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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> anchor: breaking news overnight. four people dead after a fiery plane crash in northern nevada. coming up. more on the victims and what the flight company had to say about this crash. and another bizarre case of exotic wild animals found neglected at a home in some too aggression sifto capture. how did authorities handle them? let you know ahead. gridlock at the airport. news 3 is your traffic authority. steer clear of major roped closures near mckern this morning. news 3 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: breaking news. new details this morning about the medical plane that crashed
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facility. authorities say three crew members and heart patient died in the crash. this happened in elco 3:00 last night. piper crashed under unknown circumstances. authorities add several homes near the area were evacuated. this is video of the crash aftermath. posted on facebook by jake. and witnesses heard a blast and saw buildings shaking. and several other explosions were heard after that crash as well. medical transport plane was complained of chest pains and rapid heart beat. families have been notified of the deaths and company american medflight is cooperating with investigating federal authorities. they released a statement that reads "we are devastated by this event. wish we had answer to say the many questions being asked at this time." we will update these stories and bring you answers as they are available. stay tune right here on news 3 as well as for
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good morning. i am kyndell nunley. jerry brown is the weather authority. jerry nice conditions out there? >> weather: very typical of autumn. unlike last weekend we have had that were mild. you will like it. we are headed toward thanksgiving this week. this is the last hour, looking from red rock resort. you can see the skies brightening headed toward a 6:2. it is 39 degrees at our downtown las vegas studios. dewpoint of 20 degrees and barometer high. temperatures, well, a lot of 30s in the valley. and some 40s. mid 40s down at green valley. summerlin in at 41. and 39 up dickins elementary by nellis air force base. and you can see southern nevada. fairly bottom me. 45 up on the mountain. 35 in pahrump. 48 down in laughlin and 43 in mesquite. we have a storm up to our northwest.
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but that won't be for a bit. we are talking, well, i will put a timetable on it in main weather. you have nothing to worry about today. tell you, that 8:00 49. 62 at noon. 65 at 4:00 p.m. in fact, i think we will warm it up on sunday. you will like it. work week may get off to a damp start. talk about prospects for that ahead in my main weather. kyndell? >> anchor: jerry, thank you. happening n meeting someone flying in today you will need to plan that route carefully. part of the 215 at the airport connector shut down right now for road work. we are your traffic authority. live view at the city cam ras. near the airport connector. not much traffic. but there are cones there. definitely we are expected to pick up, at least when it comes to traffic later this morning.
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>> reporter: kim martinez is at the airport to pick up her daughter but she had to prepare. >> in 30 years i have not driven to the airport. >> reporter: martinez made plans to use connector to 215 to get home. >> i hoping we get out of here in time before the traffic. >> reporter: talking about plan to close 215 in both directions, friday evening until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. >> if not i don't know how i will get home. i will try to follow detours >> reporter: if you are going to the airport this weekend county leaders say use 215 to get to the connector but expect delays at the exit along the southern pathway. those that want to use 215 westbound will have access after leaving the airport. and others headed toward henderson on 215 eastbound will have to find another way. cleo bennett works near the airport and she has suggestions. >> it will be traffic but it is
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recommend alternative roads until construction end. expecting some drivers that do not exit 215 before the road closures will cause greater delays. >> anchor: developing now. for the second time this week. nye county sheriffs deputies and animal control officers removed exotic cats from a home in pahrump. authorities say they found 15 cats that includes lions, tigers, lynxs fox and panther. they add. sheriffs say both those owners, 52-year-old jacky freeman and friend abbey, cared for the animals inside of the home. and nye county sheriff's department described the scene as disturbing. >> the smell, odor, and just visually seeing the conditions they were living in, of course, disturbing and concerning. >> anchor: no one under arrest at this time. although deputies say freeman is facing animal cruelty charges.
