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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 17, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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deadly crashes on the size in southern nevada. what localfully -- what local officials are doing. and drug addiction in america. a man saved from a burning car. but it's who risked his life that made a family thankful for this random encounter. secret the streets around las vegas are danger. >> fatalities are up this year. but this weekend, a very special remembrance for the victims. denise rosch is live at paul mortuary to explain. >> reporter: the event will be right here on sunday. it will be world day of remembrance for road-crash victims. unfortunately, our road death numbers keep going up here in the valley. but that doesn't mean that
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are giving up. unlv police officer john garner says he had to do something. >> hey, driver. when you see the yellow sign, slow down. >> reporter: watching close calls as students cross maryland parkway. so ditching his patrol vehicle -- >> you have to look and make eye contact. >> reporter: he hit the crosswalk. >> a lot of people, they are on their phones and they don't see the signs. >> reporter: unfortunately, officer garner't everywhere. already this year, traffic fatalities in the valley are up more than 10%. pedestrian fatalities up 15%. >> terrible. terrible. >> reporter: erin brien with unlv's vulnerable road users says the vast majority of fatalities are preventable. duis, jaywalking, not wearing seat belts. this sunday, she says, is world day of remembrance, a chance for loved ones to honor anyone who died in a crash.
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an ornament with their person's name and life dates on it, and then during the ceremony, which begins at 3:00, they will be asked to put those ornaments on the tree. >> reporter: a tree that will symbolize awareness throughout the holiday season. as for garner -- >> they scare me sometimes. >> reporter: -- he will continue doing his part for traffic s, one pedestrian at a time. remembrance is for anyone who has been killed in a traffic accident, not just people who died this year. the gathering starts at 2:00 with the ceremony at 3:00. i'm denise rosch for news 3. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. this week we've been focusing on the top priorities for the upcoming trump administration first 100 days, healthcare, immigration and now jobs. >> scott thuman looks at whether
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>> reporter: the claim was as large of an announcement as possible. 25,000 jobs promised. but he can make some immediate moves. >> if we deregulate the economy, don't do it in a half-way measure. >> reporter: this economist says trump could shovel-ready projects and says if he does, he can produce more jobs than ronald reagan and twice as many as prob. every school needs repair. revamping major trade deals with china, dropping out of deals
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changers. but this man warns -- >> let's be fair about it. there are things that neither congress nor the president have complete control over. >> reporter: like he says is the stock market and global economic conditions and returning jobs to places where trump did best like the midwest and coal country is a long process. >> when it comes to spending money, congress can be pretty good at it, particularly if it where it really matters. >> that was scott thuman reporting. we want to know what you think with our question of the day. what do you think president-elect donald trump's top priority should be in his first 100 days? head to to weigh in. we invite you to take part in a celebration of vietnam veterans. our parent company, sinclair broadcast group, will host a town hall at 4:00 that honors the 50th anniversary aboard the yorktown. you can check it out streaming on
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ahead to 2020 election but one person you probably won't see on the ballot is tim kaine. in an interview with the virginia newspaper, he says he has no plans to run for vice president or president again if asked. kaine says he wants to model himself after john warner who served in the senate for 30 years. the u.s. director of national intelligence is calling it quits he submitted a l house last night. it's the first of many departures expected. president obama appointed him to the position in 2010. he will remain in his position until president-elect donald trump is inaugurated. an isis plot foiled and bad weather stops the iraq troops in know sul. -- from mosul. details from the terrorism alert desk. >> i'm jonathan elias. simultaneous attacks by isis
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kosovo. one of the targets was the israeli national soccer team. 18 people were arrested. found on them were weapons, even a drone. in mosul, iraqi forces are stopping their advance because of bad weather. it's been one month since this offensive to recapture the city started. isis militants are doing everything they can to keep control of the city. and a chilling new propaganda video released b terror attacks in australia. what it shows is the airport and cathedrals as potential places for attacks. that's the latest from the terrorism alert desk. >> thank you. a punch caught on camera now the center of a police department investigation. the video shows an arizona police officer punching a woman in the face. watch that. it was recorded yesterday in flagstaff. the officer was trying to arrest the woman.
