiming he was stabbed in the groin with a pencil. this case likely to continue
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, cabinet battle. speculation reaches a fever pitch as donald trump gets closer to choosing who will make the cut when it comes to filling makes an emotional appearance overnight. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. plus, on the road again. >> it's thanksgiving! >> al takes his turkey trot to virginia this morning and gets
8:01 am
super fan a surprise of a lifetime. and record scratch. what had super star singer adele freaking out on stage in the middle of a concert. today, thursday, november 17th, 2016. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's our 25th anniversary. >> and my "today." >> good morning, nashville! >> we love the "today" show! ? >> all the way from texas celebrating madeline's 10th birthday! >> today, i'm turning 60! >> on a girls' trip in new york! woo!
8:02 am
it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. beautiful day out on the plaza. still feeling rather warm and lovely. i got to compliment you. >> why? >> great throwback thursday song. >> it's kind of a stones week. they opened up their exhibition here in new york. i went with "start me up". >> i'm loving it. we have al on the road with the turkey trot. >> yep. >> it's an important day in history today. >> >> our boss, the executive in charge here at the "today" show. it's his birthday. >> there he is. happy birthday! [ cheers and applause ] >> he's just turning 25 today. just kidding. he loves donuts. loves his family. and we want to say happy birthday. >> we're so glad he also loves to share. >> that's one of the great qualities about noah. >> i think donuts are better
8:03 am
>> that's not his thing. let's get to today's headlines. time for the news at 8:00. >> good morning. this morning, we begin with our top headline about politics. i'm hallie jackson outside trump tower in new york where today president-elect trump will be holding what's been described as a series of interviews to see who will make his cabinet cut. the president-elect is expected to at some point name general mike flynn as his national security advisor. nothing is official until we hear it from the president-elect himself. he's expected to meet also with governor nikki haley of south carolina. she is in consideration for a job as secretary of state. the president-elect himself has stayed mostly quiet, other than a couple appearances on twitter, like this morning talking about the long hours his transition
8:04 am
hillary clinton speaking publicly for the first time since her concession speech. she admitted some days she wants to curl up with her dogs and a book and never leave the house. she got emotional when talking about what she would tell her late mother if she were here. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a united states senator, represent our country as secretary of state, and win more than 62 milliones president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: some of hillary clinton's fellow democrats, members of congress, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi will be meeting with vice president elect mike pence as he heads to washington today. >> hallie jackson, just down the road from us at trump tower. got some breaking news this morning from kosovo where police say they have prevented
8:05 am
including a plot to attack the israeli national soccer team. eight people under arrest in kosovo. police say they found weapons and explosive devices in the suspects' homes and said they had clear targets on who should be attacked and win. a world cup soccer event in albania was changed for a different location for what was described as security we move to illinois for the investigation into a powerful and deadly natural glass explosion that rocked a small town. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. this happened in the town of canton. officials are telling people in that area to stay away. overnight, surveillance footage posted to social media shows the moment a natural gas explosion struck the central illinois
8:06 am
city's square, blowing out glass windows and doors, and rattling residents who say it sounded like a bomb went out. the city's 125-year-old opera house destroyed. one was killed and 11 others hurt in the blast. the contractor who died had been repairing a gas line. witnesses say the blast was felt throughout the entire downtown area. >> it shook everything. >> just a massive rumblend came crashing down at one time. >> reporter: officials have shut off natural gas in the area saying it's not clear when service will be restored. residents say they're thankful more people weren't hurt. >> it was pretty scary. something i would never want anybody to have to go through. it was bad. >> reporter: officials conducted a secondary sweep overnight and found no additional victims. >> ron mott, thank you so much.
8:07 am
lee about to give an unsuspecting foodie fan out for a morning walk. don't shock the woman. she's going to get the surprise of a lifetime. >> al's going to surprise someone on a wooded path. >> what can go wrong? >> also ahead, the mom desperate for your suggestions about how she should open that cabinet without breaking the plates. and then oscar winner marion we'll talk about that and a lot more after these messages. i'm ! no no, expand your horizons. it's the name of a smoothie. yeah, i see they have bee pollen. two of my favorite allergies. trust me, john grows half this stuff in his own backyard. it's true. two of my usuals, please. add spirulina. is that a... noodle? it's his first time. mmm. that's almost as good as a milkshake. cheers!
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joining me this morning for "today's turkey trot," it's katie lee. let's see your turkey trot. oh, yeah, oh, yeah. oh, yeah, oh, yeah. going to surprise someb good is in every blue diamond almond. a good that comes in 20 flavors from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. get your good going.
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. ? get up for black friday. starts thursday, 6pm. walmart. we are back now with the third stop in "today's turkey trot." >> all this week al's been roaming around the country if had that truck surprising "today" food fans who love thanksgiving. he's about to leap out of the bushes into northern virginia. hi, al, good morning. >> hey, guys. we're in a park in fairfax, virginia. what could go wrong here?
8:12 am
mcdaniel is a much loved person in this place. she loves to cook. she is an aspiring tv food host and we're going to show you just why she deserves "today's turkey trot" surprise. >> i nominated bonnie because bonnie is fabulous. she's a grand dame, a lady. i met bonnie years ago, probably about ten years ago. she had a bed and breakfast she ran. we lost touch then years later i learned i had breast cancer and my cousin had asked me to contact a friend named bonnie who had a television show to feature me on the show. i never realized it was the same person. bonnie was just so warm, so loving. and she was so nurturing and she did it through conversation and food. bonnie really has a gift for
8:13 am
to her house every year for thanksgiving and christmas and the lobster back and cheese is to die for. she's been like another mom to me. i want to cry. i have no way to thank her for her years of support, her years of love, her years of nurturing me. and that's something that i can't quantify. i can't replace. i can't tell her thank you a million times. i look forward to giving her this gift >> reporter: well, we are here in cutner park and we are looking for bonnie and mayma. they should be coming down this path any moment now. hey, hi! mayma, come on over! >> this is crazy. >> bonnie?