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sanctuary. >> anchor: president elect donald trump will pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits against trump university. new york attorney general called the settlement a major victory for the victims. former trump students claim school fraudulently misled them and failed to deliver on promises like teachings on how to be successful in real estate industry. trump denied allegation. deal does not require him to acknowledge any wrongdoing. >> anchor: and the man that admitted to trump's star on hollywood walk of fame was arraigned yesterday. james otis pled not guilty to charge of felony vandalism. and otis now free on bail was arrested last month after taking a pickax to trump's star on walk way. told deadline hollywood he was trying to extract the star to auction it and raise money for women that accused trump of sexual misconduct. following the court appearance
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was wrong. i apologize for that. i hope no one else will affect and hurt the hollywood walk of fame stars. >> anchor: if convicted otis faces up to three years in jail or $10,000 fine. the star has since been repaired. >> anchor: and make way for latest opening up along the strip. lucky dragon opening up sooner than expected with first guest checking in tonight. now this is video of the time lapse video. of the progress of putting up center piece inside of the property. elaborate glass dragon chandelier on sierra and las vegas boulevard. resort opens up at 8:00 tonight. and coming up. right here on news 3 today. plenty of books that tell the history of the las vegas strip. but gambling on a dream comes alive at the touch of your fingers. tom hawley explains ahead.
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?. ? ? ?. >> anchor: and it is officially holiday season. at least over at downtown summerlin. how you and your family can get santa photos and get pet photos up. explain straight ahead. you could call him a living marvel. the king of comic books, stanley lee talks about latest commission.
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>> anchor: now and then in video vault tom hawley profiles a book that tells us something new about nevada. this one is slightly different though.
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mid century strip into a rich interactive experience. tom hawley explains. >> the landscape of the town that i knew. was quickly starting to change. so it became very important to me that the history, 20th certain clehistory of the town not get lost. >> reporter: lin maintains classic website and remembers the strip of her childhood less clutted >> hotel desert, hotel desert, gas station. >> reporter: gambling on a dream covers 1930 to 55 in a split in to intersections covering each resort as opened. pictures from special collections, las vegas news bureau and more. tap on a collection to examine each issue and bring full screen and choose among histories she collected. like when senior super staged may west.
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bilge and above it may west name. seven letters. i had 23 letters and she had seven. she said what did you notice up there steve? i noticed my name. she said what about mine. i said i don't notice it because you have seven letters and i have 23. and she said from now on you are steve ross see and that's how i got it. >> reporter: e-book goes into showrooms of another era. >> more mink tuxs and you got dressed up. >> reporter: introduce you us to gaming pioneers that nade happen. >> clark, back in 50s, he was only one that put his name on the hotel. >> wilbert clark is publicity hound, wonderful guy. he would go along with anything. >> one of my favorite stories is sam butera talking and tells the story of how he got the phone
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leave, you know, at christmas. but i will be there on the 26th. he said sounds good. so he gave me a call and i joined him on 26th. >> anchor: gambling on a dream is be available on ipad?, kendall and other form mass. we have a link to video vault section on she is working on a follow-up to bring us from 1955 all the way and vice-president elect mike pence attended hamilton friday night. receiving reaction from audience and the cast. >> mike pence we welcome you and thank you for coming. we are the diverse america. who are alarmed and anxious at your new administration will not
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our parents defend us and uphold our rights. but we truly hope this show has inspired to you uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. >> [applause]. >> wonderful american story told by a diverse group of men and women origins. >> [applause] >> anchor: some audience members as you heard boo'd and others cheers as pence entered. after the curtain call after dixon that portray burr third vice-president thanked pence for coming to the show. and however, he did have a strong message as you heard for
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quote multi-comparable multi-cultural cast worried about donald trump administration. pence left the theater before dixon finished the message but pence can stand in the hallway outside of the entrance to the auditorium and heard the full remarks. and moving across the pond. prince william opened up about challenge of parenthood. in a interview with vietnamese talk show. take a listen. >> well as other parents in the room will testify. there is wonderful highs and wonderful and it has been quite a change for me, personally. i am very lucky in support i have from catherine. she is an amazing mother and fantastic wife. but i struggled at times. and the alteration from being single independent man to going to marriage and having children is life changing. >> anchor: william has two children with his wife kate.