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police try to get the cuffs on her. that's when he threw a punch. the police department is launching an internal investigation. a new government report released calls attention to a national public health crisis. it's drug and alcohol addiction. >> the report says one in seven people will face a substance abuse disorder in their life. nearly 21 million people already with some kind of substance abuse disorder. that's more than the number of people with cancer. one of the goals of the report is to reduce to substance abuse. >> if we afford the same compassion and care to people living with addiction that we do to people with any other chronic illness, then i believe that we will be able to address the addiction crisis in america. >> officials say drug and alcohol addiction cost the u.s. more than $400 billion a year. disturbing new statistics linking a rise in roadway deaths to a rise in the number of cell phone apps. the national highway safety administration says nearly
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of 2016. that's a 10% spike over the same time last year. experts blame the increase on the growing use of apps behind the wheel. >> when i look at my phone, i try to think, would it be worth it be looking at my phone or that snapchat or text message? >> it's not your hands off the wheel so much as so much your mind off the task of diving safely. >> most cell phones offer say those are not enough. they say something as simple as a quick swipe can distract you lock enough for a crash to happen. the zoo barrier surrounding harambe, the gorilla law was not compliant. a 3-year-old boy fell in that enclosure last may. the camera caught it as the gorilla grabbed the child.
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after the incident. a consumer alert and this time it's a good one. the latest booster seat ratings show improvements. the ratings come from the insurance institute for highway safety and show most manufacturers have mastered building a seat that provides a good seat belt. of the 53 new models evaluated, 48 earned the highest rating of best bet. >> this is really good news for confident when they are shopping for a booster, the vast majority will provide a good belt fit. >> if you want to check out the ratings we have a link at renovations are in the works for benjamin franklin's gravestone. an online effort to save it surpassed the $10,000 goal. much of that thanks to jon bon jovi and his wife who
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it developed a huge crack in it. long-time los angeles dodgers' broadcasters vin scully will be honored with the presidential medal of freedom. here is the moment the white house secretary called him to tell him the news. >> just a handful of people get it. and this year he's going to give it to you. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> yes. >> are you i'm rather overwhelmed and humbled. thank you. >> he's like wait. i'm just an announcer. the medal freedom is the highest civilian honor. skullly was the voice of the dodgers for 67 years before he retired this year. a big donation came in a small package. >> how one woman changed the fortune of a charity. and a gymnast proves there's
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get in her way. most neighborhood temperatures this morning dropped in the upper 40s. you can see them right here. it will be nearly 10 degrees colder tonight. i will let you know how cool it will get oveve
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now for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing amazing things in our world. >> a local woman donated a 5.5 diamond ring worth more than $235,000 to charity. the charity is called " the spokesperson goes across the country thinking to thousands of people become the best versions of themselves. the man who started the charity couldn't believe the donation. >> i literally i just started crying. she just told me she had something she wanted to give me. i ran back to my hotel room and grabbed my stuff because we were going to eat lunch and she said i want to give you this diamond. >> well, the charity plans on
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mission to inspire people. an off-duty firefighter goes above the duty. >> his wife caught the whole thing on camera. here's more. >> reporter: a car up in smoke, a man strapped inside, a chilling scene in georgia, one that could have been deadly if not for this captain. >> my wife started yelling. she saw smoke and watch the plume ofmo three cars. >> reporter: the couple were celebrating their 31st anniversary when they stumbled on the accident scene. with no first responders in site, the 30-year veteran did what he was trained to do. >> ran out like ten feet in front, saw what was going on. went to the back of my car because i keep a crowbar and gloves back there. >> reporter: with the car possibly about to combust, he had to work fast to get the man out.
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he had blood all over him. his legs were pinned under the dashboard and steering wheel. we got him free. >> reporter: his wife shot this video and she says to see what her husband does first hand was both frightening and surreal. >> very proud of him but at the same time, i was very scared for him. he's going in and out in this car and it's lighting up all of the time and the smoke. he's a first >> reporter: today as the family paid him a visit at the upper westside firehouse, reflected on what touched him the most. >> i never had it happen. the mother called me the next day and she couldn't stop thanking me. she was calling me an angel. i said, ma'am, i'm not an angel. i only did what my heart told me to do and what i was trained to
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muncie uses his vacuum to create designs on rugs. he said it gives students something to smile about. he does everything from spongebob with his vacuum. he said his carpet art only takes place at the school. at home, he has hardwood floors. she lost both of her legs at birth. becoming a gymnast. she joined the program with the help of her parents. even though she was scared at first, once she realized how good she was, all of the fear melted. >> autumn is very, very strong-minded and loves to prove people wrong. >> what's the biggest thing you learned from her? >> to be brave. >> autumn's parents say she gets better each day and wants to compete nationally.