8:14 am
and you are our turkey trot winner. >> i am? >> you are! >> come on over! >> oh, my god, wait a minute. this is crazy. let me get my hair down. you're joking with me, right? >> no, i'm not joking with you. >> i'm going to kill you. >> i know. i love you. >> oh, my god, no lipstick, no nothing. >> you thought you were just out for a walk. >> i got mad at her because i wanted to go run this morning and she made me -- >> we can ru >> oh, god, this is crazy. >> we want to keep surprising you a little bit. just so you know, the folks that love you can lie to you as well as they do. >> oh, my god. >> your husband, matt. >> i'm going to kill you guys! you know what? this is crazy. okay. >> and, say hello to katie lee. >> hi!
8:15 am
and cheese. your husband's name mac. that's not a coincidence. >> okay. this is crazy. okay. >> you want to kill me right now? >> are you shocked? is your heart beating fast? >> have you seen the "today" turkey trot segments? >> i have. >> so you had no idea. >> no. i'm going to kill you. >> i lie very well. >> you are good. you are good. >> so she thought that she w having a bad day today. >> well, actually, we got up and -- she couldn't watch the "today" show. the keys got lost. so this was going all downhill. >> you thought you were having a bad day. >> i did. >> has it gotten a little better. >> why is al roker here? >> now you know. guys, another successful turkey trot surprise. >> oh, my god.
8:16 am
i love you, too. >> sorry i lied to you. >> why didn't you tell me to put on makeup or something? >> bonnie's like -- you don't even have lipstick on. >> we're going to be cooking with katie lee a little bit later in our "today" show turkey trot bus. mac and cheese. >> this is your moment to make mac and cheese. >> wait a minute. okay. this is crazy. oh, my god. >> nice going, al. >> see you guys in a little bit. >> you think you're taking a nice walk in the woods. >> meantime, your friend shows up all dolled up. she's going to pay for that one. >> oh, yes, she is. let's do what's "trending" today. let's start with a 9-year-old boy who swooped in and saved his falling baby brother.
8:17 am
roll this. keep your eye on the upper right side of the screen there. you see an 11-month-old baby on the changing table. mom just turns her back for a second to talk to the other kids, and that is when baby falls. >> whoa! >> but big brother is there and catches him. the baby is fine. mom said she posted the video because she wanted other parents to realize what they always say. just takes one second. >> one chubby leg to go table. the body follows. >> major league baseball scouts. now can the kid hit. because he can definitely field. that's good. here is a kitchen conundrum that has stumped the web. what would you do if this happened at your house? it is a cupboard, glass door. but the bowls have tipped over inside and wedged themselves against the door. how would you open that? >> i'd get that 9-year-old kid from the other video to stand right under there and scoop it
8:18 am
i would just move. >> some people said time to buy new dishes. other suggestions -- put thick blankets on the floor before opening the door. break a pane of glass and take the bowls out that way. or sell the cabinet to a museum and name it "the frozen in time" series. >> i think fluffy pillows. >> well, what happened? >> she opened it carefully and apparently got the hand in there and all the bowls were saved. >> good. no bowl was segment. back with "popstart!." >> welcome back, carson. >> first we'll start with kate upton sticking up for her man in an epic twitter rant. she's engaged to detroit pitchers justin verlander. on second he finishes second in
8:19 am
cy young. he had the majority of first place votes and two writers didn't win. >> did she say anything else? >> she would go on to tweet another segment of comments that is not on the teleprompter. nor will be on this fine family show in the morning but is worth going back when you're off work. concert on monday. just a bat flying around the audience. >> there's a bat! oh, my god. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> adele has a couple of voice
8:20 am
but she is a pro, she carried on the show. >> another reason to love adele. pop start, the critics choice nominated carson daly. >>by didn't even tell your wife. >> come on, we're late. move on. thank you. i appreciate it. >> don't be so modest. and tell us what kate upton said. >> i will. in a commercial break. back to virginia. al's got a check of the weather. >> that's right. bonnie's still upset because she doesn't have makeup on but it is okay. we're going to cook in a little bit. >> you get to meet al roker. >> this is the most amazing
8:21 am
>> and that is your latest weather. matt? >> wow. >> marion cottilard is no stranger to playing strong women on the big screen. she won an oscar and now stars alongside brad pitt in a new romantic spy thriller called she plays a skilled french freedom fighter during world war ii. take a look. >> the lovely madame in apartment seven, she's married to a german captain and she's watching us. >> you are very thorough. >> that's why i'm still alive. >> we're married, why would we
8:22 am
>> kiss me. >> marion cottilard, how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you feeling? >> i feel amazing. >> i'm surrounded by pregnant women these days so you're in good company. >> yeah? good. >> i was thinking before about this movie last night that, for all of the horrors of world war ii -- and it was a horrific time in world history -- it serves as the backdrop for so many amazing or do you feel the same way? >> well, yeah, of course. you know, it was -- it is kind of a fascinating yet terrifying but fascinating period because it puts -- it put people in very extreme situations. >> and these two deal in a very complicated relationship. which i guess for the times is perfectly understandable. >> well, yeah.
8:23 am
situation where they jump into, let's say the unknown with some information but they don't know what they're going to be put in front of. and they're absolutely not expecting to fall in love with each other, which happens. >> falling in love in a movie, and then having to shoot some of the scenes you shot in this movie with brad. you've talked about it being awkward because it is so choreograp because it's choreographed. >> but you have to do the choreography before you can actually do the scene. >> well, you have to. because, yeah, it is always awkward situation. but it is also very fun situation because it is awkward. >> as you know, there were headlines generated during the making of this movie between you and brad that you had denied. you can't go through a period like that without learning something, without being taught a lesson. good or bad.