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godfather of the american super hero. now he has honorary key to las vegas strip. master behind behind marvel. stan lee received that honor. he created most famous comic book characters in history. captain america, spiderman, and x-men and thor. many die hard fans waited as you can imagine, all night long for a chance to meet him this morning. or excuse me, yesterday morning. lee told the secret behind his super hero success interview with news 3. >> we never make the villain glamorous. we make the heat row glamorous. and we try to write every story so that you will identify with the heat row and you in your own life want to do good things like the heat row does. you get same enjoyment you got when you were young reading fairy tales. >> anchor: lee is well known for his famous camio yos in
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avenger film. all right. jerry brown is your weather authority. beautiful conditions out this are, finally. and feels fall. maybe winter. >> weather: nippy. no doubt about it. plenty of thermometers in the 30s. but headed to 60s later this afternoon w plenty of sunshine. so, i think, things will work out okay. let's go over and look at the last hour from red rock. headed toward a 6:22 sunrise. skies. i think we will get a few clouds later this afternoon. but emphasis definitely on sunshine. central valley, sahara 15, south of spaghetti bowl. 42 degrees. dewpoint of 16. and barometer high of 30.13 inches of mercury. east side washington 36 degrees over at bracken elementary. nippy over there. 38 over on the westside at charleston and 215.
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but that's the exception of the rule. winds are not a big factor today. 46 currently at the lakes. there are some warmer thermometers. 46 in paradise corridor and 42 in downtown henderson. 42 up in north las vegas at aliante. and batie, sub freezing at 29. driving up the 93, look at that caliente 23. better in piosh. 41 over ton, pahrump, and 43 in and 45 officially for las vegas at the top of the hour. it was 54 in la land. and perch in reno. and 41 up in salt lake. frontal system crossing appalachian mountains and heading northeast. and pretty dry over the hartland. and there is a big low in pacific. trailing frontal system. that's actually we will warm up a bit tomorrow. but some moisture will work in, on monday. at least there is a good chance
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telling us as you can see. and most of the moisture will be east. but we are looking good right now. with clear skies. and afternoon highs, as you can see, will be generally in the 60s. to the 70s degree mark. so seven-day forecast. let's take a look at that. and you can see we have a chance for showers on monday. but otherwise, no problems heading into thanksgiving holiday. on thursday. kyndell. >> anchor: all right jerry thank you. lo ahailey with downtown summerlin. we have a parade. started last night through the weekend. >> we kicked off holiday parade last night. continues through the holiday season. friday, and saturday at 6:00 p.m. downtown summerlin. and week of christmas it is nightly. >> anchor: my goodness i can only imagine as we see how much fun, especially for families out there. this is really to get those
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spirit. >> absolutely. family fun great. for kids. great for adults. we have characters. festive floats. giveaways. and we make it snow. >> anchor: my goodness. even for our furry family members too, right? >> absolutely. downtown summerlin is pet friendly so welcome your dogs and we do santa photo with your pets on tuesday nights. >> anchor: talk about downtown summerlin. so shopping on your mind. black friday anything we can ex will open early. so shopping center opens at 6:00 a.m.. and a lot of retailers will have door busters, so forever 21, h&m. great time to get out early. get holiday shopping done. relax the rest of the season. >> anchor: black friday less than a week away for everyone definitely getting in that mindset. we know family photos are so special. especially with ones with little ones. or furry friends. let's talk about that.
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promenade. come out through christmas eve and get your photo with santa. packages start at $23. sponsored by summer hospital. >> anchor: do we have special guests when it comes to the parade? >> we do. charity partnership throughout the season. and we will have a grand marshal car that will feature one of the members of the charity those nights. >> anchor: some face that is people may recognize out and about around the community. >> yes. >> anchor: anything else? people are getting more so into but really heading in. colder out there. something fun that people want to do this weekend, last push to get families out there? >> come out. we have ice rink. get santa photos, start shopping and great restaurants as well. >> anchor: thank you for joining us this morning. we will get the information on our website holiday parade going on over at downtown summerlin. thank you so much. coming up right here on news 3 today.
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taking on 20th ranked boise state. and amber has highlights straight ahead in sports. and speaking of sports. aaron rogers in hot water. new report said packers quarterback has been isolated and why he has not spoke to his family in two years.