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facebook by liking our page especially when you know of something like that to celebrate. >> she's prove we need to take "can't" out of other vocabulary. if she can do that, she can deal with our weather. and only one more day of the really cold temperatures. if you didn't feel it last night, you will feel it tonight. it will be very cold around here. colder than what we're used to. it looks beautiful. but when youal least for las vegas standards. in north las vegas, 61 at bruener elementary. faith lutheran, currently sitting pretty in the mid-50s right now. temperatures changing as i'm talking. we're the only station that can show you with that more than 140 weather stations to show off. anthem right now, lamping elementary school at 5. gusts up to 25. now things have calmed down,
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of course, that left us very chilly temperatures. 50s and 60s in the valley. it finally feels like fall outside. 30 at mount charleston. we're in the upper 50s for pahrump. low 60s for overton and mid-50s for boulder city. and we're going to see the cool weather continue across southern nevada for about another day. temperatures will warm up briefly just in time for the weekend and then we've got another storm that's headed our way. i talked about the cold weather. warnings in effect. you can see extending out to indian springs. pahrump and up can see cal navarre will see the chilly temperatures. primm as well dropping well below the freezing mark tonight into early tomorrow morning. 29 degrees for indian springs. we're predicting around 25 for pahrump. in the teens at mount charleston. so very cold weather and high temperatures tomorrow.
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65 for lake mead. low 60s for boulder city and mid-60s for pahrump by the end of the day. overnight in las vegas, temperatures will be around 8 to 9 degrees cooler, colder than our temperature that we woke up to this morning. 40 degrees on the dot overnight. even cooler than what we're used to this time of year. winds will continue just out of the north. only up to 10 miles an hour. we're looking forward to another day of sunshine for your friday. temperatures only making it to the low 60s by the end of goes, well, temperatures will be flirting with the 70s over the weekend as a brief bridge builds in. after that, keeping us on our toes. another storm headed our way, bringing us a very slight chance of seeing some showers across the las vegas valley and then after that, we're going to kind of coast into some nicer weather for the rest of the workweek. >> but at least we have a good weekend. >> yes. yes. we're winning there. >> thank you, chloe. you kids bellying up to the
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don't try this.
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all right h breaking news that does not hurt at all. just into the newsroom -- listen up, las vegas. chicago cubs' star and las vegas native kris bryant bryant led the league in runs scored and also hit 39 home runs, if you are counting. he was the favorite to win the mvp award after leading the cubs to their first championship in 108 years. there's bubgy jumping and bungee dunking. simon barry set this guinness
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230-foot jump. it's the highest ever bungee dunk. as you can see, he dunked a biscuit into a cup of tea. >> now he needs mcnuggets into some barbecue sauce. >> that does it for us. "family feud" is next. our conversation never ends online. cocoa and other ingredients, nutella is a great sandwch there is a regulatory squirmish involving nutella. three or four people spread it on sandwiches, bread and toast. but they insist on calling it a dessert topping. it's not what's in the jar but what's on the back of the jar. labeling is dictated by the fda. consumers often look at the calories.
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some people may be dissuaded by that. consumers rarely look at the serving size. the fda says the serving size is only one tablespoon. it's two tablespoons for dessert toppings. classified as a dessert, nutella will have twice as many calories than if it's called a spread. it seems silly the fda is arguing with the manufacturer over how nutella is used. you can share your opinion with the fda. spread? there is a link on our website.
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tonight, romney surprise. a stunning turn of events as two bitter rivals prepare to meet and mend fences. also, raw emotion as hillary clinton opens up about her devastating loss. "your money. for everything from your credit card bills to your mortgage might be about to go up. fire and ice. dozens burning across the south as the first blizzard of the season's about to hit. caught on camera, outrage as video shows an officer punching a woman in the face. what police are saying about it tonight. and thanksgiving text message mixup. how a grandmother's mistake is bringing strangers together for dinner. "nightly news"


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