8:24 am
personally when it doesn't concern me. and so i didn't take it personally because i had just nothing to do but this -- rumors or situation. >> did you you didn't allow it to affect your experience in making what is an amaing movie. >> no. no. i mean i don't give energy to this. and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience with such a visionary director and an amazing actor. so that's all that matters, you know. >> brad has to speak some french in this. >> yes. >> so you are pea a natural born critic, i would imagine. how did he do and did you -- >> critic and supporter. >> did you find yourself critiquing the accent and the pronunciation? >> well, because he asked me so i was very honest. he did an amazing job and his
8:25 am
>> this movie is fantastic. and it is so nice to see you. >> so nice to see you, too. >> it really is. and congratulations. good luck. marion cottilard and "allied" opens in theaters nationwide on november 23rd. we are just getting started with outstanding actor.
8:26 am
test test test >> dana: 8:26 i'm dana wagner. kelly was out. i'm not kidding when i say this. i almost got knocked over by the >> yea, it was howling. reports in summerland of gusts up to 60 miles per hour. the good news is the wind are gone and will do so through the afternoon. beautiful blue skies. temperature wise it is on the cool side. temperatures will stay below normal. no more upper 70s. las vegas you are at 53. the valley 52.
8:27 am
vegas. 78 yesterday am chilly tomorrow. low of 40 and as we get to the weekend it is locking good. we will warm up to the upper 60s with a chance for rain on monday. >> dana: we had a problem at the interchange this accident is gone. it really snarled traffic. as we look up stream we see things are normal. a little sluggish. don't seat grid lock we were dana we have an improvement on inbound 95. >> dana: thank you, a heated las vegas city council meeting yesterday. 150 people showing up on one side you have home ordinance that live near the bad land's golf course that want it to remain a course. and the other side developers whoment to develop a portion of the golf course into single family homes.
8:28 am
the 2700 now closer to 720 units. councilment the two sides to get together to come up with a compromise. city council says that is the
8:29 am
8:30 am
? all right. we're back at 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's a beautiful fall morning here in new york. we've got fans of pro football, some panthers fans and fans. we're getting ready for a big game tonight. >> did you say the saints fans? >> saints fans! >> yeah, baby. thursday night football. this is exciting. >> you're almost in the right colors. come around here. >> can i have one of those? >> call it a hat. >> a hat. who's for the saints? >> hoda loves it when they get a home run. it's awesome. we have a half hour -- by
8:31 am
eastern nbc. >> yes, it does. we have a new movie called "lion." it's an incredible true story. you probably know him from his big breakout role slumdog millionaire. >> also ahead, sterling k. brown. one of the most talked about dramas right here on nbc. >> let's check in with al down >> hey, guys. this is one of our fave shows. love it. we're inside now the "today" turkey trot bus. bonnie is getting a little makeup because she does not go out of the house other than to run without makeup. so we didn't want her to be uncomfortable. let's show you what we have for your weekend outlook. how's it shaping up? after getting our first --
8:32 am
wet weather in the pacific northwest. very mild along the eastern seaboard. saturday, wet weather making its way into the great lakes and northern new england. sharply colder behind that front. more heavy rain moving into the central u.s., central california. sunday, snow showers interior sections of new york, upstate new york and new england. we got wet weather in the western third of the
8:33 am
be cooking with katie lee. ooh, mac and cheese, baby. ooh. >> come to mama. all right, al, thank you so much. he first captivated audiences back in 2008 as the 18-year-old star of the oscar-winning movie "slumdog millionaire." well, his latest movie is called "lion." take a look. >> it's like knowing my real brother and mother spent every day of their lives looking for me? huh? how every day my real brother screams my name? can you imagine the pain they must be in not knowing where i am? 25 years. 25! >> why didn't you tell me that was happening for you? >> good morning. >> good morning.
8:34 am
premise of this story, it grips your heart. >> yes. >> and it's a true story. tell people about your character. >> it's an incredible story about triumph, really. this young boys starts in tragedy. scavenging for food on a train with his older brother. they get separated. he's in a part of the country that he doesn't know. he doesn't even know his mother's name. he goes through a horrendous ordeal before he's adopted by an australian family in tasmania. he uses google earth to try and relocate his real mother. >> it's one of these things, that sounds like a hollywood movie, except for it really happened. >> it actually happened, yeah. >> so fascinating. his life turned out okay. he ended up with a wonderful
8:35 am
and the search for you've mom and brother is really what this is about. >> it's really an anthem of love and unity, how love can transcend continents. there's two beautiful female characters, one played by nicole kidman who's the australian mother. >> nicole kidman said she thought that was a love letter to her kids. and i think -- i read you said your own mom. it is a mother/child story. >> absolutely. yeah, i read the script and i was a complete puddle of tears. it's so moving. >> i heard you showed up at the writer's house, hey, i'm available. >> i did. they hadn't even finished writing the first act. there was a big whiteboard with all the story beats on there. it was classified information at
8:36 am
you really poured yourself into it. like eight months of prep. what did that entail? >> scripts like this don't come around every so often for someone that looks like i do. i called my manager up and said the next eight months i want to commit every fiber of my being to getting this journey right. a lot of physical training. >> you had to get the australian wrote diaries, the whole thing. >> well, there's a lot of oscar buzz. here, awkward like -- you are getting so much critical raves for this role. and you met the real guy. >> i did. he's such a beautiful -- the whole family is. his mother, his father, john. they're so open and generous. he is the epitome of a fiercely driven young man. it's a very inspiring story and
8:37 am
it is getting wonderful reviews. best of luck to you. it opens in select theaters on november 25th, nationwide christmas day. we have sterling k. brown paying a visit to studio 1a to talk about "this is us" and a
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back now, sterling k. brown took home an emmy this year for his portrayal of christopher darden in the hit mini series "the people v. o. o.j. simpson. now he is earning praise for his role in "this is us." while he can't wait for the whole family to be together on thanksgiving, he may be the only one. >> man, i am pumped. my mom and biological father eating at the same table?