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>> anchor: 6:24. it is saturday. you can see sun is up. and we have sports. college football quarterback called a hero this morning after making a game saving tackle on a robber. police say daniel bronson having dinner with girlfriend november 5 when he saw a man snatch a purse from a 73-year-old woman. when bronson took action and took that crook down.
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another elderly woman at the same restaurant the night before. bronson said he hopes every good person would do the same. he plays for university rochester. and on the national stage. aaron rodgers performance under fire this season as green bay packers slumped to 4-5 record. personal life is coming under scrutiny too. long feature about rodgers released yesterday online saying that packers quarterback has been isolating himself from some of his teammates and famil the report said that rodgers has not even spoken to his immediate family in two years. last christmas rodgers was sent presents for him and his girlfriend by parents. report said those gifts were mailed back. packers have a lot more problems than just that player though. in fact, rodgers level of play may not rank among teams top 10 big issues. speaking of sports. here is amber with morning
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wyoming at home last week, unlv football team looked to do it again but on the road and against 20th ranked boise state. rebels closed as 28-29 and a half point underdogs last night. and limited at the whiteout position due to injuries. levels turned to ground attack. junior quarterback doing a good chunk of the running and most of the scoring. here in second quarter. rebels down. untouched, up the middle to make and third quarter. trailing 35-10. he goes ride up the middle again. but boise state's run game proves stronger. junior running back mcnickels getting good blocks here. and he takes advantage. this would be the fourth touchdown run of the night. boise state wins 42-25. while the loss means unlv will not be bowl eligible they have one more important game to play
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fremont cannon next saturday at sam boyd stadium 1:00. and last year rebels took the fremont cannon from rivalry. winning 23-17. and one more unlv note. rebels coming off the first win of the regular season. post cal state. they are favorites over cal state fullerton. rebel win wil 200 career victory. today at the t-mobile arena. two of the top pound to pound boxers face each other inside of the ring. yesterday they faced off for the final time. this after weighing in. heavy weight champion undefeated at 30-0. with one draw in at 170 pounds. and so did opponent undefeated at 30-0. and slight favorite to win. despite closely matched some
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but to fighters it is simpler. >>i mean it is simple. you don't like me. i don't like him. >> knock him out. knock him down. that's the goal. >> reporter: well mgm odds have the fight going the distance. you have to bet $230 to win 100 on that one. all for sports. have a lovely day. >> anchor: all right amber thank you. coming up right here on news 3 today. at 6:30. tell you although first glance it almost looked lying a winter wonder land. but this business is not covered in snow. we will tell you what caused that foam to flow, straight ahead. and cameras capture a man holding onto the hood of a speeding car. he is gripping on for dear life. exact reasons he would not let
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>> anchor: recreational marijuana will be legal in nevada but how will police handle drivers under the influence? new device that could be a real game changer in keeping you safe on the road. >> anchor: and also straight ahead. a band of teachers take a stand to talk about bullying at a local junior high. his testimony coming up. >> anchor: and also, we have some special guests in studio. on one hand you can see a partner, michael is from season 12 of hell's kitchen. tell you how to keep things health necessity time for holidays. news 3 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: hello and good morning to you. it is november 19, on this saturday. as you can see, the sun is up. getting things warm but cooler out there. jerry brown is your weather
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temperatures will be like. but now we will have an update to ongoing investigation that we can tell you about. long investigation. but get to that in a bit. but weather authority. jerry brown. how are you doing today. >> weather: enjoying the seasonal nip in the air. we started this month 14 straight days, not just above normal but way above normal. 79, 82 east side. and sun has risen as you can see. 6:22. it is 48 degrees down in las vegas strip. winds are not a big deal. 27 percent relative humidity. and pressure is high. 43 north las vegas. 42 in henderson. 41 in summerlin. it is 44 up on mountain. 36 in pahrump. and 40 in mesquite. you can see we have a storm system to talk about, off the pacific. it is dragging some much needed rain into california. some of that could make it in here overnight sunday to monday.