8:40 am
isn't this great? >> um-hm. okay, let me get that. be right back. >> what's with her? >> i have no idea. >> hey, sterling, good morning. nice to see you. >> thank you so much. >> when an actor takes on a role in a tv series, basically all they're hoping for is that somebody gets to sample the show. >> amen. >> anything above that is icing on the cake. >> gravy. >> how does the gravy taste? you're in the gravy zone. >> man, to have gone from is us." i've been doing this for 15, 16 years. so all of a sudden things just kind of exploded and i've been able to pay the bills. but now people see me and will wave and say hi. like it is a whole new world. i am enjoying it. >> do you even try to asian-american lies why you end up in a juicy period like this? >> no. not really. i just try to enjoy. it i think there's been such
8:41 am
so long, what catches on is like lightning in a bottle. >> i say hoda has been the major promoter of this series since it came out, "this is us." she's gotten us all to watch it. at one moment it can make you laugh until tears are in your eyes, and the next moment you are crying. and it is an incredible ability by the script writers. >> yes. well the show sort of encapsulates the writef he is so warm and loving but he has this biting sense of humor and he always undercuts that warmth with his u more. every day we laugh a little bit, sometimes you cry. >> we've already talked today about your success with "the people versus o.j. simpson." we know what that trial and episode did to this country. did you think the reaction to the series would be as strong as it was given that so many years had passed?
8:42 am
attached. i knew ryan murphy was behind the whole thing. sara paulson, cuba gooding jr. and john travolta. but until it was actually out there for public consumption, we had no idea. >> see how good an actor you are. take you back to the moment of opening the envelope. and the emmy goes to -- sterling k. brown. >> i think i almost fainted. i almost passed out. >> what part of you said i have a good shot, i think i am going to win >> there is a lot of people telling me that. so the more people told you -- the more people said it, i was like, all right, let's hold off here for a second. because i was the least known commodity out of everybody out there. my cast mates were excellent. there are other people in fargo. hugh laurie who's never won. i said i'm just going to celebrate whoever wins. if it happens to be me, i'll celebrate. and it happened to be me. and it was surreal. i got a chance to uk with a up
8:43 am
really appreciated the work. i was humbled. >> you going to be part of the second season of "american crime story"? >> possibly. i haven't dotted the is or crossed the ts but i have expressed interest. hopefully it will come to fruition. >> i hope so, too. >> thanks a lot, man. >> you can watch "this is us" tuesdays, 9:00, 8:00 central, right here on nbc. just ahead we are celebrating a terrific program
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back now at 8:45 with a great program that's making a difference in the life of high school students in some of america's toughest neighborhoods. >> sheinelle is here with that story. >> good morning. this program is called build on. they are marking their 25th anniversary today. for a quarter century reducing
8:46 am
country's toughest neighborhoods and fighting illiteracy. they work in neighborhoods in the south bronx, boston, detroit, chicago, oakland, to name a few. a major goal is to raise the expectation for these kids. letting them know your circumstance may be tough, but you have the power to rise above it. for many families here in bridgeport, connecticut, making ends meet is tough. some teenagers experience extreme poverty and violence. fabi garcia saw someone gunned down >> you would think about it a lot and get scared walking down the streets. i'm like, i would get scared walking alone. >> reporter: their experiences outside of school affecting kids inside the classroom. >> i was skipping school. i was failing. i was -- honestly, i wouldn't stick to anything, like sports wise. everything, i would just kind of quit and give up. >> why do you think that was? >> when it got hard, i found it easier to just walk away. seemed like the easier way out.
8:47 am
build on, an organization that partners with schools around the country like bridgeport's basseck high school integrating service and volunteering into the curriculum. the goal is to help students change their own lives by helping someone else. >> they are able to study issues and challenges that they have, then they decide how they want to take action through service. they step up, they serve, they come back into the classroom, they share their experience. >> reporter: across america, build on teensav on this night here in bidgeport they are cooking up a hot meal for homeless veterans, some of whom view these kids like family. >> the kids are dear to my heart. these kids could have been out doing anything. but instead of doing anything, they took their time out even on their days off to come here to prepare food for us when they could have been doing other things? i appreciate it. >> reporter: and as they help
8:48 am
>> well, when i do community service, i see people. i actually have been through poverty so i know what it feels like. and so seeing them makes me want to give more. >> reporter: fabi has clocked in more than 500 hours of service and build on's impact reaches far beyond bridgeport or even the u.s. in addition to local volunteering, teens also help build schools in developing countries. to date, building 1,000 schools overseas for children. steve's experience building a school in malawi changed his life. >> they just wish they had school. a lot of them don't even know how to spell their names. i'm given these opportunities and i'm throwing them away. so honestly, it just like registered eventually, like what am i doing? like i got to take advantage of what i have. >> the main reason the service has such an enormous positive impact for our students is
8:49 am
and from there, they elevate expectation for their communities, for their schools and for themselves. >> it brings out a piece of you that you never would like to bring out when you were alone. when you are in build on, you are not alone. >> being involved in build on also has a huge impact on whether these kids make it to college. in neighborhoods where there is is a build on program, the average graduation rate is around 65%. in some cases, as low as build on, it's 97%. so looking ahead to the next 25 years, they are pledging to invest more in these communities and increase graduation rates by 50%. >> you want it in every school. >> it is making such a difference. i noticed it gives these kids a sense of purpose. they have someone to help. and then they feel like, if i can make an impact for you, maybe i can do it for myself. >> they are elevating their
8:50 am
people just like we saw. >> even the donors with be people who help out with this program, they go with the kids side by side in some of these developing countries and build schools. i mean so it is just -- >> amazing. >> one of those things where they get the whole community involved. >> thank you for telling the story. nice job. coming up next, we know bonnie just got a big old surprise from al and katie lee. now she's getting ready to cook for country. but first, this is "today"
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: "today" food is brought to you by walmart. celebrate the holidays with walmart. finds gifts, groceries and fast checkouts. the moment has arrived. let's check in with al and his special guest. "today's turkey trot" is in virginia. bonnie, you are on, my dear. >> that's right, bonnie. you are now front and center. i want to clarify, bonnie was the one who asked for -- >> i need makeup. >> we think you are beautiful insidend got makeup on? >> i understand. >> i don't, but it's okay because you guys look fantastic. you are a consummate cook. you are working on a cookbook, aren't you? >> i am. it is coming out in the spring and it is called "basic." >> what is this? is this my mac and cheese? >> we tried to approximate. you don't give up your recipe to anybody. >> they were written in code.
8:53 am
>> bonnie told us that it looked okay. >> would you like to try? >> yes, let me just see. >> tell us -- >> i feel like i'm on an episode of "chopped" right now and i'm getting ready to be judged. >> that's not bad. >> it doesn't suck. okay. katie is going to make a little mac and cheese. stovetop mushroom mac and cheese? >> yeah. that's right. this you canak thanksgiving, oven gets really crowded. you can just do all of this right on the stovetop. i've got some butter, mixed mushrooms, thyme, garlic. you can use just white button, whatever. it is fine. i'm going to add some flour. this is our thickener. you let that cook for about a minute just to get that flour flavor out of there. then i add some dijon to it. >> i like the dijon.
8:54 am
>> so that gives it flavor and it also helps it to thicken. >> you have anything against fat, bonnie? >> oh, no. i eat real food. i just work out. >> we just exercise. that's why she was out for a walk. >> she actually does a five-mile run. >> wow, five miles? that's good. maybe i should take some pointers from you. add in some whole milk. >> you doing this room temperature for you guys out there who are imitating this. >> she'sot temperature. >> you want to let this thicken. this takes about just a couple minutes. it starts to thicken up. then you add to it the cheese. >> what kind of cheese is that? >> i'm using parmesan. is that okay be? >> it's perfect. >> i'm bossy in the kitchen. i'm sorry. fontina, i love. >> fontina is a good melting cheese. gruyere would be good in this.
8:55 am
stir it up and you just toss it together. >> let's take this out to have some of our friends try this out. >> i want to see if bonnie likes my mac and cheese any better than your lobster mac and cheese. >> we have family and friends gathered. we also to want to thank the nice folks at city of fairfax parks department for helping us pull this your husband, mack, is there. bonnie, we know how much you love herbs and stuff. we got an indire herb gooden for you just to thank you. >> thank you. that's going to my house. >> what do you think of katie's mac and cheese? >> i like the ingredients. >> also want to thank the nice folks at featherlite for helping
8:56 am
what do you say? >> excellent. >> all right, guys. recipes is at >> way to go. we've got a lot still to come. tony danza is going to be here. >> yes! >> in our next hour. stay tuned for that.
8:57 am
8:58 am
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," an italian stallion. tony danza is our celebrity co-host. then from the perfect table to the perfect portions for each guest. we've got thanksgiving covered. and we can eect a sequel. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, november 17th, 2016. i'm tamron, alongside dylan.
9:01 am
country, in fairfax, virginia with "today's turkey trot." we'll check back in with our main man in a minute. but we have a very special co-host from the boxing ring to the big screen. a tv icon from "taxi" to "who's the boss," now to the stage, the one and only -- the tony danza who has a song after him. >> i feel lik rounds. >> this is the song, "hold me closer, tony danza." the classic that blew up the charts in the late '70s, elton john sang this about you? >> well, you know, elton and i go way back. the truth of the matter is, i've never actually come clean about this. but since we're here, you know,
9:02 am
shouldn't talk about it. >> when you first heard that song, did you think tony danza or is that just the rest of us being -- >> you know how it is. on "friends," phoebe said i like that song, elton john's song about tony danza. i said, what are you talking about? i have incredible experiences with this. i was in philadelphia, walking to a restaurant with a friend of mine and three young girls came up to me. i thought they wanted a picture. they got around launched into this song. . they just started singing "oh how it feels so real." >> let's play the moment when "friends" told us what the lyrics were. >> best song ever was "the way we were." >> i think the one that elton john wrote for that guy on "who's the boss"? >> what song is that? >> "hold me close young tony danza ?? >> that is amazing.
9:03 am
>> speaking of songs, we have a special one to play. you performing, as long as i'm singing from your show "standards and stories." ? ? >> in the show we try to pay homage to the guys who wrote the great songs like allen brant. people are obscure. >> everyone knows them. >> is music in your wheelhouse? your wheelhouse is television, film. seems like you don't have a wheelhouse, you have a whole car house? >> i always wanted to be a song and dance man. this is something i always wanted to do. in the '90s after -- i had an accident and i was re-evaluating my life what i hadn't done, what i had done. one of the things i wanted to try was to try to put a show together.