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activity out of it. today though, plan your outdoor activities. look at this. sunshine through most of the day. 49 at 8:00. 62 at noon. pleasant. and mid 60s 4:00 with few clouds. peaking at 67 degrees. even milder on sunday. before we have to worry about a sprinkle or two. looks like it will be nice for turkey day. temperatures in low 60s and sunshine. but we will look ahead into the next holiday weekend main weather. back to you. >> anchor: thank you jerry. now let's go to that update. to ongoing trial against clark county school district. first bullying lawsuit to go to trial. as district fights accusations it puts two students in danger by not doing enough to stop bullies. it was in band class two mothers involved in this class say bullying happened. boys claimed they were verbally harassd and physically attacked at the junior high school.
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abuse. >> i would walk near them. as they came in, i would stand near them. when they put instruments together, and put them away. and almost like a shadow. i just didn't -- so i was upset it was still going on. >> the accused bullies themselves may take the stand next week. trial resumes on tuesday. and tech savvy couple leads police to two gun in their faces. victims getting justice. robbers behind bars. the accused crooks are haze and daniels. two behind, at least, eight armed holdups at parking lots on westside of town. according to officers men targeted station casinos robbing victims at gunpoint while walking to cars. they took money, wallets and cell phones. and news 3 talked to a husband and wife that say they cannot
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casino. tracked wife's cell phone using google and monitored where credit card was being used. that information proved key to the investigation. couple did not want to show their faces to protect their identities. >> two guys, like appear out of nowhere. >> like running us to. >> so one of them starts grabbing her purse, on her shoulder. >> my first reaction is i to fight. it is not fair to me. so i was going to use my purse as a weapon. >> i say baby there is a gun. >> he said drop your bag. >> i dropped my bag on the ground. >> police say there is a third armed robber still out there this morning. if you have any information call crime stoppers, (702)385-5555. and a second murder suspect is in jail accused in a deadly home invasion.
6:36 am
that is. police arrested one this week. this is surveillance video police release hoping to catch the two. according to detectives they are responsible for deaths of thomas jones. police found his body in a home near tory pines and flamingo on november 5. officers called to the home after reports of a home invasion. jones' girlfriend identified latory in a photo line up. and police are still looking for the man after a three vehicle crash. and metro said the driver of a ford mustang lost control at tory pine and flamingo hitting two vehicles head on. impact killed 27-year-old natalie bruno sitting in the front passenger seat of the mustang. officers do not know the relationship between the driver and the victim. police say hispanic man in his 20s with short hair last seen wearing gray sweat pants and black jacket. if you have information that can
6:37 am
crime stoppers at (702)385-5555. and police have alcohol breathalyzers to test suspected drunk drivers but as recreational marijuana gets green light in january how will they know if someone is driving while high. latoya tells us more on pot breathalyzers. >> so this is the thc molecule. >> reporter: chemist matt francis spent the last year and a half lookinor has ever found it before. in a user's breath. >> we had to develop new chemistry that can be done. it was not obvious when he started that we could tag this. >> reporter: that would be hound labs buzzing in with an answer. breath test that can detect both alcohol and pot when the person taking it exhales. and that's important, because there are already plenty of ways to tell if someone uses marijuana.
6:38 am
breath is better than urine or blood. >> thc resides, metabolizes resides in there for a long time. up to a month. so you cannot use those methods well to determine if someone has recently ingested marijuana or smoked it. you cannot tell how long it has been. >> reporter: mike lin with hound labs argues breathalyzer is best defense for pot users who are not stoned at the time they are pulled over. >> we have from not only law enforcement and employers struggling with this problem but also the cannabis industry that knows you cannot be driving stoned. everyone accepts that. >> reporter: now doesn't have to be hump day to enjoy southern nevada newest family attraction. we are talking about camel safari outside of mesquite officially opening yesterday. with tours from desert from back of a camel. if riding a full grown humpback
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you can find more information on the camel safari on our website, and coming up right here on news 3 today. now you have a chance to own a piece of disneyland. tell you about this historic option coming up today straight ahead. and cameras capture a man holding onto the hood of a speeding car. you can see a tight grip there. the reason he got on for first place. and why he would not let go.