9:04 am
ten years at that point. so that also gave me some license. i figured you could stink and then break into tap. >> everyone loves a tap dancer. >> it's been an incredible journey because you have to learn. you aspire to do it but in order to sing publicly, make that connection with an audience when you are doing the act, and also writing the act. then perform it. but what's great about it, when it happens, you make this connection with th you tell personal stuff, stories about showbiz. so many years i've been out there and i was lucky enough to get out of there when a lot of the older idols of hollywood were still around. but stories about my mother. i introduced my mother to frank sinatra. my mother was the biggest frank sinatra fan in the world. one of the biggest, because
9:05 am
i tell the story in the show. but it is one of the greatest moments of my life. >> how did she react? >> well, not like you would expect. she was just frozen. she just couldn't -- she just couldn't. she couldn't move. she couldn't bear he was in the room with her. >> i heard you had a "who's the boss" reunion? >> it was amazing. reluctant to do it. didn't know how two look, who wants to go back. but we all got together. the great katherine hellman and judith so wonderful. we were at patsy's restaurant on 56th. the official italian restaurant of the tony danza show. >> i was obsessed with "who's the boss." i feel like all guys had a crush
9:06 am
girls had a crush on you. >> i hear people saying, i wanted you to be my father. that's a wonderful compliment. >> he was so loving but cool, disciplinarian, but let you get away with stuff. >> not only that, why i'm so proud of that show, it wasn't proselytizing. we were preachingy. but we really tried to send a good message. >> look at you! look at that. >> you could grow it out. >> wouldn't look the same. trust me. >> that's your throwback thursday moment that we presented to you. dylan has become the unofficial queen of throwback thursday. apparently she has a vault of pictures her parents took. >> i have a box of pictures my mom gave me. they are full of doozies. there are so many things to comment on this picture.
9:07 am
i've ever seen. >> i was blind like since the age of 1 so i've always had glasses. the older i got, the bigger the glasses got. but i thought this was a baby alive when i posted it. it pooped and did everything. i never got the baby alive. santa brought me the wrong baby. >> but you didn't know pop. >> i still loved it. that's kind of my practice. >> what's the stereo behind you? >> that's a juke box. >> they tapes. every single night i would go to bed listening to a cassette of buddy holly. >> and the lamp? >> my mom was big into stenciling. we had stenciling all over, including lamp shades. >> that captures such a moment in time. >> it was a moment in time, for sure. >> you guys got to come out and see the show. i'm going to be in brooklyn college. that's why -- comes out sunday.
9:08 am
3:00 in the afternoon. walt whitman performing arts center. i get to do that act. i get do that attempt to make a connection. and i'm going back to brooklyn. that's my neighborhood. >> brooklyn is not the same brooklyn. you see the guys with the like hipster brooklyn beards and dinner jackets. >> there he a always been eclectic group. but brooklyn is a very special place. >> number one thing about brooklyn you love. >> all i can think about is the great community. my father was a garbage man in the neighborhood. he worked on the school we lived on. my first day of high school he let me ride inside the truck -- no. but i'm telling you, i think about the community. i really think about the neighbors that watched you.
9:09 am
corner crosser guards for all the kids in the neighborhood. beat cop who strongly suggested i should try the police athletic league. that kind of thing. >> i feel like i can visualize all of these people in my mind. community was important for me last night. loreal paris women of worth awards. i was so honored to present to kathy tilipson. this woman has decided i'm not money to help homeless use. not just giving them a place to stay. this picture is missing a very critical component. there is eva longoria. you see the great diane keaton, the list goes on and on. just super stardom. carly klaus, the super model walked in this a gold --
9:10 am
>> wait a minute. now, wait. there's two beautiful women there but what's wrong with this picture? >> eva longoria, actress, producer, texan, all things great. i am standing next to them. i got out of that photograph. i could not stop laughing. eva says her plan in life is always to stand next to the shortest person on the red carpet. didn't work out that way. you met her. >> yes. i was like a dope. i was in a telethon. we were taking doe nations she was sitting next to me the phone. i think it was the sandy concert. i didn't know who she was. tall. i said so you are a model. she went i'm carly klaus. i'm like, oh, moron. congratulations to all ten honorees. and congratulations loreal paris. you break the mold making women feel empowered. would you wear a swimsuit --
9:11 am
>> -- a sweatsuit to the office. tony would. up next, the new way to dress for success in your workplace. we're also getting you ready for thanksgiving with the right amount of food, to the table decor. >> don't fill up on the can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber? works.
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9:14 am
the commercial break with our super special guest co-host, tony danza. you are a big cook. >> yes, i love to cook. my father did all the cooking in my house. my mother cooked twice a year. she made "the lasagna." not "lasagna." "the lasagna." >> those are big ones to take on if you don't cook the rest of the year. >> what do you have? >> the italians have to have a total italian dinner because we so you have the antipasto. then the lasagna. then you had the full american thanksgiving dinner with turkey, all the trimmings. that's why they tell you when you walk in the door, don't fill up on antip. asto. >> i got this sent to me yesterday.
9:15 am
carved. >> is it solid? >> it's cracked? >> ooh, it's hollow. >> oh, look. oh, look! >> it was delivered to me. it was not cracked. >> i just collapsed the turkey. we're not carving it, we're collapsing it. >> our producers cracked my turkey! >> here's the thing though. >> look. >> that's a good sign. >> it's >> you know around easter you get the chocolate bunnies? i don't like the solid chocolate bunnies. first thing i do is squeeze them to make sure it cracks. >> i would like to squeeze my own turkey! >> the thought of it is nice. >> my turkey! >> i'll just pick it up. it's now a bag of chocolate. >> it's beautiful. >> okay.