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>> anchor: air bnb goes beyond home sharing with what they call experiences. air bnb adding local tours and activities to major cities around the world. testing services over the last year. enlisting local hosts as guides and expanding it to 12 cities. and expanding to 50 cities by
6:42 am
is an effort to tap into leisure traveler desire for distinctive experience that makes them feel more connected to where they are visiting. and amazon wants to ask you to use its digital assistant alexia with help with your holiday shopping. online retailer offering exclusive deals to prime members that order through one of its alexia enabled devices including dot and echo. you can access the deals by stating alexia, what are your monday. amazon has said that other discounts will be available throughout november and december. of course, we know black friday less than a week away. >> and how would you like to own a piece of disneyland? well get this. now is your chance. california van eden gallery has a souvenir of disneyland auction today. it will feature more than 1000 rare and never-before seen items from the theme park over the last six decades.
6:43 am
collectibles. so if you are interested in that we have the information on our website, and while at first glance it looks almost like a winter wonderland. but one business is covered not
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>> anchor: welcome back. people that are at the highest risk for type ii diabetes are least likely to be informed about the disease. can you believe that? new data showed diabetes rates are higher among americans with lower incomes and less education. with all racial groups. researchers say doctors and policy makers need to develop intervention that is reach at least high-risk there. and i can tell you someone that has your weather news now. turn our attention over to weather wall. jerry brown your weather authority. i like this weather. >> weather: it will be nice. a change. we have a chance for rain starting the work week and plenty of sunshine when you carve into the turkey on thursday. so let's go to it. and take a look. this is different perspective. from the las vegas springs preserve. but always in the morning. i have my camera pointed east.
6:47 am
6:22 is official sunrise. over at the springs preserve across the street from meadow mall. alta and valley view. 44 degrees. 31 percent. and high barometer. 32.1 inches of mercury a cross the valley. temperatures are out of the 30s. few stray 30s on weather bug network. cool every over at blue diamond. they are freezing. and 40 downtown las vegas. 33 up at indian springs. 41 in over ton. 40 pahrump. 44 in boulder city. we take a look at the national map. nothing going on eastcoast. but frontal system moving into appalachian mountains. dry over plains. and, guess what? another storm system out in the pacific. look at that counter-clockwise swirl. frontal system moving into coast. rain over the sierra and some mountain snow. good news for skiers. and our forecast radar shows
6:48 am
working the way in here, sunday night to monday. we could see sprinkles. with the white stuff staying up to our north. today, just clear skies, with a few high clouds drifting in late in the afternoon. temperatures today quite pleasant. generally in 60s. few 70s over in eastern clark county. and here in the valley. about 67. few afternoon clouds. generally sunny. east wind 5 to 10 miles an hour. if you are heading up to the mountain. mid 50s. co south breeze developing this afternoon, 10-to-15 miles an hour. down on the lake, cool on the water n 60s most of the day. peaking at 71. and with a south breeze at 5 to 10. overnight tonight. no super moon but partly cloudy skies. 48 degrees with seasonal chill in the air. and looking ahead. well, that's our forecast map for today. you can see, 67 degrees. and let's go to our seven-day forecast.
6:49 am
there we go. your seven-day forecast. and you can see 65 -- 67 to 70 saturday, sunday. cooler monday with clouds. and warming up into the mid 60s by thanksgiving day. and mid 60s again on friday. black friday could be breezy. >> anchor: all right. thank you jerry. we will take it. talk about taste of las vegas. in studio we have chefs talking about -- did i give you a title there? >> yes, it is great. >> anchor: talking about healthy eating and we have at home chef and we are talking to them. so when it comes to blt foods. the partnership is what you two are in studio. for but talk about, starting out, people will be cooking this week. >> people will be cooking. and you know, of course, we are all going to over do it a bit. but not so much about, you know, over doing it and having fun. because you have to have fun while eat. but let's go back to, after that, let's go back to where we
6:50 am
we provide meals all over the valley. >> not bacon lettuce and tomato. >> no. all the different dynamics. so whether you are an athlete or someone on the run without time to cook at home of the we take care of it for you. we do that. so we really do it with just great healthy food. natural food. keeping it simple. so, you know, so a change up. we have the holidays coming. so you h cake really. and instead, we will use yogurt. we did yogurt parfait. ginger snaps and yogurt has great probiotic. gut health is important. and you know instead of using white rice and white grains, using a blend of like mixed grains, all different wild rice blends. brown rices. quinoa great. anti-oxidants with blueberry.
6:51 am
cholesterol brings everything down. and going back to your greens do not forget about them. >> anchor: chef i am sure people right now are recognizing you. you are season 12 winner of hell's kitchen. get to that. but talk to michael. talk about the idea behind this. how did this partnership come about? why? >> it is an amazing story and i will give a short version. couple of years ago i sustained an injury that made me realize i was overweight. cooking for myself. and realizing that when i put in my body was the wrong thing. it was low fat do not eat fat will not be fat. that did not work. so once i put a list together. worked with friends of mine. i lost significant weight in a short period of time. we started take my health back. and top people -- taught people to eat clean. what we found after working with scott we were losing people because they did not have the time or they did not know how. so we decided to create blt.
6:52 am
excuse that i can't. i don't have time or i cannot do it. well here it is. now we are delivering fresh natural food to your door. and people are starting to realize they can do it. and they can change their lives through healthy food. >> we are not doing anything out of the normal. keeping it simple g food. good quality food. we should put that in our bodies anyway. know where it comes from. good quality. olive oil and salt and pepper goes a long way. leave the butter in the frig. your experience. like i said, recognizable face. especially here. how, at least, being here in vegas, you see gordon ramsey all over the strip. >> he is everywhere that guy. >> he is everywhere. talk about your experience. because as winner what has it been like. >> i have been in vegas 2.5 years. incredible experience, of course with his team growing with the seas sarteam pub and grill.
6:53 am
do my own thing. this is one of the businessesism working on right now with michael. fortunate to have this in the valley. and really put something, you know, some quality behind what we do. and for a good cause. you know, we are changing people's health through food. you know, so that's incredible thing to be part of. >> anchor: my goodness. and at least, real quick. couple of seconds left. last push for holiday cooking. couple of seconds. word of advice. >> you know, have fun. about what you put n everyone will over do it. get back to basics afterwards. but check with your physician and health care partners in vegas, incredible people to check on for health issues. >> anchor: thank you both for joining us. coming up right here on news 3. cameras capture a man holding
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>> anchor: look at this. because it seems like a scene argentina. police officer clinging on to hood of a speeding car. he pulled over the driver for a traffic stop. but after a heated exchange that driver pulled away and ran over the officer. he was not about to let the driver get away. clinging on to hood of the car for dear life. and the officer finally falls off the front of the car. that driver is later arrested. and i can only imagine, at
6:57 am
seeing that video. next one. mysterious blob takes over northern california business. ridiculous amount of foam spilled outside of the building in santa clara. fire suppression system malfunctioned spewing foam through the windows and doors and all around the business. police say there was no fire. thankfully. and good news here, the foam is not dangerous just a lot of it. >> anchor: yes. >> anchor: no white stuff some on mountain soon. sunshine today. few late afternoon clouds. nice day. nicer on sunday. although we will have clouds in here. warming up to 70. sunday night to monday. chance, not for sure, but chance for showers. temperatures will be dropping on monday. and then we stay in 60s to 65 degrees range through wednesday. and warmer on thanksgiving day. and mid 60s going into next weekend. not bad.
6:58 am
comes to holidays. under 70 degrees. and no clouds. >> weather: will feel like autumn after all the 78's and 79's this month and 82's. >> anchor: we will take it. jerry thank you. thank you for joining us. be back here tomorrow morning. same time, same place.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. not throwing away his shot. the actor who plays aaron burr in the show "hamilton" delivers a stern message to vice president mike pence who was in the >> we are, sir, are the verse america and an alarmed and anxious that the administration will not protect us. >> as president-elect trump gets set for an awkward meeting today with mitt romney who once called him a phony and fraud. will he offer romney a cabinet spot or like aaron burr so long ago. is it time for a duel? dangerous storm. the powerful system rolls across


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