9:16 am
it now that they've broken it. while tony is carving this broken turkey -- fruit of the loom -- >> here, have a breast. >> what was coming in my brain is finally going to end in my unemployment. okay. here, dylan, have a breast. coming up -- >> fruit of the loom, taking busy casual to th line of sweatsuits. tony, what do you think? is there this is hysterical. this sounds like an italian fantasy. a sweatsuit that looks like a suit. >> there used to be the t-shirt that looks like a tux. >> that's a sweatsuit? >> they've got the cowboy corporate. seersucker or country club. starting price for you gentlemen -- $49.99. the question is, who is getting
9:17 am
would be a lot of guys wearing that. >> and it's fruit of the loom so you know it is comfortable. let's go down to fairfax, virginia to check in with al roker. al, would you wear that? >> i would not. i don't wear the sweatsuit. no, i'm not. i've got -- no. i don't have a sweatsuit. i don't -- >> why? >> why not just wear pajamas outside? >> well, yeah, that's the point. >> that's ridiculous. come on. show -- show like you are for gosh sakes. anyway, we have all these nice folks. bonnie mcdaniel was surprised by "today's turkey trot." mack helped us with the advice. we've got all the kids and all her friends. we're in the city of fairfax park. cutner park. we had the big "today's turkey trot" featherlite bus in the back. everybody very happy.
9:18 am
>> that's what's going on around the >> of course katie lee was here. >> we had a blast. >> thanks so much for coming down. all right, guys. we got one more. one more. i'll give you a hint. we're going to be somewhere in new york state.
9:19 am
of mind. thank you, tony. i wish -- i wish i was there with you. you know how much i love you. >> i love you, too, al. >> he's got a fruit of the loom sweatsuit for you. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> thanks, al. we can't wait until tomorrow. up next, how many pounds of turkey should you prepare for each of your guests? >> that's a good question. >> we're going to help you figure out the perfect portion so you don't overspend -- >> or overeat. ? ? get up for black friday. starts thursday, 6pm. walmart.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
and we'll see just exactly how right you are about how much you should have. people tend to take either too much turkey or they don't get enough turkey. what you need is 1 1/2 pounds per person which will give you leftovers. that's your turkey. you think that's the right amount of turkey? >> by the way, i'm on tv. i'm not eating like i normally would. >> is this how you would normally eat? that's a normal plate. yo g your turkey sandwich the next day. you need to be sure you have the leftovers. >> this much if you want leftovers. and the leftovers are the most important part. >> cranberry sauce, take the gravy. the amount that you would normally do. thing about cranberry sauce, you think do you need leftovers? think about the turkey sandwich with the mayonnaise and you need the cranberry sauce. >> no. this -- this -- is the most
9:24 am
gravy. >> open faced hot with the gravy? >> it is amazing. i don't think i took enough of either. >> that looks good. then you guys took about half as much as in there. that is perfect amount to have leftover. so you are doing really, really well. >> moving on to stuffing. >> i love stuffing. >> stuffing, what do you do with the stuffing on the next day? you like to put it in a sandwich? i like to fry it and egg on top like hash browns with stuffing. so good. >> gravy on the stuffing. >> you know what? maybe this is one cup per person. cranberry sauce, you need half a cup of cranberry sauce, half a cup of gravy, one cup of stuffing. now mashed potatoes. you have to fill your plates quickly before everyone else gets in here. >> got to get gravy for the
9:25 am
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9:30 am
one week from today, your guests will be sitting down to thanksgiving dinner, and nothing makes a better impression than an impressive dinner table. >> so we've got some festive ideas for the adults and fun ideas for the kids, and here to show us brooke mahan. >> what's a vloger? >> video blogging. >> i should have known that. >> tony was asking about the
9:31 am
really all diy elements, stuff that's easy to put together. this is our centerpiece. we actually repurposed our halloween pumpkins, gave them a coat of white spray paint and just added in some other white elements like the flowers, these antlers. if you don't have faux antlers, you can use tree branches. it took five minutes to put together and it looks russ continue and elegant. >> i love the pumpkin idea. it is so smart. >> yeah. because they last a notice there is a lot of gold. >> i love this. >> do you like gold? >> i love metallics. >> tony is taking it all in. >> this is incredible. >> one of my favorite things to do is repurpose -- i think gold spray paint can make anything look like a million bucks. we took some leaves from outside and literally -- they started like this. we sprayed them with some gold spray paint. wrote the names down with a sharpie and you have a super
9:32 am
a decorative plate. mine were all beat up, again, coat of gold spray paint. tame thing on the stemless wine glasses. they look pretty. it ties that all together. >> love it. love it. >> then the last element, one of my favorite, these napkin rings. these are made out toilet paper roll. >> you're impressed. >> i'm telling you. >> he's going to take it apart. >> that's great! >> now we know what you'll be doing this evening. >> then finally, my favorite element of the whole table, it is so nice to send your guests home with something. everyone has left overfood so we
9:33 am
boxes with -- >> otherwise you have to give them all your tupperware. >> we just printed all these labels out at home. super easy to do and they have a little take-away from the night. >> tony danza, come on over to this in you-found profession called vlogger. >> i think the kids table should be the best seat in the house. we're making it really fun for kids and interactive. put something down that they can already color on. from an amazing shop called caravan shop. parents can download them. they have all sorts of placemats. these are my favorite du yichlt diy kits. you can make things like the founder feathers, place cards.
9:34 am
i decorated these double shot glasses, some dip in the middle. i created these with black paper cups. for your cran holders. let your kids get active at the table. because they will get more engaged. this was so simple. we covered this table with butcher paper. we all have these sitting around from halloween. tic-tac-toe. we've also created these -- >> take it easy, kids. having too much fun here. remember when we were kids, they'd say go sit down and eat. >> no! we're giving them games. just give them something to do after they are finished eating. >> on you can get this. >> at dessert time, they finish early. make it simple.
9:35 am
get them some sugar cookie dough, easiest thing to do. this never gets old. >> you always assume you've seen everything in these diys. these are all awesome ideas! coming up, she's known for comedies. now actress isla fisher takes on a dramatic role. we'll talk about if there is going t ?? strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really... happy thanks for giving!
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?spread a little love today? ?spread a little love my way? ?spread a little somethin to remember? philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites.
9:39 am
here. isla fisher's break-out role
9:40 am
the hit big screen comedy, "wedding crashers." >> now the new movie already getting rave reviews. this movie is unbelievable. "nocturnal animals." >> she and her fight find themselves protecting a trio of troublemakers. >> don't come any cl >> please, just get back in your car. >> lady, calm down. we got an accident to report. that's all. >> calm down. hey, lady, lady. >> it is just a flashlight, sweetheart. it is all right. >> isla's here with us this morning. >> we filmed that in the mojave desert. it was a night shoot that lasted for a week and half. normally i end a movie and i miss everybody and i want to stay on it forever.
9:41 am
training to do that kind of material and have it look real. you have to really commit to it and there is a physical element. this movie is really about emotional violence and not physical violence. but my scenes which are basically the fictitious -- they're a book that amy adams' character is reading, it is still just a lot to take on. >> that's what you said. you were surprised we were talking about it on morning tv because it is such an intense film. >> what's tom ford like? >> he's amazing. i knew him as a fashion designer but to work with him one-on-one as a filmmaker, he is an incredible icon. he is approachable even though he is so dapper and clever. he seems like -- he's just a really great guy. >> you show up for work in your clothing and it is tom ford, do you only wear tom ford to work?
9:42 am
what do you do when tom ford is there? >> there was once i was caught in the makeup trailer had ugg boots on and i thought i can't have tom know that i even own ugg boots. i sort of slipped off that shoe, kicked it away and way care foot to work. >> amy adams is also in this movie. how often do you get mistake for each other? >> so much so that one year for my greeting card i cut and faced amy's face over mine. said season's greetings. no one noticed. "your card was so cute." it was a joke! >> what's it like being married to sacha baron cohen? >> we've been together for 15 years. he's just great. >> i never saw -- he's one of
9:43 am
something, he commits. >> "wedding crashers" sequel. what's happening? >> the first i heard of it, i bumped into vince vaughn at a party and he said apparently we're going to be making a sequel. i am interested to see what's happening to gloria. >> a done deal? >> well, maybe not. i shouldn't have announced it on nationalle vince vaughn ran into her. we've got ourselves a sequel. congratulations on this. brilliant film. "nocturnal animals" opens nationwide on december 9th. have a glass of kathie lee's wine before you watch it just to calm you down. taking a look at the weather across the country, above normal temperatures up and down the
9:44 am
into the gulf coast but not where it is needed across the southeast which could really use some help with the drought. instead of rain avoids that area, moves into the northeast. we'll likely see snow on the back side of the front, especially across upstate new york. it is getting to be that time >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, the new
9:45 am
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with nearly 100 tv shows and movies to his name, tate donovan has graced the big and small screen for more than three decades. >> his credits included "the oc," as well as winning best picture ""argo"" bested by ben affleck. >> now tate's starring alongside another affleck, ben's brother, casey, in a new movie that's getting incredible buzz. "manchester by the sea" is about a hockey coach who reaches out to a player after his dad passes away. >> when i was your age, i lost my dad, too.
9:50 am
through. if you want to come in and talk, want somebody to spill your guts to or throw the ball around, the door's open. >> tate donovan, the only time i want to lose my texas accent when i hear your boston accent. you are getting oscar buzz. the praise this film is getting is tremendous. the film is getting oscar buzz. how does it feel to be part of something that seems to have the momentum? >> well, you never know about oscars and stuff lik directed and acted movie. i feel so lucky to -- really small part but i would have done like craft service for this. it is such a beautiful script. >> "entertainment weekly" called it a masterpiece. "rolling stone" said it was one of this year's best movies. >> it is like reading a novel.
9:51 am
really gut-wrenching. just really human for lack of a better word. it's got a little bit of everything. >> casey affleck we know from that jesse james movie, the coward. he was so great in that. it was like a revelation to see him. >> he is amazing in this movie. he is so understated and he gives such a -- wait until you see it. you're just going to be aw, forget it. first time i saw it, i just started hugging him. he barely knows right, take it easy, pal. back off, dude. >> you also want to direct or do direct? >> i do. i directed a couple of documentaries. sports documentaries. i won an emmy about arthur ashe. and i direct a lot of television. so if you guys want to be on a tv show -- >> we have a morning team. you can consult.
9:52 am
front and behind the camera? >> it's surprisingly similar. i know that that sounds ridiculous. but you're using the same muscles but just in a different way. like does that feel right? is that right? maybe we should try this. i'm so glad i started directing, because i really have fallen madly in love with acting again. because acting is like a vacation after you direct. especially television. it's like, a grind. there is so much work to be you got to learn your lines. >> really. you just saunter in? >> aren't people so nice to you when you are an actor? >> no, it is true. it is amazing. especially like a half-hour show, our show, the writers go
9:53 am
movie. >> "manchester by the sea" opens nationwide tomorrow. back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> now that i'm leaving, the wine comes out. that's all i got to say. >> all you have to you can take that. colin quinn is with us.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio rockefeller center. >> hey, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. we're so happy you're with us today. it's november 17th. >> already. >> who is that? >> kenny chesney. he's taking a trip around the sun. >> he does that for a living. you know where we're going to have some fun? right here. colin quinn is with us. he's got a new netflix special. we'll find out why he's been spending a lot of time with amy schumer. >> he won an emmy for "the


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